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I am Jolta no more! Crow rises from the ashes!

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Hi! I was Jolta from YCM. Jolta was a name I used for a lot of things, but I've actually stopped using Jolta(and variants) on forums and started using Crow(and variants) since... 2013 maybe? Yeah, whenever the hell Accel World aired. That's where Crow comes from. People tend to forget that.

But yes, old friends who know me as Jolta or even Victa zeh Victa, feel free to keep calling me Jolta, even if it's a name I ditched for the new decade... last decade. As for people who have never heard of Jolta, call me Crow.

A lot has changed about me over time. For starters, I started getting into Vtubers during their dawn, and uh... more anime... and stuff. And I also play a lot more mobage.

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Hello welcome to the site! We definitely are not a cult 🙂

Glad to have you.

@(✧△✧) Thank you for following the scriptures in converting lost lambs to the church of salvation Pray I Hope GIF

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welcome to ncm crow, you're in good hands here. i'm yui, fellow vtuber enthusiast and mobage player (even if it's only fgo and sometimes azur lane), and also one of RP's finest. hopefully you stick around; we've got the halloween masquerade next month and it would suck to miss that, plus having people on the site is nice.

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Good to see people with common interests around. I'm very into Azur Lane (despite the fact that I need to jump back into it after leaving it for a few months, smelling that Hololive collab soon...).

Yeah the RP sections will be my primary hideout, as it was with YCM. YCM was my first RP site after all (second if you count PE2K but uh... we don't talk about that.).

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