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DragonSage last won the day on June 29 2020

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  1. -The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap -Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green -Golden Sun: The Lost Age -Treasure Planet I'll get back on the fifth, trying to remember one game.
    1. LordCowCow


      Been a while since I've seen tumblr

    2. DragonSage


      Yeah well at least it's not as insane as twitter, as grubby as instagram or as downright awful as facebook.

  2. Who was the first person to make a metroidvania without enemies dropping health items? I just want to talk.

    1. Crouton


      Toru Hagihara (Symphony of the Night)?

    2. Crouton


      Unless you meant health drops and not the items that go to your inventory.

  3. Eels, honey, eels. Also fun fact; american and european eels are different species because they move differently from the sargasso sea. Japanese eels are yet another species that are born in a completely different sea.
  4. Fuck infinite scrolling. Fuck autoplay. Fuck those unrelated videos they stick on sites for some god forsaken reason in particular.

  5. Abridged Pharaoh activating Reverse of Reverse lives rent free in my head.

  6. Yes, sex is good, but have you ever removed an opponent's lab maniac on the verge of the victory?

    1. Thar


      How is that card legal

    2. DragonSage


      They made a worse version. Thassa's Oracle is just gratuitous design.

    3. radio414


      Sudden Spoiling is a helluva drug

  7. I just noticed "blags"

    1. LordCowCow


      they're on our wobsite

  8. I hope you haven't forgotten about the rest of us.
  9. All I wanna do~ is see you donate to~ a fraudy prince~