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  1. BGM What separates a dream from reality? Is it the unusual nature, the impossibility, of a dream that crosses it from reality into fiction? What then do you do when something impossible happens in your waking world? Does reality then become a dream? And then, in that case, does that mean the dream is now reality? All you heard was four words. "I need your help." All you saw was darkness. At least that was the only way you could process what you saw before you. The pit that was entirely empty. Not just empty. Devoid of existence. Pure nothingness. You didn't have time to feel fear, or anticipation, or anything at all. Yet you had no idea how long you were in that nothingness. And how long you, too, were nothing. When you're enveloped in a blanket of nonexistence it's impossible to tell where you are, when you are, and perhaps even who you are. Thoughts floated past like driftwood. Just out of your reach. And the nothingness continued on for only a moment. And yet, as well, for eternity. When you opened your eyes, or were they already open and you only now had something to see, the landscape was much different than you were used to. It was uncertain where you were and there were only two things you could be certain of. One was that wherever it was you found yourself it was not where you were before. Nor was it the nothingness from an uncertain amount of time ago. And the other was that someone was calling for you. Not audibly. But calling nonetheless. The end of one chapter begins another. The park was empty. At first. And then in a blink, a moment, there were several people standing in its midst. For a second or two they seemed to not really be there. Their outlines blurred, the details of their faces and clothing uncertain, and then there they were. In shocking clarity. To call it a park would be an overstatement to some of them. It was rather small, they could see the end of it any direction they looked, and the number of trees could be counted on an average human's fingers and toes. Several benches were scattered across a path that weaved around these scant few trees in a loosely circular formation. Near each bench was a flowerbed. Perfectly rectangular, which could be proven if one had the proper tool and were inclined to check, and only five feet wide, the flowers in them were as varied in appearances as the people who were now standing in this supposed park. The only noise was a soft bubbling that came from a fountain behind them. It was larger than even the trees, which themselves were 15 feet high, and the base was diamond shaped. The height came from the large statue of a dragon, on two feet and aiming its mouth, from which sprang three arcing jets of water, towards the sky, standing in the middle. Other than the group that had appeared the park seemed empty. No citizens out for a stroll or vagrants using the benches for a bed despite it being nighttime. Not even an animal could be seen. And surrounding this park, which seemed separate somehow from anything else, was a city. Even those from what might be called a "modern world" would think it somewhat unusual. Large buildings could be seen in every direction and neon lights flashing various advertisements and names of establishments. On several buildings were large screens filled with news broadcasts. Subtitled in a language that, though none of them should know, was perfectly understandable to the group. And titled with the words "Prana News" "Seems that the sports stadium will reopen tomorrow. In other news; an attack on the police station was thwarted earlier today. More on that after these sponsors." Followed by an advertisement for some kind of breakfast cereal for children "It glows in the bowl and in your stomach; who said breakfast can't be fun! Try Nuk-O's today!" As they tried to get their bearings each of the group would, again, hear something calling to them. They felt a mental tug which seemed to want them to go somewhere. Somewhere that they instinctively knew was in the center of this city of metal and lights. Whether they followed this tug willingly and directly, or instead went in another direction and tried to ignore it, was up to each individual. Their first steps into a brand new world had begun. OOC
  2. It, like every night, was dark. However it wasn't stormy. Instead it was cold and somewhat clammy. The time was 10 PM and, unlike some larger cities, the streets were mostly barren. The moon in the sky, and the streetlights on the ground, made the dark night possible to traverse without being blind. They, in this case being Brian James Trantor and Carmen O'Conner, had gotten a message not long ago. It was from their mysterious savior/employer, Shiki. This was unusual, the first of several unusual moments, as the girl hardly ever used text messages to contact them. Though it was only a couple words, "Dagen Park" which was why they both had made their way towards said park. Park might be something of an exaggeration. it was rather large, it would only take a couple minutes to cross it, and only had a singular bench, under an old gazebo, to sit in. Some trees were scattered around, mostly around the edge to the left facing from the street, but not many and only one or two that were truly large. A playground sat in the center of the small grassy field which consisted of a couple slides, monkey bars, and a bit of a distance from that a pair of seesaws and a swing set that creaked with the slight breeze. Off to the side of said playground, at the right edge of the park, was a concrete area for parking. And there sat a singular vehicle. They each would recognize it as belonging to Shiki. A large van, practically a camper, that looked like it shouldn't be able to run. Yet they knew it did. Usually, yet another unusual thing tonight, this van was parked outside of their houses, or wherever they happened to be when Shiki wanted to contact them, and they'd use it to get to whatever Shiki needed them to do. However this time it was in another location. The reason why was clear to them soon. The third unusual thing of the night. Whenever they found said van they were the only ones who ever paid it any mind. However today there was another. For Brian this was Carmen. And for Carmen this was Brian. Without any warning it seemed that Shiki had decided that the two of them would meet tonight. In this park. On this cold and clammy night.
  3. OOC TUESDAY NOVEMBER 01 180 DAYS REMAIN “This is an imaginary story… Aren’t they all?” -Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (written by Alan Moore) Do All Words Can Do “Fuck!” The events of the last few hours had taken their toll on Director Sekelsky. The reports of rioting were finally dying down, people were returning to their homes, and heroes were permitted to stand down, but that just meant it was time for the casualty numbers. Multiple people had been trampled in the initial panic, and several more were injured in what ensued afterward, including one of their own, a cape who went by the name of Spotlight. It was worth another few expletives. “Fucking goddamn piece of horseshit! Cass goes off the grid for who knows how long and then decides to pull this fucking stunt. Did they know? They must have known. Surely they realized what would happen next, right? So they just left everyone else to clean up their mess, huh?” There were four other people in the room, and each of them was in costume, so Director Sekelsky mentally adopted the standard name protocols. Cape names when dressed as capes. Easy. At the opposite end of the sweatbox of a meeting room (how could it be this fucking hot in here in fucking November?) were Override, Ember, and Aeon. They were the main recipients of this briefing, chosen for a number of reasons but there was really one big one: availability. None of them had been at Hallowmas or taken the holiday standby shift (and who could blame them? It was Halloween. Even Director Sekelsky had hoped to spend the night with his husband and daughter until whatever this shit was), which meant they were actually around this morning. The fact they all had some sort of criminal record was concerning but not work scrapping and waiting for someone else. Bard was there too, seated alone on the near end of the sweatbox next to the projection screen. His costume was positively ancient, and his mask one of those tacky theater masks that only covered half of his face, but he refused to change it, always citing more pressing issues of the time. The Director couldn’t fault him for that this time. He was taking this even harder than Director Sekelksy was; he had a pair of white-knuckled fists pushed as far into the table as he could manage, and he was shaking and muttering something under his breath. It was probably something to do with his Thinker powers, Director Sekelsky thought. It wasn't something he understood, but Bard had also been instrumental in G3’s response the last few hours and he’d been a wreck then too. As long as he was functional and managed to check in with one of G3’s counselors later, he’d be alright, right? He sighed. Thinking things through like this helped get the anger out of his system. The only emotion that remained now was a quiet determination. From an egotistical point of view, it was his best feature. He didn’t have any superpowers, but he wasn’t powerless. “First thing’s first, where’s DEUS?” “Helping with the riots,” Bard said. He eased up a little too now that the meeting had started. “He was spotted in Graceland a little before midnight so he actually wasn’t too far away when it started.” “For once,” Director Sekelsky said. “For once.” “But that means don’t count on it happening again. Not that we should ever count on him.” “Especially now that it’s daytime,” Bard said. “He’ll probably be too busy rescuing cats from trees or helping old women cross the street.” “Or rescuing old women from trees,” the Director snarked. “So Plan A, then. Alright.” Bard handed him a trio of folders and he turned his attention to the three capes in the back. One for each of them. “As you are no doubt aware, the Renegade Cape Cassandra predicted the end of the world at Hallowmas last night,” he said. “This is so obviously S-Class, it’s practically the definition of the term. Unfortunately, the actual words on the truces don’t agree here. They were written more for singular, concrete threats. A tornado, some supervillain who’s gotten too big for their britches, a bio-Tinker’s experiment run amok. Not something as nebulous and off in the distance as this. If we try to litigate this through the normal channels, that’s precious time lost we could have spent dealing with whatever the fuck this actually is, so we’re hoping to avoid that.” He tossed the folders down the table, one at a time. Landing them neatly at the edge right in front of his target without anything spilling out was something that had taken countless briefings just like these to perfect, but it was worth it every time. “We do have some language in our favor, however. We just need the leaders of each of the three main gangs to agree with us, and sign a document saying as much. You three will be facilitating that.” “In those folders are our profiles on the three gangs and the leaders,” Bard said, standing up as well. “Gibbons’ Caesar” -- he pronounced it “ˈsi zər” -- “The Zodiac’s Ophiuchus, and, of course, the Moray Clan’s three Fates. Most of it’s common knowledge, but make sure you’re up to date on it. It also has my best guesses as to how the negotiations are going to play out. Unfortunately, it is probably going to be a negotiation. Six months is a lot of time for Scarlet City’s underworld to play nice.” “We’re going to have to play nice in return,” Director Sekelsky said. “We were the ones with the most cape activity last night. Again, the extenuating circumstances favor us, and obviously so, but they’ll be looking for any concession they can get. Also included in those folders is a copy of a temporary S-Class agreement. It won’t last until April, but it’s something we can use when the Peacekeepers get their act together, so as long as you don’t do anything stupid like make a legally binding agreement without our negotiators present -” “Or start a fight,” Bard said. “- or start a fight, we’re giving you a lot of leeway on this. We need those signatures, you understand? The meetings are already set up. Catty Key buzzed everyone earlier, so be sure to thank her when you get the chance. Your first meeting is with the Fates in Echo Park, the other places and times are in there as well.” His eyes met Ember’s “Ember, you’re not going to that last one as per our existing agreement regarding Gibbons, report back here after The Zodiac meeting instead for a different assignment.” The last moment lingered a bit longer than Director Sekelsky intended, which mattered in the face of all the time pressure, but was still recoverable. “You have a few minutes to finish your reading, ask any questions, you might have, and then get going. Leave through the back while the sixes don’t have the building completely surrounded yet.” Hidden World Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos Lanthimos, the Moray Clan’s three Fates, arranged themselves in various positions about their lair’s (for lack of a better word) throne room searching for something that might fit the correct vibe. It was the new costumes that were the problem here. They’d just gotten three matching dresses from Rajawongse made out of Clotho’s fibers -- and they were the kind of dresses that came with pockets! -- but the room had been put together with their old aesthetic in mind. They’d started out so stereotypical, even getting one of those prop replica thrones from that one show, but the dresses were some kind of postmodern art. They had a flow to them that looked especially nice when they all stood together and the blotches of color started to blur. It was a total clash. The only pieces of fabric left from their old costumes were their blindfolds. “Blindfolds” was another one of those words that was technically true but not really. They were a solid black, but The Fates could all see through them just fine. Part of the magic of Clotho’s string was that its properties could be whatever she wanted it to be. That was one of the reasons Rajawongse had been so inspired in the first place -- a practically infinite amount of new materials, right there at his fingertips, who wouldn’t? But phrasing it that way would also sell the Renegade clothier short. He was a master of his craft even without his power. Rajawongse had created dresses that were identical down to the tiniest stitch. With them, the only way to identify which Fate was which was their distinctive manner of speech. “Maybe it’s the room that needs to change, not us,” Clotho said. “Sure,” Lachesis said. “But that doesn’t change the fact we need to figure out what we’re doing right now,” Atropos said. She was also identifiable by the butterfly knife she carried with her, a helpful outlet for not just her power, but idle hands in general. The swish-clack sound of its handles seemed to punctuate everything that particular Fate said, and frequently some of her sisters’. They settled on one of their standard formations -- Lachesis lounging on the throne flanked on either by her two sisters -- just as three of their underlings entered the room. Vi, Sibyl, and Demiurge were their names. The Fates gave them some time to get situated and even offered them some fruit in case they hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. It was still early in the morning, after all. It also gave them an excuse to get everyone up to speed on the previous night's events, the prophecy, the riots, everything. “The Stadium isn’t our territory, though it’s close enough that it might as well be,” Lachesis said. “And we’re going to have to deal with the smashed windows that are in our territory. Some of our people are already on it.” “It won’t be finished until later, though. Right now, G3 --” “-- The Generic Good Guys --” “-- The Group of Giant Goobers --” “-- is going to be pushing us for some kind of temporary truce until they can get their act together, and we don’t have any reason not to accept.” “But we also have reason to believe the Gibbons aren’t going to take the deal,” Lachesis said. “There are a couple of reasons for that. The first is that, like, it’s Gibbons. There’s no way Caesar” -- she pronounced it “ˈsi zər” -- “is going to let a land grab opportunity slip through his fingers, no matter how bad of an opportunity it is.” “That’s what happens when most of your territory is crap,” Atropos said. Swish. Clack. “Even when you have the most of any gang in all of Skitty.” “So it’s in character for him,” Clotho said. “But perhaps more damningly, he laid out his plans this morning while Worm still had one of his walls bugged, and later we hear some Gibbons capes are on the way to our territory. So we just- we know it’s going to happen. ” “Sorry to bury the lede like that.” “Our people cleaning up Nola Street already know this,” Clotho said. “There are some pretty hefty capes helping out there, both ours and otherwise, and DEUS is still in the area for at least a little bit longer.” “We’ll fight too if we goddamn have to.” The swish-clack of Atropos’ knife was especially forceful that time. “The point is, there’s a little time before anything goes down. There are still a few preparations to make, though. More thorough battle plans, making sure complementary powers are together, that sort of thing. Your job this morning is to keep Caesar distracted, and the way we’d like you to do it is to wreck some of his shit first.” “The target is a warehouse eleven point five nine kilometers that way.” Lachesis pointed in a direction she knew to be Northeast. This was her showing off her Thinker power and she relished the opportunity. “Pretty close to The Shimmer without getting up and personal with it, about as far as possible away from what’s going to be happening here.” “We think it’s a lab for a Tinker on Caesar’s payroll, which means it’ll have a skeleton crew of just that one Tinker and an assistant or two.” “The point is to get them calling for help. We’re not killing them or anything. Just roughing them up a bit to get Caesar’s attention, you know?” Clotho winked. “Of course, if they do go running to the hills leaving a trove of Tinker tech behind, you might as well take any of the interesting shit, right?” “At the same time,” Lachesis was quick to add, “if help does show up, that’s your cue to get out of there. Remember The Stanley Principle. You’re not invincible no matter how far ahead you might seem.” The Fates finally went silent as the invocation of that nearly-sacred rule brought a little extra weight to the proceedings. Both Clotho and Atropos shifted uncomfortably where they stood, and Lachesis had to stop lounging and actually sit in her chair. “Oh, that was a lot, wasn’t it?” Clotho eventually said. “Sorry about that.” “Anyway, the actual meat and potatoes planning of this mission, that’s up to you,” Atropos said. “We’ve given you the place and the goal, kinda want to just see what you come up with,” Lachesis said. “Call it a test, you know? Show us what you can do.” OOC
  4. <OOC> Excerpt from Chapter 1: Shaky Beginnings Date: August 23rd, Year 556 Time: 9:00 AM (Terce) Location: Castle Augusta, Galtea BGM To Your Royal Majesty King Reginald of Galtea, Head of House Nabudis, Archduke of Augusta, and my Honored Father, I hope this letter finds you well. I regret to inform you that, while I am alive and unharmed, I bear grave news. Despite what you may have heard, I was kidnapped by goddess sympathizers and barely escaped. I will not mince words. They took me to a church within Pontus, and used my blood in a dark ritual to revive the goddess. Unfortunately, they succeeded. Fortunately, they didn't succeed in full, though even partially revived, She is a force to be reckoned with. My apologies, father, but I cannot return just yet. Although Pontus may have been the ultimate cause of my kidnapping, the ones who did so were citizens of Galtea. The Pontics have been desperately searching for me, and I fear, if I return to the capital, I would be walking into a trap... I will set out for Sochen within the day, where I hope to find sanctuary far from Pontus's borders while I determine my next course. Written at Castle Balfon on the twenty-first day of the month of August, in the year of our hero-king, five hundred and fifty-six. Per your daughter, Catriona of House Nabudis, Heir Apparent An intake of breath, and the letter found itself crumpled within a mailed fist. The owner, a white-haired man in ermine robes, breathed out through his nose. "Really..." he muttered. "That girl...does she have no sense of self-preservation? Still...to think they would be so bold as to pull this..." He paced his chambers, brow furrowed. "They've gone too far this time...not just the snakes from within, but Pontus as well." He strode from the room, cape billowing behind him. "Looks like they all need a reminder on how I earned my title." The Winter King. Tempered in governance, but forged in battle. BGM Since then, Catriona and company faced many challenges in their journey. Their goal was to find the Great Dragon, who would hopefully be able to assist in defeating the goddess or sealing her away. The initial group composed of Catriona, Malu'kai, Anaïs, Meifing, a small town fighter named Alois, Catriona's sister Penelope, her knight Gunther, Feray, and a wandering swordsman named Asura came across a blacksmith named Jake being accosted by bandits. They defeated them with the help of a young man who looked fresh from the farm, a Pontic named Edrick. Unfortunately, Anaïs had to leave soon afterward, and Edrick was heavily injured. The group accompanied Jake to Ithome, Sector Three. Along the way, Feray left the group, but they met a girl named Tarizo, who joined temporarily. In Ithome, Meifing left the group, but they came across Link, a former Galtean soldier, now a library guard. He led them to the city hall, where they were turned away by Councilman Silas. Meanwhile, Edrick, who had just finished recovering from his wounds, was ambushed by street urchins, only being saved by the timely arrival of the rest of the group and a noble in disguise named Ciela. The group set out not long afterward and met Sienna, a girl wearing a hood to disguise the fox ears atop her head. Joined by Sienna, the group reached Sector One, where most of them decided to head for the library to research information on the Great Dragon's whereabouts. Ciela, on the other hand, decided to go shopping, but an altercation with a rogue left her paralyzed from the waist down. Meanwhile, in the library, Sienna discovered a secret passage, but at the bottom, a scene straight out of a murder mystery awaited them. Not long after, the group was arrested and taken to the City Hall where they were interrogated by the Three Councilmen. They spent another day in the city, but soon had to leave, laden with presents from a mysterious man named Santa. Asura left them at the gate. Headed to the Pelinna region, the group encountered yet more bandits, a shaman named Azar, a wolf cub named Rohns who began to follow Link around, and the Pelinna Patrol, a group of volunteers who patrolled the region to keep it free of bandits. Among them was a young bow thief named Tsetseg. The group was soon divided after being ambushed by fox Proteans who thought them to be kidnapping Sienna, who as it turned out, was the chieftain's daughter. While some were taken away by the foxes, the rest joined forces with the frog Proteans, including a frog of little words named Shiro, and the patrol. The two sides were on high alert ever since one of the frogs was murdered, and the fox tribe's treasure was stolen. The frogs marched on the fox village, where it looked as if a fight would break out, especially seeing as the fox chieftain looked to be under a spell of sorts, save for the timely arrival of a horde of bandits. Joining forces, with foxes, frogs, and humans all working together, the group managed to defeat them. The next day, Azar left, but the group was joined by a pegasus knight named Adelaide, who, unbeknownst to them, was actually a former cavalier named Adelheid, who had served on both sides of the Great War. Licorice, a black fox with hidden motives, joined as well. After leaving the forest, the group came across an abandoned shrine to the goddess, a church that was little more than a single tower and an altar, with broken-down walls surrounding it. It seemed harmless enough, but when night fell, a horde of what Licorice called "Awakened" attacked them. However, yet more Awakened arose to help them, their eyes a brilliant white rather than blood red. A woman astride a horse calling herself L'Arachel also came to their aid. The battle was long and arduous, but at long last, the group stood triumphant. Chapter 5: Creeping Darkness (continued) Date: 8th of Ramesoth, Year 556 Time: 3:00 AM (Lauds) Location: Abandoned Shrine, Histia BGM Catriona breathed a sigh of relief, rubbing her head and wincing when her hand came away wet with blood. A horde of undead...just what she had wished to wake up to. Still, every one of them was alive, and that was an outcome she hadn't dared hope for, not with just how many undead there were. More than she could count even were she given minutes on end. She would call it a miracle that they were still alive and whole, but she knew the real reason, and it was not something as unreliable as that. Their Awakened allies, and the strange girl astride the horse...L'Arachel, she had called herself. Not to mention the undead villagers that had risen from the ground as soon as the enemy Awakened had gone south, and into the graveyard. The dead did not like being disturbed. Though unskilled in battle, and equipped with nothing but farming tools, they were brave. Yet now, as the last of the Awakened had finally fallen--one that had seemed a little smarter, a little stronger, but in the end just as susceptible to getting stabbed--they started to crawl back to the graveyard, the white light that had shone from their eyes flickering like a dying candle. Even the pegasus that Edrick had ridden faded away, its purpose served. One, an elderly-looking Awakened, stopped in front of her. "Many thanks," he rasped. "This place...has always been our home, and always will be. No matter what...outsiders do." His mouth turned down into a frown. "Once...we were a village. Built around this church." He waved a hand. "Now...this is all that's left. The rest...burned to ashes. Please..." he said, grasping hold of Catriona's hands. His own were cold. "Please...find the priest. It is because of the priest...Father..." he coughed. "We are ourselves. Not slaves, hearts warped by Her rage." He released her hands, but a small bullion remained. "The last...of my savings. Hid it...from the soldiers..." He hobbled to one of the graves, one that looked a little nicer than the others, and like the rest, closed his eyes and sank into the ground. Now all that remained were the original five. Save for Dua, who was currently preoccupied in healing the group alongside Ciela and L'Arachel, the allied Awakened were not doing much of anything, as if they were waiting. Waiting to die once more? What a morbid thought. And yet, such thoughts had kept her company for nights on end now. She turned her gaze to where Licorice stood nearby, nearly untouched. It seemed almost unreal that such a person could stand there so calmly, as if she hadn't just shown off a near inhuman speed in the battle prior. But then, perhaps that was the point. She wasn't human. A sudden soothing feeling shook Catriona from her musings. Turning, she gave her thanks to the white-eyed priest above her, who nodded at her and moved on. While she would feel dizzy for a while from blood loss, the feeling would eventually go away. The woman stood, marching to the northern exit of the shrine, where the bodies of the enemy Awakened were long since gone, dissolved into wisps of red smoke. Shivering, she turned back, and stopped, seeing a glowing figure above the altar. "What mad--?!" but before she could finish, the glowing died down, showing the figure to be transparent. The woman took a few steps back automatically, before gritting her teeth and stepping forward. The allied Awakening all let out gasps of shock, Unil most of all. He stepped forward, a look of pure, heartbreaking longing on his face. "Father?" he whispered. BGM The figure, who on closer inspection looked to be an older man in the raiments of a priest, gave a sad smile. "Yes," he replied. "It is me, my son," he looked at the rest of the Awakened, shaking his head. "Stubborn as always. Even now, you refuse to leave." To Catriona's surprise, every single Awakened started to tear up, a couple even breaking down into sobs. Whoever this man was, he was important to them. "Thank you," the man said, turning his solemn gaze to the group. "The invaders likely arrived because of you, but even so, you defended this place, and soothed the restless spirits that lingered." He paused. "The path you walk is a hard one, but it is not impossible." His smile turned wry. "Though it seems odd coming from a man of the cloth, I give you my blessing. Perhaps you might be able to return things to how they once were." "Then," the lord leaned forward, unease temporarily buried. "Do you have anything to advise? Know you where the Great Dragon lies?" The man shook his head. "I have no such knowledge, yet I can offer you a different kind of aid." He paused. "It is only due to my strong attachment to this place, and the goddess's power, that I am here, but as the abbot, I have a responsibility to all who come seeking succor." He bowed his head and closed his eyes, muttering a prayer in what Edrick would recognize to be Pontic, though of an archaic variant. Soon after, the altar glowed with a brilliant white light. "A long, long time ago, this place was known as Alltrades Abbey. People would come from far and wide to embark on new beginnings, leaving their pasts behind." He lifted his head to stare straight at the group. "I am Abbot Jack, the last of a long line of abbots blessed with the power to change the path one walks, even their very fates." His eyes seemed to pierce through every single person there. "But be warned, not all change is for the better. Those who seek improvement in one area will inevitably lose strength in another. We were not made perfect beings, though we may strive for it." He started to speak again, though this time his voice changed from a feathery whisper to a commanding boom. "Now. You who seek to change yourself, step forward." Catriona hesitated. This was her chance. The chance to change her cursed fate. Were she to step forward, perhaps she could even cast off the yoke of royalty, and live her life as a simple woman, free of the worries that plagued her. Yet, no. She shook her head. Were she to do so, then it would not relieve the pressure, only transfer it. To her sister. And that, she could not let happen. And what of their quest? The goddess was still out there, tonight was proof of that. She would not give up so easily, so neither would Catriona. No, she could not afford to cast aside her class. A lord she was, to her very bones, and that would never change. But as for the others...that was a different matter. She had no control over their decisions. OOC
  5. IC So much to do, and so little time... Rules The Story So Far Setting FAQ Application Accepted Apps changelog: (AM 11/18/2022): Discord invite link added (PM 11/18/2022): Full OOC is now live! (AM 11/30/2022): The RP has now started! IC link added, accepted characters tab updated, discord invite link removed (PM 01/13/2023): Updated cast list upon Yui's departure (AM 04/13/2023): Forgot to update the cast list again, oops (AM 09/10/2023): Formally adding Belladonna to the list of players, also I changed a name in the setting spoiler because I am *very good* at keeping track of established moments
  6. Premise Premise (Expanded) Rules Setting Mysterious Person Applications Accepted Apps
  7. OoC OH Muse, I sing to thee a song most pure And hope the winds might play again to you Please carry, breeze, the tune I’ve writ: a cure For all your ails and let your soul renew --Song for the End of the World, lines 1-4 Notes from Captain Helmsley’s Logbook I never got a clear answer from those dogs I picked up a few days back. “West” was all they told me. I think they trust that I’m going to get them to the right spot, but I’ll be damned if I know what that is. I never even found out how one of them got on this ship in the first place but he’s a watchdog too so he too got passage. I did have some cargo I needed to drop off that way, though. Got commissioned to take some fabrics out to Galatea. I know that’s not the farthest west you can get, but until I get some clearer answers, that’s about all I can give them. That’s not to imply Galatea is an awful place to be, of course. Once upon a time, before captaining this ship became what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I thought for a bit about retiring there. I’d still probably like it, too. It’s not as big a trading hub as, say, Sindalium, but Sindalium has a load of other issues that Galatea just doesn’t have. I avoid Sindalium when I can. Galatea, though, what an island! If I had to pick one -- just one! -- feature that puts it above all the others this far west, what else can my answer be but the temple square? The temple square! Where every god and every goddess has a temple dedicated to them and no other. The architecture alone, every building is unique in its design, each one in exact specifications to the priests of that deity. It’s a marvel to look at. And not only that, the cobblestone area in the middle has each stone inscribed with a prayer. Some of them have faded over time, but the memories are still there. Speaking of memories, maybe I’ll stop by after handling my own business. It’s good to keep these old bones active. We’re set to arrive mid-morning tomorrow. I hope this is the place these dogs were meant to go. If it wasn’t, I hope they enjoy their stay. Amir’s Dream He dreams of a great bonfire. It crackles and roars and yet never seems to escape the confines set by its kindling. Surrounding it in concentric circles are an endless number of faceless beings, each staring at the fire. They seem to lean back and forth, gyrating, causing ripples of motion spreading back to where the fire’s light cannot reach. One of the beings, not from one of the closest rings, but maybe a ring or two back, steps forward. They are inches from the fire, now, and yet, they show no fear. Nor do they show any hesitation at all as they bend down and, in one swift motion, pull out a still-burning log from the fire. The fire continues to consume the wood, but the embers do not move onto their hand. Even as they hold the log aloft, even as they begin to hum a single, low note and begin to move again, back and forth, the fire only seems to burn the wood. The hum, like the movement of each individual form, seems to ripple back into the crowd. But each form hums a different tone, each one kind of matching the ones near it and yet never quite the same. It creates a cacophony, one that grows louder every moment as more and more join in. The ripples of movement move faster and faster. The sound drowns out the roar of the fire and continues to get louder and louder until, finally, the vision fades, and, eventually, so too does the hum. Emily Emily Briar paced back and forth on the dock, watching the Swallow Tail lazily drift down into port. It was late, and yes, the difference between “mid-morning” and “mid-day” was only a few hours, and yes, it was actually rather impressive that zeppelins arrived on the same day as their charted predictions, no matter the actual time, but didn’t they know she had business with one of its passengers? Well, of course they didn’t know; Emily hadn’t actually told them yet. But she just had to get their attention. She had put on her best dress and everything, a deep green to compliment her orange-red hair. She couldn’t fail now. So if the Swallow Tail could just land already, if everyone could disembark… There was a crowd starting to gather. Emily wondered if every island had these sorts of gawkers, the kind of people who showed up just to catch a glimpse of the new arrivals. She tried to pay these people no mind. They were just things to get around, and it wasn’t like she wasn’t willing to jab a few elbows into stomachs if she needed to. One particular member of the crowd drew her attention, though, and realizing who it was caused Emily to curse under her breath. What was Levanna Marcus doing here? What business did she have that couldn’t happen when the dogs inevitably made it up to the temple square? Emily watched her wade through the masses. Of course, she could command such authority that people just naturally got out of the way for her. Not even a “Make way!” or anything, just a fluid motion, always forward towards the docking zeppelin. At last, the ropes had finally all been tied. Emily’s journey to the front of the crowd, as expected, was significantly rougher than Levanna’s, but she managed all the same. She wasn’t able to get to the dogs first, but Emily was close enough now she could hear everything Levanna was saying. “Welcome to Galatea!” Levanna said, leading, of course, with that classic empty phrase accompanied by its naturally empty tone. “Welcome to our humble island. I trust you had a pleasant trip?” As Levanna continued with her introduction, (“My name is Levanna Marcus blah blah blah… I’m part of the council that oversees the theocratic goings-on around here blah blah blah…”) Emily craned her neck as she moved forward, trying to get a better glimpse. There was one specific watchdog she needed. More, of course, could never hurt, but she needed to know which of them specifically she needed to aim for. Emily had forgotten that watchdogs could be so young. Two of them were hardly older than she was! But it was the youngest one, and the only girl among the four, that caught her eye specifically. Nuumu’s watchdog, that had to be her. And so she pressed on. Levanna had just finished saying, “Why don’t we retire to my office chambers and I can show you a little hospitality? This afternoon may be a little busy for one of you; one of our blacksmiths has been toiling away at something he would like to offer to Taros. I’m sure it would mean the world to them if you oversaw the ceremony,” when, in one final surge, Emily managed to make it to the part in the crowd. And when Levanna turned around to lead the watchdogs away, Emily took her chance. Her hand shot out, seizing the Nuumu watchdog by the wrist. Her grip was firmer than she’d intended, but she was more focused on what she had to say next anyway. “Excuse me, miss,” Emily said. “I was wondering if you could come with me? It will only take a moment, and then I can show you to wherever you intend to go.” OOC
  8. ~Theme: Fire Emblem~ <IC> Hosted and Co-hosted by: Sethera and LordCowCow The tale of the hero-king Augustus is passed down from parent to child all over the continent of Mysia. How he, ten other heroes, and the Great Dragon sealed the dark goddess Inera with the aid of the legendary sword Caliburn and the Fire Emblem. These heroes were known as the Twelve Crusaders, and they went on to establish the various countries that make up Mysia. Augustus in particular founded the kingdom of Galtea, where to this day his descendants rule. It is said that only the blood of the hero-king can awaken the goddess from her slumber. With this in mind, the Order of Inera, a sect of holy men and women devoted to the dark goddess, devised a plan to steal one of the two children of King Reginald, the current ruler of Galtea. With the aid of goddess sympathizers in Augusta, they managed to kidnap Princess Catriona, using her blood at the Pontus shrine in a dark ceremony to revive the goddess. However, before they could complete the ceremony, the girl escaped. Still, the ceremony wasn't without its consequences. Although they couldn't complete the ritual, the goddess was partially revived. With her awakening came undead horrors and Catriona herself ended up cursed, doomed to die before her next birthday. Realizing the risk of returning to Augusta, where she might get kidnapped again, Catriona fled to the castle of Sochen, where her sister Penelope happened to be staying. After a tense reunion, they decided to set out for Ithome, the capital of Histia, where they might find more information on stopping the goddess and her curse. Meanwhile, King Reginald has just received word of his daughter's return, the country that kidnapped her, and what they used her for. Pontus has gone too far this time... Rules Information Website This website has all of the information you need if you want to know more about the RP, the setting, and current events within the RP.
  9. Hello......hello. Again? No, that's not right. Hello for the first time, for you at least, everyone. I hope this message gets through. You see...there have been some problems in my universe. Oh, right, there's multiple universes. Don't worry you'll understand eventually. Anyway something has gone horrible wrong. And the only hope we have is...all of you. No pressure. Well. Perhaps a small, just a tad, a smidgen really, bit of pressure. I, we, really need your help. You won't be alone and, even if you find yourself in the unfamiliar, take heart that you have comrades. You will fight together. Live together. Argue with. Forge bonds. Perhaps even more. At least...I hope so. Perhaps you'll just kill each other. This isn't an exact science. It's not even science at all, not really, actually. But that's enough from me. There's plenty more to say and I, while I'm a wonderful orator, would take far too long to explain it all. Rules Premise Setting Applications Accepted Apps If you do join please be able to stay dedicated to somewhat frequent posting. I want this to work and not just be a "fun thing to play around in for a month then leave" so be sure to pick your character carefully. They're gonna be with you for a while. If you're unsure about anything let me know. I'll try and point out anything I see as problematic but don't feel down if I do it's kinda just my nature. Lastly I won't have a solid limit on number of players but if I feel it's too much I'll make a limit. Well...there you have it, let's get this going!
  10. IC They came to you in a dream. “Go!” they ordered. “Board the Swallow Tail And fly west.” Decided to host something of my own. I’ve been on this site long enough that it was bound to happen eventually. This is a fantasy journey RP with a hint of mystery to it. Part of a watchdog's duty, after all, is getting to the root of an area’s problem and flushing it out, and that requires some investigation. Or you could just call upon your patron to smite the place. After all, there can’t be a problem with the town if there’s no town to begin with. I was thinkinking three to five players, though I suppose that depends on the level of interest. Feel free to ask me any other questions you might have, and I hope you enjoy! Rules The Story So Far FAQ Application: Accepted Apps:
  11. Never lose hope OOC Last time, on The Fallen God Team Mac, Day 22, Ogren The group had just arrived, after trekking through a stamina draining swampland, to the city of Ogren. Where they met a pair of Eeveelutions and were invited to their wedding the following day. When attempting to relax from their journey thus far the self-proclaimed leader of the group, Mackenzie, ended up getting into a fight with some of the local kids. Ari and Kazo went to intervene. "Hey!" Mac responded. "I can handle this myself, what're they gonna do tell their mommies? I'll kick her butt, too!" The group of young Gijinka seemed to be startled by her attitude, having expected her to back down, but the leader gave the other two a dirty look. "Why're you in our city anyway? Think you can just come in and eat without givin nothin?" "Now now, children." A kind voice came. "I think we all need to settle down. A woman came up to the group, giving them an apologetic look. "I apologize for these children, people have been on edge lately and I am afraid the young ones have been most affected." The boy looked bashful as the woman came, mumbling something about not being scared or anything, and Mac couldn't help but shoot him a cheeky grin. "I, too, am fairly new to this city." The woman said. "But I assure you they are rather welcoming most of the time." Team Neo Not Dark, Day 33, Under the Sea After a massive fight inside of an equally massive bubble the group finds themselves under scrutiny from a pair of Merm soldiers. Soldiers who say that Dora is their missing princess and had demanded answers. The two listened to the calm words of the group and seemed to relax slightly. Though one of them stepped forward and stretched out his hand. "Nevertheless we would prefer she stay at our side. Princess, we know that Gisei stole you from your home but you don't have to fear now, we will bring you back to your father." "Gigi didn't steal me! He protected me! Mamma told him to!" The soldiers hesitated, then one shook his head. "I'm sure that you're right." He said, clearly not believing it. "But we should go now. Your father has been worried." The other looked to the group. "We can escort you back to the surface if you wish." Team Karaoke, Day 33, Juyu The group had witnessed a miracle. A Legend, Jirachi the Wish Maker, had given her life to save the lives of Meloetta and Heather, the sheriff of Juyu, and they learned the identity of the only living Gijinka to have spoken to Arceus directly. After a night's rest they group intended to set out on the next leg of their journey. A journey back home for Gwen and Lok. With Nine and Kayla, deputy of Juyu, tagging along. They found Kayla near the exit of the city. Or rather Kayla found them. As she stepped out next to them and greeted them with an almost inaudible hello. She then showed them how she planned on reaching Alpha. Standing, holding what was essentially a giant wheelbarrow without wheels, right outside the city was a, familiar to some, girl. The Dragonite delivery girl, Quincy. She waved happily at them and called out. "I heard you all wanted a lift!" Team Showdown, Day 30, Southshore Forest What stared out as a fight against a powerful Legend turned into a battle alongside said legend against a dangerous Godslayer. The Crobat woman had shown that she was nimble and hard to catch, leading Taiga to tell Zygarde to lift the force that was limiting their Abilities. The Legend seemed to not fully understand until she remembered the attack that had begun all this. With a slow nod she crouched down and placed her hands on the ground. The area around them began to glow a deep green and the group would find their natural Abilities returning to them. Though it had the unfortunate affect of taking Zygarde's attention off of their would-be killer. Team Alola, Day 23, Dangerous...wait only some of them are in the cave After resting in what seemed an entirely innocent and completely safe cave the group was beset by cannibals. After a fierce battle the group of attacking cannibals was down to their seeming leader, a stubborn and hungry Skuntank. He had released a wave of acid at the group but didn't stop there. With surprising swiftness the monstrous Gijinka went after Nani with another powerful Night Slash. Any who tried to interfere would find themselves being attacked by an Acid Spray in the process.
  12. logo by Sethera Co-hosted by Sethera Rules Plot The Gijinka The Region Eligible Gijinka Application This is more or less the entire old OOC from YCM. Will see about adding in the character stuff later. Also note that not all the information is quite accurate atm but I wanted to keep it as true to what it was (I did remove a few things though). Well, didn't add the character stuff but hey, don't need that anymore! RP Completed. IC Thread
  13. PREMISE In this world, Capsule Fighters are a common sight. Seen in many walks of life, from adventurers to heroes to criminals. They are obvious to others thanks to the golden gauntlet that is worn on their dominant hand. These gauntlets are able to do a good few things - they allow the wearer to awaken monster eggs, and in turn can absorb the awoken monster into a capsule. And with those capsules, they can once more release that energy to summon the monster to fight for them. (Legend tells that those who are strong, and well-bonded with their monsters, can merge their selves with the monster, and use their powers as their own. Duel Armor is the name of this power) Being a capsule fighter is dangerous. To summon a creature, you must put some of your own energy into it - meaning that should they be wounded or even damaged enough to be forced into capsule form, the summoner feels the harm and loses some of their ability to fight. And if one loses all their energy this way - usually through extended fighting and loss - they can die. Capsule Fighters never take off their gauntlet, and no one is ever sure why they get theirs. They simply find it and it attaches to them on happenstance, marking the one forevermore as a capsule fighter. Not all Capsule Fighters use their power for good - some are heroes, while others simply adventure into the dangerous wilds, and even others become criminals. No matter what, their is often a respect for Capsule Fighters, and often between each other. Capsules have become a tradeable commodity. Many merchants will accept a capsule for payment, and will often turn around and sell it at a profit soon enough. Even capsule fighters trade among themselves - often after a duel. Duels are ritualized forms of capsule combat. Two fighters dual using an amount of their capsules, with the winner often gaining a boon (unless it was a friendly duel). And many places hold tournaments between capsule fighters for prizes. Outside of civilization, though, is dangerous. Bandits, monsters, and uncharted ruins and lands offer both danger and adventure. Capsule Fighters are one of the only humans able to fight monsters with a large chance of success, and even then they may lose. But it is also the only way to find more monster eggs - stone-like items that refuse to budge, and summon a new monster when touched with a gauntlet - and thus the only way to increase their power. WORLD INFORMATION Once upon a time, Theys was a single world. Everything worked and lived in unity with one another to beat back the darkness that would encroach upon the world. Then, there came the infighting. Tribe fought tribe, new tribes formed, and those tribes were brought into conflict. To combat this endless conflict, the divine beasts formed the Apoqliphort Skybase, and broke the world into pieces. Every tribe was given a piece of land, with humans living on every piece as was their wont. As time went on, more pieces spawned, and though travel was allowed using airships and such transportation, there was relative peace. In the void, the darkness spawned a new form known as the Steelswarm, and Neospacians formed to fight this threat in the void. Humans prospered, and lived alongside creatures in both peace and battle. And then, one day, a pulse from the Skybase fired which affected every piece. Many non-humans were destroyed, and monster eggs began to form on the pieces. This is theorized to be the time where the first capsule fighters began to appear. Now, everything is falling apart. Darkness is consuming the hearts of the humans, the steelswarm is returning, and the divine beasts have disappeared. Theys must be reformed. MECHANICS Each world piece acts differently than the rest. It may be based upon a field spell, a certain monster tribe/theme, or it may be more generic such as a city. Many places will have more of a focus on tech or magic, while some will have both. Most places are majority humans, though archetype-based pieces will have a higher percentage of civilized monsters of those and similar archetypes. For most Capsule Fighters, the most capsules they can hold on their person is six. They may gain as many creatures as they can, but to carry beyond six is to invite exhaustion and disaster. By this virtue, the capsule gauntlet has a 'hammerspace' where a fighter can load and unload their capsules to hold the team that works best for them. Pieces can not be traveled between without specialized flying machines. The Skybase is no exception, however the Skybase is also a mecca for people and peaceful creatures of all kinds, is a large market with a burgeoning tournament scene. The goal on each piece is to gather a Shard of Theys, an item which - when combined with all others - will reform the world into a single, contiguous planet. Equip Cards and Other Equipment is used by Capsule Fighters to fight alongside their summons, and is considered less powerful than Duel Armor, but also less tiring to use. Spells and Traps will appear at times in appropriate situations, such as places, events, traps, etc. (In combat, generally the players/characters will post with their combat actions and attempts, and then the effects will be resolved in the GM post.) CHARACTERS The Player Characters will be people who born and lived in our world, where the creatures were naught but cards. They will have had some sort of interest in the cards in their life, if not the game itself. In the beginning, they will all wake up together, with a Capsule Gauntlet melded to their arm and a single capsule on their belt. From there, they will embark on quests (probably) to try and get their way home, and save this world. CHARACTER SHEET ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Please send me your sheet in PM for approval) Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Starting Capsule: (3-star or below and non-iconic only, please) Personality: History:
  14. BGM Hello again, YC...NCM. After a rather unfortunate incident, which I assure you I had no part of, though I did warn Cyanthrax not to go in that room... Ah, excuse me. Let me start again. Hello NCM, my name is Mauvache. And I am proud to introduce you to this RP. I have the distinct pleasure and honor of running a special battle Arena on my home planet of Rama-Indri. Where I have gathered Fighters from across the dimensions to do battle in Virtual Battlefields for the entertainment of a world in dire need of joy. Here you shall battle many unusual people and creatures and learn to start a new life in a wondrous new land. Welcome, to RP Smash. Rules Premise Setting Point System/Combat Application Accepted Apps and Future Apps There is a Discord which will contain links to various statistics and other information. Anyone with any questions not in the chat may ask them here. The plan to deal with the current situation is this: We will time skip to Sunday in IC (One week from the start of the RP originally) and have the players fill in a summary of what they did. We will work out what they bought, who they hung out with, and how many points they have (as well as who they fought) and such things. I will be making a Daily Journal Document to put in the Discord (as well as one for information and another for confirmed prices of things). Note that I have a list of characters that have fought and where they fought but I won't fill out the list for the "summary" fights. In other words Cyanthrax vs Aria and Gavin vs Aurora happened in the "Demon Stomach" Battlefield. Even if another pair in the summary fought there they won't be included in the list (as the purpose is to make sure I don't double up too much and let everyone write a fight in each Battlefield).
  15. The show must go on "What...happened? Ah, so that was the cause. Very well, it's time for a new home. Just like back then..." It had been an eventful few days for one Morgan Reaperson. She hadn't expected the Fighters to be as strong as they were. Of course, she made sure to make herself look good in her fights regardless but she wasn't entirely satisfied. She had to be the absolute, no question, best ever. Even if she did keep seeing fans pop up online, some rather unsavory folk at times, she couldn't shake the feeling that she was just "one of many" when it came to these Fighters. Especially when she learned that there had been Fighters before her. She had taken upon herself to research these former Fighters and thus it was that she found herself at a rather unusual place for someone of her build. A sports stadium. With a look of contempt she floated around the large, gaudy, structure and waited for the unwashed masses, at least that's what they were in Morgan's mind, shrunk to a more reasonable size before entering. "Let us see where this 'Former Fighter' might be hiding." For the other Fighters the day would start just like any other had. Except this time there was a bit of an odd message from Mauvache. Dear Fighters. I apologize if you feel a bit unlike yourselves this morning. There was a rather unusual magic surge overnight but I assure you there aren't any changes, beyond perhaps a couple superficial, that you must worry about. I hope you enjoy today as it's the start of a new week. Which means a free day for you all! Of course you may still participate in an Event if you so choose, just know it will be prerecorded and shown other days of the week, but I personally would take this time to relax and enjoy this most wondrous of cities. PS: Your regular meals are on me today. -Mauvache
  16. titans: legacy the story so far High above the earth, a satellite floated, gyrating in slow deliberate circles. The beings inside observed the Earth below with the same type of quiet thoughtfulness, a wisdom only earned through power. They knew what would come next. Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern… They were all names known worldwide, responsible for maintaining peace and delivering justice to the wicked. But they were only so many in number, and as humanity grew, so did its potential for wickedness. Yes, many threats may have fallen. But there were plenty to take their place—and the Justice League knew it was inevitable that these names would rise again. So it was to no surprise that their decision was unanimous. The Justice League would recruit more members into their fold: under the Titans program, age was no barrier to success. This organization became a beacon of hope and aspiration for powered young folks across the globe: as long as they faced problems and villainy within their communities, they could prove to be the solution to the problem. And one day, each of these Titans would inherit the mantles of their predecessors. And maybe, they’d craft their own legacies in turn. Welcome, young Titan! You’re a new transplant to Imbrium City, handpicked by the Executive Council of the Justice League and plucked from wherever you came from across the globe to take up residence in one of the northwestern US’ most crime-ridden metropolises. Your task—should you choose to play along, of course—is to take down superhero crime as it emerges. Pretty straightforward in concept, but you’re a bit green behind the gills, so even the simplest of superpowered tasks can be complicated. For now, just try to get through the day without killing or screwing your teammates… or even both. the rules Please read and understand NCM and section rules before posting. This RP is set in the DC Comics universe. While it is not required to have prior canon knowledge, as the RP’s plot will deal heavily with the theme of “legacy,” there will be interactions with canon characters—so I recommend you be willing to do at least some research. That said, if you’d like your character to have significant canon ties from the onset (ex. you want to make a young member of the Lantern Corps), DM me first so we can iron out logistics. The storyline will be independent of any existing plot, so don’t worry about having to read any specific comics. You have creative freedom when making your character, but please remember that GM word is final, and you may be asked to change things if deemed necessary. There’s a fine line between over-the-top and just plain silly: I expect you to know where that lies. I won’t be restricting your potential powers, but please be reasonable and consider how your character’s abilities will work in the context of an RP. Being accepted into this RP means that you are committed to seeing it advance. If you end up falling inactive, you may be dismissed from participating. When posting, please let at least two people go before you before posting again; and aim to post 2-3 times a week. If for some reason you’ll need to be inactive for an extended period, please let the hosts know so they can write around your absence. As of right now, I only want one character per player. If you are competing for a particular position against another applicant… well, tough. I’ll pick applications based on how I think the characters will overlap and interact with one another—diversity in character type is key. Finally, six characters max will be on the Titans, meaning I’ll only accept five other players. the rest App code link. Accepted chars: TBD. Pretty HTML: TBD.
  17. Introduction: Must Read for Players: Key Information: Rules: Application:
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