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  1. Testing, testing, one two three. SOS can you hear me? Yes? Goooooood- Wait what? Ugh, this is so tedious. You go through ALL of the effort to move shit along cause stuff ain't happening and the GM is gonezo. And then when you make the effort suddenly after a year everyone has time and energy to do stuff and make things end satisfyingly. Why do I even bother sometimes? Oh yeah don't mind me everyone, just some omnipowerful, omnipresent being with clearly nothing better to do but move your plot along. Not like someone wasn't working their ass off to make an indolent GM with no time at all to move their ass, until somehow they magically do. See why I wanna wreck everything? Christ you people deserve the carnage I have done, am doing, and will be doing. Look, so Isamy's gone, and we didn't get what we wanted. Anyways, this shit is rolling right along now. It was truly, finally Isamy's end. Everything she had hoped, everything she had dreamed... they were all for naught as the laast IZANAMI faded away. The Omni that had damaged countless universes was gone, and lost in the midst of combat was the Key. And then, everything went all wibbly wobbly in a seizure-inducing sort of way. Lights swirling like you were on a tilt-a-whirl, and it felt like the Hall of Origin was about to implode upon itself. And then, everyone was back in a white space that was almost reminiscent of a field, with faded grey lines just barely making out the curves of hills and grasses. And in the center of it all was some faded lines that seemed to shaped itself into an incredibly large door. The Door of Origin. It was all quite shambolic, and all too serene. There wasn't any sound here, save for what the combined Counter Corps and Divine made. And then, a voice cried out "REJOICE!" Forming before the Door was a beautiful white marble statue, depicting some kind of angelic being. It was of six feet in height, not including the base, and for some reason a line formed around the torso section. This cut was noticeable on its bent, upward-facing arms, as it bisected through the bicep and the forearm. Small wings wrapped around from waist, and it bore a flat, featureless face. And, yet, in spite of its nature, the statue seemed incredibly alive. "Rejoice!" it declared excitedly, two glowing eyes forming on its face. "Rejoice and... oh" it said in surprise. The upper body of the statue suddenly rotated, revealing another torso coming from the other side, this one having a hand to its chin, with the other hand still raised. "Well, there are quite a few more of you than I expected," it admitted, before immediately rotating around to the other torso, whose hands were now clasped, "but nonetheless welcome one and all to the Hall of Origin! I am Avatar Resolution! Successor to DATEA; Herald of Origin; and Steward of the Door of Origin. And it is my greatest honour to meet with the Champions of the Multiverse!" Avatar Resolution announced in jubilant tones.
  2. ~ The Spirit Puppet, Or Rather Her Love And Resuscitation ~ “ARE YOU LOOKING DOWN ON IZANAMI… CALLING HER A COWARD, SPEAKING OF THE NEXT OMNI, THINKING YOU CAN SIMPLY DEFEAT HER… SIMPLY DEFEAT HER? SIMPLY DEFEAT HER? UNACCEPTABLE.” In the face of the declaration of the winged Witch of Endings, ULTIMATUM, the Omnibound Immortal Lust IZANAMI was irritated, to say the least. Any moment now, her opponent would strike, and the sheer amount of factors accompanying this enemy were dangerous. And yet…the Final Boss did not falter. The Final Boss would not falter. “THIS IZANAMI WILL DEEPLY ENJOY THE LOOKS ON YOUR FACES⸺WHEN YOU FINALLY ACCEPT HER DREAMS AND HER LOVE!!!” The point of no return had long since been crossed. Having given up on logic, it really couldn’t be said whether or not this entity could even be considered Isamy Maximus anymore. Meanwhile, nearby, the boss herself could very vaguely sense someone else interfering with their shared connection to Void Inclusion. While the other aspects may be arrogant enough to presume this would mean nothing to them, to her, in this desperate situation, this may very well mean that if she was going to perform one last Void Inclusion, now would be the perfect, if not the only time to do so. And thus, she needed power. The power to counter the Witch of Endings, the power to oppose her once and for all. That was why, just as ULTIMATUM planned their next and final strike, they invoked the words. Words from which there would certainly be no turning back. “VOID INCLUSION:" If it was a Witch who opposed her, then it was a Witch she would become! One stronger than LERNA, one stronger than her current opponent, the very strongest Witch in the world! That was what she needed, above all else…! "K҉RÌEMH͠ILD GR̛E̴TC͜HEN̡" It was the final successful Void Inclusion of the battlefield. Whether or not her opponent understood its meaning, IZANAMI invoked the true name of the embodiment of salvation itself, and the most powerful Witch of them all. A creature consumed in their desire for peace and their relentless drive to bring others into their own personal heaven. A creature possessing such power that they ended the very world they resided in within a mere ten days. The very fact that this was possible at all was only because a member of the Counter Corps, Aesir, had introduced her Grief Seed into this very Origin War. And now, as a result of that ill-advised decision, it would all reach its peak here, as if this were exactly the reason why it ever happened in the first place... A pink lighting strike rushed from the skies of the Origin Cosmos, and struck IZANAMI, causing a burst of darkness to race across the entirety of their platform. The final Void Inclusion had completed. And just like that, only moments later, what now faced her two opponents was⸺ ~ MAGIA ~ Pure darkness, all connecting together into a singular, supermassive entity. The newly-formed existence of the W͟i̛tch ơf̵ ̴S͜alv̵a̛t̶i͢o̕n, the ultimate symbol of what happens when the greatest magical girl falls to despair. Scrambled, incomprehensible thoughts of kindness and pain, and a pure drive to bring all of existence into her heavenly realm, seemed all that consumed it. As the embodiment of Isamy’s lust, that utter insanity was the kind of existence this Omnibound Immortal had let herself become, embraced for the sole purpose of victory. “⸺⸺⸺” It didn’t move, nor did it seem capable of movement. It didn’t speak, nor did it seem capable of speech. It didn’t even attack. Instead, the very instant the Witch of Salvation manifested, both ULTIMATUM and Hapshiel simply felt an inexplicable pressure upon themselves. As if an immense vacuum was sucking them towards its body, or as if space itself was distorting to force them to enter its Witch Barrier, whatever that may be⸺ ULTIMATUM grit her teeth and dug in her heels, to avoid the drag of Kriemhild Gretchen’s Barrier. It was unlike anything she had ever felt, and in spite of her prior confidence… she was afraid. She couldn’t even begin to process the unholy nature of the Witch before her. She was even forced to bring Hapshiel back to physicality, just to prevent the light particles being pulled in. “Oh myyyyyy. I haven’t felt suction like this in so loooong” the angel moaned. “Not appropriate right now Hapshiel” ULTIMATUM grunted, driving her staff into the ground to hang onto. This was possibly bad. It was hard to tell. Really she should have no knowledge of this Witch, and yet, as if by ULTIMATUM’s own nature, she knew precisely what this Witch was. Greater than Homulily. Greater than Walpurgisnacht. The Witch to end all Witches. It was here, and if they didn’t do anything, they were going to be dragged into her Barrier. Granted, how would that even work. “Then what do we doooo?” Hapshiel drawled as he planted his feet into the ground. “We push her back! She’s not invincible, and she can still be beaten!” Drawing upon the scars in the air that divided this world from her own barrier, Despair Water blasted out, crashing down on IZANAMI’s own expanding barrier. It seemed to force some kind of stalemate for the moment, as the suction died down as Salvation and Despair battled. And then from the base of IZANAMI water of her own began to flow, driving back at the Despair Water. “Impossible” ULTIMATUM uttered in disbelief. Whatever the substance was, it wasn’t just pushing back the Despair Water, but destroying it outright. Could this be some kind of Witch/Despair destroying creation? Of course, in hindsight it would be. She was the Witch of Salvation. To save all, from despair. “NOOOOO!!” Swirls of electricity arced around the Despair Water, the columns riddled with charge that ran through it into IZANAMI’s own stream and through her roots, tearing apart the torrents and electrifying the Witch Inclusion. “What… was that?” The Witch of Endings uttered, staring up her own barrier. “AH⸺͠⸺̶̷͡!̴̛!͏!̛!̛!͜͢” But that was for later as the Witch of Salvation screamed irritably, at a loud, ground-shaking intensity and pitch higher than any human could possibly muster, just as streams of fire erupted out of her. Drawing her staff, ULTIMATUM was ready to take on the technicolour flames, only for something to catch her eye. A shooting ball of fire erupted from her barrier, widening the tear while it itself spun across the air. Conflicting with the Flames of Salvation, it spun around, drawing them into itself and dissipating them in a hail of ashes. They fluttered through the air, guided by the flaming ball that landed by the Witch and the Angel, revealing itself to be a horse-sized fox with three burning tails. The air writhed around its hot body, and Hapshiel was certainly feeling all steamy around it. “Mistress. I am glad to have made it in time” it explained. Lydia, however, was utterly perplexed by this. “Fire Fox?” she blurted out. “Not just I!” Falling from the barrier came an a enormous, armour-plated polar bear, a dolphin riding on a small wave, a large purple hedgehog with lightning arching across its needle-like quills, a rhino with stones growing from its armour, a hawk with feathers floating along its wind, an owl of purest white, and a black with eyes darker than midnight. “You’re all the Dizasters. But… how? You all became Avalon!” “We are not they” Storm Hawk answered. “But in our own right we are” Shade Bat explained. “We were born from you and your barrier” Aquos Dolphin finally explained. “We exist to protect you as your Familiars” Terras Rhino informed Lydia. “We will fight with you for the Multiverse!” Volt Hedgehog vowed. “And we will crush IZANAMI!” Blizzard Bear roared. Lydia turned her head to Shine Owl, who had taken a perch upon Terras’ back. “Hmmm? Oh, they put it succinctly enough I feel” it said with a shrug. “I…” Lydia stammered, her very human emotions returning to her. “Please do not get emotional right now” another familiar voice drawled. Gently cantering down from the barrier on a root growing out of it was a centaur whose human half was very, unpleasantly familiar. “Madara” Lydia sighed. “Don’t be so surprised. All of us who helped make up ULTIMATUM still live on within you, both as our collected souls, but now as your Familiars. While I do not consider it so appealing, it is what it is” the literal ninja centaur sighed as he placed his arms behind his back. “So is she-” “Yes. She is there too. But she will not come unless beckoned” Madara cut in. “Then I will leave her be, for now” ULTIMATUM decided. “Mistress, please remember you do not have to act like only you can do this. We are here with you as well” Fire Fox pointed out. “I… yes, now with you guys here, I think we can all take her down” Lydia nodded. Drawing her staff, the Witch of Endings- No, that wasn’t right now, was it? She wasn’t ULTIMATUM. It wasn’t about ending things. This… was about hope. It was about ensuring Isamy could no longer bring harm to anyone else. No more worlds damaged. No more people cast to void. Standing tall, she turned to Madara. “I’m guessing you can still do the sword thing, right?” “Unfortunately yes. You still carry that memory with you, so it is within my repertoire now.” “Then do the thing. Meanwhile… LEEEERRRRRNNNNNAAAAAAA!” The hole of the barrier widened, water spilling out of it as an enormous hydra head pushed its way out. And six more holes formed, allowing her other heads to push their way through. They stared at their Witch, awaiting orders. “Push IZANAMI back. I need time” Lydia commanded. LERNA’s main head unleashed a guttural snarl, but nonetheless it obeyed as it drew energy from the barrier, converging it all in her maw. A seven-way blast erupted from her jaws, striking at IZANAMI’s barrier and keeping it at bay, even as the Witch itself tried to fight it back. And with IZANAMI held back, Lydia raised her hand, and Madara, begrudgingly, became an ornate gold and platinum blade. Holding it with both hands, the force of her own powers erupted, drawing on the eight elements. Each Dizaster bowed, their forms fading away as they became raw, elemental energy. Joining with the blade element by element, the blade enlarged, its colours flickering between each added element, until Shade Bat joined as the last member. The rising energy exploded into an enormous blade of pure, golden light. Even LERNA was surprised by it, stopping her assault as a familiar presence was felt within the glowing aura. “AV! A! LON!” A dragon’s roar shook the dimension as the blade was swung, the swung energy resembling an enormous dragon’s head as it ripped through the darkness, and any sense of false salvation. “AH⸺⸺⸺?” This was true hope. And it cleaved through Kriemhild Gretchen’s barrier, and the witch itself, splitting it completely in two. Unable to process what was happening, unable to question what was happening, unable to comprehend the concept that it had even been defeated, all its form could perform was a slight, ironic smile where its face should have been. With that, the Omnibound Immortal’s prolonged existence ultimately proceeded to burst into a vast, brilliant explosion of rainbow light. Flooding the whole battlefield, blinding the warriors, taking over everything in the vicinity. … … … … Eventually, the light faded. There was no longer any sign, or trace, or hint of the presence that had cursed the multiverse for so long. And that was that. LUST IZANAMI… had been defeated at last. . . . . . And yet… Somehow, something else was there. Where LUST IZANAMI once was, another entity stood. An entity who surveyed the platform, and the Origin Cosmos, with a hint of curiosity, before turning to the victors of the battle. To the collection of the victorious, to Lydia and Hapshiel, and all the others. “Wow. You sure did a number on her, huh?” She remarked lightly, giving off a gentle smile. In the distance, one by one, similar bursts of rainbow light could be seen occurring on the other platforms. It looked like the battle was coming to a conclusion at long last. “Yeah… We shouldn’t have so much to worry about now.” ~ Sagitta Luminis ~ “Please don’t mind me. I’m only passing by.” A mysterious pink-haired girl, whom they’d never met before, addressed them as she moved to tie her hair back. Even though there was a sense that this being contained power, and in some strange manner even seemed to resemble the aura of the sinister Witch of Salvation they’d just faced, she radiated no malice. On the other hand, Hapshiel might’ve been able to discern that she was a goddess of some kind, surrounded by divine energy. Whatever the case, there seemed to be no immediate reason for her existence. In the meantime, she simply knelt to the floor of the platform and picked up Kriemhild Gretchen’s Grief Seed. Then, upon pocketing it, she turned back to the rest. First at LERNA, the Witch of Infinite Possibilities. “Hi, Galina.” ⸺and then at Lydia Armstrong. “And hi, Lydia. I followed my other self here, but truthfully, there was no real reason I needed to stop by… I guess you could call it curiousity. I just wanted to see what you were once like, with my own two eyes. Sorry!” The girl simply offered her apology, apparently making no sense as she addressed the Warrior of Origin. “Okay?” Lydia remarked. “How cold. Good to know we’re on a great start.” At that, the pinkette just pouted. “Well, just thought I’d stop by to say… Good luck.” Then, she started to smile again, keeping her hands by her side. Her form glowed against the cosmos of the origin, like something out of place, an anomaly that did not belong here, only made possible by way of a miracle. There was something about the way energy wrapped around her aura that suggested a motherly, or perhaps even sisterly warmth. “Once this is over, there won’t be any turning back for you.” The ethereal being spoke lightly. “The decision you’ve made, the decision you plan to make, it won’t be one you can ever reverse. You’ve got a long road ahead, and so much to do, and so much of it will be painful. It’ll be more painful than you know. But...you’re prepared, aren’t you? You know exactly what to do, don’t you?” And for some reason... “As long as you hold onto hope, everything’s gonna work out just fine...” Even if it wasn’t in Lydia’s own memories, she could almost feel like she should recognise this individual. “You and I will be friends someday. But for now, just for now, I won’t overstay my welcome.” “Take care, okay... Lydia?” Then, with a nod and an unusually enthusiastic thumbs up, the mysterious goddess herself disappeared into an array of light. And as the light faded, Lydia held out a hand to catch one single particle of it, before it too faded from her hands. “What an unusual being” Hapshiel mused. “Yeah, she was” Lydia said in agreement. “Thanks for the pep talk… Madoka. I know what comes next, and believe me, I’m ready for it.”
  3. Testing, testing, one two three. SOS can you hear me? Yes? Goooooood. Well howdy folks, how y'all doing right now? Me? Well I'm doing just peachy ha ha. I hope you don't mind me ever so impolitely hijacking the airwaves, but there's been an elephant in the room for quite a while now, and frankly, it's really starting to smell. This little charade as it were has gone on for far too long, and like things that go on for far too long, Fox naturally extends it out for another ten seasons BAZINGA! All jokes aside, this was never going to end how we wanted it to. Believe me I'm just as disappointed as everyone else is. I mean, could you imagine how epic this fight was supposed to be? Everyone cracking out their best attacks, Isamy fighting back with everything she's got only to be so thoroughly obliterated. It'd be enough to even make me shed a tear. I mean, if I could I would, but I digress. Now, I'm not one for interference, though I have been interfering quite a bit, and for longer than you know. But they were all in earnest I assure you. Please officer release me I'm innocent! Anyways, this will be the last time, I promise you that. With permission I have been granted the opportunity to move time forward, to after the greatest battle in the entire GCRP to the moment afterwards. I just hope we aren't all too tired from this tiresome wait, but it'll be worth it to finally stick a fork in this turkey. Now then boys and girls, are you ready to do the Time Warp? After all, it starts... with a jump to the left! It was truly epic as Isamy fell. Everything she had hoped, everything she had dreamed... they were all for naught as she faded away. The Omni that had damaged countless universes was gone, and flying from her ashes were two shooting stars. And then, everything went all wibbly wobbly in a seizure sort of way. Lights swirling like you were on a tilt-a-whirl, and it felt like the Hall of Origin was about to implode upon itself. And then, everyone was back in a white space that was almost reminiscent of a field, with faded grey lines just barely making out the curves of hills and grasses. And in the center of it all was the Key of Origin, the black card seemingly split in twain as they hovered above the ground. And behind it, with the same faded lines was an incredibly large door. The Door of Origin. Anyone now could possibly take the pieces and the door for themselves if they wanted too. If not for a voice shouting "REJOICE!" Forming between the Key pieces and the Door was a beautiful white marble statue, depicting some kind of angelic being. It was of six feet in height, not including the base, and for some reason a line formed around the torso section. This cut was noticeable on its bent, upward-facing arms, as it bisected through the bicep and the forearm. Small wings wrapped around from waist, and it bore a flat, featureless face. And, yet, in spite of its nature, the statue seemed incredibly alive. "Rejoice!" it declared excitedly, two glowing eyes forming on its face. "Rejoice and... oh" it said in surprise. The upper body of the statue suddenly rotated, revealing another torso coming from the other side, this one having a hand to its chin, with the other hand still raised. "Well, there are quite a few more of you than I expected," it admitted, before immediately rotating around to the other torso, "but nonetheless welcome one and all to the Hall of Origin! I am Avatar Resolution, Steward of the Door of Origin. And it is my greatest honour to meet with the Champions of the Multiverse!" Avatar Resolution explained in jubilant tones. (Feel free to explain whatever eleventh hour power-ups you would have acquired in the boss battle in parenthesis or otherwise.)
  4. It was 2000 years ago to this day. 2000 years ago when the fate of Humanity was turned from its path. In ancient times, the fledgling race known as humans lived side-by-side with Monster Spirits. Creatures from another realm that crossed the bridge formed by Humanity's natural spiritual connection. A mutual friendship was built between the two, and the Earth was protected by five shamans, and five incredibly powerful dragons that had partnered with them. Their fate was to bridge the two worlds, but then, They came. Called the Zeitghast, they were an alien species from the ruined planet Zaes, seeking a new home. Humanity offered little resistance, but the Five Dragons were the greatest threat they had ever known. But they were prepared. For with their fleet they brought the EX.Machina, five titanic bio-mechanical mechas. The Five Dragons and the EX.Machina fought, but while the dragons lost strength from constant battles, the EX.Machina never tired, thanks to their Infinitude Batteries. It was inevitable that the dragons would lose, and their shaman allies perished. In shame they fled to the Spirit World, and went into hiding for fear of the Zeitghast finding them. But to be certain, they shattered the only direct link between both worlds, cutting Humanity off from the Spirit World. With no defenders left, they surrendered, to the Zeitghast. It is now the 2000th year since the Zeitghast won, and the future between both races is... tepid, at best. The Zeitghast had to drag humanity into their future, and after much time, the humans learned. They learned maths. They learned science. They learned the language of the Zeitghast. And they learned who was the dominant force on this planet. Humans and Zeitghast live collectively in their cities, wiling away their days. With it being excruciatingly difficult for humans to enter high-ranking positions, their capacity for art has flourished. They invented their music, their songs, their dance. They crafted art, and sculpture, and clog dancing. Humanity, without need of running their more important aspects of their lives, live for self-satisfaction and enjoyment. To aid in this, the Zeitghast analysed data collected via their Hyperspace Technology to draw information from the Spirit World. And in doing so, they created a card game to keep the humans entertained. In the Zeitghast's language they called it Card Battles, but the slang names of "Yugioh" and "Dueling" were picked up instead. Great battles were waged with solid vision technology, and, quite interestingly, many of the Zeitghast even picked up the game it was that surprisingly enjoyable. And through this game, Duel Spirits managed to return to the world. And thanks to their former ties from long ago, every human player would possess at least 1 Duel Spirit that had bonded with its matching card. But, much to the dismay of the spirits, humanity had lost the language the Spirits spoke, and their spiritual ties were greatly weakened by their dependence on technology. The voices of the spirits were often described as Illusory Noise Syndrome, and was endemic to most humans. The voices were left ignored, and life went on. But with this reunion, five angry spirits stirred in the Spirit World. The Five Dragons, still hidden away in unsuspecting forms, had to bear 2000 years of rage and hatred. And now, with this card game granting them a link back to Earth, it was time to find five new shamans. It was time, for their revenge. Database
  5. "By some miracle, yeah." That sounded like Conner. Well, how marvelous was that? "We're outside the school now. Some guy named Omnimon Alter-S saved our butts, and is leading us to California. Apparently, all our families have been taken there, and it's a safe place." "Oh, ho-how grand" Theodore Oswald Dreifus Shaw croaked as he managed to tilt his head up. The town was, well, it had seen better days. He would probably have to ask about that. Turning his head slowly, he became vaguely aware that people were talking. And that Mackenzie was meant to keep an eye on him. "I shall wait here too." Who was that? Following slowly, the thespian became aware of an ungodly big silver knight creature with heads for hands sitting on the steps nearby. That, apparently, must be Omnimon. "Well good," he thought to himself, "at least it helps to know we had a hand in beating Machinedramon, and that we all seemed to come out unscathed. Relatively speaking, anyways." "Ahh, while I don't wish to bother anyone, I think I'm in quite a lot of pain right now" he announced to anyone who would care. "Not terrifically, but I'm not certain I can actually walk yet. I'm going to try and move my arms, just to get them working again" Theodore Oswald Dreifus Shaw added as his whole torso trembled as he lifted his arms up. "Oh good, I can. Ha ha. So uhh, perhaps I could be filled in on what happened while I was out?"
  6. HAPSHIEL / LYDIA vs LUST IZANAMI Origin Cosmos [Final Battle]
  7. It was a trade-off. It gets banned so PK Launch can come back. You can only have one or the other since having both means you can use Launch to Rank-Up a DARK monster into Azathot during your opponent's turn, and thus locking your opponent out of monster effects per Azathot's effect. That's why PK Launch was banned in the first place, since it is a very searchable spell and Konami knee-jerks so hard they hit their chin. Incidentally, it would be fabulous if Konami banned the toxic as hell Utopic Zero so Argent Chaos Force can come back. (ACF was banned because the deck would dump it into the grave, then summon Utopia the Lightning to trigger UFC's grave recall to make Utopic Zero. So instead of hittin UZ, they hit ACF because knee jerk reaction.) Also, Brilliant Fusion has had this coming for a very long time.
  8. ~~Verdant Knowleadge~~ Such whimsy we weave when it is thyself you deceive. Oh what knowledge we crave when we allow in the depraved. Something something something Dark Side etc. This was an interesting dream, proposing of course it is a dream. Theodore Oswald Dreifus Shaw wasn't too sure of himself. It also made him wonder if he was quite possibly dead, having perhaps used up all his life damaging that mechanical dinosaur. He hoped not, for he had so much more hamming to do, which is why he did hope this was a dream and not death. Because being alone in a large, obscenely dark library was not something he figured his afterlife would be like. Literally, Theodore Oswald Dreifus found a halo of light around him, and then utter darkness. How he knew it was a library was predicated on the number of books around him. That is the typical first clue that you are in a library and not like... a bait shop. They're not known for their books. In any case, as he waltzed the floor, the light moved with him; his eternal spotlight. And reaching out, he took one book and flipped open to a random page, upon which was random runes that he just intrinsically seemed to know. It was a list of cake recipes. Unusual for a library. Tossing it aside, Theodore Oswald Dreifus found himself another book, and casually flipped through pages until he came across something... interesting. In spite of never having seen these before, he just... knew what they were. They were the Ten Spirits, or at least their symbols, anyways. Fire, Light, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Water, Wood, Steel, and Darkness. All ten, divided into pairs. Twenty spirits. He had one, and Conner had another. Two, or twenty. One tenth of the total. They were necessary... but why? Theodore Oswald Dreifus furrowed his brow. Why were they necessary. BEGONE! A giant eye flashed before him; completely circular, metallic, with a red iris and Vantablack black pupil. ---------------- Theodore Oswald Dreifus Shaw woke up, and he hurt... a lot. He ached all over, and he was pretty sure that his bones may have been replaced by jelly. Would explain why instead of getting up he was staring down at his groin. "Ahh, hello?" he croaked. "Did... did we win?"
  9. They made the MPB a Link-3 because the archtype can fart out so many tokens they could have had it be a Link-4 and not be a problem for them.
  10. Remind me here: Doesn't this card relate in some way to the Hakai archtype we got a while back?
  11. It’s good, and kinda helps GPs with their resource issues by reducing the need to spend a NS on Scissor Hands. Though the fact that this won’t work with revived ED monsters sucks a lot, since any board that’s spammed out a lot of ED monsters has several negations to go along with it. Either way, it’s a massive step in the right direction. About time too.
  12. It searches and then gives you the option of equipping because not all Equip Spells can instantly be equipped onto a monster on the field or if at all given the likes of Premature Burial and Symbol of Heritage. It's so you're not locked out of all the Equip Spells in the game by being forced to equip from the deck.
  13. Well we don't have a place, so I've edited the Tournament section to now include custom formats as well planning and for use as tournaments. Problem solved.
  14. Anyone remember Rare Candy Treatment?

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      Man, haven't heard about it in years.

      I've gotta look through 'em again when I get the chance.

  15. "TI-82?" Theodore Oswald Dreifus Shaw thought as he strained to keep himself together. The connection between him and the Spirit was definitely failing, and god only knew how long he had before... why were there two Machinedramon? Heavens above if this form could sweat it would be as he tried his hardest to maintain his focus. He HAD to keep it together for everyone else, so that he could give them the best chance he had. He had to stand his ground, and face off with the monster as it charged its energy. Theodore Oswald Dreifus Shaw's shields trembled as he raised them up, waiting for the intercept. "Alright kid, let's hope this works" came the voice behind. The thespian nodded as the charging reached its climax, and it was all unleashed on him. And though his form flickered, he faced the blasts head on. His heels dug in upon impact, the Irony no Tate absorbing all of the energy while threatening to push him back. Seconds crept by, and the Mercurymon form shuddered as it held on for as long as it could until the end. And then, a tentative aim was taken. "D-DARK REFLECTION!" Both shields shattered as balls of energy erupted from them, a shower of glass and steel falling to the floor as one energy ball impacted Machinedramon's right arm at the shoulder, taking it clean off and leaving sparking wires hanging from the shoulder. The other ball struck the Infinity Cannons, violently exploding them into a shower of shrapnel and smoke, no doubt angering the monster. Theodore Oswald Dreifus Shaw gasped as he fell to one knee, data shedding off of him like a winter coat. Raising a shaking hand, he looked to the roof with hazy vision "And... scene" he uttered, collapsing face forward. A cocoon of data consumed him, turning him back to his frail human self who was very much knocked out cold.