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Found 6 results

  1. BGM What separates a dream from reality? Is it the unusual nature, the impossibility, of a dream that crosses it from reality into fiction? What then do you do when something impossible happens in your waking world? Does reality then become a dream? And then, in that case, does that mean the dream is now reality? All you heard was four words. "I need your help." All you saw was darkness. At least that was the only way you could process what you saw before you. The pit that was entirely empty. Not just empty. Devoid of existence. Pure nothingness. You didn't have time to feel fear, or anticipation, or anything at all. Yet you had no idea how long you were in that nothingness. And how long you, too, were nothing. When you're enveloped in a blanket of nonexistence it's impossible to tell where you are, when you are, and perhaps even who you are. Thoughts floated past like driftwood. Just out of your reach. And the nothingness continued on for only a moment. And yet, as well, for eternity. When you opened your eyes, or were they already open and you only now had something to see, the landscape was much different than you were used to. It was uncertain where you were and there were only two things you could be certain of. One was that wherever it was you found yourself it was not where you were before. Nor was it the nothingness from an uncertain amount of time ago. And the other was that someone was calling for you. Not audibly. But calling nonetheless. The end of one chapter begins another. The park was empty. At first. And then in a blink, a moment, there were several people standing in its midst. For a second or two they seemed to not really be there. Their outlines blurred, the details of their faces and clothing uncertain, and then there they were. In shocking clarity. To call it a park would be an overstatement to some of them. It was rather small, they could see the end of it any direction they looked, and the number of trees could be counted on an average human's fingers and toes. Several benches were scattered across a path that weaved around these scant few trees in a loosely circular formation. Near each bench was a flowerbed. Perfectly rectangular, which could be proven if one had the proper tool and were inclined to check, and only five feet wide, the flowers in them were as varied in appearances as the people who were now standing in this supposed park. The only noise was a soft bubbling that came from a fountain behind them. It was larger than even the trees, which themselves were 15 feet high, and the base was diamond shaped. The height came from the large statue of a dragon, on two feet and aiming its mouth, from which sprang three arcing jets of water, towards the sky, standing in the middle. Other than the group that had appeared the park seemed empty. No citizens out for a stroll or vagrants using the benches for a bed despite it being nighttime. Not even an animal could be seen. And surrounding this park, which seemed separate somehow from anything else, was a city. Even those from what might be called a "modern world" would think it somewhat unusual. Large buildings could be seen in every direction and neon lights flashing various advertisements and names of establishments. On several buildings were large screens filled with news broadcasts. Subtitled in a language that, though none of them should know, was perfectly understandable to the group. And titled with the words "Prana News" "Seems that the sports stadium will reopen tomorrow. In other news; an attack on the police station was thwarted earlier today. More on that after these sponsors." Followed by an advertisement for some kind of breakfast cereal for children "It glows in the bowl and in your stomach; who said breakfast can't be fun! Try Nuk-O's today!" As they tried to get their bearings each of the group would, again, hear something calling to them. They felt a mental tug which seemed to want them to go somewhere. Somewhere that they instinctively knew was in the center of this city of metal and lights. Whether they followed this tug willingly and directly, or instead went in another direction and tried to ignore it, was up to each individual. Their first steps into a brand new world had begun. OOC
  2. Note: This is a roleplay imported from YCM! ~ YCM IC ~ ~ YCM OOC ~ ~ New NCM IC ~ ~ New NCM OOC ~ hosted by Merciful Idiot أنا لا يموت. أنا لا أعيش كل لها قصة. لدي جود فقط أن تكون أو لا تكون هذا هو السؤال أمشي الطريق إلى الأصل Far away... There is a conversation. Greater powers reflecting on previous events, on this out-of-control disaster called the "Origin War". The Illusive Sky Amongst the dreamlike Illusive Sky, with its rainbow clouds and strange properties, Nobody Isamy was proving to be extremely difficult to engage in direct combat. The warriors-Lydia, Hapshiel, Dorian, Jace, Chandra, Nero, Reimu, Alexander, Alister, Red, Bayonetta, Jeanne, and Ratchet-all fought hard, although their enemy was a cunning one. The Nobody gradually appeared to be gaining intelligence over time. Its Void Inclusion transformations improved, until it was apparent that it was invoking both the skills and the personalities of their loved ones, as well as their own past selves, evading their attacks at every turn. Separating the characters, engaging them one at a time, it was essentially playing mind games with them all... It was a mentally exhausting battle, and despite the damage and wounds they kept succeeding in inflicting upon it, there appeared to be no end in sight. However, as it progressed, the warriors may have noticed that time was beginning to slow down. Everyone’s movements, attacks, even speech were growing duller, gradually deaccelerating in intensity. "Oh.” When Nobody Isamy itself appeared to realise this, it suddenly ceased combat, returning into its original form. With a hint of understanding in that one eye, its calm gaze moved up, towards the heavens. "I’m sorry… I have done what I can, but it looks like this must come to an end.” The being looked sad, but also resigned to its fate. "Salvation… At last, salvation has arrived.” The Shadow Cavern Amongst the unforgiving Shadow Cavern, with its bloodstained earth and nightmarish design, Heartless Isamy was proving to be extremely brutal towards all who opposed her. The warriors-Butler-Ragnarok, Rhadamanthys, Darcy, Bel, Koishi, Satori, the short-haired Tenshi, Atsuko, Gabriel, and even Kyros-had to be constantly on edge due to the aggressive approach their enemy was taking. The Heartless did not shy away with her Void Inclusion, choosing the strongest targets to invoke the powers of, and abusing them as much as she wanted... The problem was only worsened by the presence of the last remaining Herald of Order, Finite. The man once known as Kenpachi. With both Killua and Gon murdered in a tragic turn of events, it was taking Kratos everything he had to hold the godlike Finite back - and if that Herald started backing the Heartless, then there’d be no hope for the others. It was a physically gruelling battle, and despite the damage and wounds they kept succeeding in inflicting upon it, there appeared to be no end in sight. However, as it progressed, the warriors may have noticed that space was beginning to warp. Everyone’s movements, attacks, even speech were taking far more effort, as though an invisible pressure were pressing back, harder and harder. “Ha… Haha…” When Heartless Isamy herself finally noticed this, her dracolich form momentarily paused the onslaught. With a hint of acknowledgment in that one eye, its piercing glare moved up towards the ceiling. “Finally. Finally. Finally she comes! Come over, Finite! Come, watch!” For the first time, the creature was delighted. She beckoned her servant to join her. “Our Happily Ever After! With this, it can all… It can all finally be… over...” Then, all of a sudden, the end came. Countless cracks in the fabric of reality, of time and space, formed abruptly, and proceeded to flooded everything within an instant. Physical distortion that ought to be avoided at all costs, high in the skies, below in the cavern, there was nowhere to run. Cracks were forming, growing everywhere, and they couldn’t be stopped as they spread further and further, widening into ‘nothingness’, threatening to consume anything and everything in their path. Gravity was fading away, and the very laws of physics were failing. It was almost like someone had picked up a divine sledgehammer, and slammed it into both worlds. There was nowhere to run, no exit to retreat into, and no way to resist. For all their power, surviving something like this would be utterly impossible. Those who’d been there in the Inner Periphery knew all too well what this horrific occurrence was-the dreaded feeling that one had when the very realm they existed in was about to break apart. Within that destruction, a few may glimpse of that otherworldly phenomenon, that Anomaly, tearing into the reality from outside. And just like that, both the Illusive Sky and the Shadow Cavern shattered. _____________NOTHINGNESS_____________ [INTERLUDE IN OBLIVION] [/INTERLUDE IN OBLIVION] . . . The many warriors of the multiverse started to awaken, finding themselves surrounded by absolute darkness. What had just happened? Only moments prior they’d been fighting for their lives, facing either the Nobody or the Heartless Isamy. However, after time started slowing down, and the realms shattered, everything after that was a blank. Even the memory of their conflict with the two Isamys were faint, wrecked, missing pieces. And now, with seemingly no solution, the warriors were drifting equally across oblivion. They were powerless, barely conscious. It felt like they were in a fading dream. Unable to move, unable to think, lacking the strength to defy their fates. Merely existing. Drifting. As the emptiness and nothingness dragged on, there was some innate understanding in each and every one of them that they were slowly fading away. That this was how they were going to perish. Still. In the far-off distance, the voice of some young, British-accented male could be heard, resonating across this empty, desolate space. His words were faint, strange, and may not have made sense to any of them even if they could discern what he was saying. Eventually, it seemed as though he had reached a point and concluded his statements with a positive, hopeful request. Surely this wasn’t aimed at them. ‘Years’? ‘Narrative’? ‘Grand Crossover RP’? Was any of that supposed to mean anything? . . . Then, When it was all supposed to be over, the oblivion was overcome by a bright light, a beautifully warm energy. A new sound emerged. An almighty sound, filled to the brim with an unparalleled radiance. The holy voice of an unusually-frustrated goddess- Dammit Merci! You had one job. ONE job. All I wanted was to watch a good victory, and pass on peacefully… But how exactly am I supposed to have a nice rest when everything’s been left in ruins like this? Seriously, where’s Dan when you need him? Who’s gonna stop Isamy now, huh? Who’s gonna save these people from oblivion, HUH??!?!? This... This is cruel. It should’ve just been a squabble between me and that man. Isamy and her Divine, the Counter Guardians and their Corps-this wasn’t supposed to be their battle, their war. But they were forced out of their own lives, dragged and enticed into this mess, and now they have to pay the price. Is there really no one left? Thy really don’t have anyone else? … So, it’s just like Emiya said. Fine. Fine... I GET IT, FINE!! Then I guess I’ll just have to DO IT MYSELF!!!!!!!! With that declaration, golden light effortlessly pierced through the emptiness of this oblivion-and in an instant, they were all swept away. Epiloguous Moments afterwards, the warriors of the multiverse found themselves floating in space. Breathable space, in fact! When they looked around, they would see that all the other survivors of the Illusive Sky/Shadow Cavern were with them. Curiously enough, Team Eria was there too - looking like they came from a huge battle of their own. As a whole, it seemed like everyone had been gathered here. The warriors would feel as light as a feather, capable of moving about just by thinking about it. A colourful, rainbow nebula surrounded them, and although the stars looked so close that they could reach out and grab one, those stars were indeed light years away. It was a bizarre, yet majestic sight. Still, it must’ve been hard to tell what exactly just happened. For all they knew - particularly those who’d never heard that voice before - this was just the work of another enemy. That is, until a being materialised at the heart of this galactic realm. ~ La Roux - Bulletproof ~ There was no intense pressure radiating from her. No world-ending energy like there was with Isamy. Just this random, out-of-place lady. Her hair was a vibrant crimson, her eyes were heterochromatic, and she garbed in a kimono elaborate with gold and red designs mimicking flames that, with each movement, made them resemble a burning fire. Despite this relatively mundane stature, the being didn’t seem in the least intimidated by the massive assortment of seasoned warriors surrounding her. If anything, she was oddly calm for the situation. “Well, let’s on with it, shall we?” The woman said, smiling as she twirled her umbrella at the center of all these warriors. “Hi! I’m Itsu Fudo. Blessed Mother of Hearth, Divine Sovereign of the Ryuusei Cluster, and your friendly neighborhood Sun Goddess. If this is your first time meeting me, it’s a pleasure.” Itsu Fudo. The name of that divine woman, who'd been involved in the Origin War since the very beginning. For those who’d previously fought by her side, there had always been a sense that she knew far more about the war than anyone else - even the Counter Guardians. Yet, despite her vast array of knowledge and her personal connection to Protheus and Isamy, not once did she give away the answers. Then, when they entered the Pathway to Origin, she vanished just like that. Leaving her friends, her daughter, and everyone else. Just like that, she’d disappeared. “Of course, most of you probably already know me. I was a member of the Counter Corps from the start. My physical form went through a lot of changes though, so I don’t know what you’d remember me as - so I became this familiar, then got split in two, then got mashed together in this unstable form. That last one wasn’t stable though, ended up breaking apart in the Pathway to Remembrance. Kinda died. Embarrassing. Well, looks like I’m back for one last go…or at least I think I’m back.” The lady paused, a little confused about what to say next, but then proceeded to gesture towards her surroundings. “When I fell, my divine essence found its way here. The place calls itself Epiloguous. It’s a bit weird, kinda like a observatory. Some sort of secret location in the Pathway to Origin. I’ve got a bit of a link to Isamy, so maybe, maybe that’s why.” Glossing over that fact, she moved her hand, and screen materialized around her - they showed chunks of ice, and cherry blossoms, stone monoliths, all floating in darkness. The remains of the Pathways. “Basically. I’ve been watching you guys all this time. So no need to introduce yourselves or get me up to date. It’s been one hell of a time, huh? Your journeys, your fights, everything that’s been going on… I was powerless from here, but dear me, there are so many things that frustrate me... Those Counter Guardians especially! Damn I wish I could’ve decked that Arturia in the face myself, the hell was up with that?!” Snapping all of a sudden, she felt the need to punch the air, before calming down. “Anyway…” Itsu waved the screens away. With a sigh, she proceeded to start spinning, and her eyes started to go over the many warriors. Observing them, one by one, in a moment of silence. You’ve all had it really rough, huh?“ She said, gently. To Atsuko, she gave her daughter a smile. To Eria, Arthur, and their friends, she gave them a small, sad nod. To Nero, a thumbs up, telling him not to feel guilty over what happened. To Butler-Ragnarok and Darcy, a shrug, as if to say ‘guess you’re here too, oh well’. To Kratos… a silent look of apology. To Alister, Dorian, and Nanashi, her eyebrow raised with a certain level of intrigue at what they were. And towards Gabriel and all the others, a simple look of encouragement. Although she said nothing, it felt a bit like Reunion when they’d each been singled out and analysed. However, this time, there was a clear difference. “Hey. It’s okay. Between all that tension, all that adrenalin, it’s okay to relax for a little while. Give me a second.” This lady just genuinely wanted to make sure they were all okay. Raising out her arms, she chanted a small spell. A wave of high-level magic healing followed, proceeding to wash over the warriors of the multiverse. Their wounds, and their exhaustion, were refreshed. “It’s really easy to lose track of time in the Pathway, but at the end of the day, you’ve all been at it for seven hours now. Seven hours! Seven hours of travelling, personal introspection, and battling titans. Aren’t you guys exhausted?” Itsu pointed out the most the obvious fact in the world. ”Whether it’s been three days or several years, a war is a war. It couldn’t have been easy. I’m sure you lost many allies, and I’m sure there’s a lot for you all to process too.” Sure, there may have been warriors here and there with incredible amounts of stamina, with self-sustaining powers, with a degree of immortality. But the vast majority of them probably weren’t like that - they were normal, living people who just happened to know how to fight. Thus, without even noticing, they might’ve stretched themselves to their limits. They might’ve even strained themselves far beyond that. “Epiloguous is disconnected from the Door’s timestream, so as far as Isamy is concerned, time has frozen. We can’t chill here forever, obviously… But for a while, I’d say there’s no harm in one last break, you know?” However, as much as taking a break was a pleasant thought, there was an important duty to attend to. All of reality was at stake. Their greatest enemy had the Key of Origin in her possession, and without anyone to stop her, it was all but guaranteed that she’d rush to open the Door of Origin the instant she had that opportunity. They could relax for now, and yet, taking it easy was absolutely not an option. “Hey. Isamy needs to be defeated, that’s for sure. But I’ll be honest, considering what was about to happen out there… When you return to the battlefield, the very act of defeating her could be difficult.” Itsu stated bluntly. “Before you entered oblivion, did you see ‘that’? It’s an Anomaly made of distortions that entered Origin a little ago, and has since wrecked all the Pathways on its way here. I think... I think somehow, that’s the other part of Isamy. That is what’s left of Isabella, who led the Divine. That she followed us all here. It’s the only thing that would make sense.” The original Isamy had two components - Ameliorer and Isabella. Ameliorer split herself into the Nobody and Heartless in an attempt to hold everyone back, but ultimately, they were both still Ameliorer. As for Isabella, all the distortions she’d spread everywhere may have wrecked her very existence, but ultimately, she was still Isabella. “If I’m right and both components have met, your final enemy may very well be the complete, original Isamy Maximus. I struggle to imagine to imagine anything more dangerous than that.” From the beginning of the Origin War, right up to this final battle, the warriors had only ever had to face one half of Isamy. But now, “We’re talking about a Herald who surpassed Protheus long ago. She thinks of herself as a hero, but even before the Origin War, the Neighborhood Watch knew her as one thing and one thing only - an unstoppable catastrophe. I’m afraid she’ll be far tougher than any enemy, any monster you guys have ever faced in the war so far. With reality at stake, I can’t afford to be cheap about this. I’m sorry but… I’m not sure if it’ll even be possible to beat her. There’s a real chance you guys will lose in your current states.” Then, after a heavy, tense silence… “Of course… that’s just in your current states, anyway!” Itsu grinned, and clicked her fingers. Prepared to give them the opportunity of a lifetime. At first, nothing happened. “You know. I’m willing to bet there’s not a single person here who didn’t get some power-up since joining the war. Each of you have learned, and grown, and probably gotten a lot stronger too. But! Even if it feels like years, the Shadow Realm was only three days ago. The Desert Seth was two days ago. The Sphere Forest was yesterday. And again, despite its many trials and hijinks, we’ve only been on the Pathway to Origin for seven hours!” When she pointed it, it really felt ridiculous. Everything must’ve felt so long ago to the characters. “There’s only so much anyone can change in such a short, insignificant amount of time. The fact you all came so far in just three days in incredible.” Then, as if on cue, a single, shining star left the galactic sea around them, and it started to approach the group of warriors. Then another followed. And then another. They were like tiny wisps, leaving behind trails of light. Star-wisps. “If that’s the case, then imagine if you had months to hone your abilities? Years? A lifetime, even? You win the war, and live out the rest of your life, growing stronger and growing stronger - imagine you could skip all that time, and make that potential of yours real?” She said, raising out her arms. “Alternatively, I’m aware some of you are like me - people who were once gods, who have grown weaker - in which case, imagine if you could regain that former glory? Recover a level of strength lost to time?” The goddess proceeded to hold her umbrella up into the air, as if beckoning the star-wisps forward. “The power of the future, and the power of the past. It may not be much in the grand scheme of things, but I can at least do this much for you guys.” Itsu offered, before proceeding to explain. “I’m linked to Isamy due to...complicated circumstances that happened in the past. Thanks to that direct link to the Key of Origin, I can access its power to open miniscule holes within the Door—you probably know a bit about the power of ‘Void Inclusion’ she kept abusing throughout her battles. Well, that was her taking advantage of those gaps, invoking other people’s Origins. However, she doesn’t comprehend its true potential. I don’t think she ever will.” In moments, there must have been about forty of them wantonly zipping about, filling the air above the cast with hopes and dreams. For each character, one specific wisp seemed to be especially drawn towards them. “If you embrace it, you’ll tap into your Origin, and perform your very own Void Inclusion. Might feel funny, but you’ll momentarily transcend time and space. You can reach into your future and retrieve the power of your prime future self. Gain abilities that you have yet to hone, weapons that you have yet to obtain, a level of experience that you have yet to earn. You won’t have their memories, but everything will be yours to command. Or, if you want… you can reach into the past instead, and regain the power your past self once had. Whichever suits you better.” All of the star-wisps proceeded to fly down, at which point it was clear that there was one for every single character present. Each wisp stopped directly before their correspondent user. “Considering the amount of potential you guys have, and considering how strong I know so many of you already are, I can only imagine the differences it’d make. Of course, if you get weaker, don’t blame me!” She continued cheerily. “I know it must sound pretty scary. To change. To become someone different. Well, you know yourself more than anyone. I have no idea what your pasts were like, or what your futures are gonna be. At the end of the day, this is all totally up to you.” The stage was set, and an opportunity to level the playing field had been given. There was a good chance their enemy would be the original Isamy Maximus. The Isabella version alone had brought the multiverse to a standstill by spreading her distortions, and the cast had experienced plenty of the trouble that came with the Ameliorer, as a psychic ghost, Hollow, as well as Heartless and Nobody. One could only imagine how their experiences would combine, and what sort of terrifying force that would create. The mere thought of it was worrisome. Thankfully, at least, the majority of the cast could rest assured that they weren’t immediately launched into that battle after consecutively facing Isamy’s multiple forms. After some time, Itsu spoke again, now seeming drained as she clutched tightly onto her umbrella. “For now, time has been frozen. If any of you have any lingering questions, now is your final chance to ask. Questions about Protheus and Isamy, the history behind the Origin, and more are welcome too. I’ve been, well, quiet. About a lot of things. And you guys, you’ve suffered more than enough that you deserve this transparency. I won’t be cryptic. I promise I’ll answer everything to the best of my ability.” If anyone was paying particular attention to her form, then they might have noticed a certain that, from the feet up, it almost looked like Itsu was beginning to fade away. It was only natural. She hadn’t merely been offering some help, but actually used up what remained of her own power to make the smallest of differences, for the sake of the multiverse. Without drawing attention to it, she continued. “Once everyone’s ready... you’ll be returned to the Door of Origin. My essence can’t exist outside anywhere else, so ‘fraid I won’t be able to help much more than this. ” Itsu said sadly. “Whatever happens from here on out, let me just say this—” Finally, she took a step back, giving the warriors of the multiverse their own well-deserved space. “Only through change are we going to win this. Good luck.” This was Epiloguous—their last chance. Between the potential for power and the potential for answers, it was clear that this was it. The endgame. The place where they would determine the finale of the Origin War. The characters had no idea whether they would survive the final battle. Accessing their own futures may be possible, but the nature of time didn’t apply to the Pathways. And even if they did survive, they had no idea what would happen next, and whether they would ever see one another again. There was no telling what would happen. Hence, if there was anything they had left to say, anything they had to resolve, then it was clear this would be the final opportunity to do so. The characters may have any lingering questions, or may want any further information to prepare for the final battle. A lot of otherworldly phenomena had happened during the Origin War. Confusing plots, inexplicable events, and in just three days, a lot of things had happened to keep track of. Even when there’d been a supposed ‘guide of Origin’ in Byakuya, all his answers were mysterious and unclear. Hence, with Itsu Fudo making herself readily available, the goddess was in the best possible position to give those difficult answers. Finally, the characters had an opportunity before them. A star-wisp hovered by each individual, following them wherever they went. There was something about the star-wisp itself that was simply—beautiful. Captivating. Magical. To the point of eliminating all doubts. Something in their minds stirred, as though this were a part of them they never knew they had, and there was something so utterly amazing about it that drew anyone in. If they embraced it, they could attain the Power of the Future, or the Power of the Past. Yet, that was ultimately their own choice. They could go for it immediately, they could take their time and maybe talk with the others, or they could refuse altogether. That was the beauty of the freedom of choice. Warriors. It’s time to act. . . . IF EMBRACED:
  3. Hello......hello. Again? No, that's not right. Hello for the first time, for you at least, everyone. I hope this message gets through. You see...there have been some problems in my universe. Oh, right, there's multiple universes. Don't worry you'll understand eventually. Anyway something has gone horrible wrong. And the only hope we have is...all of you. No pressure. Well. Perhaps a small, just a tad, a smidgen really, bit of pressure. I, we, really need your help. You won't be alone and, even if you find yourself in the unfamiliar, take heart that you have comrades. You will fight together. Live together. Argue with. Forge bonds. Perhaps even more. At least...I hope so. Perhaps you'll just kill each other. This isn't an exact science. It's not even science at all, not really, actually. But that's enough from me. There's plenty more to say and I, while I'm a wonderful orator, would take far too long to explain it all. Rules Premise Setting Applications Accepted Apps If you do join please be able to stay dedicated to somewhat frequent posting. I want this to work and not just be a "fun thing to play around in for a month then leave" so be sure to pick your character carefully. They're gonna be with you for a while. If you're unsure about anything let me know. I'll try and point out anything I see as problematic but don't feel down if I do it's kinda just my nature. Lastly I won't have a solid limit on number of players but if I feel it's too much I'll make a limit. Well...there you have it, let's get this going!
  4. [DA PLOT] A convergence has happened. In the world of Pokemon, new creatures akin to them have appeared. They came from another world, here to live in ours. Some were instinct-driven, integrating themselves into ecosystems. Others had the minds of men, and could live among them easily. They were beings known as Duel Spirits, and they have come to stay. Today, they're spread across the world of Pokemon, but one region in particular - the K'nomi region - has the greatest concentration of these Duel Spirits. They were the first region in the world to allow Duel Spirits to be used in official Pokemon League battles and tournaments. Gym Leaders, Eite Four, even the Champion used them. The K'nomi region treated them like Pokemon, fellow humans, and of course, there is always those who want to use them as tools. Within this saga, different tales will be explored. Are you part of a detective agency that investigates problems caused by Duel Spirits throughout the region, helping those who cannot adapt to these newfangled creatures? Are you out to find Duel Spirits that are on the level of Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, believing that they might clash with the Legends of our world? Or are you out to fight Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, the Champion? Well, I basically took someone's old idea from 2010s YCM. I've been thinking of remolding it for a while. I guess I might have to think hard about some mechanics. For the time being, only Fusion will be an actual card game mechanic used here while I imagine others like Synchro Monsters, Link Monsters and the like are regular evolutions or even standalones. I suppose Synchro summoning mechanics could be integrated easily. I imagine most monsters will have evolutionary lines based on aspects of their lore. Once we get into accepting phase, a lot will be explained.
  5. Note: This is a long-running roleplay imported from the YCM forum~ ~ YCM IC ~ ~ YCM OOC ~ ~ New NCM IC ~ ~ New NCM OOC ~ . . . hosted by Merciful Idiot . . . The Grand Crossover RP The stars glinted through the darkness of space, displayed by a glass wall. A knight in red appeared to confront a young girl, who stood idly by the mechanical corridor. Although she didn't turn around, she already understood what kind of entity stood behind her. A Counter Guardian - defender of reality. “There have been plenty of people like you in the past who’ve tried to accomplish the same thing." Emiya said confidently, carrying falchions in both hands. "Hitler. Thanos. Paradox. They’ve all failed. What makes you think you’re any different?" “It's simple." Tapping her spacial scythe against the glass a few times, Isamy Maximus seemed quite confident. Prepared for a fight at any given moment, the knight gripped his blades tighter. "You see, unlike those poor excuses of life, I've walked through the Pathway to Origin and bore witness its end. As it seems, my dream is noble enough for the Door to acknowledge. Can you believe that?" Emiya stared in disbelief. She, of all people, managed to reach the Door? How was that even possible? And if so, how could she be here? But he wouldn't be getting his answer. Turning to face him, Isamy revealed a wide grin that looked unnatural on her otherwise-innocent face. "I think it's cute that you formed a team just for me, but my Divine will crush these Counter Corps of yours. At this point, I can no longer be stopped. I will find the Key, that Door will be opened, and I WILL rewrite the rules of this reality!" "You think you're a hero. But to me, and to the multiverse, you're nothing but a monster." Her heterochromatic expression seemed glazed over, almost as though she were watching something else, dreaming of a faraway place. "Give up now while you still have the chance, Counter Guardian." The knight remained silent for a moment. "We can at least try." ... Then, suddenly, Emiya took a step forward. "And if we win," He advanced, causing Isamy's eyes to widen in surprise. Confused, she impulsively stepped back. Refocusing on the warrior in front of her. As if this strange man had just gone off-script. As if he'd defied her every expectation. She could sense it - in that one action, he was opposing the very laws of time and continuity. "Wha-" "Isamy Maximus... Don't say I didn't warn you." PLOT: RP INFO (for catchup/reminders): Rules: Application: (TBA) Accepted Characters (Counter Corps / Divine / Other) My Characters + Tier List GCRP Arc Summaries There are tons of dead roleplays out there, but wouldn't it be cool if you could reuse those characters, the ones you poured your heart and soul into making? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could have them interact with characters from other roleplays? Wouldn't it be absolutely amazing to have them work alongside each other or battle against each other? There's so much potential to this concept. This is an RP, or to be exact, a Grand Crossover RP. A GCRP, created to achieve that simple purpose. Well, without further ado,Hope you guys enjoy this ride~! (Note: For any inquiries or comments, feel free to bring them up either here in the OOC or in the Skype/Discord group chats)
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