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  1. Not sure if trick question or if I am missing something. Both Curse of Dragonfire and Muddy Mudragon are Dragon monsters (and thus can be material for Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight) with Fusion Summoning effects, so either of them can Fusion Summon by using themselves plus the Dark Magician Girl on the field, except if Muddy Mudragon was not properly Synchro Summoned.
  2. Pecan/walnut pie for me. I acknowledge pecans and walnuts taste and feel different, but I like both equally because I wouldn't be able to tell the difference without a side-by-side comparison, and whenever I see a nut pie on sale, I take it and enjoy it regardless of the type of nut that it is. Although, I once tried in a restaurant a more traditional British pie, with meat and vegetable filling, I really liked it! but I don't remember the name of the pie, let alone the composition of the filling. For example, it could have been beef or lamb meat but IDK anymore.
  3. WarGreymon is such an iconic Mega Digimon. Dropping my vote to it.
  4. Clash of steel, let's go! Vote for Mawile. Its mega evolution did wonders for it.
  5. Vote for Torterra because of its concept and theme, akin to the turtle that carries the Earth. Sucks that it x4 dies to Ice, a type that funnily enough its opponent in this match has.
  6. Vote for Vivillion only for the niche it has with Hurricane + Compound Eyes to alleviate the non-100% accuracy, and Quiver Dance as icing on cake. I acknowledge that Crobat is great as a wallbreaker, though.
  7. Vote for Heliolisk mainly for it being a lizard, really. And it kinda does stuff. Was never a fan of its Normal typing but it helps against Ghost attacks and STAB Hyper Voice is decent, I guess?
  8. Voting for Porygon-Z. It is among the best Normal Pokemon, IMO. Plus I loved the gimmick of Z-Conversion into Ghost or Electric Type that AFAIK actually had competitive impact, in Smogon meta at least. Now... if only it could learn Boomburst, it would be a sonic beast.
  9. Waifu battle, I see. Years ago I would have gone for Ladydevimon because of that edgy & sexy vibe, but nowadays I lean towards Lillymon for the cute & cheerful appeal.
  10. Looked the game up, and pretty sure it was a game named Kablooey: I remember the character you controlled was blue and non-humanoid, cracking and ice tiles, rails to move the bombs, so it has to be this one.
  11. Vote for upside-down lion. Such position gives it easier access to one of the opponent's weakest body parts, and if they must fight then mobility for the upside-down lion is not an issue, they would have to get close to fight eventually.
  12. Placing my bets on the one billion lions. Sure, both groups have the same mass and it's 1 big lion vs. a billion of regular ones, but the billion of lions could just swarm the big one and start nibbling whatever they can, while the big lion can only do so much. What's the worst it could do to them? roll over them and attempt to squish them? most of the normal lions would survive, and could hook on to it or get stuck in its fur or hard-to-reach parts, and once there, it will be hard for the big lion to get rid of them, like ticks that slowly tear it away. Besides, a billion of lions could cover the area of big lion at least 5 times or more, so that's a handful of layers to go through, and a lot of lions.
  13. @Thar You skipped me? Or is it because of possible spoilers?
  14. Summer Darj


    Unrealistically speaking, I would like to have all sorts of Touhou figures and dolls, from Nendoroids to plush dolls and the like. But surely would be both expensive and a pain, since AFAIK some stuff are in limited numbers. I am not collecting anything now, though. I have a bunch of 1-ofs of items that could turn into collections, but I don't intend to start collecting more of them. IIRC my biggest collection of anything at the moment is 3 doujin CDs, but pretty sure those are impossible to complete because older discs are just not sold anymore. Was pretty lucky to find physical doujin CDs in a store, actually. I do have a handful of Nintendo Switch games but I don't consider them as a collection. Likewise, I have a couple of Lego sets I buy them on whims.
  15. Damn you are right, the crystal parts do look more like black but reflective. Digging your ideas. I have no clue on crafting and some of the materials you mention, like this Rub n Buff, but nothing that some Googling cannot solve. Can't promise I will craft something soon but I feel with more direction now. Besides, I don't exactly have a garage or space to work with crafts but surely can find a spot. Thanks a lot!
  16. Fran Madaraki. IDK if you know her but she is a young doctor who saves lives with surgeries but often it's not what the patients want.
  17. @LordCowCow I would have to re-watch but IIRC they address that by comparing the damage of spread moves in double, triple and multi battles, and the damage change for spread moves remained the same. Which means that vs. X number of lions, the spread damage wouldn't split further. If you mean how much an Earthquake would hurt the lions then yes that's uncertain, but an EQ boosted by like 900 Helping Hands should be more than enough to finish them all IMO.
  18. Yeah... I am underestimating the weight of actual armor. If I get into foam, my Cairgorgorn dream could be closer than I think. My next concern, and indirectly a question, is if you know how to simulate the crystal parts of the attire. That has puzzled me for a while. For example, would I need some kind of polymer or transparent plastic and a cast? No idea.
  19. We didn't sell nor trade any games so there is not much to miss that we don't still have. However, I do remember one time we rented IIRC from Blockbuster, back when they were a thing, a puzzle game for SNES I think, that involves islands made of tiles, and maybe bombs. I liked the game and would like to replay it, but I don't remember the name, and most likely I can find it if I start a Google quest but that's not a priority for me atm.
  20. Hug Eldegoss - I find it so cute! one of my top favorites from Gen VIII, and among my 20 favorites IIRC from all gens too. Catch Quagsire - looks funny, and can actually be good with Recover and Unaware. Fight Togetic - my least favorite of this set and I don't like it anyway, looks so bizarre to me with that neck and awkward wing size. Begone. Pidgeot | Gallade | Chimchar
  21. Pokemon champion and expert has the answer to that. Heh, didn't know it was actually a meme, thought Wolfey was just being random with the question.
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