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Found 8 results

  1. Dragon Sign OOC Thread It had been the end in one way or another. Stabbed. Smashed. Poisoned. Burned. Shot. Though it had come in all shapes and forms the end had come to you in one way or another. And there was little waiting for you on the other side. Simply the ever present sensation of floating. Drifting. Sinking. You try to hear. You try to feel. You try to think. But there is little to make sense of, little to understand, and nothing that you can fully comprehend. Time presses on but you can not figure out how long this goes on for. An eternity? An instant? As you drift in this oblivion a voice speaks to you. Perhaps you speak back to it. But you cannot decipher its words nor meaning, and thus any reply you might have made can be equally as understood. Yet, the voice continues. And it finishes. You begin moving. Rushing. Rising. And then - BGM Bong. Bong. Bong The ringing of loud bells echoed throughout the ancient church, signaling that it was time to awaken to all those who had found themselves in it. Those individuals found themselves resting, sitting, in a wooden pew. The seats were all scattered about the floor, not lined up in any particular order though all facing forward. Once they opened their eyes they would be able to take note of several features of the building. One, the floor. Old, dark and wooden, same as the pews, with clumps of large, thick grass scattered about. Second the walls, shimmering as the light reflected off of the multicolored agate stone that made them up. Third, the stained glass window ahead of them. The window ahead of them looked as if sunlight were flooding through it, shining downward into the room. And bizarrely so too did the other six windows, three on either side, in the room. Each had a blue background to it and each depicted some sort of creature or object. To the left; a white bird with the edges of its wings shining like a prism, a gray wolf with arcs of yellow on and around it, and a purple orca with black where one would expect white. To the right; a tree with brown trunk and green leaves, a silver gear with lines of green converging onto its center, and a black stone with cracks of red. In the center at the head of the room it depicted a serpentine creature with antlers protruding from its head, coiled around a golden orb with a black center. The final thing to note was there were no other rooms in this small building. And were they to look backward, they would see no door they could've entered from. OOC
  2. [Super fancy Logo whoa oh my god how does he do it] Premise Rules General Plot Setting Terminology Gameplay App
  3. OOC May 1st, Sunday, 3:13 PM Though the forecast was showing it would be a dark and stormy night, the skies seemed to only be overcast at the present mid-day time. And yet in spite of these bleak looking skies it did little to abate the activities and excitement of the people of Camellia. Though the big city didn't know much in way of rest today was especially abuzz with activity as the people had all filed into the new - several year old - Aspect Stadium, the main hub for all things Blue Rose would be broadcast. The reason was simple. Today was a day for introductions, for promotion and for showcasing. Each and every duelist partaking in the Blue Rose tournament had been called to the new - though in reality five year old - Aspect Stadium; the building where all duels for Blue Rose would be held. All thirty two of them were to listen to the announcer for the event tell them all that was expected for the tournament. The rules, code of conduct, the long and storied tradition and history of the both the tournament and the sport. And finally for the viewers at home a short introduction of each of the players, simply stating all of their names, decks and what province they were representing. When all was said and done, the group was dismissed from the tournament hall and free to go about their business. Upon exiting the stadium proper, they would see a crowd of people who had all been waiting for them, some fans of the sport and some reporters and journalists looking to interview the duelists. Naturally some of the participants were more popular than others, last year's third place being swarmed the moment that she had left the building, and they would deal with their fans and crowds in their own way. The group of tournament participants would be able to spend the rest of their free time however they wished for the day, knowing full well that tomorrow was the start of the games proper. Iris, for her part, didn't particularly feel in the mood to do any press for herself as well. Smiling and waving to all the people who had called out to her, Iris merely continued her way forward and managed to get past all of them. Looking up to the sky the girl frowned, thinking that the gray skies wasn't the best of omens for the coming tournament. Not to mention it was neither sunny nor raining, making her ever present parasol nothing more than a fashionable accessory. Sighing to herself, the girl continued to walk into the unfamiliar city proper, thinking that surely there was something to pass the time with.
  4. [Logo Logo] Host: Skaia, me Introduction Rules Setting Character App
  5. I'll Get a Banner One Day - YUGIOH HORIZONS OOC "The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. The sea is still blue. All of these things marked that today would be a day like any other at Horizon Academy, and likely most of the world, but specifically here. At Horizon. Academy. Where the students were. And the students were here indeed, since move in day is done and we are already through the first week of school here! And so, mysterious transfer students aside, everyone should already have started to get their first assignments and have gotten acclimated to our, thankfully sm- compact and quaint, Campus. But, this otherwise blue sea day would not go like all others. 'Why?' You might be asking yourselves. Well today is the first time clubs and teams and whatever other things kids do after school." "What are you doing?" "Narrating." "Why?" "Because, I'm trying to make clubs sound cool!" Over the loudspeakers throughout campus, the students would briefly hear the bickering and struggling of the two teachers before the first said, "who knows- ack - who knows what new things are in store for our students!" With that, the speaker cut off. Though these antics of the faculty weren't common, they certainly weren't a surprise for the upperclassman either. All the same, what was said was true and today was the first day of team meetings. No truer was this then for the duel team, one that despite past successes had certainly seemed to be on its last legs. Something that would be all too evident by the turnout of students that would show up to today's tryouts. The team had access to a gym, one that seemed to not have much of anything but the waxed wooden floor and white walls. The only other thing to note was that the gym was a lot smaller than the other ones on the school, but the duel team would still find it perfectly serviceable to their needs, as the current seniors had each year before hand.
  6. OOC Though the second battle against the Phantom that the group had faced had been met with both hardship and near death for some, they had managed to pull through and fell the beasts on the island. With the defeat of the phantom, the monsters around the island either immediately collapsed or seemingly wandered off elsewhere aimlessly. The ground that had been blighted by the phantom's presence also seemed to revert to normal. Though it was a strange occurrence altogether, the group was granted with small gem fragments that had washed ashore on the island as their reward. With the mission having been completed they made their way back to the town from which they had taken the job in the first place. Upon reaching there, the group had made their way to their employer, recieving the reward and thanks for completing the task in the first place. With having finished the job he was contracted to do as well, the group had parted ways with Susanoo. With their reward collected, the Iron Falcons made way back to their home base. The walk back home was uneventful, likely a nice reprieve for the group that had just been out at sea, and with it the group had found some peace for the next day upon their arrival. Of course, this did not last the longest as the group was faced with their most dire of situations they had been faced with yet. Were one to look through their pantry they would find their stores remarkably low. And to make matters worse, even were they to get a new job soon, a good deal of the group's weapons were starting to show their wear and tear from overuse, with one in particular no longer having an item. As such, the group was presented with their next task. A shopping trip. Chapter 4 - Interlude Date: 22nd of Aeis, Year 967, Fall Time: 1:47 pm Location: Efreaux, Aeora The place the Iron Falcons had chosen to do their shopping trip to was the nearby town of Efreaux, a small community not too far a walk from their base of operations. Though the town of Efreaux had been one in Eastern Aeora, it was one that the people of the Iron Falcon had aided and visited enough that the people of the village no longer seemed to have the general apprehension towards the more Jouran of the group, be they the person, the mount or the magic from said land. Of course, this was only for both Rona and Ada, as the sight of the newest Jouran to the group was still met with nervous glances as they made their way into town, though no one seemed to actually say anything or indicate that their presence would be little more than a passing problem. Looking to his group, Leon simply said, "well, you all know what we need to get but we don't have work today so feel free to take your time." With that, he allowed the Falcons to split off and take care of whatever it was they needed to do. They would find all manner of different food stalls and shops around the town of Efreaux, whether it be a local butcher or a simple fruit stand. There were various tailors and jewelers scattered about town for those whose clothing had been damaged beyond repair. For those seeking to arm themselves for combat there was even a local blacksmith hard at work, and an apothecary that always seemed stocked up. With very few local mages and clergy, and being located within Aeora, there was nothing in way of shops for tomes and staves for those looking locally. Though there was talk of a strange new merchant who had simply wandered into town and was selling more unique wares. Even without shopping, the Falcons would still be able to simply wander around the village and were they to look at all they would not find it hard to find any sort of odd job around. OOC
  7. A Skaia RP FANCY LOGO GRAPHIC WOOOOO IC Introduction Basic Plot Rules Setting Database App
  8. IC Rules Map Useful Links Current Roster Application Skeleton: The Company Leader For those of you already in the RP you don't need to recreate/repost an app if you don't want to.
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