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  1. Today
  2. Is the Kool-Aid man the liquid or the container?

  3. eating cheese rn to own the vegans

  4. My question is: If Bandit Keith summoned a normal monster with 2400 ATK and Pegasus instructed the kid to summon a normal monster with 1850 ATK, how the hell did Bandit Keith lose that duel?

    I am rewatching the Duelist Kingdom arc and it showed that scene. I'm more confused about that scene than Bandit Keith is. He summons a 2400 ATK normal monster and his opponent summons a 1850 ATK normal monster and neither one has any additional cards on the field to influence the battle. So wouldn't the kid have technically lost 550 LP?

  5. 154477312_5765320660152120_3334399987891We're rounding out Day Three of our (almost) titular four days in Ohtori with this new blog post.


  6. Yesterday
  7. I wish, I wish I had a really big fish to chop up and put on a dish.

  8. First Jaden snitches on Chazz, then Alexis snitches on him too.

    We ain't chazzing it up today 😔

    1. radio414


      that's not very chazz money of them

    2. Horu


      I see Jaden wasn't getting his game on

  9. Who else thinks the current meta would be extremely scary if all the cards were legal?

    1. (␀)


      You really think so?

    2. Horu


      I mean, it'd be pretty interesting, sure. Pretty much any deck today that can pull off a 20 card combo would essentially become an exodia engine if there was no banlist.

  10. Last week
  11. hear me out

    black glasses infernape

    1. Forgotten Home

      Forgotten Home

      I wear my sunglasses at night~

    2. LordCowCow


      gotta get that boosted uh....taunt

    3. (␀)
  12. Gonna make an effort to sleep today whenever possible

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Horu


      Yes. It helped a lot. I was so exhausted yesterday that I think I knocked out for like 6 hours as soon as I sat down.

    3. LordCowCow


      ayy, that's good

    4. Horu


      Yeah. I'm working right now. Just have one room to sell by 2am and I'm pretty well set.

  13. If you haven't played it, like me, the PS4 version of Ratchet & Clank is free until March 31st as a part of Sony's Play at Home campaign 

  14. There are still reports claiming that the Switch Pro will be a thing. Does anyone here actually believe that it will happen?

    1. (␀)


      I honestly believe it is wholly unnecessary, but for the crazy people that want to play skyrim on the bus I suppose that would be great.

    2. LordCowCow


      I actually had brought this up to someone recently but

       so the switch is 4 years old now
      the wii lasted 7 years
      wii u lasted 5 years

      So if they do I imagine it'd only be an "upgrade" version since the switch still has a couple years on it at least.

    3. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas

      If anything is consistent about the Switch Pro rumors, it's that it will be an upgrade rather than a genuine successor. Considering how the Wii U's life cycle was cut short for flopping as hard as it did, I do think the Switch will make it to six to seven years at least. I know Nintendo typically lies or misleads us to avoid spoiling some news, but I'm inclined to believe them when they claim that the Switch is halfway through its life cycle. I'm not so sure that it's worth bringing out a "pro" model rather than just waiting for the successor. I at least get the Switch Lite trying to maintain the handheld-only market, but a Switch Pro just doesn't make sense right now.

  15. i find the best way to expand your musical horizons is to just put a genre you're thinking about in spotify and click on the first playlist you see

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    2. (␀)


      you must make a lot of spotify playlists, dae

    3. Hina's Simp

      Hina's Simp

      have 3


      thats too much tho u rite

    4. (␀)
  16. new godspeed you! black emperor won't be coming out on my birthday but it'll be close enough that i'm going to say it was so thanks i hope i love it

    1. Hina's Simp

      Hina's Simp

      Seriously? I am excited, this is exciting.

  17. Finally got around to finishing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 main story. I won't say too much cause god anything I say would be full of spoilers, I see why people speak so highly of the game really.

    It's weird to say that, considering so much was crammed into the final... Third of the game, but despite that, the pacing didn't feel too bad there.

    1. (␀)


      Damn, just in time!

    2. Kazooie


      mr. sakurai's spoilers are the main reason i wanted to finish the game

  18. Who was your favorite starter from Sinnoh?

    Dank face swap | Pokémon Amino

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Horu


      Piplup is most likely the first water starter I liked


    3. Thar


      Turtwig all the way

    4. Hina's Simp

      Hina's Simp

      Probably whichever one I masturbated to more.

  19. Something about me. When I say stuff like "I'll do it soon, might be a couple days we'll see" usually I tend to just do it that day anyway

    GBA polls have begun

  20. I AM THE 0.1%

    1. Thar



  21. This HAS to be Hanson... near the end you clearly hear 3 voices 


  22. Not sure if this is a good idea. But I'm gonna let the community decide what archetype I should make. First 10 comments will be put to a vote.

    Quick note: the winning archetype will get 20 cards.

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. A Burgerking Crouton

      A Burgerking Crouton

      Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes, and Dark Magician are all based around very popular monsters that have existed for two decades now, and they only have so much support because they've been peppered with it constantly over all that time. Archfiends are an enormous mess that combines the first take of them being Chess RNG, the second take that tries to make them a proper archetype, and a helluva lot of random cards that just happen to have the name (including a ton of Summoned Skull retrains).

      Dark Worlds and Lightsworn are both archetypes that Konami has done multiple takes on, so that's why they got so many cards as is. Stardust is weird in that it isn't really much of an actual archetype, just a bunch of support for Stardust Dragon.

      Blackwings (and Performapals definitely) are just a giant fuck. They just have way too many cards what the fuck are they even doing.


      If you're really set on making a whole entire 20 cards, then do so for an archetype that doesn't have just one playstyle. Something like Nordics since they have 3 boss monsters but they all are summoned using completely different combos. That way you can support all 3 bosses, maybe make them mesh better with one another.

    3. Horu


      I can agree with this. Just trying to avoid a big mess of an archetype. Hence why I'm not willing to make a full deck of one-offs for an archetype. I can do it but it more works when it's done in a way that is fluid and allows the player to switch up their strategy based on their draws.

    4. (␀)


      Then why are you saying you will make 20 cards? 20 cards is a big mess of an archetype.

  23. Please let this guy know if you've ever seen a girl. Please, he's dying of thirst.


  24. who do I not have on discord

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. (␀)


      Just don't be IRS

    3. Nyx


      Well, then sign me up!

    4. (␀)


      Just dm me your discord or put it here, I'll deal with it later.

  25. waifu cop bind zone 154490907_3799194880156304_8298082664943

  26. So, I don't know how many of y'all that play/played Splatoon, I've got two things on my Splatoon 3 wish-list: A hard campaign like the Octo Expansion, and a Sploosh-O-Matic with a disruptor/toxic mist/whatever they replace it with again.

    1. LordCowCow


      never splatoon'd much, it looks fun but I'm not a very big fan of mostly online multiplayer content

    2. JellisOP


      I can hear you, I personally most online content, unless it is the dreaded NINTENDO SWITCH ONLINE!!!

    3. Thar


      I know it wasn't much, but I did really enjoy the singleplayer in Splatoon 1. Those boss fights were fun.

  27. Final Fantasy VII Remake, Remnant From the Ashes, Farpoint VR and Maquette are this months free PS+ games... Sony has had some bangers this year as far as PS+ free games go so far

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