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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. No matter the obstacle we must carry on The Chosen. Nine warriors fated to save the world...or so they say. In reality the Chosen were nothing more than relatively common adventurers given a grave task. A task that several already were found unable to handle. Having lost three of their number before reaching the first Demon Gate, eldrich devices that connected to a demonic realm, to say the group was struggling would be an understatement. Yet, somehow, despite their start, the group managed to reach a Demon Gate. Where they are now learning the true terror of their task. Though they are smaller in number each of them have a determination to defeat this grave foe. And now...the story continues. The shark heading for Gilly wasn't quite stopped by the sudden spear in its face. The creature seemed to lack any concept of self preservation as it merely whipped its head to the side to tear the spear out of Gilly's hands. Once it did this it burrowed its way underground like its companion had been. Then, similarly, it launched itself out of the sand again and towards Gilly. This time its lower half remained embedded in the sand as the spine-like thing and the head of the shark remained above ground, snaking back and forth as it tried to get at Gilly. Similarly the one fighting Ryia ended up in such a pose, with its lower half under the ground. It, however, instead of going directly for Ryia tried to snake around her to attack her from behind. --- Lindow made it up in time to see Damien slicing across the part of spine on the Fire Elemental that was visible under the flames, which Keres had unveiled, and caused a large chip to fly off of the Elemental. He would also see as the Fire Elemental twisted its body nearly 180 degrees in order to swipe a flaming arm at the swordsman. Damien ducked and rolled under it but then was almost caught by a blast of flames and only managed to get out of the way with the help of Keres's water whip pulling him to the side. With a growl, seemingly not thinking much anymore, Damien merely went for the Elemental again, blade low, and heading for the center of mass. The elemental raised the arm not attacked by Lindow. The flames extended upwards, growing thinner but longer, more focused, and almost took an edge to it. It seemed posed so that it would bring the flame down on Damien as the swordsman made his approach. Keres shook her head but was unable to say anything. She knew that she had to do more but she only had a limited supply of water. And what would she do if this thing decided to turn its attention to her? The Demon Gate was already making her feel sick and now this doubt that was welling up doubled that feeling. --- Gilly had done a rather insane, or perhaps Gilly-like is more fitting, action. Swinging her spear horizontally at the snapping jaws coming her way. The girl's strength wasn't quite enough to stop the creature but as the magical ice shattered against it the shark did seem to recoil. Hob rammed the creature's spin, which was sticking from the ground, and there was a slight cracking noise. Though there wasn't much time to listen closer as the shark was now lowering its head to latch onto Gilly's small form from behind. OOC
  2. "You have been Chosen" As you hear these words your thoughts immediately turn towards the myths. A prophecy that states that, when the world needs them most, 9 heroes will be chosen by the Elemental Spirits to fight evil itself. In the form of Demon Gates hidden throughout the land. Wicked contraptions that connect the world of Fantalius to the Demon Realm. For the past two-hundred years Fantalius has been dying. Monsters, evil humanoids, and worse have control of the land. The common folk are forced to cower in their cities, traveling only by protected caravans. While adventurers can travel as long as they keep their wit about them, it's a constant struggle against death just to make it to the next city. However you, and 8 others, have been given a chance, and a destiny. If you take it upon yourself it is guaranteed to be an adventure full of risk. However if you succeed in destroying the Demon Gates and bringing peace back to Fantalius you will be hailed as heroes. You are The Chosen. Now step forward, brave adventurers, and embrace your destiny! Rules What is this? Races Spirits and Elements The World Map and Info What I expect from you Application Format Accepted Applications And as mentioned it would be limited acceptance. Only 8 others will be chosen (I will fill out the last Chosen myself after the rest are picked). But don't let that scare you. It will be a time and quality based choice on my part. If you write a character that's really amazing you'll likely get a slot early but other than that I will review all of them best I can to find the ones that work the best. This doesn't mean super long and detailed either. Something short but understandable and well made is perfectly great. There can only be ONE character for each Element. Unofficial Theme Equipment
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