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  1. https://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/gameplay/detail.php?id=1155&fbclid=IwAR0E-9Bf_d8lzdwYP5q9mvYPBugFcuie_GnabkPcBVmdoNSlFW_0eqbGuK0 Banned: Guardragon Agarpain Knightmare Mermaid Limited: Sky Striker Mecha - Widow Anchor Semi-Limited: Dark Armed Dragon Unlimited: Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End Destiny HERO - Malicious Ehther the Heavenly Monarch Elemental HERO Stratos Inzektor Dragonfly Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz El Shaddoll Construct Royal Tribute Super Rejuvenation
  2. Bye Agarpain and Mermaid

  3. That'll do it, but hey, have this notification on the house.
  4. Given that the Shiranui Link from SAST is in the art, I believe it might've been intentional.
  5. IGAS-JP078 相視相殺 Soushisousai (Stalemate) Trap (1) During this turn, both players must play with their hands revealed. While your hands are revealed due to this effect, if both players have cards with the same name in their hands, neither player can activate the effects of that card or cards with the same name. https://ygorganization.com/acurrandarkly/
  6. IGAS-JP067 ライトニング・ストーム Lightning Storm (Raigeki Storm) You can only activate a card with this card’s name once per turn. (1) If you control no face-up cards: Activate 1 of these effects; • Destroy all Attack Position monsters your opponent controls. • Destroy all Spell/Traps your opponent controls. https://ygorganization.com/sowhendowegetlightningandthundersearcher/
  7. Thoughts on the imports (Overburst Dragon-onwards, just so it's clear): - Overburst Dragon isn't really needed now to be fair - Bye Bye Damage, memey battle trap from Zexal that no one will run - The other two I forgot even existed in Japan tbph. Thoughts on TCG exclusives: - Tyrant Farm, my first thoughts was Tenyi support, could see it as a tech. - Mandstrong is too reliant on your opponent.
  8. TCG IGAS is getting a theme based on Pirates. Took us long enough I suppose...

  9. Had two job offers emailed to me on the same day, choosing which one to accept is a pain in the neck.

    1. LordCowCow


      Ayy but congrats! BS in demand.

    2. Yui


      pick the one that gets you laid

  10. Not sure why Whitney is cosplaying as Nurse Joy, but if that's her kink, it's her kink.
  11. The DSoD movie pack (which is getting a 4th printing in January), feels like Shovelware now given duel links just added DSoD world.

    1. Void


      I said something similar in the RP discord earlier today, only I suspect it was to fill a gap in the release table because VRAINS is being cut short. If it was tied to Duel Links and its Speed Duels, wouldn't they slap on the Speed Duels branding and markings?

    2. British Soul

      British Soul

      In the case of products filling the gap, the next core set after IGAS (which will be our May set) is likely to contain a lot of the remaining anime cards anyway. The reissue of the movie pack is for the TCG, and is likely to promote duel links.