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radio414 rates music thread

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Yeah, so I changed my mind

  • One song at a time
  • No length limit
  • Don't expect the ratings to be consistent
  • If you try to meme me at least be funny

Here's one to start the thread off:

Probably one of the more "conventional" songs (not that any of this album is conventional) on this album, and even then it plays around. Reminds me of Sunwatchers, another avante-garde (their pretentious genre name, not mine) band. 8/10

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10 hours ago, LordCowCow said:



credit Kaye Ballard for singing it first next to songwriter Bart Howard you cowards

Maybe it's because I watched Evangelion on Netflix, but I really don't associate this song with the show at all, which means I had this weird reaction I still need to interrogate when I saw "Frank Sinatra / Evangelion" in the header. Song's still good, though, and Jonathan has a good voice, even if I didn't really appreciate the vocal flourishes the cover added. 8/10

9 hours ago, Mr Spaz said:



15 hours ago, radio414 said:

If you try to meme me at least be funny

I've seen better uses of Jimmy Barnes as a meme and I've seen better 10 hour loops

OP suggestion: New King Gizz! Very exciting. 9/10


Edited by radio414

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1 hour ago, LordCowCow said:



Everytime I listen to this remix I get this compulsion to seek out the original again to compare, and I've started to notice the other changes besides the original drop being completely excised. It really does completely turn it from an electro swing/trap hybrid to just the former. And the hook is fun! Basically all I need out of electro swing. 7/10

OP suggestion: I mean, the album is called "Goths" and this song is goth af. 7.5/10 


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2 hours ago, yui said:


Looked up the lyrics because I was going to make a snark and wanted to make sure I wasn't wildly misinterpreting something, and I noticed Genius Lyrics tags this as a pop song when it's obviously not. I mean, genres are as illusory as the wind and "pop" is pretty broad but I definitely don't think "Power Metal" when someone says "Pop". Anyway, fun song, a bit exhausting to listen to though (or maybe I'm just exhausted irl) 6.5/10

1 hour ago, LordCowCow said:



Is the implication that all five are listening to the ED on their headphones simultaneously?

As something to play a show out it works but I'm not really feeling it outside of that context, 5/10

OP Suggestion: Being David Bowie is impossible to everyone not named David Bowie, but the person that comes the closest is probably Nick Cave. 7/10 



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14 hours ago, LordCowCow said:


It's from Mother and says as much but puts Ness, the protagonist of Earthbound, in the thumbnail. I guess he looks like Ninten? It's a fun song though 7/10

6 hours ago, Mr Spaz said:


It's a good concept for a songwriting thing and I'm glad it exists but also I'm not a biggest fan of the result? 4/10

3 hours ago, yui said:



The intro leaves something to be desired, but the rest of the song is pretty good 7/10

OP suggestion: A French song about vagabond Antoine Rouge and the status quo. English lyrics are on their bandcamp if you search for them. 7.5/10


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2 hours ago, LordCowCow said:


not the greatest sorry

Remember when they were marketing this movie and the premier selling point was "from the songwriters of La La Land" like, yeah, Another Day of Sun and Audition are bangers but that was not the reason I liked La La Land. Anyway, Brendon Panic has a good voice for this sort of upbeat anthem but I don't really feel the circus energy. 7/10

2 hours ago, Mr Spaz said:



Better in some places, worse in others. I think my biggest problem is the meter in every couplet is different so when they're strung together it can feel weird. 4.5/10

OP suggestion: "How do I break you before you break me?" Lingua Ignota with the feel-good summer anthem of 2019 /s. Definitely not going to be everybody's cup of tea but I feel everybody should at least give it a listen (though it is about abuse so also maybe not) 8/10 


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On 11/3/2020 at 3:28 AM, LordCowCow said:



I admit I haven't actually been to a circus in probably a decade but yeah, something like that, sure. 7/10

22 hours ago, yui said:


I appreciate that both Hadestown and now Hades have made the creative decision to replace whatever the hell (pun intended) a lyre is with a guitar and making Orpheus a high singing voice. That being said, that means I'm expecting a lot from Darren Korb to sound like Reeve Carney, and he doesn't quite. It's still good, just doesn't match some probably unrealistic expectations. 7/10

OP suggestion: What Reeve Carney sounds like. Sure, the rating is probably biased because I've heard the entire musical, but ehhhhh 8/10. 

Also listen to Hadestown

Edited by radio414

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8 hours ago, LordCowCow said:


I'm not going to call JJ the worst character in the show because there were a number in those last few episodes that just didn't get enough attention so who knows what they're like, but he's certainly near the bottom. Cover is good though 7/10

4 hours ago, Mr Spaz said:


Didn't I just do a Panic! song? Both songs are bangers, only thing it's missing is that unexpected factor that a mashup actually works 7.5/10

45 minutes ago, yui said:


Yeah like this one, although at five years since (this version of) Megalovania, I shouldn't be really surprised anymore. 9/10

OP suggestion: I heard someone describe Mr. Bungle as that band that one weird kid in high school kept walking up to other people saying things like "Wanna hear something cool?" And, like, I guess?

Wanna hear something cool? 8/10 


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