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  1. Given my history with YGO it's surprising to me that one of my favorite games is a YGO one but I just found this so fun. It had just what I wanted, good single player ygo adventure with decent AI and a card pool I actually...understood.
  2. 1/10 for two reasons one of which is the lack of plain text the other is terrible word choice
  3. pretty good, fairly split on parts I liked and didn't so much, but leaning 7/10
  4. Suppose since last than last wave, will mention in about 24 hours this wave of Wii polls end

  5. Will admit I didn't play the trilogy, but I did play wheelie breakers and actively disliked it, so...
  6. It's cool but also overstayed its welcome imo, just took so long lost interest, 7/10
  7. 8/10, sounds like good potential
  8. I like the music, the vocals...fine I suppose, the lalalala really got to me (in a bad way) sadly, 6/10 the start sounded weirdly familiar tbh it was...alright, but just felt too much like "A buncha noises" 6.5/10
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