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Persona 5: The Royal

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The official website with abunch of screenshots and information, including stuff like the new Phantom Thief member, new locations, gameplay additions, and a new confidant: https://p5r.jp/

And someone on the subreddit did a comprehensive write-up of the site info: https://www.reddit.com/r/Persona5/comments/bgvgfy/summary_of_the_persona_5_royal_info_from_the/

Comes out in the west in 2020, sadly. But it looks like it's time to buy Persona 5 again.

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So I just beat Persona 5 last week, no joke. Quality game, top tier.

This comes out.

And now I want to play this again!

They added way more new stuff than I would have thought. What would make this perfect is if they offered Royal as DLC so I could carry my NG+ data over and just do my second playthrough with Royal, but I'm doubting that'll happen so I'll either skip the Platinum Trophy for P5 or just play this damn game three times (honestly might).

Kasumi seems cool, perused through some of that info and the story changes sound cool and seem pretty intriguing. Got this on my radar for sure.

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