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I know there's one with a similar name to this, but it's the best I could come up with... I'll gladly take name suggestions. I decided to make it as a support for the Venom monsters. I'm a little rusty on effects and such, so feel free to give me advice and criticism.


1 Tuner + 1 or More Reptile-Type Monster
When this monster is Synchro Summoned, you can place 1 Venom Counter on each monster on the field that is not a Reptile-Type monster. Monsters with Venom Counters cannot target this monster with their effects. 

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Thread is almost 1 year old but I think the game has been somewhat kind to this monster. The Reptilianne Tuners created in the last few years IRL make it fairly easy to make (because sure as heck the Venom monsters aren't known for their Tuners coming from the GX era xD ). Still, something like this could use a power boost. I recommend some things but since it'd be lenghty to bullet point each, I'll just write down everything in a single effect, and you'll see whatever you might like to take or leave from there:

When this card is Synchro Summoned: Take 1 "Venom Swamp" from your Deck or GY, and place it on either player's Field Zone. Once per turn: You can place 1 Venom Counter on each face-up non-Reptile monster on the field. Monsters with Venom Counters cannot target cards with their effects.

^This would be in my opinion a lot more fun. Faster Counter production, you can have 2 swamps on the field with this and an extra search for what is the key card. A whooping -1000 per counter and 3 counters per turn so even a blue-eyes could die in a turn best case scenario. Of course, Venom Swamp is an End Phase effect, which is slow enough to not be banworthy even though it sounds inssuferable to go against (not like Reptiliannes wouldn't already 0 out monsters quick anyways).

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