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Mr. Hyde

Rumble on Mt. Olympus (Interest Check/PG-16/Co-Host Wanted)

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You don't know how it got to you, but somehow a mysterious envelope found its way into your hands.  No addresses were present on it.  A fancy wax seal was all that stood between you and what was inside.  The envelope contained only two things: a metallic emblem with an eagle embroidered into it, and a letter.  The letter read as follows.

"To whom it may concern,

You are formally invited to participate in this centuries Rumble on Mt. Olympus.  A tournament containing only the strongest, and most supernatural of Earth's inhabitants.  The winner of this tournament will be granted any wish they desire, and more, should they prove themselves to be the one to stand at the peak of what this planet has to offer.  Should you accept, please hoist our official emblem into the air.  More instructions will be sent to you afterwards."

Only one can claim to be Earth's strongest.

Will you be the one to claim the title?

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