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  1. Because the pain train that is my life has no brakes.
  2. Once again I return! Hopefully for a longer stay. Help me kill some time? Ask away!
  3. I came back to rp me some card games, and by gum, imma rp me some card games. Once more ‘round the sun, as they say. Disclaimer Shit Spoilers ain’t working on mobile. So out in the open with it. I’m sure a lot of you will ask “So is Zai gonna post?” Short answer: almost certainly, once a week, on mondays, after 5 est. I’ve got time blocked out, and I’m trying to keep all of these as laid back and low pressure as possible so that I can reliably get shit done. No promises, as I don’t wanna make a liar of myself, but I’mma be doing my best! If you’re cool with that and willing to give me one more go, welcome aboard! Now, with that out of the way, meat and potatoes. I have quite a few ideas bouncing around in my head, and rather than develop one, I’m gonna post the cliffnotes for all of them and see what people are or are not interested in. Fun fact: not all of them are ygo related. 1. Skies, again? Really? Skies. Again. Really. Possibly picking right up where we left off with it as well. Old apps would get auto-acceptance, and the RP would be open for new ones. I’ve made some changes to my plot notes to allow it to flow better and be more inclusive though. More on that if you ask. Also links are on the table now that they’re not rules-mandatory. For those who weren’t around for the last one, its high school duel monsters, except set in a post apocalyptic arcology dome with a fake sky (hence the name). If you’ve ever played custom robo for gamecube, its similar. 2. Cardgames on motorcycles. I love, love, love me some 5ds, and I have a ton of notes laying around from FORTUNE and other ideas. So this one would be the easiest to set up and get going. It’ll be a sequel, set X amount of years later. Limited acceptance in order to keep the workload small and plot moving fast, unfortunately (i really do hate those). PCs will become signers over the course of the plot, other newer summon types will make appearances, etc etc. You can probably expect to see some sort of novel spin on the formula, but what exactly that’ll be is still up in the air at this time, since I don’t want to 100% retread things I and other people have done before. 3. Magic: the Isekaithering Mtg has expansive lore running back decades, and I love it to death. I know a lot of you are big fans, too, so this idea came about. The player characters are semi-pro magic players, and/or fans at a big tournament/con, who are all isekai’d into the mtg multiverse as planeswalkers via some kind of, well, magic, with all of their knowledge of the game and its lore intact. The possibility for altering the plot of past blocks, as well as riffing on magic and card game tropes in general, will exist. I have it envisioned as somewhat lighthearted, but depending on what people want to go for I’m very willing to make adjustments to the plot and tone to do something more serious. 4. Yughioh’s bizzare adventure/Exiles 2: electric boogaloo A redux of my very first rp on ycm literally ever. Apologies for the textwall. Essentially taking the notion that a character’s deck in ygo anime is their stand as literally as possible, with inspiration from digimon and a classic anime called orguss thrown in. The basics: monsters from ygo (called exiles) and all of the varying card storylines, art, events, et all, are real, and exist in alternate dimensions, collectively called the spirit world, that reflect the emotions and imaginations of humanity. Something happened during a duel monsters world championship that overlaid every one of these dimensions onto ours, which caused the apocalypse and drastically altered the reality and makeup of the world. The conciet, in a shellnut, Is that Cards can now be tied to the creatures/objects/locations they represent, as well as a duelist, to essentially become that duelist’s stand, jojo style. Using those cards as summon materials, or generally doing gameplay things to them, causes those effects to become as real as the monster, who may or may not be willingly partnered with that duelist. People don’t usually play duel monsters with rules anymore- they fight using this effect instead. Your monster-stand will change forms when used for summons, card effects played on it become literal effects, and when it dies so do you. Plot wise, the world is getting worse and soon won’t be able to support human life, and the cast will be instrumental in turning that around. 5. Something comepletely different! I have other ideas floating around for a yugioh rp too, but none as fully developed as the above. Little bit of sports anime here, some saving the world there. If none of the above sound fun, but you still wanna do some yugimons with ya boi zai, I can concoct something entirely new. if any of these strikes your fancy, let me know! Or, come to the discord server I’ve got set up for this and do it there. Whichever works for you! https://discord.gg/rFyHCnDwP3 Before I go into that though, just a quick tidbit to adress what I’m sure is gonna be the first thing that comes to mind when a lot of you see that I’m hosting an rp again: is Zai gonna post? Short answer: Almost certainly. I’ve got a fairly set schedule these days, and while I’m not gonna outright promise anything, since I’d rather not make a liar of myself, I do have a block of time set aside every monday after 5 pm est specifically for this, and a better grasp on my ability to juggle projects and other things. A post a week is what I’m giving, and also what I’m (nicely, with no pressure) asking. So if you’re ok with all of that, welcome aboard! Its good to be back.
  4. Hug: Sunflora. Always give love to gen 2 Catch: Grumpig. Somehow that spoink evolved. Must be a chad. Fight: Huntail. Lol dumb fish go brrr. entei, suicune, and raikou
  5. I’m back. How many of you are still alive?

  6. PPL: 50 "Oh, so that's your play." Enrique looked down at his arm, which now had a decently sized gash in it, and then at the inky black shadow on the side wall which had suddenly grown a long, gangly claw and slashed at him. It let out a monotone, droning cry as it left the wall and took a three dimensional form. At first, going off on his own hadn't seemed like the optimal choice, but Enrique had opted to anyway to hopefully get himself back into the swing of things. And Lo and behold, an opportunistic, predatory spirit had decided to make it worth his while. 50 was sizable, but still small enough that he could handle it no problem. It even had a cute gimmick. Choosing not to waste any more time, he drew his knife, and in one quick motion he lunged forward and inflicted a comparable wound to the creature's own arm. It too looked down, presumably shocked that it could be wounded in such a manner as inky blackness seeped from the stab wound. "This blade kills spooks good, cabron." He taunted. "You got some cahones, I'll give you that, but you picked the wrong guy to mess with today." The thing retaliated by launching both of its arms out at him. One nicked his cheek as he ducked, but Enrique was otherwise unharmed. With a practiced upward swipe, he then reached up and cut a nasty gash through the spirit's wrist as it withdrew its appendages, splattering some of the black ichor onto himself as the wound gushed, much like it would on a living person. It droned again, though despite the monotone, it was very clearly in a lot of pain. "Been in too many street fights to get knocked down by something like that. How's about I send you back to the hole you crawled out of and put that PPL to better use?"
  7. 08:32, ToSoftware HQ, Megalopolis "Infinito." Enrique Cabrera shook his head and sucked down the last bit of his cup of coffee. Today... well, yesterday-blended-into-today, had gone from bland and mildly aggravating to downright terrible. Second shift on the new apartments downtown, normally a crappy night doing interior work now that the the facade was up on the building, had turned godawful when his body abruptly decided that carrying spot lamps up the stairs was the perfect time to develop sudden onset narcolepsy. The next thing he knew, he was somewhere else, staring down some crazy mist monster with a bunch of people who's faces he didn't recognize. It was kind of laughable at first, like a scene out of a horror film. The thing even had a PPL so large that quantifying it was impossible for him. Then it screamed. Being an empath was tough, even at the best of times. But the sudden rush of fear, emanating from everyone and everything, hitting him all at once? He was surprised it hadn't killed him. Or maybe it had, since he was conscious again, and at the bottom of the stairs. Understandably, his super had sent him home after that. Can't have a worker sleepwalking on a job site, after all. But that also meant no pay until he could get cleared to work again. No money, no rent. Fantastico. This exorcist gig was supposed to pay for a new guitar (and maybe a prerelease copy of BlackSpirits, if he could swing it), but now it had to keep him afloat. It was too late to sleep, so he'd had a cup of coffee and played some games at home for awhile, then left, got himself another and some breakfast, and made his way over to ToSoft with three hours and change to spare. He was the first one there, as far as he could tell, so he went and got himself a newspaper and sat down near the door. It provided him a good vantage point to people watch as other ESPers filtered in. He got a feel for each of their PPLs and their surface emotions as they walked past him. " Cien y diez... muy inquisitiva. Cien y setenta. Una Duendecilla. Not a good time. Dos cientos y cincuenta- ansiosa... did it just get colder in here? Whew! Tres cientos y cuarenta. Estas abburida... Eres guapa tambien." He paused a moment, the next one interrupting his inner monologue. " Mil cuatrocientos. Puta madre why are the rest of us even here... wait is that a monkey?!" And so it went until he'd taken what stock he could of his erstwhile coworkers. By the time the suit showed up, it was around noon. "Th-thank you, everyone, for coming! We here at ToSoft care utmost about our employees, so when we discovered the presence of something… paranormal on our campus, we did our best to find any and everyone capable of handling it! Thank you for answering our open ad." Well, at least there was cannon fodder here with them. Enrique had also brought his knife. I believe that the… the ghost is that of a former employee. While developing a game for us, he had created a 'boss monster' that the game balancing team deemed too difficult for our target market. Despite pressure from superiors, he refused to lower the difficulty in any way. Said it would ruin his work of art. He refused to listen… we had to let him go! Everyone at a business like this has to be a team player, surely you all understand! Needless to say, he was angry, and… he crashed his car in a road-rage incident shortly after leaving the premises…" The suit was inching closer and closer to the exit, clearly having no interest in remaining in the building longer than was absolutely required. "Cabron. Too scared to help solve a problem he caused." "Now the boss monster is here! It's been spotted on the top floor, and strange things have been occurring throughout the whole building in this last week! You need to help us, we haven't been getting anything done!" Before anyone else could, the big man with the 1400 PPL chimed in. Enrique folded up his newspaper and stood up, formally joining the crowd now that there wasn't anything to gain from being incognito. "Alright. After a quick look around the room, I was able to see that my PPL was about four times that of anyone else here. I'm gonna be leading this if none of you mind." "PPL..? What are you talking about, mister…" "Don't worry about it. The people who can actually do something with that information know what I am talking about. As for you, I recommend leaving before you see something that renders you mentally disabled for the rest of your life, or worse." Well, at least big man knew what it was they were getting into. As for the rest of you that are real espers, you can call me Aki. Any questions? "Yeah, I've got one. Were you raised by aliens or something to get a PPL that high?" And the rest didn't. Muy Bien. "Sorry to break it to you, but some people are simply more special than others." "I-I knew that! I just--but--for it to get that high... fine! I'll go look for the ghost." The girl in the rain gear started to go on ahead. "If anyone wants to tag along, be my guest. If I find it, I'll... hmm... just watch through the windows, you'll know when I find it. And then I'll lead it up to the roof." Enrique shook his head, then went off after her. He knew better. Besides, the Q&A was likely to be boring, and big man could probably handle getting the rest of the clueless ones up to speed. "Oiy, Chica!" He called out as he caught up to her. "This ain't no scavenger hunt. Even weak spooks can be dangerous if they catch you off guard- I almost got done in by the ghost of some old lady's parakeet once. Might be a better play if you stick around with all of us and listen to what Senior 1400 has to say, eh?" He was tired and aggravated, and she could probably tell that from his tone of voice, but he did his best to try and be nice about it. He put his hand on her shoulder as he continued, ignoring the image of what he assumed was her front door that flashed before his eyes for a second. "Besides, this is your first time ghost hunting, right?"
  8. Poor circulation + snowy weather = my hands feeling less like hands and more like tenderized lumps of meat. 

  9. Snow good. Shoveling bad. still can’t cook for shit.
  10. Damn right. Assuming you and the town are both still there.
  11. When I get home, assuming she hasn’t destroyed things. and its The harmonica.
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