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  1. https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/abaddon-the-despoiler-needs-trimming/

    Long shot on here, but may as well try. Could use help trimming down the last 10 cards of this EDH deck.

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    2. radio414


      okay, going through these one at a time, it seems like you've alredy figured out most of your cuts but I'm also not a fan of balor, tzaangor shaman, mutalith vortex beast, or blood for the blood god!. dark ritual and scroll rack are also a bit too cute, i'm not sure they're actually going to do what you want, but i'm down on dark ritual outside of specific decks anyway.

      as for what to add to make you more resilient, if you want to be a tribal deck i would look at generic tribal cards like kindred discovery to draw cards or patriarch's bidding to get your demons back from the graveyard. you're also a black deck so mass reanimation like living death is also an option.

      mass reanimation also wins games but for extra spice you're in the tribe with liliana's contract as a wincon so consider that as well.

    3. Bel


      Balor's mostly there for extra damage and being a decently costed 5/5 demon. I get wanting to cut Mutalith Vortex Beast since it honestly doesn't do much, but why Tzaangor Shaman, Dark Ritual, and Scroll Rack?


      Also, what would your advice be if I want to focus more on the spellslinging aspect of the deck? 

    4. radio414


      i don't like tzanngor shaman because i don't think your spells are good enough (with spellslinging it's a different story). i don't like balor because it's just so slow to do anything and what it does do is be mildly annoying. i don't like dark ritual because with so many big mana spells you're trying to cast i feel like i'd rather it be a permanent ramp piece like a mana rock and i don't like scroll rack because while i get what you're going for -- casting a spell in your hand off of cascade -- there are only a couple cards that really really want to be cast off cascade and it's not a great card besides that specific instance. as i said before, it's a bit too cute but also edh is about pet cards so go nuts if you want to keep it.

      for spellslinging i'm imagining cards like flame rift, volcanic fallout and pestilence doing a lot of work, putting up large amounts of damage for your commander andto turn on big alternate-cost spells like treasure cruise, cave in, and gush.

  2. Anyone here play the Pokemon TCG? I've been looking to get into it and buy a deck soon, so it'd be nice to have someone knowledgeable in the game to talk to before I commit to anything.

    1. LordCowCow


      Only person I know for sure has abandoned us but maybe the call of Pokemon TCG can bring him out

      @Cheshire Toon

    2. Bel


      It's ok lol, I was able to learn the game and built a few decks already. Thanks, though!

  3. The correct answer is, of course, "yes" anyway, so it's not like it really needs to be asked :).
  4. I hate that I'm going to say this due to my unironic love-hate relationship with the already excessively praised game, but Elden Ring for sure. I've had a lot of fun with it despite its glaring flaws, and I really enjoy helping people in co-op, random or otherwise.
  5. Pineapple on pizza Y/N
  6. I like the original version a bit more, though:
  7. Hector had had time to kill today, which was incredibly convenient since today was the day he and four others would officially become a team. He felt genuinely excited even if his face was currently hidden by Steelswarm Moth’s intense but rather blank expression. After all, one of the initial reasons Hector had signed up for Battle Horizon was to meet fellow duelists and eventually form a social group in his new home of Japan- even if only online. He neglected to do so, though, becoming more caught up in the single-player and story-related content. Sure, he would interact with other players every so often, dueling and socializing, and was active enough with others to be recognizable if you hung around the same places he did. Hector even got an invite from a clan or two, but usually he would just feel out of place and uncertain if it was even necessary to join a clan with how long he had been playing solo. “I’ll join a clan once I’ve gotten more experience,” Hector would tell himself, which naturally caused the plan to constantly get pushed back due to Hector’s subtle perfectionism. When Royal Flush fell apart, however, and especially when KaibaCorp announced the new superboss event, he decided it was finally time to do what he originally set out to do: join a clan. There was certainly no shortage of new clans now; dozens popped up each day as seemingly everyone desired to be the next hottest clan by taking down the superboss. “I guess I really have no excuse not to join with a group anymore,” Hector thought. “A brand new clan won’t have a ‘subculture’ to learn and acclimate to, and it more than likely won’t have any strange trials or hazings to pass. Fine. It’s well past time.” So, Hector looked. He would casually wander through Battle Horizon’s world, observing those individuals and groups who caught his attention. His Battle Horizon pet, a curious monster named Steelswarm Scout, had actually ended up being rather helpful in this search, essentially acting as a second pair of eyes and excitedly flying towards something that would catch his attention. It was a… somewhat slow process at first. There were a LOT of people to sift through, so Hector decided to focus on first impressions: appearances, how they carried themselves, how they spoke when he would approach them, and of course, how they would duel if he came across them in the middle of a duel. Not long after that, he met Teimei. Hector’s notice of Teimei was as good as it could have been. She looked like a swordstress from a cyberpunk future, a neat and sleek design Hector felt stood out from many of the other players and was immediately fond of. Her demeanor, while not “unfriendly”, was cold and austere, befitting her look well and her status as a potential team leader. Hector couldn’t help but already feel respectful of her, “familiar” too, given his exposure to similar people throughout the business world. Last, but certainly not least, Teimei seemed skilled in dueling. Her profile listed many wins outweighing her losses, and when Hector first met her, she had actually been in the middle of a duel. Well, more like the end of it, as her Shiranui samurais had quickly burned through her opponent’s defenses and lifepoints after some cleverly executed plays. “I think… I think she’ll be a good one. Hopefully she’ll be as good a leader as she impresses.” They had talked, exchanged messages, and Hector’s entrance into her fledgling clan was that. They only had to meet today around 2 PM to make the clan official. He logged on early to avoid potentially missing his meetup with the others, and so far had been killing time by people watching. Activity was certainly still as high as it had been when the superboss was announced, and Hector was enjoying looking at the way other players had designed themselves to look in-game. He… also made a habit of eavesdropping on conversations. Steelswarm Scout also seemed to be enjoying the boisterous activity, flying constantly from place to place in search of new interactions to observe. Every so often, some of the players he would spy on would have pets of their own, and a small, entertaining game of tag, “stealing”, or scuffle would ensue. Eventually, Hector had lost track of time, and he was getting slightly impatient to finally meet with the others. From among the other team of players, mostly mingling among themselves save for the robot-looking player who was busy dealing with the NPC in the room, one of their number stood up. He was a man of pale skin, and considerable height. An intricate tattoo adorned his neck, and his attire wouldn't look out of place in any real-life setting of today. The tall man gave Hector a nod of acknowledgement. "Yo. Neat cape." Hector smiled behind his Moth’s visage, and nodded his head in appreciation to make his reaction more obvious. "Thanks," he said, flourishing the wing-like tapestry behind him. "Maybe one day I'll actually be able to use these 'wings' as actual wings on here, but until then, I think they make a fine adornment." Hector looked over the man more keenly now, checking out his own attire. He looked... fairly casual compared to many of the other players around, even the group he had come from. The one distinguishing feature he did have, though, was an intricate tattoo on his neck. Normally, Hector wouldn't have been fond of tattoos so close to the face, but seeing how this was technically a game still... "Interesting tattoo design. I don't think I recognize it as the symbol for any monsters. Does it mean anything?" "Dunno, actually. It's the same as what I've got on my real neck, I just thought it looked neat. Looks like I'm not the only one." "Ah, I see," Hector replied. Even in real life, it was difficult to discern Hector's internal reactions beyond what he deliberately allowed, but he was still thankful of having Moth's visage active to cover up any potential negative expressions. A neck tattoo in real life? Rather... distasteful in his opinion. Still, it wasn't like it was an obscene design, and it really was rather eye-catching in a more positive way. More importantly, the man had been cordial to him, and if there was one thing Hector enjoyed, it was compliments. "Well, maybe you can go back to where you got the tattoo from and ask. It would be interesting to hear about its background." Hector looked back to where the man had come from, paying closer attention to what seemed to be his teammates. A pink-haired girl with a rather stern expression caught his eye, and Hector couldn't help but give a small chuckle at the contrast. "Are those your teammates? Are you guys just forming your group too?" He asked. "Oh, and what's your name?" "Yep, that's the squad over there. Team Rising Star, the boss said we'd be called, since the plan is to rise up to the top and all. Me, I'm just here for a good time. You can call me Max, or you can use my username of Viator, I don't really mind either way." Nodding toward those among Hector's teammates that had assembled in the building, Max asked in return "That your team?" "Not a bad name all things considered," Hector replied, "Though- and maybe I shouldn't be encouraging the 'competition' and all- but it'll definitely take work to live up to that name." Hector's attention briefly turned towards a rather loud and boisterous group proudly proclaiming their presence and intent to be "better than Team Royal Flush". "Some certainly deserve a title more than others," he said, his Moth visage clearly glaring. "Anyway, I'm 9Inversions, though I guess you can call me... 9? It's a mouthful, I know." Hector followed Viator's nod. He laughed. "Ha, yeah. And I showed up early to be one of the first ones present, but it looks like they all beat me to it." Hector turned back towards Viator and extended his hand. Perhaps a very formal gesture in this world, but old habits die hard. "It was good to meet you. Maybe we'll see each other later. You and the rest of your team." "Good meeting you too, 9. I'm sure we'll see each other again before long, if we're walking the same path and all." They parted ways after that, and Hector quickly set out to meet his new teammates. He felt… somewhat shy, oddly enough, despite being no stranger to interviews, formal meetings, and the like. Perhaps it was the novelty of the occasion, or maybe it was excitement manifesting as “nervousness”. Regardless, Hector brushed off the feelings and strode confidently towards the others, his cape flowing elegantly behind him as his pet Steelswarm chittered after him to catch up. The Scout grabbed onto his shoulder, resting atop it as Hector waved with the opposite arm. “Good afternoon,” Hector called out, his yellow eyes already examining them. It looked like they had all just gotten here, with nothing “official” underway yet. “Funny how you all technically got here before me; I’ve been lurking around Blue City for the past hour or so.” Hector billowed his cape, taking care that it wouldn’t become messy and wrinkled as he sat down and waited for their meeting to begin. "Thank you all for coming. I know we don't all have to be here for the charter being submitted, but we're going to be working together from now on, so I'd like us to all take the first step together, as a unit. Additionally, I'd like to ask everyone a couple of questions, as a group. We're all a team now, and as such, we should make decisions as a team. With that in mind, I'd like to hear any suggestions you may have for a team name. And, also as a team, I'd like to know what you all think is the most important thing that makes a team successful. Not because I plan to copy others who have risen to success, but because I want us to blaze our own trail to victory, and eventually to that mystery boss everyone's getting ready for." Hector waited to speak, wanting to gauge the other members’ behaviors and ideas before offering anything of his own. The first to speak was Ivy9d, and her behavior was… definitely exuberant, confident, albeit maybe a tad too excessive on the display of eagerness. At least she was invested, and an interested cooperator was definitely a much more reliable and useful teammate than someone who cared little or only for niche things in an endeavor. Her ideas were actually pretty decent too. Aside from those details, Hector liked her name, thinking it sounded cool, and it coincidentally also had a 9 in it like his. Her black suit reminded him of the Evilswarms’ black carapaces, though judging by her name and more notably, the sword she so proudly brandished and leaned on, she probably wasn’t a fellow lswarm user. “Likely a plant user judging by her name and her sword’s branch-like design. Good individual theming; I can appreciate that,” Hector thought to himself. Steelswarm Scout also seemed to have taken an interest in her sword, and slid off Hector’s shoulder to get a closer look at it. Then was… Crimson_Star. Oh man, Crimson_Star. Hector said nothing, but his posture did shift. He crossed his legs and leaned upon the armrest next to him, tilting his head to rest upon his hand as the nobleman went on and on about records and skill and even longer about “simple game mechanics”. “So… ‘extra’,” Hector thought with a hidden smirk, “Clearly trying way too hard to evoke a sense of refinement and intelligence. And I thought Ivy had been trying to show off.” His eyes glanced over Crimson’s attire. Hector couldn’t really guess on his “theme” since he basically just looked like a human with some fancy clothes on. Very fancy clothes on. “At least his clothes look good. Maybe I'll get my tailor to design me something similar." When it finally came time for Hector to speak, he merely straightened and spoke clearly. “I’m not sure I can answer that question,” Hector replied, “At least, not yet. Other teams have names based on a particular aesthetic, theme, or concept they strive to embody or that others have recognized them for. Maybe we should wait until we get a solid team composition and do a few raids and events to see what could fit us best. Then again…” Hector looked over at the registration NPC. Teimei had to turn something in to officially create the team. Hopefully whatever she ended up using was good, and if not, then hopefully it was possible to change it later on. He shifted his gaze to the other players assembled with him and thought. Hector didn’t know their decks yet, which is why he had been paying attention to their avatars’ designs and usernames for an idea. Other than Teimei, Crimson, and Ivy, there was… just thelegend27. He stood out to Hector, mostly because he was the only other person there who wasn’t using a completely human avatar. Technically speaking, Hector used a human avatar himself, but you currently wouldn’t be able to tell due to the Steelswarm Moth “headpiece” being active in addition to the rest of his design. “Definitely an insect user. Seems unusually chipper for some reason.” After a few more moment of silence, Hector spoke up again, though he figured his suggestions weren’t as good as what had been offered so far. “So… two insects, a plant, a nobleman, and a warrior,” Hector finally said aloud. “I don’t know… Garden of Eyes? The Wicked Garden? Those kind of fit with what we currently have. Too specific, though. Maybe Parasol, since we’re a fairly varied group by the looks of it, but we’re under the same umbrella?” Hector paused as he thought some more. “… Team… Excel. No, Excise. Team Excise. We’ll be a cut above the rest if we manage to pull this off, and we’ll certainly have to cut off and through anyone who tries to stop us so that they’ll no longer even be a factor in the grand scheme of things. And as far as successful teams go… I don’t think there’s one specific thing that leads to success, but some things are definitely more crucial than others. I’d say… communication, which is a pretty broad topic the way I’m thinking of it. Other than obvious talking, it’s knowing your teammates’ preferred playstyles and ace plays, transmitting and interpreting intent, and basically anything that goes into strategizing and improvising based on what they present.”
  8. This thread should probably be titled "Steelswarm Support/Revamp Cards" since the vast majority of these cards were made with Steelswarms in mind. Both Steelswarm and Evilswarm can work together, though, and many of these cards refer to "lswarm" in general anyway, so it still works. I may also make some Evilswarm cards in the future, so there's that too. Anyway, these are cards I actually made several years ago to support one of my favorite archetypes, the lswarm, now with a stronger focus on the more unique Steelswarm. I first played Steelswarms around... 2013 or 2014, I think, in the 2011 "Over the Nexus" DS game. Loved their aesthetic, loved their Fiend typing (we really need more Fiends in this game lol), and I enjoyed their playstyle even if they were still pretty mediocre when they came out. They were good in the video game, at least lol. Some time later, I found out about Evilswarms, mainly because of Ophion. That card's effect was really good back then, and especially with the lore behind the Evilswarm being monsters that were infected by a virus released by the Steelswarm, I thought it really fitting to make a deck using both archetypes. It actually worked pretty well for a time despite the occasional clunkiness and bricks. Unfortunately, the deck pretty much died once the game really sped up, and it's remained dead since with little hope of revival. Still, I never really forgot my love for the deck, so here we are. I haven't really played Yugioh in over 5 years now, so I've no idea what the state of the game is now; my main reason for posting these cards is because I'll be using them in a Yugioh RP hosted by a friend of mine. Card wording/formatting is likely to be pretty awkward and/or incorrect, and balance on some may be an issue. I spent a lot of time on these, but I had fun making them. Here's to hoping Yui's RP won't die after two posts and make all my hard work be for nothing lol :D! I plan to eventually use the site's card maker to turn these into proper cards with cool images. Some card names and effects are subject to revision.
  9. Be my friend you fucking moth.

  10. Not gonna lie, I completely forgot I even had an account here lmao. I'm just going to pretend I just registered. BUT EITHER WAY, MY GOOD FRIEND YUIBIE THE KEKIBIE FROM NCM WHOM I MET APPROXIMATELY 8-9 YEARS AGO ON A ROLEPLAYING SITE, I AM HERE AS PROMISED TO PARTICIPATE IN YOUR RP NOW THAT YOU WENT THROUGH THE TROUBLE OF SETTING IT UP. Looking forward to it. It's been like... 5 years since I've roleplayed or even made a character, though, so go easy on me lol. Good timing for this to happen, at least, since I'll be done with finals for good next week and will have a whole month off to chill. Edit: Oh yeah, I should probably also mention that I haven't played Yugioh for 5 years either. Stopped around the time Grinder Golem got banned and never looked back. I'm pretty sure I still remember most of the mechanics and stuff, but I might need to get brought up to speed every so often.
  11. Idk pretend this never happened lmao.
  12. Idk pretend this never happened lmao.
  13. Idk pretend this never happened lmao.
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    Hey Everyone

    Idk pretend this never happened lmao.
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