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  1. Fun facts about me that I learned literally just last year: I have ADHD!!

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      "So that's why you would sometimes struggle with getting RP posts out"  Says person who was more consistent than many : P

      But yeah while not "good" it's good you know now.

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      Well, and even then I wouldn’t even consider being neuro divergent even bad! The only not-good part was not finding out until this last year haha

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      Yeah that's fair

  2. I haven’t been able to really afford the full price game yet but I plan on getting it!! I did watch Wayne Radio TV play through though and I thought the pirate level had a lot of really good mechanics going on.
  3. My favourite food is still pizza, though I discovered I’m actually lactose intolerant so I only have it once in a while.

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      That's so tragic oh no

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      So VCR Pizza Cat from now on.  ;9

  4. Genuinely not sure. I left because, at the time, I had burnt out of YGO card ideas, I had larger projects to pursue that left zero mental space for roleplaying, and the community was permitting a few too many problematic ideologies to remain present and prominent (this was four years ago, so I'm not saying this to drop shade on anything in the present). I dunno, there were a number of reasons that I decided it was time to say goodbye. But more recently, it was just one of those prompted ideas of like "hey remember that community? I wonder what they're up to?" and deciding to pop in and check it out. I'd do it at the YCM forum too, except there are zero active names there I recognize anymore.
  5. more like Mystic POOtato am I right hahaha

  6. Read the title and ask the questions I'm basically a completely new person. Well, not technically, I think it takes 7-ish years for the body to do a complete cell replacement.
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    you post a decklist after *squints at calendar* 4 years? And only one like! smdh.
  8. Monsters Maxx "C" Infinitrack Harvester Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring Flying Pegasus Railroad Stampede Infinitrack Anchor Drill Infinitrack Trencher Infinitrack Tunneler Infinitrack Brutal Dozer Machina Fortress Machina Metalcruncher Heavy Freight Train Derricrane Super Express Bullet Train Machina Citadel Spells and Traps Revolving Switchyard Heavy Forward Designator from the Grave Machina Overdrive Extra Deck Heavy Armored Train Ironwolf Infinitrack River Stormer Number 11: Big Eye Phantom Fortress Enterblathnir Infinitrack Earth Slicer Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max Number C9: Chaos Dyson Sphere Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora (x2) Number 35: Ravenous Tarantula Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Juggernaut Liebe Number 77: The Seven Sins Infinitrack Goliath Qliphort Genius Double Headed Anger Knuckle I haven't played this game in like a year lol. I remember it came out, I went pretty hard, and then Destiny 2: The Witch Queen came out and that diverted so much of my attention I didn't go back. Anyways, this deck got me into Plat back when Plat was the highest rank. That meta was pretty rough, Eldlitch was a fuckin' pain to play against but I remember this deck having a very strong match-up because of its ability to play well around some common floodgates, as well as having some ridiculous recycling power between Machina Overdrive and Infinitrack Tunneler. If any deck's strategy revolved around a war of attrition into the late-game, it had a real bad time against this one because of the big heavy-hitters that it could just keep recycling and pumping back out. Another thing is I can't really call this a Trains deck since the Trains engine is really just teched in at this point, and it has about equal parts Machina to Infinitrack, so it's kind of just a pure Earth Machine Deck as they come. Preferred opening monsters were Harvester or Metalcruncher, which let it kick off a combo I don't even mostly remember, but I do remember that the average decent turn 1 field was Number 81 with Machina Citadel, and if I'm in a sittin' pretty position I have Revolving Switchyard on the field and 1 Overdrive set. The blind set cards always spook people, but if Dora has a Derricrane I got a big 3200/4000 beatstick with a pseudo-QP target-1-pop that becomes super-immune after, which then means I can use Citadel's effect on Dora for a QP opponent field wipe without having to destroy any of my monsters. It was decently nasty, but not like "Number 81 and VFD" nasty. RIP. Anyways, main strengths of this deck were its sheer lasting power (could just keep trucking into a late game and take so many hits with an ability to recover) as well as having an Xyz toolbox that let it answer like, 90% of threats which was great in a game with no side-decking or match mechanics. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe.
  9. Monsters Super Express Bullet Liner - x3 Heavy Freight Train Derricrane - x3 Machina Metalcrunch - x2 Infinitrack Tunneller - x1 Infinitrack Trencher - x1 Infinitrack Brutal Dozer - x3 Symphonic Warrior Miccs - x1 Flying Pegasus Railroad Stampede - x3 Infinitrack Anchor Drill - x3 Symphonic Warrior Guitaar - x3 Infinitrack Harvester - x3 Spells and Traps Revolving Switchyard - x3 Urgent Schedule - x3 Instant Fusion - x3 Heavy Forward - x3 Machina Overdrive - x2 Extra Deck Pair Cycroid - x1 Infinitrack Goliath - x2 Infinitrack Fortress Megaclops - x1 Gear Gigant X - x1 Gagagaga Magician - x1 Infinitrack Riverstorm - x2 Number 11: Big Eye - x1 True King of All Calamities - x1 Infinitrack Earthshaker - x1 Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max - x1 Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora - x1 Number 35: Ravenous Tarantula - x1 Number 77: The Seven Sins - x1 Some fun facts about the deck: - summoning Seven Sins with 2 level 12 monsters via the level 2 Infinitrack and a Level 10 monster is spicy. Opening Number 81 + True King of All Calamities is just nasty. Yes I would like to get rid of the Symphonics. No I don't know what to replace them with that would work towards a strong and consistent engine.
  10. crawls from the miry dumpster
    what is the haps y'all

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      Hello again vcr

  11. Tora Mori Tora found herself standing in line with the others at their first actual briefing. On the outside, she stood stock still and attentive. On the inside, she couldn't move, partially being stuck there, frozen in fear, and partially because of the terrible sleep she had had the night before that left her brain in a very simplified and poorly functioning state. There they were, being given their first assignment and Tora had only managed to successfully summon her duel dragon a few times, and that was only because the testers had set up the field conditions just right so she could actually get the opportunity to do so. "Let's talk about Turbo first. We're planning on sending Shannon, Jet, Tora, and Zirco there. The area is normally well guarded, as we have the current duel champ living there, but since his master, Jack Atlas, has disappeared, Kyouji hasn't been keeping an eye on the area. He won't even return our calls, the poor thing. So, we'll have you four check the area out, and if you meet Kyouji, try to talk some sense into him. I'd say duel him but... Well, I don't think that's a duel any of you could win right now." Well, the saving grace is that at least they would be territory that's familiar to Tora. Gil drove the team to the city, but that was as far as they went with the truck. After that, the back was opened and their D-Wheels were given the signal to drive off. Zirco was the first to jump on his and rev right out of the gate. "Well, hopefully he's able to find Kyouji and beat him in a duel before we get there, right?" Tora asked the remaining teammates with a nervous smile as she started up her own D-Wheel and drove out the gate with the others.
  12. Tora Mori After spending time riding, Tora had given Gil an earful for a lifetime. After that, she didn't do much of anything else. Dinner came and pass, but she was too tired and sore to make much of conversation. Then, she had retired to what would be her dorm. However, Tora couldn't quite fall asleep. Just outside the bedrooms there was a small common room connected. It really wasn't much of anything-- a particle-board table, a small counter with a sink, a mini fridge, and a microwave, and a few wooden chairs with an uncomfortable couch tucked away at the far end. At the table, Tora had her brother's deck spread out across the table, and she sat their with her head cradled in her hands, just trying to make sense of it all. She had seen her brother duel a hundred times over, and each time the moves just... made sense. When he did his turn, there was no question whether he had made the right move or not. Sure at first some people would doubt his decisions, but when the duel would play out all doubt would be gone in an instant. He knew just the right moves to make at the right time, even those that didn't seem obvious at all. Some people accused him of cheating, but there was never any evidence beyond just him making a good move. If they ever lucked out with an interview, he would always tell them the same thing: "I never plan these things out. I just run with my gut and my gut hasn't been wrong yet!" But Tora didn't have his gut instinct, and every one of the card's effects and implications were just another language to her. What would he say to new duelists that didn't have quite a grasp at the game yet? "First, you need to know your deck. Every card, inside and out. And I don't mean memorize their effects word for word, nobody has time for that. I mean, well it's hard to say... it's like... building a relationship with your deck. You gotta spend time with it, you gotta know it, what it likes to do, what it hates to do, you know maybe take it out for dinner every once and while." Sometimes people laughed at that joke, but it often fell flat. But Tora knew the deck. It was her brother's deck, why shouldn't she know it? So why wasn't any of this easy?! It should be! Finding itself in the middle of the spread of the cards was her duel dragon, Mach Accel Dragon. She had yet to summon it any practice sessions. It wasn't a matter of not knowing how to Synchro Summon, she knew how to do that. The problem was partially her brother's deck and getting the levels of the monsters to add up just right. He always knew how to do it and whenever the field came together for a synchro summon it was like poetry in motion. But not for her. Every time she tried the total levels would be either too high or too low and she would be forced to start over. And when she did get close to summoning it, there would be this overwhelming feeling in her mind and her symbol would start to burn. When Zirco summoned his Duel Dragon he made it look so effortless, what was with that?! Tora gingerly picked up the card and looked it over. Her eyes seemed drawn to it and there was a little tingle in her fingers, but she couldn't tell if that was her mind playing tricks on her, or the card itself. Every time she looked at this card it felt like it was trying to tell her something, but she could never figure it out, and the harder she tried the worse her confusion got. Tora let out a sigh and put the card back on the table. She would continue to stare at her cards well into the night before falling asleep at the table, dreams riddled with card effects and failed combos.
  13. Rosha "Funny thing is some prisons where I'm from have larger cells than this." "That's absurd, why would you waste so much space?!" Rosha said, with a look of confusion written on her face. "Some of our villages don't even give them cells! They would just hang them high in the air. Not many people want to risk falling to the ground, and usually the Kyrriks like to prowl around below." Kelsey, however, was just looking at her phone, and Rosha only noticed too late that her roommate was likely not listening. "Oh, Houses. Right. Well, I kinda wasn't paying a whole lot of attention. But I'm here to be a mech pilot so I guess best bet is to go with the military looking one. Bet I'd get along with Mr. Roboto though; seems a lot more fun than the girl. How bout you?" Rosha opened her mouth to answer, but Kelsey snapped her finger suddenly. "Actually, before you answer that, my friend's at a burger place near here do you wanna come with me to check it out?" Rosha looked at Kelsey with her mouth agape, unsure whether to express her frustration with Kelsey's rudeness or to express her confusion with what a "burger" was. The word didn't translate very well, and Rosha quickly looked up what it was on her own phone, and after getting lost for a moment on the device she finally found the page, but the explanation was even more confusing. What was beef? Oh, okay the meat from a "cow", but what was a cow? Oooooh, okay, so a cow is a fatty livestock mammal native to earth. Large, bulky, feeds on vegetables, mostly defenseless. So that meat was... cooked? Why would anyone cook perfectly good-- Rosha looked up from her quick fact search only to find that Kelsey had already left the room. Rosha's face slowly contorted into a fierce glare as she growled loudly. "I wonder if all humans are so disgustingly rude," Rosha hissed under her breath. "Whatever. She can waste her time all she wants. I came here to be the best pilot." Rosha stretched out and, still in her casual fatigues, exited her dorm and made her way to the exterior of the building. Finally being on solid land with real gravity meant that she could finally cut loose around the property, and that was exactly what she intended. Afterwards, she would find the "military-looking one". If she wanted to be the best pilot, then she needed to get a jump on making a good first impression.
  14. Rosha "Oh, Rosha." Kelsey grinned at Rosha. Her grin wavered for a moment. "What, something the matter?" She said, sounding a bit frustrated herself and shook her head. "No, never mind, we're gonna be stuck together for a while so, uh..." She stuck her hand out towards the much smaller girl, for a handshake. "Whatever beef either of us has doesn't matter from here on out alright? This place looks kinda lame don't it? Maybe we could get an arcade game in here sometime." Rosha looked at the hand for a moment, a hint of confusion in her gaze. "Oh right, that human thing," She said and grasped the hand for the shake, though her grip was unpracticed and awkward. "I suppose you're right, though I'll probably be too busy training to be the best pilot for games anymore." Rosha swung off the hanging bar, but with how small their dorm was she didn't have much room to stick any sort of landed and ended landing on the bed with her rear. Considering the rather cement-like texture of the mattress, this wasn't a terribly pleasant experience. "And once more, I agree. I'm used to much more open spaces for sleeping than this! What is this, a prison?! Anyways, did you decide on a house in that party back there?"
  15. Aria As the two of them made their way down the hallways, Masaru was the first one to start talking. “Hey, your face is really red. Are you sure you’re not getting sick? We can probably still go back and ask the doc--oh wait you’re not sick, you’re blushing, right?” Aria started to say multiple different sentences, but found herself unable to actually say anything. Ultimately all she could do was realize that she was still holding Masaru's arm and abruptly let go and pull her arm in. He nodded sagely. “No worries. The doc was just havin’ some fun with us. Promise I’m not gonna make it weird or anything.” Aria took in a deep breath and let out a sigh. The red faded from her face a bit, though it was still tinged pink a bit. "Th-thanks. I'm not great with... those kinda jokes, or whatever." For a moment, there was a silence as the two of them continued through the hospital. “So… scared of needles huh?” Masaru chuckled. “You mighta noticed but can’t say I care for them myself. They didn’t used to bother me but, well…” the metal of his arm rang out softly as he rapped his knuckles against it, “lose your arm and you get a lot more nervous about letting any sort of sharp metal things near you.” "Yeah I don't... like 'em, but not really for the same reason, obviously," Aria laughed a little, before realizing the insensitivity of her joke and swallowed it back. "No, I'm just... really bad with the blood stuff. It's kind of a long story, though." Secretly, she hoped that she could leave it at that. "It's no big deal though, I'm doin' just fine so far!"
  16. Itsuki After the rather uncomfortable moment at the ice cream store, school life had returned to normal for the next few days. With each day that they didn't go through with quirk training, Itsuki had grown comfortable assuming that it probably wasn't going to happen at all. Yet, after those few days he would find himself incredibly disappointed. "Alright you bums! I know you're all excited for what I have in store for you today!" Ms. Hitotsume started writing on the board in rather large letters. When she was done, it read 'Extreme Quirk Testing'. Itsuki felt his heart sink into the pit of his stomach. "I've only gotten a taste of your quirks, and how they function! But today, I want to see you go all out! So let's go!" The students followed their teacher to a building just outside the main classrooms. Inside and out it was stark white and very simple in its design. The moment they walked through the doorway all sound from the outside was cut out, and Itsuki found he could hear the breathing and movements around him to an unsettling degree. "Here we have the Training Facility! Virtually indestructible rooms where we can simulate many different scenarios! State of the art technology, all at my disposal to tortur-I mean train you!" Ms. Hitotsume said. "Now please select a room, and we'll get started with how far we can push your quirks!" "She just said torture, did anyone just hear torture?" Itsuki asked the other students, but everyone was already very gung-ho about what they could accomplish in these supposedly indestructible rooms. "Are you kidding me right now?!" It didn't matter, though. The other students were so excited to flex the full strength of their quirks that nobody cared how unpleasant it would be. Itsuki knew his quirk pretty well. He knew it wasn't a matter of muscles, or anything like a resistance that can be trained. Itsuki was sure that the room didn't need to be indestructible at all for him, but what if it needed to be indestructible for the tests. Itsuki kept this in the back of his mind as he entered the next available room.
  17. Itsuki "My couch is always open..." Ms. Hitotsume said, leaning into Itsuki closer. "These make for a pretty good pillow you know? You can rely on your tea-cher." She then laughed. "Well? Is your heart throbbing yet?!" Itsuki sat there in stunned silence, the spoonful of ice-cream that he was about eat now running down the side of his face. "In all honesty, Itsuki...I can make arrangements any time you want...so please don't hesitate to ask for help." She shoveled in another scoop of ice cream. "It's what we heroes do best, right?" "I think I need an adult..." Itsuki muttered as he attempted to wipe the ice cream from his face, missing his mark in the process. By the time Itsuki managed to snap out of his stupor, he noticed that Ms. Hitotsume was still talking. "...Quirks are like muscles...if you know how to work it out, it'll get stronger. You'll be able to control it better! Which is what we're gonna work on with you losers next!" That shouldn't be too bad, Itsuki thought to himself. It's not like my quirk's one of those super-strength ones or whatever. It probably won't be anything too physical or difficult. Itsuki then thought more about his quirk, and almost inhaled his spoon as he realized what his quirk exercise was going to be like. "Haha, well hoo wee too bad some of us have quirks that can't really get better am I right my lads?" Itsuki laughed nervously, though he knew deep down that he wasn't kidding anyone. The problem with his quirk was that not only did making a barrier in itself require focus, he also needed to maintain a very accurate and consistent mental image of the shape, size, and position of the barrier. If Ms. Hitotsume intended for him to eventually reach the stage of being able to maintain complex shapes with ease, he could only imagine the kind of mental strain he was going to be put under. Just the thought of the headaches alone made Itsuki wish his quirk was something as simple as just working out.
  18. Aria “She’s right, Doc,” Masaru had said. “We’re just friends. I don’t really understand how this ‘technology’ tree of magic works, really, and Aria is just an awesome person who agreed to help me figure stuff out.” He smiled at her. “Really appreciate it by the way. Good to know I didn’t accidentally get you sick.” While Aria would be lying if she said that the mention of being just friends hadn't stung a little, she knew that he was right. They had only known her for a couple of days, so what more could it be? Nonetheless, Masaru expressed the same discomfort towards needles that Aria had, and this prompted a laugh from the doctor. "Apologies, I don't mean to be rude. It's just so fascinating to me how something so small can scare so many." He glanced at the needles. "I'm sure you two have seen much more frightening things in the past. But, I suppose, everyone has something." "Honestly does anyone like them?" Aria muttered to herself. Regardless, he asked for Masaru's arm and gave him the medicine. As he finished up some paperwork, the doctor was soon seeing them on their way. "By the way if either of you see Angela make sure she's not doing anything dangerous again. While this city is relatively safe there are still dangerous places and that girl seems to find them all." "Will do!" Aria said. The doctor hesitated a moment before, with the same cheeky grin as before, finished "Have fun with your date." Aria's face turned a bright red once again and she grabbed Masaru's metal arm, dragging him towards the door. "Alright well we'll be on our way thanks for everything have a good day!"
  19. Rosha Finally the party had ended and the students were given directions to their rooms as well as whom they would be rooming with. Rosha had taken only a cursory glance at the list of names, having not spent enough time around any single person in particular to remember their names she was only really able to recognize her own. Once she had the route to her room figured out, she gathered what few belongings she had and made her way through the facility. The rooms they were given were stark and bare, with bleached white walls and simple beds laid bare with their sheets folded neatly on top. Unpacking and making her bed was a quick and easy process, and once she was done Rosha reached into her duffel bag and retrieved a pull-up bar that she promptly got to work fastening to the wall just above her bed. Once all of her work was done, she clambered up and let herself hang upside-down from the crook of her knees with a deep, satisfied sigh. Then, the door opened and in entered the one girl that kept beating her at that one electronic screen-game back on the ship. "You?! You're my roommate?!" Rosha exclaimed with apparent surprise and just a hint of disgust.
  20. Itsuki Upon completion of the fight, Hitotsume feigned praise for the students before chastising them of their poor performance on their very first ever outing and battle. Once the authorities had shown up to clean up their mess, the students had retreated to a nearby ice cream shop for a little bit of a cooldown. Itsuki had ordered a double-scoop chocolate and was tucked well into his ice cream when the teacher spoke to the other students "So...what do you think of hero-ing?!" The teacher asked them, with curiosity drilled into her expression. "Totally wanna give up, don't ya?" Itsuki rolled his eyes at this provocation. "Not happening!" Hibiki answered. "It wasn't easy getting the okay to come up here, so I'm not wasting it by giving up. I'm going to start training my Quirk like crazy to catch up to everyone else, too!" "I admire your zeal Himura-san. As for me," Yuuka said. "Well, I must say, it was certainly a far more exhilarating experience then I was expecting today. And painful for that matter." Nodding to herself she then said, "but I still had fun working together with my fellow classmates, and it certainly was a joy to see the criminals put away. And I look forward to many more experiences of the matter." uch enthusiasm for such a one note Quirk! But maybe it'll develop and evolve into something way more impressive!" Hitotsume said. "Or, it'll just continue being super lame!" She laughed, waving her hand in the air. "I'm kidding! I'm kidding!" Looking over to Itsuki, she frowned. "What's wrong with you over there, Shield boy?" Two eyes started to make their way across each of her arms, sneaking into her palms. She stuck them out at him, as they stared directly at his face. Itsuki almost glared down at the eyes. "Feeling un-eye-sy?!" Itsuki swallowed a mouthful of ice cream and lowered the cone from his mouth, chocolate stains scattered around his lips. "Impromptu teamwork ain't my thing, 'kay? But don't think I'm just gonna drop out just 'cause we made some bad moves out there," Itsuki said, returning to his ice-cream and muttering under his breath. "Anything's better than bein' kicked out by ma. Don't have to many couches I can hop between."
  21. Aria Masaru and Aria entered the doctor's office and set themselves down. Surprisingly enough, the place looked very, very normal by Aria's standards. She began to wonder what would lead to such similarities between Earth and a completely alien dimension, but abandoned the thought immediately. Whatever the reason, it would probably end up being too much of a headache to understand, let alone listen to. "Well, at least it's not Angela again," the doctor said. Aria snorted. "But it seems that I'm getting a lot of Mauvache's people in here. I have to say it's kind of stressful to be working on such well loved people." The doctor performed his examination which was, again, very routine and surprisingly mundane. Who knew something so average could feel so out-of-place. "Best I can tell is your body is yet to be used to the environment of this planet. Surprised it took this long to hit though." He leaned back and typed something into a pad on the wall. As he waited for the result of whatever it was he looked towards Aria. "You should probably get checked out too if you've had any intimate contact with this young man. It's not airborne but any exchanges of bodily fluids could cause the infection to settle in you as well."  "Wha-- No no no we didn't-- it's nothing like that!" Aria stammered, her face becoming very red very quickly. "I feel fine, really!" A beeping noise sounded and the doctor reached over to grab a cylinder that had popped up on the desk. He took out a long needle with some purple fluid and leaned in towards Masaru. "This will only sting for a moment. The sickness should clear up by the end of the day. You may experience some side effects though. Dizziness, possible audio hallucinations, but other than that you'll be good to go by tomorrow." "Well, thanks for everything! We should really be on our way, RIGHT MASARU?" Aria said, eyes fixed on the needle.
  22. Tora Mori With the duel sims offline, Tora had gravitated back to the garage to try and get her mind off the steadily approaching mission. She wasn't quite comfortable enough to ask any of the staff or the other subjects to practice dueling with her, and any attempts at just spending time with her cards alone had always ended fruitlessly in frustration and even more confusion. Even as she did her favorite thing, working on her bike, the anxiety of having to duel with actual stakes was always at the back of her mind. Of course, it didn't help that her bike was already fully cleaned and in mint condition. All there was to do was to really look at the work that was already done. Without saying a word, she put her tools away and went to go change into her riding gear. While she hoped that being out on the track would help take her mind off things, she was only technically correct. The Crosswhip that Tora was used to riding was once a kitbashed collection of refurbished parts, many discontinued or rescued from the recycling plant. On the inside, it wasn't a pretty or a normal bike and it was riddled with flaws. Many of the parts were too heavy, pipes and assemblies didn't naturally didn't fit together, some parts were designed for faster, larger bikes and others were made for glorified scooters. Still, they figured out how to make it all work, and even leaned into the weight flaws to give the bike an easier time sticking to the road as it hurled itself around corners. The result was a beautiful mess of compromise and ingenuity. But that wasn't what she road this time. After Kaibacorp had its way with the Crosswhip, what she road was a scientifically tuned state-of-the-art piece of sophisticated technology. When she thought she feathered the throttle, the bike lurched forward suddenly. When she thought she was lightly squeezing the breaks, the bike almost flipped over vertically as it screeched to a halt. Tora's first lap around the circuit looked like a beginner was just learning how to ride for the first time, and to her that was how it felt. By the second lap she was beginning to properly get the hang of things, then following the third and so on she was soon riding like her old self before. But if there was anyone who was going to get an earful after the ride, it was definitely the mechanic.
  23. Itsuki "Well that ain't something you see everyday. Hey sis, I don't think I've ever seen one of your stomps stopped in it's tracks before!" Itsuki peaked his eyes open at the realization that he wasn't, in fact, pulverized. The girl's attack had hit, and hit hard, but she had rebounded off and landed some distance away. "The brat just got lucky is all! I didn't put enough step into it!" She yelled, before breaking into a run. "It's not luck, that's how my quirk works you idiot!" Itsuki shouted back, getting more and more irate by the people he was surrounded by. The girl's run was quickly interrupted by a volley of beam fire, but their teacher's attack ultimately served no purpose in halting the thug's assault. Instead, it turned her into a human buzz-saw, spinning through the street without stopping. Ms. Hitotsume attempted more beam attacks, but each was as fruitless as the next. "Well then." Ms. Hitotsume said, looking at her nails, and then to Itsuki. "Think you can stop that with your fancy shield?" "Oh my god," Itsuki said in flawed english, gritting his teeth and doing his best to conjure up another shield. Sweat trickled down his cheek as he took as strong of a stance as he could, and while the shield he produced was the same dark-grey colour, its opacity was noticeably flickering this time. "Stop or I'll turn him into a vampire!" The bat girl had then shouted out. Itsuki risked allowing his eye to dart in their direction to see the bat girl poised to take a bite out of the other thugs neck. "And then he'll get fried like some cheap fast food by the sun up there, because that's what happens!" "That's not how momentum works, Hibuki!" Itsuki shouted the wrong name, but his patience had been broken a bit too much, as his shield became significantly more translucent.
  24. Itsuki Watanabe Through their combined effort, the students had managed to hold back the thug's attack while also managing to take him down in the process. When the wave of energy subsided, Itsuki let himself slide to the ground down Herc's back and breathed a heavy sigh. The thugs were saying something, and one of them started to move before a beam lanced across the street. There was their teacher, standing before them. "You boys alright?" She said, rather apathetically. "I haven't been using my Quirk in this fight 'til just now...so with the rest of your support, I think we can close this out." "Are you kidding me?!" Itsuki complained loudly as he pushed himself to his feet. "Were you underestimating me this whole time!?" The other thug wasn't handled at all, contrary to what Ms. Hitostume said, and leapt high into the sky, spinning into an axe kick aimed right at Herc, Hibiki, and Itsuki. Ms. Hitotsume moved to use her quirk, but found herself blinded by the sun's light. "Ah geez...I forgot my sunglasses." "ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!" Itsuki shouted, panicking in the moment and shutting his eyes tight as he did his absolute best to focus his quirk. Just above the trio formed a convex circle just barely covering the three of them. The circle was a dark-gray, almost black colour, but it was also mostly opaque.
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