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  1. @LordCowCow https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/statuses/user/810197-arimetal/?status_id=474431

    1. XOXO (not really)
    2. LordCowCow


      shameful shameful
      also you got freaking wrecked

  2. Yubel, Summoned Nightmare 3 BB Legendary Planeswalker - Yubel Loyalty 1 +1: This card gains X loyalty, where X is equal to your devotion to black. 0: Inflict X damage to target opponent, where X is equal to the toughness of target creature they control -8: You get an emblem with "Damage that would reduce Yubel, Summoned Nightmare's loyalty to less than 1 reduces it to 1 instead." Was inspired after facing Yubel in Duel Links and I've had MtG on the brain for a good sec too. Was thinking of allowing her to be used as commander, but I don't know what deck she would even support so ?
  3. The only trace of him is on some dead ancient site no one cares about anymore. ? Can you help me find my friend again?
  4. I made an account for a site I'll probably never use, lmao

    1. Blake


      oi, only one status in the top 5

    2. Nathanael D. Striker

      Nathanael D. Striker

      Dumb rule tbh when the 20min rule suffices. Will post in C&S.

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