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DragonSage last won the day on June 29 2020

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  1. https://modmad.tumblr.com/post/651783911694843904

    Finally, I can kaomoji properly. ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

    1. radio414



  2. Cosmoem has a face?!

    1. radio414


      sure does. do you?

    2. LordCowCow
  3. 1995 was a very good year for video games.

    1. DragonSage


      Although 1998 is kinda hard to beat.

    2. The Chayncemaniac

      The Chayncemaniac

      Well 95 is when the Saturn and the PS1 came to North America... wow I was 4 when those came out? I feel old now 

    3. Thar


      PS2 and Gamecube era is GOAT, but PS1/N64 is pretty monumental.

  4. This doesn't entirely relate but me and a classmate decided to trade Pokémon Crystals for some god forsaken reason. I distinctly remember wanting my own game back again for some reason, but never got it. I think it was because it had a Hitmontop I was really attached to, and I didn't think he had started a new game or anything? I was a dumb child.
  5. Risk of Rain 2 is a dirt poor excuse for a sequel. My mind shall not be changed.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LordCowCow


      when will the risk of rain graduate into actual rain? can't stop threatening to rain over and over smh

    3. Thar


      I'll show you something hard

    4. Enguin


      it's at 10/10 on steam from over 98,000 reviews

  6. The titular line in Don't Dream It's Over really reminds me of Can You Feel the Love Tonight for some reason. While also realizing DDIO is 8 years older.

    1. DragonSage


      Also the sixth syllable on "To keep kings and vagabonds" is kind of a stretch ngl

    2. DragonSage


      I'm not sure if it has always bothered me but it does now.

  7.  Bill Wurtz SNAPPED

    1. (💊)


      I can't really express how, but I needed to hear this song tonight.

  8. -The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap -Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green -Golden Sun: The Lost Age -Treasure Planet I'll get back on the fifth, trying to remember one game.
    1. LordCowCow


      Been a while since I've seen tumblr

    2. DragonSage


      Yeah well at least it's not as insane as twitter, as grubby as instagram or as downright awful as facebook.

  9. Who was the first person to make a metroidvania without enemies dropping health items? I just want to talk.

    1. "Violence" MACHISMO!!!

      "Violence" MACHISMO!!!

      Toru Hagihara (Symphony of the Night)?

    2. "Violence" MACHISMO!!!

      "Violence" MACHISMO!!!

      Unless you meant health drops and not the items that go to your inventory.