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Cibryll summons "Wall of Text" in face-up Defense Position!

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So… hiya~.

I'm Cibryll (pronounced something like "sib-rill"), but I also answer to "Charlie". I'm a South African girl who loves cats (I have a black tortoiseshell tabby named Genna, and she's currently 15 years old). Since there's a wall of text, I'm spoiler'ing it.



I really love playing video games - anything that interests me, though I don't really have much of an idea what to play since I've got too many games to play, haha. I prefer single-player games, but I'm okay with hot-seat multiplayer games. In most video games, I usually cheat, but there are a few games that I try to play normally (without any cheats, normally either because I don't feel like it, or because the game doesn't have any).

I also like watching anime (especially Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!), listening to music (mostly video game music), working on mods of the freeware Cave Story (sometimes with my girlfriends), playing chess (except against myself, since that's pretty boring), and writing (though those… tend to be pretty messy, haha). I also enjoy reading TV Tropes pages, and taking part in forum-based RPs (I'm even a game master of one, but with just one participant, that RP's gonna be stuck in a test-run for quite a while, haha).

I tend to be silly most of the time, but I can be serious sometimes. And as the thread topic title suggests, I tend to be quite verbose at times. (Just not sure on the stats of "Wall of Text", but it's probably got an insane DEF… made out of chocolate-flavoured ice cream, apparently.)

I also tend to have way too many ideas, all at once - ideas that I usually can't do anything about other than putting them in files on my computer - be it fan Pokémon, regions, or even fan Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and characters, including absurdly broken ones that have no right even existing whatsoever, haha. I even made like 4,000+ fan cards using paper and a pencil. (Though those tend to include card types/attributes/monster types that don't exist. And sometimes even really crazy names.)

My favourite colours are sky blue and black, and I speak Afrikaans and English. I tend to be an optimistic pessimist… or a pessimistic optimist, whichever works. My favourite time of day is evening, my favourite season is winter.

My favourite Attribute is DARK. My favourite Synchro Monster is "Samurai Destroyer", my favourite Pendulum Monsters are "Rain Bozu" and "Fire Opal Head". As for Normal Monsters, "Phantasm Spiral Dragon". Link Monster, "Black Luster Soldier - Soldier of Chaos". Xyz Monster, not exactly sure yet, but probably that… I think its name had "Malevolent Sin" or something? Fusion Monster, "First of the Dragons". Favourite Ritual Monster, "Relinquished". Pure Effect Monster… uh, not exactly sure yet, either. My favourite monster card type is Ritual Monsters (and I'm still sad that ARC-V only had like two Ritual Monster users). As for my favourite monster type, I'm not 100% certain on that, myself. ^^;

I'm… not going to go into my favourites if fan-Attributes, etc. were included. Otherwise I'd probably reach the character limit for posts. 😛


I have no idea what else to add here, haha. But that is probably enough.

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Welcome! Don't worry I don't think that's too much, nor too little, tbh I've seen much shorter intros don't really have a needed amount. But, anyway, hey! We are still a fairly small group here but hope you find something that catches your interest.

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