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ass last won the day on August 2

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  1. ass


    welcome ember mclame
  2. 25 years old and suck so much at graphic design i cant even make a smiley face on gimp ama

    1. Chuck Tingle

      Chuck Tingle

      this is normal way just remember that whatever you do create it is still ART and that I AM PROUD OF YOU

    2. ass


      thanks dad

    3. Thar


      hmu on discord, slut

  3. If we were to hypothetically say I was in your games could I hypothetically request cock and ball tortue
  4. Winter what the fuck is your name on Discord I'm trinna pm u

  5. Idk who this is but I hate it
  6. yearly fuck snow status

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. (TheOtherYuya)
    3. ass


      snow bad

    4. yui


      fine, snow bad, whatever. but snowmen good.

  7. play amongst us with me
  8. ass

    Yui Rates Music 3.0

    Igorrr's other project if you haven't heard it yet.
  9. I heard only Chads know about Igorrr. Brutal Swing remains GOAT
  10. why do you hate me yui
  11. play league with me