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  1. Is fine, more or less, good listen nothing particularly stood out, 7/10
  2. I'll allow it now up to 50 with my nominations Soulcalibur Legends The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return Dead Space Extraction
  3. What've you been up to while in the void that is "not around"?
  4. ominous ending tagline, but, 7.5/10, didn't overstay thankfully was a bit worried how far it'd go
  5. It's like, good, I just...didn't care much for it beyond background, idk how to say it right, but 7/10
  6. Well, about half the people say they'd put up more, need another 24 to get there, so for now I'll say 3 more nominations per person, a total of 7 each
  7. "Oh what is this witchcraft baloney." Shawn said as they all sort of...ended up on the next floor all together and spread out as if they had all come in at once. It was bad enough he barely knew how to move without getting stuck but now he couldn't even trust stairs anymore! Speaking of stairs the damn things up and vanished on them! Asshole structures moving around as they wanted. And then there was this fucker in his head. Mystery dungeon did they say? That rang a bell to Shawn but it was only vague memories. Didn't people play something with a name like that? He remembered some of the Role-Playing nerds really geeked out about it for some reason but he never really bothered with it. Maybe he should have. Probably a lot of things he should have done if he was going to end up like this... He shook his head and refocused on what was going on. “You heard the voice." "I think you're kinda skipping over something important there champ." Shawn said. They were just gonna gloss over that like it didn't make a difference? Just gonna charge out head first, literally, and hope for the best? "What's this crap about dangerous Pokemon anyway? Do they expect us to fight when we don't even know how to move right? Any of you happen to know how to use attacks? I sure as hell don't. What am I gonna do if one comes up, bop em in the face with these...okay, I guess that'd work, but even so!" Still, he wasn't one to seek out a fight....wait wasn't he? He remembered getting into plenty of arguments on the forum so wouldn't that mean he should be fine with some scraps now and then? And yet, try as he might, he couldn't squash this feeling that he really, really, wanted to avoid actually getting into it with anyone. This was giving him a headache. He didn't know what he was supposed to think. So the Clobbopus ended up trailing behind those heading out as he tried to figure out what it was he actually believed and felt. Regardless of what he looked like he was himself still right? So why should some missing memories make him so confused? "This place sucks," he concluded with a grumble.
  8. Penelope smiled at Citron. She almost felt bad making her worry over her. Almost. But at the suggestion they head out and search for elsewhere to go she had to shake her head. "No, no, I think I've moved around enough today. Now that today's excitement is all over I think it best I stay in one place." "I've never need to write much of anything." "Well, that should certainly change! I'm sure you'll have plenty of people to write to by journey's end. But, to the point, I may have some ink for you to use, Citron..." She paused in her speaking as both her and Alois heard the noises outside at the same time. He got there first and began to speak to people who seemed to be Gunther and the rest, plus some extra. Growing curious Penelope moved towards the door and, as Alois was still near the doorway, squeezed up next to him to poke her head out and examine the group. "We - my town - it borders Galtea right?" "Mhm, but yes it seems this place is becoming quite the melting pot in its own right." Penelope smiled as she looked at the newcomers. She didn't know what to make of them but as Gunther had brought them she was sure they were safe. Still, she had to wonder what it was that was bringing all these people here. Her eyes settled on Gunther and noticed the expression on his face. "Is something the matter?" Gunther hesitated when Raki asked his question. Still unsure what he should say or keep to himself. Though it was apparent Tsetseg had no qualms about going over every detail. Despite the situation he smiled as she told the story from her own...unique perspective. Well, at least he didn't have to worry about what he could reveal. "Yes, that sums it up rather well I'd say." Gunther nodded along with what Tsetseg had said. The trip back didn't take overly long for which Gunther was thankful for. None seemed to stop them and question who Raki was and where they were going in such a hurry. He didn't think it a good idea to worry the villagers so soon after this incident. Not before talking to Penelope and Catriona at the very least. Though as they got back and exchanged information with Mene his face paled. Catriona was with that man? Sure, Link had gone as well but...Edrick and Ciela too? It was wave after wave of thoughts that struck him as he considered things. Catriona was surely capable but he didn't know what this man could do. Link being with was a relief but Edrick having gone only made him more nervous of what plot might be afoot. He didn't wish to think ill of Ciela but he also was unsure her presence would help or hinder Catriona's situation. "Is something the matter?" Penelope's voice cut through his conflicting thoughts and he looked up and felt immediate relief upon seeing her face. He gave a short nod. "There seems to be some trouble and Catriona may be right in the middle of it." "There seems to be some trouble and Catriona may be right in the middle of it." The young tactician sighed and shook her head, "of course she is. Why am I not surprised this happens when we part ways." Penelope listened as Gunther explained the situation, pursing her lips in annoyance as she learned of the evident treachery of Pylauses. She had a feeling he was not to be trusted and yet this knowledge hadn't helped. Still, this was a perfect time to remedy the situation. "Alright, then I suppose there's only one thing to do. We shall go and confront this man. Alois, come along, we might have to break his door down if he refuses us entry." She smiled, "after all if it turns out to be nothing I'm sure no one would take his complaints seriously. Yes, I think a frontal assault shall serve us nicely in this situation." Gunther was relieved at how quickly Penelope made her decision. Though he couldn't help but be a bit nervous at how...excited she seemed to be about the prospect he couldn't deny that he, too, was eager to head there immediately and demand answers from this man. "As you say, then we should be on our way as soon as possible." He looked towards Phai. "Ah, er, I hope you don't mind any...mess you may have to help clean up when you've gathered the rest." Penelope gave a nod, realizing this young lady must be from the guard, and said "of course we'll do our best to keep any disturbance solely to that oily snake." It was true she had wished to rest but she couldn't say this wasn't a distraction from boredom. Not to mention if she were to rescue her sister perhaps the older girl would lose any notion that Penelope shouldn't be on this journey with them. And she really wanted to see Pylauses's reaction to them storming his home.
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    Wait, screen? Not ceiling?
  10. Finally got around to doing another +10. She'd gonna be paired with my Near Save Winter Hilda Also as it's bride season, it's time for me to use all my orbs to try and collect them all
  11. 7/10, just overall decent 7.5/10, is very cool
  12. Will probably give Wii nominations a bit more time since got a couple unexpected extra people nominating, might be able to reach 64 after all

  13. So, we're over 32 but far from 64, so figured would put up a poll to decide where to go from here, pls vote
  14. 9/10, liked it a ton only issue was like, the very last bit really, felt unnecessary I guess
  15. ok so i guess this is just witchcraft and works differently depending on the position of the moon or something cause just the color didn't work for me Text goes here nvm hm guess it's working now didn't yesterday weird
  16. I like the reference but the sprite is a lil choppy so, 7.5/10
  17. I liked it, but almost 6 minutes of it felt a bit much, especially cause that part around 3 minutes sorta was jarring for me 7.5/10
  18. Sabrina wasn't used to adults responding to her like this. Asking more questions, albeit in what looked to be a mocking manner, about the things she said. It was made even more awkward to her by the height of the man. She wasn't that much shorter than many men but the doctor was much taller than she was used to. It felt like literally being talked down to and she was torn between wanting to explain more and feeling ashamed of what she had said. "I, uhh...." What could she say to that anyway? Still, she gave it a shot. "I, well, felt it...in...my blood." she said, voice trailing off as she realized what that must sound like to a trained doctor. "Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with all of you!?" "Eep!" The girl in the animal costume finally seemed to respond and it was clear that she was angry. "Stop with the fucking destiny bullshit! I don't care how much weebshit you watched, we're not special, no one chose us, none of that shit! That asshole shot himself," As she specifically targeted Sabrina the girl found herself shutting down. Staring at a spot on the floor as she trembled, memories of times before washing over her. The unexpected vitriol completely overwriting the excitement she had felt. "No...not here, not here too!" She wanted to shout but couldn't find herself saying the words. She didn't even notice if anyone said anything else until suddenly the bells sounded and forced her attention elsewhere. Darkness took over and her gasp was drowned out by...whatever it was that had come with the bells. She didn't have enough time to process what was happening before it was gone. The room had changed, if only slightly, and there was yet another person in the room. Person might not be exactly right. Or at least they certainly weren't human. Sabrina stared with mouth agape at the figure who was resting in a chair. The girl sitting there took all of Sabrina's attention. The door, the mark, even the person who had been yelling at her, none of these registered in her mind. In fact she barely even thought about the others in the room until... "Haven't you heard of a little thing called, 'Sleeping Dragon'?! I'm pretty sure we'd be toast if this thing woke up." Which was when Sabrina let out a half-gasp half-garbled exclamation as her previous wonder hit her full force again. Sabrina moved forward and spoke up to the two who had approached the girl. "Fufufu, it is as I thought. M-my dragon b-blood tells me I have n-nothing to fear, f-for this being b-before you surely is, uh, kindred...a kindred spirit! No, I mean a....s-she's probably important somehow!" Sabrina was stammering. Voice shaking not from nerves but from pure excitement. The strange, horned, girl stirred for a moment before finally opening her eyes. Sleepiness still present in her expression, the girl's half closed eyes looked at the two in front of her. Then after a second turned her head to look around the whole room. Then after a second longer she opened her eyes fully and smiled, “oh, hello there. Good morning.” Sabrina rushed over, hesitating partway, before stumbling over herself to stand in front of the girl. "Um. Hi. Uh. Yeah. So...a-are you, er...well...areyouagoddesswhobroughtusheretogiveussupermagicpowersandfighttheforcesofevil?" The girl stared at Sabrina for a moment with a blank expression on her face. Then as if she were hit a revelation to the meaning of Sabrina's words, her expression brightened again. “Oh, no. I am no goddess myself, that would be my lady, Ocean. I am merely her envoy. Who might you be?” Sabrina couldn't contain herself as she jumped up and down and let out a high pitched "squeeing" noise. She knew it! She knew it she knew it she knew it! This was it! This was her true destiny sitting right before her in the form of a cute and strange dragon girl! "I-I'm Sabrina Eve...Dracona Evert! Dracona! Well...I-I guess Sabrina is fine. And, um! I'm...w-wait shouldn't you know who we are?" The girl looked up as if thinking on it for a moment and shook her head. Then, leaning in to inspect Sabrina's hand and arm (which made Sabrina notice, and gawk at, the mark for the first time) the girl said, “sadly my Lady didn’t see fit to give me any specifics. I merely know what it is you are and what you are meant to do.” Sabrina moved closer, vibrating with excitement, her eye shimmering as she said, "a-and what's that? Heroes, right? W-we're heroes?" “I believe the term she used was ‘Exalted.’”
  19. How long had it been down here? It didn't remember. It was once small. Just a little thing that had to escape from predators that were attempting to eat it. Then it found this place. It was shining, shimmering, and it had to find out what this strange feeling coming from it was. Hours, days, years? They passed by and the strange feeling only grew. And with it so did they. Until they became what they were now. All those shiny things now belonged to it. And no predator would dare to take them from it. And yet now there was something up there. Something come here to disturb it. To take its things? So the thing moved. Slowly crossing the floor of the lake and going up, up, up until it finally breached the surface. --- As the dark spot grew in size and got closer Damien stepped back closer to the treeline silently. Not knowing what could be about to breach the surface of the water. Madelyn, having already felt uncomfortable about this place, had already been some distance away and so she just scolded Ryia from afar "My word, why would you just go and poke things you don't understand?" On the other hand Keres felt curiosity overtake her and she stepped closer as if by instinct. As the dark spot got even closer they could see something shimmering atop it and soon something breached the surface. It seemed to be a mound of various magical trinkets. A mirror, a pendent, even various simple coins, among them. Many of which shimmered as the light struck it. And then a claw poked out from under the water. Followed soon after by a giant crab. Thirty feet across and ten feet in height the beast was abnormally huge and every single surface on the crab's body seemed to be coated in the trinkets. Creating a strange sort of armor around its body. The only places that didn't have such protection were its big, meaty, claws, which looked to have shell covering it that was much tougher than any regular crustacean's. As soon as the beast broke the water's surface it reached out with one of those claws towards Keres. In a panic the girl created a geyser of water to strike the claw before it hit her. However, as the water neared the large animal, the magic seemed to falter and the water vanished without so much as touching the crab.
  20. Text goes here Text goes here Text goes here the third one (and this) I used the color code with the # Okay so I think for it to work you 1. Click the thing and put in the color code you want 2. remove the "text goes here" and add whatever text
  21. Wii Poll tournament has 32 nominations now, giving it a couple days to see if more want to nominate.

  22. and now, with my nominations Wii Sports Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer Pokemon Battle Revolution Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love We're at 32. Will wait a couple days to see if we'll get more though
  23. hm, can't say super enjoyed this one, the beginning making me wonder if my speakers were working didnt help. It's just sorta veeeery slow, 5.5/10
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