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  1. it's legit; he's the guitarist for alestorm
  2. The other adventurers were named Lana and Chris. Out of them, Lana certainly seemed to be a fan. Of course, Lana had also brought up the matter of practical applications for a bard in the dead of combat. Setting aside the fact that the pair had already done some fighting together, and that Ziun had managed to hold his own, Robin had also wondered if music could be used in some clever way every now and then. And frankly, the ideas she'd come up with were, for lack of a better term, awfully one-note, and not things she'd want to try out with just the two of them. WIth a whole five people though, it was a different story! “But anyway, before we do all that dungeon stuff, we should probably share a meal together or at least toast. Do you two have any preferences? I stay here, so I know for a fact everything’s pretty good.” Now that was more like it! Somebody with the social sense to celebrate the merging of two ambitious crews with some food and drink! "I'm not picky, long as it's not fish." "I shall say this, illusion magic for myself is generally used when I play my songs...in regaling those tales to the patrons. I've only used it in the heat of battle to make a hasty retreat...aside from that, I'm unsure what else could be properly done with my own magic." "Are you kidding? Any crew worth their salt would kill to have a good illusion mage under their flag! Making it look as if there's more people than there are, disguising the ones you've got, any beast that can be tricked can be easily put out of its misery. And just between the five of us, good piracy is all about that sort of trickery. Obviously the high seas and the Dungeon are different matters, but a good illusionist is a huge asset." If anything, Robin would argue Ziun was the better of the two assets on display here, just by putting their skillsets in the vacuum of combat. This group clearly didn't want for the ability to make things dead, or else they probably wouldn't have survived as far as they did, and that was just about all Robin was good at in a direct fight. And she was no captain either, so she was hesitant to say she brought exceptional tactics to the table. But for now, food, and drinks. Robin was eager to get some ale in her system, and whatever Hector's non-fish suggestions for the day may have been. "Well, now that we're all chummy with each other, I say we follow up on Chris's suggestion and get something to mark the occasion. I'm looking most forward to getting to the Spark with the lot of you."
  3. do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviors Nald'thal?
  4. what's a type of moral of the story that you can't find yourself able to agree with?
  5. think again cowboy, the holy cow is where the holy mackerel got the last straw from
  6. today in "stuff i had to google because i remembered it existed but not the artist or name and my brain demanded to hear it"
  7. speaking of crickets, what are some interesting bug facts you know, or just some bugs you think are neat?
  8. 3: Pyke 2: Braum 1: Jhin
  9. all of them, of course. i for one welcome our eviolite dunsparce overlords.
  10. this thread could do with a natural blend of magic and comedy
  11. To call it sudden was an understatement. It was supposed to be a one-night-stand thing - far from uncommon in the open relationship between her and Collin - and the girl Abby had hooked up with said she wanted to do something unconventional. So the two left campus late that night, made a short stop by a convenience store for snacks, and while they were out and about... "Look out!" It and the monstrous truck horn was just about the only warning Abby had gotten, and it still wasn't nearly enough. By the time she'd heard the latter and turned to face the forty tons of steel and cargo barreling towards her, she was already face-to-face with the grill of the beast. The panic of a semi truck sliding in her direction wasn't exactly the last feeling she'd wanted to experience in this life, but it was now what she was stuck with. There was the horn, then the truck, then the impact. That last one sounded like it should be the most painful thing she'd ever experienced, but it was only painful in the same sense that a lightning bolt was bright. A brief instant of indescribable pain, as if somebody had set off a chain of explosives inside her body, but just as suddenly as the pain came, it was gone. And then... nothing. No sight. No sound. She couldn't even feel her own body, though she doubted she'd want to at the moment. Just herself, a void of nothing, and some sort of voice that wasn't hers. Whatever it was, she either couldn't make it out, or simply didn't understand what it was saying. It gave her time to think about what had happened, though. And for the panic to set back in. That really happened? She'd been slammed by a truck? What was Collin going to think? He wasn't the jealous type, as was abundantly clear, but he was very much the protective type. He'd blame that poor girl, probably. And what about her? Not just what Collin might say to her either; she was just looking for a fun night out and witnessed a tragic case of vehicular manslaughter. And then there was the trucker who definitely wasn't getting out of this with his job intact. Oh no. Her parents. She almost didn't want to think what sort of legal fury they'd unleash on the trucker and/or his company once word got to them. This was all a mess. A terrible, awful, no-good mess, and it very much did not suit her. Getting caught up in it or worrying so much about it. But how was she supposed to not? She died after all! D-E-A-T-H death! Was it too late to like, get a second chance? Try to bargain with the powers that be? Even as she asked that mystery voice, she remembered the language barrier between it and her. So that was no good. But it must have liked the idea, because once it stopped talking, Abby felt something. Like the feeling of going up on an elevator, but way faster. And then... Bong. Bong. Bong. A sound! And when Abby opened her eyes, sights! Old sights, but sights all the same. Some kinda church, occupied by a few other people in addition to herself. The stained glass was nice. She'd always liked this stuff, though she had to admit, she'd never seen windows quite like these ones. Antlered snakes? Wolves? A tree? An orca? A far cry to say the least from the usual images stained glass called to mind. Must be a pagan church or something. They've got churches, right? And then there were the people. Immediately, the one that stuck out like a sore thumb to Abby was the one wearing what was absolutely a deer fursuit. She had to give props for the dedication, but while she was far from an expert on theology, she was pretty sure becoming animals wasn't part of the pagan checklist. Eventually, one of them broke the silence. Some guy - pretty tall even by normal people standards - who seemed like a decent sort. "So. Did you guys just die too? Or have you been here for a minute?" "I want to say we may've all just died... so does this make this heaven then?" "Fufufu...That's not it at all. I know exactly what this is! For it was prophesied since my birth! We were sent to save this world from a great evil. Specially chosen to fulfill a grand destiny!" Oh, saving the world seemed like fun. But the way this girl talked implied this was a different world. And while saving it would be great and all, Abby would have much preferred to go back to the one she was in before her unfortunate meeting with a hydroplaning semi truck. “I find it improbable that this is Heaven. More likely to be a form of Purgatory. Note the lack of doors and anyone to greet us. Hmm… I wonder if there is a common thread between our deaths.” Say, hadn't Abby seen that guy before? Aside from being REALLY tall, she could have sworn she saw his face before. Definitely a doctor - he had the badge and everything - so someone that got brought up in a lecture perhaps? She couldn't quite make out the name on his badge from here though. She'd have to work that out later. Of course, that mystery was completely removed from her train of thought - a train that got violently derailed - when he continued speaking. “I shot myself. How did you die?” "Whoa, hold on, what?" Abby didn't mean to speak out of turn or anything, but the words just flew from her mouth before she could think to not blurt them out. But now she was already talking. Probably best to not leave it at that. "Shot yourself? Like, with a gun? You good, doc? Er... that aside, hi! Didn't mean to cut in line or anything, but hi, I'm Abby, I got ran over by a truck. I'm still a bit sore from the whole thing."
  12. hard to tell if i've posted this yet i have a bit of trouble telling one seth david thumbnail from another
  13. As the rest of the circus that was her fellow Class 2s began filing into the room, Letty paid them little mind. She wasn't too keen on small talk right now; she'd been called away from her own busywork just to attend some sort of emergency meeting, and she wanted to give Saint Peter nothing but her undivided attention over what could have been so urgent that this meeting couldn't have been an e-mail or something. Even receiving and accepting her orders via carrier pigeon would have been better than this. Luckily, the good Saint wasn't one to dilly-dally, and got right down to business. "As I'm sure you're all aware, S.Y.S. has been losing countless amounts of Lost Souls to Hell these days, and our number of Class 2 Soulders hasn't been this low since the foundation. Class 1 Soulders. They're mainly pencil pushers, but they can handle Lost Souls well enough to escort them to the afterlife. Class 2 Soulders are the ones capable of recruiting stronger lost souls to S.Y.S.. This has been your main goal since you were contracted. Class 3 Soulders are used to fight off Hell itself." Maybe not right down to business. Rattling off some details everyone already knew seemed tedious and redundant, but it was probably for the sake of pacing or something. Still. A refresher never hurt though; some people in the room had probably forgotten what their job was with how little some Class 2s actually worked. "You Class 2's haven't been pulling your weight, and I'm getting pressure from the higher ups to run you ragged. But I don't want to do that. I know you all work hard in your own ways, but S.Y.S. needs to step it up. From here on out, Class 2 Soulders shall be assigned a team of 5, and are to meet a quota of recruiting 1 Lost Soul per week. Now, before I have to do it myself, I suggest you find some people you like and make a team yourself. After reporting to me, I'll assign you your first mission by the end of the day. DISMISSED!" Oh. Only one per week? Well, this was awkward. Letty had already been doing a few more than that per week to try and shorten her contract. Ironically, the pressure to run Class 2s ragged was now telling Letty on an official level that she could get away with less work, and in a bigger team to boot! Then it was just a matter of assembling a team... "We got five here...instead of lollygaggin' around with us tryin' to find a team of five, just have us here be the team of five and cut yer losses. Just thinkin' it could be a lot easier that way. But I'm just speakin' out loud and most likely out of turn and order, but I'm just bein' honest." And the cowboy had a brilliant idea! Just grab whoever was nearby and hope for the best! "Alright. Alright, no pussyfooting around. Virgil said we have five, so there's no reason to keep looking. Why don't we just get this shit-show over with?" "A wonderful idea. I look forward to working with you all." It's the easy afterlife from now on! More team, less work! And if I can work these suckers until they're blue in the face and rake in a ton of souls, surely I'll get a few years shaved off my contract! With the team assembled, there was only the matter of actually doing the work. Though, getting to know the team was probably a good idea too. "So, to our lovely teammates who I haven't met yet, I'm Letty. My Soulverdrive lets me track any target I make eye contact with, no matter how far they run or where they choose to hide. It also lets me destroy anything between me and them. If we're going to be a team, we should at least know that much about each other, don't you think?"
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