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  1. Today
  2. The MMPR Megazord came back, sort of


  3. sometimes people ask who is chuck under mask? and i gotta say i hope people protect my privacy as a dr. what i mean is i understand curious seeking way but it also seems like way of scoundrel if person being seeked does not wnat to tak emask off just yet

  4. Yesterday
  5. I'm officially calling all Trump supporters "trumpets" from now on.

    1. ~King Crouton~

      ~King Crouton~

      good thing or bad thing?

    2. Thar


      take it as you will

    3. Mr Spaz

      Mr Spaz

      I don't know, but I feel it may be related to this word

  6. I do think it's neat how in the ongoing Pandemic Arc, a lot of the character designs were mixed up, giving them shaggy hair and pajama pants.

    1. LordCowCow


      Turns out I was ahead of the curve this whole time

    2. (TheOtherYuya)


      I was smart enough to get the mask DLC before the main player base realized it was essential for an optimal playthrough.

  7. it is no longer today in my timeline where you HAD to prove love but i will STILL HEAR what you have done in to prove love in thread JUST BECAUSE you were not able to prove love yesterday does not mean you cant do so tomorrow or whenever you are feeling like that you can i will not try to force you but I BELIEVE IN YOU

  8. Yo in case y'all don't check the section, there's some Monster games in there if you wanna check them out

  9. So about that job...haha it was a shitshow I think my cousin tricked me, hated every second, gonna go for the other options instead and see how that goes.

    Self care includes not settling for jobs that make you feel crappy unless you absolutely have no other option.

  10. Last week
  11. as a doctor name of chuck i will give perscription to everyone YOU ARE TO PROVE LOVE AT LEAST ONCE TODAY

    i have already said how this can be to yourself but you can also prove love with other buckaroos even just by calling them up on the ding dang phone and saying "i was just thinking about you i hope you are doing okay" or even saying same thing in the dascords for online buds

  12. I am now looking for a new apprentice to carry on my work when I’m gone. Would any of you perhaps be interested?

  13. Just made probably the easiest anime food I could realize. Doesn't mean it wasn't delish. No pics, but I referenced a blog that does: https://realanimefood.tumblr.com/post/49953271099/kokona-and-aois-french-toast

    1. (TheOtherYuya)


      I followed a parfait recipe from jojolion once

    2. Nico


      Yooooo anime parfaits look so good

  14. sometimes i wake up late at night and hear call of LONESOME TRAIN and i worry it will come for me but then i realize everyone must hear lonesome train in their own way too and i realize how much we have in common

    i know this way is my own and may not help everyone sleep happy dreams but i did want to share it

    1. Chuck Tingle

      Chuck Tingle

      i did sleep okay last night thank you for asking even if sweet barbra appeared at foot of my bed talking marbles i knew son jon was in next room and he is so cool and handsome knowing he was there helped too

  15. V Chaos Breaker 😨4ce5389a-4df7-4705-b0f2-0a13ecf0cc3b.png

    Also, "THE BLOOD."

    1. ~King Crouton~
    2. LordCowCow


      Those ghosties are so cute

    3. Crona



  16. 25 years old and suck so much at graphic design i cant even make a smiley face on gimp ama

    1. Chuck Tingle

      Chuck Tingle

      this is normal way just remember that whatever you do create it is still ART and that I AM PROUD OF YOU

    2. ass
    3. Thar


      hmu on discord, slut

  17. really random stretch of a question but does anyone know any pixel artists that I could ask a couple of questions too or if you have experience with pixel art even better.

    Trying to make it so animations aren't jittering about with micro difference using a set frame format, but making micro adjustments on every single frame each time doesn't seem like the smart way to do it?

    1. ass


      If you could get ahold of Poc from YCM he could maybe show ya. He's as old as I am. Pre 500 members. He popped in every now and then still on YCM. He's quite talented with pixels

    2. (TheOtherYuya)


      How long of an animation are we talking?

    3. Tormented


      @ass I'll see if I can drop a dm or smthng ty


      @(TheOtherYuya) 54 in total but it's a sprite sheet so 4 frames per animation

  18. Winter what the fuck is your name on Discord I'm trinna pm u

  19. It's time, ladies and gents! The oracle has given me the first clue on my mummy's whereabouts. Your participation is appreciated!

  20. Glorious nippon folded brain

  21. Happy birthday Mugen

    1. Crona


      man i miss him

      happy birthday bro

  22. MPwrOqL.jpg

    15th +10 merge is now done. Just need to pull two more Nino's and grind out 60K feathers and she'll be done, then I can move onto Petrine.

    1. LordCowCow


      Oh that's a good one. Was using her in flying team with Ashnard and the young whitewings and realized just how good they all are.

  23. Life’s a party, unless you’re already dead on the inside.

    1. Sir Cophagus

      Sir Cophagus

      Such a relatable conundrum. I used to have death inside me, but now I just feel hallow. It is just not the same!

  24. an important part of PROVING LOVE is proving love TO YOURSELF AS WELL even if it is simple as looking in the mirror and keeping shoulders straight or saying "hey i am going to have a good day today" there are as many ways to prove love as there are timelines (INFINITE) and these are two of them

    1. LordCowCow


      Thank you two time Hugo Award nominated author Chuck Tingle

    2. (TheOtherYuya)


      god this monster sure has exceeded my wildest expectations

    3. Chuck Tingle

      Chuck Tingle

      thank you for recognizing that i am world's greatest author but these are things that you do not have to be like chuck to do in fact it is BETTER if you do them in your own way

  25. I keep seeing ads for my dream pistol and I'm pissed off cuz I can't afford it rn

    1. MetalSonic


      What pistol is it?

    2. Comrade Duck

      Comrade Duck

      Arex zero. They're like 8-900 right now LOL

  26. So I got one of those job things. Will see how it goes.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MetalSonic


      Oh yeah, I've gotten that bullshit before. It's honestly gotten to the point where if the HR ditz calls says "team" or "family", I know that I have no issues dropping them like a hot potato. 

    3. LordCowCow


      Ironically my cousin and his wife also works there.

      But I getcha lol

    4. Thar


      Nice, dude.

      And yeah. I get that "we're family" bullshit, but where I'm at, everyone that owns the company is the kid of the former CEO (and one of then is the current one) and about 25% of the people here are related to someone who also works here.

  27. If it flops, then it flops. I just wasn't okay with the idea of not even trying to have fun. I know that it will never be what it once was, but I still want to see people get whatever happiness from Halloween that they can. This year has been shitty enough.

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