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  1. Darius was just exiting the stairs when a bolt of current hit him in the chest. "The hell was that?!" he screamed, looking for the source of the blast. Another one zapped him on his hand while he was holding a knife, reading a throw. "Dio di quel-" he groaned, getting hit by a third bolt. "Whoever are you, show yourself! I'm tired of getting hit by things that I can't see!" As the fourth bolt came towards him for an hit in the guts, he dodged and threw a knife to a suspiciously dim lit lamp and shattered it, stopping the attack. "I have seen some weird fuckery in the last months, but this beats them all" he said to himself, inspecting his "attacker" "Well, I've got to get going".
  2. "Of course I have a suggestion. You all sit back, and let me handle this. You're just going to get in my way again." "Aaand, she just dashes out. Well, I guess I should try to follow her." Darius mumbled, after sighing and rubbing his eyes in disbelief "She should really take some lessons in teamwork" Running towards the stairs and sliding down the handrail, he tried to go as fast as he could to reach his teammate that now was already downstairs and had an advantage of a couple minutes on him, while thinking what would take tomake her cooperate with the rest of the Titans. "After all, strenght should be in numbers" he tought, while keeping his guard high, just in case the person or people that cut of the power decided to attack him.
  3. "What? Ah, codenames, this means serious shit" said Darius as he woke up "Ok, let's just not make too much noise. I'll go get my equipment and then I'll go wake up Nano and Diviner. Let's meet up here when you've gathered the others." Trying to not trip over stuff and with a torch in hand, he made his way to his room, changing in his uniform chlothes and putting on protections and gadgets. There was something wrong in his home and he was going to find out what. He set his goggles to night vision and went out of the room, knives in hand, and set out to wake the others.
  4. "So, Darius. Those were some pretty sweet moves back there. On your part. Where'd you learn how to fight?" "Well, I picked up most of it trying to fight street thugs in Seattle, the rest is all self taught. You don't need that much skill to throw knives around." Said Darius, picking a cookie up "But I don't understand how I am the most interesting of the group. You know, between everyone here, I am the most boring one. We are in the same team as a living storm, a clairvoyant, a japanese demon girl who almost older than me and you combined, THE LITERAL SON OF DEATH HIMSELF and you, who are mostly made of nanomachines; I am only a guy who throws shit real hard..." now reaching for another one " By the way, nice cookies! You have to teach me how to cook sweets, I'm only good with salty stuff." "I would like a piece of that crab leg myself, miss Hinata." "Excuse me, Miss Siren, but I don't recall asking anyone if they'd like a piece." "Aw, come on Hinata, it's not like you'll eat all of it. It's a 8 feet and a half crab leg that is wider than both my arms, I'll need around 400 grams of it and I think she won't eat more than 200. I think that cutting off 600 grams from 13 pounds worth of crab meat won't make much difference."
  5. "Come on i fili mou, cheer up, we made it out alive and so did the sailors. Mission accomplished." "Elijah's right, let's just cool down" Darius said, throwing his trenchcoat on the hanger "There's no need to start a fight. We've been together for more than half a year, we should have settled this by now!" Heading for his room, he started unlatching his protections and holsters and went in it to take a quick shower to wash the saltwater away. After putting on some dry chlothes and coming out said "Ya know, after all this fuckery, I feel a little bit hungry. Is there anything to eat?" trynig to change the subject. "Ok! Well! It's no use mopin' around. I'm gonna go bake some cookies. Who wants?" "Man, forget the cookies... We're off duty now, right? Can't we like, crack open some beers or something?" "Yeah, I think we can. Everyone's cool with it? By the way, if Hinata leaves me a part of her crab leg, who'd like some crab ravioli for dinner? I know a nice recipe and I think we have all the ingredients here!" Darius asked, approaching the little group that was gathering in the kitchen "Elijah, could you give me some help?"
  6. I love this thing. I think it works really well in the mid-to-late game and works really well as a first turn XYZ material.
  7. I just realized I didn't do this back when I got on, so here it is. Most probably, almost no one here would know who I am; So, let's just get on with it: I'm just a guy from The Boot (also known as Italy or the place where pizza was invented) that enjoys making cards (MtG and YGO), playing videogames and recently got into TTRPGs an RPs. I got on the AGM team almost a month before YCM exploded into nothingness for a couple weeks, so I really have just done only one AGM prompted archetype. I'll stuck around for as long as I can
  8. Well, since what I wanted to use was already taken I'll reserve Ammunition Manipulation.
  9. Nice. I'll write an app when I can find some time to do it. Also, I'll reserve Causality Perception in an RDJ's Sherlock Holmes-like fashion.
  10. Seems like YCM died again.. Shame...

  11. Nerfed the card. Now it has only battle protection and a control effect that only gives advantage to monsters that have odd weird stats (all Evilswarms except ExcKnight and Kerikeyon and all monsters played by PaniK)