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  1. Anyone else find it funny that competitive Pokemon isn't allowing GigaMax Pokemon that haven't had events? Its like they looked at it and were like "it is not reasonable to make people grind out for these" and just noped them out via rules.

    1. LordCowCow


      I heard it's on rotation right? Wonder how that'll work.

    2. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      It doesn't seem like it is a rotation. Rather as they do events for the GMax Pokemon they'll become added to the "allowed for competitive play" list. 

  2. I only really care about fully evolved Pokemon since those are what we spend most of our time with so I'm only doing those. Also makes it a fair bit cleaner to read. Coviknight and Zacian are my two favorites. Basing it mostly on design, but competitive builds factor in. The fish for example would have been C tier, but its stats and move pool are both great so it shot up. No idea how I feel about the fossils. I love them, but the designs are still ???? so thats how I classified them.
  3. My whole team in Sword is level 100. This is new. At least now I can beat up on any raid.

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    2. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      Well, I know what I'm doing today BGM. Going to take you up on that offer.

      And yea, leveling is so easy thanks to raids. I got back almost all the EXP after a few hours of doing raids.

    3. BGMキャノン


      Great! pm me when you have him and I will give details on availabilities, Link Code, etc. Going to breed copies of Hidden Abilities incase it isn't the Ditto you are after.

    4. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      I caught, just going to breed some copies so I have them for later. All I care about is that the Ditto is 5 IV. I'll PM you when I'm good. 

  4. So, I've been trying to do all the Raid Battles as they showed up in the wild area. My battery hit 1% before I could all I have available. Seriously, because of them I'm nearing 100 Pokemon caught and have gotten enough EXP candies to get everything but a Slow or Fluctuating EXP Group Pokemon to level 100 from level 1. Thats without using 1 of my 22 rare candies. Not to mention tons of watts and TRs stored up. I don't think I've gotten a single HA which is sad at this point, but man are raids SUPER worth it.

    1. BGMキャノン


      Yeah max raid definitely makes the Leveling process flow faster... I've only pulled a handful of HA myself: Rookidee, Galvantula, Ribombee, etc... But, nothing super valuable yet. Really want to get Pinurchin, and Indeedee HA. But, I've only seen 1 of them only once, and they didn't have it. 😕

    2. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      I'm sure we'll have the actual odds soon enough. I'm just happy farming watts is so easy post game since 15 raids gets you enough to do 10 more. The fact we seem to have a mapped out den list also makes farming for something you want easy.

  5. I need help with a nickname for my last teammate in Sword. Will talk specifics in a reply incase people don't want spoilers.

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    2. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      Aurora is pretty solid. I actually found one though. Going with Blizzeta. Might use Aurora for something though.

    3. Darj


      But Blizzeta is a boss from Zelda Twilight Princess. Is the reference intended? xD

    4. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      It is. A lot of my names are references. 

  6. I think one of my biggest issues with Sword/Shield is how insanely difficult it is to get Hidden Abilities main game. In XY you were limited to horde Pokemon, but you still got some decent options with it. ORAS had DexNav which made it a piece of cake and let you get anything. Gen 7 had SOS which was more annoying than DexNav since you need to be able to check for the ability, but not the end of the world. Gen 8 it is only Raids and from what I can tell they seem super rare. It even has the extra bonus that since the game just came out it is hard to tell where you'd even need to go to do the raid for the Pokemon you'd want. 

  7. The starter Pokemon don't have preset natures right? Cause I got Jolly on my Scorbunny which is the actual perfect nature. Damn, thats a good sign.

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    2. Yui


      My Grookey (his name is Bard) is a Relaxed boi.

    3. REP


      My Sobble is Impish 😢

    4. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      And this is why I always soft reset for my nature. At the very least I make sure I don't get anything trash. 

  8. Crap. I totally forgot to get the HA Passimian. Not the biggest lose, but kind of tilting.

  9. Listening to Game Explains Q&A about SwSh. Sounds like some of the technical issues people were seeing might be a result of the games not being legit.

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    2. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      Game Explain didn't talk about the draw distance/pop in but lag and other how the game runs. 

    3. Blake


      To my knowledge, lag and performance are still reported issues for reviews.

    4. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      Interesting. I know he said he only played docked so maybe it's more of an issue for handheld. Could have also gotten lucky. 

  10. Finally finished the XYZ anime. I still have the two specials that are part of it, but the main series is finally done. 

    1. LordCowCow


      I'm on like...episode 30

    2. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      If that is for XYZ you aren't that far from the end. I stopped right before Ash's league battle with Alan. Not the first time I've stopped right at the end of something.

  11. My thesis on humanity is that we are are emotional creatures that play at being logical. Even if the draw back of doing something is relatively negligible, if it feels wrong we don't do it. Our emotions lead are choices far more than we are willing to admit. Like, my friend offered to rip himself off and trade me a $30 at the time, now even more expensive, MTG card for like $5 of cards from me. But one of mine had a special prerelease stamp so I didn't want to part with it even though it basically has zero real value to me. Basically what I'm saying is humans are dumb. Anyway, as is I'm leaving the living dex in Gen 7 (still is missing some stuff anyway) and it isn't like it's hard to make a bunch of stuff I don't care about with Ditto that I can send forward to Gen 8. It adds more steps which is annoying but I use breeding as a way to kill time listening to podcasts so I don't mind.
  12. The limited competitive doesn't really matter. So long as I liked it I'd breed a competitive version. Because of how I was breeding my living dex I also ended up with competitive versions of stuff I didn't especially like and some of those grew on me too. Not to mention I still had a number of old Pokemon I wanted to breed and I'm not sure which of them I can and which I can't. I'm also weird and don't want to move my living dex unless I move it all together and as things stand I'd have to break it up which I'm not willing to do (again, because I'm weird). I just liked having accumulated basically every resource in the game and being able to do what I want when I want how I want.
  13. You can still use the Pokemon if you leave them in boxes. Personally, I wanted to breed stuff. I made my living dex such that it would let me breed competitive versions of basically anything and not only would I lose that option if I put them there and not leave them in Gen 7, I also lose access to all the easy egg moves I've breed around. Losing total access to the Pokemon isn't worth some minor play function imo.
  14. They've said the Pokemon that didn't make it in here can still be in later games. It doesn't fix all the issues though. Rotation could still see Pokemon missing out on whole Gens. Not to mention it still limits which Pokemon you can use with other. And in the end people don't like have the limits placed on them after 20 years. My pie in the sky ask is it has a battle simulator that keys off the Pokemon you have stored. The UI will be a lot more simple and they can use simpler sprites instead of models. Basically just Pokemon Showdown. It would also be cool if you could breed. This is super greedy though. I'm expecting you're right and it is just mini game, but that still begs the question why I'd put old Pokemon in there if they'll just be trapped for however long it takes for them to show up in the main games again.
  15. I will freely admit the dex cuts are a lot larger than I was expecting. That said, having seen the new Pokemon they all seem really cool and it looks like a lot of them are really strong. While I'm super sympathetic to the people boycotting over the national dex thing and while I hate the fact we lost so much, it isn't enough to keep me from playing the games. The look really strong and I'm hopeful Home will in some way make up for the national dex not being in the game proper. Seriously, what is Home even suppose to do if move the majority of Pokemon into it right now will just trap them.