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  1. Just got out of the theaters after seeing IF... and man, the cast in it was phenomenal. An overall enjoyable movie and I highly recommend it!

  2. If everything goes as planned, on June 2nd, I will be meeting the person who voiced all of the following characters in the dubs; Duke Devlin, Chazz Princeton (from episode 90 onward), Yusei Fudo, Astral, Hunter Pace, Naoki Shima and Yosh Imimi.. as well as Ojama Green

  3. Daran Norris just got announced as a guest to a comic con I'm going to in August! Normally Susanne Blakeslee is at cons with him, hopefully I get to meet both Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly Oddparents!

  4. Another guest has been announced for a comic con I'm going to in August, Janet Varney, who voices Korra in the Avatar franchise! HUGE!

  5. Extreme difficulty in Helldivers 2 is WILD!

  6. Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter album is controversial at the moment... so I decided to listen to it, the first half of the album is fantastic, up until after her duet with Post Malone... except the song Spaghetti, that song is terrible imo. But after Levii's Jeans the album really falls for me, each song after that just doesn't sound good to me.

  7. Just rewatched Transformers Rise of the Beasts... and I still think they should've switched the very last scene and the mid credit scene. If you've seen it, do you agree or disagree?

    1. Crow


      Could go either way really, but the way it is right now works better because-

      -no spoilers right?

    2. The Chayncemaniac

      The Chayncemaniac

      Minimal spoilers will work, cause it's been out for almost a year. Don't get me wrong, it was cool to see that last scene unfold, but I'd much rather have seen an extended scene of the mid credit scene.

  8. Brandon Routh was just announced as a guest for a comic con I'm going to in June!

  9. Quiet on Set on MAX was such a hard watch... especially if you grew up watching All That, The Amanda Show, Drake & Josh or any of the other Nickelodeon teen shows that were on during that time 

  10. Would you consider the movie Maximum Overdrive a horror movie or an action movie with horror elements??

  11. Helldivers 2 is so much fun!

    1. Mr. Hyde

      Mr. Hyde

      So true my brother in Democracy

  12. Over these next 5-6 months I have chances to meet Irene Bedard (voice of Pocahontas in all Disney media), Don Gibb (Ray Jackson in Bloodsport), Kat Cressida (DeeDee from Dexter's Laboratory, Jill Harris (Noelle Silva from Black Clover), and that's just based on who has been announced for comic cons I'm going to so far 

  13. Zafina is such a strange but fun character to play as in Tekken. I need to slow down though, she's not as fast as Eddy or even Hwoarang, she's more methodical.

  14. RIP to country music legend Toby Keith

  15. Chapters 1-6 are done, currently on chapter 7 of Tekken 8's story and my lord! It's nonstop action, great story too! Will finish it later more than likely.

  16. Tekken 8 is FANTASTIC! Gotta decide on a main, since my current main won't be in the game until like April/May... thinking Zafina. She's so much fun, and so unique.

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    2. The Chayncemaniac

      The Chayncemaniac

      Maybe it's just me... but I don't like it 


    3. LordCowCow


      Why does he look like Metal Gear Raiden

    4. The Chayncemaniac

      The Chayncemaniac

      We got Lee looking like Metal Gear Raiden, and Eddy looking like Killmonger. Once I get enough money, I'm definitely buying his Tekken 7 outfit, probably the Violet variation of it 

  17. Can't wait to get home tonight to play Tekken 8 a bit

  18. First comic con of 2024 is in the books! Wallet is a lot lighter, but I had a great time! Got pictures with Kevin Nash, Erick Redbeard/Rowan (both of whom made me feel short), Booker T, Ruby Soho/Riott, Todd W. Langlen (the screenwriter for both the first and second TMNT movies), and C. Thomas Howell. Also got autographs from Henry Thomas (Elliot in E.T.) and Brandon Davis (Kenny "The Heater" DeNunez in The Sandlot), as well as interacted with some of the other guests that were there! 

  19. Met many cool people today, going back tomorrow for photo ops with a few! Met C. Thomas Howell (Ponyboy from Outsiders), Quinton Aaron (Michael Oher in The Blind Side), Christopher Collet (Umbra in Yugioh), Dameon Clarke (Handsome Jack in Borderlands), Kevin Nash, Booker T, Erick Redbeard/Rowan, and got a picture with Trish Stratus.

  20. Tickets bought for a MASSIVE comic con this weekend, will be meeting Trish Stratus, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Erick Redbeard, Ruby Soho, C. Thomas Howell, Dameon Clarke, Leland Chapman and Quinton Aaron! Can't wait!

  21. My boy is the first DLC for Tekken 8! Yes!!!

    1. LordCowCow


      I wish it was on PS4

    2. The Chayncemaniac

      The Chayncemaniac

      After playing the demo, I think the PS4 would struggle hard with Tekken 8. Especially with it running on Unreal Engine 5

  22. Providing the weather is good and I'm off work, I'll be meeting Dameon Clarke, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Trish Stratus, Erick Redbeard, John Schnieder, and Christopher Lloyd on either the 20th or 21st, depending on when I decide to go 

  23. I never realized how much of a chameleon Dameon Clarke... dude really loves playing villains too!

  24. Before I called it a night on Pokémon Scarlet, I found a full odds shiny Beldum! One of the best shiny lines in the franchise if you ask me

  25. I just finished the Indigo Disk DLC main story... kinda disappointed at how short it is, but now to get 200 Pokémon so I can do Perrin's questline 

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