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  1. Team JAA/AJA/AAJ Anneliese, a bit late, pumped her fist into the air. Mimicking Jacklyn's motion without really knowing why. "Um, yes, quite!" She called out in agreement. "Perhaps we can all train toge-oh." Before Anneliese could complete her sentence Anima went off on her own. "Oh, well, maybe she has something else in mind." Hands now clasped behind her back Anneliese turned towards Jacklyn. She gave her a soft but bright smile and said, "I suppose we will have to catch up. You will have to escort me on this part of the journey yourself it seems." With that the girl set out. While Anima wasn't going all that fast Anneliese kept pausing every little bit to comment on something she saw. "My, the grass really is tall, do they not have a caretaker here?" "Oh goodness that man is wearing such dark clothes, and a mask at that, does he not get warm running in the sun so much?" "I cannot say I expected that Starly to attack me when I offered to pet it, thank you Leopold that was very kind of you." She also tended to stop to talk to each trainer that she saw. Some of whom would insist on a battle beforehand. "Tackle, Patrat!" "Tackle, Leopold!" "Tackle!" "Tackle!" "Tackle!" "Ta...wait, Thunder Shock!" "W-whaaaa?" Eventually however Anneliese spotted Anima running after her Pokemon. "Why hello there Anim-oh she probably cannot hear me." She gave a small smile to Jacklyn. "I seem to be too quiet, do you have any pointers how to speak as loudly as you do?"
  2. 8/10 fun stuff, liked some parts a lot more than others but still
  3. Good start, the voices by themselves are decent together it makes it a lil better, 7.5/10
  4. I don't think Torm wants to block himself from his site.
  5. 7.5/10, pretty cool Enkidu looking different than I remember
  6. what a twist! fun but not much of a song/10
  7. Thessa was a patient woman. Many people would expect her to refuse to wait for anything but that couldn't be farther from the truth. When you could live as long as she could there wasn't much she had to rush for. But she had been intent on bringing Caesar down for a while now. She had decided it back in the church when his goons had fought with her. Yet she was still here, in one of the most bothersome places in the city, unable to go and let loose on him like she wanted. It was starting to get a bit frustrating. She continued to wander the park, watching as everyone scurried about doing some inane task or other, and debated just walking out and looking for Caesar herself. "Hey! Thessa!” The voice brought her back to the moment and she looked over to see one of the Fates coming over to her. Thessa turned towards her, expression not hiding how antsy she felt at the moment, and noticed there was another person nearby. “Hey, I know we keep just introducing you to people but this one’s pretty cool. Remember that prison break we did a little bit back? Belladonna here is the result of that. Was a pretty rad story tee bee aitch, but she’ll have to tell you about that.” "Oh yeah, think that rings a bell. Might be mixing some of em up but I gotchu." There was a couple she could think of off-hand and the name sounded somewhat familiar but, looking at the woman Clotho was introducing, she didn't think she had seen her before at least. "No worries, I've met a lotta people already and its always good to meet more. Even if some of them kinda suck." She looked Belladonna up and down. "You don't suck, right?" The name and the vibe screamed plant girl. Funny given one of the things she had taken a note of on her trip around the Shimmer. Maybe this girl could shake some things up after all. "Guess if you're with those girls you probably have some potential huh?" She smiled at Clotho. "They seem to be good at getting more fun people together then the others at least." "Anyway like she said my name is Thessa. I was just thinking about moving on but guess I can stick around a bit. Don't wanna be rude to a new face ya know? So, Belladonna, what do you think about the city?"
  8. "But that Monster is far above our current rank; the rest of us would be wiped out in an instant," "M-Maybe we should listen to the train conductor...she's making good points here!" Sabrina felt herself deflate as two of them seemed to be very against the idea of fighting it. One of them even went so far as to try and respond in kind to Sabrina's way of speaking. Which, honestly, mostly served to highlight that it was a bit of a silly thing to say. It felt like when a parent tried to use slang words and you realized how dumb they sounded. "but as far as I know, they're not creatures to be denied. I'd rather not fight that thing, of course, but if that power of yours can't be held back, I'm here to back you up." Sabrina blushed. She was torn. Abby was being so supportive and yet it was clear she didn't actually want to do this. That combined with the other two being even more clear about thinking this was a bad idea caused Sabrina to back down from it. At least for now. But after she had said all that how could she possibly back down just like that? Marshall had given her an out, sure, but that felt a little.... Sabrina cleared her throat. "Ahem, I see. I suppose if that is the case I will, uh, just have to strengthen the seals binding my dark power." She put a hand to her covered eye. "And, uh, seal it away until we next get a chance to bring down this beast." She was silent for a bit and then. "So yeah I'm gonna go over here now." and scurried off to the side to hide her blushing face. "I-I will just be here, sealing and stuff, if you need me!" she called back without looking at the group. Smooth.
  9. Fits pretty dang well, was fun, the bit in the middle wasn't well paced imo, but, 8/10
  10. History is amazing Doesn't hit the same, neat idea, 6/10
  11. While one of the zombies had wandered off, chasing the illusion Ziun conjured, the other one was still in sight. Unlike the previous zombie this one hadn't seemed to notice them yet. Having been simply milling about around a few gravestones. Eventually it happened to look Ziun's way and, upon seeing him, let out a groan and lurched in his direction. While they were out of range of the zombie the other three would suddenly experience something unnerving near them. Estelliese, Chris, and Lana, though stronger for Estelle, would feel a sudden wave of fear wash over them. Even the farthest from the source, Lana, would feel unsettled. Were they to look towards the left-hand side Estelle and Chris would see the creature they had briefly glimpsed before. Humanoid in size and shape but with grey skin and a distorted face, complete with an elongated mouth that hung open, the creature looked even less natural than the undead they had faced thus far. And it was making its way towards them at a steady pace. Not as determined as the skeletons but not as shambling as the zombies this undead seemed to simply be leisurely walking towards them. Once it got nearer it seemed to attempt to lock eyes with Estelle.
  12. That meant two against one cafe in french “I’m ready.” "Starting to think there's more I can teach you instead of Yu-Gi-Oh..." Fiona said, then shrugged. "Well, let's get started." Fiona took out her watch and a small projection appeared on the table. It was a grid which stretched out and covered all of their fields of play, indicating where the cards could be set. When Fen put down her Monster a tiny holographic image of it appeared above the card. It wasn't quite as detailed as the larger ones but it still looked to move a bit on top the card. "What a freaky thing..." Fiona muttered, using the Spike Brother's favorite word as naturally as she breathed. "Well, it does seem to be pretty strong though. I guess I should play it safe hm?" She smiled at Fen as she set down a Monster face-down in defense position. "And why don't I put something here too, just in case." She also put down a card in the spell/trap zone. "That'll be all for me, let's see what you've got then, Melissa." For a brief moment there seemed to be a glint in the girl's eyes as she looked towards her opponent. Unusually Dark Room When Trevor first went into the room, shutting the door behind him, he would find nothing different about it. It, as before, was empty. So empty that it was hard to even tell what the room was there for. There were lights and four walls. A floor and ceiling too. But beyond that there wasn't anything to see. No electronics, no outlets, no furnishing, nothing at all. As if it was a mere storage room that had nothing to store. When he turned off the lights everything vanished from sight. Not one bit of light made its way into the room. All around him all he could see was that he could not see. Nothing else felt different, at least at first, but it was still strange to be left in total darkness. And then there was something. A subtle shift that could entirely have been missed had one not been focusing. The floor felt different. More uneven. As though the flooring was gone. And then there were the words. He didn't hear them. Not with his ears at least. Instead he heard them in his head in the voice that he heard when he read something to himself. It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
  13. “What?” Brian said. “No, we went to Taco Bell like normal people.” "Y-yeah! We - we uh, didn't take any, uh, any of your food or anything." "Oh." Shiki said. They stopped walking for a moment and turned around. "That was for you. We did not know you would need permission. We thought you would be drawn to the food if you were hungry. We will keep this in mind in the future." With that they continued on towards the van. Once at the school they paused and looked at it. "Such an odd place. Many young people trapped inside and forced to learn." A small shake of the head. "Forced learning is no learning at all." Then to the others, "we will take you home if you wish. Or wherever you need to go. There are no jobs open right now so you may do as you please until something comes up." Shiki seemed to think about something then said, "I hear that people do things together to forge bonds. Maybe the two of you would want do that."
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