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  1. Wow that render... okay.
  2. My current TV obsession. Not quite caught up but oh boy do I love every second.
  3. Icy

    Runescape 3

    Oh I feel the need to state that my name on RS is "Ciercy". And per above request; Been trying to set aside at least 30mins/day to try and get that darn KBD pet but he's so hard to afk.
  4. To quote a friend: Seems pretty bad. Doesnt do anything on the field, helps to recycle resources but WATER has much better. And the easily missed timing. Cute though. It would need a facilitator to want to summon during your opponents turn rather than just generic. First Written Singles yea, but there's been posted like 11 cards in the two set forums all in Written format.
  5. Icy

    Runescape 3

    Currently mining loads of Orichalcite and Drakolith for reasons unknown, I should really be working on Bane Ore moreso...
  6. Icy

    Runescape 3

    ", so nay" is hostile? I do not understand. Nothing was implied, nothing was stated beyond there. It was merely a gesture that I didn't want it in my topic due to the vast differences. That being said, if you do, I'd be happy to help you get into it again as a kind of helping hand. MMO's can be overwhelming and it is our duty to help especially on games like RS3.
  7. Icy

    Runescape 3

    Nope nope. Not having that discussion here. The engine is different, the economy is different, the way combat is handled is different. The material core elements are not the same, only visually similar on the outset. You want that, talk about it on a separate thread or something. That being said, I'm making a Dragon Bane Two Handed Sword and it has a progress bar of 8000... ugh.
  8. Icy

    Runescape 3

    OSRS may as well be a different game, so nay.
  9. Icy

    Runescape 3

    I've honestly seen more favoring towards Ranged and Magic than any melee at all. Mining out over 100 bane ore though and its maddenning even with a Bane +4 pick.
  10. Krow being here is now my second favorite thing.
  11. Icy

    Runescape 3

    It's my current obsession and the new Mining and Smithing Rework came out today and I'm loving it. Got a great clan and friends from it too.
  12. Pain Meds gotten. Now for Runescape.

  13. Cant sleep. Excited for RS3's update. Doc appointment in the morn. Ugh.

    1. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas

      Just checking out the Mining/Smithing update now. The beta was fun, and getting the Masterwork Armor is going to be my new long-term goal.