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  1. Actually, can I swap out Bad Romance for Ms. Jackson by Outkast?
  2. Time to put some pop in this. Gorillaz - Saturnz Barz (Spirit House) Dire Straits - Money For Nothing Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (although the YTAS parody probably moreso) Gotye ft. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used to Know
  3. The internet is a small place. I see Composer regularly on Tv Tropes and I saw Garlandchaos the other day on untap.

  4. but what if sometimes also?

  5. Pet peeve: Games that don't let you quit to desktop from the in-game menu. I'm sure there is a good technical reason for the increasing prevalence of this.

  6. My favorite thing so far about Impossible Lair is that it reuses the canned "ooh" from Rayman Origins.

  7. I have feelings about the new Pokémon. Some overjoyed, some WTEF?

  8. The hiimdaisy P4 comic dub imdb page is a bit of a trip.

    1. mido9


      I only found out from that page that in persona 4 golden atlus actually referenced the comic.

      Pretty good.

    2. DragonSage
  9. I don't like the new Steam library. Feels very cluttered.

  10. Favorite: Gummy bears Least favorite: Non-flavored licorice, especially the salted kind.
  11. Ach, Hans, run! It's the Lhurgoyf!

    1. radio414


      In the blink of an eye, she strode from deep snow to dusty waste. From the crease of light behind her, a voice rang hollow: “Saffi, wait for me … .”

  12. My word, is that all you think about?