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1v1 Contests

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Challenge other users to 1 on 1 card-making challenges!

1v1 Rules

  1. Each user can only participate in up to 3 1v1s at the same time.
  2. Votes cast by users must be at least 20 words long and must relate in some way to the theme or general card design of the submitted cards.
  3. Participants in a 1v1 reserve the right to challenge votes if they disagree with what is said, but must give the reasoning as to why. However, a moderator takes precedence when it comes to accepting or denying a vote.
  4. All accepted votes should receive a rep from at least 1 of the participants.
  5. All 1v1s will be closed after 3 days OR 3 votes to either card/set, either by the participants or a moderator. Exceptions can be made under certain circumstances.

Please try to vote for either A or B most of the time! Even if both are bad, generally one is better than the other, and it is far more satisfying to see one win rather than 3 C votes.

When making a 1v1, remember to do the following:

  • State your name and the player you're battling against. You can either challenge a player directly when the topic is created (such as "Dova vs. Userino") or instead leave the game open until someone expresses interest in the thread (such as "Dova vs. ____").
  • If you're taking part in the free-for-all tournament AND have paid your fee, tag your thread with "gauntlet".
  • Put any rules specific to your 1v1 at the top, along with deadlines for entry, deadlines for submitting cards, etc.
  • Make sure to clearly state the theme you want the pair of you to design around or the choice of a theme.
  • Your opponent must submit their card to you via PM to keep things anonymous.
  • When the host receives the cards, add them to the original topic under the names Card A and Card B or Set A and Set B, if doing multiple cards at once.


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