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  1. Closing due to obvious lack of interest. Maybe another time.
  2. Hey guys, fyi that I'm prolly gonna close the interest check this time next week. If there are less than 5 interested folks, I'll just drop the rp.
  3. Who was the shapeshifter? And should be okay either way, just remember to adapt them appropriately. ?
  4. I assume you mean "paramilitant" (and not patamilitant by means of pataphysical), so just give me a bit more context on what you're thinking?
  5. First Rinne RP in over a year. Check it: 


    1. LordCowCow


      Just a heads up 2 or 3 times a week is a bit...much most likely.

    2. Rinne


      Holdover from an earlier rules draft. I'll edit to at least once a week: good call. Thanks~

  6. (If you can't see this right, switch to the default skin.) This is a spiritual successor to my Titans: Legacy RP: hopefully I'll correct some of the mistakes I made in hosting this time around. into the breach a young avengers-inspired roleplay char 1 char 2 char 3 char 4 char 5 char 6 WHAT WE FOUND THERE... Extraordinary individuals on Earth have existed since the beginning of recorded history, or even before then. As long as man has looked up at the stars and wondered what higher powers exist out there, there have been a select chosen few who can bridge that gap. Gifted with powers, whether supernatural, technological, alien, or simply exceptional among humanity; they have rode the crest of the wave of history, shaping it at every turn... whether for good or for evil. Over the last few centuries, as the modern geopolitical sphere solidifies, so does the culture of superheroes. Multiple groups arise, each one policing their corner of the globe, trying to stay disentangled from the worries of the rest of the world. There are so many, in fact, that it took a few days before the full picture came together one hot summer day in 2018. Seven young heroes, vanished into thin air. And when they return, the stories they tell will only be overshadowed by the secrets they keep... GUIDELINES Please read and understand NCM and section rules before posting. You have creative freedom when making your character, but please remember that GM word is final, and you may be asked to change things if deemed necessary. There's a fine line between over-the-top and just plain silly: I expect you to know where that lies. I won't be restricting your potential powers, but please be reasonable and consider how your character's abilities will work in the context of an RP. (Note: Characters with a "cosmic" origin or power source, ex. aliens or Green Lantern-esque heroes, must be cleared by me prior to applying, and will be held to greater scrutiny.) Being accepted into this RP means that you are committed to seeing it advance. If you end up falling inactive, you may be dismissed from participating. When posting, please let at least two people go before you before posting again; and aim to post at least once a week. If for some reason you'll need to be inactive for an extended period, please let the hosts know so they can write around your absence. As of right now, I only want one character per player. If you are competing for a particular position against another applicant... well, tough. I'll pick applications based on how I think the characters will overlap and interact with one another--we're following the trope of Superhero Speciation. Finally, six characters max will be on the Young Guardians, meaning I'll only accept five other players. THE WORLD + WORLDBUILDING tbd timeline This is by no means a complete history: feel free to expand on it in your app. (Please forgive my poor attempts at Google Translating Russian.) 1900's While empowered individuals as a concept have existed since the dawn of time, the idea of costumed villains and vigilantes only became culturally widespread with the advances of the 20th century.1940 The "Golden Age" of superheroics begins a year into the Second World War: this was when heroes were deployed to the front lines for the first time as tactical ultimatums. The war ends with a two-pronged attack. The French Légion de la Gloire and the British Division 10 moved in the Western theater, and the Soviet красные знаменосцы (Red Pennants) and American Sentinels took the East. Notably, this avoided the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Rather, the trigger for the Axis' surrender was when a Soviet hero named Огненное Знамя (Fiery Banner) went insane and razed the city of Dresden to the ground, incinerating nearly one million Germans. (He would later be executed for war crimes, which set off future international tensions.)Sep 2, 1945 After the end of the war, the primary world powers gathered at Dresden to sign into account the Dresden Accords, a list of rules for deploying superheroes under national orders. As a result, heroing became a mostly-national phenomenon: international scenarios were rare to the point of irrelevance.mid-1950's An unintended consequence of the Accords was the rise of global super-crime, mostly by the shadowy organization M.I.S.T. Against the tension of the Cold War, which was only held at bay by the tenuous balance of powers, this globespanning group plundered and spread terror, lead by the mysterious and charismatic Gray Mask. These two factors are considered to be the beginning of the "Bronze Age" of heroes, where realpolitik eclipsed a unifying foe.Mar 4, 1983 This state of uncertainty fell with a bang! with the invasion of the K'rrik, a race of insectoid aliens looking to strip Earth of her resources and subjugate her citizens. Humanity suddenly found they were not alone: and although they unified in the face of such evil, they were on the back foot of a number of days until the arrival of the Cosmic Legion (name subject to change).Mar 17, 1983 The tide turned, and within two weeks the K'rrik invaders were beaten back, but at the cost of millions of casualties. March 17th became the Day of Memory, an international holiday to commemorate the loss of life. A side effect of the Legion's new presence on Earth was the acceleration of spacefaring technologies, letting humanity quickly establish lunar and Martian outposts.JUNE 2018 A group of seven young superheroes make their first entry into the Otherworld after being abducted in their sleep. One of their number is killed by monsters shortly after arrival, dropping the count to six.JULY? 2018 Present day... maybe? Time's passage is dreamlike and uncertain in the Otherworld, so it's a best guess that it's been a month. application code tbd the young guardians Your Name test Your Name test Your Name test Your Name test Your Name test Your Name test skull kid Momotaro Yamaga (山賀百太郎), a shadow-sneaking rogue on the run from his past in the Yakuza. KIA in the Otherworld. played by: NPC banner image by ctreus lex, coding by rinne. please don't copy, rip, or use for your own purposes.
  7. Full of booze and probably regert, but wtf, why not. Dropping an interest post.
  8. Yes, Jodah (or Fist of Suns) will make the selected type free to cast. Thoughts on all spoilers from the first four days: Morophon is going to be the default floor now for "what commander should I play using this tribe?" 7 CMC is steep, but hey, we now have a 5C Eldrazi commander! (And now Fist of Suns is ~$15.) Astral Drift bring cycling.dec into Modern. Makes me very tempted to brew Ravos/Kydele cycling/ETB deck for EDH... Giver of Runes can't target herself, but other than that big downside I like her a lot. And thank god she's not a human: that deck doesn't need even more of a boost. Speaking of which, Ranger-Captain of Eos seems like decent SB tech? He lets you counter Terminus by responding to the miracle trigger, which I'm sure plenty of people will miss. And he hoses storm and phoenix decks very nicely. Sisay makes me feel all sort of good things. She can get within three-shot range right out the gate, and fetching any permanent type makes her an easy superfriends candidate. I really don't know how I feel about the Force cycle. Virtue is resoundingly meh, although WW.dec may want it as a surprise finisher; Negation seems like the kind of card that will be more heavily valued early on but will swiftly taper off; Despair is... very hard to evaluate; and Vigor gets through Blood Moon but not Karn+Lattice (as Lattice makes all cards colorless). Urza will easily be one of the most competitive commanders in recent memory. Easy combo bait, and a way to turn infinite mana into an easy wincon. I expect him to be pricy, which sucks because I need a copy... Goblin Engineer seems incredibly good, but I'm not sure what sort of deck offhand would want him. Can anyone help me think that through? Scale Up may make infect a thing again? Requires you to only have one other pump to put someone in one-shot range. The only thing I have to say to The First Sliver: Fuck. That. Ice-Fang Coatl means we're probably not seeing Baleful Strix, but I like this design a lot more. Guessing Simic is the snow archetype this time around? Lightning Skelemental makes me absurdly happy on name alone. 'Tis all. The rare lands make me all equally excited. I'm super surprised Wizards would think to expand on the "horizon lands:" it was easily the second-best of the futureshifted rare land cycle, and Grove isn't getting expanded anytime soon. Finally, FULL ART SNOW COVERED BASICS. And you're guaranteed one per pack! And they're done by my favorite artist! I may swoon.
  9. Finally, finally settled on my includes: so excited for all the 'walkers!
  10. Capricorn squinted his eyes tight as he struggled to pick through the darkness. Even though he had demigod heritage, it didn’t grant him the gift of enhanced sight, sadly enough. But one thing he did inherit was an increased sense of intuition. He had touched enough supernatural forces in his short heroing experience to know when it wasn’t just a simple electrical outage. For one, the air didn’t feel flat. It felt… charged. And it was with that thought that a shower of sparks exploded from an overhead light as Capricorn walked the halls. He jumped back, hissing as the fragments hit the bare skin of his torso. “What the-“ He looked up. The lightbulb wasn’t shattered. “That makes no sense.” And as if to punctuate his statement, a tendril of electricity whipped from the ceiling and threw him into the wall. He exhaled suddenly as his lungs had the air forced out of them. Staggering up, Capricorn summoned his bow to his side. “Nano, you’d better be awake soon!" OOC: The complex is under attack by an entity possessing and manipulating the electrical equipment inside. Take liberties with describing the dangers you face: the only rule is that you can’t see the entity itself, only its effects.
  11. Welp, more reasons to pick up WAR packs: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/japanese-alternate-art-planeswalkers-2019-04-22 Definitely gonna pick up some of these--look at them!
  12. Very similar list on my end, haha. Raff is getting a ton of upgrades: planeswalkers mean even more when flashed in if they have static abilities.
  13. Could Ashiok see eternal play? Being able to lock down fetches and searches while exiling graveyards through Leyline of Sanctity makes me feel like they're at least SB material. Commence the Endgame... I have a hard time judging this. Opportunity saw play, but do you really want to trade two cards to make a big zombie? I was hoping The Elderspell would be a UBR legendary sorcery, but this is neat as well. Feels like you're more likely to use it on your own 'walkers to advance to an ultimate, though. Deliver Unto Evil is I think only the second mono-black card to return any card type (after Ill-Gotten Gains). Definitely may slip it into Storrev: even if I can't run Bolas himself, there's a critical mass of non-creatures I'd want to recur. And of course, Bolas himself is wicked. I'm sure he's begging to be broken with something like Huatli, Sun's Champion. Five more leaks in the spoiler below.
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