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  1. The next day Natalia was greeted by a substitute teacher; some mechanical looking clown called Dreadvolt. She didn't really care about whatever buffoonery he was going on about; she glanced over towards Rei. She seemed okay, or at least as okay as Fan Cam usually was. The exception being that she was wearing a scarf, probably to hide the bruises she got on her neck. Good - the less these idiots knew about what happened to her the better. She needed to know what villain had attacked her classmate and stop them; the last thing she needed was the circus brigade getting in her way. She'd have to talk to Rei about it later, somewhere more private than their homeroom classroom. Her attention was brought away from the girl and towards their new classmate Hoshino Rika. "Kaleidoscope" She muttered under her breath, assigning a nickname for the new girl once she saw what her quirk did, before turning her attention towards the roof of the classroom as she leaned back on her chair. The new girl didn't really strike her as anything phenomenal, just another well meaning, starry eyed sheep in the herd. At least she didn't seem annoying like some of these other jokers.
  2. Lok Epilogue Lok wasn't sure exactly what happened after he was knocked on the wall. All he really knew is that they had managed to save Arceus in the end, their mission successful. With peace returned to the land, Lok went back to his home in Alpha, having experienced more than enough adventuring for his liking. Despite it being rough at time, he was glad he decided to embark on it. All the friends he made along the way, and learning more about himself, made his quest to adventure all worth it. Things back at home changed drastically, due to Giratina's influence being gone. Things had calmed down between Alpha and Omega, something that made Lok glad to see. Gwen was doing well, much to his relief. In fact, Gwen had entrusted him with that weird lamp that they had gotten during their adventures. Honestly, Lok had forgotten they had taken it with them, although once he saw it again for the first time in what felt like forever, he instantly remembered the menacing aura it radiated. He was hesitant on taking care of the lamp for her, but it was the least he could do. Plus, while it unnerved him, it also peaked his curiosity. One day, while Lok was washing the lamp, he felt the lamp suddenly jerk around in his hand. Lok nearly dropped it as it kept moving around, almost as if something was trying to break free. Finally, out of the lamp emerged a strange looking Gijinka. Lok fell on his back, confused as the stranger stretched, the ghost boy trying to figure out what was going on. It took him a bit to realize who was in front of him right now. "Kekeke, it was getting soooo cramped in there." They said, stretching from their time in the lamp. "Hoopa...?" Hoopa turned towards Lok, a smirk stretching on their face. "Oooh did you let me out to play?" Before Lok could say anything, he felt a surge of water fall on his head. Looking up, he saw a hoop above him, another one having been placed in the river he was using to wash the lamp. "I...I can't believe it!" Lok said, more excited about his idol being here than his now wet close. "It's... It's actually you! I didn't think- Oh wow, I-" He felt a hand plant on his shoulder, coming from behind him out of one of Hoopa's rings. "Hmm? Usually people get mad when I do this. Why didn't you?" "How can I be mad? The greatest prankster of all time is in the room with me right now! I'm you're biggest fan!" Hoopa gave the boy a confused, but amused look. "Fan? Uhhhh... kekeke, you're a strange one. Hey...is that old pretend ghost still around? Wanna mess with him with me?" "Of course! Oh, how could I forget!" Lok stands up, extending his arm out. "The name's Lok!" Hoopa reached out to meet the boy, but paused. With a grin, they reach past his hand and grab his arm and tug him into a portal with them. "Kekeke, almost, but you've got a loooot to learn." Lok let out a laugh as Hoopa dragged him through the portal. He had thought he had enough adventure, but this. This was different. He was going to have a lot of fun. Scarlet Epilogue Scarlet roamed the jungles of Mowloo, a metallic red mask on her face to hide the burn across her face. She had brutally been singed by the mad Houndoom's attacks during the final confrontation. The burn once symbolized a failure on her part; despite how strong she had gotten, she had succumbed at the final step. Luckily, the rest of the warriors were able to save Arceus in the end, and the world returned to normal. The world was at peace, at least for now, and things could return to mostly normal. However, she had a different goal. No longer was she just an explorer wandering the land. She had to be stronger, to protect her people, and the world. With the Legends coming out of hiding, she used her favor with the ones she had met to find Cobalion, honing her skills with the musketeer. In her training, she met the other Swords of Justice and, eventually, started roaming the land. Scarlet stopped in her tracks, her ears perking up as she heard a faint cry in the distance. Almost instantly, she sprinted towards the plea for help, her cape flowing in the wind. "Help!" A Dustox cried, his back up against a tree as a thuggish looking Toxicroak loomed over him. "There ain't nobody helping you now, punk!" The Toxicroak bellowed, a red blade jutting out of his wrist. The Dustox looked in horror as the poison dripped from the blade, flinching as he saw the blade fly towards him. "Huh?" Suddenly, between the two gijinka was Scarlet, her pincer gripped tightly on the thug's wrist. The color on the Toxicroak's face faded as he slowly realized what was happening. "N-no way!" He belted out, struggling to break the masked scizor's grip. "You... you're not real!" Somehow, he managed to break free from Scarlet's grip, only to be greeted by a bullet punch to his gut. As he was sent tumbling on the ground, he looked up in horror as Scarlet walked up slowly to him, dead silent. He could feel her piercing glare stare into his soul as he struggle to compose himself. "Y-You...!" Before he had time to blurt out a word, Scarlet was already dashing towards him. She had been doing this for a while; between protecting those in need of help and training with Cobalion, Scarlet had her hands full. Her business between training and vigilantism, she became a sort of local legend herself. Her title alone kept the jungles safe, striking fear into any wrongdoers and miscreants trying to cause trouble. She was the Crimson Crusader.
  3. Natalia had wandered off away from Hakaro, begrudgingly picking up the trash from the ground and putting it in a bag. She used her quirk to lift up or readjust lighter pieces of garbage like wrappers and straws around, helping her a bit, but overall it was a slow and frustrating process. "This is so stupid..." She muttered to herself, kicking some sand in the process. "What a drag!" She shouted, crushing the can in her hand. As she did, she saw Rome Depot walking around, towards another student. Notably, not Rei; wasn't he suppose to be helping that other girl with... whatever it was they were assigned to do? She was pretty sure whatever was going on in there was far more important and interesting than trash collecting, and Fan Cam could probably use some help. Of course, she'd have to remember where they were assigned to go. With a bit of a skip in her step, she started walking around, trying to find where they had gone. When she got there, Nat couldn't help but let an audible gasp. She found Rei with the principle, the latter talking on the phone about dismissing the trip. Good news, Nat thought, before she noticed what looked like bruises on Rei's neck. Did Glory do that? No, he seemed too concerned for that to be the case. Plus, it wouldn't really make sense. There must have been some sort of villain attack. She had seen this scenario play out before. Glory showed up to save the day, but he had gotten there too late; Rei had already gotten hurt. They always arrived too late. Gritting her teeth, Nat decided it would be best if she started getting on the bus. With the bag of garbage still in her hand, she turned around, ready to leave this place.
  4. The following week of class was nothing to write home about, each seeming as unqualified as the last. One of them couldn't even be assed to show up on the first day of class! She noted that they seemed rather young to be teaching them. Still, it wasn't all bad - at least they were actually teaching them, even if they seemed to be better at teaching regular classes than actual herosim. However, any hopes that she had that things were looking up vanished when, at the end of the week, they were going to the beach. For some reason. She showed up on that Sunday, visibly annoyed. Truth be told, the slip they had given her was crumpled up somewhere in her backpack - she had planned to just pretend this whole thing didn't exist. What's the point of giving them permission slips if they were just going to give her father one anyways!? She almost considered not showing up anyway, but whatever was waiting for them at the beach was nothing to the nagging her father would have given her if he found out she skipped out. Crossing her arms, she entered the bus, scoffing as she passed by Glory. Unfortunately for her, the back of the bus was already taken. Shame too, she was looking to sit by Hoth Topic again. She knew he wasn't going to talk; after all, despite being the person she sat next to the entire week he was somehow the person she knew the least about. Just the way she liked it. She settled to sit next to Cat Girl. Nat didn't quite have a good read on the girl, which meant she wasn't going to talk too much. Plus, unlike most of these idiots, she seemed somehow more annoyed about the trip than she was. Tsubasa's face was planted on the window as Nat sat next to her, aggressive meowing and growling coming from her. "You seem excited." Natalia say with a hint of annoyance. "Thrrrrilled," Tsubasa said, slightly muffled as her cheek was still pressed against the window. "I didn't think there was a place I could go worse than the classroom so soon here." "Tell me about it." Nat replied, crossing her arms. "First the stupid test, and now this. What a joke." "At least the test was in a city." The girl looked over to Nat, clearly distressed as she continued. "But this is the beach! It's nothing but sand! Do you know how hard it is to run in sand? You can't climb sandcastles either." Nat shook her head. "I was talking more about it being a waste of time and resources." She rolled her eyes, glancing over to the cat girl. "But I guess the sand thing is annoying too. Not like it matters. This whole thing is probably just another pop quiz." "Ehhhh, really? That sucks." Tsubasa slumped further into her seat, placing both of her feet on the seat in front of her. "Let's hope it has nothing to do with whales." Whales?
  5. Nat was almost disappointed there weren't any villains around. She figured it was some sort of test, or a genuine malfunction from the start. And yet, she kinda hoped it was some sort of elaborate attack by a villain or two. Nat simply rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms. "Of course it was a test." It was a bitter taste in her mouth; the reckless abandon of letting hell break loose in a mock city is exactly the type of flamboyant extravagance that rubs her the wrong way. Rei voiced her opposition against the exam, with Yumi following up with safety concerns. "It's absolutely ridiculous. Flashy, dangerous, and stupid; welcome to the hero business." "Principal Glory told me to let you know that replacements should be ready soon. The same goes for you, Miss Kemuri. You shouldn't have to expose yourself next time you use your quirk." "Thanks" She said bitterly, leaning back on the chair. It was nice to hear she didn't have to go streaking every time she wanted to use her quirk - those smoke outfits she made did the job just fine, but not having to worry about it in the first place was good. She took a glance towards the ceiling, letting a trail of smoke escape her mouth as she let out a sigh. "What a drag."
  6. Scarlet Team SuperPower Scarlet grinned as the Lucario seemed to be at his wits, almost surprised that he was losing. Her victory was short lived though, as she watched the Lucario strike Taiga with a Force Palm, sending the shark girl flying back. "Taiga!" Scarlet shouted, sprinting towards the crater on the wall. She found Taiga unconscious, blood everywhere on her around her mouth. "Hey, wake up! C'mon, he's... almost..." She said, nudging her friend with no response. Tears started rolling down her cheek as dread started setting in. In frustration, she slammed the ground next to her. Taiga was barely breathing in her state; still technically alive, but in her current state, that wouldn't last very long. "Thank you... for everything, partner." She gave her friend's body a hug, before picking herself up. She was distraught, as tears continued to roll down her face. However, she couldn't stay and mourn her friend - Taiga wouldn't want that, she was sure. She still had to take down that son of a bitch. "YOU BASTARD!" Scarlet shouted, immediately breaking into a mad dash towards the Lucario. She didn't even notice that the others had landed a heavy blow on the Lucario. Nor did she notice the wrestler that was also making his way towards the Godslayer. The only thing on her mind was taking down the bastard that had killed Taiga. She struck the Aura Sphere that was launched at her, sending it barreling towards the side as she pressed the attack. Their fists locked for a moment, as the Lucario grabbed onto Scarlet's Bullet Punch, gritting his teeth. "You took her from me!" She screamed, the ground cracking below the two as she pulled back her other arm, before swinging it towards the Lucario. The Lucario caught it with his free hand, leaving both of his arms occupied. "Your reign of terror ends here, you bastard!" The Godslayer's palms started to light up, getting ready to send Scarlet barreling back, when suddenly Randy came from behind him. With a dark energy in his hands, Randy grabbed the back of the Godslayers head, ripping him away from the Scizor. With one swift rotation, the Incineroar spun around and slammed the Lucario onto the ground. Scarlet was caught by surprise by the sudden ally. She couldn't tell what type of gijinka he was, but that didn't really matter right now. "Thanks." She said, her eyes still locked onto the Lucario that was picking himself up. Both Scarlet and Randy got into a fighting stance next to each other, as Lucario prepared to attack the two in front of him. However, he suddenly jumped back, as if he felt another come to join them. Scarlet let out a gasp as she saw a torrent of water rushing towards the Lucario. "Taiga!" She was alive and ok, somehow. She wasn't sure how; maybe another gijinka had healed her. She'd have to ask later, though - they had a fight, as Taiga sent the Lucario flying to the other side of the room. She turned towards her new muscular friend, a crazy idea coming to her. "Launch me upwards." Randy seemed confused, slightly hesitant. "Trust me!" With a shrug, Randy did as the Scizor demanded, tossing her upwards towards the sky. Scarlets wings fluttered as she landed on the ceiling, before using all of her force to launch herself off of it, leaving behind a small crater as she dive bombed the Lucario with a Superpower, putting as much force into her punch as she possibly could. The dark energy shattered around her like glass, giving the dust cloud around the two a sort of shimmer. Scarlet stood up from the huge crater they had left on the ground, steam flowing from her body as she looked down on the Lucario. He seemed to be at his last wits, but he wasn't down for the count, as he slowly stood back up, blood on his lips. Despite his body condition, however, his eyes still had the same fiery anger they had not too long ago. Scarlet brought her arms up, ready to keep the fight going. She still had to take down that son of a bitch.
  7. Lok Team Gijinka Lok and his clones made their way towards the Lucario. Considering everyone else's attacks were seemingly not having the best results, Lok doubted his attacks would be able to hurt the slayer even if he was able to land something. The best he could do, he figured, was to try and burn their foe. Lok noticed he was running alongside a hooded gijinka with a fiery maw, getting ready to attack. While he was easily able to dodge the attack, it gave Lok enough time to surround the Lucario with his clones, as he did his best to try and land a Will-o-Wisp. The Godslayer didn't have time to counter strike Nani, the ghost boy surrounding him with clones. All four of the clones seemingly fired off their own Wisp, although only one of them would actually burn. Not like it mattered, as the Lucario, with an impressive show of acrobatics, managed to not only dodge all of the ghastly fired, but also managed to plant a Force Palm right into one of the clones throats, causing it to disappear into a puff of smoke. An ExtremeSpeed quickly took out another one soon after. Lok let out an audible gulp, another wisp forming in his and his last clone's hand. However, Lok was starting to panic as the Lucario seemed to stare straight at him - the real Lok, knowing fully well which one of the two was real. Lok wanted to back down then and there, but his legs were moving on his own, as him and his clone charge forwards. Before the Lucario could react, however, a Dark Pulse shot from the arena, coming from Nine. While he was able to side step out of the way of the attack, it made it harder for him to jump out of the way of the Wisps coming at him, the real one striking him right in the chest. Lok didn't have time to celebrate though, as the Lucario very quickly darted towards him, slamming his gut with a Force Palm that sent the ghost boy flying back as the clone disappeared. Lok slammed on the ground repeatedly, before crashing against the wall. He nearly blacked out from the impact, his vision blurry as blood slipped from his mouth. Still, he had a faint smile on his face as his attack hit its mark.
  8. Scarlet Team SuperPower Scarlet landed from her attack, water droplets gracefully falling around her, next to the Lucario. The Godslayer didn't seem keen on getting sucker punched like that, the Lucario turning towards Scarlet. "Yes. We. WILL!" She shouted, darting forwards once more towards the Lucario. As she dashed in, she barely managed to sidestep the Force Palm coming her way, before getting socked in the ribs by a sudden Extreme Speed, sending her staggering back. Gritting her teeth, she jumped up into the air, bringing her massive pincers down on the Lucario's head. However, just as quickly as the Lucario had struck her, he side stepped it effortlessly, leaving Scarlet exposed in the crater of her own attack. She let out a gasp of pain as the Force Palm struck her side, sending her staggering back. She barely had time to catch herself from falling as the Lucario fired an Aura Sphere towards her, the Scizor barely having time to bring her arms up to block the attack. "Damn... he's fast..." She remarked, gritting her teeth as she swung her arms to the side. Even with her sudden power-up, she could barely keep up with the Godslayer. Still, she wasn't about to let up now. She darted back in, firing a Bullet Punch towards the Lucario. The Godslayer simple pushed her arm to the side, before slamming her gut with a Force Palm. Scarlet let out a gasp as she stood her ground, the floor beneath her shattering from the impact. Despite the pain, however, Scarlet grinned, gripping the Godslayer's arm with a Bug Bite from her other arm. "Gotcha." She remarked, her wings fluttering as she spun around, carrying the Lucario with her. She lobbed the Godslayer towards Taiga, who was ready to strike. "Now!" "I'm gonna rip you to shreds for hittin' me like that!" Taiga shouted, a wicked grin stretched on her face as the Lucario flew towards her. She sunk her vicious jaw into the Lucario's shoulder, the dark energy around her maw exploding. She let out what sounded like a laugh, although it was muffled due to the shoulder in her mouth. With a violent twist, she slammed the Lucario onto the ground, jaws still locked on his shoulder. "Good work!" Scarlet said, her shoulders slumping as steam rose from her body. If they kept that up, they could take down this impossibly strong foe. She held her side, keeping her eyes locked on the Lucario.
  9. Smoke poured out of Natalia's fingers as she clenched her fist, trying to think of what she could do to stop the T-Rex. The best she could hope to do is to blind the T-Rex with a smokescreen and pray that the others could take it out. "Quit bitching and start helping." She remarked towards Inu, stepping forward with a trail of smoke behind her, before fully turning into a cloud of smoke, leaving behind her clothing once again. She needed to get on top of this thing if she planned on blinding it. Luckily, the machine didn't seem to even notice her floating up towards it, as her classmates had sprung into action. As she made her way up towards the robot's head, the others were doing a lot of work to take the thing done. Plates from the machine had been ripped off, and notably there was now an exposed beating metal heart glowing from inside it. It didn't take a genius to figure out that its weak spot was now exposed. She landed on one of the rooftops next to the giant machine, the robot itself moving far too much for her to land on top of. Extending her arm out, she let out a steady stream of smoke that slowly started surrounding the robotic dinosaur's head. Natalia smirked as smoke emitted from her body, creating a pseudo-dress of purple haze. "Smoke's up! Go for the heart!"
  10. Lok Team Gijinka Lok nearly fainted under the pressure from the next room. Standing there was a blindfolded Lucario, tossing a familiar face to the side casually. Lok let out a gasp - he thought Jabari was with the Godslayers, and yet here he was, fighting against them. More concerning, however, was how effortlessly it seemed this Lucario had beaten him. Jabari had bee one of the strongest gijinka he had ever seen, and to see him be defeated by this monster. It was worrisome, to say the least. Once again, he had considered running away, as he had many times before. However, in the crowd of gijinka that had appeared here he saw familiar faces. His new allies he had made coming here, Keanu and Taiga, were charging into the fray. Nine and Easter as well were fighting here as well. "Let's... Let's do this!" He said, clenching his fist as he took a deep breath. He used Double Team to create three other clones of himself, taking a deep breath as he watched the other's attacks be blocked effortlessly. It would seem that going in one on one wasn't going to work for this - they were going to have to truly work together if they were going to defeat this frightening foe. Scarlet Team Gijinka As Scarlet stepped into the new room, the first thing she did was look for Taiga among the crowd. The shark girl had made it out alive, as Scarlet had expected, next to two others she didn't recognize. There wasn't time to touch base with her just yet, however, as the Lucario tossed the Zebstrika aside. Scarlet did a Swords Dance as the Lucario spoke, getting ready to dart in, before feeling what she could only describe as a heat wave coming off of the man as he seemed to transform. This pressure he was radiating... it was nothing like she had felt before. More importantly, he seemed to also has some sort of Mega form like she and Taiga did. Scarlet grit her teeth, wings fluttering. "The only one dying here is you, bastard!" She screamed, dashing towards the Lucario and leaving a red trail behind her. She ran up and fire off a series of Bullet Punches, a series of blows that he effortlessly blocked with one hand. She was in shock - even if he wasn't blindfolded, she could tell he wasn't even fully paying attention to her. And yet, he perfectly blocked the attacks, before firing off a sphere of aura at her, sending her flying back. "How did he...!" Just how strong was this guy, she thought, as she opened her pincers. This guy was far stronger than anything she had fought before - even compared to the other Godslayers she had fought here. "I see..." She said, planting her hand on her chest. "You think you're strong... but we're stronger! I won't let you and your bloodthirsty monsters hurt anyone ever again!" Her body started to glow - not red, like it had in the past, but a blinding white light radiated from her armor. "Your reign of terror ends now!" Her armor morphed as she grew, her pincers becoming longer and more jagged. She stood there, now in her new form. She turned to Taiga, who was shouting at her to power up in her new form. "It's good to see you too!" She shouted back, turning back towards the Lucario. "On the count of three, we strike together. He can't stop both of us." She said, extending a hand out towards Taiga. "We'll put this monster in his place." "Together."
  11. <ALERT! ALERT! TOTAL OF 16 VILLAINS DETECTED IN TRAINING COURSE ZETA! ALERT! ALERT! LOCKDOWN PROCEDURES COMMENCING! MUST EXTERMINATE!> The blaring sounds of sirens filled the air as Natalia saw something shift and move in the shadows between the buildings. She was pretty sure this was some kind of set-up by the school, but the idea that 16 villains had, in fact, infiltrated the school wasn't something that was out of the question. After all, Natalia knew how incompetent these hero types could be - her homeroom teacher definitely didn't help this impression. She clenched her fist as a swarm of robots surrounded her, their glowing red eyes fixed right on her. Smoke poured out of Natalia's body, cloaking the immediate area around her in a thick layer of purple smoke that surrounded all 10 of the robots. If there was even a sliver of a chance that there were villains in the fake city, that was enough for Natalia to take this deadly serious. "Looks like today isn't going to be a bore after all." She said, the robots firing their grappling hooks into the smoke. Two of the robots smashed their hooks into each other as Natalia made her way through her smokescreen, the cover of smoke following her. Despite how thick it was, she could see perfectly fine, as she ran through the streets, trying to find one of these villains. She wasn't sure if these robots were suppose to be the villains or the training bots attacking them; either answer concerned her. More concerning, however, was the mechanical roar of something that sounded huge. Whatever that was, it was probably related to the villain problem. Determined, she continued on, effortlessly dodging any attack from the robots in her traveling cover. As she continued on, she saw the source of the loud roar - a giant mechanical dinosaur, who was chasing catgirl and bubblegum. Anyone looking towards her would see a huge ball of smoke barreling through the streets, before dissipating and leaving the girl standing alone as she looked up at the robot. "I swear to god if this is some sort of test..." She bitterly remarked, turning towards her two classmates. "You two. Any signs of the actual villains?" She turned back towards the giant robot, letting out a heavy, visibly purple sigh as she saw the loud girl try to attack the machine from behind. "...this thing is in my way!" She shouted, smoke lightly emitting from her body, before turning towards them again. "We have to take this thing out, asap!" "If there's actually villains around, we have to stop them!"
  12. Ray walked into the room, deck shuffling in his hands as he spotted a certain pair of people. Patton and Dayna, these two were trouble. The former was a ticking time bomb - almost literally - and the other one rubbed him the wrong way. He wasn't sure why exactly, but it didn't help that she was the whole reason gambling was now forbidden. "Shit!" He thought, as he turned his head to face the boss himself. Well, this put a damper in his plan - unbeknownst to the boss and, hopefully, to everyone who had wanted to play cards with him, he did in fact intend on gambling. He stored the cards in his hand quickly into his coat. "Hey, Shawn! What's good, my dude?" He said casually, turning his head towards the other two. "Patton! Lovely to see the you here." He turned towards the other figure he had missed. "And Vera too! It's a whole party in here!" He grinned, rubbing the back of his head. "Why are there so many fucking people here!?" He thought to himself, turning back towards Dayna. "And you, Dayna. Shame about that gambling ban. Maybe don't be so obvious next time!" He said with a laugh, although he was basically staring daggers at her, before turning his attention back towards Shawn and Patton. He decided that he wasn't going to mention his game of cards to any of these clowns, each for their own specific reason.
  13. Lok Team ThunderWaves Lok let out a shout of joy as the women collapsed from the attack, before processing what had just happened. "She just wanted to help..." He repeated, clenching his fists. "...in desperation, she teamed up with those... monsters." He grit his teeth, as the portal opened up. He turned towards the others, who seemed happy to take a moment to catch their breaths. Lok hovered over the snow, legs crossed as he checked on his wounds. He counted his blessings, being surrounded by much stronger Gijinka than him, and was glad that he could at least be some sort of help. He took a bite from the berry that Keanu had passed him, nearly chocking as Taiga mentioned the idea of her taking up Kalia's spot. "Having to fight you... that's a scary thought!" He had seen what the girl was capable of doing, her brutal fighting style. He wasn't sure if he and Keanu would be able to take her on. "...I'm just glad both of you are on our side." He said, nervously chuckling as he took another bite from his berry. Once everyone had taken a moment to rest, Lok stood up, stretching. "Well, we didn't just come here just to stop now, right?" He said, marching forward. He felt a lot more confident now than he had at the beginning of all of this, ready to take on whatever challenge was on the other side with his new teammates. Scarlet Team SuperPower Scarlet let out a sigh of relief as Brooke's inferno of an attack finished her once hero. It was bittersweet, having defeated someone that she once considered unbeatable would normally be a good thing. However, the thought of her once idol falling from grace and being a Godslayer... it still didn't sit well with her. "The long haul..." She muttered, steam flowing from her body. There wasn't much time to dwell on her feelings, as the portal opened up. They were far from done here. Despite how much her body ached, she had to move forward. Her teammates seemed to have the same idea, ready to move on. Scarlet nodded, stepping forward. She turned towards Nani. "There's only one way this ends, and that's with us 'winning'" "I'll make sure of that."