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  1. Sure that'll be fine, but interest seems limp so probably won't going to happen
  2. Happy Birthday Warden.

  3. Try to avoid being overtly meta (think more anime), and customs will be allowed
  4. Countless years ago a great meteor fell from the sky, striking the world with enough force to create a monstrous crater and boundless destruction in its wake. Then, over a thousand years ago, humans gathered around this great scar on their world, and the mysterious meteor that lay dormant in its crib. Over time these humans settled as tribes around the meteor, now referred to as "The Millennium Star". Throughout history the Millennium Star has been with us, offerring strange and mysterious elements and boundless power that, now into the distant future, humanity has thrived beyond measure. What had been a history of mystery, evolution, war, despair, and finally, unity has given birth to the futuristic mega city Sol Corona, the shining crown that rests upon the brow of the Millennium Star. Sol Corona is so vast it is the size of a small country, with a population in the millions all living together. And thanks to the seemingly endless minerals and power harvested from the Millennium Star, many past times came to the forefront as Matter Synthesis has pushed Sol Corona into a post-scarcity society. With that, many past times have practically become their own mainstream sports, with Duel Monsters especially taking the forefront as the game makes use of both hard light technology and Matter Synthesis to truly bring the game to life. But despite this post-scarcity system, the world turns and the city ever grows, and thus now it turns to the newer generations to keep the wheels turning. And that is where the Four Academies come on. Each one angled in a cardinal direction from the Millennium Star, they are colourfully called North Academy, East Academy, South Academy, and West Academy. There was really no need for any real naming scheme to be honest. These four prestiges academies (well, really three as East Academy is basically the equivalent of public school for the normal kids) are duty-bound to ensure the next generation is prepared to lift Sol Corona further into the heavens. This is where the story begins as students from the other three Academies are making their way to East Academy, who is the host of this year's Millennium Star Tournament. A tournament dedicated to unity and entertainment as students duel to see which Academy will stand victorious. And with this year being the 1000th annual Millennium Star Tournament, it aims to be a doozy. So duelist, prepare to Get Your Game On! Breakdown Academy Information
  5. "STALEMATE!" Avatar Resolution seemed almost annoyed by the outcome, his upper body rotating to take a clean look at each candidate, though it took longer than most in regards to Alister and Alexander. Finally he ceased his movements, and with a glow all non-participants were levitated up into solid marble seating, with marble fences around the participants, as if this were some form of courtroom. The chosen were even given their own desks with comfy chairs as well. "STALEMATE! Three-way tie between entities: Alister Azimuth. Koishi Komeiji. Lydia Armstrong. By the rules of the Door of Origin, you are to debate amongst yourselves as to who is most worthy to wield the Key of Origin. Those attending in the gallery are allowed to voice their own concerns during the speeches if the matter allows it, but save any comments for after each speech. But the voices that must be heard hear and now must be the voices of those I have named. Now, please amongst the chosen please speak your case as to why you are most worthy. And once deliberations are complete, and your cases are made, everyone must unanimously decide on the victor. If compromise cannot be made, and an agreement cannot be met, this stalemate will be considered null and void. And if found null and void, I will become the default beneficiary of the Key, and will thus do as I have promised to revert the Omniverse to its original programming. NOW BEGIN!" ~~Let the Debate BEGIN~~ "Wow, what a bad time to have performance anxiety" Lydia muttered to herself, before she took a deep breath. "I hope you guys don't mind, but I want to speak first! Look, I'm not going to make any noble speeches here, or say if this is some kind of big sacrifice. The truth is is that my speech is to say that, well, I'm selfish. When I started this story I was a nerdy girl who treated this whole thing like it was some kind of game; some bit of fun to escape a universe that stopped moving. But LERNA changed that. The carnage she caused in her fight made me shake in a way I've never felt. And everything moving forwards from that frightened me more. I can't even say if I'm even me anymore, since now my soul houses a god-like dragon, a Witch, and a ninjataur. And I still don't even know which of those I find the weirdest honestly. This journey has changed me in ways that, really, I can't go back from. And I know there's plenty of you who probably feel exactly the same. So I know some of you may want to sacrifice yourselves for one reason or another, but...." Looking to the gallery, she saw Hapshiel sitting pleasantly, and she recalled the cryptic words he had spoken before about before. "You would be everywhere, so why not choose only to be once?" "But I think it might be best if you let the sacrifice be a selfish one. I don't plan to reset everything completely like Avatar Resolution will, because it wouldn't be fair to take away everything we've earned from this journey. So my promise is to try and grant as many of your requests for returning home as I can, to ensure that we treasure our journey. Mostly, I plan to split our worlds, so that there will be an original self to go back to as if nothing happened, while the new world will be where you will return to, to maintain causality and stuff. The world will be identical to to before we left, but our memories and new powers and gifts will persist. After that, I plan to end my existence so I can go on to join the Throne of Heroes, as... as Arturia said I may do. I can't say for sure if I will, but I'm willing to take that risk. Let my selfishness be a benefit for the rest of you, so nobody has to suffer anymore than we have already!"
  6. Lydia stood idle with her Familiars, her head turned to the formless floor as she listened to the others who would give up everything for everyone else. "My my my, what a choice, the ultimate masochism" Hapshiel purred. "It's insane, isn't it? This statue is telling us to give up ourselves to infinite knowledge, or let it reverse everything we've achieved. It'll be like none of it happened. Well, no, it'll NEVER have happened. I'll go back to my world, back to the same, impulsive woman child before all this started" the gestalt witch shuddered. "One journey ends, another begins. Having been so close to divinity, this is funny" Hapshiel mused. "How do you mean?" "When you wield the infinite, you become infinite. I couldn't even begin to imagine that, but it would feel as if I could spread my Love & Peace to everyone, all at once. You would be everywhere, so why not choose only to be once?" the angel cryptically expounded. "Are you saying despite taking the power of the Door, we could still keep ourselves?" "Did I say that? I must've sounded very smart" the himbo angel giggled. "Why not really? You have the power!" Lydia looked to the ground, and everyone around her. Everyone, including her, had all risked their lives and some had spent them all for the sake of one mad girl's quest for world peace. Would Isamy have been able to accept the price? Knowing her she would have had some kind of fail-safe to keep her together while wielding the Door's power. And if DATEA could do it.... "I volunteer!" Lydia called out. "I can't allow anyone else to pay the price when too many have suffered already. I will take the power of the Door and END Isamy and Protheus' insanity!" Avatar Resolution, stunned, began spinning rapidly. "STALEMATE!" Sinking into the ground, large marble hands appeared under the present candidates, taking them upwards into the sky. And from the soul came Avatar's Resolution's head, made of four faces each facing a cardinal direction. It drew its hands to the head, its shining eyes on Koishi and Lydia. "STALEMATE DETECTED BETWEEN TWO PARTICIPANTS! ARE THERE ANY OTHERS WHO WILL CONTEST THEIR CLAIMS?!"
  7. "In ancient times, the dinosaurs were in constant conflict with an ancient foe, the insects. A battle that waged and only ended when the tree the insects resided in unleashed a deluge of sap, imprisoning the insects in a prison of amber. Now, many moons into the future, the prison has begun to weaken as the millennia have allowed the insects to adapt to the amber. And thus, the air once more is filled with the humming of the Amber Ancients, who are ready to fight their ancient foes once again." In seriousness, this is my run with a battle-focused archetype of insects based around ancient species that have long-since gone extinct. They are tribute focused, but also don't neglect the extra deck as the Amber Ancients have adapted to the modern times, making them more dangerous than ever. Level 2 Monsters Level 8 Monsters Link Monsters Synchro Monsters Xyz Monsters Fusion Monster Spell/Trap Cards
  8. So, as an avid Gimmick Puppet player, I've been trying their new support and with some choice additions, I've been having some fun with the deck. So this is basically me creating some final cards I feel they need to be very playable. Gimmick Puppet Fore Father DARK R******** Machine / Xyz / Effect 2+ Machine monsters While you control this Xyz Summoned card: You can discard 1 card; you cannot Summon monsters for the rest of this turn, except "Gimmick Puppet" monsters, also add 1 "Gimmick Puppet" monster from your Deck or GY to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Gimmick Puppet Fore Father" once per turn. When a card or effect is activated that targets a "Gimmick Puppet" monster on the field OR is activated in response to the activation of the effect of a "Gimmick Puppet" monster: You can detach 1 material; negate that card or effect, and if you do, destroy it. ATK: 2400 / DEF: 2400 Developer's Notes: Something I feel GPs have needed for an insanely long time is an Xyz monster that is a little more proactive. Numbers 15, 40, and 88 are nice, but 15 and 40 shine most when they have an opponent's field to ruin. And 88... exists to becomes C88 more or less. But this means that, unless you can make C88 there aren't any decent GP Xyz you can make going first. The idea of a generic discard is to help fix bad hands you can get by discarding a card you don't need for a search, which comes with restrictions since apparently every bloody Gimmick Puppet card needs a small paragraph of them. The negation part is more of a means for GPs to fight back against some card effects, without being too OP about it like Borreload or other BS. Incidentally, I imagine the art for this card to be a GP vesion of Quattro, hence the punny name. Gimmick Puppet Doll Headtipede DARK Down Machine / Link / Effect 1 Machine monster You can pay 2000 LP and banish 1 "Puppet" Normal Spell/Trap Card from your Deck; this effect become that card's effect when that card is activated, also, you cannot Summon monsters from your Extra Deck this turn, except "Gimmick Puppet" monsters. While this card is in your GY: You can target 1 Machine Xyz monster you control; attach this card to it as material. You can only use 1 effect of "Gimmick Puppet Doll Headtipede" per turn, and only once per turn. ATK: 500 / LINK-1 Developer's Notes: While I considered the notion of making the various Puppet Spell/Traps searchable, honestly, I felt it'd be better to go the Verte Anaconda route by having it copy the effect, as opposed to just searching a card. I went with banishing because again, GPs need needless and pointless caveats to make the archetype "fair". (See: Not being dragons.) The cost, while also apeing off of Verte, has an additional use vis a vis rendering Puppet Parade's RUM search active, while also making Puppet Ritual actually worth using for once. The material attach is more of just a freebie really. Also I love the idea of this hideous centipede creature made of doll heads. It's what makes Gimmick Puppets beautiful. Puppet Parlor Field Spell When this card is activated: You can discard 1 "Gimmick Puppet" monster; you cannot Summon monsters for the rest of this turn, except Machine monsters, also draw 2 cards. During your Main Phase, you can Normal Summon 1 "Gimmick Puppet" monster as an additional Normal Summon/Set. (You can only gain this effect once per turn.) Developer's Notes: One thing GPs have not had, despite getting two waves of support in an era where every damn archetype ever gets a field spell, is a field spell. This is my idea of remedying two issues GPs have. Namely, dead Terror Babys and Humpty Dumptys in hand can be easily tossed via the discard effect, with the intended purpose of it replacing Trade-In that is basically mandatory for the deck. This gives you much more freedom than Trade-In can give you. The second effect, I feel, is very helpful in making Terror Baby far more usable by being able to use its effect despite already making starting plays.
  9. I may not hurt to retweak the wording then. And I did try to take the MPBs into account for the effects of the cards, but I can update Mirage to say non-Machine PB monsters. Also, the select thing was what I was going off because a metric tonne of zone selection cards are super old, and have not had their text updated to the modern era. Only one with the modern writing is Excode Talker. I feel like trying to go for flavour kinda weakens things overall, and while being able to work with TGU would be cute, the only benefit of doing so would be easy access to M-X-Saber Invoker, who is very much banned. Really, the gist was more focusing on marrying the concepts of Gazelle and Chimera with the Phantom Beasts, as their fiend-like nature is shown in how Berfomet mutates them into more horrible creatures, like Wild-Horn being turned into a horrible wendigo. EDIT: Anyways, I've updated the text of the fusions, and added a fair few non-Machina clauses to the effects.
  10. Some days... I really miss Armadilloz. I wonder if he would have liked NCM.

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      it's called neocardmaker not armzcardmaker so i don't think he'd be too happy with the focus of the content.

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      I miss him, too. He was a pretty chill guy from what I remember. Hope he's doing well.

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      Well, that's depressing.

  11. Been a long time since I've ever, personally, thrown my designs into the ring. A very, very long time. Anyways, I feel confident enough to share my vision for support for the Phantom Beast archetype by taking cues from their progenitors (Gazelle, Berfomet, and Chimera) by blending into the Phantom Beasts the power of Fusion. Ideally, these cards are meant to be a control-style deck, but without the constant negations that are now so utterly prevalent in this game. In fact, they were made as a challenge to make a control-style deck without abusing negations. Main Deck Monsters Extra Deck Spells/Traps
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