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  1. very minor gameplay spoilers in the video if you decide to look at that (i checked)
  2. Another beautiful morning in the wasteland! The blue sky above, the hot soil below, and one drop-dead gorgeous gladiator trying to make her dreams a reality. Today, the adventures of Magpie and Doctor Ida who she "worked for" brought them to a little town called Sandy Grove. If Magpie were being perfectly blunt, "Shoddy Grove" was more appropriate of a name. If nothing else, the colosseum she had once risked life and limb in was at least rather well built. Formerly some type of sports arena before the Zero-Reverse Collapse, if the rumors were to be believed. Much unlike this place. This was a post-collapse town if ever she'd seen one. "Well would you look at that. THAT is a fine piece of armor she's got over there, eh Magpie?" The good doctor had directed Magpie's attention to perhaps this town's only redeeming quality. A woman. Or, more specifically, the armor she was wearing. "Sure is. Won't find something like that just anywhere, that's for sure. Wouldn't mind something like that myself." Even a brief conversation with the woman wearing this finely-crafted armor, whose name Magpie had already forgotten, was enough to make it abundantly clearer that the armor, not the person wearing it, was the only redeeming factor of Shoddy Grove. She wanted the armor. Alas. There was a significant case of risk vs reward at play here. Armorlady was armored and armed, while Magpie had no armor to her name besides natural human grit. She did not favor those odds. If she were protected, Magpie would certainly not be against trying to get an upgrade off this woman's corpse, but such lovely thoughts would have to remain in the realm of thought alone. With the only interesting thing about her likely out of Magpie's reach, she elected to leave the woman and her foul attitude alone. That meant all that remained was to see if there was anything else even mildly interesting about Shoddy Grove. She wasn't about to hold her breath over it. Sandy Grove, the town was called. It seemed peaceful, at least. A nice place for Tatsu to take a break in her search for something worth bringing home. And perhaps get a lead on something interesting, if she was lucky. Based on the amount of D-Rigs parked on the outskirts of town, surely there were some travelers who had perhaps heard a story or two worth investigating. And so, once off her bike, Tatsu made for the best place to pick up hearsay and rumors. The market! It was small, but there was a special charm to small markets like this. "Excuse me, maiden of the east!" Tatsu found herself stopped by a hand on her shoulder, belonging to a gruff and stout man, whose wiry face and body hair combined with his general body shape made him not dissimilar to a tumbleweed. Though she wasn't proud to admit it, Tatsu did flinch when a hand was suddenly placed on her shoulder. This man looked like someone who had hopefully seen better days, though Tatsu dare not make such a remark out loud. That would, among other things, be incredibly rude. "Y, Yes? Is something the matter?" The man grinned, showing off more empty spaces than he had teeth, "May I interest you in a curiosity found only on this side of the desert??" Fumbling around inside his ratty coat, the man quickly produced a stoppered bottle, holding it up to the light to display the sloshing liquid inside. "What is it...?" "Oil from a plant long since lost!" Removing the cork, the man took a sniff of the bottle's contents, smiling in ecstasy before replacing the cork. "Tears of the olive." Ah. Olive oil. "From the long-lost olive, you say? Is it alright if I give it a sniff myself before making an offer?" The man narrowed his eyes, clutching the bottle tightly so as not to lose it as he opened it once more and lifted it toward Tatsu's face. And Tatsu, for her part, pulled down the mask from her face enough to let her nose take in the smell of the oil unhindered. And in response, her face made a confused expression. This... wasn't olive oil. She'd know. "I'm sorry sir, but how much did you pay for this?" "Found it!" "Oh, well that's fortunate indeed! But... I'm afraid this isn't olive oil. I'm not sure what exactly it is, but it's not that." Tenderly nudging the bottle back to its owner, Tatsu paused to think for a moment. "Although... if you want actual olive oil..." The man snatched the bottle back, stowing it once again in the folds of his clothing, "As if a bumpkin like you would know!" The nerve! If anything, he was the bumpkin here! "As a matter of fact I would know," Tatsu huffed, pulling her mask back up. "But if you don't want to hear me out I suppose that's your own business." It seemed olive oil was in high demand around here. That was good to know indeed! She wasn't about to say no to free information, so instead started back to her D-Rig. Suddenly, a most unexpected mission had come up as a result of this rather brusque tumbleweed of a man.
  3. Discord's out for everyone right? It ain't just me?

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      Seems that way. I thought it was a service issue.

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      Looks to be a Google Cloud issue, cause Spotify and Snapchat are also down.

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      Ah yes, the online corporate equivalent of putting all your eggs in one basket.

  4. "Y-yeah... besides, I didn't do too much of anything. I can help you walk back if you need... I'm not advanced enough to be able to make something, s-sadly." "Thank you," Morgan smiled, graciously taking up the offer. The ride back home was rather uneventful. A fact for which Morgan was thankful, as it gave her some time to unwind and think back on the battle that had just taken place. Their opponent, her stone and sand-related abilities that were clearly not tied to nen in some way, and that mysterious hole she fell into at the very end. That last one was a point of particular interest. Where did it come from? Where does it lead? Who created it? The urge to know was very strong, but Morgan doubted she would be able to find anything on the subject. There was, of course, one other matter that concerned her. The need for a new limb. Something she'd have to ask Mauvache about. Where she could get replacement parts after battle wasn't much of an issue back home; normally she'd just borrow from whatever villain or monster she was targeting on that day's adventure. But here, the rules were vastly different, not least of all because nen seemed to be a foreign concept.
  5. An exhibition match! Between the coach and her girlfriend! While it was stated outright that the latter wasn't using her preferred deck, she did seem to put up something of a fight all the same. Yet in the end, it was a solid and clean victory for Coach Vega. Which left the briefing on the team's next opponents. Team Shining. Kind of a pretentious name if Eve was being quite honest about her opinions. And their apparent reputation as being a bunch of pricks lined up with that notion perfectly! The action duelist, Lance Sheridan, concerned her in particular. Roughing up your opponents directly in a duel never sat well with Eve. In some turbo circuits back home... back other home, that sort of thing could get you banned for life. Luckily, Sheridan was an action duelist, not a turbo duelist. The odds of somebody getting hospitalized by this guy seemed a lot lower now. Speaking of turbo dueling, once the coach had left the team to their own devices, people naturally started chatting it up with each other, as people often do. Something had been bugging Eve lately. She first noticed it back when she went out on her mini-adventure with Sai, and elected not to mention it because she knew he'd make a non-stop fuss about it. And it seemed like Falisha had a bit of free time, making this the perfect time to bring it up. "Heyyy, Falisha," Eve smiled, approaching the D-Wheel expert of the team. "If it isn't too much trouble, could I ask you to take a look at my bike? I think something's wrong with the brakes."
  6. EMERGENCY MISSION: DEFEAT KUWAGAMON AND HIS ARMY..... MISSION SUCCESS! CONGRATULATION TAMERS! BITS earned: 1000 EXP Earned: 100 Mission complete. Between Shion's unorthodox yet brilliant combat style, Jeanne's support, and Tinkermon... nah, best not to give that bucket of bolts any credit. And she got some of her bits back too! Very nice! And then Tinkermon burst into data, revealing a girl was the digimon the whole time? There must have been some fine print somewhere in one of those tamer classes Shion overlooked, because that was... actually pretty neat. But for logistical purposes, she elected to not think about how things could have been different if she'd picked that class instead. "I can never forgive you for your rude handling of your partner...but I will let it slide this time! You guys really helped a ton!" This Gusto girl sure did turn her attitude around now that the day was saved. Moreover, she was incredibly forward about wanting to be friends. Super forward. Too forward. Whether there was something fishy going on here or not, Shion was taken aback a bit by the sudden and earnest approach. "Ah--er--... Jeanne?" On the best of days she'd hate having to rely on Jeanne for anything. Especially something as trivial as dealing with other people. But this was far from the best of days. She could practically feel Jeanne holding this over her head already.
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