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It was a rainy day, a bad start to the new school year.  A man with long, silver hair walked up the concrete steps in a suit, an umbrella in one hand, and a briefcase in the other.  He looked at the rather quaint building, although there really wasn't much to see.  It was small, and was already showing signs of wear.  Hadn't this place just been built for this class?  He sighed, as he continued towards the door, opening it to find a small rack of shoe holders.  Passing it, and placing his umbrella in a holder, he entered a hallway to the right.  As he passed by, he noticed a set of bathrooms, a small courtroom with a large sakura tree in the middle, and the cafeteria.  All of them paled in comparison to most schools, especially a school like U.A. The Classrooms were even more pathetic, as no more than 12 chairs adorned the room.  There was another spare classroom, but inside was ghostly empty. 

"The bare necessities huh?"  He said, as he tightened the tie around his neck.  He looked at his desk, tracing his finger across the smooth wooden surface.  To his surprise, there wasn't a smudge of dirt.  "They should be arriving any moment now, huh?"  He looked at his watch, and then towards a piece of paper he'd pulled from his briefcase.  On it were all the names of his new students, their quirks, and their circumstances.  "What have I gotten myself into this time."  He exited the room, leaving his briefcase, but taking the paper.  He traced the other end of the hallway, peering out the window and into the small dorm that accompanied the school.  Girls would live on the top floor, and the boys on the bottom.  On the left side of the entrance was the faculty room, where he slid the door open.  His demeanor soured immediately.  

"You shouldn't be here."  He almost growled.




Miyu finally got to wear her new school uniform, and it was raining!?  It was way too cold to show off anything that she'd want to!  To make matters worse, she had to beg some boy here on the way for an umbrella.  He gladly gave it to her, and tried to ask for her number.  However, she bolted before she could utter a single digit.  Her soggy piece of paper with the school's address on it was barely legible at this point, but the search result on maps came up with the right place.  When she made it to the steps of the school, she felt something fall in her stomach.  She was almost dumbfounded with how small the school was.  How many kids were planning on joining this thing?  How many went to jail?  So many questions were boggling her brain that she had to make a couple of double takes to make sure she was in the right spot.  

"Hairo Academy...hmmmm...that's what it says there...but...for real?"  She started to crumble to the ground, her knees bumping together before she could touch the soaking wet cement beneath her.  Her legs quivered as she began to tear up.  "My first year of high school, and it's already ruined!"  She placed her back against a brick column that housed the gate, striking a dramatic pose as the crocodile tears rolled down her cheek. 

"HEY! YOU DAMNED BRAT!"  Miyu stopped her sobbing to look over at the boy from earlier.  He was soaking wet, and wore the same symbol on his uniform as her.  She noticed that his face was bruised on the cheek.  It was the one from earlier who so willingly gave her his umbrell-,  "I'm gonna beat the hell out of you, you freakin' demon!"  As he made his approach, the girl wore a passive look.  She fired a chain from her palm towards the boy's forehead, crafting weighted tip at the end.  It hit it's mark, making an audible thunk as it cracked against his skull.  Miyu stared at his lifeless body for a moment, before sticking her tongue at him.  

"Well it seems I know why you're here.  Assaulting poor, defenseless schoolgirls on their way to get an education?  How low can you get?"  Miyu turned on her heel, as she continued towards the school.  


moments ago...



Juryo felt too tight in these clothes.  It was only the first day of 'school' and he was already irritated with how they were going about things.  His neck was tight, and the grip on his umbrella was even tighter.  The rain was coming down like bullets.  The perfect beginning to his career as a hero.  

"Yeah right.  Hero my ass.  I'm a slave now."  He sighed, as he continued his trek.  He was still a good ten minutes away, with the bell about to ring in twelve.  He'd skipped out on dinner to make sure he wasn't late.  It was part of the rules that he'd have a good attendance record while taking part in Hairo Academics, or else he'd be put in the slammer anyways.  Shaking his head, he kept his pace.  

"Excuse me!"  An incredibly red-painted girl with horns approached him from underneath the awning of a convenience store.  Her shirt was unbuttoned to the point  where you could clearly see the girls bra.  Not that it helped that the girl had already been rained on for a little bit, the lacey fabric of her undergarment visible through the wet bits of her school shirt.  He looked again, missing her cleavage and noticing she was a student of the same Hairo Academy.  "May I borrow your Umbrella?  I was on the way to school and it started to pour from out of nowhere!"  

"I have some room under here. It seems we're headed to the same pla-"  A small rattle of chains echoed in the street.  When he turned to see where they were coming from, he found nothing.  When he turned his head back, he could feel the cold hard embrace of steel as it blindsided him across the face.  Reeling in shock from the attack, he could only meet the faint glimpse of the girl catching his umbrella in mid air, waving back to him as he lost consciousness.  What a great way to start the day.   

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Between having to pack her shit, get on a plane away from home - an incredibly noisy flight at that, once people started freaking out about some cockroaches that had managed to join Kiburi on the plane - and now having to get used to the dorm life away from the first place where she'd been truly happy in an entire decade, Kiburi would be lying if she said she was excited to start off the school year. Even less so on a rainy day like this. On days like this, she would have preferred to curl up in bed, and just sleep all day. Especially when wet weather often meant new "friends" would find their way to Kiburi. She could feel one right now, crawling up her leg. Two more on her arm. Another on the back of her head.

Oh, what a joyous day today is. At least they should stay in the dorm if I shake them off first.

Kiburi got up from her bed, swatting the roaches off her body. There wasn't much point in killing them; not only would more take their place, but the carcasses of any that she killed would feed the others. It was better to let all of them starve out. Instead, she moved across the dorm, to a device resting atop her desk. Many of the roaches in the room grouped around it, even more so when Kiburi flipped a switch on the top. The machine's purpose was to use canisters of her cockroach-attracting pheromone and spray it in higher concentrations, attracting the vermin to it instead of her. There was also a zapper function meant to kill them, but she only ever used that immediately before taking out trash. Now wasn't the time for that. Kiburi changed into her uniform, patted herself down to make sure there were no stowaway roaches on her body, then hurried out of the dorm.

With the distance between the dorm and the main building, it wasn't like Kiburi needed to carry an umbrella. She didn't mind getting a little wet, and she could even take the optimistic thought of it being a basic way to perhaps water down her pheromone some. At least for a little bit. While her mind appreciated the idea, her uniform - however short the distance was - did not. Maybe she'd underestimated just how much it was raining.

Whatever. This school probably had bigger things to worry about than one student's uniform getting wet. Hair and uniform alike clinging to her body, Kiburi referenced the mental map she'd drawn of the place by referring to the actual map. Which wasn't that hard to form; this school was pretty small after all. Only two classrooms, and she knew which one was hers. In theory, as long as she stayed in the classroom, she wouldn't be attracting any new cockroaches unless there were already some hiding away in here.

She wouldn't rule it out, they being the type of creatures they were and also this school looking even worse off than Kiburi had imagined it when she got her letter. It's still better than prison.


The first day of school, and of course it was pouring rain! She'd be lying if she said she wasn't more of a snow person herself, and that rain could in fact be quite the hassle, but Toshiko certainly preferred this over a warm and sunny day by a long shot! The temperatures on these kinds of days were closer to her comfort zone thanks to the sun not shining through, and more rain meant less people on the streets to bother her as she went along her way. There were still negatives, of course. Any water that touched Toshiko would turn into ice, and getting that ice off her skin wasn't an easy or comfortable task. But compared to more comfortable temperatures, less people along her way to bother her, and the freedom to turn a wet area into her own winter wonderland if she really felt like it, she was willing to put up with that hassle!

Especially when that hassle was 100% avoidable! Today was absolutely a pink gloves day. It was her first day at a new school, so of course she wanted to wear something cute. And thus, from the collection of rubber gloves she'd amassed, Toshiko pulled out the pink pair, slipping them over her hands as she got the rest of her look together. One uniform for Hairo Academy for At Risk Youth? Check! A pair of white rain boots, because her feet was the last place she wanted water freezing to? Check! And of course, an umbrella. Getting rained on was the last thing Toshiko wanted! Short of melting in response to water, she couldn't imagine a Quirk that would want to get rained on less than hers. The girl paused to take a second look outside before taking off...

It really is raining pretty bad out there, isn't it?

While she was grateful to live within walking distance of Hairo - another small positive Toshiko took out of having to attend this place - she wasn't sure how well an umbrella would keep her dry for that distance. Which means... Toshiko flung her closet door back open, grabbing a pink raincoat from inside. She wouldn't be able to get the hood up due to her horns, but her umbrella would be more than capable of keeping her head dry, while the raincoat kept the rest of her covered. Perfect! Flashy, cute, and most importantly, water wouldn't freeze to her body. Eager to get started, Toshiko hurried out the door, ready to tackle whatever adventures the day had for her!

The most exciting of which during her commute was a passing truck nearly splashing a wave of water up onto Toshiko. A splash she had managed to just avoid. Talk about crisis averted! It wasn't until she was right outside of Hairo's rather small campus that she was met with the next surprise of the day, humming along to the splashes made by her footsteps. Taking pleasure in the little things like this was important on an otherwise gloomy-looking day! However, she was met with someone who maybe was enjoying it out here too much? A boy lying flat on the sidewalk. He was soaking wet. Uh-oh. While disastrous for Toshiko, she knew well enough that other people weren't supposed to let that happen to them either! Luckily for him, help had arrived!

Toshiko ran over to the boy's side, bending over him and holding her umbrella out in such a way that anything the umbrella didn't protect him from was covered by her back. "Heeeey!" ...no response. Was he asleep? Toshiko moved her foot, nudging the boy's side with a decent bit of force behind it. "Hey!! Wake up!"

"Five...more...min..."  The boy lazily snoozed.

"No, you need to get up like now!" Another nudge, before Toshiko noticed. This boy's badge. He was going to the same school? What a coincidence! "You shouldn't be lying around out here in the pouring rain, and you're right outside the school! I can help carry you inside even, if you're hurt." That was a good point, actually. Normal people didn't sleep on the sidewalk in the pouring rain, right outside of the school they were supposed to be attending. "...are you hurt?"

"Hrngg...."  The boy's arm flopped towards his face, as he accidentally slapped his bruised cheek.  "A-TA-TA!"  The boy seemed to come alive.  He propped himself up, looking in both directions in confusion.  He then looked up to see a blue girl with horns, holding an umbrella.  "H-hey!  Are you the bitch that stole my umbrella?!"

"S-Stole!?" Someone stole his umbrella!? How awful! Holding out her free hand, Toshiko replied "No, you must me mixed up with someone else. I found you out here like this and couldn't just leave you alone. I'm Toshiko Yukimura, attending the same school as you. Let's get you inside, then maybe I can help you track down that umbrella thief after school."

The boy let out a defeated sigh.  "Yeah.  Although I'd rather be anywhere else but here."  The boy stood to his feet, hunching over to fit under the umbrella.  "If you're going to this school to, might as well get introductions out of the way.  I'm Juryo Isobe.  Thanks for the assi-ACHOO!"

"And make sure to have something warm once you're inside!" Toshiko added once she heard the sneeze coming out of Juryo. With each word out of her mouth, it was accompanied by a small cloud of frosty mist, as if she were out in the dead of winter instead of a rainy spring day. "The standard temperature for a regular person's body is... umm... well, in any case, it's 'not being unconscious in heavy rain' degrees." Once the two were inside, Toshiko wasted no time putting away her umbrella and removing the raincoat and boots from her person. Pointing to herself, she further added "That especially means don't touch me anywhere except for my gloves. Okay?"

"As if I were going to!"  The boy exclaimed.  "Let me guess...you'll kill me regardless of your quirk, right?"

"Er, no. I meant that touching me is dangerous because of my Quirk." Toshiko removed one of her gloves, tucking it into her skirt as she picked her umbrella back up, still wet with rainwater. She wrapped her now-bare hand around its suface, and watched as the water on and near her hand quickly froze into ice and stuck to the umbrella. Releasing it and scraping at the ice on her hand with her other hand, she explained "Anything I touch starts to rapidly freeze, and I can't make it stop. It's not that I want to hurt you, but that's what would happen if you made any prolonged contact with me. Which, um... is why I'm here instead of at U.A. And that's why I wear these gloves! So that I can do things like help people up without giving them frostbite in their hand."

"Huh.  A walking open refrigerator, huh?"  Juryo's finger started to slowly approach the girl's frosty hand.  "You know, never had frostbite before.  I think I'm tough enough to take it."

"Out of the question!" Toshiko barked, hurriedly putting her other glove back on. "Wait, sorry for raising my voice. Basically, don't try it. The last person who did, he uh..." It was still hard to look someone in the eyes when she talked about that. All Toshiko could do was avert her eyes from Juryo as she half-explained "He's not doing so well."

"You callin' me a wimp?  Huh?!"  Juryo slammed his hand against the shoe holding rack.  "I've fought way more ice villains than you've seen in your life."  He sighed.  The girl was nice, there was no need to throwdown on the first day.  "Whatever...I won't pry."

"Thank you for not prying." As much as she wanted to know how many ice villains Juryo had fought before - having never met someone else with that type of Quirk herself - this was  feeling a little heated. It was probably best to get out of this situation before things got out of hand. Giving the boy a bow, Toshiko said "I'd better get to my class before it starts. Make sure you aren't late for yours either! And I'll still help you find that umbrella thief after school if you want. See you later!" And with that, Toshiko - after getting her school shoes on - hurried on to her class. This was still her exciting first step toward pro heroism after all! She wouldn't let something like a brief spat dull her eagerness to get started!

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Today was a good day for Yin, but it could’ve been better. Much better. However, it seemed as if life couldn’t possibly be any worse for her. She had finally had an excuse to leave that damned house for good, but that made it all the weirder experience for her. The air felt different outside. There was not as much control over the temperature or humidity, and there were walls on all sides to block the overwhelmingly bright sunlight that nearly blinded her as she walked from her escort to the terminal where she would leave to Japan.

Her servant was a burly man with a modest suit. Many who catch a glance would assume this mountain was the stereotypical towering boyfriend walking alongside his small, skinny and glamorous girl as they took their fifth vacation over the past two months. Additionally, a second would go by upon people’s first glance before they notice the metallic serpentine appendage protruding from under her torso that slithered along the floor like an epileptic boa constrictor, for which they flinched and kept walking. On the contrary, this man could not be any more distant to his own employer, and under the table at that. In all honesty, he couldn’t wait to drop her off and have nothing to do with her afterwards after what she had done to his mother.

Yin’s mind was in a similar place. She knew this man hated her for what she did, and she could still see the blood. Her expression remained stale and unmoving, but her eyes could give away the fact that she was sobbing internally with every passing moment that she was standing next to this man. Regardless, she knew she was paying him, so she trusted him to do his job to protect her in such a crowded environment. With that, they reached the terminal, where they both waited until boarding began, for which she went down the walkway to board first class with one last look back to say goodbye.

Like Batman, he was gone.


Some time later, Yin felt these events happening again in her head in rapid succession as she painstakingly got ready for her first day of school. The dorm that she was placed in was nowhere near as luxurious and spacious as the one she had at home, but at the very least it was not that room. For that she felt a whole new appreciation for what she thought was the trashiest place she had ever had the displeasure of staying in, if not only for a moment.

Despite the dorm being near campus, Yin did not pay any mind to observing the building that she would be taking classes in. She could see it from a distance, and while it wasn’t the worst-looking building she’s seen on her way here, she felt a chill go down her spine as the appendage below her waist visualized that same chill with what looked like the surges on a seismometer sliding from her waist to her tail. The appendage was still serpentine, as the method of movement was efficient, but then she realized it was raining that day, so she would have to stick with a pair of modest legs in order to ration its size to make an umbrella, which is what she did as she came up to the entrance.

“Well… at least I’m not locked in a room anymore…” she sighed before she noticed two other students waiting in the front courtyard. A grey-haired boy shouted at this cherry-red girl with jet black hair, followed immediately by the sound of steel against bone. With a double-take, she realized that this girl had a chain shot out of her palm.




Kohaku panicked as the blaring alarm snapped her out of the slumber she was in. She slept in, or at least she thought she did. Unsurprisingly, the first couple minutes of her hasty and desperate morning prep resulted in another section of wall being knocked out, which based on its construction looked as if it had recently been patched up from the same incident. Footsteps could immediately be heard storming towards the commotion as Kohaku looked up to the frustrated and disappointed but pitying expression on her mother’s face.

“Kohaku…” she sighed, putting a hand to her forehead.

“Sorry!” Kohaku said with gritted teeth as she glanced over to the debris scattered all across the floor from the missing segment, “I slept in! I had to hurry…”

“Kohaku, sweety… have you learned nothing? You know what happens when you rush?”

“...yyyeeaaahhhh…” Kohaku sighed as she slowly brought herself to her feet, “...I-I can help fix it! Please, mom, let me he-”

“No no, it’s fine. Just finish getting ready and try to get there on time, just for the love of god don’t-”

“Don’t rush! Right right.” As if she heard the same thing from her mother multiple times, she knew to repeat it back and engrave it in her mind. With that, her routine went by with no further damage to the house. Just in time for her to leave, her toast popped up, which she hastily spread jam on as she held it between her lips.

“Okay, I hope I can make it!” her voice was muffled from the toast in her mouth as she went into a run down the street towards the academy. It was raining, but within seconds her speed built up and the rain seemingly began to slide off this invisible wind tunnel that she had managed to make with her momentum. Each step made a loud thump against the ground, making a modest crack in the asphalt. She paid it no mind, however. Her eyes were forward, and she could see the building up ahead after a series of turns. Cars honked, swerved, and screeched as she approached, for which she usually just jumped over with a front-flip for style if she couldn’t just make her own swerve around them.

As her momentum pursued towards the front entrance, Kohaku found it approaching rapidly before realizing how fast she was going.

“Shit shitshitshitshitshitshit!!”

It proved to be no good trying to stop at this point. She tried sliding her hooves against the road to try and brake, but instead her top half kept going, causing her to trip and slide right through the sidewalk and part of the grass. Concrete and dirt were blasted inward towards the building from where Kohaku had made impact, where she embarrassingly lied with a blank, perplexed look on her face as she waited for any other students in the area to shift their attention.

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Akuma normally enjoyed driving with his dad. Especially since he was finally big enough to ride shotgun, and they enjoyed the same, 90s and 2000s era music.

But today there was no music playing in the car. Today there was none of their usual laughter, or much of any talking. Today. Akuma held his tongue in almost petulant silence.

As the black sedan rolled through the streets towards Hairo Academy, the man beside him-- of whom he was the spitting image-- did the first talking since they'd left home.

"[I know you're not happy about this,]" he said in English.

"[No shit, Sherlock,]" Akuma growled.

"Maho, [you can't sulk forever.]"

"[Sure I can.]"

"[Son...]" His father sighed, pausing as they pulled up to the front. "[I want you to know that this doesn't mean anything to me. This school, this program, the implications of it... You're still my son, and I'm still proud of you. You've grown so much since I found you.]" He turned to look at the boy, stern but not angry. "[This is just a situation where our hands are tied, and we must learn to adapt. Look at me.]"

Akuma did. His father's eyes were shadowed, but he felt the gaze holding his nonetheless. "[When you step out there, I want to see you hold your head up high, with pride, and show them that even if you have to attend this school, you will excel on your own terms. Can you do that for me?]"

Akuma took a deep breath to center himself. Then he let himself smile. "[I can, and I will.]"

His father smiled back. "[Attaboy.]"


Stepping out of the car, Fujaku "Akuma" Maho rose to his full height, hoisting his bags, and opening an umbrella to shield himself from the rain. As he crossed the line onto the school proper, he turned back and gave the black sedan with the tinted windows a thumbs up. It promptly rolled off, his father no doubt on his way home.

With his father out of sight, he sighed deeply. He opened the top of his jacket, stripped off his tie and stuffed it in a pocket, and undid his collar for good measure. Immediately the constriction around his chest vanished, and he could breathe. The curse of looking good in snug clothing, he supposed.

Glancing to one side, he noticed a girl with horns lying in a furrow in the ground, one she seemed to have ploughed herself. She was in uniform, so that meant she also went here.

Approaching, he crouched down beside her so the umbrella was over both their heads.

"Oi. You alive?"

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Forecast called for rain...some would think this would be a bad sign or just the start of a day that could go down the crapper. But for Keika, he didn't mind it. He didn't mind the rain, in fact he actually quite liked it. Rainy days just made him calm and it seemed like something that would definitely put him to sleep if he listened the raindrops hit against the house. Nevertheless, he found himself on this rainy day just finishing getting himself ready... His first day of class at Hairo's Academy for Shitkickers Troubled Youth...or something like that.

With an audible sigh, Keika adjusted his uniform one last time before putting on his jacket. He moved over and slung his bag over his shoulder, after making sure he had stocked up on a few things of moisturizing lotion...something told him he might need that a lot today. He slipped his earbuds in and was about to start blasting his music, but paused as he moved and made his appearance known at the kitchen threshold. There his aunt and uncle sat, just enjoying their morning coffee.

"...I'm heading out..." he muttered out.

"Alright Keika. Have a good day!" his aunt said, smiling as she waved him off.

"Try not to get into any fights, kiddo." his uncle snickered.

"...yeah..." Keika shrugged, already heading out of the house. His music already blaring in his ears, and almost on cue...out of the corner of his eye, there they were. Guys in black suits, the representatives of the Hero Public Safety Commission. Or as Keika referred to them, "the Asshole Brigade". ...great. If I wanted an escort, I would've asked for it. his eyes rolled at this thought.

Nevertheless, Keika found that they were following at a distance. It didn't bother him much, but he found it pointless since he was just going to go to this stupid academy to make sure he didn't go to prison. And what a stupid idea in general! Go to this school cause you happen to have a pretty destructive Quirk...oh and if you say no, it's obvious your a villain to be annnnnnnd we're gonna toss you in prison.

Makes ZERO sense...whatsoever...

While Keika was lost in his thoughts as well as jamming to the music, he passed a young man trying to wake up a horned girl...which he figured was weird. Regardless, rather than help, he ignored it. Right now he had no time to help with whatever was going on there...same with whatever that other guy who was raving about his stolen umbrella. Though he noticed the one girl...just something about her sent him the wrong vibes...chills even. He made a mental note, if she was happening to go to the same location he was, to avoid her at all costs.

Let's just hope this won't suck. I mean, the fact that this school would accept someone like me with this damned Quirk when U.A., Shinketsu or Ketsbutsu didn't...? Tch...really says a lot about the educational system nowadays, I guess... Keika pondered, just letting the rain and the music keep him calm as he made his way to Hairo.

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Of course it had to rain his first day of highschool.

Midome looked at the droplets that fell relentlessly from the sky, wondering why exactly it was raining.

Perhaps a thread of fate needed for him to start his day with the wrong foot? Or maybe a cold front had made its way up to this city, unforseen by the meteorologists, to strike exactly this day. Or, more outlandishly, there could have been someone, maybe a villain, whose quirk had altered the weather.

Or maybe it was just raining.

Midome sighed, and turned away from the window. No matter how much he looked at the water falling from the sky, it wouldn't change the simple truth that is was, well, raining.

Fixing his tie, he went to check the thermostat. The apartment's rent was cheap, a single room which had to contain everything he could need, the space of his parent's home given up in exchange for being able to live close to the school. Yet another thing he had to thank his parents for, they trurily were too good for a walking headache like him.

Speaking of headaches, the humidity and temeperature in the room seemed okay, at least by what was being shown in the thermostat's display. Given his particular biology, being able to control such things had been a priority in choosing the apartment. Midome wouldn't have died for a night too cold or too hot, or with too much or too little humidity, but he would definitely would have been up for an very unpleasant awakening.

Bringing out a small mirror, he checked that his uniform was in order while he formulated a plan for the morning. Rain wasn't as bad as being submerged. Being still in contact with air meant that there was still a way for the water to get out and reach an equilibrium before anything critical was reached. He couldn't die just by standing under the falling water, he was pretty certain of it. Still, given how much it was raining, and the humidity that was most certainly filling the air...

"Arriving at my first day of school weighting several pounds more than when I started is something I'd rather avoid, thank you" He muttered to himself.

And the best part, absorbing water wasn't even the only problem currently. Midome grabbed his bottle of integrators, checked that it was full and made to take a sip. Then he stopped.

"No, more liquids is the last thing I need right now." He thought.

Midome opened his drawer, and among its contents he drew out a white plastic container, covered in medical prescriptions. Inside, a white powder with a small measuring cup. Carefully using it to pick an even smaller quantity of the integrator, he lifted his head and swallowed the powder. Shortly after, from inside the mix of organs and oversized organelles within him, a polymer similar to white bandages started to unfold and drift towards his external membrane, progressively covering his whole body as he directed its palcement. After completing the procedure, Midome's semi-transucid body now presented a pale, milk-white skin. Not exactly the most healthy of colors, but better than going around with the last of his digested breakfast showing. Which brought him to the second problem given by the rain. His artificial skin.

While not fragile, the polymer that constitued it wasn't exactly the sturdiest, and with a rain this strong, coupled with his natural tendecy to drain in water... if he didn't pay attention, he would have had holes everywhere by the time he arrived at destination. Maybe a bit stupid, since it wasn't like his quirk would have remained unknown to his classmates for long, but hey, it was the first day. Presentation matters.

Sighing again and taking the umbrella, Midome prepared himself for a slow and careful march to school. Running was really out of the question.

"At the very least, I'm relatively close..."



Step to the right.


Longer step, careful on the next one.

After dodging a small stream of water and no less than three car-spalshes, Midome's march had come to an halt in front of an onslaught of small ponds that had formed on the sidewalk.

"Seriously, what is this? It's almost as if someone cracked the asphalt at regular intervals, and with this rain the water filled the depressions in no time."

It was akin to walk on a minefield, between having to see were he was putting his feet, being mindful of the road ahead and watching out for a potential fourth car.

"Well, I don't suppose it would be a problem if I..."

It was hardly likely that someone would notice such a small detail with a similar weather, but Midome still looked around to make sure nobody was paying attention to him. Then, pulling with his cytoskeleton, he slowly rotated and moved his left eye downwards. The artificial skin creased at the unnatural movement that made his eyes point in two different directions, but it didn't tear.

Now able to see more or less clearly both in front of him and on the ground, Midome did his best to ignore the nauseouss feeling growing in his would-be-gut and to accelerate his pace.

As he finally approached the School's gates, he tugged his eye back in position, and checked his face and arms with the help of a mirror to make sure that all the skin was still there.

"Perfect!" He exulted internally "No damage and I managed to remain dry! Take this, accursed rain!"

Seeing more people, presumably other students, in front of him, Midome recomposed himself. One of them was laying on the ground some reason. They also had horns and hooves, but mainly they were on the ground.

"Okay, relaxed expression. We want to make an amicable first impression, not make someone wonder what's up with our vendetta against the weather."

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A casual stroll through the rain in the morning. It seemed like such a simple thing. But for Nanami Hamasaki it was the first such time she'd been able to do so in some months. Her first day off house arrest and free of that annoying ankle bracelet, it seemed like a great time. But to be on the way to this school, in light of what had happened. Well, she wasn't about to dwell on it. She simply continued moving as the rain continually beat down on her. This wasn't an issue to the girl, a humanonid shark due to her quirk. Her skin quite appreciated the water. But this annoying new uniform, adapted for her large tail, was going to get soaked without an umbrella. But then, what sort of first impression could someone like her even hope to make anyway? There was no one to impress. Just a bunch of hoops to jump through so she didn't get locked away. What was a soaked uniform on the first day gonna matter in the long run?

"Enough of that shit." Nanami told herself to get her gaze up and her mind focused on other things. Being down on herself wasn't going to help anything anyway. What was something positive? The rain, duh. But other than keeping her shark skin fresh it was always a relief when it rained. Nothing knocked scents out of the air quite like precipitation. The girl could just enjoy her walk without worrying about someone scraping their knee a dozen meters down the sidewalk. For all the benefits the stronger nose brought, it was calming to just not smell anything but rain for the time being. Calm was the main thing she needed to be. If she showed everyone nothing much affected her she'd pass their little test.

The closer the shark got to her destination of Hairo Academy, the more things got bizarre. All sorts of students, kids about her age, were beginning to flow into the rather unassuming school building. Of course there wasn't going to be much to see she thought. No one was going to spend money on the problem kids who were all likely to turn into villains anyway. In fact, if there was anything to see, it seemed like it had just been created today. Cracks in asphalt and cement that looked fresh due to the rubble around them. 

"I give it a day before the whole place is dumpster fire." she scoffed out loud. No doubt some of these kids were way worse than her. Everything conceivable was going to be vandalized before anyone knew what was happening. They'd probably all get expelled and sent to jail after a month. But again, too much thinking. Nanami just needed to settle into a routine and all this pointless thinking would stop. She didn't want to have to deal with people collapsed on the ground before the first day had even begun. But ahead of her she caught notice of a boy who seemed a bit out of sorts. Again, she didn't much feel like taking on anyone else's troubles for now. But seeing someone else's nerves on display was enough to get her back into her usual mindset. And so she approached Midome from behind, giving him a playful and firm pat on the back with a soaked hand as she passed in front of him. Well everything was soaked by this point but that was beside the point.

"Hey, loosen up kid. We're just gonna get told how much we suck for eight hours." She said as she looked back, with a bright confident smile putting her array of pointed teeth on proud display. She continued forward before turning to walk backwards for a moment to continue addressing Midome. "That's like a vacation for people like us!" Nanami added, not wanting to single herself out as constantly being yelled at and lectured while home. It had to be a pretty commonplace occurrence for kids here she imagined. Now getting a better look at the person she'd been hoping to helpt sort out she wondered what his quirk was. But then not everything was blatantly obvious as mutation types. It could be anything. Whatever it was she wasn't gonna linger on it. No doubt there would be a number of getting to know you activities. Whole pointless affairs of introducing yourself and your quirk on a superficial level. The only place to go was in, still dripping wet from the rain.

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Yu was in high spirits as he pulled his tie up, completing his school uniform. For the very first time, he would be in a real school, with real people his age! While reading by himself in his little greenhouse of an apartment was fine, surely nothing can beat the school experience! After all, how many novels and comics were about the school experience? Even if he did not embark on a quest to save the world from aliens, demons or evil wizards, surely it must be something everyone could get excited about.

As Yu mused in front of the mirror, fantasizing about the coming school day, he caught the sign of his stuffed bear in the mirror, pacing more restlessly than usual as it picked up on his excitement. Its movement became more erratic as the dread of what might happen if he lost control creeped into his mind. Bullies were something that were always present in those school stories. What might happen if he were pushed beyond his limits? He wasn’t a villain, but the angel might hurt them, and what will happen then? Taking a seat in front of the mirror, Yu took a deep breath and recited the syllables, just as Akari-onee-san had taught him.


After a minute of meditation, Yu again looked in the mirror at the pacing bear, seeing that it had taken a seat next to his school bag. Breathing a sigh of relief, he got up, dusted himself off and continued getting ready for the day.


Yu walked slowly among the puddles of the pitted sidewalk, trying to keep his balance with his arms full. In his right arm was his umbrella and the bear, which was squirming and trying to walk on its own. In his left arm was his bag and a potted plant, a [zamioculcas zamiifolia] straight from his own collection, wrapped as a gift for the class. Despite having his hands full and the rain slowly seeping into his uniform, Yu’s excitement kept him from dwelling on such slight inconveniences, especially when the school building came into sight.

The humble building, a simple wall of concrete and glass flanked by the budding sakura trees, reminded Yu of the old research facility building as he would see it from the shore of the island. He could almost smell the salty seafoam and hear the lapping of the waves against the sand as he approached the gates. His nostalgic trance was suddenly broken as he nearly tripped over a deep trench dug into the pavement that lead into the building. In his excitement in going to school for the first time, he forgot that all of his fellow students were also bearers of Quirks, some of them likely to be as troublesome as his own.

Scanning his surroundings, he saw a horned girl sprawled out at the end of the deep rut in the ground, the likely source of the impromptu excavation, surrounded by two normal looking students and what appeared to be a humanoid shark. While the scene came off as a result of a superpowered bullying incident at first, the general look of concern on the students’ faces implied that it might have been a Quirk related mishap. Crouching down next to the horned girl, putting down his things, he offered his hand with a smile.

“Do you need help? It looks like you had quite the fall!”

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The Day Has Come

Today was the day. Hane couldn't believe just how great it was to go to flipping school. Granted, it wasn't just any normal school, but a hero school! Sure, it was a school for problem children, but that hardly mattered to him. This was his chance to graduate from vigilante to hero, and by god, he wouldn't let it go to waste. He hummed to himself as he looked at his school uniform, scratching his chin. Of course he'd wear the stupid uniform, but... he couldn't wear the normal shoes... He really wouldn't be able to use his quirk in his feet if he used those shoes with the thick soles, and since he was going to a hero school, who knows when he would need to use that quirk?

He headed over to his bag, smiling to himself as he opened his travel bag. While the American Hero Association was very anal about what he was allowed to bring to Japan, he had managed to smuggle the most important thing. He opened the lead lined secret compartment, and pulled out his Bouncer suit. The black suit was lined with red streaks that he could manually light up to give himself that more intimidating look. It was honestly one of the coolest gifts he ever received, and he wasn't going to let himself be parted from it just yet. 

He slipped the skin tight suit on, smiling at how familiar it felt on his body. Of course, he'd leave the mask here at home, but he really wished he could bring it with him. He then placed his uniform over it, sliding into his new Japanese look. Honestly, with his Japanese heritage, he could probably pass for a normal Japanese student... if not for his bright orange hair. Oh well. He looked over himself in the mirror, pleased with how he looked. Sure, the black shoes of his suit looked a little odd against the uniform, but hey, unless someone had a foot fetish, he doubt they'd look there.

He walked to his door and threw it open, noticing for the first time that it was raining. And it wasn't some pretty sprinkle either, it was coming down pretty hard. That meant nothing to Hane though, as he quickly threw on a hoodie and rushed out into the rain, taking a large leap. When he landed on the ground, he focused his quirk into his feet, turning them into rubber, which caused him to rebound up into the air, jumping much higher than any normal human. This was the best way to travel to school that day.

He bounced to school like a human rubber ball, being sure to splash in any puddle he could find on the way. The way the water shot into the air as he crashed into the ground brought out a child like wonder inside of him, and he was enjoying the small moment of fun after the month he had.

Soon, he came to the school, and from his elevated position, he could see a group of people gathered around someone. Looks like someone already got knocked the hell out. Not wanting to make that guy's day any worse, he redirected himself at a different puddle, bracing for a landing... except as he came hurtling down, some kid listening to music walked by.

"Whoa whoa whoa, heads up, heads up, heads up!" He yelled as he hurtled down to the puddle. Sadly, it was too late. He crashed into the puddle, causing a huge splash, one that soaked the walking kid. "Um... hey man, sorry about that, I didn't see you until it was too late," Hane offered. "Ah, man, I'm in deep shit already...,"

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Keika found himself lost in his thoughts and with the walk, not paying much mind to his surroundings. He usually ended up in this type of mindset and movements, just moving and walking where he needed to go...not at all expecting what happened. One minute he was perfectly fine...the next, suddenly soaked thanks to a puddle and of course...an individual who seemed to appear out of complete nowhere.

"Um... hey man, sorry about that, I didn't see you until it was too late."

Keika looked at the young man. He was the cause of him being completely soaked. Beginning to shake off some of the water, he glared daggers at the 'Bounce Boy' the entire time. Slowly removing one of his earbuds, he scoffed lightly. "Yeah right didn't see me. Your VERY lucky I don't have a problem with rain or water..." he rolled his eyes, beginning to already start walking off.

"I mean, have you dropped from the sky in the middle of the rain?" Hane asked as he shrugged. "I am many things, good sir, but actively malicious is not one of them," he paused. "Well, not usually, but no, this one's definitely an accident,"

"Whatever..." Keika rolled his eyes yet again at the Bounce Boy. "Look, I don't feel like being late for class...otherwise they'll toss my sorry ass in prison. So go on and bounce away...you've already hindered my flow so far."

"Oh yeah, prison, that's a thing," he muttered. "Now... Are you sure you don't wanna reconsider what you just said. I'm warning you now, you're not gonna like it,"

Keika paused in mid stride, now slowly turning around to face the human dropper, removing the other earbud. "...are you...you can't be challenging me." he asked, almost in disbelief, shaking his head slightly. "Listen Bounce Boy, between the two of us, I think I'd be the one who would win whatever kind of contest you have in mind. And if it weren't for the guys in suits...RIGHT OVER THERE..." Keika shouted, drawing attention to the Hero Public Safety Commissions representatives, who were immediately forced to back away from their original hiding spot...just to stay hidden again. "...yeah, if it weren't for the asshole brigade following, I wouldn't have any issue laying you out right now."

Hane looked over his shoulder, seeing the men going back to hiding. He flashed them all a peace sign before turning back to Keika. "Oh, you're so overconfident, it's adorable," Hane commented, almost wanting to reach over and pinch the boy's cheek. "But no, I specifically meant reconsider telling me to bounce away,"

Keika was none too thrilled about this. "Tch...overconfident? Doubtful. If I'm labeled as having one of those destructive Quirks, then it's obvious I can handle myself." Did he mean all that or was he just blowing smoke? At this point, anything to get this kid away from him. The young man sighed. "Whatever. If you want me to recall the 'bounce away' comment, fine. I'll recall it and say it again at a different time."

"Cool, cool, because if I had bounced, I woulda landed in the puddle in front of ya, and splashed ya all over again," Hane admitted with a shrug as he began to walk. "And obviously, you can't handle yourself, or you wouldn't be here. C'mon buddy, keep up," he said as he passed Keika, playfully punching him in the shoulder. "Anyways, let's get outta the rain, yeah?"

This guy...this guy got on Keika's nerves. It was just something about him. Maybe his cheery attitude or his obvious playful disposition. Whatever it was, he didn't enjoy it. He rubbed his shoulder some after the guy punched his shoulder, sighing greatly, just deciding to give in and get the hell out of the rain.

"HEY! YOU DAMNED BRAT! I'm gonna beat the hell out of you, you freakin' demon!"
"Well it seems I know why you're here.  Assaulting poor, defenseless schoolgirls on their way to get an education?  How low can you get?"

Keika finally arrived on the scene and at the school campus, only to over hear this exchange. He glanced over, noticing immediately that it was the umbrella raving guy...and a demon girl, so that was something. He shrugged slightly, ignoring this because...yet again...it wasn't his problem, so he wasn't going to be bothered by it. He wiped his feet off, trying his best to get the soaking feeling off him. He could've used his Quirk, buuuuut at the same time, he figured his clothes wouldn't appreciate that right now.

Yeah...and that's just what I need now. Man, fuckin'  Bounce Boy... he thought, grumbling to himself.

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"Oi. You alive?"

Kohaku blinked once. The voice she heard made her realize she was, indeed, still alive. She then blinked twice, letting her vision clear up from the blurred state that it was in. While still bewildered, her consciousness became clear enough to turn her head towards the boy looking over her, for which she then realized she was lying down.

"Hehehe... I guess so!" she said, almost drunkenly without even moving a muscle, then almost instinctively they began to move in order to position herself back up. With the softness of the surface she used to do so, the slow but sure process of realization dawned yet another unfortunate reality: there was a massive divet in the ground, and considering the rough and grainy feeling on her back as well as her head, she did not doubt the possibility that she had caused it.

“Do you need help? It looks like you had quite the fall!”

"Nah, don't worry about it, but thanks so much!" Kohaku waved the kind boy off with a wide and welcoming grin. She sat up, looking forward towards the street at the missing section of sidewalk that trailed to where she lied. "Pfffhaha!! Holy shit, did I do that?! I must've been going fast!" At this point, she finally found the resolve to stand, brushing off the dirt and bits of concrete that stuck to her. She looked around, seeing the two students in uniform who approached her and flashed her most welcoming smile.

"Pleasure's all mine, gentlemen! Name's Kohaku Shinobu! You must also be attending here, so could that mean you're my classmates?" Kohaku's voice may have been a bit louder than she intended, but the excitement of introductions had always convinced her that it wasn't loud enough. Nonetheless, her attention was on the two young students in front of her as her peripheral barely noticed a hint of bright pink approaching the huge dent in the ground.

"...oh no, what if they see this?" a faint, fey-like voice whispered, "...I better fix this."

Yin remained under the umbrella that she had formed from her appendage under her torso as the rest of it held the shape of a tripod-like set of insectoid legs to hold her in place. With the rain coming down, the ground was rather wet where she stood, which was perfect. Any water in contact with the appendage began to absorb into it, causing it to ripple throughout its entirety as it gradually began to grow in size. With that, more tendrils began to sprout from her, each with ends like a miniature shovel. It didn't take long, but soon the hole that Kohaku had dug up, resulting in a leveled out patch of... dirt... I mean, it was level again, but the grass was gone.

"Oh dear... they're gonna notice..."

"Ah cheer up! I'll take the blame for this, princess!" Kohaku approached Yin, putting a hand on her shoulder. Yin flinched, suddenly realizing that the centipede-like legs protruding from her were still out, for which she quickly retracted. Cheeks flush, she averted her gaze as Kohaku took a moment to realize what she did, but only for a moment.

"T-thank you, but are you hurt?"

"Nothing a quick shower can't fix... oh wait, it's raining! Duh! Hahaha!!" with a big grin, she spread her arms and spun around facing the sky, realizing the two boys who approached her were still there, "Oh, where are my manners?! Guys, this is... uh, what was your name?"

"Y-yin. F-fu Lan Yi-"

"Yin!!" Kohaku reached to Yin's shoulder opposite of her and pulled her in, as if presenting a prize. Yin was stiff, her entire face turning bright red with a bewildered expression. After a moment, she averted her gaze once again, managing to squeak out some words.

"H-h... hi."

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"I'd better get to my class before it starts. Make sure you aren't late for yours either! And I'll still help you find that umbrella thief after school if you want. See you later!"

Juryo watched as the girl put on her shoes, and left for class.  He sighed, as he rubbed the back of his neck.  What kind of first impression was that?  He didn't necessarily find the girl annoying, so why did he snap at her?  Maybe this school would help him out after all.  And hopefully, the girl would be in the same class as him.  Her quirk seemed cool enough.  A sly smile traced his lips at the thought of his terrible joke.  The bell was going to ring any minute now, and Juryo was finally starting to hear more voices from beyond the gate.  The commotion was starting to give him a headache, so he retreated farther into the school.  The sight of any red color was enough to make him jump out of his skin at this point, so he made it a point to steer clear from any other demon chicks that might have given him a beating.  

The school was small, so avoiding the girl would be almost impossible.  If it came down to it, he'd have to throw down with her for real.  No blindsiding, no sneak attacks, just bare knuckle brawling!

"YEAH!"  Juryo psyched himself up.  "I'll wallop her real good next time!  I'll lose every ounce of my street cred if I get knocked out again!  No one can beat Libraty!"  

"Pffffffttttt!"  A subtle laugh could be heard from behind him, as he turned around in horror. 


"Libraty?!  Are you joking?!"  The girl was holding a soda can in one hand, and her stomach in the other.  She had sprayed some of the fizz onto the ground in her fit of laughter.  "What kind of a name is that?!  There's no way you'd run around calling yourself that for real, right?!"  Miyu's eyes started to tear up, as she almost couldn't help but let the laughs out.  

"Y-y-you got a problem with that hero name, you brat?!"  The girl's eyes turned deathly serious in almost an instant.  

"Brat?"  Was the next word she uttered, a complete one-eighty from the laughing mess she had just been prior.  "Who are you calling a brat?"  She eyed the boy up and down, noticing that it was the same boy she had run into twice before.  His eyes were full of anxiety, as she let a flaming chain fall out of her hand.  It thudded onto the floor with force.  Miyu licked her lips, as she watched the boy shiver.  "Well?  Weren't you gonna wallop me, Libraty?"  The boy recoiled as he saw the chains once more.  His eyes screamed that he wanted to run away, but he still stood against her.  He raised his hands up, not in an admittance of defeat, but in a pathetic attempt at a fighting stance.  

"Let's go...fair and square this time..."  The boy almost fell over all of his words.  Miyu couldn't help but label the pathetic scene as kind of brave.  

"But I like fighting dirty..."  Miyu pushed her bottom lip into itself, as her horns began to light on fire.  "Now look what you've gone and done...I'm all hot and bothered now..."  Miyu's finger that lay on her lip traced itself all the way down her neck and to her collarbone.  "You'll take responsibility, won't you."  The boy looked away from her in a fit of embarrassment.  As soon as his eye contact left her, she threw her arm in the air, and along with it, her chain.  The sound of metal whistling through the air was stopped almost in an instant by a taller man with silver hair.  He stood in the space between him, grabbing onto the lit chain with his bare hands.  

"There's to be no fighting, or quirk use, on school property...unless instructed otherwise."  The man coldly said.  "It's almost time for class, so I'll give you a warning this time, Ms. Hioni."  The man dropped the chain, which quickly retracted back into Miyu's hand, slurping it up like someone would noodles.  Her horns, in turn, turned down the heat.  She stuck out her cheek, pouting at the man.  

"Fine.  But tell this guy to stop being a creep!  He's been stalking me all day!"

The man raised an eyebrow at the boy.

"Is this true?" 

The boy put up his hands again, this time in a show of innocence.  

"This crazy chick stole my umbrella this morning!  I just wanted it back!"  The man raised both eyebrows, and turned his head again.

"Is this tru-" He would've finished his sentence, but he was talking to thin air.  The girl had already gone.  The man sighed and turned to the boy one last time.  "Get to class.  We'll resolve the issue later."  Both defeated, they trudged towards one of the lonely classrooms together.  Meanwhile, Miyu snickered as she saw them from beyond the corner.  Before class started she wanted to get a good look at the rest of the students here.  She hurried towards the front gates, which displayed most of the teens there.  They looked like your average bunch of chumps and delinquents, although one girl stood out among the rest to her.  A girl with Pink hair, conversing with a girl with longer horns than her.  Staring at the two were a couple of boys.  Miyu walked up to the scene, smiling and waving. 

"Hi everyone!  My name's Hioni Miyu, but you all can just call me Miyu!  Let's all be good friends!"  Miyu's pleasant gaze was sparsely sprinkled in with some sharp glances at the shyer girl.  "Why don't we all walk to class together!"  

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Toshiko was met with a couple of surprises when she'd entered the classroom. The first and more obvious of the two was its size. This was a small classroom! It made sense, she supposed, that such a small school would have small classrooms to match. There had to be more kids in the world that would qualify for this school than it had room for by magnitudes, right? The other surprise was that somebody else was already here. Another girl. She looked pretty normal... which meant she was probably trouble! It was probably best to avoid that girl until Toshiko could get a better feel for her. Not long after she'd gotten herself seated and comfortable, the door opened again. Juryo was here too! And some man Toshiko could only assume was the teacher.

"Heeey!" Toshiko waved the boy down, before pointing at an empty seat next to hers. "It's just a coin flip, but what a coincidence that we're in the same class! Are you feeling any better at all?"

"You really want me to sit next to you?  Right after I almost bit your head off earlier?"  He shrugged.  "You're braver than you look."  Juryo took the seat next to her.  "It must be your unlucky day to lose that coin toss, huh?"

"Aaaah, that. That, see, I think was just things getting a little heated between us. Getting off on the wrong foot or something?" Everything was going perfectly smooth right up until the end there, wasn't it? So this boy couldn't have been all that bad. If he was, he would have knocked out the umbrella thief instead of being the one getting knocked out. That's how that sort of thing went. Pointing at the window near her seat, Toshiko said "If anything, it seems like your unlucky day. Pouring rain on the way to school and your umbrella gets stolen. If we can't catch that thief, you can borrow mine if you really need to."

"Two on one?  That's not really my style."  Juryo crossed his hands and put them behind his head, as he kicked back in his chair.  "The girl who took my umbrella is strong...and she's a damn brat.  We could probably win if we tag teamed her."

"Tag team..." Toshiko's hands slid off her desk, into her lap, where they were less likely to touch anyone or anything. Even with the gloves on. "If it comes to that, I can't help you. Using my Quirk for violence even one time is how I got stuck with this school to begin with." That was still a heavy and fresh topic though. Not really something suitable for a first-day-of-school atmosphere, especially not with someone she'd only just met moments ago. But that did give her an idea of a more relevant topic. Something she could surely talk about with anyone in this school! "Oh! While I'm thinking about it, what does your Quirk do? Does it give you trouble with rainy weather by any chance?"

"Ha!"  The boy almost slipped out of his chair.  "Nah, nah!  Nothing like that.  I just don't like getting wet is all."  Juryo stuck his hand out and touched Toshiko's desk, while putting the other on his.  He closed his eyes, and took a couple of deep breaths.  After a while, Juryo stood up and picked up his desk with ease.  "Go ahead.  Try to pick yours up."

A grunting could be heard from the teacher, who gave the boy a disapproving look.

"It's just a demonstration.  Chill out, old timer."

Toshiko stood up, trying to lift her own desk, only to suddenly find she had to put in a lot more effort than normal. It wasn't like desks were especially heavy, but why was it so hard to lift all of a sudden!? Was this his Quirk!? "Wow! That's a really nice Quirk! I bet it you can use it in all sorts of ways! Way better than just freezing anything you touch." Toshiko glanced out the window again. Aside from the congregation of students happening out there - any of whom it probably sucked to be what with being out in the pouring rain - there wasn't much of note besides the weather. And she'd already told Juryo he could borrow her umbrella if it came down to it. She didn't want to do that if this kept up, but she wasn't about to go back on her word either.

"Umm... if this rain keeps going like this, and you do have to borrow my umbrella, one of us might have to follow the other home."

"Ah geez that's right..."  Juryo sat down again.  "Man what a day...sorry to drag you into it Toshiko."  He slumped into his chair, digging his face into his arms.  "You don't live too far do you?"

"I live a few blocks from the school, but based on where I found you, we live in opposite directions. I don't mind getting involved to help out though; not wanting to get rained on is a cause that's easy to get behind! Besides, we're here to become heroes! Sure it's a small start, but not helping someone in need would totally defeat the purpose of coming here, right?"

"Becoming heroes huh?"  Juryo looked at the girl.  "Maybe it was just the better alternative for some people.  I can't imagine everyone here is too jazzed about it."

"Hmmm, that's also true..." Toshiko slumped down onto her desk. A thin layer of frost began forming across its surface around the points of contact before very long. "Maaaan, I almost made it to U.A. too. I studied and studied, and they didn't even let me take the entrance exam. They said I was a liability or something. I bet they're having some nice tea right now to warm up from the rain beating down on them or something. How enviable."

"Who needs that when you can freeze to death in this little podunk school!"  Juryo laughed.  "They wouldn't do nothin' but coddle you if you made it in.  Stick with me and you might learn a thing or two."

"At least I have that going for me. The freezing to death bit. Even if the world turns to snow and ice, I'm pretty sure a deathly cold girl like me won't freeze to death. And the school is small so it's easy to get to know everyone. Yeah. I like it! Who needs to start at the top when you can climb your way up there anyway!" Toshiko laughed alongside Juryo. "Even if it isn't at a big fancy school like U.A., I can still get my certificate attending this school instead!"

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Just as Midome had finished congratulating with himself for making it all the way to the school without getting wet, a cold, soaked revenge had struck his hubris from behind.

That is, he got patted on the back. The one who did that seemed like an enthusiastic girl... fish? Midome barely registered what seemed to be words of encouragement, while his mind was in a daze. The skin... he groaned internally. The hit hadn't been that strong, and the clothes helped, but the water that had been absorbed during the impact had given the coup the grace. Under the wet imprint on his uniform's back, which was disappearing by the moment as the water was drained from the cloth into his body, the skin had been ripped in several points. Also, passed the immediate worry about walking all the way to school under the rain, and with the last dose of integrators several minutes ago, he was starting to feel hungry. Not much, just the familiar feeling in the background, that he knew would have slowly grown in time, until he either ate or got another dose.

He eyed his flask. And shook his head. While he did carry more than what was needed for a single day, there was really no point to take a sip already. "Also, at the very least the damage on on the back, so it shouldn't be visible."

He just hoped that his acid hadn't come in contact with the girl's skin. Between the clothes, skin, and the small amount of time it was unlikely that she would have found herself with anything worse than her palm suddenly being dry, but if that wasn't it... well, it would have been awkward to say the least. He recalled seeing the girl wearing what had probably been a tidy and dry uniform similar to his before getting soaked by the rain, and while he didn't recall her words exactly, she had sounded like and expansive, energetic type... those kind of people were usually the popular ones. If he entered her shit list the first the fist day, his high school life was likely done for.

Oh, and also she would have been really hurt by having his digestive acids on her hand. That too of course.

It was at that point that Midome realized he had remained frozen since the pat on the back. In the meantime, the fish-girl had disappeared and more people had approached the horned girl on the ground, who was not on the ground anymore. A pink-haired girl with a... puzzling appendage instead of her legs, which was currently shielding her from the rain. A blue-haired boy with a potted plant in his hand and... a living teddy bear at his side, or at least a moving one. the most normal-looking of the bunch was also the most imposing, and had zero respect for the dress code from what Midome could see. The last was a rather provocative looking girl, not helped by the fact that she too had apparently gotten the rain on the road to school. That was the third one, and Midome idly wondered if that would have been a recurring thing in this school. He hoped not. He couldn't the negate the... allure of such a prospect, but amongst the other things, that would have meant it was raining. Again.

But enough. He regained his composure and approached the small group of people.

"Why don't we all walk to class together!"

"I agree." Added Midome as he reached them "Doro Midome by the way, pleased to make your acquaintance. Shall we move someplace drier?"

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Hane grinned to himself as he walked into the school, sighing to himself as he shook his head, letting the water splash off of his body. He felt a bit cold, but that was alright. He slipped his hoodie before running his gloved hand through his hair, fixing it up a bit. With a sigh, he walked into the classroom, looking for a seat. He seemed to have found an empty area with no other people. That was good for him. With a satisfied sigh, he flopped into a seat. He then looked down at his desk, noticing a large cockroach crawling on his desk. Well, he supposed it made sense, seeing how small and dingy the place was. The cockroach leapt off his desk and... went to some tiny little girl that was sitting by him, climbing on her arm. Where the hell did she come from?

"Yo, you got something... right there," He mentioned, motioning to her arm.

"I'm aware," Kiburi flatly answered. "You get used to them after a while. I was really hoping none of the little bastards would be in this building, but I guess it was inevitable."

"Yeah, this place is a bit of a dump," Hane mentioned with a shrug. "And I guess the rain would drive them inside. Still, never seen one just calmly crawl up someone. You an animal whisper or somethin'?"

"I wish. My Quirk makes my body emit a pheromone that attracts these vermin to me. It has some actual benefits, but attracting cockroaches really does make you feel like you've lost the Quirk lottery."

"Wait... wait," Hane paused. "Are you saying your quirk lets you summon cockroaches? That's metal as hell, girl,"

"Nothing that impressive." Swatting the cockroach off her neck as it tried to crawl further up and right onto the wall behind her, Kiburi explained "Summoning them would imply I can control them. If I could do that, I'd tell them all to get fucked and bother someone else. And yours? What sort of awful thing can you do that landed you in this trash can school?"

"I bounce," Hane said simply.

"Fascinating," Kiburi answered with equal simplicity. "Doesn't sound like a threat to anyone though. Let me guess. A young criminal that hero society wants to convert to the side of righteousness and sell the story to show people how wonderful they are."
"Do you include vigilantes as criminals?" He asked. "I mean, it's against the law and stuff, but I was literally arrested for saving lives," It was a little more complicated than that, but he wasn't going to go into it right now.

"I don't. If anything, I'd call them better than heroes."

"Well, at least someone's in my corner," He stated. "So, what's your name, anyways?"

"Just call me Kiburi." While she didn't extend her hand out for this bouncing boy, she did at least nod in his direction as a form of acknowledgement. "And you? Unless you want to be called Trampoline, that is."

"I think the worst part is that Trampoline is probably someone's hero name...," He mentioned with a chuckle. "Anyways, I'm Hane. Nice to meetcha, Kiburi,"

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The shark girl had been moving into the school ahead of the ever growing pack outside. It was strange, the hand she had patted the kid behind her with was completely dry at this point. Either the uniform was just incredibly absorbent or maybe it was something to do with his quirk. Given her own drenched state Nanami felt it more likely to be the latter. There were bound to be all sorts of insane quirks running around here. A glance back to what seemed like a literal devil rallying the kids around her to walk to class together was all the confirmation of that she needed. She kept ahead of them, moving at her own pace until she entered what was to be her main classroom for the coming year. Still drenched but not so much dripping wet by this point, Nanami went and settled into a desk by herself as others around her began the chitchat that was all too common to any school setting. Her mind couldn't help but wander.

"Look at me, in class on time." she thought with a sigh. Nanami looked around as people trickled in. No one seemed particularly thug-like from the outset but then she couldn't blame anyone for wanting to pretend to behave to start things off given the circumstances. But she still couldn't help but miss her former best friend as the two would regularly linger outside homeroom, either ignoring bells or else cutting things incredibly close to avoid getting yelled at too many days in a row. Her gaze was sort of vacant, focusing on nothing, until the all too familiar discomfort of sitting at a desk set in and brought her back to her senses. As ever, her tail was too big and awkward for this to ever be comfortable for her. So for now she would shift in place, trying to find a passable solution while growing visibly more frustrated the longer the process went on. More than anything the school could through at her, if this desk didn't have a comfortable sitting position it would prove her least favorite part of it all.

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Akuma stood as the girl with the horns did, and watched as they cleaned up after themselves. It looked like one of his classmates had a Quirk similar to his. Regardless, they were both cute, which was always good to him.

"Yeah, I guess we are going to be classmates." He smiled, throwing an arm around Kohaku's shoulders. "You can call me Akuma." It did not sound like an option.

Kohaku was naturally perked-up by more introductions, but she did not expect Akuma to come up and do the same to her as she did to Yin. Akuma had quite the grip, which had just barely grazed Yin's cheek, causing her to flinch once more with a barely noticeable squeal of surprise. Also, his voice came across as surprisingly welcoming as well as slightly intimidating. Kohaku couldn't help but feel a bit impressed.

"Haha! I like your spirit, Akuma!" Kohaku cackled as she reached around to Akuma's opposite shoulder with her other arm, contesting the grip that he had on her. Her body movement tugged against Yin as she remained in Kohaku's grasp, making her groan with each shake.

Akuma laughed, loudly, at her energetic response. He was more used to girls shrinking away when he got this close. "I could say the same to you. How'd you plow that trench in the ground a second ago?"

Kohaku, despite having both shoulders occupied, shrugged. "I suppose I could tell you, but then again, perhaps I'll just have to show ya if we're supposed to demonstrate our quirks. You'd probably only believe me then anyway! Hehe!" At that moment, Kohaku actually looked at where the trench once was, where there was now a patch of dirt laid out in the same shape. "Speaking of which... how long has that thing been fixed?"

"Um...." Yin softly retorted, "...I fixed it."

"Oh yeah that's right! Thank you, Yin! You didn't have to do that, but I appreciate the thought anyway!" Kohaku's expression hardened but kept the same smirk as she looked back to Akuma, "but basically, to sorta give you an idea of what I can do... I'm kinda hard to stop once I start. Take that as you will!" With a hard wink, she gave Akuma a hard shake of the shoulder before releasing it, "Anyway, I'll see ya in class!"

"Um... can I go to class t-"

Kohaku immediately released her grip in Yin, "Oh shit, I'm sorry Yan! Go on ahead!"

"It... it's y... nevermind..." Yin kept her gaze averted as she held her back against her chest, sauntering into the building.

"I'll see you there," Akuma waved as they went inside, but stayed put until they were out of sight.

"Looks like we've got a lot of interesting people here," he muttered to himself. "I guess it was egotistical to assume everyone here would be a troublemaker like me. That said..." He looked back up at the school again.

"I should probably get to class."


Literally throwing the door open, Akuma entered the classroom with his head high and his chest out. He wore his jacket over his shoulders and his shirt undone at the top. His tie was nowhere to be found. Wild black hair hung in his eyes, giving only glimpses of blue beneath. He lingered in the doorway a moment before making his way to the back of the class to claim any empty seat he could get in the back row.

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Keika found himself at his new little school for troubled youngsters and could immediately see this strange motley crew that was available outside. Not like he really cared...what was the whole point of getting involved with people who were pretty much in the same boat as him? Honestly, prison might've been a better alternative than this hellhole of a school...but then again, Keika couldn't just do that to his aunt and uncle...not after everything they've done for him.

Eventually, Keika found himself at the classroom he needed to be at. When he opened the door, he saw a few already sitting down in the room. In the back there was three...and one of those three was none other than Bounce Boy. He rolled his eyes and scoffed to himself, looking at how the others were set up. An empty row in front of Bounce Boy and then the two from before: the Umbrella Raver and that blue girl. The one he had a strange vibe from...yeah that one wasn't going to happen either.

That left one other option...the very front row, which was empty. And like that, Keika immediately took his seat in the front row, specifically right next to the door. For easy access to get the hell out of the classroom once class would let out.

Once he took his seat, he began to shed his soaked hoodie and sat down...with a bit of a squish. This sucks...worst way to start this day off: completely soaked to the damn bone because someone can't watch where they were bouncing...even worse, that guy is sitting in the back row here...with...what I can assume is a chick with the ability to summon roaches? Huh...that's sorta neat...creepy, but neat. he thought, making a mental note of that. Still, lets hope I don't have to use this Quirk of mine...otherwise I'm gonna have to deal with some major issues with my skin...again.

Luckily he came prepared, as he already was fishing in his bag for a bottle of moisturizer as well as his chap-stick, to which he was already applying to his lips.

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Yin could feel the nerves kicking in as she realized that she was about to enter the classroom. This was it. Her new life, or at least what’s become of it, is officially about to begin. She paused in front of the door for a couple seconds before taking a deep, calming breath and sliding the door open to reveal the quaint and less-than-adequate space that she would be sitting every day for the next couple years, by her assumption.

She immediately saw the windows and the view that came with it. While it wasn’t as breathtaking as it could’ve been, it was certainly better than sitting in the middle of this room. She hugged her bookbag as she made her way to one of the seats along the row opposite of the door, finding a seat in the desk second from the back. There she would find herself between two people, meaning her preference of not interacting with people meant nothing at this point. She simply sighed, shifting her appendage to flow around the seat so that she could sit comfortably.


After simple introductions with Yu and Akuma, Kohaku tried her absolute best to walk to class. It was bad enough that she caused all that damage to the roads on the way to the property, so if she would start damaging the school itself on the first day, that would not make a good impression. It was tough for her, however. She loved to run, but regardless of the matter, she knew it was against the rules to run in the hallways, which further justified her restraint.

Eventually, she reached the doors. Despite her excitement, she felt her stomach drop just a bit, knowing that once she walked into that room, her new life would officially begin. She took a breath, pumping herself up as she flung the door open. She then immediately realized how hard she opened it as it crashed against the stopper at the end of the sliding bracket, making a loud bang. She winced, checking to make sure there were no cracks, which there were thankfully none. With that, she walked in, noticing there were students already in their seats, including the pink-haired princess in the far back where Kohaku expected to find her.

One particular student caught her attention. The shark girl that she saw earlier. Something about her drew Kohaku to her as she made straight for one of the seats next to her, casually but with purpose.

"I must say, you have one of the best smiles out of this whole bunch,” Kohaku interjected upon Nanami’s isolation, “you as pumped as I am?"

Nanami took a second to respond, as she was too busy trying to adjust her tail to the cheaply-made seats.

"Pumped about a year of a here's why you suc-" she snapped back, cutting herself off after getting a good look at Kohaku, “...well what do you know? Thought I'd be the only animal freak here."

Kohaku took a second to let these words sink in. While her initial reaction was slight shock at the remark pertaining to her mutation, she couldn’t help but snicker, “Well, looks like someone hasn't had her blood fix!"

The mention of blood made Nanami, almost instinctively, look around and sniff the air before relaxing again. Kohaku reeled back, believing she had struck a nerve with this shark person. She took this opportunity to get comfortable by fully seating herself in her chair, suddenly feeling a wave of sharp pain from her tail as she practically crushed it with her buttocks.

“Gah! Fuck this fuckin’ appendage…” she cussed, immediately and aggressively reaching to pull it out from under her to have it dangle out through the opening under the backrest. Nanami noticed this, realizing that they actually do have something in common after all. After letting the shock of the pain wear off, Kohaku met her gaze with a newfound sympathy, “...fuckin’ tails, am I right?”

The shark girl gave Kohaku a modest grin filling with sharp, shiny teeth as a sign of mutual understanding, “Really something ain't it? They've only known we were coming for months now. Would think they'd have some good seats. Not that this dump could afford them.”

"Eh, what can you expect?” Kohaku shrugged as she leaned back in her chair with her hands rested behind her head, “I had a feeling this place wouldn't have the funding to be that great in the first place, cause why would troublemakers like us get something as fancy as UA? They believe we don't deserve that." She then looked around, letting out another snicker, "Let's just hope this place is still up by the time we're done with it. at least that would show that we have the constraint to not be considered delinquents." After a moment of contemplation, her attention went back to specifically Nanami, "...but let me ask... when I mentioned... you know what earlier... you actually looked around for it? Tell me I'm not crazy."

Nanami seemed shocked by the suddenly upfront question, "W-what? No, I was making sure there wasn't any. Just a whiff of that shit and I go crazy. I'm not looking to bite someone day one."

“Alright alright, fair enough. I was just curious,” Kohaku backed off slightly, raising her hands in acknowledgment of a sore subject, “but if it's gonna be an issue down the line, at the very least it takes a helluva lot for me to draw any... at least when I'm moving. I'll tell ya, though, it may not be the place I prefer, but damn me if I'm not gonna get through it strong, ya know?” Trying to lighten the mood again, Kohaku gave Nanami a light, playful bump on the shoulder, suddenly drawing back at the sensation of what felt like sandpaper against her fist, "ah... that's right. sharks have pretty rough skin, don't they?"

"Only rough if you touch it wrong,” Nanami commented, getting back into a playful tone, "So why are they locking a cow up? What, didn't wanna get made into hamburgers?"

Kohaku recognized this playfulness from earlier, which made her smirk, “Hehe, my meat's too tough to chew, and even if i was, I'd just go right through them!" She let out a hearty laugh before calming back down and leaning back in her seat again, "Nah, just causing a bunch of property damage. Fortunately, it was my parents getting all the flak cause I'm still a minor, but they were required by law to have me sent to... well, here."

Nanami wore a look of realization upon the mention of property damage, connecting it with all the cracks in the road on the way here. She stifled a laugh.

"So what about you?” Kohaku followed up, the same smirk on her face as she entered a state of playfulness of her own, “you eat someone or what?"

Nanami went serious all of a sudden, "Yeah something like that. Lotta kids have pissed me off. Getting into scraps isn't the best idea when blood drives you wild if you can believe that. Sure didn't stop me though." She then stretched her arms forward, moving a swathe of hair out from in front of her face, "You seem pretty tough. Might need your help holding me down if someone here gets a nose bleed in P.E. or something stupid like that."

Taking in her story, Kohaku gave a passionate wink, "You got it. One thing I'd like to know, though... what snaps ya out of it? That could come in handy."

Nanami rested her face on her hand, her elbow supporting it from her desk while nonchalantly responding, "A nice bite of whoever's bleeding is the fastest. But as far as pacifist solutions go, getting me away from them and getting something solid to sink my teeth into does it after enough time."

"Well…” Kohaku said, thinking for a moment, “...I suppose if I'm gonna hold you down, how I'd do it would make my hide tough enough to not be pierced by those teeth of yours. I suppose it's worth a shot if it ever comes down to it." With that, she turned back to making prompt eye contact with her new friend, "but despite the circumstances, I'd say well met! Name's Kohaku. What's yours?"

"Nanami Hamasaki.” Nanami firmly accepted the handshake, “but just Nami works if that's easier for ya."

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"Nah, don't worry about it, but thanks so much!"

Yu watched with awe as the horned girl dusted her soiled uniform and made light of the deep trench she had made in the ground, acting as if she had simply just tripped over a crack in the pavement. The fact that her abilities could be just as destructive as his own brought him both comfort and a slight unease. At the very least, he would not be the only one who would need to learn to control his Quirk. Would all of his classmates have to manage such power?

"Pleasure's all mine, gentlemen! Name's Kohaku Shinobu! You must also be attending here, so could that mean you're my classmates?”

"Yeah, I guess we are going to be classmates. You can call me Akuma."

“I am Yu Minami. It's very nice to meet such a friendly classmate so soon!” Yu said, bowing to the two as deep as he could make without tipping his cargo over. As he looked back up, he saw that another classmate had busied herself filling in the trench using her Quirk. As she finished delicately filling the trench, Yu could not help but feel slightly disappointed that nothing was planted to take advantage of the freshly tilled soil.

With no hesitation, Kohaku walked up to her and greeted her like a long cherished acquaintance, which contrasted starkly with the pink-haired girl’s timidity.

"Oh, where are my manners?! Guys, this is... uh, what was your name?"

"Y-yin. F-fu Lan Yi-"


"H-h... hi."

Yu gave a polite bow to Yin, only to hear yet another pair of voices from behind him.

"Hi everyone!  My name's Hioni Miyu, but you all can just call me Miyu!  Let's all be good friends! Why don't we all walk to class together!"

“I agree. Doro Midome by the way, pleased to make your acquaintance. Shall we move someplace drier?"

Yu could not believe his luck. In a matter of minutes of arriving at school, he had already met five new friends, all of which must have some kind of Quirk like he did! The possibility of becoming bullied for having a Quirk was quickly becoming a silly afterthought.

“School is going to be great!” Yu thought to himself as a wide smile grew on his face.

“Yes, getting to class would be a good idea Miyu-san! I would really like to put down my things. This [zamioculcas zamiifolia] of mine would definitely like to get out of all this rain!”


Following Akuma’s dramatic entrance that nearly caused the door to fall out of its frame, Yu entered the classroom to see that most of his fellow classmates had already found their seats. The classroom was simply furnished and appeared to be already well used, but to Yu, it was all very exciting to finally get to have the proper school experience. Spotting a seat by the window, he quickly moved to claim that spot for himself and his plant. Finally letting down his burden, he placed the potted plant on the windowsill. While the sill was narrow, it was just wide enough for it to fit, bringing some much needed life to an otherwise sterile room.

As he turned back to his desk, Yu was shocked to see that the stuffed bear had walked halfway across the room, heading straight towards the open door. Trying to keep his cool, he jogged out of his seat to catch up to the runaway toy, which was now climbing up the desk of another student. Much to his dismay, Yu realized that the boy’s delinquent state of dress suggested trouble, which might cause the bear to act...unpredictably. He approached the boy just as the bear had made it onto his desk top.

“Sorry about that! With all this excitement, Theodore tends to get himself into trouble,” Yu said as he snatched the bear, which struggled against his grip. After a short grappling match, Theodore acquiesced, falling limp into Yu’s arms.

“Eheheh...Sorry again!”


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While applying the chap-stick to his lips, Keika watched another few students file in: a shark girl, a ram girl...annnnnd a guy with some potted plant? Out of all the things he could've seen...that there was the weirdest one. On second thought...there was one more weird thing for him to see.

Movement caught his eye, namely from his own desk. "Ehhh?" he muttered, putting his chap-stick away and seeing something crawling and climbing on his desk. The culprit: a...moving...teddy bear. With quite an annoyed stare coming from Keika, he watched the mobile teddy bear finally make it on top of his desk. With one motion, he was planning to grab this moving stuffed animal and throw it across the room. It was either that, or drown it in lava. However, he didn't get that chance.

“Sorry about that! With all this excitement, Theodore tends to get himself into trouble. Eheheh...Sorry again!”

The young boy who carried the plant apparently was also the owner of this living teddy bear, who seemed to be struggling in the boy's grip. Keika only let out an annoyed sigh, rolling his eyes slightly. "Whatever. Just try and keep that thing away from my stuff...'kay? Honestly don't feel like it getting in my way." he shrugged, waving the boy and his stuffed animal off.

Tch...so we got a shark, ram, ...guy who brings stuffed animals to life, a bouncy boy and a girl who can apparently summon roaches...jeez, the hell is this? Keika thought, rubbing the bridge of his nose some. ...also, first it was getting soaked to the bone and now I'm being invaded by teddy bears. Could this get any worse?

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Toshiko watched as the students found their way into and filled the classroom, one by one. Her conversation with Juryo had gone pretty well, she thought, but it seemed to have died down now. At least it had gotten her pepped up about joining this school. With her confidence in this place newly revived, Toshiko eyed each of the students eagerly. One of them even sat down behind her! Some girl with... not really legs. What was her lower half? Whatever it was, it was obviously her Quirk. Toshiko was curious! The blue-skinned girl turned around in her seat, looking at that weird fluid bottom half again before returning her eyes up to the girl's face.

"So, what are you in for?" she teased.

Yin had her focus on the window before she tensed up upon hearing the blue girl in front of her turn back and talk to her. Her face instantly turned a shade of red before it was somehow cooled off by the surprisingly frigid air that lingered where she sat. With that, Yin began to shiver slightly as her appendage began to creep around her like a blanket. "Do... do you mind telling me why you're here first?" she softly and stutteringly responded.

"It's my Quirk," Toshiko answered, rather plainly. "Anything I touch has its temperature just go whoooooosh, right down! And... uh... U.A. thought I was kind of a liability. And so did Shiketsu. And Ketsubutsu. And Seiai. And... everywhere else, really."

"Oh, so it wasn't just me..." Yin could feel her nerves soothe up, "It's the same with me, sort of. I wanted to go to UA. I heard great things about it... but I guess my parents got to them first." She looked around, turning slightly flush in the cheeks once more, "...my quirk tends to have a mind of its own... it's done some pretty awful things to people I care about..."

"That sounds awful," Toshiko gasped. A Quirk with a mind of its own? Toshiko couldn't bear the thought of not being able to control such an integral part of who she was! She felt pretty bad for this girl. "Well, you'll be able to learn to control it better here, right? Even if this school is kind of a dump, we're here to learn about becoming heroes, so that's what we're gonna do!"

Yin suddenly tensed up again, "Oh dear, did I say that out loud? ...well, I guess here it doesn't matter that much. Also... it doesn't really think for itself, it's just that I... tend to be more free with it when I get emotional, but please don't let that frighten you!" She quickly retracted from her outburst of concern, averted eye contact. With that, Toshiko's words of wisdom made Yin perk up, "You really think so? Because I hope so!"

"Mhm. I know it! He said so too!" To specify who "he" was, Toshiko pointed at Juryo, the boy sitting next to her. Following up with a rather lousy impression of his voice, Toshiko continued "He said, they wouldn't do nothin' but coddle you if you made it in. We may even come out all the stronger for it because this is such a lousy school! So keep thinking positive, okay?"

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At the back, Akuma got to watch everyone as they entered, and boy was he glad for it. The girls in this class were CUTE, dammit! Kohaku and Yin from earlier were no outliers-- one girl looked like she had some kind of shark Quirk (an assessment based mainly on her finned tail) while two others resembled some sort of demon, which made for a variety of exotic skin-colors. Of them, there was a single petite girl with an 'ordinary' appearance, but that made her stand out in her own right.

Breaking away from those thoughts, he recalled the assorted weaklings and petty bullies who flocked to him in junior high. It would pay to establish himself as one of the strong in this place, so the ones who saw strength in numbers would follow him. That said, the guys in this class didn't seem like much.

There was one guy with a potted plant and some kind of living teddy bear-- either a total softie or a psychopath-- a really pale kid who's skin had a strange quality to it, some guys who seemed close to Akuma's size but displayed no distinctive signs of their Quirks-- man, he could not get a bead on any of them. He'd have to play it safe and not approach anybody for now.

Noticing a cockroach on the floor by his desk, he muttered, "Cheap bastards dragged us here and they can't even be bothered to keep the place clean." Before stamping it with his boot. and grinding it into the floor. "[Fuckin' nasty,]" he commented as the roach, unperturbed by the attack, simply squirmed out from under his shoe and continued to scuttle along.

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It wasn't much longer that the class had been filled to the brim with teenagers.  The teacher at the front of the room eyed them over rather quickly, his pupils darting between all of their faces, placing the name and quirk right behind them in his mind.  He stroked his chin, as if he hadn't thought this part through enough.  He looked as if he were about to say something, only to go back to stroking his chin, pacing behind his desk.  He stopped for a brief moment, and turned back towards the class.

"Good Morning, delinquents."  He said, almost casually.  "Society's trash?  Screw ups?  Lost souls?  Problem children?  Failures?"  He began eyeing certain individuals dependent on what phrase he uttered.  "Welcome to your first day of Hairo Academy for At Risk Youth's Course Correction Program!  I'm your teacher, Arai Oka.  I've been retired from hero work for about 5 years now, so it's good to get back into things by whipping you all into shape, and molding you into proper heroes!"  His cheery demeanor dropped for that of a serious nature.  "In all seriousness, this is your last chance to avoid a jail sentence.  There's only so much I can do for all of you, so please don't give me any trouble."  A sole finger tapped his cheek.  "I have the authority to send any of you away for any reason, so please give it your all."  

The air in the class was tense after his introduction.  A fanged grin spread across his face.

"So now that I've introduced myself, please do the same.  While you do so, give us an accurate description of your Quirk.  If you try to lie at all, I'll fail you automatically."  He held up a finger in the air.  "Trust is the first thing a hero needs in others, and himself.  That is your first lesson."


"This is such bullshit..."  Juryo whispered to Toshio.  

"Ah!  Seems we have a volunteer!" Mr. Arai remarked, clapping his hands in excitement.  "Please come up, won't you son?"

"Son of a..."  Juryo kicked his chair away as he stood up.  He walked to the front of the class with both hands in his pockets, as he groaned with every step.  He looked to Mr. Arai, who still stood in the middle of the desk.  The teacher ushered Juryo to stand right next to him.  "You've gotta be kidding?  What is this?!  Preschool!?"  The man laughed heartily, almost howling.

"I can't say that I am, son!  I'm very serious.  It's just a precautionary measure."  The man picked a phone out of his pocket, and started to dial.  "Or do we have a problem?"  

Juryo saw the number, and shuddered.  

"Whatever."  Juryo spat, before standing uncomfortably close to the teacher.  He held his hand midway up his chest.  "Yo.  My Name's Isobe Juryo.  You all can call me Juryo, I don't care.  As for my Quirk...while I'm touching things, I can redistribute the weight however I want.  But while I'm not touching them, they start reverting to their normal weights."  Juryo shot a glare at Mr. Arai.  "So...is that good enough?  Or am I being detained?"  He smirked.  But he was rather nervous that he hadn't gone into too much detail.  The man took a moment before responding.  

"That's good enough.  Thank you Isobe."

"I said call me Jury-"

"Now if you'd please, try to hit me with everything you've got."  

Juryo stopped for a moment.  He blinked in bewilderment, as a smile crept across his face.

"Come again?"

"Did I stutter?  I want you to try and hit me.  I want a demonstration of what you can do."

Juryo's hand immediately went for the desk, while placing the other hand on his chest.  

"Your funeral."  Juryo's breathing had become a little sporadic, this was a little nerve wracking after all.  Trying to land a punch on a retired pro hero?  Who was this guy anyway?  After a couple more seconds passed, Juryo lifted the desk easily with one arm, as he swung it at the teacher.  Mr. Arai simply dipped under the table, and chopped Juryo's wrist in a flash.   The desk clanked against the chalkboard without so much as disturbing the residue chalk on the board.  It looked like a piece of styrofoam had hit the floor when it did.  Juryo hadn't realized what had happened, the motion was too quick, but he went for another punch towards the man with the hand that had been on his chest.  Mr. Arai caught the punch midair, feeling a little bit of force behind it.  "You aren't a rookie, that's for sure."  Juryo's voice nervously sputtered.  

"Well naturally."  Mr. Arai smiled.  He picked up the desk, surprised by how light it was, and put it back in it's place.  "That'll be all.  Next!"  


Giggling as Juryo was humiliated, and dragged himself back towards his desk, Miyu was the next to get up.  She clasped her fingers behind her backside as she skipped up to the desk.  She placed herself close to Mr. Arai, who didn't so much as flinch at her approach.  She waved to the class with both hands while wearing a bright smile.  

"Good Morning everyone!  It's a pleasure to meet you!  My name is Hioni Miyu!  You can call me whatever you'd like, as long as you wanna be friends!"  Miyu held her hands together in front of her chest.  "I hope that we can all become great friends, and even greater heroes together!  This is just a small bump in the road for all of us, right?"  Juryo could be heard coughing in the back, intelligible insults being placed in the rasp.  "Let's see, my Quirk right?  Well, I think I have a really long chain living inside me, and I can call it out whenever I want, from wherever on my body I want.  It's pretty long, but I have to share the length between all the chains I call out."  Miyu demonstrated this by having a chain pop out of her shoulder.  It slunk to the ground with a clang.  "Also, I can cover it in some really cool fire!  But don't worry, it's not hot."  She picked up the chain and held it in both hands, as flames lit each link.  "Well, unless you've got some guilt on your conscious...but I'm sure it wouldn't burn any of you guys!"  She smiled.  

"Now, Miss Hioni, if you would please try and strike m-"  Without hesitation, the end of Miyu's chain shot itself towards the teacher at an insane pace.  Mr. Arai seemed thrown off by this as well, as the shock on his face was visible.  He ducked under the chain, as he did before with Juryo's desk.  However, Miyu had kept composure, as she looked to the side.  The chain's tip made a sharp turn right back at the teacher, who caught the attack in the corner of his eye.  With a roundhouse kick, the man deflected the attack once again, flames tickling his shoe.  He brought his face closer to his foot, and blew out the flame with a quick huff and puff.  Smiling at the girl the teacher pointed to her desk.  "That'll be all.  A good attempt."  

"Maybe next time!"  Miyu chimed, as she skipped back to her desk in the front row.  

"We'll see!  Next!"  

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"So now that I've introduced myself, please do the same. While you do so, give us an accurate description of your Quirk. If you try to lie at all, I'll fail you automatically. Trust is the first thing a hero needs in others, and himself. That is your first lesson."

That...and along with attacking the teacher himself. Cause that's apparently something that is needed in schools... Keika sat there, watching how two students basically introduced themselves and what their Quirks were, then proceeding to basically attack the teacher. Between the two, the demon girl seemed like someone he’d actually get along with a lot. After all, aside from the general living chain...she was able to put things on fire. So the Quirks they had were similar in that aspect at least.

Unfortunately, Keika had to do this as well. He finally stood up with a sigh, making his way up towards the front. He honestly didn't want to do this...these losers were ones he didn't trust in the slightest...he had no reason to trust them. Why give out any information to people he really didn't know or trust? Regardless of this thought, once up there, he slowly turned towards the class, scratching the back of his head with a rather annoyed demeanor on his person.

“Fuji Keika...you can just call me Keika, or don’t...could honestly care less.” Keika exhaled heavily, before putting his hands into his pockets. “As for my Quirk, it’s a bit of a weird one. Not as weird as some, but pretty weird. Although I really don’t particularly find enjoyment in this stupid thing anyway.”

He paused, removing his right hand from his pocket and began to roll up his sleeve. He lifted it up to show the class along with Mr. Arai. “I’ve called it Volcano...and basically what it does...is this.” Keika continued, exhaling again as his skin began to instantly harden with a covering of an obsidian-granite. “I had it evaluated...it’s classified as a Transformation type and basically I’m able to harden my skin, covering it in an obsidian-granite casing. However, that’s not the extent of this...OI!” Keika immediately turned his attention to Mr. Arai. “...does this place have things in place in case of possible fire outbreaks?”

"No." The teacher smiled. "But I'll do my best."

"...aight..." Keika shrugged, slowly turning around to face the teacher. He lunged at him, swinging his right arm towards the teacher. With any luck, he'd block and if the impact was good enough, it'd break the casing.

The teacher brought his leg up, his teeth baring rather large fangs. The stone collided with the teacher's pants. The impact was enough to shatter his pant leg. However, the two attacks were kept at a stand still. "You're dangerous, kid. I won't count that as a hit." The teacher remarked.

Keika scoffed a bit, pulling his arm back some...noticing one thing: a chip in his granite casing. A smirk appeared as he moved his arm again. "Thanks...did exactly what I wanted." he said, working to open the chipped area a bit, having it crack some more. Now both Mr. Arai and the class could most likely see what appeared to be magma flowing out of the crack in his granite skin, as it began to cover the arm. "Yeah. The skin covering is only part of it...this is the other part. I can literally secrete magma..."

Without a second thought, Keika rushed at Arai again, swinging his right arm and fist at the teacher, this time coming with a bit of a fiery advantage with his strike.

Taken aback by the second rush, Mr. Arai smiled, as he reached in his back pocket.  He pulled out a pair of nunchaku, and swung it up at Keika's arm, avoiding the magma that came with the attack and sending it off course into the air.  With a second motion, Mr. Arai brought his other foot up to Keika's face in an instant.

"A double demonstration, huh? Sneaky. You do belong here."

Another scoff was heard from Keika, backing away, lowering his arm as it returned to normal and getting Mr. Arai’s foot out of his face, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out some of the moisturizer he had and began to immediately apply it to his arm. “Hopefully that’ll suffice, teach.” he asked, already beginning to return to his seat.

"It'll have to do for now. Next!"

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