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    ←Previous Post Weeks Four, Five, And Six -- I’d Say The Three Musketeers But Only One Of The Newcomers Is I’ve been alluding to a limit different from the strict one Darkest Dungeon imposes on its higher difficulties, and last week I said I would talk about it this week, l here it is: There are four levels of quest in a standard game: Apprentice (level 1), Veteran (level 3), Champion (level 5) and Darkest (level 6). The goal is simply to clear the Darkest Dungeon’s four quests, so you might expect to be able to simply grind Apprentice dungeons until all your heroes are maxed out since that will minimize the chance of failure. But adventurers can refuse to go into dungeons. If they’re two levels higher than the quest difficulty they scoff at your attempt to put them in a lineup. This isn’t the only way they’ll refuse, though. If they’ve managed to survive their venture into the Darkest Dungeon and emerge victorious, they will never go back in. We don’t need 4 heroes brave enough to face whatever horrors lay within, we need 16. You’ll notice we only have 24 slots, so we can afford 8 deaths total before the game starts getting really difficult to win. Like, sure, we could send less than a full team into the hardest quests in the game, but, you know, is it even comprehendible that we might win? Now, technically the mod removes this feature, so heroes will only take a massive Stress penalty for returning to the Darkest Dungeon, and if you do this challenge yourself and end up doing that, don’t let anyone call your achievement any lesser. I just don’t want to. So that’s the limit. These 24 adventurers are going to reach the level cap of 6 startlingly quickly, and we’re only going to be able to push back the inevitable by doing those Champion-level dungeons for so long. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what’s on the docket today. Cooperative: +5% Crit when Guarded Ravenous: Doubled food consumption Ah yes, the three DLC holdouts are going to be making their way into the game. Amani here probably shouldn’t have Ravenous for very long, but thanks to the newly unlocked Sanitarium, we can start to purge these undesired quirks. Everything else would fall under the purview of the Guild. All this is expensive, of course, hampered even further by the fact we failed to complete the mission last week, but rebuilding starts today. I do, in fact, have a plan. The first part of that plan is to get rid of the two Antsy quirks in the party. I’m planning to go to the Weald again -- this time, it offers a Warrior’s Cap that increases the accuracy of melee skills -- so Hakima and Elmer will come with this time, leaving Skaia behind for therapy. I should note also that you want to get rid of these quirks quickly for another reason: the longer they stay, the more ingrained they become, the more expensive they are to remove. The biggest question mark here is the Plague Doctor, given that she’s a blight-heavy class and the enemies in the Weald are generally resistant to blight. We have her in the third position, though, so her dagger can inflict some bleed, and really, I just want her as a secondary healer since Junjeong’s healing is over time rather than immediate. Really, the biggest thing that can go wrong is if we run into the Collector again, though what are the chances of that? (I’d say this is dangerously tempting fate, but I already know what happens this week, it’s not). Night Owl: +2 Speed when Torchlight is low Rotten: -25% Healing when Blighted Thin-Blooded: -10% Blight Resist I forgot to get this screenshot until the end of my time this week, so he didn’t start with Thin-Blooded but he sure has that now. I really don’t want this guy blighted, but the Flagellant is otherwise super cool, and nothing too debilitating has shown up on the one we get. I also dropped off Hakima and Elmer Fudd in the Sanitarium to get rid of his particular antsiness. Unfortunately, they don’t let you remove more than one thing at a time, but that one definitely has to go first. Running an Antiquarian and no healer into the Cove is a little risky, but I rationalized it by saying this: We need gold otherwise we’re just going to be floating in place until we start being able to manage Medium-length dungeons, and Josephine can still work to keep everyone off Death’s Door in a pinch. Besides, the Cove is known for being full of armored enemies (or scales that are like armor, anyway), and each of the other heroes can pierce through it. We should be able to speed through a few of these fights. Fairweather Fighter: +20% Damage at full health Profuse Bleeder: -25% Healing received while bleeding Dipsomania: Intense craving for alcohol Our last addition to the team, with a screenshot of her so new that I didn’t even change the name yet. Like I mentioned before, she’s another Arbalest, but another Arbalest is not a bad thing to have. In fact, she’s probably good enough to take with us into the final run of the week. Margaret probably could have been the healer by herself, especially for a Short-length mission and especially in the Warrens. Still, I wanted to be sure after the previous run, so Alhazred came with as well. We also get to see Damian in action, since the Flagellant shines here, and The Goliath’s main attack also inflicts bleed, so he’s a welcome addition as well. Speaking of, low accuracy fighters like The Thrall are why having accuracy trinkets are so important. The Warrior’s Cap went straight onto him. That’s it for this week. Next real-life week, we should be hitting Week 10, which will be when step one of my grand plan comes to fruition. I’ll give you a hint, it involves the truest eldritch horror of them all: Capitalism. -r ←Previous Post
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    “Just do better next time.” That was a straight forward, and simple suggestion on how to fix the problem in theory, but in practice it was a bit harder to keep track of. After all, what was ‘better’ in this case? It could be assumed that her joke hadn’t hit, so did it simply mean to be funnier? Or was she not to make a joke at all? That was the more boring of the two, but it was also the safer of the two. Regardless of what it actually meant though, getting a reply at all was better than nothing, as that mere sentence and reaction meant she had another chance; a fact that forced a smile to the Rotom’s face as she gave a quick salute with her wing. “You g-g-got it, pal!” She chimed out, bouncing idly to the side as she then turned to… Wait, and see what came next. See, Es knows she isn’t the most perceptive, especially when it comes to the body language of others, but even she can pick-up on a creature looking as if they were ready to pounce, or on edge about to attack… And that was vibe Zed was giving her, in this moment. This was almost assuredly confirmed as Zed dashed forwards, rounding the corners until they reached the other room, and were out of eyeshot-- But their yelling, that could be heard. Something about someone needing their ears checked, likely the Noibat? Either way, it didn’t sound great, around the corner. Or, well, she got the impression it didn’t, based on what little she could hear in the distance. It sounded like Z. was berating someone, but in a less friendly manner than before, and if Es had to guess, that meant there were other Pokemon in that direction. “G-g-guess I better get a m-” she started off, before bringing herself to a halt, her form practically rubber-banding in place as she watched the six-pokemon special charge past her, prompting her to slowly begin drifting back into the corner to let the others through. “Hey, it’s alright! If you don’t get it right on your first try, that’s totally fine. This sort of thing is supposed to be fun more than anything. I might suggest giving it a thicker-base for the plastic to adhere to, but the important thing is that you take it at your own pace instead of trying to rush ahead with the pros.” The words were hers, something her brain had spat out almost instinctively as she pulled herself back into the corner, letting each person by as her brain honed in on those last few words. These were things she had told people on the forum a lot, wasn't it? Take it at your own pace. That was something she had adhered to her entire life, wasn’t it? Advice she always stuck to, and gave when she saw others getting worried. It was a way not to get bogged down in how much further ahead someone was than you, while also moving to improve yourself. It was a key, a way to keep focused on tasks without getting discouraged, and yet… She found it was also key here, when she thought about it. The others may have had an idea of what they were capable of in combat, but she didn’t have much to go off of herself. She was a ball of electricity, but how was she supposed to control it? She hardly knew how to control it when it was moving her body around, or rather, was it her body? That was part of the issue. She wasn’t sure where ‘Es’ started and ‘Harmful Electricity’ began in the first place, which made her more of a danger than anything else. All she could really think of was the fact that she was fast. Like, really fast. Maybe not consciously, but when she let her body move at it’s own pace, following the briefest of her ideals, that was fast. All she had to do was take her mind off of it, and it’d get to working. Which… Somehow made sense, didn’t it? “Work’s easier to get through when it’s not the only thing you’re focused on-” was something else she used to say, wasn’t it? But to who, and where- A voice spoke, overpowering her own musing thoughts as she was made stock-still in shock, plasma halting for a brief second as she coagulated her thoughts into something she could to parse. The voice itself was a warning mixed with advice, asking them all to be careful-- and it confirmed for her that the others were, indeed, in a fight. She also noticed that even the Cubone had moved past her, quietly, without her noticing; marking her as, very likely, the last person to move from this corridor while she was thinking. Everyone else had already begun to leave her behind, and so… It was finally time to move at her body’s pace. Like lightning breaking free from a bottle, Plasma shot forwards, weaving around first the cubone quietly as it zigged and zagged through the air, a veritable blur as she shot under the Noibat, and then over the six-for-one special; coming to rest, for just a moment, above the Punchapus as she took stock of the situation, her eyes falling on… A creature that looked not unlike a star, with a single gem in the center of its being, which, at least to her, appeared to be in combat with her friends based on general poses. The target was locked, the question was what could she do? Information ran through her mind at a blinding speed, faster than she even moved really, as her form shot downwards on a trajectory, set to let her come to a stop just to the left of the Staryu, next to the Sourpus and the Chestnut King. “Isn’t Astonish kind of a weird move, though? Only ghost types really get it, and even then, it’s just… Scaring your opponent? How do you do that in a fight?” The words echoed through her mind, though she recalled reading them in her past-- Or had she said them? It was getting a bit muddy… But that could wait. She was a ghost, right? So surely… “...BZZZZT--! B-B-B-BOO!” She screamed as she came to a stop, practically screeching to a halt as she made her form spasm with electricity, surging forward to show herself as larger than she was, a tinge of purple coating her outline! Only for… Nothing to happen. Well, except for the Staryu to turn, and look at her; red gem shimmering in the light, under which she found herself begin to shrink a bit. She didn’t shrink consciously, of course, but the orb started to drift back as the electricity around her got thinner and thinner. Her eyes narrowed on the red gem as her mind raced-- Her attack, Astonish, had failed. Or at least missed, maybe? She was sure she had done something, but what that ‘something’ was, was apparently ineffective, or didn’t work. Her heart, or at least closest approximation to where her heart may have been, froze as the Staryu began to move-- But her mind, and body, were faster in this moment. That same motion she had made to make herself larger, that same pouring of electricity that propelled herself forwards-- She needed to use that, now. Her Electricity, at first, began to spasm, even fizzling before… Blue plasma arced from the top of her orb, jumping forwards, and striking the Staryu directly in the gem! It spread over the enemy Pokemon, growing brighter and brighter until-- Well, it wasn’t there anymore. Lightning struck the ground in front of her for a solid second before she pulled it back, stopping her shocking display as she paused, rotating slightly with surprise. “Where d-d-did you g-g-g-go?!” She asked, frantically turning around until she was face to face with the Clobbopus, who seemed to have his own share of problems. “C-c-can Staryu use T-t-t-teleport?!”
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    Having more freedom to do go places I want. Every other holiday I've had has been as a family, so I could just go off by myself. Plus most of them were around theme parks which I am not a fan of so I spend most of the time just waiting around. Plans are currently going to various museums, namely the HMS Belfast and the Natural History Museum. As for Three Hopes, got it at launch and am enjoying it a lot, especially since I clocked about 16 hours on the demo alone. The ripple effect of Shez not dying to Byleth has is interesting. Play order I'm going through is the same as Three Houses being Black Eagles, Blue Lions, the Golden Deer.
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    Despite appearances, Z. wasn’t ungrateful for the extra help, though perhaps what was offensive was how the Staryu they had been facing down decided Hector charging in was more of a threat than they were. “Hey, I was here first!” they said. Z. wasn’t even mad at Hector; even the gaff of running into them in the hallway had been forgotten for the moment. They might have even helped him get the Staryu off of his brass Falinks if Noibat hadn’t come in and gusted it off first. They could still act smug about it, though, as the Staryu went flying off and landed right next to them. “Yeah, that’s what you get you pentagrammic parasite,” Z. said. “Why don’t you go shoot the moon and miss like you’re supposed to?” A stream of water erupted from the Staryu’s central eye/gem thing, and even if Z. hadn’t whipped their head out of the way, it still would have missed them by a wide margin. “Yeah, exactly like that,” Z. said. Their smile, already cocksure, got even bigger. The numbers were pouring in -- in the background, the Clobbopus and Chester had started putting work on the Cleffa as soon as it had turned hostile, and up on the wall, Marv the Treeko was throwing a bundle of leaves at the other Staryu. When Z. saw that last one especially, a thought came to mind. It felt foreign, but it wasn’t the Noibat or the random voice that had already called out to them twice in the last few minutes. “I can do that too,” was that thought. They didn’t have any leaves, but they could grab at a clump of fur and pretend. As they did that, their body started to glow, and indeed, when they looked down at the fur again it had turned into materials that almost but not quite resembled leaves. “More of a copyfox than a Copycat,” Z. said, “but it’ll do all the same. You’re in for it now.” They did a big wind-up and launched the leaves, aiming right at the Staryu’s eye. The moment the leaves left their hand- paw, it was a paw now… The moment the leaves left their paw, they shifted back into a fur clump, and, having lost any sort of Poké-move mojo behind them, glanced harmlessly off the Staryu and drifted to the ground. The Staryu shook again, this time not even using Harden, just vibrating in delight. It was laughing at them. Before, even with the previous perceived slight, their attitude had been more, “provoke the thing that was hostile to them anyway,” but now it was closer to rage. Containable, maybe, but why bother containing it? There wasn’t even anything worth saying, no reason to tell the Staryu exactly how it had fucked up. Instead, Z. darted forward, raked a claw across the Staryu’s body, and watched as the thing collapsed before poofing into a state of “not here anymore.” It took a few moments for Z. to catch their breath after that. Had they done that before? Was that part of who they were before all this? It didn’t matter right now, they decided. There were still things to fight.
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    “This is the house of the guy who wants to act like he’s a noble, right? So it makes sense that his primary abode and living quarters would be up the stairs, so that he can look down upon the town and everyone who might pass by… Right?” "Well, that is likely, though perhaps not for those reasons. That said we can't be sure that's where he is now. If we all went up the stairs and he was down here, well, that would defeat the purpose." Gunther chimed in, "there also could be the other man somewhere around." He recalled that Timmy had mentioned two men. One of them likely a servant of some sort. He didn't know what kind of man he was but he may be more dangerous than the so-called noble, especially if he had been hired by the man that had bought this ugly yet clearly expensive dwelling. "H-Hello, and welcome to the humble-grand manor of Lord Pyla-aahh!" The arrival of said man dashed Gunther's expectations expertly. He couldn't help but be relieved that they turned out to be a small and bumbling sort. One that surely wouldn't be much of a threat. Gunther heard a cut-off snort from his side but when he looked at Penelope she had a stern face. Perhaps too stern, as though she had to quickly stifle her laughter. Penelope realized quickly there wasn't much to worry about this man. However he could still cause issues were he to try and keep them from searching, or if he alerted his master. So Penelope looked over towards the others and nodded towards the stairs and doors, trying to indicate that they should go check quickly, before she and Gunther advanced towards the man. "Goodness, but are you alright, sir?" Penelope said. Her and Gunther crowded around the man to try and keep him from taking much notice of the others. "Have you hurt yourself? Should we bring you somewhere to get patched up?" "Er, would you like some help to get back to your feet at least? That was, uh, quite the fall." Gunther felt awkward crowding so close to the man but he hoped his much larger size would keep the man from noticing the others slip past. --- Cora had returned home after checking around the village and had been relieved to find her parents perfectly safe and sound. So safe and sound in fact that her mother had demanded she give a report of everything that had happened which took quite some time. Cora had been surprised when Tsetseg and Phai showed up, both acting rather excitable about some such thing. She patted her horse before turning to face them fully. It seemed an unusual pair but, upon second thought, Cora realized the two were both the types to get along quite well. Though she couldn't help but wonder if they were exaggerating the issues. "Well, my Cora 'ere's been through a lot today, so's I don't know if'n this is a good idea—" Cora smiled as her father spoke. He was worried for her and, honestly, for good reason. Cora was quite worn out as this day had held much more action than her usual. Though she was surprised to find that she wasn't fully out of energy despite all this. "That's up to Cora. Cora. What's your decision?" By instinct Cora snapped to attention. Her smile fading into a serious expression as she replied, "Ma'am! I'll go with them! It's my duty to be sure there are no threats in the village." She glanced at her father and her face softened. "I'm sure it will be just fine, I won't be alone and it's like there's a second witch wanderin' about." She paused then gave the two a concerned look. "There...isn't, is there?"
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    O-Tae so often looks ready to throw hands
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    Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” None of the disciples dared ask him, “Who are you?” They knew it was the Lord. -John 21:12 (NIV)Melissa slung the Slakoth over to around her back, with the Pokémon’s arms dangling lazily over her shoulders while she kept its legs supported underneath, as she exited the rec room just in time to see Julian leave. She breathed a sigh of relief at that, even if the adrenaline from her presence still lingered on a while after that. The Slakoth helped a little with that, what with it being basically a heavy blanket weighed on top of her (how heavy were Slakoth supposed to be, anyway?). Maybe she did need a pet again. It still had to be a communal decision, but she would see everyone at breakfast, right? She’d already mentioned the basic things necessary for keeping a pet, but it didn’t seem like anybody else had thought about it besides maybe Trevor’s no strong feelings either way. Of course, that meant she’d actually have to bring it up, so Melissa hoped there weren’t any other pressing issues. Then she remembered the message still floating around on her watch. Right, she thought. Training. So there were other things that she was sure other people would want to talk about more than her thing. Already, Melissa could feel a pit forming in her stomach as she tried to think up a way to guide the potential conversation in a way that favored her, especially when nothing satisfactory came to mind besides just taking the Slakoth with her and keeping it constantly in view while they all ate. But there was no way she was going to do that. For one -Melissa plopped the Slakoth down on the chair next to her as she waited for whatever Fen and Aduain had been making in the kitchen to be served. The Slakoth seemed to be comfortable in a seated position -- or, at least, it didn’t make any particular motion to complain -- which was good. At least it too could see the proceedings then, which it seemed to take in with the same glassy-eyed contentedness it took everything else. The food came soon after. Fen placed down several rice balls and even more rice and invited everyone to dig in. Melissa clapped her hands together in a quick wordless prayer and then looked back at Fen. “Are you not eating too?” Melissa said. “Hm?” Fen seemed confused for a second before blushing, realizing her mistake. “O-oh, my bad. It’s been a while but it still feels like a habit.” She pulled a chair out and sat down, taking a rice ball for herself. Melissa bit into the rice ball nearest her and immediately took it out of her mouth to inspect it again. Fen had called it fish, but it clearly tasted like banana, and not even “tasted like banana” like things that said they tasted like banana tasted like, it tasted like an actual banana. It wasn’t bad -- she liked bananas -- but it was just about the opposite of what she was expecting. “This tastes…” She almost wanted to make a “this tastes fishy” joke but wasn’t sure if everyone would get it and she didn’t want to be forced to explain it. When she took a second, actual bite, now knowing what to expect, she reevaluated. “This is pretty good. Thank you both.” Then she tried to push a communal conversation. “Um, that reporter… When I talked with Mauvache, she said we were famous, so I guess that’s what that was about. I don’t do well with badgering like hers, is there, like, do you think we could put together a standard set of information or something? Like, what do we say about each other?” She gestured at the Slakoth, who was eyeing all the food on the table, though not doing anything about it, “And what do we say about this one?”
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    The full version of stars we chase released today and is probably going to end up being my most listened to song this year.
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    Fen put a hand to her chin as Aduain had passed on the cooking puck to her. She wasn't exactly sure how she felt about the fact that Aduain had taken these fish from a park, likely meaning they were more for display then free fishing, but her curiosity at the new and unfamiliar culinary endeavor before her made her ignore that. The girl went through her head and tried to figure out different ways to prepare fish, though with genuinely no knowledge of how the fish even tasted she wasn't sure what kind of flavoring would be best with it. To say nothing about what they had on hand to begin with. After thinking for a bit with her conditions in mind, the girl said, "well, I'd probably want to know what it is I'm working with first. So I'd just start with descaling and deboning it before trying it out raw. From there we can probably figure out what to do with it." Once Aduain had successfully finished the preparing the fish for consumption, the girl took a small piece and ate it. "It's...fruity? Strawberry?" The girl looked up, puzzled for a bit as she said, "well this is a first. I'm used to some creatures tasting like others - you'd be surprised how many things taste like Cockatrice - and maybe even some plants or vegetables. Usually not fruits though. Hm..." The girl tapped her chin again before looking to her fishy companion. "What are your thoughts on it?" Aduain listened intently as Fen spoke, saving his questions about Cockatrice for another time. The fruity fish had all of his attention. At his chef's invitation he excitedly cut a piece off and took to chewing on it to really get a sense for what he was dealing with. The strange sensation of fish flesh with an unmistakable strawberry flavor sent a visible shiver down the length of his body ending in him doing a little tap dance with his fins. "Woah, that's weird! All the fishy texture but none of the fishy taste! We could turn breakfast into a game of guessing the mystery flavor!" he said, cheerfully eyeing the other colors. Fen's eyes lit up as well at the suggestion of a guessing game. "Oh, that's a wonderful idea! Making it as exciting for them as it was us would be good, but, hmmm...They might think something's off with the fish if they know it's fish and see it's all different colors. So what if we made some rice balls and filled them with this fish?" "That's so sneaky. I love it! Though fair warning the only thing I really know how to do with rice is eat it. Might leave the delicate shape work to more experienced hands" Aduain laughed as he held his hands up and wriggled his fingers. Fen opened her hands and showed them to Aduain as she smiled, "well don't worry there. I've got some experience with this." With their plan set, the girl began thinking aloud. "Well, first we should boil some water for the rice which means..." The girl looked around the kitchen, taking stock of all that was there. Sheepishly she turned back to Aduain asking, "you wouldn't happen to know how to work these devices would you?" Once done the girl went outside saying, "oh, uh, everyone breakfast is ready." Bringing out plates of rice balls, the girl spread them out across the table, before putting a big bowl of rice with a rice paddle in it in the center. After properly setting the table and having everyone else get in, with a tone akin to that of a waiter the girl said, "good morning everyone. Today we, Aduain and I, decided to make rice balls with a fish filling. There isn't a whole lot to work with in the kitchen right now and I might've gotten a bit distracted by...the kitchen...so it's more of a snack then a proper meal. I'm sorry about that, but i made more rice if you need something else to fill you up. I hope you enjoy," the girl smiled and bowed, before standing up and expectantly waiting for everyone to eat, not seeming to take a seat herself.
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    Paradisi Gloria Joy could hear them, both of them, even through all the noise. She wasn’t about to respond in any way they could interpret, though. Her focus was elsewhere, on keeping her step, on the pain in her shoulder, on the end of her spear. As she neared her destination in mind, her traps thinned out -- not every step was a new patch of light waiting to explode. Instead, she varied it up. Her light shifted until it was emanating from her fingertips. The next tree she touched didn’t laugh, it started to glow, and with certainly more intensity than the grasses and dirt had before it. In fact, the light seemed to have a weight to it; the tree, even with its sturdy trunk, lurched over ever so slightly. Woe betide anyone who stumbled into that, she thought. They would circumvent it or otherwise dodge out of the way. She knew that. They, and she, were watchdogs of the gods, after all. The only reason the island itself hadn’t been torn apart was because they collectively willed it, they could notice an unnatural tint in a place surrounded by nature. Of course, they were also all still human. She was relying on that. They could all still make mistakes. Was this her mistake? While they had seemed quite keen to kill her that morning with or without her prompting, she certainly had been the one escalating things. Then again, at least when she and Mor’s watchdog had been travelling around, there had been a reason for it. They had been expected together. What were Hinder and Taros doing? There really was only one reason she could think of: They were together because they were who the gods could send. So yes, while she’d never directly answered Hinder’s question, she’d always known. As soon as she’d met them both, she had this possibility in mind. Her destination was just ahead. There was a small clearing in the forest, and the sun was creeping up high enough to illuminate it. When she reached it, she wheeled around, not to check for where her opponents might be (though she certainly had to make sure that her traps were still going off -- they were) but to start tracing a line of light with her spear, creating a boundary encircling her person. It hung oddly in the air, shifting and flexing in seeming response to minute air currents, yet never straying too far or drifting too close to Joy herself. When she brushed it with her spear, it went rigid, and started to hum. Good, Joy thought. There was still a lot of power stored in it. She removed her spear from the line and the line returned to its drifting state. “Come and get me,” she said. OOC
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    Everyone believed so strongly that they had the numbers but how could they know? They didn't know anything about this place for all they knew the next room they stepped into could have dozens of wild Pokemon waiting to....did Pokemon eat each other? Even so Shawn decided to follow along. Though he made sure to keep his distance from the front of the pack. For one because the Falinks was insufferably insistent on being the leader and he didn't want to get into it with him but mostly because he still didn't know what to do when they ran into some enemies. Enemies who probably would actually know how to use their moves. "You're currently being attacked. If you're not used to fighting, or you're not sure what to do, try to think about what kind of Pokémon you are and what moves you might possess. Also, pick up any items you find. You never know what could be useful! Oran berries, for example, heal you when your health is low." The totally not suspicious voice decided to give them some advice and also a warning. If they really wanted to help why wouldn't they just tell them exactly what was ahead anyway? Stupid voice could talk in their minds but not anything else was that it? And what moves would he know? He didn't really know much about movesets. As far as the games went he was more focused with how things looked than what they actually did. He probably could punch things? Maybe grab onto things with these tentacles? Whatever, he would just stay out of the fights unless he had to join in until he figured all this out. This thought led him to be really, really, annoyed that a couple of them already figured out how to use some moves. Gust and...Leafage? How did they even find out they could do that does it just...come out of them? "That's real goddamn weird you know!" Looking around in the room it seemed that the whole "outnumber" thing might actually be true. There was only three others in this room that had come at them. A couple Staryu and... "Okay I'm not going to beat up a baby." A Cleffa, really? The others hadn't attacked it but surely they would once the others were down right? With a sigh Shawn moved his way past the others and stood by the little Fairy-type. "The hell you think you're doing? A little thing like you wants to try and fight all of us? Don't be stupid get outta here." The Cleffa let out an angry noise and marched its way towards Shawn. It's little fists were raised as though it was about to attack him despite looking somewhat afraid as well. Regardless the stupid thing wasn't going to reply it seemed. "Jesus! Damn baby blob is trying to fight me now." He should've just stayed in the back. As the Cleffa got near Shawn reached out and grabbed it on each side. He then proceeded to lift the Cleffa up as it flailed uselessly, unable to reach Shawn due to their size difference. Unfortunately all that wiggling, and Shawn not being used to holding things with these mitts, caused him to drop the baby. It landed on the ground and seemed to be in a daze but otherwise unharmed. "Just get outta here already before I really bop you one, dammit!"
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    To be honest, Citron was pleased by the response of both the other Isaurian and her wyvern both. It seemed to her, that he was at least acquainted with wyverns, or had more sense than many others she had encountered, because she watched him take a few careful steps away as Peaches growled and showed threat-response after threat-response, the entire time being careful not to make any sudden movements that might anger the wyvern further. It was this elation that showed on her face as the growls came to an end, though the wyvern still kept her eyes trained straight on the Isaurian man's movements. Through the combined effort of all of these factors the wyvern seemed ultimately to calm down, even if only slightly so, letting Citron shift from a full embrace of the wyvern to a gentle hold with her left hand. She was still careful to keep herself between Peaches and him, given that would keep the wyvern from lunging, but this was at least a good start. As this happened, the man’s response to her comment seemed, at least to her, to confirm that he had dealt with wyverns before, while also prompting her to shake her head a bit. “I still feel the need to apologize, she’s supposed to be better trained than that. She’s just been on edge due to the day we’ve had,” she explained, giving a quick shrug. Now was, about when she would have introduced herself under any normal circumstances; it was always best to know the names of those you were with, she felt, but now was anything but a normal circumstance. Instead, she found her attention directed by Alois first, who said that ‘strawberry’ could come along, clearly directing the address towards Peaches. “It’s… Peaches,” she murmured, shaking her head as she began to follow along. Clearly, introductions would come later, as for now they had a clear destination and goal: arrive at the ‘lovely’ manor, and look for anything strange. Along the way, Citron led Peaches somewhat carefully, doing her best to lead the wyvern far enough ahead of the Isaurian man that the wyvern had little option but to take her eyes off him, though the wyvern loathed to admit it, but it wasn’t long until they arrived at the garish house. Ciela sat outside and, without waiting, Alois kicked the already-open door open, inviting himself in. “That seems… Maybe a little excessive,” Citron kept a quiet chuckle to herself as the others followed, only pausing as she reached the door to turn around, finally letting go of Peaches. “Now,” Citron paused, tapping the wyvern on her nose. “The rest of us, we’re going to go into this house to investigate something, but I need you to do something, and it’s really, really important that you do this, alright?” Citron asked, staring into the wyvern’s eyes, before a quiet, low scree escaped the wyvern’s throat. “I need you to stay out here, watching and listening for if anyone that isn’t part of our group tries to leave, and if they do, to scream and try to stop them. Alright? Do you think you can do that?” she asked, leaning her head forwards. As if in response, the wyvern seemed to nod ever so slightly, letting out another quiet screech, and then leaning their own head forwards. The wyvern brushed her nose against Citron’s face in a nuzzle, as if in acknowledgement, pushing the rider’s head back a bit in the process, but was overall very gentle with the rider. Moreover, as she pulled away from it,, the wyvern took a few careful steps as she peeled away from the doorway, taking a spot behind Ciela and co. as she looked to keep a watchful gaze over the Manor; as if, in some respect, she had understood the command she was given. “...Alright, with that taken care of,” Citron smiled, turning back around to fully enter the manor’s door, following after the others who had already set about examining the area. “We’re looking for the owner of this... 'House', and Lady Catriona, right?” Citron asked, carefully holding her free hand against her shoulder as walked into what had to be the gaudiest room she had ever seen, careful not to touch any of the belongings in the room. The mayor’s house was a lot, one of clearly a wealthy man-- But this was… Excess. This was excessive, that was the only, true words for it. Even Penelope had commented on it, bringing to attention the fact that he was he was potentially a hunter, or at least fancied himself one; ending with a question of where to go. “Not sure if you were asking me, but I would suggest up the stairs, maybe,” was Citron’s contribution, stepping through the uncomfortable excess that was the parlor as she made her way towards the stairs. “This is the house of the guy who wants to act like he’s a noble, right? So it makes sense that his primary abode and living quarters would be up the stairs, so that he can look down upon the town and everyone who might pass by… Right?” She’d reason, pausing as she waited for the others. Given the gaudiness of the house itself and room, she didn’t quite find herself afraid of the owner; he seemed the sort of person with more bark than bite when Lincoln’s wolf-cub attacked him earlier in the day, but… Still, she got the feeling it would be best if she waited for the others, before ascending further.
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