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  1. I just got the most random reminder of Card Game Coalition's existence.

  2. The moon is swimming naked and the summer night is fragrant with a mighty expectation of relief~

  3. Honestly, wait...what

  4. Maple and Rye are basically what I've been misssing since Munford and Sons stopped making music. Especially this very nice ballad even if it's approaching midtempo.
  5. Bon Appetit has the best April's Fools celebration. No contest.

  6. How does it feel to follow in the dubiously illustrious footsteps of Striker and I in regards to a duck alias? please excuse this very stupid question
  7. Invoking the "as a treat" meme is just my internet pastime now.

    1. UltimateIRS


      then we have nothing more to discuss

    2. DragonSage


      We can have little a discussion, as a treat.

  8. Pokéball stickers were a thing at one point, right?

    1. LordCowCow


      In-game or irl?

      Cause there were seals you put on them in-game to have effects when they came out. I think in DPP?

    2. DragonSage


      Yeah I was thinking about seals

  9. Do you wanna catch the virus~

  10. yes sex is cool but have you ever seen a really pretty bird?

    1. Dae


      I had sex with a really pretty bird. How does that sound?

    2. DragonSage


      Wait, that's illegal

    3. Thar


      Does it count if my middle finger is up while I'm masturbating?

  11. I loathe the random translations done to video titles on youtube arbitrarily.

    1. DragonSage


      It's like one out of a hundred videos I see, which makes it just weird when it's something like Philosophy Tube's video on sex work? I assume there's some kinda algorithm at work but really cui bono?

  12. To the town of Agua Fria came a stranger one fine day~

  13. stay safe everyone else too

  14. Went 2-1 in mystery booster draft. Lost the last match to serious bad luck with lands.

  15. Anyone remember back when Noble Knights, Malebranche and that one Spellcaster archetype I forget the name of happened and it seemed for a bit like Yu-Gi-Oh! was going in an entirely new art direction?

    1. DragonSage


      Oh wait, I'm dumb; it was just called Spellbook.

    2. DragonSage


      Well, Spellbook isn't really relevant. Got it mixed up with the spellcaster parts of Noble Knight I think.