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  1. It, like every night, was dark. However it wasn't stormy. Instead it was cold and somewhat clammy. The time was 10 PM and, unlike some larger cities, the streets were mostly barren. The moon in the sky, and the streetlights on the ground, made the dark night possible to traverse without being blind. They, in this case being Brian James Trantor and Carmen O'Conner, had gotten a message not long ago. It was from their mysterious savior/employer, Shiki. This was unusual, the first of several unusual moments, as the girl hardly ever used text messages to contact them. Though it was only a couple words, "Dagen Park" which was why they both had made their way towards said park. Park might be something of an exaggeration. it was rather large, it would only take a couple minutes to cross it, and only had a singular bench, under an old gazebo, to sit in. Some trees were scattered around, mostly around the edge to the left facing from the street, but not many and only one or two that were truly large. A playground sat in the center of the small grassy field which consisted of a couple slides, monkey bars, and a bit of a distance from that a pair of seesaws and a swing set that creaked with the slight breeze. Off to the side of said playground, at the right edge of the park, was a concrete area for parking. And there sat a singular vehicle. They each would recognize it as belonging to Shiki. A large van, practically a camper, that looked like it shouldn't be able to run. Yet they knew it did. Usually, yet another unusual thing tonight, this van was parked outside of their houses, or wherever they happened to be when Shiki wanted to contact them, and they'd use it to get to whatever Shiki needed them to do. However this time it was in another location. The reason why was clear to them soon. The third unusual thing of the night. Whenever they found said van they were the only ones who ever paid it any mind. However today there was another. For Brian this was Carmen. And for Carmen this was Brian. Without any warning it seemed that Shiki had decided that the two of them would meet tonight. In this park. On this cold and clammy night.
  2. BGM The Korova region, being much less tourist friendly than other regions, isn't one that many people travel to in this day and age. It wasn't prepared to take in visitors with much pomp and circumstances. It did however have one thing going for it when it came to visitors from other regions and that was New Point Landing. Located at the western edge of an island, which was itself to the west of the mainland, New Point Landing was the main place for visitors coming into the region and it, at least, had a dock that ships could stop at to drop of passengers which was more than can be said about most of the rest of the region. Once upon a time the city was the place to go for trading and shopping. These days it has fallen far from its high point and many of the stores are closed and boarded up. Awaiting a day that the region was more prosperous. Many of the remaining stores were family-run and managed by stubborn folk who refused to let the city fall completely off of its original purpose. There existed a singular, larger, department store where the rare visitors were able to get most necessities for their travels. The ship that was currently coming into the dock was different than most that the city would usually see. It resembled a cruise ship more than anything else and instead of supplies from other regions it instead was full of trainers. Unbeknownst to the people of the city, nor truly the trainers themselves, these passengers included those who would be much more precious to the region than any other cargo. For these trainers were destined to take part in a struggle that would determine the fate of the entire region. Pokemon trainers from across the world all coming here with the purpose of taking on the Pokemon League challenge and becoming the Champion that the region has been lacking for many long years. Anneliese looked out at the city that approached. Her eyes were shining with excitement as she watched the city, much different than Sunnyshore City back home, came closer and closer. "My goodness Leopold, how do you think the ship knows when to stop without any eyes?" She asked the small, lion-cub-like, Shinx that was currently standing next to her and watching with great concern as she leaned over the edge of the railing with no regard to her own safety. The Pokemon had no answer for her. He didn't have any more knowledge than she did about ships and he wouldn't be able to bring himself to correct her if he did. This didn't stop the girl from continuing her dialogue with the small creature. "Oh look over there, that's Goldeen right? My goodness there's so many of them. Leopold do you see them right there?" She leaned over the edge to point out the Pokemon swimming along the side of the boat. In doing so she went too far and very nearly tumbled off the edge. Only stopped by Leopold biting the bottom of her dress and pulling the girl backwards. She stumbled but managed to avoid falling as she looked down at Leopold. "Oh, what's wrong?" She asked, oblivious to how she had almost fell into the water. "Did you want something to eat?" Leopold shook his head and wondered where the other humans that he had gathered to keep an eye on her were. He could do most of it himself but when Anneliese was this excited sometimes it could get...difficult. When the captain had informed them they would be required to set off in groups of three, for safety reasons, Leopold at first blanched at the idea of trusting strangers to accompany his trainer but he realized that it was something he'd have to accept. As long as they kept Anneliese safe and happy, of course. --- As the ship docked everyone would be helped off of it by the crew. They were greeted by a tall middle-aged, man with mutton chops of such grandeur that they were nearly indistinguishable from a full beard. "Hello, and welcome...to Korova! I got word of your arrival and sallied forth to greet you! I am the dockmaster here, and I wish to be the first to welcome you all to my fair city, the jewel of this region, in my eyes at least, New Point Landing. I'm sure you'll find it accommodating to your needs...You may not even want to leave, gwahahahaha!" "Oh what a delightful man!" Anneliese said as she smiled brightly at him. She wanted to stop and chat with the pleasant man some more but another part of her wished to hurry off to begin her adventure. It was then she remembered that she had teammates with her and so she turned to the two of them with an even bigger smile, "So, where shall we start?" OOC
  3. In every dream Lies the possibility of a nightmare Will your hope turn to despair And lead you down a path you cannot return from No fate is set in stone Until the moment it becomes too late to change Froura. A city that is always changing. While not as crowded as the early days of the appearance of The Dungeon a steady stream of outsiders came to the city every day. While the majority of them were merchants, or travelers drawn there by the intrigue of the dungeon and those who delve it, there were many still who came to attempt to conquer that place. Despite that none had come close to this day. "It's rather sad, isn't it?" "What is, my lord." The mage looked out their window. Watching as people, travelers and otherwise, spilled through the streets. "They go about their lives without knowing anything. And they will end their lives much the same." A small, sardonic, smile. "Though perhaps it is us who know who are the truly sad ones. How goes the preparations?" "No change. That is to say they go well." "And the other families?" "No sign of any interest from them." A sigh. "As usual. It was the intention yet it still is disappointing." "My lord?" A dismissive wave followed. "Continue at the same pace. Let them flail about in the dark. Time is on our side. None of them will reach The Spark. Not before we finish. And then it will not matter." They slumped back and tore their gaze from the window. "And then this sad scene will finally end." Estellise Fereis The young lady, mage of the Fereis family, woke in the early hours of the morning as usual. Though these past few days have been somewhat different than the norm. She had met and joined up with a pair of rather surprising individuals. Up until now she had traveled into The Dungeon with members of the Fereis family. And even then usually not for long. Yet now she would be in the company of strangers. Commnofolk at that. This was something her mother very clearly didn't approve of. Which was, once again, the topic of discussion, if one could call it that, at the breakfast table. The long table seated several other Fereis family members. Though the head of the family was absent. A usual occurrence as the young man hardly ever took meals with the rest anymore. The room itself was rather grand. Tapestries lined the walls and a great chandelier, candles lit with blue flame, hung above the table. Which itself was a massive thing. Dozens of seats lined either side. Though only several of them were filled at the moment. A contrast that, perhaps, spoke to the abundance of wealth even the smallest of the major families had. Her mother's voice was kept low, attempting to avoid the attention of the others, but the sharp tone carried despite the volume. "I will say it again. I do not approve of you going off with some rabble. You must explore The Dungeon of course, it is the duty of ever member, but do so with the family. It may be slower than some of those foolhardy 'adventurers' but it is the way we have always done things. You won't have this option to be so carefree once you're the h-once you're older so I do not see why you would break from the tradition now." There was a sour look on her face and the woman's eyes flicked over towards the chair at the end of the table. Which was where the family head would sit. When her gaze went back to her daughter she let out a sigh. "I wish you would avoid those others, Estellise, I truly do." Christopher Ellwood The Drooling Dragon. It was a rather uncouth name for an establishment. The sign that hung outside its door even more so. A fat dragon, sleeping on a pile of stones, with a waterfall of drool dripping down its face. Despite the name, and the sign, the beds in the rooms that made up the upper two floors of the large building were rather comfortable. For most travelers that is. Christopher woke up in the morning to the noise of people outside. Even from the third floor, which contained the rooms reserved for those planning to stay more than a few nights, he could hear the voices coming in from the small window above the bed. The sunlight shining directly on his face didn't help matters. Nor did the dry heaving he could hear from the neighboring room. Belonging to someone who most likely had spent too long in the tavern last night. Once he made his way down to the ground floor he would find the tavern nearly empty. Only the most dedicated, or most downtrodden, of souls tended to come to the tavern this early. So it was mostly those who rented rooms. Eating the rather simple breakfast the bar owner provided them. Most of those that were there that morning were sat up at the bar itself. The many tables were empty. The stools having not even been put down on them. In the corner the small stage was even more empty. The musicians that usually used it wouldn't come in for a few more hours. There were several spots where, instead of the usual tables, there were areas set up for various games of chance, skill, and strength. Though those too, this early, were empty. Barring one table where two large men arm wrestled. Neither giving the other an inch despite the strain that was clear in both of their faces. The bartender noticed as Christopher made his way down the steps and gave him a nod. The man was rather tall. Standing at six feet even. Though his fine, for a commoner, clothing covered his body well they still strained at places due to the muscles that hid underneath. His name was Hector, Christopher had learned, and there were a wide variety of rumors about the man. The most prevalent and wild of them being that he had once been a mercenary and on one job had knocked out a dragon with a single punch. "Mornin'." He called out. His voice low and unassuming yet strong. "Did you slept well, kid? I know Donald had a late night. Hope he didn't wake you." Hector nodded to a nearby empty barstool. "How about you sit down and I'll get you a bite to eat." Lana The Riverside Church, as its name implies, was a church located near a river. More specifically the river that ran across the city near its center and cuts the area in almost two sections. It was a smaller church, able to hold only several dozen faithful, but Lana had been directed there because the priest who took care of it was known for helping out travelers down on their luck free of charge. As long as they were willing to do some minor work around the place in return. The room she was given was small as well. Hardly more than a closet. But it had a bed, and a small, simple, table where a candle was set. As well as a rather large, circular, window that she could see one section of the river from. There was a noise. Something creaking. It wasn't unusual for a building like this to have such noises but these seemed somewhat louder than normal. Which was odd as, until the priest comes in later in the day to set up, there shouldn't be anyone else there. The priest's home was nearby but not attached and there were no other guests. Whether the noise prompted the girl to get up to investigate right away or not she would find the place empty. Though a door leading to the graveyard out back was partially opened. Before she could check, were she inclined, the main door opened and the priest walked in. He was a short man but still fit despite his age. His head was bald and the only hair he had left was a neat mustache, still mostly black but greying, and he wore heavy robes whenever he was at the church. His grey eyes looked inquisitive as he saw Lana up and about. "Good morning, child, is something the matter?" He then noticed the door on the other end open and a smile crossed his face. "Ah, I see she has come earlier than normal. If you were worried about that no need to. It's my daughter, you see, she tends to visit this place. Though usually not at this time. You've been here a few days now but I suppose you never did meet her. If you'd like to say hello you're free to. Though, I could use some help setting up for the sermon later, if you don't mind." OOC
  4. BGM What separates a dream from reality? Is it the unusual nature, the impossibility, of a dream that crosses it from reality into fiction? What then do you do when something impossible happens in your waking world? Does reality then become a dream? And then, in that case, does that mean the dream is now reality? All you heard was four words. "I need your help." All you saw was darkness. At least that was the only way you could process what you saw before you. The pit that was entirely empty. Not just empty. Devoid of existence. Pure nothingness. You didn't have time to feel fear, or anticipation, or anything at all. Yet you had no idea how long you were in that nothingness. And how long you, too, were nothing. When you're enveloped in a blanket of nonexistence it's impossible to tell where you are, when you are, and perhaps even who you are. Thoughts floated past like driftwood. Just out of your reach. And the nothingness continued on for only a moment. And yet, as well, for eternity. When you opened your eyes, or were they already open and you only now had something to see, the landscape was much different than you were used to. It was uncertain where you were and there were only two things you could be certain of. One was that wherever it was you found yourself it was not where you were before. Nor was it the nothingness from an uncertain amount of time ago. And the other was that someone was calling for you. Not audibly. But calling nonetheless. The end of one chapter begins another. The park was empty. At first. And then in a blink, a moment, there were several people standing in its midst. For a second or two they seemed to not really be there. Their outlines blurred, the details of their faces and clothing uncertain, and then there they were. In shocking clarity. To call it a park would be an overstatement to some of them. It was rather small, they could see the end of it any direction they looked, and the number of trees could be counted on an average human's fingers and toes. Several benches were scattered across a path that weaved around these scant few trees in a loosely circular formation. Near each bench was a flowerbed. Perfectly rectangular, which could be proven if one had the proper tool and were inclined to check, and only five feet wide, the flowers in them were as varied in appearances as the people who were now standing in this supposed park. The only noise was a soft bubbling that came from a fountain behind them. It was larger than even the trees, which themselves were 15 feet high, and the base was diamond shaped. The height came from the large statue of a dragon, on two feet and aiming its mouth, from which sprang three arcing jets of water, towards the sky, standing in the middle. Other than the group that had appeared the park seemed empty. No citizens out for a stroll or vagrants using the benches for a bed despite it being nighttime. Not even an animal could be seen. And surrounding this park, which seemed separate somehow from anything else, was a city. Even those from what might be called a "modern world" would think it somewhat unusual. Large buildings could be seen in every direction and neon lights flashing various advertisements and names of establishments. On several buildings were large screens filled with news broadcasts. Subtitled in a language that, though none of them should know, was perfectly understandable to the group. And titled with the words "Prana News" "Seems that the sports stadium will reopen tomorrow. In other news; an attack on the police station was thwarted earlier today. More on that after these sponsors." Followed by an advertisement for some kind of breakfast cereal for children "It glows in the bowl and in your stomach; who said breakfast can't be fun! Try Nuk-O's today!" As they tried to get their bearings each of the group would, again, hear something calling to them. They felt a mental tug which seemed to want them to go somewhere. Somewhere that they instinctively knew was in the center of this city of metal and lights. Whether they followed this tug willingly and directly, or instead went in another direction and tried to ignore it, was up to each individual. Their first steps into a brand new world had begun. OOC
  5. No matter the obstacle we must carry on The Chosen. Nine warriors fated to save the world...or so they say. In reality the Chosen were nothing more than relatively common adventurers given a grave task. A task that several already were found unable to handle. Having lost three of their number before reaching the first Demon Gate, eldrich devices that connected to a demonic realm, to say the group was struggling would be an understatement. Yet, somehow, despite their start, the group managed to reach a Demon Gate. Where they are now learning the true terror of their task. Though they are smaller in number each of them have a determination to defeat this grave foe. And now...the story continues. The shark heading for Gilly wasn't quite stopped by the sudden spear in its face. The creature seemed to lack any concept of self preservation as it merely whipped its head to the side to tear the spear out of Gilly's hands. Once it did this it burrowed its way underground like its companion had been. Then, similarly, it launched itself out of the sand again and towards Gilly. This time its lower half remained embedded in the sand as the spine-like thing and the head of the shark remained above ground, snaking back and forth as it tried to get at Gilly. Similarly the one fighting Ryia ended up in such a pose, with its lower half under the ground. It, however, instead of going directly for Ryia tried to snake around her to attack her from behind. --- Lindow made it up in time to see Damien slicing across the part of spine on the Fire Elemental that was visible under the flames, which Keres had unveiled, and caused a large chip to fly off of the Elemental. He would also see as the Fire Elemental twisted its body nearly 180 degrees in order to swipe a flaming arm at the swordsman. Damien ducked and rolled under it but then was almost caught by a blast of flames and only managed to get out of the way with the help of Keres's water whip pulling him to the side. With a growl, seemingly not thinking much anymore, Damien merely went for the Elemental again, blade low, and heading for the center of mass. The elemental raised the arm not attacked by Lindow. The flames extended upwards, growing thinner but longer, more focused, and almost took an edge to it. It seemed posed so that it would bring the flame down on Damien as the swordsman made his approach. Keres shook her head but was unable to say anything. She knew that she had to do more but she only had a limited supply of water. And what would she do if this thing decided to turn its attention to her? The Demon Gate was already making her feel sick and now this doubt that was welling up doubled that feeling. --- Gilly had done a rather insane, or perhaps Gilly-like is more fitting, action. Swinging her spear horizontally at the snapping jaws coming her way. The girl's strength wasn't quite enough to stop the creature but as the magical ice shattered against it the shark did seem to recoil. Hob rammed the creature's spin, which was sticking from the ground, and there was a slight cracking noise. Though there wasn't much time to listen closer as the shark was now lowering its head to latch onto Gilly's small form from behind. OOC
  6. "You have been Chosen" As you hear these words your thoughts immediately turn towards the myths. A prophecy that states that, when the world needs them most, 9 heroes will be chosen by the Elemental Spirits to fight evil itself. In the form of Demon Gates hidden throughout the land. Wicked contraptions that connect the world of Fantalius to the Demon Realm. For the past two-hundred years Fantalius has been dying. Monsters, evil humanoids, and worse have control of the land. The common folk are forced to cower in their cities, traveling only by protected caravans. While adventurers can travel as long as they keep their wit about them, it's a constant struggle against death just to make it to the next city. However you, and 8 others, have been given a chance, and a destiny. If you take it upon yourself it is guaranteed to be an adventure full of risk. However if you succeed in destroying the Demon Gates and bringing peace back to Fantalius you will be hailed as heroes. You are The Chosen. Now step forward, brave adventurers, and embrace your destiny! Rules What is this? Races Spirits and Elements The World Map and Info What I expect from you Application Format Accepted Applications And as mentioned it would be limited acceptance. Only 8 others will be chosen (I will fill out the last Chosen myself after the rest are picked). But don't let that scare you. It will be a time and quality based choice on my part. If you write a character that's really amazing you'll likely get a slot early but other than that I will review all of them best I can to find the ones that work the best. This doesn't mean super long and detailed either. Something short but understandable and well made is perfectly great. There can only be ONE character for each Element. Unofficial Theme Equipment
  7. And so it begins anew once again The Korova Region. A more untamed region than most in the world; it was always a place of great interest to strong trainers. With its vast wilderness and general lack of contact with the other regions it was perfect for trainers to grow and learn about themselves. However in the recent years it has grown more restless. The Champion had vanished without a trace and a group of criminals, Team Phoenix, have become more active. The Pokemon League decided that they needed a new Champion to help bring peace of mind to the people of the region. Thus they sent out invitations far and wide to try and gather trainers, and bring them to the region free of charge, to take on their Pokemon League challenge. You are one of a group who, for one reason or another, decided to come to this land for the great opportunity of becoming the region's new Champion. Some goals may differ but one thing is certain: the trainers who come to Korova are destined to change it forever. Interest Check Stuff Rules Setting Application Custom Starters Accepted Apps/Teams
  8. Premise Premise (Expanded) Rules Setting Mysterious Person Applications Accepted Apps
  9. Premise World City Magic Races Major Families of Froura NPCs Locations App Format Accepted Apps
  10. Hello......hello. Again? No, that's not right. Hello for the first time, for you at least, everyone. I hope this message gets through. You see...there have been some problems in my universe. Oh, right, there's multiple universes. Don't worry you'll understand eventually. Anyway something has gone horrible wrong. And the only hope we have is...all of you. No pressure. Well. Perhaps a small, just a tad, a smidgen really, bit of pressure. I, we, really need your help. You won't be alone and, even if you find yourself in the unfamiliar, take heart that you have comrades. You will fight together. Live together. Argue with. Forge bonds. Perhaps even more. At least...I hope so. Perhaps you'll just kill each other. This isn't an exact science. It's not even science at all, not really, actually. But that's enough from me. There's plenty more to say and I, while I'm a wonderful orator, would take far too long to explain it all. Rules Premise Setting Applications Accepted Apps If you do join please be able to stay dedicated to somewhat frequent posting. I want this to work and not just be a "fun thing to play around in for a month then leave" so be sure to pick your character carefully. They're gonna be with you for a while. If you're unsure about anything let me know. I'll try and point out anything I see as problematic but don't feel down if I do it's kinda just my nature. Lastly I won't have a solid limit on number of players but if I feel it's too much I'll make a limit. Well...there you have it, let's get this going!
  11. Kelsey Fionne woke up and immediately rolled out of bed. Had she been in her bedroom at home this wouldn’t have been a problem, given she slept on a mattress, but this wasn’t her room. She woke up in one of the, incredibly tiny and cramped, cabins aboard the military transport vessel, the Finback. The rooms were so small there was barely room to walk with the bed taking up most of the space. Said bed was the main issue with Kelsey’s actions. For each room had a bunk bed and she had chosen to sleep on the top bunk. She landed on her back and stared up at the ceiling. Contemplating how she could have forgotten this two days in a row. The first day they, her and the dozens of other students being transported to MechA cademy, woke up in this place it was understandable. She was in a brand new place. Forgetting where she was made sense. The second day? Not so much. With a groan Kelsey struggled to sit upright. Pushing with her single arm to a sitting position she looked around the room. There were her and her roommate’s, her best friend Stella, bags shoved in the corner. There was the foot wide window that showed the vastness of space outside of the ship. And there was the clock. Which read 1300. “Ah, crap, missed lunch again.” She grumbled. Despite being a military vessel the students being transported were given fairly free reign. Allowed to sleep when they wanted and wake up when they wanted as well. Unfortunately the cafeteria was only open every six hours starting at midnight and only for half an hour at a time. If you missed one of these windows you had to wait for the next one. Which, in Kelsey’s case, was five hours from now. Her eyes moved towards the other bed and, of course, Stella was already gone. She smiled fondly as she shuffled her way to the wall where she opened up a panel. This is where she had put the school uniform before bed. The technology inside cleaned and folded it for the morning, something Kelsey was quite happy about. They were told that they would only need to wear the uniform on the ship, opening ceremony, certain events, and missions. Given that the uniform was basically a standard grey tracksuit, with the words MechA cademy in blue along the side, Kelsey was pretty happy about that too. The girl spent several minutes pulling off the T-shirt she had slept in and, with a sigh, unlatched the metallic arm from the edge of her bed. She fumbled with it for another few minutes before latching it onto the device attached to the end of her elbow and flexed the device. Wincing, still unused to the uncomfortable tugging feeling it made, she got dressed and stepped outside. The Finback was a massive transport ship. It was lightly armed with a pair of turrets under the ship at the bow and stern. The main form of protection the students had were a trio of Mech pilots who were tasked with defending the ship as it traveled to Ardualf and MechA cademy. Where the students aboard the vessel would train to become Mech pilots themselves. Being a military vessel it was fairly bare when it came to entertainment. However the principal of MechA cademy made sure to outfit it with several things for the students to pass the time during what would be a three day journey. A small library had been installed. However as the president was certain teenagers didn’t read the library also contained a pair of massive televisions. Ping Pong tables were set up in an open room that used to be used for weapon storage. Along with a pair of ancient arcade cabinets. One was for Pick-Man. A maze based game where the player was a small yellow miner who would go through the maze breaking rocks to uncover gems and avoiding color-coded tentacles that would sprout from the ground to give chase. The other was the classic Back-Alley Brawler. A fighting game where various unusual characters from around the universe compete in fights in various back alleys of large cities to be the Back-Alley Champion. That is where one could find Kelsey, mashing away at the buttons as she tried to remember all the combos. A large window was located next to the machines and Kelsey noticed that they seemed to be flying into an asteroid field. Something that she was pretty certain they shouldn’t be doing. As the ship rocked back and forth and she struggled to keep her combo going she wondered if perhaps the pilot was drunk. By this point most of the students were up and about, going about various business, though each of them would notice the rather shaky motions of the ship. This would be the final, full, day before they arrived at their destination and the nerves and excitement was at a boiling point. In one more day they would officially be students at MechA cademy. OOC
  12. Never lose hope OOC Last time, on The Fallen God Team Mac, Day 22, Ogren The group had just arrived, after trekking through a stamina draining swampland, to the city of Ogren. Where they met a pair of Eeveelutions and were invited to their wedding the following day. When attempting to relax from their journey thus far the self-proclaimed leader of the group, Mackenzie, ended up getting into a fight with some of the local kids. Ari and Kazo went to intervene. "Hey!" Mac responded. "I can handle this myself, what're they gonna do tell their mommies? I'll kick her butt, too!" The group of young Gijinka seemed to be startled by her attitude, having expected her to back down, but the leader gave the other two a dirty look. "Why're you in our city anyway? Think you can just come in and eat without givin nothin?" "Now now, children." A kind voice came. "I think we all need to settle down. A woman came up to the group, giving them an apologetic look. "I apologize for these children, people have been on edge lately and I am afraid the young ones have been most affected." The boy looked bashful as the woman came, mumbling something about not being scared or anything, and Mac couldn't help but shoot him a cheeky grin. "I, too, am fairly new to this city." The woman said. "But I assure you they are rather welcoming most of the time." Team Neo Not Dark, Day 33, Under the Sea After a massive fight inside of an equally massive bubble the group finds themselves under scrutiny from a pair of Merm soldiers. Soldiers who say that Dora is their missing princess and had demanded answers. The two listened to the calm words of the group and seemed to relax slightly. Though one of them stepped forward and stretched out his hand. "Nevertheless we would prefer she stay at our side. Princess, we know that Gisei stole you from your home but you don't have to fear now, we will bring you back to your father." "Gigi didn't steal me! He protected me! Mamma told him to!" The soldiers hesitated, then one shook his head. "I'm sure that you're right." He said, clearly not believing it. "But we should go now. Your father has been worried." The other looked to the group. "We can escort you back to the surface if you wish." Team Karaoke, Day 33, Juyu The group had witnessed a miracle. A Legend, Jirachi the Wish Maker, had given her life to save the lives of Meloetta and Heather, the sheriff of Juyu, and they learned the identity of the only living Gijinka to have spoken to Arceus directly. After a night's rest they group intended to set out on the next leg of their journey. A journey back home for Gwen and Lok. With Nine and Kayla, deputy of Juyu, tagging along. They found Kayla near the exit of the city. Or rather Kayla found them. As she stepped out next to them and greeted them with an almost inaudible hello. She then showed them how she planned on reaching Alpha. Standing, holding what was essentially a giant wheelbarrow without wheels, right outside the city was a, familiar to some, girl. The Dragonite delivery girl, Quincy. She waved happily at them and called out. "I heard you all wanted a lift!" Team Showdown, Day 30, Southshore Forest What stared out as a fight against a powerful Legend turned into a battle alongside said legend against a dangerous Godslayer. The Crobat woman had shown that she was nimble and hard to catch, leading Taiga to tell Zygarde to lift the force that was limiting their Abilities. The Legend seemed to not fully understand until she remembered the attack that had begun all this. With a slow nod she crouched down and placed her hands on the ground. The area around them began to glow a deep green and the group would find their natural Abilities returning to them. Though it had the unfortunate affect of taking Zygarde's attention off of their would-be killer. Team Alola, Day 23, Dangerous...wait only some of them are in the cave After resting in what seemed an entirely innocent and completely safe cave the group was beset by cannibals. After a fierce battle the group of attacking cannibals was down to their seeming leader, a stubborn and hungry Skuntank. He had released a wave of acid at the group but didn't stop there. With surprising swiftness the monstrous Gijinka went after Nani with another powerful Night Slash. Any who tried to interfere would find themselves being attacked by an Acid Spray in the process.
  13. The Dream Continues Our young trainers have finally reached the last city on the island where new trainers get dropped off. They are now preparing to embark on the next stage of their quest. Mainland Korova. They will have even greater challenges, but also greater friends, on their path to be Pokemon League Champion. Naomi let out a monstrous yawn as she rolled over and fell straight to the floor. She lay there, for a few moments, un-moving, until Princess rolled her onto her back. "Gmo'nin" she muttered, blinking rapidly as her eyes adjusted to the light coming through the window. With the help of Princess the girl was able to get up to her feet. Though she immediately leaned up against Princess right after and the two spent a considerable amount of time trying to fit through the door before Naomi finally resigned herself to returning Princess to her ball. The girl stumbled her way out of the Pokemon Center and headed towards the first place she thought of. The docks that they had been at the other day. She didn't know if that's where the others had gone but it was where she remembered them going last so it only made sense, right? This half-baked logic, by sheer luck, turned out to be true. As the girl fumbled her way into finding them just as Kanon greeted Oswald, who had apparently just been in an encounter with a fish. "Mornin" Naomi muttered again as she approached. Before sprawling out once more on the ground near them. Meanwhile, same day, a bit earlier than the other group, Team JIB managed to find their way to the dock. It was quiet, birds flew overhead, occasional fish splashed up, and an occasional whoop of victory could be heard by the various fishermen along the dock. However their destination was the ferry. It wasn't as large as the ship as it had a limit of ten passengers at a time but it did have a small deck on top that was designed to allow small scale Pokemon battles for those who were bored on the several hour trip to the mainland. The captain of the vessel looked similar to the captain of the boat they had arrived on. And, in fact, if questioned he'd tell them that they were cousins. Which still didn't quite explain why they looked almost entirely identical. Either way the man would welcome the group on board with a reminder that they won't be underway for a few hours yet and that the single lounge room only had a television set for amusement. Though it did have several couches that were soft and a horribly ugly shade of purple.
  14. logo by Sethera Co-hosted by Sethera Rules Plot The Gijinka The Region Eligible Gijinka Application This is more or less the entire old OOC from YCM. Will see about adding in the character stuff later. Also note that not all the information is quite accurate atm but I wanted to keep it as true to what it was (I did remove a few things though). Well, didn't add the character stuff but hey, don't need that anymore! RP Completed. IC Thread
  15. Fancy Logo Unofficial Theme Interest Check Rules Story/Premise Setting Mecha and Combat App Structure Accepted Apps
  16. At the Beginning The Korova Region. A more untamed region than most in the world it was always a place of great interest to strong trainers. With its vast wilderness and general lack of contact with the other regions it was perfect for trainers to grow and learn about themselves. However in the recent years it has grown more restless. The Champion had vanished without a trace and a group of criminals, Team Phoenix, have become more active. The Pokemon League decided that they needed a new Champion to help bring peace of mind to the people of the region. Thus they sent out invitations far and wide to try and gather trainers, and bring them to the region free of charge, to take on their Pokemon League challenge. You are one of a select group who, for one reason or another, decided to come to this land for the great opportunity of becoming the region's new Champion. Some goals may differ but one thing is certain. The trainers who come to Korova are destined to change it forever. Welcome back, to Pokemon: Mind and Soul. Rules Premise Setting Application Starters Accepted Apps To all reading this: Yes this is carried over from YCM. We will pick up right where we left off. The acceptance is closed but may reopen if need be. Note that you don't need to put the exact app for those accepted but as much as you can would be appreciated. Remember there's a document on the Discord with teams and inventory that you should have been keeping up to date.
  17. BGM Hello again, YC...NCM. After a rather unfortunate incident, which I assure you I had no part of, though I did warn Cyanthrax not to go in that room... Ah, excuse me. Let me start again. Hello NCM, my name is Mauvache. And I am proud to introduce you to this RP. I have the distinct pleasure and honor of running a special battle Arena on my home planet of Rama-Indri. Where I have gathered Fighters from across the dimensions to do battle in Virtual Battlefields for the entertainment of a world in dire need of joy. Here you shall battle many unusual people and creatures and learn to start a new life in a wondrous new land. Welcome, to RP Smash. Rules Premise Setting Point System/Combat Application Accepted Apps and Future Apps There is a Discord which will contain links to various statistics and other information. Anyone with any questions not in the chat may ask them here. The plan to deal with the current situation is this: We will time skip to Sunday in IC (One week from the start of the RP originally) and have the players fill in a summary of what they did. We will work out what they bought, who they hung out with, and how many points they have (as well as who they fought) and such things. I will be making a Daily Journal Document to put in the Discord (as well as one for information and another for confirmed prices of things). Note that I have a list of characters that have fought and where they fought but I won't fill out the list for the "summary" fights. In other words Cyanthrax vs Aria and Gavin vs Aurora happened in the "Demon Stomach" Battlefield. Even if another pair in the summary fought there they won't be included in the list (as the purpose is to make sure I don't double up too much and let everyone write a fight in each Battlefield).
  18. The show must go on "What...happened? Ah, so that was the cause. Very well, it's time for a new home. Just like back then..." It had been an eventful few days for one Morgan Reaperson. She hadn't expected the Fighters to be as strong as they were. Of course, she made sure to make herself look good in her fights regardless but she wasn't entirely satisfied. She had to be the absolute, no question, best ever. Even if she did keep seeing fans pop up online, some rather unsavory folk at times, she couldn't shake the feeling that she was just "one of many" when it came to these Fighters. Especially when she learned that there had been Fighters before her. She had taken upon herself to research these former Fighters and thus it was that she found herself at a rather unusual place for someone of her build. A sports stadium. With a look of contempt she floated around the large, gaudy, structure and waited for the unwashed masses, at least that's what they were in Morgan's mind, shrunk to a more reasonable size before entering. "Let us see where this 'Former Fighter' might be hiding." For the other Fighters the day would start just like any other had. Except this time there was a bit of an odd message from Mauvache. Dear Fighters. I apologize if you feel a bit unlike yourselves this morning. There was a rather unusual magic surge overnight but I assure you there aren't any changes, beyond perhaps a couple superficial, that you must worry about. I hope you enjoy today as it's the start of a new week. Which means a free day for you all! Of course you may still participate in an Event if you so choose, just know it will be prerecorded and shown other days of the week, but I personally would take this time to relax and enjoy this most wondrous of cities. PS: Your regular meals are on me today. -Mauvache
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