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The NCMIB exists to ensure members stay up to date on relevant matters. Announcements will be posted to notify members of News updates here.

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  2. How are you all enjoying it? Well? Not well? If you have any issues be sure to take it up in our Comments & Inquiries thread for any of your issues. In the mean time, be sure to explore the tabs at the top of the forum so you can enjoy more of what NCM can offer with Clubs, Blogs, and also our fully functioning shop. I cannot stress enough how nice it is to have a working shop. And if you like points, you can also enjoy the Bank system, which at the cost of 10% of the points you intend to bank, will slowly grow by 5% each month. (Interest rate subject to change.)
  3. Welcome everyone to the shiny new NCM, your home away from home after YCM. You'll find this forum very similar to YCM, which should allow you all to get comfortable and enjoy your stay.

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