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  1. Yes, it's yet another take on the ever popular "What if pendulum monsters but trap cards" and while I don't expect even my version of the concept to be particularly unique it's been some time since I've made a post about my cards. While I consider this, like most of the more out there stuff I make, more a proof of concept than a well thought out and balanced set notes on the individual cards are always appreciated. The Mechanic The Cards
  2. While the witch and cat busied themselves with the . . . Robin wasn't actually sure what they were exactly but the monstrosities were rather dog like, whatever they were the pair seemed to have it under control at the moment so while truly he had intended to join in immediately Robin thought his talents were better used surveying the town for poor innocents in need of aid in their frantic screaming and fleeing until things got more dire. While he zipped about overseeing the timely evacuation of the panicked masses with as much care as he thought necessary, which just so happened to be not much, Robin notice a fellow teammate, the rabbit eared one, on a roof watching the battle. "A fellow cautious observer, can't say I'm surprised there's another I suppose." Robin thought to the game the two had shard with the dear Royal only moments ago. It had been fun for what it had been but the lack of stakes made it more boring than it had to be. Alexandre had been a non-competitor, no surprise for a beginner, so it was mostly a showdown between the two. Though it had been recent enough Robin couldn't recall how it had ended, though that didn't matter much, he'd lost in his own mind the moment he decided there was nothing of value to gain from continuing. He shrugged off the ultimately pointless encounter and let Lopt drift towards the back of his mind in terms of priority team members for the time being. The townspeople seemed to have themselves sorted out for the most part so, out of excuses for not joining the Frey, Robin made himself scarce under the guise of needing supplies. After all, his most useful trick at the moment would surely be his circles and he only had enough components to entrap a human-scale being, how could his dearest teammates expect him to be of any use without the proper equipment? Surely Ellie and her bird, having almost witnessed one of his greater feats first hand, knew she needed only distract the beasts until he had everything in order Robin reasoned as he searched the streets for stones, seeming far more picky than usual as most of what he found was far to small or not nearly smooth enough for his standards, and of course only the perfect material would do for a circle at this scale.
  3. Robin was disappointed at Alexandre's suggestion of playing for no prize but decided the game itself, 'simple' as The Royal had decided, would do for the time being. "As you wish, though do feel free to change your mind once you've gotten a particularly good hand." Robin said as Alexandre examined his cards. Rather foolish in his own opinion as it was common courtesy (and in some cases magically enforced Robin had heard) that once you touch the cards you're in for the game and the trio had yet to even decide on a format. "It would make a rather interesting bluff after all." Robin hadn't initially noticed the cat-woman Jeager's entrance, and was a bit disappointed at her choice in avoiding the table, but did eventually catch on to the shadowy familiar-like being that she most likely had some involvement with as well as it's taking a liking to The Royal in particular. Apparently there was just something about the man that attracted the teammates with a particular aesthetic. At least that was the impression Robin got by the rabbit eared man, black feline, and himself, the supposed frog king, surrounding Alexandre at the moment. "Although, a fair number of this little troop does share in animal symbology, myself included to some degree, so it could merely be a coincidence . . ." He mused while waiting for the game to fully begin and watching the cat creature's nimble movements in an almost hypnotic trance. ". . . then again with humans like Jekyll is anything ever? Fun question I suppose, were we chosen as his soldiers far more meticulously than it seemed or does something our dear Alex radiates make him irresistible to those of more primal persuasions?" Either way it posed a problem for him. After witnessing the vast power difference between himself and the others, specifically Alex and The Dragonslayer though he would be more cautious with the rest going forward, if his potential targets became to close and stuck into tightly knit sub-groups there was no doubt they'd not only become much more difficult to attain, but could easily grow tired with his antics over time. It was moments like this that he wondered if Jeager names were even worth the extra effort or if he should lay low and postpone claiming them, maybe indefinitely, and return to his usual trouble making.
  4. -April 17th, 2000--10 AM--Diluculo Branch 22- Marcel wasn't all to surprised to hear about Sergei, and wasn't to upset about it either, having a room to himself was a plus for him and it's not like he knew the guy that well anyway. Not really knowing what do with his day Marcel figured now was as good a time as any to sit in his room and really figure out that tablet thing. He found himself browsing Heraldica, they had been told to look into it after all, but didn't think he could get much use out of anything they had. he wasn't trained with any kind of firearm, a machete was to heavy for him to use without issue, a hiking bag might be a good idea but he doubted buying one from a weapon shop was the best use of his funds. He liked the look of the daggers though, they were even on sale. During the sparring match he'd liked the feel of the knife he'd used, something about the grip of the handle, the way a knife was weighted, he couldn't really explain it, it just felt good to have one. Eventually looking at weapons got boring. Having gotten a pretty good idea of how the device worked Marcel went to the chat feature, just his teammates and the captain had access to it supposedly, made it pretty convenient for him to talk if need be without going anywhere. "so . . . how was that combat mission with the Major? haven't heard much about it." Admittedly he didn't have the interface for the chat figured out exactly so that could have been a direct message to someone, would be a bit embarrassing if it went to the one person who actually didn't go on that trip, or he might have sent it to some sort of general chat.
  5. "Oh my, I introduced myself to everyone openly, did I not?" The rabbit eared Jaeger grinned as he shuffled the cards "Perhaps, but I make it a point to make my introductions on a more personal level, especially with those I'll be spending a significant amount of time." Robin explained. "Lopt Sjolborg, to jog your memory." Robin scowled internally. This 'Lopt' character would be much harder than the others it seemed. It's a difficult feeling to explain but something was off about the name he'd given. Typically Robin got that feeling when someone left something out or gave a false name, something that prevented him from grabbing onto it like it was a mirage. The trouble was always that he could never tell where the lie fell. "Now, I was just about to begin teaching Alex over here how to have a poker face, and you seem like a rather helpful fellow for doing so... So, if you can help me teach him, I'm sure we can all begin sharing info together. I don't have much idea about the menu, though, so you're on your own there... Unless Alex knows?" "I'd be more than happy to oblige!" Robin clasped his hands together and found a comfortable position as the cards were dealt but didn't dare touch his hand before knowing what Lopt had in mind. "I do have a question before we begin, as I'm sure you know it's only proper etiquette, what would we be playing exactly? and I am also curious as to the wager." There was bit of excitement to his voice. "We simply can't play for nothing after all or the whole thing falls apart after all, but I fear none of us have much of value at the time due to the circumstances of our mission." It had been quite some time since Robin had engaged in a true game of cards. His typical prey, the young, wealthy, and self important, thought of themselves much to highly to engage in the thrilling games of deception of the common folk but Robin had, once in a great while, been able to use such games to his advantage in extorting certain information from humans. "I suppose, since we really are here on business, we could use any information we've gathered as ante? But that could easily come undone if we've only gotten the same intel I fear . . ." Robin turned to his current favorite person at the table and possibly the easiest to bend to his will of the pair, Alex. "What would you suggest we play for? Since, as our friend has suggested, this is for your benefit it's only fair you set the prize, don't you agree?" Though no cards had been played Robin knew, and he was sure Lopt did as well, that the game had begun the moment it was suggested and Robin was determined to make his first move count.
  6. Before Alex had time to figure out why the masked man had disappeared he felt something grab his Stand by the ankles and pull both it and him down. White Beyond began swiping at whatever pulled it down, Alex's first instinct not being to fight back but to escape it's grasp. Though he couldn't really register what was going on Alex was sure this was the work of that guys Stand and, as White Beyond literally slipped through his enemies fingers, he knew there was no way he could handle this without some sort of backup. Suddenly Alex was back on that street and witnessing something equally confusing. Apparently the dame wasn't as helpless as she seemed, having summoned her own Stand, or at least, part of it? And by what she said this was all new to her. Not quite what he'd hoped for in terms of backup but it was better than nothing. Alex dusted himself off and approached her, still not noticing the black thread he stood right over, White Beyond still in tow. "Interesting 'friend' you got there miss. Names Alex." Determined to not be caught off guard this time Alex faced away from White Beyond waiting for the enemy Stand to reemerge. "I highly suggest we get away from him as soon as possible. From the looks of things we're outclasses in overall experience, that'd be you, and combat skill, unfortunately that'd be me. I'm not about to leave a girl like yourself to this sort but getting out of here would be the best course of action in my opinion."
  7. "Like I mentioned before, people are idiots...and they get freaked out and scared about things they can't fully explain. So telling them this now? Yeah, would go over extremely well..." "Yeah but that's gonna happen no matter how long they wait." Just as Marcel thought it Sergei more or less vocalized his feelings. "You're all the locals here. Er... more than I am anyway. Are there any other must-sees around New York?" Marcel was happy to get off the complicated topic of Id's and the public and government interference. it was all a bit outside his pay grade, as long as he could figure his own power out and use it to fix his problems the rest didn't much matter in his mind. He shrugged. "Neva been before, always heard Broadway was a big deal but i don't think we've got time for a whole show and i wouldn't know if any are open." Marcel turned to The Captain. "Ain't there some kinda well known park we could check out too? Or somethin' else you know that's worth seeing?" If Marcel was being honest he didn't really see the appeal of the city, it was huge and crowded, the buildings were so tall there was no proper view of anything, and if today's traffic was anything to go by walking was most convenient form of travel which was incredibly inconvenient for him. Still, this tour was better than whatever the combat mission would have been. without even thinking Marcel spouted out yet another idea for their next stop. "There's a couple museums here right, famous ones?"
  8. The statue was a lot nicer than Marcel had expected, instead of some decrepit, over-glorified, reminder of what a hellscape this city most likely was for most people it was well kept and, at least from a distance, sort of picturesque. "It's such a nice view, don't you think? An entire city full of people, with an entire world unbeknownst to them... Sure, it's been that way for ages, but Ids only make the gap even wider. And it's our job to hold that peace... After all, this wonderful city would fall into chaos if they knew and people with Id were allowed to run free... Well, what do you guys think?" "The problem is their rarity, the way I was told back in Russia, having an Id is incredibly rare, and only a few thousand people have them. It's hard to hold only a few accountable when they have that kind of power. But if it were say, 80% of the population, it would be a lot easier to let that information go. A criminal with an Id will be deterred if he knows his target probably also has one, will he not?" "Because a good portion of these people are idiots. Plain and simple. They freak out over almost everything. And giving them actually something to freak out about? Yeah, that'd be a great thing to do." Marcel had never taken the time to think about how people with powers like theirs would affect society, he didn't really care, but for the sake of conversation he threw in his opinion as it came to him. "I s'pose ya both kinda right. Right now we're in the minority a people but that ain't gonna last long. People're definitely gonna freak out when this whole thing breaks, and it will, cause that's just what happens. But eventually most of 'em are gonna have an Id and nobody'll care. Once we get ta that point all a society might hafta change to accommodate and it'll be the ones without an abnormality that'll be outcasts." As he finished he realized the whole rant had gotten a little closer to home than he'd expected. He'd almost sounded hopeful for that hypothetical future, one where he was that much closer to being an average person. "No matter how it happens, once everybody knows what's goin' on there's gonna be all sorts trying to figure out how ta regulate Id's in a way that they get the most outta, somebody without one will want using 'em ta be illegal for the sake of 'fairness', somebody that doesn't like theirs'll probably try to fund research ta destroy them all together, it's gonna be chaos at first but the outcome is what'll matter." Marcel looked away from the group, feeling awkward after saying so much.
  9. Much to his relief Alex went undisturbed, aside from the continued stray bullets, once revealing his Stand and was able to escape through the same wall he'd originally intended just before 21 Guns filled the room with enough bullets to turn anyone into a pile of goo. He began walking off, deciding getting as far away from the museum as possible was the best course of action, when he, very predictably for the day, ran into another group of Stand Users, specifically the users of Flagpole Sitta and Fox, the former of which seemed to be harassing some girl. "You're not gonna get away with putting my people in danger" A woman moved back and forth, ready to defend herself from the menacing masked man controlling the tendril's taking a humanoid shape. "Oh dear!" Alex shouted as he approached, white Beyond still by his side. "I'd hate to be a bother but you seem to be a nuisance to this dame." Alex really didn't want to get involved with another Stand, and his face certainly showed it, but the universe was conspiring against him today. "If that is the case I suggest you push on before we have a problem." It was then Alex noticed the other fellow carrying a very man-shaped object further down. "I suppose you're part of the bunch responsible for the theft of the corpse? One gentleman with a penchant for taking things that may not be mine to another, poor form if I say so, the whole thing with the lights was a bit much, and you're muscle seems a bit . . . trigger happy in my opinion." Alex wasn't quite sure what he was aiming for. False bravado? Intimidation maybe? Or maybe he just wanted to get the attention of the one with he corpse. Either way he'd already gotten himself far more involved than he'd prefer and there was certainly no going back now. He readied himself and had White Beyond take a battle stance, it's long arms hovering around Alex's body ready to attack or defend as needed. "Now, I'm not much interested in any of that nonsense with some mummified remains, not something I'd pinch for myself, but you really oughta leave the lady alone."
  10. Things were only becoming more complicated as things went on. Most of the crowd had already escaped through Alex's exit, meaning he most likely couldn't escape undetected, a new stand user literally popped up out of nowhere to help out the man pointing guns at everything, and, speaking of whom, 21 Guns had summoned flamethrowers to split the room in half which, of course, the Stand CD Space eliminated. Honestly Alex was just getting tired of keeping track of everything. Who was trying to steal the corpse, that wasn't even that shiny to begin with, who was trying to protect it and/or not get shot, and who was just as confused as Alex himself. While Wayward Son, who was apparently bullet proof, and CD Space distracted the attackers Alex snuck around the room trying to find a way out of the bizarre situation. While the pairs faced off Alex was barely able to avoid the stray projectiles from 21 Guns while maintaining his inexplicable ability to remain unseen. Eventually he ended up pinned in a corner of the room and had no choice but to bring out his Stand in front of them to avoid being hit. "『WHITE BEYOND』!" rather than hitting the individual bullets, something Alex wasn't sure his Stand could do with how close together they were, White Beyond began ferociously poking it's user in the right spots just before the bullets would have made contact, allowing them to pass through harmlessly through him while, unfortunately, most likely blowing his cover as a non-Stand-User to the group.
  11. Marcel thought the trip was going at least as well as it could so far. The Captain had recommended a food truck that had turned out to be not half bad and the walk wasn't any more excruciating than normal. Eventually they stopped at some sort of shop run by an older woman and, although he'd never admit it, Marcel was grateful for the break. ". . . this is Elsa Mackenzie. She actually is like us, if you catch my drift... And she has a contract with us. Whenever you have some extra cash, you can come here to order a custom weapon that fits your fighting style, work to improve or repair your weaponry, or just buy general gear." Marcel figured they'd have some sort of armory, but somewhere out in the open like this? didn't seem strategically sound to him. "Just let me know when I can do something for you, and I will whip it up as fast as I can. I have no ability, but my son is quite talented at manipulating alloys, so it shouldn't take too long, with his help. And make sure to tell your friends at the base, as well!" Though he thought it was kind of cool that he could basically custom order any kind of weapon or gear he could think of Marcel didn't see himself coming here that often, His Id wasn't that complicated and the only kind of support item he needed was something sharp. Something to stop the bleeding would be useful but he doubted this woman and her metal-controlling son could take care of that. Maybe he could do some research on it and stop by some other time.
  12. Robin was a bit disappointed with the clergyman's lack of knowledge and hearing that whatever these creatures were, they multiplied as townsfolk disappeared, didn't quite relieve him of that. He was beginning to reconsider his willingness to help Jekyll's endeavors but, knowing the alternative, dismissed the thought for the time. "Well than, it's been lovely getting to know you good sir, do expect us and perhaps our group to further inquire on this matter in the near future." Robin gave a curt bow before turning towards his teammates. "For now I'd highly recommend we meet up with the others. I believe a fair amount headed for the tavern on the way in? Should make for a decent meeting point." Rather than wait for a response Robin simply made his way to the exit and drifted off towards The Naughty Crow. Upon arriving he found the witch Elsie with The Royal and the mysterious rabbit eared man, he couldn't remember if he'd had a proper conversation with that one yet, and made his presence known to the pair. "Lady Ellie, Alexandre, always a pleasure." He grinned and turned to Lopt. "And I don't believe we've been personally introduced, Prince Tricky Oberon, it's an honor to be working together." As always he bowed and extended his hand on the off chance the rabbit man chose his words just the right way. "Now then, I trust while you've been asking around each of you have gotten friendly with the menu? What would you recommend while we share our discoveries?" Robin chose to keep his distance from the conversation for now and just listen to whatever they'd gathered, hoping to save anything exclusive to his talk at the church until the end.
  13. As the mayor began his speech Alex made his move. Slowly he approached the guy with the necklace from behind, making himself small and insignificant in a way you only learn from a lifetime of practice so as to avoid disturbing both his target and anyone nearby. When he was as close as he was willing to get Alex reached out towards the man, a much longer spectral, white, arm overlapping his own and extending his reach just enough to brush up against the clasp of the chain with the fingers of the phantom limb. Just before he made contact everything became utter chaos. 『FOX ON THE RUN』 The room went dark. "『CD SPACE』!" The lights were back on but things had gone south fast. The corpse was missing, a woman was dead, and everyone was panicking meaning getting that gold cross was now out of the question. As shards of glass flew towards Alex the phantom hand, along with it's twin, appeared as if on instinct and moved nearly faster than could be seen to swipe away the more dangerous pieces. The few that weren't knocked out of the way in time merely passed through him in sequence. "『21 GUNS』" Once he was sure there wouldn't be anymore falling ceiling fixtures Alex took in his surroundings. While he had absolutely no idea what "CD" meant it was clear there were at least three Stand Users here, one of which was pointing strange looking firearms coming out of a wall at the crowd, himself included, while another tried to confront him. "I think it might be time to get going." Alex muttered to himself as a looming and much taller figure emerged from behind him, accompanied by an absence of sound you could swear you heard, as if it had been curled up inside his body and was now awoken by the appearance of others of it's kind. "『WHITE BEYOND』" Alex took advantage of the lack of attention on himself to head towards the nearest wall with his stand. White Beyond placed both it's hands on the wall and in an instant a large patch of it seemed to vanish, a shimmering section of nothing the only seeming remains. Alex recalled his Stand and, just as unnaturally silently as it had appeared, the white giant vanished from existence. Alex carefully made his way back to the panicked crowd and informed a few people of the "damaged" wall leading to another part of the museum, because he wasn't heartless or cruel, and was about to join them in escaping this clearly dangerous situation when a new Stand User made themselves known. "『THA CARTER』 !!" The mechanical man struck the ground and Alex felt the earth tremble beneath him. Whatever they were attempting to do, stun the madman waving guns at everyone or chase down the Stand that had taken out the lights and nabbed the corpse, a bit overkill in Alex' opinion but then again he wasn't in the business of taking things went for public display, they'd certainly sent Alex falling to his knees. It seemd things just weren't going his way. Some new rube put himself between CD Space and 21 Guns. He seemed interested in deescalating the situation. Honestly at this point Alex couldn't keep track of how many Stands were in the room, who was controlling them, or who was threatening who. All this because he felt the need to "borrow" something today. Not his best day by far.
  14. While most people crowded around the yet to be revealed corpse there were those staying closer to the back and socializing, mostly the more wealthy types who viewed the event as an opportunity to show off exactly how much they had, and, quite out of place with he crowd, was a man who may have been a bank teller by his dress. He nervously yet seamlessly made his way from one group to the other easily making small talk and keeping up with the socialites. This man was Alex Reed and he, like several other attendees, felt an odd compulsion to enter the museum that day. While others weren't quite sure why they felt the need to be there Alex,as far as he knew, was quite sure. for the longest time Alex had struggled with a burning desire to nab whatever beautiful thing a person happened to be wearing and he had reasoned that, knowing the social significance of the unveiling, his compulsion had simply gotten the better of him yet again. So Alex introduced himself countless times to countless people with countless shiny things to take but nothing quite called out to him until he began making his way closer to the center of the crowd. "Muddy hooves! Now what kinda flowers' got some of those!? Good one Ms. Joestar." Alex didn't quite get a look at the man attached but that gold cross was practically begging him to take it. It would definitely be tricky but he'd been behind the eight ball before and still made out with his prize, and to imagine the joy the man would receive upon it's return, this cross was certainly the one. Alex excused himself from whatever mindless chatter he'd been engaging in and made his way towards the man, careful to stay just far enough away to not be suspicious but still keep an eye out for an opening. "Oh, why do I do this? Some fine fella I've become." He thought, eyeing the chain longingly.
  15. Marcel fumbled around with the new device a bit before he was able to shut it up. Loud beeping noise wasn't exactly on top of his list for sounds to wake up to, maybe there was a way to change that he could figure out, but it was apparently an effective one. He read through his options for his first mission and, after around five seconds of careful consideration, Marcel opted for the less violent alternative since it was basically just an excuse to go sight seeing as far as he could tell. Since he apparently didn't have to actually show up until around nine Marcel figured he could sleep in and worry about getting ready later. He arrived in the front hall, surprisingly to him, before any of the other recruits after throwing on whatever cloths he saw first, skipping breakfast for convenience, and spending a good fifteen minutes mentally preparing himself for a day of walking, he figure he could use the extra time to organised his bag a bit better. As he half focused on sorting his wallet, water, and trail mix in a convenient manner Marcel kept an eye out for the teammates that, like him, had chosen the far easier mission. Once the other two had arrived the Captain asked if there was anything they all wanted to see. Marcel wasn't much of a tourist, he didn't really know what the sights were anyway, so he figured he'd just let the others answer and he could hang back for a bit and just try to enjoy himself with whatever came up.