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[WAR] War of the Spark

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  • 36 planeswalkers in the set (not including one BAB promo). 20 uncommon, 13 rare, and three mythic. They all have static abilities in addition to loyalty abilities.
  • New mechanic is amass X. (Put X +1/+1 counters on an Army you control. If you don’t control one, create a 0/0 black Zombie Army creature token first.)
  • Proliferate returns, with a slight wording tweak. (Choose any number of permanents and/or players, then give each another counter of each kind already there.)
  • WAR is an "event set," not a "location set:" even though it's set on Ravnica, it won't focus on the guilds. (Duh.)


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Give me the spoilers.



Arlinn is a cool uncommon. Makes 3 3/3s over 3 turns which is pretty solid for 6 mana. Gets fun with proliferate since not only can you keep making more wolves, but the wolves will also grow. 

Jace seems ok for decks looking to fill the yard. Sadly in commander he competes with Memory which can eat through your deck way fast. That said, another Lab Man is bound to excite people.

Ob gives more redundant pieces for Nexusar. I hate helping my opponent, but in limited if I need a creature off the board giving them a couple cards should be worth it (plus free damage). Also like you can eat your own creatures to draw cards. 

Cruelty seems nuts. -5/-5 kills most creatures and it is both instant speed and exiles.

Time Wipe is a cool Wrath variant. Sadly, most of my commander decks that would want a Wrath would rather just a normal one. 

Tibalt seems fine. Better than original so thats something I guess.

Citadel is nuts. It plus Aetherflux and ways to control the top of your deck (Top or Necro being the two big ones) just blow people up and the card is already really solid on its own. 

Lili is super powerful. She protects herself with both normal abilities, and even if you sac creatures too they just become cards. If she ults you basically win.

Brutality seems super powerful. Even without support it is a 4 mana Pyroclasm that leaves behind a 2/2 which isn't really good, but fine. If you have an Army already you only need a few more points of power to clear most everything. 

New Bitterblossom is cool. It is WAY worse than the old though since even if you discount the evasion making multiple bodies is a ton stronger than growing one. 

Flux Channeler seems sweet with so many Planeswalkers running around. Likely going to find a slot in my Ezuri and Atraxa decks too. 

At War seems meh, but if enough gold cards are laying around it will be fine.

Emergence Zone is going to be in a LOT of commander decks.

Ajani is still Ajani and is about as good as all the other Ajani. The main thing he does is give counters to things and this does that just fine.

Vraska is really cool. I noticed a high number of deathtouchers the past couple sets and she really brings them all together. Nothing too special, but is a fun build around for a different type of strategy. The fact she (and her companion card) are so good at taking out opposing Planeswalkers is going to be big in limited.

Honestly, the power of Tezzeret is almost all in his affinity granting ability. Unless you have an insane number of artifacts his + isn't going to do much, and even in a deck with a high artifact count his ultimate is still going to about 3 cards. -3 is ok I guess.

Interplanar Beacon seems like a solid mana fixer for limited. Ignite being instant speed helps it a lot. Getting 2 also makes me like it a lot more than Call the Gatewatch, even if it is 2 more mana.

Also, on top of all the official stuff some cards leaked. Several really important ones too. I'm going to put these in proper spoiler tags since not everyone wants to see leaks, but I want to talk about them.


-Roalesk, Apex Hybrid (2)GGU (Mythic)

Flying, Trample

When ~ enters the battlefield, put 2 +1+1 counters on another target creature you control

When ~ dies, proliferate, then proliferate again.


Seems like a really solid creature. Double proliferate on death is what really peaks my interest. Might put it in Ezuri as a way to get counters on stuff and increase my Experience.

Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God UBBBR (Mythic)

~ Has all loyalty abilities of all other planeswalkers on the battlefield

+1 You draw a card, each opponent exiles a card from their hand or a permanent they control

-3 Destroy target creature or Planeswalker

-8 Each opponent who doesn't control a legendary creature or planeswalker loses the game


Getting ALL abilities is just nuts. Even without it he seems like a pretty solid walker already. Also, pretty sure this is the first Planeswalker that has ever literally said "you win/opponent losses".

Niv-Mizzet Reborn WUBRG (Mythic)


When ~ enters the battlefield, reveal the top 10 cards of your library. For each color pair, choose a card that's exactly those colors from among them. Put the chosen cards into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order


This is interesting purely for story reasons. Not only do you get to try to live the dream of drawing 10 cards this seems to suggest Niv will become the guild pact. Past that seems like a fun build around in commander.  

Teferi, Time Raveler (1)WU (Rare)

Each opponent can cast spells only at any time they could cast a sorcery

+1 Until your next turn, cast sorceries as if they had flash

-3 Return up to one target artifact, creature or enchantment to its owner's hand, draw a card.


And here we see the control mirror breaker. Seems like it will be great in standard, though not that interested for commander).

Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord (2)WB (Rare)

As long as it's your turn, creatures and planeswalkers you control have lifelink

+2 ~ deals 1 damage to target player or planeswalker

-X return target creature with converted mana cost X from your graveyard or the battlefield. That creature is a vampire in addition to its other types


I would like this more if his plus didn't seem so useless. Pinging a player is just so inconsequential. Getting a Planeswalker does make things more interesting though. His minus seems solid though and the fact that his plus is +2 means he can bring back some pretty consequential things pretty easily after a single tick up.

Ral, Storm Conduit (2) UR (Rare)

Whenever you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell, ~ deals 1 damage to target opponent or planeswalker

+2 Scry 1

-2 When you cast your next instant or sorcry spell this turn, copy that spell. You may choose new targets for the copy


His static effect might be the weakest of the bunch since it generally will only trigger once and in most cases if you set it up with his minus. Though, as said above, pining opposing walkers is nice. Over all he is a great way to set up a big followup turn since 6 loyalty demands a pretty decent attack for to be sent after him. Plus if you play him super late you might be able to copy something right away. His actual plus is pretty awful, though again like Sorin, helped by being a +2.

Domri, Anarch of Bolas (1)RG (Rare)

Creatures you control get +1/+0

+1 Add G or R. Creatures you cast this turn can't be countered

-2 Target creature you control fights target creature you don't control


Domri honestly does it all. A little anthem, ramp, and removal, all in one package. Might be one of my favorite of the walkers so far. 

Karn, the Great Creator (4) (Rare)

Activated abilities of artifacts your opponents control can't be activated

+1 Until your next turn, up to one target noncreature artifact becomes an artifact creature with power and toughness each equal its converted mana cost

-2 You may choose an artifact card you own from outside the game or in exile, reveal that card and add it to your hand


Static ability honestly seems nuts in a bunch of format. Combining that with a way to get sideboard cards and even exiled stuff back makes him seem pretty strong. Not sure how good animating your artifacts is (on one hand more threats, sometimes large ones, on the other they are now easier to destroy), but with the right support Karn seems nuts. Though my guess is he won't be good in standard. 

Gideon Blackblade (1)WW (Mythic)

As long as its your turn, ~ is a 4/4 human soldier with industructible that's still a planeswalker. Prevent any damage that would be dealt to ~ during your turn.

+1 Up to one other target creature you control gains your choice of Vigilance, Lifelink or indestructible until end of turn,

-6 Exile target nonland permanent


Gideon is always ready for a fight now. Seriously, turning his staple animate effect into a static ability seems super strong since it keeps all the things that made it such a great ability while also freeing up his other abilities. Those aren't SUPER great, but all three keywords are relevant and you are always ticking to a no questions asked removal effect all while attacking with an undercosted large body. 

Chandra, Fire Artisan (2)RR (Rare)

Whenever one or more loyalty counters are removed from chandra, deal damage equal to the number removed to target opponent or planeswalkers

+1 Exile the top card of your library, you may play that card.

-7 Exile the top seven cards of your library, you may play those cards.


This might be my favorite design so far. I love that if you try to attack her down to keep her from ultimating you get Lava Axed in the face (or lose a Planeswalker) all while she draws you cards and eventually shows you a bunch (while also burning the opponent for a decent chunk of damage). 

Nissa, Who Shakes the World (3)GG (Rare)

Whenever you tap a forest for mana, add an additional G

+1 Put 3 +1/+1 counters on up to one target noncreature land you control, it becomes a 0/0 elemental creature with vigilance. It's still a land

-8 You get an Emblem with "Lands you control have indestructible". Search your Library for any number of forests and put them into play tapped


Mana doubling is always super powerful so having that as a static ability is really nice for mono-green decks. Her ultimate is also super powerful assuming you still have her animated lands around. My biggest fear is losing the lands you animate, but I suppose she is still doubling your mana so you aren't losing much so long as she sticks around. Also, she protects herself with 3/3s which is pretty nice too.


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More cards.

Just going to comment on the interesting one. 

Davriel is pretty neat. If he is left alone he gets three cards from the opponent and if used as a Mind Rot can stick around and hurt the opponent. My favorite thing about him is that late game he isn't a dead draw since he can pretty easily get in a decent amount of damage. I know this isn't the best representation of his powers, but I wonder if Liliana's discard effects are going to be here now.

Vivian is cool. Giving creatures flash is super powerful (from what I can tell very few cards grant it) and her minus seems strong in a creature heavy deck. Plus is on the weak side, but I like how defensive it is.

Teyo is neat. Even just as a way to gain hexproof he seems pretty solid and standard/brawl Arcades has a friend. I don't think commander Arcades wants him sadly since you'd normally only get 2 draws. 

Arkbow is a neat mana sink. Seems great in limited, but likely too slow for anything else. 

Angrath's Wrath seems super strong. They've been trying to make stuff for Bo1 and this likely fits that.

Angrath making Eternals is interesting from a flavor stand point. Past that Menace is a powerful global effect and powering up an Army (or just making a 2/2) seems pretty decent for the rate.

The Triumphs are cool throw backs to the defeats. Both seem really powerful.

The Wanderer seems really niche. Great for limited though.

Ferver effects are powerful and she even casts her spell which is cool. Double haste is weird but I get why they did it (if she dies to grant +2/+1 any summoning sick creature would then lose haste which is bad).

Kiora seems awesome. She ramps you to pick creatures and those big creatures than give you more card. She also can stick around for a while so you're going to get use out of her. 

Proliferate land is sweet. Likely going to see play in more commander decks than it should since 4 to active is a LOT, but still seems really powerful.

Can't be Countered Negate is awesome. Any WU deck running Negate now has a sweet upgrade to make.

Augur of Bolas is an awesome reprint.

Kaya seems great in limited. Sadly standard means she can't also turn off shroud, though at 6 mana I doubt people would play her even if she did. 

Ghostform seems SWEET though. Protection from exile is insane and rebuying a Planeswalker seems worth the card.

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On 4/1/2019 at 9:05 PM, Flame Dragon said:

Arkbow is a neat mana sink. Seems great in limited, but likely too slow for anything else. 


The Triumphs are cool throw backs to the defeats. Both seem really powerful.

I think Arkbow is a slam dunk for EDH. It turns any card in your hand into a mini-Chord of Calling. Definitely comparable to Citanul Flute or Fauna Shaman.

Liliana's Triumph will see eternal play. Diabolic Edict is something that's Modern strength, and the Liliana-flavored bonus actually is relevant, what with LotV and LtLH.

As for what cards I want so far...

  • Raff (historic control)
    • Emergence Zone
    • Jace, Wielder of Mysteries
    • Karn, the Great Creator
    • Teferi, Time Raveler
    • Ugin, the Ineffable
  • Hallar (kicker/counters)
    • Domri's Ambush
    • Evolution Sage
    • Karn's Bastion
    • Pollenbright Druid
    • Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion
  • Teysa Karlov (aristocrats)
    • Cruel Celebrant
  • Sidisi (self-mill)
    • Liliana, Dreadhorde General
    • Storrev, Devkarin Lich
    • Tamiyo, Collector of Tales
  • "Slushbox"
    • Ajani, the Greathearted
    • God-Eternal Kefnet
    • Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner
    • Spark Double
    • Teferi's Time Twist
    • Vivien, Champion of the Wilds
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They did it. The absolute madmen. Kinda wish we had gotten flavor text though.

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More cards

Deathsprout seems awesome in limited. Also, instant speed way to put a land into play which is pretty rare. 

Man, Ravnica has so many death touch creatures. Vraska is happy though. Also solid stat line and mana dorks that are still good late are super nice. 

Single Combat is a cool wrath variant. Keeping other creatures and walkers coming into play is likely the biggest advantage this has over standard wraths. Still, your opponent getting to keep their best creature means I don't expect this to see much play unless decks are going really wide. 

Man, I was Nahiri was playable in mono white or red in commander. Poor Kemba and Valduk. Akiri is happy though.

Krenko is NUTS. At base he attacks as a 2/3 for 3 that leaves behind 2 1/1s. That is already really solid. The fact he keeps growing and making more and more is further icing. The fact that he THEN has synergies with pump effects, equipment, mentor, and scariest of all Goblin lords is when my jaw hit the floor. He isn't going to dethrone his old version, but this makes for an amazing Goblin commander that does have legit advantages to his old self.

Plating is a cool way to stop Banefire. Thats about it.

I love that they made a Hippo into an eternal for some reason.

Storrev seems fine. Just fine. 

More support for UB zombies is cool to see. 

Dreadhorde Butcher seems insanely powerful. In fact he is part of a turn 3 3 card kill combo.

Attack Caster seems interesting. Honestly, the trend of "my power matters" cards makes me wonder if the set will have other ways to support them. Once this is cast 2  or 3 drops it seems like it will be very good.

Taskmaster seems awesome. Repeatable Raise Dead is strong, and the stat line is nice. Biggest issue is that by the time you have stuff your the yard it likely can't attack all that freely. 

HE'S BEEN FOUND!!! Card is ok. Not sure how to best take advantage of him, but people are very much going to try.

Neheb seems solid. Great stats makes attacking and getting in damage easy and the rummage + mana combo is really strong. 

LOOK AT THE GOOD DOG!!! Card is pretty average, but people are going to have fun building commander decks with him.

Yanggu is awesome. Making your creatures into mana dorks is super powerful and even at worse will grow a creature a bit. Another walk that is insane with proliferate. 


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21 hours ago, Flame Dragon said:

Man, I was Nahiri was playable in mono white or red in commander. Poor Kemba and Valduk. Akiri is happy though.


Dreadhorde Butcher seems insanely powerful. In fact he is part of a turn 3 3 card kill combo.

Attack Caster seems interesting. Honestly, the trend of "my power matters" cards makes me wonder if the set will have other ways to support them. Once this is cast 2  or 3 drops it seems like it will be very good.


HE'S BEEN FOUND!!! Card is ok. Not sure how to best take advantage of him, but people are very much going to try.


LOOK AT THE GOOD DOG!!! Card is pretty average, but people are going to have fun building commander decks with him.

Yanggu is awesome. Making your creatures into mana dorks is super powerful and even at worse will grow a creature a bit. Another walk that is insane with proliferate. 

Yeah, bit sad about Nahiri being RW, but maybe she'll incentivize me to make a Boros deck at long last. Akiri + Tymna, maybe? Can call it "2 Girls 1 Cranial Plating." ?

I actually drafted up a list that can T3 goldfish kill with some consistency in Standard, using the Butcher + Arcanist. Spoiler: Collision / Colossus is the key. I'll post it soon.

Apparently Fblthp is being heavily considered in cEDH: with Proteus Staff in a creatureless build, he stacks your deck and draws the two best cards. Lets you do "mono-U Doomsday."

Ikr? Mowu and Yanggu are going into Hallar right away. I also like that Yanggu is probably the second-best uncommon 'walker for EDH (after Kiora).

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 Most commons and uncommons the past couple days but a decent number are interesting and worth bringing up.

Landfall Proliferate Elf is awesome. Wish it was 2 power for Ezuri, but could easily make it into the deck anyway.

Mayhem Devil is ANOTHER pinger for creatures dying. Seriously, that is 3 from this past year. Just give us a good sac outlet.

Mobilized District seems really strong and animating for only 2 mana seems super doable. Anything less it gravy.

I like how Magic has its own Defile now (Hearthstone card). In Hearthstone it is a lot easier to line up number imo, but Massacre Girl can hit bigger things easier since 2 1/1s dying means you can jump X/2s and hit X/3s.

Tomik is a weird one, but the article today explains why they look the way they do. They wanted a good creature to fight Planeswalkers and then added the land stuff for legacy (before Deathrite was banned) and incase the power land reprints in M19 ended up being too much.

Skydiver is awesome. A 2/2 flier for 2 that has tribal synergies is such a nice card for standard. The activated proliferate is likely too expensive, but it is still something.

Mizzium Tank seems pretty powerful with spell support. As we learned in the past avoiding sorcery speed removal is great and this doesn't even need creatures to go. Also the frame looks cool.

White Thrummingbird that also triggers on Planeswalkers is very nice. 

Role Reversal has to be one of the cheapest rates we've seen on an exchange card. Not sure if good, but likely powerful.

ALL OF THE GOOD DOGS!!! Nice to see Arlinn has at least one other wolf to play with. Card itself seems powerful.

On 4/4/2019 at 7:32 PM, Rinne said:

Apparently Fblthp is being heavily considered in cEDH: with Proteus Staff in a creatureless build, he stacks your deck and draws the two best cards. Lets you do "mono-U Doomsday."

Ikr? Mowu and Yanggu are going into Hallar right away. I also like that Yanggu is probably the second-best uncommon 'walker for EDH (after Kiora).

I heard about that. That is just silly and I love it.

I honestly love all the walker designs in the set. Even the ones more geared for limited are really cool.

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19 minutes ago, Flame Dragon said:

Landfall Proliferate Elf is awesome. Wish it was 2 power for Ezuri, but could easily make it into the deck anyway.

Yeah, I'm slamming Evolution Sage straight into Hallar. But proliferate is so good, I think I'll play some of the smaller effects with it like Pollenbright Druid (1/1 for 1G, ETB: +1/+1 counter or proliferate).

Just wishing Merfolk Skydiver was mono-green... ?

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4 minutes ago, Rinne said:

Yeah, I'm slamming Evolution Sage straight into Hallar. But proliferate is so good, I think I'll play some of the smaller effects with it like Pollenbright Druid (1/1 for 1G, ETB: +1/+1 counter or proliferate).

Just wishing Merfolk Skydiver was mono-green... ?

I'm not sure if the Druid or Skydiver are good enough for Ezuri, but of my commander decks that has honestly felt the weakest so just trying different things seems reasonable. Honestly, the fact I can use Proliferate stuff to keep growing EXP even without Ezuri around is something I kind of slept on and it might do a lot to make the deck better.

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I've honestly been enjoying this, so I'mma keep writing thoughts on cards.

Outburst seems super good. 4 is on the higher end for cost, but 3 damage and card selection at instant speed is not to be underrated. Card has a lot of comparisons to Prophetic Bolt and while that is obviously better, I can see this finding a home in standard. 

Already commented on Ral, but since then I learned about the infinite you get when you add 2 copy effects. Combo take a bit to set up but an "oops I win" element is insanely powerful to add into control decks. Really curious how this is going to fair in standard.

Parhelion II is nuts. Like, the card isn't going to see standard play because 8 might as well be a million, but damn is it cool. Curious what commander decks will most want this. I don't think I have any homes for it myself (again, 8 is a lot), but man I'm happy this exists.

Kasmina is cool. Very basic, but some protection for creatures and walkers, some bodies, and some card selection. She does a little bit of everything. Thinking of putting her into Ezuri given the new direction I'm planning on taking the deck.

Her spell is really solid though. I hate the destroy/exile polymorph effects in Blue since in commander at least I prefer them over a lot of Blacks stuff. This is much more where I like mono-blues removal being. Also this makes me curious what else we'll see from Kasmina in the future.

FEATHER!!! Seriously, people writing to Mark about how upset they were she hadn't been spoiled despite only being a week into spoilers was kind of making me angry. Like, god damn, wait until the full spoiler is done to complain people. Anyway, card itself seems super pushed. Flying 3/4 for 3 is insane stats and her effect is super powerful. For commander players this has to be one of the most exciting card spoiled yet. Also, more cards that play into old mechanic space, since this is super close to rebound. 

Solar Blaze is a really solid wrath. 4 mana is a rate we don't normally get anymore and a lot of creatures have mirrored stats or more power. Also shows how great Bo3 is since this is something you'd very much sideboard out depending on match up.

Roalesk is another card I commented on already, so just going to reiterate this seems really strong and was the first piece for the new direction I want to take Ezuri.

Skylord is neat. What is worse than a zombie army, a FLYING zombie army. 

Sunblade Angel, AKA, keyword soup. I feel like even with the soup the high cost and lower power and toughness makes this a hard sell for limited for me. That said, she is a great card to stick +1/+1 counters onto.


Honestly, one of the things I find most interesting is we barely have any mythics and only about half the rares, but this might be the most excited I've been for a set in a long time. They've seriously hit it out of the park with this one and we still have a lot more to see. 

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I like all the references to older cards in Planeswalkers, like how this Saheeli combines Brudiclad and Efficient Construction. For 3 mana. They're doling out some nice uncommons today.

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More thoughts. 

First want to touch on a card I missed, Challenger Troll. Giant body for the cost and with Angrath you just make your large creatures unblockable. Seems like it could be a scary combo to face down in limited.

Chandra's Triumph seems weird with Lightning Strike still around. Yea, you can get some extra damage, but that seems marginal. Also, hope this isn't Chandra straight murdering Dovin.

Talked about Karn already. GoGo Mychosynth Lattice.

So, that's two keyword granters. My guess is haste for the Red one. 

Greeting seems ok in a control deck maybe? Fine limited card. 

I love the design of Jaya. She plays in a similar space to Arlinn and I love how cool most of the static abilities play with their walker.

Enforcer seems nuts. 2 of greater is basically everything and it only costs a single mana. Also, it is just a 1 mana 1/2. At common. Biggest catch might be the super high number of tokens in the set, especially the Army, but either way, wow.

Dovin is a cool protection piece for pillow fort commander decks. Turning off commander damage commander or Purphoros are both pretty big. Tax is also decent if you have some other taxing effects out. Not sure how good it is outside of that niche though.

Saheeli, aka Monastery Artificer. Seriously, she seems awesome. Like you never even need to use her ability and she is going to put in work, and if you ever do you can make one of the servos into your best thing for a turn. 

Talked about Chandra before, but just going to reiterate I love the tension the static ability creates. Such a cool way to capture her pyromancy in a different way too.

When I saw Pyrohelix I thought it meant she wouldn't get a Triumph. I have since been proven wrong so I'm curious if/what Gideon and Lili will get for a second card too.

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Awakening of Vitu-Ghazi is comically strong on the block.

This set looked really weak at first, but is shaping up to be pretty good.


Illharg would be cool if he had haste. He doesn't have haste. Let's give him haste.

This set has a RG rare control card. Let that sink in.

Despite being land support, I don't think Nissa makes it into gitrog. Even if she doubled swamps, it just doesn't feel as great as I'd like. I'm probably picky.

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I'm curious how the set seemed weak? The set seems insanely powerful. 


More thoughts

Looks like Red gives Trample. I can see haste being too good and first strike would have blocked up the ground too much so it would be the next in line.

PIG!!! I guess with only 4 of 5 Amonkhet Gods we needed a Red one to round it out. Though I wonder if they'll be mono colored. Anyway, I like how they keep mixing up the unkillable nature of Gods. This one seems like a beating in limited since it is just an undercosted 6/6 you need to keep answering. Also Sneak Attack as a way to abuse ETBs. 

Twister seems nuts. Decent body on top of a really solid controlling mana sink. The best part is you can still run out lands before you draw it since it just picks them up for you.

Already commented on Nissa. GoGo MonoGreen.

Nissa's Triumph was learning how to assemble Tron. Yea, if you can tutor 3 lands you have a nuts effect, but actually setting it up will likely keep it from being good. Normal mode is eh. Guess it combos with Twister.

Wrangler seems great. The 2/2 from last set was solid and while this trades a lot easier with only one trigger, but it can keep growing and Trample is WAY better for it than Vigilance was on the pig. Honestly, says a lot about the limited format that one of the better commons and an over all better card in the followup set. I also didn't comment on it, but the 4/4 for 4 that ETB proliferates follows this too since last set had a 3/4 for 4 and I didn't mind that in limited.

Already commented on Domri (think this is the last of them outside of Bolas and Niv) but he seems really solid. 

Topple is a weird card. Likely more in their "side board cards that aren't 100% dumb to play main" since it is just Pressure Point for 1 more. 3 is WAY more than 2 though and the increase power likely kills the card still.

Ambush does indeed ambush and not fight. I wonder if the one sided fights should be called ambushes now. It is a good name. Card is great.

A 9/9 with Flash for 6 mana (or 5 to set up) is NUTS. Controlling Green decks just got a strong tool. Though risking a land is a huge risk. Also becomes legendary which seems annoying to track. 

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More cards

Finale Promise has applications across the board. At the lower X costs you can rebuy a ton of burn and cantrips which gives this Modern options (though I'm not sure how good that will be) while commander can abuse the higher costs. I honestly love how much stuff Mizzix has gotten over these last three sets. I get the Izzet fueling her a bit, but it has been a lot more than I would have guessed.

Best way to evaluate Toll imo is as a 1/1 with ETB pick a card to make your opponent discard. The 1/1s for 2 that make the opponent discard have always been fine imo, so maybe 3 and getting to pick is worth it? 3 is a LOT more than 2 though. 

Keftnet seems really cool. Given that you miss about 1/3 the time at minimum I'm not sure how good the effect is, but if you hit it seems nuts. Best things to pair him with are removal effects and card draw so I'd start with an Esper shell, though I'd assume it would look pretty different from what current builds are like. For commander he seems great with Aminatou since she can manipulate the top of the deck. As a commander in his own right I'm less convinced since you don't have the powerful removal options other colors give you. 

Edit: As was pointed out on Reddit Keftnet seems stupid extra turn effects, and if you get out Scroll Rack (which isn't hard to find for blue) you just win the game. Ok, Kefnet seems pretty nuts. 

Rhonas is like Craterhoof for go tall decks. Seems like he can be a massive beating even with only a couple large threats, you just need trample. 

I should have foresaw that Foresee would return eventually.

Tamiyo as GU seems weird. Not because I don't see those colors working for her, but with mono-blue still needing a walker I would have expect the character who started mono-blue and not the one that started gold (Narset). That said she seems awesome. Static is a decent protection ability and she shows you a lot of cards. You just need to know your deck. Seems awesome in Muldrotha who I want to build more and more, but just can't pull the trigger on because Karador is basically the same.

I asked for a sac outlet. While not what I was looking for Bontu seems great if you are building around disposable bodies. Gitrog might want her too since she eats lands and gives you even more card draw. Likely overkill though.

Ah, gain 4, mill 4, deal 4, and make a 4/4. For 5 mana. Joking aside I like how each of the effects can be attributed to a different color of the 4 God-Eternals while also being UB. Card itself seems like a giant swing.

Spark Double is a worse Clever Impersonator but getting an extra loyalty if it copies a walker and avoiding the legend rule are both interesting applications. 

Man, they weren't taking risks with the Sub. Like, they'd never print this as a creature, but crew 2 isn't free and 2/3 is just an awful stat line to actually get in with. MAYBE it is good enough for the side board of mono-blue, but this honestly feels a little too safe.

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Kefnet is a quite good ability attached to a 4/5 flyer for 4. He's gonna rock standard. Not to mention the obvious applications in edh.

Bontu is absolutely fucking nuts. She doesn't feel quite notable for gitrog, as she will only trigger him once, but honestly she's pretty nuts in any deck where she feels remotely at home. I know my friend is going to make use of her in sek'kuar pod, and I'm heavily considering her for muldrotha when I get around to throwing blue into gitrog.

Firemind Vessel is difficult to evaluate. I feel it's quite good in midrangey decks, allowing you to drop a 7 drop turn 5 without any outside ramp (turn 3 with Sol ring lol) and helping quite a lot to fix colors. I don't think it's great in control compared to hedron archive, as the option to draw at instant speed is by all means what made that card, but there are plenty of decks where coming in tapped isn't an issue, and the draw isn't needed. At the same time, in green it's overshadowed by explosive vegetation of all things, which I wouldn't say gives this a great prognosis. It's probably good, but I have no real clue where.

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Not a ton for today, but thoughts anyway

I really like the concept of the Bonds. Over all they aren't anything special, but the flavor is awesome. Quick thoughts

Red: Can easily be underrated atm since removing two blockers is a huge swing. Still, 6 is a million.

Black: Rise from the Grave is eh in limited, but haste is nice I guess?

Blue: I like that this can mill a God. Also, more or less an upgrade if you're playing Pull From the Deep in commander. That or a second copy. 

Green: Really solid card selection. Random life gain makes me think it might be a constructed push to be ok when playing VS. aggro.

White: Best for limited by far. Like, god damn, this is a massive swing.

If the support is there, Plan could easily be pretty strong. 2 is just a really efficient cost. Commander likely still plays Tezz's Gambit though.

Already commented on Reborn (man is really sucks it leaked at the start of previews). GOGO Guild deck.

Vessel seems pretty eh in commander. Yea, some decks just have super high color requirements but I'd play so many other rocks over this. Like, people will play it, but Gilded Lotas, Signets, Coalition Relic, Fellwar Stone, and Talismans are all rocks I'd look to first for more colored sources. 

Divination just so much worse than a million other things so Jace's Triumph seems pretty eh unless you are fully in on Jace walkers. Even there you only save a mana off Concentrate and I'd honestly rather the most consistent card.

Pledge is a pretty nuts combat trick and can lead to some blowouts in limited if you aren't thinking about it.

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Week 2 of spoilers is done!

Roalesk seems like a good role-player in the 99 for superfriends or +1/+1 counter decks, but the death trigger will stop him from being a good commander.

Solar Blaze is Wave of Reckoning 2.0. Now it's Modern legal!

God-Eternal Kefnet looks really cool, but it's a shame that he's immediately going to be TakingTurns.dec.

I love the new Tamiyo. Sidisi will very much appreciate her presence: mill 4 for the uptick is great, but Regrowth for the minus is even better.

Foresee is back in Standard! Under a new name though, but at least also with much better art.

Also, a number of leaks from prerelease promos. Gonna spoiler tag them without discussion.


Ugin, the Ineffable 6
Legendary Planeswalker — Ugin (R)
Colorless spells you cast cost 2 less to cast.
+1: Create a 2/2 colorless Spirit creature token, then exile the top card of your library face-down and look at it. When the Spirit leaves the battlefield, put the exiled card into your hand.
-3: Destroy target permanent that's one or more colors.

Finale of Glory XWW
Sorcery (M)
Create X 2/2 white Soldier creature tokens with vigilance. If X is 10 or more, also create X 4/4 white Angel creature tokens with flying and vigilance.

Finale of Revelation XUU
Sorcery (M)
Draw X cards. If X is 10 or more, then shuffle your graveyard into your library, draw X cards and untap up to five lands you control. You have no maximum hand size for the rest of the game.
Exile Finale of Revelation.

Finale of Eternity XBB
Sorcery (M)
Destroy up to three target creatures each with toughness X or less. If X is 10 or more, then return all creature cards from your graveyard to the battlefield.

Finale of Devastation XGG
Sorcery (M)
Search your library for a creature card with converted mana cost X or less and put it on the battlefield, then shuffle your library. If X is 10 or more, that creature gets +X/+X and gains haste until end of turn.

Edited by Rinne

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I don't know why I'm so much more frustrated at these most recent leaks vs. other ones. Maybe it is something about a store breaking street date that rubs me the wrong way? Not sure. It really does suck though since this spoiler season has been awesome and it is such a lame way to get the last batch of major cards. Still, I'm not above looking since I'm an impatient SOB so thoughts.


Ugin is NUTS. Cost reduction is super powerful, and on cards that can be made to cost 0 all the more. Both effects are also great since this is the cheapest colorless removal in the game (though you miss lands) and you even draw cards. I'm obviously putting this into Kozilek, but any deck with a large colorless component (I brought up equipment decks when Nahiri was spoiled) are going to want this too. Especially since those decks tend to be RW and want card advantage engines. 


I love the Finale cycle is mirroring the Hour cycle. Curious if the order is reversed since we got the red first and that was the end last time. For all of them I don't really feel the X=>10 is a realistic possibility and for standard their power is at the lower end of the curve and commander is more interested in hitting 10. Though even there 12 mana is still a metric ton. Also, these almost all remind me of the Zenith cycle. 

White: Always a little worse than other options but I don't think unplayably so. If you can hit x=10 it is wrath of die.

Blue: I'd rather spend an extra mana for instant speed, but Mind Spring is a fine card still. Get to untap mana  can result in some powerful things, but honestly I hate shuffling back the graveyard.

Black: At face value this seems pretty weak. X=1 or 2 you can just play Cry, and at higher costs straight wraths will do what you want better. I guess it is helped that mono-black doesn't have much in the way of wrath options atm, but that can easily change. I think the biggest advantage this has is being able to be 1 sided and at x=3 this is likely pretty reasonable, but most likely not good enough. I think Black has WAY too many better options to want this in commander. 

Green: Green Sun's Zenith is a super powerful card and this is playing in a very similar space. Easily the most powerful of the Finales. 

A couple more cards got leaked too.

Explosion Zone


Explosion zone enters the battlefield with 1 counter

Tap: add colourless mana

XX, tap: put X counter over explosion zone

3, tap: sacrifice explosion zone: destroy all nonland permanents with converted cost equal to the number of counters on explosion zone.

This seems NUTS. Having a removal option in a land is super powerful and this plays great with proliferate. I'm super greedy with my mana bases in commander so I'm going to try to fit this into a handful of decks. I do like that this can't hit tokens. That is one of the most powerful applications of these type of cards, so by cutting it off this becomes a lot more interesting to see in play.

Planar Celebration 5GG

Choose 4. You can choose the same mode more than once.

*create a creature citizen token 2/2 thats all colours

*return a permanent card from your graveyard to your hand


*Gain 4 life

Mark said we had 14 proliferate cards, and with 13 spoiled and only 2 are rare or mythic I figured the last one would be rare or mythic too. Man did this deliver. It is costly, but 4 bodies from a single card is an ok rate (look at the White Finale), 4 Nature's Spiral is super solid, and 4 proliferates is just INSANE. The life gain mode is the most niche, but if it is good it is one of the best modes. Over all this is great and seems like another piece of my Ezuri puzzle. Plus I have a couple other decks that might be interested.  


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Could Ashiok see eternal play? Being able to lock down fetches and searches while exiling graveyards through Leyline of Sanctity makes me feel like they're at least SB material.

Commence the Endgame... I have a hard time judging this. Opportunity saw play, but do you really want to trade two cards to make a big zombie?

I was hoping The Elderspell would be a UBR legendary sorcery, but this is neat as well. Feels like you're more likely to use it on your own 'walkers to advance to an ultimate, though. 

Deliver Unto Evil is I think only the second mono-black card to return any card type (after Ill-Gotten Gains). Definitely may slip it into Storrev: even if I can't run Bolas himself, there's a critical mass of non-creatures I'd want to recur.

And of course, Bolas himself is wicked. I'm sure he's begging to be broken with something like Huatli, Sun's Champion.

Five more leaks in the spoiler below.

  Hide contents

God-Eternal Oketra 3WW
Legendary Creature — Zombie God (M)
Double strike
Whenever you cast a creature spell, create a 4/4 black Zombie Warrior creature token with vigilance.
When God-Eternal Oketra dies or is put into exile from the battlefield, you may put it into its owner's library third from the top.

Sarkhan Masterless 3RR
Legendary Planeswalker — Sarkhan (R)
Whenever a creature attacks you or a planeswalker you control, each Dragon you control deals 1 point of damage to that creature.
+1: Until end of turn, each planeswalker you control becomes a 4/4 red Dragon creature and gains flying.
-3: Create a 4/4 red Dragon creature token with flying.

Planar Celebration 5GG
Sorcery (R)
Choose four. You may choose the same mode more than once.
• Create a 2/2 Citizen creature token that is all colors.
• Return a permanent card from your graveyard to your hand.
• Proliferate.
• Gain 4 life.

Huatli's Raptor GW
Creature — Dinosaur (U)
When Huatli's Raptor enters the battlefield, proliferate.

Blast Zone
Land (R)
Blast Zone enters the battlefield with a charge counter on it.
T: Add C.
XX, T: Put X charge counters on Blast Zone.
3, T, Sacrifice Blast Zone: Destroy all nonland permanents with converted mana cost equal to the number of charge counters on Blast Zone.

Edited by Rinne

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Raptor isn't a leak. I get why you'd think it is since it is in Spanish like all the other leaked cards, but that is legit. 


And seriously, the leaks are awful, but Reddit killing threads with them is also dumb. They weren't doing that before and its not like the leaks aren't stupid easy to find. O well. Anyway.

Ashiok's static ability is super powerful and if he gets to keep using his minus that is 20 cards milled. I'm not sure if I want this in Phenax since I actually want my opponents to have a yard, but this is a powerful piece of graveyard hate, mill, and a tutor kill which makes me thing this will see play somewhere.

Their creature is also pretty solid. Over all great stats and can pick of opposing walkers or just chip away at the opponent. 

RIP Domri. Harvest is just solid. 

Huatli is a really cool build around. Also love the design since I can see someone just sitting on her minus until it gains like 4 or 5 life. Most walkers, even the uncommon ones, you'll use their effect the first turn normally.

Her creature is also just solid. 2/3 for 2 is a great stat line and if you have stuff to proliferate it is going to do work.

End Game seems good. Like, a 5/5 for 6 with Flash and ETB Draw 2 seems powerful, and this will be that a decent amount of the time. I'm not sure how much play it will see though since drawing 2 for 6 is really slow and generally control decks want their draw cards played earlier. 

Elderspell seems sweet. Kill your super friends to ult is indeed very powerful, but in standard you have 3 Planeswalkers in play you're likely already winning. Using this on opposing walkers is just going to be nuts though. For limited throwing them away seems a lot more free since you could easily have a couple that are just out of charges. 

Deliver is really interesting. As Rinne said Black can't really rebuy non-creatures. Yea, you only get the worse two most the time, but that is still powerful, especially if you're getting similar effects. If you get all 4, that is basically game ending. 

Bolas I talked about earlier when he leaked, but he is indeed really cool. 

Spark Reaper is just Carnage Altar. Altar is a fine card and with the insane number of tokens in the set this might do work. Cashing in bottomed out walkers is also pretty strong.


Oketra seems nuts. Having every creature come in with a 4/4 vigilance friend is super powerful. I wish my Rith deck had enough creature to enable her since she would be AWESOME in it. Don't know if I have any others that would want, but I love the card. 

I'm not sure how good Sarkhan is, but I'm not sold. Dragon tribal doesn't really need defensive options nor does it really need a slow token maker. The Planeswalkers become dragons mode is powerful, but Dragon tribal likely doesn't have a ton of walker and the primer Planeswalker commander doesn't have red. 


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With all the leaks I kind of decided to just let everything play out. Now that we have the full set I've started plotting out my interests. Haven't outlined what decks want what, but cards I'm going to see if they fit are



40 cards exactly and 13 are uncommon (plus 1 rare). Honestly, that feels like way more than normal and the fact that over 25% are uncommon is super cool.

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Very similar list on my end, haha. Raff is getting a ton of upgrades: planeswalkers mean even more when flashed in if they have static abilities.

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Mapped out what decks are interested in what cards. Doubt everything will make it, but lots to think about.


Kind of insane that only 1 deck has NOTHING (though a few only want a couple). Also impressed that some decks want a number. Ezuri and Atraxa aren't shocking, but Rith got a lot of interesting stuff as well. I don't think Oketra, Parhelion, or Sarkhan are going to make it but still going to consider them. Krenko was fun to realize has a shot though since it is good for the same reason it is good in Grenzo, it is an army in a can that is insane with anthem effects. Also decided against Emergence Zone. Giving up a land is a huge cost, you can only play so many colorless lands, and I feel like most my decks want to play stuff on their own turn for one reason or another.

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