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  1. Lydia stood idle with her Familiars, her head turned to the formless floor as she listened to the others who would give up everything for everyone else. "My my my, what a choice, the ultimate masochism" Hapshiel purred. "It's insane, isn't it? This statue is telling us to give up ourselves to infinite knowledge, or let it reverse everything we've achieved. It'll be like none of it happened. Well, no, it'll NEVER have happened. I'll go back to my world, back to the same, impulsive woman child before all this started" the gestalt witch shuddered. "One journey ends, another begins. Having been so close to divinity, this is funny" Hapshiel mused. "How do you mean?" "When you wield the infinite, you become infinite. I couldn't even begin to imagine that, but it would feel as if I could spread my Love & Peace to everyone, all at once. You would be everywhere, so why not choose only to be once?" the angel cryptically expounded. "Are you saying despite taking the power of the Door, we could still keep ourselves?" "Did I say that? I must've sounded very smart" the himbo angel giggled. "Why not really? You have the power!" Lydia looked to the ground, and everyone around her. Everyone, including her, had all risked their lives and some had spent them all for the sake of one mad girl's quest for world peace. Would Isamy have been able to accept the price? Knowing her she would have had some kind of fail-safe to keep her together while wielding the Door's power. And if DATEA could do it.... "I volunteer!" Lydia called out. "I can't allow anyone else to pay the price when too many have suffered already. I will take the power of the Door and END Isamy and Protheus' insanity!" Avatar Resolution, stunned, began spinning rapidly. "STALEMATE!" Sinking into the ground, large marble hands appeared under the present candidates, taking them upwards into the sky. And from the soul came Avatar's Resolution's head, made of four faces each facing a cardinal direction. It drew its hands to the head, its shining eyes on Koishi and Lydia. "STALEMATE DETECTED BETWEEN TWO PARTICIPANTS! ARE THERE ANY OTHERS WHO WILL CONTEST THEIR CLAIMS?!"
  2. "In ancient times, the dinosaurs were in constant conflict with an ancient foe, the insects. A battle that waged and only ended when the tree the insects resided in unleashed a deluge of sap, imprisoning the insects in a prison of amber. Now, many moons into the future, the prison has begun to weaken as the millennia have allowed the insects to adapt to the amber. And thus, the air once more is filled with the humming of the Amber Ancients, who are ready to fight their ancient foes once again." In seriousness, this is my run with a battle-focused archetype of insects based around ancient species that have long-since gone extinct. They are tribute focused, but also don't neglect the extra deck as the Amber Ancients have adapted to the modern times, making them more dangerous than ever. Level 2 Monsters Level 8 Monsters Link Monsters Synchro Monsters Xyz Monsters Fusion Monster Spell/Trap Cards
  3. So, as an avid Gimmick Puppet player, I've been trying their new support and with some choice additions, I've been having some fun with the deck. So this is basically me creating some final cards I feel they need to be very playable. Gimmick Puppet Fore Father DARK R******** Machine / Xyz / Effect 2+ Machine monsters While you control this Xyz Summoned card: You can discard 1 card; you cannot Summon monsters for the rest of this turn, except "Gimmick Puppet" monsters, also add 1 "Gimmick Puppet" monster from your Deck or GY to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Gimmick Puppet Fore Father" once per turn. When a card or effect is activated that targets a "Gimmick Puppet" monster on the field OR is activated in response to the activation of the effect of a "Gimmick Puppet" monster: You can detach 1 material; negate that card or effect, and if you do, destroy it. ATK: 2400 / DEF: 2400 Developer's Notes: Something I feel GPs have needed for an insanely long time is an Xyz monster that is a little more proactive. Numbers 15, 40, and 88 are nice, but 15 and 40 shine most when they have an opponent's field to ruin. And 88... exists to becomes C88 more or less. But this means that, unless you can make C88 there aren't any decent GP Xyz you can make going first. The idea of a generic discard is to help fix bad hands you can get by discarding a card you don't need for a search, which comes with restrictions since apparently every bloody Gimmick Puppet card needs a small paragraph of them. The negation part is more of a means for GPs to fight back against some card effects, without being too OP about it like Borreload or other BS. Incidentally, I imagine the art for this card to be a GP vesion of Quattro, hence the punny name. Gimmick Puppet Doll Headtipede DARK Down Machine / Link / Effect 1 Machine monster You can pay 2000 LP and banish 1 "Puppet" Normal Spell/Trap Card from your Deck; this effect become that card's effect when that card is activated, also, you cannot Summon monsters from your Extra Deck this turn, except "Gimmick Puppet" monsters. While this card is in your GY: You can target 1 Machine Xyz monster you control; attach this card to it as material. You can only use 1 effect of "Gimmick Puppet Doll Headtipede" per turn, and only once per turn. ATK: 500 / LINK-1 Developer's Notes: While I considered the notion of making the various Puppet Spell/Traps searchable, honestly, I felt it'd be better to go the Verte Anaconda route by having it copy the effect, as opposed to just searching a card. I went with banishing because again, GPs need needless and pointless caveats to make the archetype "fair". (See: Not being dragons.) The cost, while also apeing off of Verte, has an additional use vis a vis rendering Puppet Parade's RUM search active, while also making Puppet Ritual actually worth using for once. The material attach is more of just a freebie really. Also I love the idea of this hideous centipede creature made of doll heads. It's what makes Gimmick Puppets beautiful. Puppet Parlor Field Spell When this card is activated: You can discard 1 "Gimmick Puppet" monster; you cannot Summon monsters for the rest of this turn, except Machine monsters, also draw 2 cards. During your Main Phase, you can Normal Summon 1 "Gimmick Puppet" monster as an additional Normal Summon/Set. (You can only gain this effect once per turn.) Developer's Notes: One thing GPs have not had, despite getting two waves of support in an era where every damn archetype ever gets a field spell, is a field spell. This is my idea of remedying two issues GPs have. Namely, dead Terror Babys and Humpty Dumptys in hand can be easily tossed via the discard effect, with the intended purpose of it replacing Trade-In that is basically mandatory for the deck. This gives you much more freedom than Trade-In can give you. The second effect, I feel, is very helpful in making Terror Baby far more usable by being able to use its effect despite already making starting plays.
  4. I may not hurt to retweak the wording then. And I did try to take the MPBs into account for the effects of the cards, but I can update Mirage to say non-Machine PB monsters. Also, the select thing was what I was going off because a metric tonne of zone selection cards are super old, and have not had their text updated to the modern era. Only one with the modern writing is Excode Talker. I feel like trying to go for flavour kinda weakens things overall, and while being able to work with TGU would be cute, the only benefit of doing so would be easy access to M-X-Saber Invoker, who is very much banned. Really, the gist was more focusing on marrying the concepts of Gazelle and Chimera with the Phantom Beasts, as their fiend-like nature is shown in how Berfomet mutates them into more horrible creatures, like Wild-Horn being turned into a horrible wendigo. EDIT: Anyways, I've updated the text of the fusions, and added a fair few non-Machina clauses to the effects.
  5. Some days... I really miss Armadilloz. I wonder if he would have liked NCM.

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      it's called neocardmaker not armzcardmaker so i don't think he'd be too happy with the focus of the content.

    3. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas

      I miss him, too. He was a pretty chill guy from what I remember. Hope he's doing well.

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      The Warden

      Well, that's depressing.

  6. Been a long time since I've ever, personally, thrown my designs into the ring. A very, very long time. Anyways, I feel confident enough to share my vision for support for the Phantom Beast archetype by taking cues from their progenitors (Gazelle, Berfomet, and Chimera) by blending into the Phantom Beasts the power of Fusion. Ideally, these cards are meant to be a control-style deck, but without the constant negations that are now so utterly prevalent in this game. In fact, they were made as a challenge to make a control-style deck without abusing negations. Main Deck Monsters Extra Deck Spells/Traps
  7. Lydia was quiet as the world went white, her hand still holding tightly onto her Familiars as existence went away. And Hapshiel was, well, Hapshiel as he went into the sweet embrace of oblivion. Supposedly. With everything back in focus, they were now with the others, and an overly jubilant statue proclaiming that they should “REJOICE!” And, for once, Lydia truly was relieved. She had finally avenged on her friends, her family, her world…, Zac. Everything she had wanted, she had finally achieved. Even her Familiars felt her jubilation as they returned around her and Hapshield, Fire Fox gently nuzzling his head under her hand. “Is it over?” she asked aloud, as if unsure of it. “It would appear so” Madara confirmed as he peered around in search of the other one he had chosen. “It feels like a dream” the Human/Witch hybrid uttered. “I much prefer your nightmares” LERNA mused, one of her heads still poking out of a rift between her Barrier and reality. “I might just regret having my subconscious create you” Lydia said honestly, only for the depraved former-Witch to chuckle coldly as she returned to the Barrier. “It seems we have a gathering in our midst” Hapshiel observed as everyone seemed to be converging towards the statue in the distance. “Then let’s go and end this, once and for all” Lydia nodded as the other Dizasters left for her Barrier, leaving but Madara to walk with them. “Are you happy this is over, Madara?” “While it seems a shame I was not able to achieve my own ends back in the Sphere Forest, I could think of worse outcomes” the ninjataur commented. “That’s lovely” the angel crooned as they approached Avatar Resolution. And with all the groups converging, Avatar Resolution still waited patiently, as he had done for what has been anywhere between never and forever. It was just nice seeing real people again as they all came towards him. “I welcome you all again brave warriors” he declared politely. “I have waited so long for someone to return the Key to this domain, but I will admit I did not expect such a battle to occur” AR remarked, only for his torso to rotate around, the other side resting his hand on his chin ponderously. “Or perhaps I should be more surprised that it did not happen sooner?” Rotating back again, the Avatar disregarded this. “But regardless, I am glad to welcome you all to the Door of Origin, which you can see behind me. And, I am certain that you no doubt have many, many questions for me as to what happens next. So please, speak your woes to me, and I will do my best to administer a suitable answer for your inquiries.” MachGaogamon stepped forward. If anyone could know if Arthur and Eria could be saved, he was sure this Avatar would have the answer. “Countless people have fallen throughout this war. Entire universes are gone, all because of Isamy, Protheus, and even Arturia. With the Door’s power, is it possible to bring them all back? Not just the people we have lost, or the worlds we knew. All the universes that have been and could ever be, even those that we may never know about. They all deserve another chance.” “YEOWCH!!!” Alister shrieked as the duct tape was ripped off of his mouth as quickly as it had been slapped on. Hurriedly checking to see if his facial hair and fur had been messed up by the act, the elder Lombax sighed in relief before adding on to Machgaogamon’s enquiry: “And will that include the alternate timelines of those universes, as well? Will they be salvaged and restored, or are they.... doomed to fade into cessation?” he added, clutching the pocket watch tightly as he spoke. The Avatar was silent for a moment, before rotating about, the other torso clasping its hands together in what would be called “a diplomatic fashion”. “All of the universes that were destroyed as a consequence of this “Origin War” can indeed be restored by the Door of Origin. Alternate timelines, if it is their destiny to persevere, can likewise be restored. And those who perished as a consequence of this war too can be restored. However, all fates will depend entirely upon the Choice that must be made” it explained, rotating back around to its jovial, upright-hand position. MachGaogamon nodded, mostly satisfied with that answer. “Very well. What is this choice?” Alister, however, felt more uneasy after the Avatar’s explanation--there were, after all, several thousand individuals (many of whom he had yet to personally interact with, even) residing in his pocket watch / Soul Room, all of whom ended up in there due to either having a terrible fate befall them, or just being in the wrong situation at the wrong time. Even if all of them could be restored, there was still the matter of their respective timelines existing; if all of them could be restored--especially the timelines connected to Alister’s dimension--what effect would it have on the Great Clock? “Alister, do cease your panicking, please,” Orvus’s voice politely echoed in Alister’s head. “Alpha and I have also realized this, and we’re currently all convening with the Altisters and Souls to discuss what may happen.” “And? Have you come up with anything yet?” Alister mentally pressed. “... well, yes,” Orvus replied slowly. “Or, rather, the Altisters came to a decision on their own.” “Which is…?” “The Souls trapped in the Watch will be able to return to their respective worlds, that much we can guarantee... but….” Orvus paused to sigh ruefully before continuing, “I am not sure how much you’re going to like this, but… most of them are willing to let their timelines be removed, and thus the existence of their respective Alister Azimuth. Our hope is to allow roughly seven additional alternative paths to remain, something that the Great Clock is perfectly capable of managing with little additional strain, but… … I know how much you had hoped they could all be freed--” “--yet I had figured as much,” Alister admitted sadly. “... are they also deciding--?” “--which of their timelines should remain? Yes,” Orvus replied. “Zayon’s is one of the obvious choices, as his Alister does have a life and family past the Origin War. And then there is--” “--please, tell me later,” Alister insisted as he returned his attention to the Avatar before him. “It is quite simple” the Avatar responded, its empty eyes almost feeling as it was regarding everyone carefully. “The Choice is thus: Who will use the Key of Origin? And by doing so, who will be the one to pay the price?” And then its body shifted slightly, so that stared intently at Alister. “I understand you know something about that matter, General Alister Azimuth; as do the occupants of your Pocket Watch. Do give my regards to Alpha, as I never had the chance to meet him before DATEA ended.” Turning more, it then regarded MachGaogamon. “I understand the concerns you must have for Eria and Arthur. Their current position right now is less-than-desirable, given where they are. And why it would be tempting to use the Key to reclaim them.” “So only one of us may use the Key?” MachGaogamon asked. He looked around all who had gathered here. He couldn’t hear the people Alister talked to, but he gathered that he was at least taking the question into consideration. Sora, Kairi, and Gagagigo stood close to him, but none of them were stepping up to be one to use the Key. He certainly would not trust those few who had remained with the Divine to the very end, but if anyone were to use the Key, he wanted to be sure that it would be someone who could save as many people as possible. Would he be so concerned with getting Arthur and Eria back that, if he were to use the Key, he would make a mistake and overlook too many of the infinite unknowns? Possibly. Or perhaps he was just overthinking this. “You said that those who perished in this war can be restored. If that can include Arthur and Eria, then… that should be enough. What is the price of using the Key?” “I will explain, in due time MachGaogamon. However, I believe some of your allies would like to have their inquiries answered as well, before the Price of using the Key of Origin is explained” the Avatar responded. “Alright, here’s a question,” Bayonetta chimed in: “Where will everyone end up if-and-when the Multiverse gets restored to its proper state? Because I distinctly recall being trapped in a Goddess’s left eye before Isamy made me her impromptu guest.” “And I do recall Marcus Fenix saying that Dom Santiago was about to sacrifice himself to save the rest of his teammates before Isamy swept him away,” Gabriel added, a tinge of sad realization in his voice. “Does that mean once the COGs’ world is restored, they’ll be put back at that moment when Dom sacrifices himself? Will the decision to sacrifice one’s self still need to be made?” The Avatar rotated thoughtfully. “That will depend on who uses the Key. Things can be changed, if the wielder has the stomach for it. Further details will be provided soon, as the full extent of those answers are tied with knowing the Price” it expounded. “... alright, I’ll bite,” Ratchet blurted out agitatedly, concerned about what the “Price” that the Avatar kept bringing up could mean yet already having a decent idea of what it was: “What is this “Price” you keep bringing up? What’s gonna happen to the one that uses the Door?” Avatar Resolution made a calm breathing noise. “The price in question is thus: If one of you were to use the Key of Origin to interface with the Door of Origin, you will gain the power to change reality as you know it. However, with it comes infinite knowledge. And when I say infinite, I truly mean infinite. You will know every single truth in existence, which includes things you’d rather not know about, such as the truth of existence itself. In essence, one could call it the death of personality as you will know all that there is to know, and you will never be able to go back from knowing all. Some would find that too steep a cost, even with the power to shape our omniverse with effortless ease” it explained to no doubt awed faces. “However, the decision is not of one option, but two. If you all feel that losing your own identity for the sake of the omniverse too much, there is a second option available: Myself. My creator, knowing that it was possible that no one in DATEA could agree on who could be trusted to use Key of Origin, granted me the capacity to use it as well. If you so wish, I will repair the extensive damage caused by Isamy Maximus’ quest, and you will all be able to live your lives in the peace of not knowing everything existence has to offer. But again, there is a price for this” Avatar Resolution announced. “By allowing me to be your proxy, I will do only what needs to be done in order to repair the damage, for I must return the omniverse back to the order it had before this war. What this means is is that every single individual here, and those who perished as well, will go back to your prior states before this war even began. All knowledge you have acquired, all powers you have gained or fostered, all friendships you have made, and all relationships born by this conflict... will be erased!” “What?!” Red cried out in disbelief, a claw grasping Alister’s shoulder. “Do you simply expect us to simply throw what we have gained away?!” “If I am to be the arbiter who will repair existence, then yes Elder Red, I will expect you to accept my resolution. I was chosen to provide the most straightforward and effective usage of the Door of Origin. And thus I have decided that reversion to be that usage. That way, all knowledge of Origin, its Door, and its Key, will be forever lost to the ether. The only ones who will ever know will be Isamy Maximus, and Protheus Maximus masquerading as Viligance. But their quest will be fruitless as I will ensure to prevent another war by erasing all DATEA left behind. There will be no Desert Seth, no Sphere Forest of the Periphery, no Orb imprisoning The One Master, no Key, no Pathways, no Hallway, no Door in this changed world. You will all live your lives as you did before Isamy Maximus and her ilk interfered with them; and all who perished too will have no recollections of their untimely deaths. Everything you have gained and learned will be gone, but your worlds, and all lost worlds, will return and continue as if nothing had happened. Such is the cost and the reward of choosing me to use the Key of Origin. This is why the decision must be made carefully, as it now falls to you, the Champions of Origin: Will one of you sacrifice yourself to infinite knowledge so that your fellows can continue? Or will you throw away every victory you have made it getting to this place, so that you may continue in the blissful ignorance you lived before this war? Choose wisely one and all!”
  8. Watching frogs croak is kinda funny, cause they remind me of stress balls.

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      My first thought was croak as in die ngl

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      use them instead of stress balls

  9. I'd operate on the two type advantage trinities (Fire, Grass, Water)(Psychic, Dark, Fighting) as dual-types. So pokemon like Shiftry, Starmie, and so on.
  10. I'd probably be the dude who sells you a Magikarp.
  11. What are you member's thoughts on the possibility of a topic being posted to allow you guys to request new forums/sub-forums for NCM?

    1. (o ×)

      (o ×)

      I can't imagine that would be a common enough request to have a centralized thread to cover. I think ideas like these can quite easily have their own threads without any concern over flooding.

    2. The Warden
  12. Testing, testing, one two three. SOS can you hear me? Yes? Goooooood- Wait what? Ugh, this is so tedious. You go through ALL of the effort to move shit along cause stuff ain't happening and the GM is gonezo. And then when you make the effort suddenly after a year everyone has time and energy to do stuff and make things end satisfyingly. Why do I even bother sometimes? Oh yeah don't mind me everyone, just some omnipowerful, omnipresent being with clearly nothing better to do but move your plot along. Not like someone wasn't working their ass off to make an indolent GM with no time at all to move their ass, until somehow they magically do. See why I wanna wreck everything? Christ you people deserve the carnage I have done, am doing, and will be doing. Look, so Isamy's gone, and we didn't get what we wanted. Anyways, this shit is rolling right along now. It was truly, finally Isamy's end. Everything she had hoped, everything she had dreamed... they were all for naught as the laast IZANAMI faded away. The Omni that had damaged countless universes was gone, and lost in the midst of combat was the Key. And then, everything went all wibbly wobbly in a seizure-inducing sort of way. Lights swirling like you were on a tilt-a-whirl, and it felt like the Hall of Origin was about to implode upon itself. And then, everyone was back in a white space that was almost reminiscent of a field, with faded grey lines just barely making out the curves of hills and grasses. And in the center of it all was some faded lines that seemed to shaped itself into an incredibly large door. The Door of Origin. It was all quite shambolic, and all too serene. There wasn't any sound here, save for what the combined Counter Corps and Divine made. And then, a voice cried out "REJOICE!" Forming before the Door was a beautiful white marble statue, depicting some kind of angelic being. It was of six feet in height, not including the base, and for some reason a line formed around the torso section. This cut was noticeable on its bent, upward-facing arms, as it bisected through the bicep and the forearm. Small wings wrapped around from waist, and it bore a flat, featureless face. And, yet, in spite of its nature, the statue seemed incredibly alive. "Rejoice!" it declared excitedly, two glowing eyes forming on its face. "Rejoice and... oh" it said in surprise. The upper body of the statue suddenly rotated, revealing another torso coming from the other side, this one having a hand to its chin, with the other hand still raised. "Well, there are quite a few more of you than I expected," it admitted, before immediately rotating around to the other torso, whose hands were now clasped, "but nonetheless welcome one and all to the Hall of Origin! I am Avatar Resolution! Successor to DATEA; Herald of Origin; and Steward of the Door of Origin. And it is my greatest honour to meet with the Champions of the Multiverse!" Avatar Resolution announced in jubilant tones.
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