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  1. I honestly never played Survive so I know nothing about Digimon being spiritual. Can’t hurt to learn though.
  2. Been a while since I joined an rp. I’ll give this one a shot. Quick question, are we going off of actual Duel Skills? Or can we have custom ones?
  3. After cyber sleuth reinvigorated my love for digimon, I'm gonna give this a try ?
  4. Hey, we bringing this back!? Am I late? Ah, who am I kidding? Yeah, I'm late.
  5. "It uhh, sounded like she was pretty important to you, so I'm sorry. But," she perked up, "you could probably ask one of the adults to guide you through the marsh if you wanted. I mean, since there's only one path, so they probably know where she ended up, unless uhh, Licorice went off the path, in which case, she's probably dead." She shook her head in horror. "Agh! I mean, uhh, that came out wrong. She's probably not dead since she's your friend and she was able to cross the river by herself and all. So, umm, yeah, don't worry?" she cringed slightly as she finished speaking. Sienna was quiet, she didn't know what to think or do in this situation. And Phai really wasn't making the it any better. She stood up, a gloomy expression on her face as she looked at the swamp one more time before turning away. "Let's... Let's just go... Everyone is probably worried..." She said in a very quiet tone before starting to walk away, her tail low and dragging in the mud. As far as Sienna was concerned, Licorice had no intention of returning at this point. And even if she had made it past the swamp somehow, she doubted that Licorice would even return. That desperate, crazed look she had at the sight of that stone beast being animated. That was the look of somehow who wasn't going to stop running even if they escaped. Tears welled up in Sienna's eyes as she walked, her friend was gone.
  6. It didn't take long for Icleias to pick up Licorice's scent again, and for Sienna and Phai to start running after him again. Sienna looked over at Phai as they ran, she was rather quick for human, being able to keep up with her and Icleias so well. And since Gunther stayed behind, they could cover more ground more easily. "Come on, Licorice... Where are you?" Sienna quietly mumbled to herself. It took a bit before they found anything noteworthy until they stumbled upon an old bridge. Phai seemed against crossing it, but Icleias still had a scent and kept going, and so did the duo. They crossed the bridge and almost immediately found themselves in a more swampy terrain. The soft ground practically becoming muck as they slightly sunk into it a bit, so much so that they had to back up. "This is the Great Marsh," Phai said softly as she stepped back to firmer footing. "We won't be able to go any farther. It's said that those who wander into this place and don't know the way find themselves swallowed up by the place." She gulped. "And I, uhh, don't know the path. There's said to be one, but I wasn't ever taught it." No... This can't be the end. Even Icleias had given up as he dragged his muddy tail back towards the girls. This was the end of the line. "No... But... We can't just..." After coming this far, Sienna could only look towards the swamp in disbelief. Was her friend really just gone, scared off by something so unexpected? Sienna gritted her teeth and just let a loud, "Licorice!!" Before falling on her but in the mud. Her friend was gone, that was that.
  7. Before Sienna could say anything on the matter of Licorice's disappearance, Icleias seemed to catch her scent yet again and took off. She chased after the little dog, followed by Phai, Tsetseg, and Gunther. As they followed, Sienna could still tell that Licorice went through the area, only her tracks were becoming more and more absent. She must have changed back to her humanoid form as she was running, so as to hide her trail. It wasn't long until the group finally made it back to the river they had crossed to get to the village. Only it was much wider this time and branched off in two directions, a different part of the river entirely. "Uhh, it looks like we won't be able to go any farther," Phai said timidly. "I think that uhh, your friend might have crossed the river. Or something like that. And I don't think we should try and follow her. Not here, anyway. There is a place to cross south of here, but..." she looked up at the darkening late afternoon sky, "I think it might be better to just head back for now. Unless, you want to keep going?" She looked at the group with a nervous smile. Sienna let out a sigh, it was getting late, and with Gunther with them it would be too exhausting to keep going. It seemed like this was all for naught, Licorice had just completely left. "well, it's important to find your friends and family right? And you really want to find her right Sienna? So we gotta keep looking! After all, she's all by herself right now and the longer we wait the harder it'll be to follow her!" "Ehhh?! W-Well, I suppose, that's, err, true, I guess," Phai said, twiddling her fingers together. "Umm...in that case, there's a place to cross not far from here, if you all are, uhh, fine with that." Sienna was surprised by how Tsetseg was so willing to help her, it was moving to say the least. Phai lead the group up a steep hill, eventually pointing out a lone oak tree. She explained that she used a rope on the other side of the river as a means of getting back and quickly made the jump herself, Icleias right after her. "I'm not sure I can keep going from here..." Sienna was about to jump too when she heard Gunther's worried voice. She looked over to the knight and turned to him. "Well... You don't have to if you don't want to... This whole chase must be taking its toll on you more than anyone. You can head back if you want, but Gunther... I appreciate that you were willing to go this far just to help." She said with a small smile before turning back to the cliff and making her jump, landing beside Phai with ease.
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