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[MH1] Modern Horizons

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Just gonna c/p from Reddit:

What we know so far:

  • It's called "Modern Horizons."

  • Set has 254 cards, a mix of new cards and reprints.

  • Cards in Modern Horizons will "skip Standard" -- they will not be Standard-legal, but will be Modern-legal.

  • The reprints are new to Modern, chosen from pre-8th-Edition sets.

  • Releases June 14, 2019.

  • Prerelease weekend June 8-9.

  • Prerelease will be Booster Draft, not Sealed Deck.

  • There will be a buy-a-box promo.

  • The buy-a-box promo is a new-to-Modern reprint.

  • 36 boosters per box.

  • Will release in paper and on Magic Online. Boosters will be $6.99 on Magic Online.

  • Is not coming to Arena for now.

  • Set code: MH1.

  • Multiple GPs (Washington, DC; Copenhagen; Seattle) will be Modern Horizons Limited. (they were called GPs on the stream, so I'm not writing "MagicFest™" again here. Oh crap, I wrote it again)

  • Preview season: "end of May."

Two cards were spoiled -- images here.

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This set is making me feel things that I haven't even felt with the girlfriend. The Serra planeswalker feels like a better Sorin, Solemn Visitor that has a Gideon of the Trials emblem. That is fucking amazing. Plus, how quickly you can get the emblem out is great for BW Tokens and Esper Tokens in general. Going back to an Esper Transcendent build might just be worth progressing, even if the manabase is shaky. With having Jace, Liliana, and Gideon, the deck had a solid performance against most unfair and fair decks, barring ones that played like Tron or Counters Company. This card does enough to provide a quicker clock in place of Gideon and works better alongside Lingering Souls as a whole. I am ready for it. Might even play it over Gideon. 

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I want one in every colour. Is stuff just free together with Jodah?

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On 5/20/2019 at 12:54 PM, DragonSage said:

I want one in every colour. Is stuff just free together with Jodah?

Yes, Jodah (or Fist of Suns) will make the selected type free to cast.

Thoughts on all spoilers from the first four days:

  • Morophon is going to be the default floor now for "what commander should I play using this tribe?" 7 CMC is steep, but hey, we now have a 5C Eldrazi commander! (And now Fist of Suns is ~$15.)
  • Astral Drift bring cycling.dec into Modern. Makes me very tempted to brew Ravos/Kydele cycling/ETB deck for EDH...
  • Giver of Runes can't target herself, but other than that big downside I like her a lot. And thank god she's not a human: that deck doesn't need even more of a boost.
  • Speaking of which, Ranger-Captain of Eos seems like decent SB tech? He lets you counter Terminus by responding to the miracle trigger, which I'm sure plenty of people will miss. And he hoses storm and phoenix decks very nicely.
  • Sisay makes me feel all sort of good things. She can get within three-shot range right out the gate, and fetching any permanent type makes her an easy superfriends candidate.
  • I really don't know how I feel about the Force cycle. Virtue is resoundingly meh, although WW.dec may want it as a surprise finisher; Negation seems like the kind of card that will be more heavily valued early on but will swiftly taper off; Despair is... very hard to evaluate; and Vigor gets through Blood Moon but not Karn+Lattice (as Lattice makes all cards colorless).
  • Urza will easily be one of the most competitive commanders in recent memory. Easy combo bait, and a way to turn infinite mana into an easy wincon. I expect him to be pricy, which sucks because I need a copy...
  • Goblin Engineer seems incredibly good, but I'm not sure what sort of deck offhand would want him. Can anyone help me think that through?
  • Scale Up may make infect a thing again? Requires you to only have one other pump to put someone in one-shot range.
  • The only thing I have to say to The First Sliver: Fuck. That.
  • Ice-Fang Coatl means we're probably not seeing Baleful Strix, but I like this design a lot more. Guessing Simic is the snow archetype this time around?
  • Lightning Skelemental makes me absurdly happy on name alone. 'Tis all.
  • The rare lands make me all equally excited. I'm super surprised Wizards would think to expand on the "horizon lands:" it was easily the second-best of the futureshifted rare land cycle, and Grove isn't getting expanded anytime soon.
  • Finally, FULL ART SNOW COVERED BASICS. And you're guaranteed one per pack! And they're done by my favorite artist! I may swoon.

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Idk pretend this never happened lmao.

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Honestly, I HATE the "this is Commander Masters" comments. Of course it is. Discounting the legendary stuff, we are getting a ton of powerful spells so of course a ton of this is good in commander. As for things that are going to be good in Modern, I honestly need to ask, how much of the stuff were you expecting? 100 cards? 50? 30? In no world would 100 cards end up making it into Modern, honestly 50 is pushing it. All the new cards are competing with each other and the high power level of Modern. Only so many cards can make the cut. Not to mention, would people even be happy if 50 cards ended up in Modern? That many cards would TOTALLY warp what Modern in making it into a totally different format and likely upsetting a lot of people. Though looking over the set I think we might end up close to that for how many cards actual see play. For cards I expect to see Modern (or Legacy) play we have

Seasoned Pyromancer, Sword of Truth and Justice, Urza, Alter of Dementia, Archmage's Charm, Bazaar Trader, Collector Ouphe, Flusterstorm, Force of Despair, Negation, and Vigor, Hall of Heliod's Generosity, Hogaak, Scrapyard Recombiner, the Horizon and Cycle land cycles, Faction or Fiction, Firebolt, Pillage, Scale Up, Tribute Mage, Undead Augur, Goblin Matron, Munitions Expert, Wrenn, Ayula's Inluence, Tectonic Reformation, Ore-Scale Guardian, Ruination Rioter, Cloudshredder Sliver, and Dregscape Sliver all can fit into existing decks. You also have all the snow cards and Astral Drift which can make a whole new archetypes. 

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