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  1. it doesn't sound bad but honestly what I mostly got from it was it sounded a bit, idk, boring? 6.5/10 the surprise twist i thought it was just gonna be he was married oh my god anyway 7/10 was fun
  2. “Get them without pickles next time,” "We will make note of that." Shiki said. "Do you also have a hatred for pickled food, Carmen?" Shiki asked. "We still do not know of your preferences so it may take some time for us to get it correct." Shiki started up the vehicle and began to very slowly drive away. They didn't look back at them even as they asked questions but replied just the same. "do you uh, think it was a ghost or demon?" "It is difficult to say with certainty." Shiki said after a while. "We do not believe it is a 'ghost'. The entire building was under the effects of this entity. If it were a 'demon' you would have had a much harder time. They are powerful physical creatures. I do not believe you would have returned unscathed if that were the case." The way Shiki spoke the words gave emphasis to them but it was not clear why. "We believe that this entity was not anything physical nor was it something that ever was physical. It would appear to have only existed as an entity when it took over the building you were in. Whatever categorization of entity it was you were able to dispatch it quite well. We believe that we were correct in having you work together." Shiki was silent for some time again as they drove through the city. "Has your Relationship Values risen yet? I believe that they should have after experiencing two events together."
  3. Team JAA/AJA/AAJ “Oh-- I was about to say we should go find Jacklyn, but you have got to tell me more--” "You wish to know, truly? I was told I should not speak of it but...I am sure they would understand since it is you!" Anima's eagerness seemed to make Anneliese eager as well as she began her tale. "One of the servants told me about it first. That in the basement lurked the ghost of an old man. At first I did not believe it. After all the house had been built for my parents so why would an old man ghost be haunting it? But I went into the basement after everyone had gone to bed and I saw them! They were dressed like one of the servants and oh so very pale. In the morning I asked the servant about it and as it turns out it was the servants grandfather who used to work there before I was born. They acted very strangely when I asked what happened to him but the servant promised to 'show me' that night." Anneliese frowned. "Sadly I never saw them again, my parents told me that they had to be 'let go' and I never did get to learn anything more." After telling the story Jacklyn showed up. "oh there you guys are. You'll never believe this! There was some guy with a cool looking mask just now. I wonder if he's also an adventurer?" "My goodness how many people wear masks here is this perhaps a fad?" Anneliese said. As Jacklyn went off to check on the statue Anneliese finally noticed that Leopold was standing there with her hat. "Oh thank you, I was wondering where it had gone off to." She said as she took the hat back from the Pokemon. Quite awkwardly as she was still holding onto the Rookidee. The bird Pokemon seemed to be uncomfortable and yet she didn't do anything to try and get away even as Anneliese tucked her under one arm to put her hat on. "someone take a picture. After all, this is our first major landmark on our journey, so we gotta capture it in a photo right?" "My that does sound nice! Er, Anima, could you?" She asked, looking down at Eleanora in her arms. "Oh, I'll take one for you guys if you want too!" "That would be wonderful!" Anneliese said and she suddenly scooped Leopold up as well. The two Pokemon now being pushed together. Leopold looked annoyed while Eleanora looked like she was trying to look annoyed. Though as Anneliese went towards the statue Eleanora began to squirm more and Anneliese began to hear a ringing noise in her ears. "My, whatever could that be..."
  4. I think the snow finally has been vanquished until winter returns again

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      There was snow a few times, mostly AFTER spring started though for some reason

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      As a South African, I've never gotten to see snow in person. 😭 

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      It's nice to look at but it sucks in every other way trust me

  5. Which Gatchas have you kept up with the longest?
  6. All the Aeons come up to you offering to give you the power of their path. You don't know how the power will manifest or what will happen once you accept what do you do?
  7. wtf i didn't have to bump it myself what is this anyway it's kinda tough because the paths are sorta intentionally extremes in a way. Like Destruction there's some stuff there that actually fits but obviously I don't want to break everything. Honestly it's probably somewhere between Nihility and Preservation even though that feels almost at odds. It's actually Voracity because I always hunger 138
  8. The trio waited for some time after gathering. Until it became clear that Estellise was not coming. A bit of investigation would turn up that early that morning she had been taken away by her mother to a different city for "a proper environment for studying". Which meant that the trio would have to go into the dungeon on their own. They stepped through the portal and found themselves.... Inside of a tomb. Stone walls, stone floor, stone ceiling. Behind them presumably is where the stairs that they had come in from on their last trip would be but now it was just a blank wall. Torches lined all four walls and though the flames lit up the area they seemed to flicker as though being stirred by a wind they could not feel. They saw a door across the far end of the room and an ornate golden coffin was embedded into the wall to the right of it. Much less impressive stone coffins were lined up in two rows of three around the middle of the room in front of them. These were laying horizontally across the floor an had a clear top that could presumably be slid off. However before they could worry about any of that they had something else to deal with. Six skeletons holding strangely curved swords were roaming about the room and shortly after the group appeared they would take notice and, one by one, turn in their direction.
  9. Hug Phantump, seems it might need it Catch Farigiraf Fight Rolycoly, it's ball shaped I can handle that
  10. 8/10 quite liked it not much to say though
  11. Silence is Golden (Melissa) When Melissa returned to the upper levels she would run into a face she'd seen before. Natasha, one of the first people they met, was coming out of one of the side rooms in the shrine just as Melissa passed by. The woman's face lit up as she recognized Melissa and she approached her. Natasha looked back at where she had come from, the teleporters, then back at Melissa herself. Then she looked pointedly at Melissa's empty hands before returning her gave to Melissa's face. A gentle smile was on her face and she gave Melissa a quizzical look. After a moment Melissa would notice a realization hit Natasha and she lifted her watch up before tapping away at it. A message appeared saying "It doesn't look like you went shopping?" It seemed that she thought her expressions weren't enough to convey the question and only just remembered to use the watch. Boxing Gloves are Red (Fen) "oh, um, of course only if you still aren't busy or the like." "Busy? Me? Never!" Kelsey responded. She then went into thought before shrugging. "Well if the old man wanted me to do something I don't remember it, not the last time I blew him off anyway. C'mon, I'll show you to one of the places." They took a taxi over to what was evidentially called the Small Sports Stadium. Despite the name the building still seemed rather large and it looked to be quite the busy place with people coming in and out. "It says small but that's cause you can do smaller scale sports here. Like boxing and tennis and junk. There's a larger one for other kinds of sports too. Sometimes they hold shows where you can watch pros but they're open for the public to come and go as they want too." She gestured down one hallway. "This is where the boxing ring is. It's one of the upsides of this place. Back home I wasn't allowed to box but there are plenty of people here who can take a hit or two better than there." When they arrived at the room Kelsey ushered Fen in, walking in behind her to not block her vision. The room was large and a good portion of it was taken up by what was evidentially a boxing ring. A big square, raised, area that had four posts along the side and several of some sort of energy beams forming a square around the outer edge. Fen could see a couple of people wearing shorts and with some sort of gloves over their hands trading blows while a few others cheered on one side or another. As Fen entered she caught sight of a large, shirtless, man with long blonde hair who immediately approached her. "Well hello there little lady!" he said in a booming voice. "I imagine you're not here to step in the ring which must mean you're here to see the Great Adonis in action! Well sorry to say you'll have to wait a bit for those amateurs to wrap up before I step into the ring myself. But don't fret, I'll allow you to look at my muscles up close all you want!" He then proceeded to flex in front of her. All the while wearing an expression that made it clear he thought this a great honor.
  12. "Just try not to do anything too reckless, m'kay? I'll lead the way from here." "Oh, but, well..." Sabrina began to protest. She wanted to be the one to lead the way but...Abby hadn't wanted to go this way to begin with so complaining about who went first felt awkward. "I'll, uh, watch your back then." Three enemies showed themselves. Two of them, like the previous fight, were armored drengr and one of them....seemed to be a very large coyote. Her first thought was that it was strange seeing animals handling animals and her second thought was to wonder if that was racist in some way. In the time she went over this Abby had got into action and blew the coyote back. It hadn't been knocked over nor did it seem all too injured. She could tell that it was taking a moment to recover, however, which meant that it wouldn't be attacking right away. Unlike the two drengr. One of which, with a sword, was circling around Abby to try and reach her. While the other was heading right for Abby herself. She considered attacking the one with the sword, as it was closest and was the one who would soonest be able to attack her. However a surge of excitement washed over her as she realized she had an opportunity to try and look cool in front of Abby. The other drengr was focused on Abby and not herself so it wouldn't expect if... "I shall deal with you later, foul beast, but you are not worth even a moment of my time!" She declared to the sword wielder. She saw a brief moment of surprise in the creature's face, which caused a giddy feeling to well up, as she used wind magic to launch herself up into the air and over the top of the halberd wielding drengr. She brought her scythe out and swung it, cutting into the creature's neck as she descended. She was once more shocked at how sturdy these creature's were as she wasn't able to fully cut through the neck. There was a moment hesitation as she pulled the scythe out as she was suddenly struck with the realization she was about to take a life but she managed to shake it off quick enough to spin in place to deliver a second swing. While doing this she noticed the sword wielder had closed in but she noticed it too late. She continued her swing and took the creature's head off but immediately after the other drengr attacked. She had stumbled a couple steps to the side when finishing her swing but the sword still stabbed her in the side. She yelped at the sudden pain and was caught off guard by it. Sabrina suddenly realized two things. She had never been stabbed before. And being stabbed hurt.
  13. you right I did open it and i'd fuckin do it again
  14. So as for the "we'll be interacting with AI bots" thing...unlikely. Even if a bot gets so close to human speech as you're worried there will always be things it can't do. Plus even if bots become more frequent on social networks then people will simply move on. And once that happens the people in control will realize "oh I'm not making money actually" and it'll get cracked down on. AI can't take over because once it has "taken over" then the bigwigs on their golden thrones will notice their precious numbers decreasing and they can't have that. AI is self-defeating. Which brings me to humanity.... Do you know what would most likely make an "AI Takeover" possible? Freaking out too much about it. The more people panic the more people will start to think that it's pointless to make things ourselves. I see plenty of artists wanting to give up because of AI but the thing is....actual art usually gets more praise than AI regardless. Same for music and so on. As long as there are people willing to keep creating and to do things without AI it can never take over and will eventually turn into a niche fad that people wave off. Companies will start to lose money as less people are awed by the "cool new tech". Speak up about how AI creations suck and you don't want to pay for it sure but there's no reason to dive down into pessimism. And now to be cheesy here's one of my favorite quotes. “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve. It may not be immediate, and often your greater dreams are something you will not achieve within your own lifetime. The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.” - Monty Oum
  15. I like it, the screechy parts bugged me sometimes but overall 8.5/10
  16. "the other two ran off. Wonder if they flew back to Caesar," Thessa nodded. Just meant that there would be a couple extra bodies in the way once they got there. Cassiopeia took a moment to catch her breath after the fight, keeping just above the range of all the sprinklers. "I am glad to see you're okay, though I suppose that's to be expected of you, isn't it? Sounds like we'll be working together again a little while longer." At least, that's what Thessa got out of the look that she gave her when she approached them. "Hehe, I'm sure you're super stoked about that aren't you?" She was about to tell Sibyl to try and keep up when....an incredibly loud noise, accompanied by an earthquake, stopped her and drew all of their attention. "Ahh. Rubicon." Thessa said, nodding again in understanding. So that was his play. A giant. Well, it certainly was exciting and would possibly even provide a temporary challenge. "Alright Caesar can definitely wait. Here I come big guy!" "Ha, guess that makes sense. But I'm not so sure I'll be joining you quite yet." Sure maybe she should go deal with the giant monster thing that was in the process of destroying the city. But...she also really, really, wanted to see Caesar's face when she came knocking on his door. "Seems there's lots going on but I'm still gonna pay Caesar a visit, sorry if I leave you behind!" With that she took off. When she glanced back she saw Cassiopeia wave as if to say "Be seeing you." Some of her power was still coursing through her body so she was able to move quickly. Jumping from building to building and object to object on her way to her destination. Battle Labs. To say hello to, and maybe smack a few times, the leader of the Gibbons.
  17. The duo would find that they were back in a plain room with their plain partner. Whatever entity had existed in this place seemed to be gone now and they were free to leave. In fact after they got their bearings they would both get sent a text message from Shiki telling them to come outside when they were done. Once they did they would find Shiki in the driver's seat of the van. Staring, as much as they could with the paper over their face, straight ahead. They would notice that despite looking at their side profile they still could not make out any of Shiki's features behind the paper. They wouldn't say anything at all and simply waited until the two of them entered the vehicle. At which point Shiki would state. "We ARE Shiki." The way they said this made it seem like they were trying to reassure them that they, in fact, were the person that they knew. The implication that Shiki understood what had happened was clear though they did not elaborate further. In fact they went silent unless spoken to directly, and even when spoken to depending on what was said, and simply sat there with their hands on the wheel looking straight ahead. The duo would also notice that everything in the van seemed normal except that there was a large pile, shaped like a pyramid, of still wrapped McDonald's cheeseburgers sitting on a counter.
  18. For use on Pokemon Showdown. Done something like this before and wanted to try it again. Essentially will make a team based on your choices and try and use it (on a fresh alternate account). Nothing in Ubers tier allowed. Try and make it not basically useless (all special moves on choice band, no attacking moves on assault vest, try and keep it at least within a few tiers of each other, etc.) and if you make a choice wait for at least two other people to pick things before you can pick again. I will be picking the Nature and EVs/IVs First person chooses a Pokemon and their nickname and gender. Second chooses ability plus tera type OR just the item Third chooses ability plus tera type OR just the item (If second chose item, then third chooses ability and tera type, for instance) Fourth chooses 1 or 2 moves and so on until all 4 move slots are filled Then cycle back around until we have 6 Pokemon.
  19. it's good I'm just so used to the sekai version its throwing me off, 8/10
  20. Sending up a signal flare to see if anyone would be interested in joining an old dusty RP


  21. Spooooky risen from the dead this OOC hasn't been posted in in years So yeah gonna make a status too but essentially the RP is potentially facing being closed but making out a call to see if someone would be interested in joining. We can work out details together but basically just don't want to close it after all this time (due to lack of active players) without at least seeing if anyone would want to give it a shot.
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