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My Hero Academia: Far Beyond Max Omega! [IC/PROBABLY NOT ACCEPTING/PG-16/BEST RP 2020 WINNER]

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It was a beautiful April day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and there was no need to worry about raingear. A perfect first day of a bright new future for the new generation of students at U.A. High! The weather alone was more than enough to make nearly anyone smile. Nearly anyone.


Sogin Hakaro was dragging his feet as he made his way to the entrance of the school. This entire thing felt like a waste of time. He would be stuck in a room full of all-too-peppy wannabes, to listen to some garbage tier pro drone on and on about the importance of heroes. He wore his hoodie underneath the jacket of his new school uniform, which was adorned with wrinkles from being tossed into a corner shortly after he received it. Underneath the hood was a pair of noise-canceling headphones, drowning out the awful sound of the birds flying above him. When he reached the doors, he saw someone standing in his way, a guy somewhere in his twenties, wearing a suit and a stupid oxymoronic visor over his eyes. Though it was mostly blocked out, Hakaro could detect a faint glow through it. Clearly this must be the pro hero Searchlightman.

"..." apparently Searchlightman knew how to talk. What a neat trick. Too bad Hakaro couldn't hear a damn word he was saying. Unfortunately, this idiot seemed to be an authority figure, so he reluctantly pulled the headphones from his ears, "... have been waiting here for a while hoping to have a little conversation with each student, but if you're just going to ignore me you can turn right around. So I'll ask again now that you took those things off. Are you Sogin Hakaro?"

Hakaro stayed silent for a second, contemplating the man's offer of freedom. Unfortunately, he had a very specific goal in mind, and being here was an important step toward it. "Yeah. Who's asking?" It was obvious enough that whoever this guy was, he was some kind of authority figure at the school, but Hakaro was astonished that they would hire someone who appeared so weak.

"You can call me Glory. I'm the headmaster here at U.A." the man who called himself Glory scratched at the back of his head tilted his nose upward, eyeing the youth underneath the edge of his visor. Sure enough, his eyes glowed a brilliant gold, the light constantly swimming and shifting like liquid light. "So, Sogin Hakaro. Why do you want to be a hero?"

There it was, the million dollar question. He was surprised he hadn't been asked it yet, to be perfectly honest. During his enrollment, all they seemed to care about was how capable he was. Not that he minded. He had capability in spades. "Villains are annoying, and I want them gone. That's all." Without saying another word, Hakaro made his way forward and past the principal, his shoulder colliding with the man's. He was already tired of these pro heroes and their stupid ideals. However, before he could even reach the door, he felt his feet stuck to the ground. Looking down at them in confusion, he saw both of his shoes covered in some kind of glowing gold, matching the principal's eyes. "What the fuck..?"

"I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure you walk the right path. I have seen too many good people do very, very bad things. As heroes, it is our duty to destroy evil. Not people. Don't forget that, Sogin Hakaro. Now get to class. Just like that, Hakaro's feet were free once again, and he stumbled a bit as he made his way through the door.




It wasn't difficult for Hakaro to find his way to the classroom. Due to his early morning schedule he used to avoid encountering anyone in the street, he was the first one there. As a matter of fact, his teacher didn't even seem to be present. Maybe they got lost. Sighing, Hakaro crept all the way to the desk in the far back corner and slumped into the seat, pulling his hood so it covered his eyes, and replacing the noise-canceling headphones where they belonged.



Alright. I have already worked out an interaction with Glory for each of you, so make sure to include that in your posts. Glory's text color is #f1c40f, and all his text is bolded. Feel free to narrate it however you like, and I encourage adding some padding to both the beginning and end of the conversation. If you have any questions in your posts, hit me up on discord. Optimally, end your posts within the classroom, the teacher will arrive after all the students are present.


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First Step

Diana nervously bit at her lip as she sprinted towards the school, hoping to get there early and make a good impression. After all, she wasn't exactly someone the school would be happy to see, she assumed. She tucked her hair over her right eye, tying a loose ponytail in the back as she reminisced about the exam. She had somehow made it past it. Of course, the obstacle course wasn't bad at all, and the test was fine... but it still felt weird for her to finally be on the way to truly helping people.

As she approached the prestigious school's front steps, she saw another young man head in before her, after talking to a man wearing a visor, much like those in shows she had watched with her dad as a child. But... he looked bored to death. As the doors closed behind her first potential classmate, the man in the visor seemed to be rifling through a stack of papers. With a deep breath, and a soft slap to her face, she walked forward with as much confidence as she could muster.

"Excuse me, I'm here to start at U.A. today! Are you the principal...?"

"Ah. Miss... Seigi?"'

“[Yes!] Ah, um, I mean yes.” Diana cursed herself mentally for slipping into English, trying to keep a strong front up.

"You have come a long way to be here. I was informed about your quirk, and I'm very impressed with all you have done with it."

"I...” the girls shifted nervously, grabbing her right elbow, “I haven’t done much of anything with it. Not since I found out I had one. I don’t deserve praise.”

"You're here. And you were among the highest scoring on the entrance exam. You were given such a... difficult quirk, and instead of ignoring it like many do, you used it to try to help people."

“All I did was cause trouble for a lot of people, sir. I’m here to learn how to, oh what was the word... 'surmount' that? No, that’s not right...”

"You're here to be a hero. Even I can see that."

“I am, but it’s also because I don’t want to cause any more trouble by trying to be one without proper, uh... instruction?”

"So you know what you want to do, you just want to learn how?"

“I want to learn to, uh... [Cool my jets], as mom put it. Or just learn how to better control myself in those situations. My body moves on its own, but as you probably already know, that has consequences.”

"I understand. When i was your age, i nearly got arrested for fighting a villain... Now, I only have one question left. Why do you want to become a hero?"

“I want to help those who are 'without help'. Helpless? That’s probably more correct... and to be someone who others can believe in, that they can achieve anything.”

"There are a lot of people who need help. Now, head inside so you can learn how to save them. Go ahead."

“Thank you, sir! I'll make the most of the faith you've placed in me!”

Diana walked past Glory and into the building, holding her breath as she did... and nearly slumping against the door as she exhaled. Boy, that was nervewracking. But she was in! He had let her by, and now she was in the building! Now, she just had to find her way to class...


Arriving not long after, Diana found the same boy that had beaten her to the front gates had already settled into a seat in the back right corner. On one hand, she should introduce herself, but he... didn't seem the type for that. Maybe she should pick a seat and wave to him? Yeah, that was it. If he wanted to talk, he would reply!

Taking the seat all the way to the front left of the room, she looked back and gave Hakaro a small smile and a wave, before looking to the classroom door. Yeah, that was it. Respect boundaries, she told herself. Or maybe that was just her nerves. Either way, surely someone would respond to her actions, right?

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Another beautiful morning in April with the sun shining brightly. This was an important day for some...and it definitely was true for young Benjamin O'Hara...who was dashing down the stairs, all dressed up and ready for his first day at U.A. This was something he had been looking forward to for a long while. The young man skidded to a halt near the kitchen, seeing his mother, Felicia, nursing a hot cup of coffee. "Morning mom! Take it dad's off at work already?" he asked, shuffling a bit to make sure he had everything.

"You know your father. Always the early bird." Felicia smiled, putting her cup down. "Don't leave without eating though, Benjy."

Benjamin groaned, hearing his mother calling him that nickname. "Mom, I'm fifteen...you don't have to keep calling me that." he said, only to see her giggle in response. "As for breakfast, already got that covered." He said, putting his hand down. Once he did, a couple of spiders started crawling out of his hand and towards a small plate of muffins that were on the counter. Like clockwork, the spiders brought to their host the chocolate chip muffin and returned within. "See?" Benjamin smirked, taking a nice chomp out of the muffin. "Well, I'm off! Wish me luck mom!"

With not another word, Benjamin rushed past his mother, kissing her cheek as he left before grabbing his bag, slinging it over his shoulder and heading out the door with another chomp of the muffin.

Benjamin rushed down the streets, and it was a bit busier than what he wanted. No problem though, he could deal with this without having to use his Quirk anyway. A quick leap over some individuals who were moving a large dresser, a bit of parkour to dodge a few individuals who were just in the way...even snagging a small ride on the trolley...this time using his Quirk and the spiders to cover his hand with webbing.

Of course, it wasn't too much of an issue...least he was hoping it wouldn't be. Though when he got far enough, he got off and kept going...taking a shortcut or two just to get to his destination. It was almost in sight...and he could hardly wait!!

Finally he'd arrive at the destination...U.A., the school that would help him become the Hero he wanted to be....that he hoped to be. He stood there at the gate for a long period of time, before exhaling slowly. Calm down O'Hara...you got this. You can do this. he thought, finally steeling himself to move forward. His first steps into U.A.

Benjamin began to make his way towards the school building, only to make pause when he noticed what was waiting for him. This individual, roughly mid-twenties...six feet...brown hair that was cut neatly and topping it all off with an amazingly stylish v-shaped visor on his eyes. It was clear that this Hero was definitely one not to be trifled with.

The young man began to approach this Hero who was thumbing through a small stack of papers. No doubt these were the students that would be arriving here. Regardless, Benjamin lifted a hand to wave and gave off a smile. "Good morning. Benjamin O'Ha-...oh right." he paused, before rubbing the back of his neck. "It would be O'Hara Benjamin, sir."

"You're an American? What brings you to hero school here in Japan?"

"Yes sir. Actually, I moved here back when I was young." he began to explain. "My dad had a contract from work that needed someone over here. So that's pretty much how it happened."

"I see. So, why do you want to be a hero?"

The young man was silent for a moment, before looking to his hand. For the moment, the Hero would see a few spiders emerging from his palm, just forming a small circle. "...truth be told, I didn't want to be. Not with this Quirk...but...a Hero saved me." he paused, the spiders in his palm began to make the appearance of a small spider symbol. "She gave her life for mine. I want to do right by her. I want to be an amazing Hero like she was."

"Yeah. Heroes have a habit of doing that. I knew her, you know."

"I figured some people might've." Benjamin sighed, the spiders leaving his palm and returning within. "Didn't even get a moment to tell her thank you. Not only for saving my life...but reigniting that spark."

"Sayaka was much more a hero than I ever was. All that before she even graduated... As heroic as I'm sure you are, I'm not going to let that happen to you."

Benjamin was silent, before nodding at the Hero. "I'll keep that in mind, sir."

"Go ahead any head in. Just... Don't make any slingshots on your first day."

He really wanted to pry and figure out what the Hero meant, but he noticed more students starting to make their way to where he was. A question for another time, it would seem. With nothing but a shrug, Benjamin walked into the building and after being pointed in the right direction towards his classroom, entered the room. From what he could tell, there was already two other individuals here in the room. One looked like what Benjamin could only describe as a broody edgelord...maybe not even an edgelord...probably just a broody teen. The other, a blonde girl with her hair over her right eye. She looked cute...no lie about it.

Benjamin immediately took his seat, sitting in the front row, at least a desk away from the blonde girl. Didn't want to come off as someone who was a womanizer, so he figured he'd make some space. He could've acknowledged the broody one, but he figured he'd let that sleeping dog lie. With that, he looked over to the girl and gave a bit of a smile. "Hey there. Benjamin O'Hara...nice to meet you!" he said, not realizing he introduced himself like he normally would when he was in America. Something he still wasn't used to...even after living here for as long as he did.

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Takehiko glanced around as he made his way onto the UA campus, a small bag draped slung over his shoulder as he walked. He made his way up to the front doors. As he did he froze for a moment, seeing the Hero Glory, a man with neatly cut brown hair, and a black v-shaped visor covering his eyes. He looked up for a moment, thumbing through a stack of papers before, by vibrating tiny chordlike muscles in his throat, rasped out, "Kanda?" Takehiko gave a small nod, bowing as he did so, "Correct sir. Kanda, Takehiko." Takehiko took a moment to compose himself, taking a seat across from Glory's desk.

"Well, Kanda, you made it in here by recommendation. That's a rare opportunity."

"I ah, don't know if I could have made it in any other way, sir. I'm sure you at least recognize the last name Kanda, my parents were ex-sidekicks and their agency afforded me this oppurtunity which I'm grateful for."

"I think I have heard it. Maybe. So beyond that, why are you here?"

"Ah, I suppose if you mean personal goals, I want to build better... connections between heroes and non-heroes for lack of a better way to put it. Be an example of what can be achieved by coming together."

"Oh? You don't mean mobilizing the citizens, do you? That's an awfully dangerous ideal."

"I don't think 'mobilizing' would be the correct term. I have no desire to cause some kind of fracture between systems, but more... I want things like my mom and dad's desserts place to be more common and acceptable. Places where hero's and citizens alike can smile at eachother and see past that barrier."

"I see. It has been a challenge maintaining a balance between freedom and safety in a world where people can do anything. I'm sure your teachers will be interested to hear these ideas of yours, go ahead and head inside."

He wound up letting out a breath he didn't realize he had been holding, making his way back through the school to his assigned classroom. Hopefully he'd be able to prove he deserved that recommendation. He adjusted his glasses, walking inside the classroom. Finally, he walked up to a front-row desk, taking something out of his bag, a... mini cooler? He slammed it down on his newly claimed desk, "For those of you who have shown up ahead of me, I have brought Monaka! I was expecting more than two people though, there are 8 sweets I brought... I guess I'll just leave the rest on the teacher's desk for whoever wants any? First come first served and all that."

Takehiko gave a small chuckle as he picked up one of the monaka, returning to lean on the side of his desk facing the doorway!

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Opening Act

"Dad! I need your help!" Hideyo said as he snatched a perfectly buttered piece of toast from the kitchen table and bit into it. He was also, at the same time as he tried to balance his breakfast, slipping into his uniform pants.

Kenji Hideyo was downing his morning orange juice, propped against the kitchen counter. He wiped his mouth and greeted his son. "And good morning to you too, young man," he said sternly.

"Sorry," Hideyo apologized profusely. "Good morning, father!" Hideyo said excitedly, mouthful of toast.

"No talking with your mouthful! Straighten that shirt! Comb your hair!" Kenji barked.

"Yes sir!" Hideyo replied happily. He spun around in a blaze of starlight and suddenly, the boy was dressed with the utmost care and pristine.

"Better," Kenji smiled. "What did you need help with?"

Hideyo took a pen and pad out from his backpack and sat it on the kitchen table. "I need an opening joke for the day. I've got to make a good first impression!"

Suddenly, Kenji's eyes were wide with pride. "You truly are my son. Come, boy! We will drum up an excellent joke. But we must also work on your delivery. Quickly, before your mother catches us!"

"Yes sir!" Hideyo said excitedly as he and his father huddled over the pen and pad.

Nailed It!

It was a lovely day, and Hideyo's first official day of school. Head held high, he approached the school gates with excitement in his step. There came a starting point in every young star's life. This was Hideyo's. As he proudly marched to the front gate with his chest puffed out, a tall, slightly older than him, gentleman stood out, combing through a thick stack of papers that was likely full of the names of first year students. Hideyo, being the bright, forward boy that he was, approached with vigor and stood at attention before the brown haired man. "Kagarashi Hideyo, first year student, at your orders sir!" he joked, excitedly. He was happy to land his first joke successfully, despite there being no physical way for him to tell if it was good or not. Nonetheless, he was extremely satisfied and brimming with pride.

"Well, looks like I don't need to ask. You seem awfully excited. You performed well in the entrance exam, a lot of staff have their eye on you."

With a grin, Hideyo replied, "Thank you, sir! I'll do my best to live up to your expectations of me!"

"I should hope so. What inspired you to become a hero, Kagarashi?"

Hideyo paused, placing a thumb to his chin. It was time to give an honest, serious reply. "I'd have to say it was my parents. I've seen the way that people with and without quirks work together. They can have a true, harmonious and happy life if they strive toward the common good. I want to help ensure that future, and make it bright!"

"That's a good ideal to strive toward. I know many, both quirked and quirkless, hold disdain toward the other, but that can be overcome, the future is a bright one. Go ahead and head to class."

"Thank you, sir!" Hideyo took his smile and his pride and entered into the school of his dreams. He headed straight to his assigned classroom, looking forward to meeting his classmates.


When he arrived, still brimming from ear to ear, Hideyo promptly took the center most seat in the classroom, where he could be observed, be attentive, not be too obstructing to his fellow classmates, and answer questions from fellow students and his instructor.

After gently placing down his backpack, he introduced himself. "Good morning, classmates! My name is Kagarashi Hideyo! I look forward to working and learning with y--oh! I smell treats!" He commented, his nose suddenly distracted as he caught a whiff of Monaka. He approached the teacher's desk and promptly devoured one. He observed the delicate flavors of the jam and the perfect compliment of the wafers that sandwiched it. "Delicious!" he complimented. "I look forward to working and learning with you all!"

He returned to his seat where he sat with his arms folded over one another and waited for further instruction. Smile and all.

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"So... this is it, huh?" Natalia stood on the UA Campus, taking a good hard look at the institution as she chewed her bubble gum. Honestly, she was expecting more, considering how much her father raved on and on about it. The people around her seemed to be dumbfounded, however, to be here; their anxiety written all over their face. It was almost embarrassing, really. Still, it made sense, with how heroes were idolized and this being the school to be for any would-be hero. Or at least, that's what she heard.

She calmly strolled on towards the front of the school, blowing a bubble as her bag hung loosely over her left shoulder. She saw the hero she recognized as Glory standing at the front of the school, his head turning towards her as she approached. She was pretty sure their eyes met, although it was hard to tell with his goofy visors. Natalia never understood the flashy costumes heroes wore. Last time she checked, the whole point of being a hero was to save lives, not be some kind of pajama party. Glory turned back down momentarily as she approached, flipping through some pages in his hands. "And you're miss... Kamari? Wait, no, Kemuri?"

Nat simply rolled her eyes, nodding her head. "Yep. That's me." She said flatly, stopping in front of the young man.

"It says here your father is Poseidon. I'm sure that's quite a legacy to hold up."

Of course he'd bring up her father. He was, after all, a 'pro hero' and everything. "You could say that." Natalia remarked dryly. She moved a bit forward, hoping that was the end of the conversation.

She stopped when he started talking once more, annoyed that this conversation was still going. "Is that why you're here? To keep up his good work?"

Her face folded into a scowl. "I'm here to be better than he ever was." Her tone was full of bitterness, arms crossing.

"Oh? So what's your goal?" She could almost see his brow raising behind the visor, or at least she imagined it did.

"I'm going to defend the defenseless, no matter what." She answered earnestly, although her voice still held that same bitterness.

"That's what I was hoping to hear. Your father must be proud of inspiring such conviction. Head on in."

Natalia rolled her eyes. "Inspiration is one way of putting it, I guess." It wasn't wrong to say he inspired her. His and, in a way, this whole institution's failures were the reason she was here in the first place.

If she was going to protect, things had to change.


She made her way to her classroom, some of her colleagues having already situated themselves. All of them seemed to be different degrees of peppy - the exact type of people you'd expect to see in a school like this. One of them had even brought a whole thing of Monaka's. She wasn't really in the mood for sweets; both the literal ones that the nerdy kid brought, and the ray of sunshine that were her classmates. Her attention was, instead, caught by the rather edgy looking kid in the back, who seemed to want nothing to do with anything happening here. A stark contrast to the rest of the class, he seemed to be the least annoying of them. Plus, she was planning on sitting in the back anyways.

Slowly, she made her way to the desk next to Hakaro, who seemed to be in his own world with those headphones of his. Good, she wasn't particularly looking forward to conversing with Hoth Topic; it was the whole reason she chose this seat in the first place. She took her seat, blowing another bubble as she leaned on the desk, waiting for the teacher to show up.


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As Kio walked to school, he traced the route he had been taking and ingrained it into his mind.  This would probably be the same route he would take everyday from now on, and it was quite the easy trip.  U.A. wasn't too far from home, but it was just far enough for him to get a brief amount of exercise before getting to class.  He looked to the clear blue sky as a symbol that this was going to be a great start to his future career as a hero!  Just the thought of being called that word excited him to no end!  Who were his classmates going to be, what were they going to be like?!  And most importantly, what were their quirks?!  He smiled to himself, as he continued his brisk jog thinking of the possibilities the classroom would contain.  Today was his first step to becoming the best!  As he rounded the corner, he could see gate of U.A., clear as day.  As he approached, he saw a familiar face.

Standing on the steps before the school was none other than the Pro Hero, Glory!  He was a relatively low-profile hero, but Kio wasn't the type to forget any sort of name, let alone that of an extremely capable hero.  Instead of climbing the ranks to top hero, he was now the president of the school!  Lucky him, he'd always wanted to meet the guy.  But now, it was a bit intimidating standing in his mere presence.  Kio was all for the challenge!  That's what life was all about, baby!  As he walked up to his new principal, he managed to get out a few words.  

"Principal Glory?" He managed to get out, without stuttering.  The man, with a stack of sheets in his hand, proceeded to ransack through them in a quick attempt to find his supposed file.  It didn't take much time at all, either!  He really was a pro!

"Somehow. And you're... Akagi?"

"Akagi Kio.  It's great to be here.  But you, uh...Aren't you a bit too young to be a Principal?"  He said, with a little hint of sass at the end.

"Aren't you a little young to be asking questions like that? The people on the school board figured I would be best for the job a few years back. After all, I went here along with a few other names you are more likely to recognize."  It made total sense to him, but he still wasn't sure why Glory would take up the job anyway.  He tried to decide if he wanted to prod a little more, but it probably wasn't the time or place to do so.  He wanted to give Glory a whole interview, but sadly schooling was in the way.

"Probably.  I never forget a name once I hear it!"  He said, beaming a smile the principal's way.  "Although, those can't be the only qualifications to run this place, right?"  He knew the answer of course, but you didn't really get the chance to jeer pro's in the flesh.  

"Well, after the place got attacked so many times, they figured they would put the strongest person they could find right at the center. But now it's my turn to ask a question. It's one I'm asking everyone. Why do you want to be a hero, Akagi Kio?"

"Strongest, huh?  So number 77 gets title of strongest now?"  Kio laughed, before clearing his throat.  His reason was simple, after all.  And it was his dream ever since he had become bored of sports.  "I just want to challenge myself!  I want to see what the real heroes deal with, and overcome all obstacles that come my way!"  He stretched his palm, opening and closing his hand.  "I just want to prove to myself and everyone else that my Quirk is strong."

"You don't seem particularly interested in helping anyone."  The question almost smacked him across the face.  He never really thought about saving others...just testing himself.  But that was all wrapped up in the title of being a hero, right?  He'd hopefully learn that lesson here anyways!  But for now, it was time to bs an answer.  

"Well that's all apart of the challenge, right?  It would be too easy if I didn't have to help anyone."

"This generation never seems to want to relax, does it? Go on and head inside. I'm sure you remember your way to class from the tour a few weeks ago."

"Never forget!"  Kio saluted Glory, before walking straight past him.  After he was out of earshot, he let out a sigh of relief, picking up his head with a huge grin.  "Man, I should have gotten his autograph!  I'll remember for next time!"  His class was close by, as he made his way in a hurry.  He hoped he would be the first one, so he might be able to see all the others enter after him in an attempt to gauge how interesting they were.  However, when he slid the door open, he realized that he was behind the curve by a small margin.  He snapped his fingers in a small fit of annoyance, but smiled shortly afterward.  There were snacks out on the front desk, as he glided over to them and promptly picked one up.  He took an obnoxiously large bite out of it, before giving off a sound of delight.  "Mmmm-mm!  Scrumptious!  Whoever made these is definitely gonna have to show me after class today!"  He walked over to a vacant desk in the middle row on the left by the windows, and placed his backpack on the top.  "I'm Akagi Kio, but you can just call me Kio!  Pleasure to meet you early birds!"  

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What a beautiful day! The sun was shining. The birds were singing. On days like this, kids like Ayane...

"Five more minutes..."

On days like this, kids like Ayane should be getting out of bed. But who could blame her? For a few different reasons, including her stubborn insistence, Ayane had been given arrangements to live in the school dorms as soon as she was accepted. When she wasn't marveling at the campus, Ayane was flat on her bed, letting herself melt away in its soft comfort. The reality was that it wasn't all that special of a bed, but Ayane couldn't remember the last time she'd slept in a room this comfy, no matter how hard she tried. The other benefit to living in the dorms was that the school building was right there, so it wasn't like Ayane had to rush to make it to class on time.

But I won't get there just lying around! Come on, me, it's the first day of school!! Let's rock 'n' roll!

Albeit reluctantly, Ayane pulled herself out of bed, and took some time to get ready for the day ahead of her. Hair? Neatly brushed! She even got her dye done again the other day to make sure she was looking fresh for the start of the school year! Uniform? On! She didn't like buttoning the jacket because it felt stuffy when she did, so she simply opted not to. It was probably just her, but the whole outfit felt kind of tight. That's just me though. They're the right size, and I'm not used to that.

Food? Eaten! Two slices of toast and a banana was hardly a full meal, but it just felt wrong to Ayane if she were to dig through the pantry before the school year even started, but she still had to at least tide herself over until lunch. Bag? On her person! Nothing special in it just yet; only some pencils and one singular pen, and a notebook. She still had a bit of time left though, so Ayane took the opportunity to sit down, look out the window, and bring herself back down to earth some. The fact that she was actually here, about to make her dream come true, was certainly a fact to swallow. If her Quirk turned excitement into matter instead of sound, she probably would have been able to replicate the entire dorm building right about now. From her seat, she could see students starting to appear through the gates.

Alright. Let's do this!

Ayane grabbed her bag, gave her hair and clothes one final look, then swung the front doors of the building wide as she took her first steps as an actual student onto the UA campus. Just, from a different location than most of the others, if not all of them. So as to avoid drawing attention to it, Ayane strolled up to the wall around the campus, and walked along its length to the gates, so that she could go up the path the same as everyone else. This campus was a sight best savored from the front, anyway. And as she walked up the path, she was met with him.

Principal Glory. Ayane did some research on the guy after getting settled in the dorms. As a hero, he wasn't really that impressive, outside of his Quirk. But he was, regardless, a hero that Ayane would throw her life on the line for if she had to, even if there was that one incident with him. The one with the dead villain. He looked up from the stack of papers in his hand to look directly at Ayane.

"So, this is the job you chose, Ukemei?"

"It sure is! Even if it's just me, I guess you can say you inspired a new generation of heroes, old man!"

"You know, it wasn't too long ago I was the one standing where you are. And I see you're putting that quirk of yours to better work."

He knew about all that? For a moment, Ayane thought Glory was talking about all the stuff she'd been doing with it since the last time she saw him. Then she remembered why - or rather, how - she was here at all. The entrance exams. Right. He must have seen footage about that, and saw the ways she was using her Quirk now compared to back then. But hey, it was miles better than how she was using it when she was a dumb child! "I am. Turns out, when you do a lot of community service, and do a lot of things for a lot of people, you get a lot of new ideas. Saving up for the equipment was a pain, though."

"Well, U.A. will be footing the bill for your support equipment from now on."

As if this school hadn't taken enough weight off her shoulders as it already was.

"So, out of all the career paths you could have taken, why pro hero?"

"Because it's the best job! Fame and fortune's always nice, you get to be a good role model, and, uh... well, villains have caused me a lot of strife ever since I was little. I want to keep that from happening to anyone else. Saving the world is cute, but I want to save homes and families, so that nobody ends up like I did."

"So you want to protect people? Heroic motivation doesn't get much better than that. I saw you taking your entrance exam, you know."

"You did!?" Holy crap, calm down, me! A genuine compliment from the very person that inspired her to become a hero!? On day one at that! Right at the start! This was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best day ever. Puffing out her chest in pride and joy, Ayane said "Kukuku, quite the display isn't it? I may have taken some inspiration from how you use your Quirk. Just a bit."

A lot.

"I have to say I'm impressed. But don't let the praise get you slacking, okay? Go ahead and head inside, you have a lot ahead of you."

Another one!! "You got it!!" If her Quirk turned excitement into matter instead of sound, she probably would have been able to replicate the entire campus right about now. With a whole trampoline's worth of springs in her step, Ayane hurried into the school building, barely stopping to swap out her shoes once inside in her hurry to get to the classroom. How she wished she had some sort of time Quirk so she could fast-forward to classes getting started! Ayane swung the door open, surveying her classmates. It seemed like not everyone was here yet. What a relief! Ayane would have felt bad being the last one here when she lived on the campus. And she smelled something sweet. Were those monaka?

Pass. I can admire the smell, but I really don't like mochi.

Ayane took a seat near the middle of the room, looking around at the other students. Did that guy have a chainsaw for a head!? That... was hardcore. Ayane could dig it. Everyone else looked pretty normal, though some of her classmates were pretty tall. Ayane pulled the notebook out from her bag, and a pencil. When everyone inevitably had to introduce themselves, Ayane wanted to take notes on what everyone in the class could do. And that was also why she held back on introducing herself at this moment. Until then, all Ayane could really do was excitedly bounce in her seat, raring to go.

Well, that, and keep looking at chainsaw guy's chainsaw head. She had to admit, Ayane kind of envied such an awesome Quirk.


On a beautiful spring day like this, Yumi would quite like to lie down on a hammock somewhere in a rural farming town, relax, and just bathe in the perfect weather and quaint ambience. But, that couldn't happen. For one, she lived in a bustling city, quite the opposite of rural. For two, Yumi had places to be today. Like school. Her first steps down the path of pro heroism had finally arrived. If she were to second-guess her career choice - not that she did - it was now too late. Yumi had gotten into her uniform, packed a few notebooks and pens, and had eaten most of her breakfast. No doubt the commute would be a busy one at this time, so she opted to bring a slice of toast along for the ride. The train ride was - as expected - crowded, but not all that long.

Likewise, the walk from the other train station to the school was pretty short. When she got there, she had to admit, the sight of the campus was still one that inspired a sense of awe in her. Every school she'd gone to before now was pretty standard, both in student body and in size. But UA? The scale of just the main building was on a whole other level, let alone the scope of the rest of the campus. As she took her first steps onto UA grounds, Yumi couldn't shake that feeling. That feeling that she was just a normal girl, perhaps getting a bit in over her head just because she was lucky enough to have a powerful Quirk.

No, I shouldn't let that stop me. Every pro hero starts off as just an ordinary person, right?

Yumi took a few steps down the path, and was met with the sight of a pro hero. Looking through a stack of papers as she approached, before looking at her with eyes that seemed to glow behind his visor. Probably looking at files of new students. "Omuro Yumi, I presume?"

"Yes, Omuro, that's me. Is this some sort of security thing to keep imposters out?"

"Ha, no. On my first day, and old man called Glory greeted me on these stairs. I figured I'd pass that on now that I carry that name."

"I see." What a wholesome tradition. Yumi could only wonder if an alumni from this school would continue this one day if they took worked here. "Did you do well on your exam when you applied here?"

"I didn't take it. I was something of a special case. But I'm not here to talk about myself. Why do you want to be a hero, Omuro Yumi?"

"I'd like to enter a career that lets me use my Quirk to better the world. Not doing something like that would be wasteful when I have as much power as I do."

"I understand that sentiment. I hope you understand that a strong quirk alone isn't all it takes to make it here."

On the one hand, that made sense. On the other hand... Rainbow Six was not only a hero that existed, but he was somehow the #1 hero. "Understood. Whatever else it takes, I'm willing to learn and gain it." Whatever it was.

"Go on and head in, I trust you remember how to get to class from your tour."

"Yes, sir!" Yumi gave the hero a bow, and continued up the path to the front door. Entering the building the second time was an even more impressive feeling than the first time, because this time she wasn't in a tour with a bunch of other people. Being able to take in the scenery by herself was a much different feeling than taking it in with so many others around, chatting, looking around, and just in general being a collectively large presence. It really gave her a sense of how big the place was. And this was where she'd be attending school for the next three years, to learn, gain, and hone the qualities that would make her a proper pro hero.

As she entered the classroom, placing her bag at a seat near the doors, Yumi noted that she was far from the first one here. Just as well. If she showed up too soon, she would look overeager, which she in fact wasn't. And if she showed up near the end, it would look like she didn't care, which also was so far from the truth. She also noted that she smelled something tasty. Monaka? Yumi sneaked a peek at the front row, to find it was precisely that. Those looked tasty, and it seemed they were for sharing. "Thank you for bringing in snacks," Yumi smiled to the generous boy who had brought these in. Or at least, she was pretty sure it was him. They were on the desk at which he was sitting, so that was a fair assumption, right?

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It was an absolutely gorgeous morning with clear skies and a bright, happy, sun shining down on the residents of the city. That sun which didn't make its way into Rei Konpaku's room. Her curtains were drawn over the window and the only light came from the computer screen.

Rei herself was sitting on her computer chair in front of it. Legs drawn up with her arms wrapped around them and her chin resting on the indent between her two knees as she stared at the screen. The tab was currently on a KimiTube playlist. Showing several young girls on stage singing and dancing. A pair of purple headphones was on the girl's head and she was mouthing the words as the girls on screen sang them.

Every now and then she'd check other tabs, refreshing and scrolling various forums and social media platforms to see if anyone had something to say.

She leaned forward and narrowed her eyes as she saw one headline "Popular Idol Quits! Says They Want To Use Their Quirk To Fight Crime" which put a frown on her face. She spent the next few minutes scrolling through the various posts on the subject and found, to her disgust, many people congratulating her on the brave decision. "What a waste." Rei muttered as she unfollowed the idol in question.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw her phone flash and start to vibrate and she looked at it. Sighing she realized it was time to leave for her first day of school. She turned the alarm off and closed out of the window on her computer before moving the headphone jack from the computer to her phone and shutting the former down.

Before she could put on her chosen playlist a knock on her door sounded. "What is it?" She called out.

Her father's voice entered through the door, "Just making sure you're awake Sunshine. I'm heading out for work. Don't forget to eat breakfast."

Sunshine. The nickname that both her parents had decided to call her by ever since she was a toddler. She got the joke. Rei. Ray. Sunshine.

She hated it.

"Well I'm up, obviously." Rei responded. She was frustrated that he felt the need to tell her he was heading to work. Like she didn't know by now when he left at the same time each day.

She waited a couple more minutes to be sure he'd be out the door before she got up, stretched, and picked her phone up from the computer desk. She paused a couple seconds to give a small smile at the image set as her phone wallpaper before it was replaced with an album cover as she started her playlist.

The upbeat music served to keep her focused as she went about finishing up her preparations and grabbed some toast to fill her stomach with. She spent a few minutes frowning at her white hair in the mirror and wondering if it was getting too long before hefting her bag, with a couple buttons from a few concerts she had managed to see pinned onto it, and heading out into the sun.

And immediately regretting not buying a pair of sunglasses as her eyes tried to cope with the sudden shift in brightness. "Let's get this over with." She muttered.


Rei tried to understand the excitement she saw on all the other students coming up to the school. It was supposed to be a famous and popular school. She knew that much. But try as she might she only felt annoyed as she saw the dumb smiles on the people she passed on her way up to the entrance. It was school. Didn't they realize that? It didn't matter if it was hero school or anything else it was still just a school. Homework and lessons and little to no music for hours at a time.

On the note of music Rei reluctantly paused her music and slipped her headphones from over her ears and to around her neck. She figured she'd be told to do so soon enough anyway and wanted to avoid the hassle of people trying to politely tell her something through crappy pantomime.

There was someone waiting at the entrance. Maybe a teacher? He seemed young, tall, and had neatly cut brown hair. She was sure there were many girls who would fawn over a guy like that. Rei just was trying not to roll her eyes at the dumb visor he was wearing. What was that V shape for? Victory? Maybe it was Vapid. That'd fit. Rei almost cracked a smile at her silent diss but then he heard the man call her by name after going through some papers. So, this was how the first day would start.

Rei stepped closer and nodded silently at the man. Hoping he was just confirming attendance or something and would let her pass by.

No such luck.

"Not much one for words? I knew a girl like that. So, Konpaku, why do you want to be a hero?"

Oh here it was. The Question. The one she kept getting and, it seemed, would continue to get. She didn't really feel like answering it. What could she say? Because it was her best option for work? Something about this man made her feel he wouldn't be satisfied with something like this. So, resigned but unable to keep the frown off her face, she gave him an answer she thought would move this along "It's a good job that does a good thing."

"You seem unsure. When I started here about a decade ago, I was only on this path because I figured it would be the easiest one. Sound familiar at all?"

Oh god he wasn't going to stop was he? It was getting kind of creepy at this point. Is this some sort of test that they gave students? Maybe she would be turned away if they didn't like the answer she gave. But at this point she was growing too frustrated to try and fake interest and excitement about the prospect of Hero work.

She gave a blank stare and followed with a monotone "What do you want me to say?"

"Questions wouldn't mean much if the person asking them gave the answer. But you don't have to answer it right now. Think on it, and head inside."

Oh, good. At least he wasn't going to keep her standing here all day. "Sure, sure." She said with a dismissive wave as she passed him by.

What a weirdo.

So what if she was taking the "easy" path? Isn't that what everyone did? Everyone decided their future off what they were good at. There was no point in floundering around doing something that didn't come easy to you. Heroes just were people who had abilities that let them do the job.

She hoped she didn't have to see much of whoever that was.


Rei's eyebrow twitched as she stepped into a classroom full of morons. Her talk with Vapid-Man out there had made her forget she was about to enter a place filled with people who adored heroes and wanted to be just like them. She had even momentarily thought that maybe she'd find something less idiotic. But no there was a bunch of happy-go-lucky and starry-eyed kids waiting for class to start.

Someone had even brought food. What, did they think this was a party?

She rolled her eyes as she ignored what was clearly meant to be an offer for anyone to take something. As she passed by the first few desk she...

Wait is that a freaking chainsaw? She couldn't imagine someone who looked like that being very popular.

Rei continued on and noticed a rather tall individual with such a large smile it was impossible to miss. She couldn't help but let some of her thoughts slip out as she passed him by and said "What's there to be so happy about don't you know we're here to work."

The girl had intended to go right to her preferred place in any classroom. Sitting near the windows was ideal. If, or rather when, she got bored of the teacher's droning she could at least stare out the window and maybe see a bird or something to try and distract herself. The back seat was best for this because she would have line of sight on everyone else and, in turn, they wouldn't be able to see her unless they turned to bother her.

As a bonus it was away from the door which meant she could avoid being trampled as people rushed out of the classroom.

There was just one problem. Someone had already taken the spot. Some delinquent looking guy who she thought seemed more like a villain than a hero in training. She was already annoyed but the loss of her preferred seat, which given how these things went meant she would lose it for the entire school year, just amplified it.

She gave the boy a blank stare for a few seconds. Lingering as though trying to fill him with negative energy just through her stare alone. Then with a roll of her eyes she reluctantly sat at the desk in front of his. At least it was by the window.

This sucked.

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The skies were clear. The light from the sun had nothing to obstruct it and so the whole of the feline girl's body could bask in its rays. Well, most of it anyway. Laying down on the floor in her room, right where the light from the sun came through her window, Tsubasa had her arms raised with her phone in her hands. Playing some kind of game on her phone, the girl kept tapping her foot on the ground impatiently. Her eyes flitted towards the clock. Then back to her phone. Then back to the clock. Seemingly waiting for something. Then a minute passed. Her phone began buzzing as an alarm stated to go off from it. Swiftly tapping her alarm off, the girl brought her legs up, leaned back and then pushed forward, hopping off the ground and onto her feet. With some effort, the girl stood upright, spun her phone and tossed it into her backpack. 

Tsubasa had already been fully dressed for the occasion that was today. Shorts, skirt, undershirt, jacket, shoes, hat and her hair already tied into a ponytail. Her bag as well was packed. Grabbing her bag, the girl put it on her back and opened her window up. Taking in a breath of fresh air, she shouted, "Mom I'm leaving now. Close the window behind me thanks!" With a slight hop the girl seemed ready to get going. "Alright, let's see if we can't beat that clock." With a grin on her face, the girl vaulted out of her window into a conveniently placed pile of hay outside her house. Landing in it, the girl then tumbled out, springing back to her feet and beginning to run throughout the city. 

Tsubasa's favorite part of school was the act of getting there. Her path had been anything aside from normal, specifically looking for large clusters of people and dead ends with vault-able walls. And, much to her glee, she had made it here without even being late on the first day. Pleased with herself, the girl looked at the school with some degree of wonder in her eyes. Letting out a whistle she said, "this place is big." Unfortunately, though, she would have to shelve those thoughts for later as she actually still had somewhere to be. The girl let out a sigh of resignation at this, walking to class with visibly much less enthusiasm then she had when she walked in. 

As she got closer, though, there was a man who seemed to be rifling through a stack of papers. Tsubasa couldn't help but stare at the man's visor, curiously though. As her stride didn't seem to be stopping any time soon, though, she just continued to stare as she walked forward. 

"Miss... Kaenbyou? I hope i pronounced that correctly."

Stopping, the girl gave a thumbs up saying, "that's me. Tsubasa works too." 

"Good. You were actually recommended into the hero course by the Hero Public Safety Commission. Can you tell me why that is?"

The girl stopped, looking at him. Putting a hand to her chin, Tsubasa seemed to really think on this, before shrugging. "Hmm...They probably just think I'm amazing, which is fine by me." She smiled as she propped herself up. 

"Fair enough, I suppose. Even so, you completed the obstacle course faster than anyone else, so their recommendation rings true."

"Nyahaha, glad you're seeing it too. But I gotta say that course was pretty fun. Maybe a bit basic. But can't wait to see what more you got here teach, hero...guy."

"You can call me Glory. I hope you are in this for more than just fun?"

The girl's expression went blank at this, as if what he just said didn't' seem to make any sense to her. "How come?"

"Fun will only last for so long. A hero needs dedication to the cause."

"That so?" Tsubasa put a hand to her chin, thinking hard on this before finally shrugging. "Well, don't worry about that. Being a hero is fun to me. And sticking to something that's fun comes with dedication right? So I'm pretty sure I already got that down!" A look of realization crossed her face as she finished, mentally patting herself on the back thinking that she just said something really wise. 

"So, that's why you want to be a hero? For fun?"

She nodded with a grin across her face. "Heck yeah. Chasing down thieves through crowds, getting lost items from high places, helping old ladies cross busy streets. All of its pretty exhilarating, don'tcha think? Getting thanked is pretty nice too but," the girl waved her hand is to dismiss the point entirely. 

"As long as that excitement doesn't wane, you are welcome here. Head inside, your class starts soon."

"You got it Glory man." The girl snapped her fingers and pointed at him as she walked past towards the classroom. 

Making her way inside the classroom proper, she looked around to see that there was a large collection of students already here. Most of them seemed to be sitting down already, with a good collection of people already crowding around one other person's desk. Tsubasa peered around to see that they were handing out free food and so not one to turn down such an offer, Tsubasa reach her hand into the box and picked one up. Biting into the treat, the girl chewed on it for a moment before her expression dropped. "Bland." Not wanting to continue eating it further, the girl put the treat back into the box from whence it came, not paying any mind to the reactions or protests the others might have had about it. Instead, she walked all the way back to the back of the room. Without saying much, the girl sat next to the bubble blowing girl, putting her bag on the ground next to her and pulling out her phone. Tsubasa leaned back in her seat, playing on her mobile device to kill time before the teacher came.

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Catchy Theme

Inu took a deep breath as he woke up that morning. The place smelled like cigarettes and wet fur... not a smell people would enjoy, but it was a comforting one for him. He looked around the dingy apartment his family lived in, noticing the paint was still peeling off the walls. He couldn't believe that after ten years in this shithole, they were all moving out.

He headed to the kitchen, seeing his dad skillfully flipping pancakes despite the fact the wolfman only had one arm. "Oh, good morning son!" His dad smiled when he saw Inu, his tail wagging at the sight of his son in the UA uniform. "Today's the big day, ain't it?" He commented as he flipped the pan, the pancakes flying through the air.

"Yeah Pops," Inu confirmed as he jumped into the air, catching the pancake in his mouth. He chewed on his food, looking around. "Where's mom?" Inu asked after swallowing.

"Ah, you know, she's making sure the new place is safe, so we can move out after you leave," His dad explained. Inu sighed. He knew why they were doing this. If his family's past ever came out to the light, then there would be questions. Inu wouldn't be a liar if asked where his parents where, because he really wouldn't know. With a sigh, Inu grabbed his bag and a carton of cigarettes on the counter, ready to head out the door. Before he could, however, his dad stopped him. "Here, ya mom wanted ya to have this," he said, tossing Inu a cigar, who caught it in his hand. Looking at it, it had a logo that looked like a blazing dragon.

"Wait, is this...?"

"Yeah, your mom said it's form your grandpa. Apparently he sent ya it for good luck," his dad replied, causing Inu to chuckle. Despite his grandpa being a old, hard boiled villain that hated everything heroes stood for, he had a soft spot for his grandkids, even the one breaking away from the family business to be a hero. The hero to be carefully slipped the cigar into a pocket in the backpack and headed out.

The second he stepped outside, he pulled a cigarette from his carton, pressing his finger against the tip, a small flame igniting from his finger lighting the cancer stick up. He sighed before taking a big puff of the cigarette. He'd better get his smoking in now, because he doubted the school would let him do it indoors. Most people he came across moved out of his way, leaving him a pretty clear path to school. Looking like a punk sure had its benefits.

It didn't take long for him to get to UA, where out in front was a man with a snazzy suit and a decently cool visor frowning disapprovingly at him. It was the cigarette, wasn't it? Well, if a cigarette was all it took to kill this guy, then maybe he shouldn't be teaching. Inu walked up to the man, his cigarette almost gone.

"Morning," he greeted, not removing the offending item from his mouth.

"Good morning Mr... Sasaki..? Wait, are you related to the hero Howl..?" The man had asked the one question that Inu hated more than anything. His teeth clenched around the cigarette, a growl escaping his lips.

"Does it matter if I'm related to that lap dog? This gonna affect my entrance or somethin'?" He barked, doing his best to not just blow up at the man in front of him.

"No, you're already in. Must be a sore subject? And no smoking inside."

"I dunno what the hell you're talking about. I'm really fucking calm. Haven't mentioned a damn thing about how much of a lap dog she is," Inu commented as he took a deep drag of the cigarette, turning around to blow it away from Glory. "Anyways, I promise I won't give the others lung cancer, lemme just finish it up out here,"

"You're really testing my patience, kid. But, while you finish that up, I'll ask: Why do you want to be a hero?"

Inu paused, gripping his cigarette before placing it into his mouth, swallowing it whole. "Why I wanna be a hero?" He repeated. "Because a world where the villains win is a fucking scary one. I ain't gonna let that happen, not while I got the power to stop it. Simple as that,"

"That's a motivation I can get behind. And... I read your file, Inu. I wanted to apologise that Starkiller had ever happened."

Inu turned around, looking Glory up and down. He didn't seem old enough to have to apologize, but it was probably just one of those empty apologies any hero that found out always gave. So, he'd give him the same answer.

"Don't worry about it," Inu answered. "Just make sure it doesn't happen again," with that, he headed into the school. It wasn't hard to find his classroom, but what was hard was seeing his fellow classmates. They were either fucking idiots, grinning like this was just some preschool field trip, or looking so disinterested that he wondered how they even got into the class in the first place. "Figures I'm put in the classroom with the fucking duds," Inu muttered as he grabbed a toothpick out of his bag, placing it in his mouth and chewing on it.

He silently walked past everyone else, ignoring everyone else, headed straight for the empty seat in the back corner. He sat down, dropping his bag next to the seat as he straightened out his desk. He then reached into his bag, pulling out his notebook and pencils, placing them on his desk, waiting for the teacher.





King of the Jungle

The sun was up and so was Sun. Today... today held the greatest challenges the monkey king had ever face. All his time in the jungle never prepared him for this.

He had to wear a shirt for an entire day.

Even worse, he had to walk upright so he could blend in with the others. He had no clue how he would do this, but he would rise to the challenge. He slipped into the uncomfortable clothes and headed out, ready to face his destiny. He walked to school, trying not to shove people, just like he was taught, and he even managed to resist the urge to climb the strange trees with the silver vines, even though that would help him get to school faster. So far, so good. Still, his shirt felt... wrong, and it took all his willpower to just not rip it off right then and there.

It didn't take long before Sun saw that building that he had been to just last week, a shining monument to the civilization he had been missing all his life. Sun looked around the place, his eyes filled with child like wonder, quickly forgetting about the shirt. He quietly approached the wall surrounding UA. Was he supposed to climb over it to get to this 'school?' No, no, that doesn't seem right.

So instead, he began to walk around the school a little aimlessly, trying to find his way in.


Sun quickly looked around, looking for who said that. "Yes, that is me, I am Sun," he finally spotted Glory, and, while proudly resisting the urge to rush over on all fours, ran over to the principal. "Yes, hello, I am Sun," he said, introducing himself again.

"I... See...  Well, uh, you did well in the entrance exam. I see you adapt well to adversity."

Sun began to scratch his chest, thinking to himself. "I do? That's good. Maybe that'll help me with everyone else," he sighed. "I'm really nervous. This is my first time in school," he admitted.

"Well, I'm sure you'll do better than my first day. Just make sure to avoid flying drinks."

"Drinks can... Fly? Civilization is full of surprises," Sun mused, nodding his head like he understood.

"Quirked society is what's full of surprises. So, Sun, why are you here?"

Sun smiled. "I wanna learn a lot about the world!" He paused as he stroked his chin. "And... I learned about heroes and... I liked it. I liked the idea of protecting others,"

"I'm glad. You'll have plenty to learn here. You can head in now. Do you remember your way from your tour last week?"

Sun nodded, waving at Glory before heading inside. He did actually remember where to go, and it didn't take long for him to arrive at the 'classroom'. He paused as he got to the door, taking a deep breath. He couldn't chicken out, it was time to face the future. He slowly opened the door, and the first thing he noticed was there was some sort of smell in the air... it smelled like... food...

Forgetting about his first impressions, he got on all fours, slowly and quietly creeping over to the source of the smell. On the teacher's desk was some food... his eyes darted around the room. It seemed no one else was coming after the food... so he quickly scooped up the monakas in his hands, shoving them into his mouth, leaving none behind. After quickly chewing his food, he looked around, this time taking a good look at all the people in the class room. They all looked so different from each other, all in very noticeable ways, much different then what he was used to. They all smelled very different to.

There was one however that was super different. His face was covered in red, and he had very sharp teeth. Quietly, Sun approached the boy, very much invading the boy's personal space as he looked over him, the monkey man placing a hand on his own chin as he thought. Was this guy human? Maybe he was one of those metal people he had heard of from the researchers. "Are you... one of those... ro-butts?" Sun asked innocently as he looked over Yasha.

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It was a delightful April day. The sun was shining and everyone was out on their daily commute. Usually on a day like today, Emi would have ambled a little more, taking in the morning's warmth.

Instead, she was sprinting down the street.

Of course. Today was such an important day, and she just had to oversleep. It could’ve been the fact that she set her alarm for a.m. instead of p.m. by accident, or that she was too nervous to sleep. This is U freaking A we’re talking about here - the best of the best. What if her Quirk wasn’t good enough? What if she didn’t train enough? She passed the exam, but still, she wasn’t really sure what everyone else was capable of. What would her parents think if she flunked out? It was thoughts like these that kept Emi up for a little longer than she wanted to.

Luckily for her, the Kikuchi family didn’t live too far from the school. After a panicked yelp upon seeing the time, she threw on her uniform, not even buttoning the jacket, and grabbed her backpack. “Morning mom and dad, I’m off!” Before they could respond, Emi burst out the door.

Seeing UA on the horizon, Emi stopped to catch her breath. She slumped against a nearby tree and slid to the ground breathing heavily. After about a minute or so, Emi picked herself up and continued her trek, walking this time just because the building was so close. As she approached, Emi couldn’t help but marvel at the structure.

“Wow! This place is amazing...” she gawked. 

She barely noticed the important-looking dude standing at the entrance rifling through some papers. He was a fairly tall man in what looked to be a hero costume, and was about a foot taller than Emi. 

“Hi! The name’s Kikuchi. Kikuchi Emi as a matter of fact.”

He thumbed through his papers. "Ah, yes, Kikuchi... It seems you performed reasonably well on the entrance exam. Have you been training your quirk?" Maybe it was Emi’s imagination, but the man’s intense golden eyes seemed to stare right through her. They intimidated her a little, but she guessed that meant this guy was no joke.

She excitedly replied, “Totally! I worked pretty hard, you know, after the whole exam thingy. You know the deal, working out and exercise and all that.”

"Of course. Just don't be giving it up now that you have made it in. Things won't be getting any easier."

"Oh don't you worry about that. Trust me!"

"In that case, go ahead and head right in. Best of luck."


Emi turned away from Glory and walked into the building toward the classroom. Everyone’s probably there already. Hopefully I can meet someone before classes start. She didn’t want to be left as the odd one out in the class without anyone to talk to at the end of the day. She picked up her pace and entered the classroom.

Most of the seats were already taken, so Emi settled for the only open one closest to the door. She set her bag down and assessed her surroundings. Everything seemed relatively normal. Well, except for the one guy who was standing on all fours in front of the teacher’s desk wolfing down what looked like monaka. A little strange, but nothing too jarring. Maybe he missed breakfast too.

Emi grabbed her notebook and pens from her bag and placed them on her desk. Then, she whipped around towards the young man sitting behind her.

Grinning from ear to ear, she decided to introduce herself. “Hi! The name’s Kikuchi. What’s yours?”

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Ren let out a long, gentle breath after double checking that his schoolbag had everything he would need for the day. A quick look in the mirror confirmed that his uniform was properly fitted and without any wrinkling at all.  It would not leave a good impression on his fellow classmates if he forgot anything on his first day, nor if his uniform was anything less than perfect. Satisfied by his last check, he left his room and walked down the stairs, which lazily spiraled downwards in an extravagant way.

At the bottom of the stairs, a neatly uniformed middle aged man greeted him with a deep bow.

“Good morning, young master Ren. I will be your driver for today. The car is ready for you.”

“Ah, good morning. Thank you, I will be leaving soon. Please wait in the car for me.”

“As you wish,” the driver said, giving one last bow before making an exit through the wooden double doors, leaving Ren alone in the empty foyer. With a nervous gulp, Ren made his way to the kitchen, where his mother stood tapping away at her phone, her back turned to him. Behind her, a mug full of oolong tea sat on the counter, a plume of steam indicating it was fresh.

“Good morning mom. Thank you for the tea.”

The only sound that came in response was the soft clacking of his mother’s phone. Frowning a bit, Ren took the mug of tea. The only warmth he felt in the room came for the mug’s ceramic sides.

“I’ll make you proud at school mom!”

After waiting a moment hoping to hear some kind of response, Ren left the kitchen dejected, his footsteps echoing in the great void of the main hall. After putting on his shoes, he turned towards the kitchen one last time.


More silence was the only response. Letting out another long, gentle breath, Ren walked out the door.


Ren stepped out of the car and into the bright spring sun, warming him as the cool air nipped at his face. As he approached the gates of the school, he saw that the headmaster was standing in front of them, taking attendance of his fellow students coming in for their first day. He had read that the pro hero Glory was the headmaster, but actually seeing the luminous man in person made his stomach drop a little. His journey in self-improvement would start as soon as he crossed the threshold and despite knowing he was prepared, he could not entirely shake his nerves. Mustering his courage, he approached Glory, clutching his bag tightly.

“Good morning headmaster. I am Sanada Ren, first year,” Ren said, trying to hide his nervousness behind a deep bow, “Thank you for this opportunity!”

"Well, I guess I don’t need to find your name. You performed well in the entrance exam, has this been your dream for long?"

Ren felt a wave of relief after hearing that he was not an underachiever in the entrance exam. Rising, he responded with a smile.

“Yes sir, ever since I saw heroes on the news, I wanted to use my Quirk to protect Japan from those who would hurt it. I hope that I will be able to live up to the legacy that all of you have made!”

"I have high hopes for this whole class. So, Sanada, why do you want to be a hero?"

Ren paused for a moment before replying. For a moment, a pang of guilt shot through him as he remembered how upset his mother was when his father agreed to allow him to come to this school. He allowed the thought to come and pass before he responded, speaking with conviction.

“I believe that everyone in society has a role to play in society. People born with Quirks have a duty to develop them to their full potential and use them to help everyone as much as they can. I think that the only way for me to develop my Quirk to its full potential is to become a hero. I would be failing everyone if I did not try.”

"So, you feel that with a quirk such as yours, it is your responsibility to use it to become a hero?"

“Yes sir. I am lucky to have a Quirk like mine, and I would be squandering this gift if I did not push it to its limits.”

"I know how you feel. I first wanted to be a hero for similar reasons. I learned more in my time here, but that start was the same. I think you are going to grow quite a lot, at U.A."

“I hope I can meet your expectations headmaster!”

"As do I. Go on and head in, you have a lot ahead of you."

Ren gave one last bow to Glory before walking past the gates and into the campus proper. His walk quickly grew to a run as a smile grew on his face. His new life as a hero had officially begun, and he could not wait to begin!

Upon reaching the classroom, he noticed that most of his classmates had already claimed most of the available seats, leaving the front and back rows completely occupied. Making a mental note to walk to school in the future, Ren quickly made his way to the last available seat in the second row, passing on the open box of monaka hoping that the teacher would not come in before he could introduce himself. After hastily unpacking his supplies, he turned to address his classmates.

“Good morning everyone. I am Sanada Ren. I hope that I can learn a lot from you all!”


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Yasha had to suppress a few giggles as Sun inspected him, but remained silent, just watching up until he was asked a question.

"Are you... one of those... ro-butts?"

Yasha burst into loud, growling laughter, a sound like a truck engine starting up. "No, not at all! My head's just kinda weird. Actually, come to think of it, neither of my parents have one like this-- so it's kinda REALLY weird!" He laughed again, more subdued this time. "Anyways, the doctors said it's shaped like this because it powers my Quirk or something-- I don't really get how it works, exactly." He give the monkey boy a once-over and cocked his head to the side. "I'm Yokuna. Nice to meet you, monkey man. What's your name?"

Boy, this guy was kinda weird. Then again, everyone here was at least as weird as Yasha was-- he was used to being the elephant in the room, and now he was... normal by comparison. A part of him kind of liked that.

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Diana's friendly gesture earned her the bird from Hakaro, prompting a bit of a slump from the girl. Well, this was going swimmingly already. Luckily, another boy would approach her thereafter, drawing her mind away from the one in the back.

"Hey there. Benjamin O'Hara...nice to meet you!"

"[Ah, are you foreign, too!? Oh my God, I'm going to be able to express myself clearly for once!]" Diana beamed, before clearing her throat and adjusting, "U-um, provided you understand English. I just assumed so, based on how you pronounced and said your name..."

As Diana waited for Ben's reply, she watched the others pile in, one after another. A foppish boy who brought treats, an excitable and happy boy, and then... a loud sound, like engines revving. Suddenly, a boy with a chainsaw for a head.and hands busted into the room, screaming about it. Diana unconsciously grabbed at her right elbow once more, shifting her eyes away, and breaking into a bit of a cold sweat. Just breathe. Breathe. Calm down. It's another hero. He seems... nice. Yeah. Nice. Just being silly. Nothing could go wrong. If he's here he's safe, right? Well, other than the asshole in the back...

Diana started to zone out, the boy with the chainsaws taking over her mind as she desperately tried to force it away, before Ben tapping her on the shoulder brought her back to reality, with a bit of a scream.

"[I-I'm s-sorry, what were you saying? I, uh... I wasn't feeling great and zoned out, ehe...]"

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Takehiko looked up as more of his classmates piled into the room, happily letting them go after the snacks he had brought, although his smile cracked a little at a few of the more... vulgar of his new classmates. He sighed, "Not everyone has the same tastes I suppose..." He adjusted a small headset a bit, muttering something incoherent into it to those who weren't close to him, "C3 you were supposed to warn if anyone with dangerous quirks came in?! How stupid are you!?" 
He seemed to sigh and pinch the bridge of his nose, "Ducks? You got distracted by ducks...? No, no, it's fine, just... uuuugh you're dismissed..." He groaned and leaned back slightly, "Well here's hoping I can do better than them."

Takehiko looked as he noticed the classroom was quite full now! He gave a glance over to the girl on his left, she seemed upset about something, "Ah, hey, are you okay...? I'm sorry I got a bit zoned out taking care of something..." The guy hadn't even paid attention there had been a chainsaw murderer-like hero only just seconds ago! "Oh, did all of the Monaka get eaten? Hopefully I wound up bringing enough... I uh, don't know if I have the energy to make more..."

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"For those of you who have shown up ahead of me, I have brought Monaka! I was expecting more than two people though, there are 8 sweets I brought... I guess I'll just leave the rest on the teacher's desk for whoever wants any? First come first served and all that."

Benjamin watched the young man with glasses and a headset before shrugging. He politely declined having any of the monakas, given he had a chocolate chip muffin earlier. Though he was quite surprised someone came into class and immediately presented their fellow students with sweets...quite the gesture. Regardless, he finally got the answer from the blonde girl, though he needed to move himself slightly that way she could talk to him properly. And to quite the shock...she spoke English!!

"[Ah, are you foreign, too!? Oh my God, I'm going to be able to express myself clearly for once!] U-um, provided you understand English. I just assumed so, based on how you pronounced and said your name..."

The young man gave a smile and held up a hand. "[Well this is certainly a surprise. Don't see or talk to many others who just speak English. And I'm fine with either...and yeah me introducing myself with the name like that...stiiiiill working on doing that with the surname first instead of my first name.]" he said happily, noticing the other students piling in...and the one that surprised him the most was...

"HELP! MY HANDS ARE CHAINSA-HA-HAAAAWS! Nah, I'm fine-- 's just my Quirk. Hi!"

This elicited a bit of a snicker from Benjamin, as he put his hand to his mouth, trying not to bust out laughing too much. Well...that's a hell of an entrance. Jeez, I should've thought of that for my opener...oh well. he thought with a shrug, before looking over at the blonde girl again. She was...zoned out...after seeing the "I am chainsaws". With another shrug, he tapped the young girl's shoulder a bit...to which she screamed. ...did one of my spiders pop out and freak her out? he thought, glancing around to see not one spider. Okay...he was in the clear on that...for now.

"[I-I'm s-sorry, what were you saying? I, uh... I wasn't feeling great and zoned out, ehe...]"

"[Oh it's alright. I mean, random guy walks in and screams that, I'd probably feel a biiiiiit uneasy myself.]" Benjamin nodded with a chuckle. "[Anyway, so what's your name? And what's an American...at least I assume you are don't hate me for assuming...doing here in Japan and at U.A.?]"

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Hakaro glanced around as more and more people entered the room, and he quickly found himself surrounded by three girls. Hopefully they weren't the loud type. The rest seemed even worse. People making big announcements to the class that Hakaro couldn't hear through his headphones, and even a mutant-type with chainsaw hands and a metal face. Was that one a monkey?

Deciding he'd best not mentally exhaust himself with all the extras, Hakaro elected to focus on a single object. Staring intently at the desk neatly placed haphazardly on the desk at his forward-right corner, where the girl with red and black hair sat. It was through such focus that he noticed it. The pencil was moving. Hardly visibly, but it soon back and forth, as if the entire room was experiencing a tiny, almost imperceptible earthquake. Hakaro reached up with his right hand, slowly pulling the noise-canceling headphones off of his head as his left hand tensed up against the desk. If this was caused by a quirk, Hakaro figured, then whosever it was didn't have a proper handle on it. They were something to worry about.

With a jolt, the pencil began rolling, and promptly fell from the desk. Not so fast. What would appear to be tiny blue flames appeared at the tips of the fingers of Hakaro's left hand, and as he snapped it into a fist, a snake, seemingly made of the wispy blue matter, appeared to slither out of a supporting beam of Ayane's desk, catching the pencil in the air silently and coiling around it.

The snake slithered toward him without making a sound, dropping the pencil into his outstretched hand. His hand on his desk could actually feel the shaking at this point, it seemed to be growing stronger with each passing second. It was at that point that he noticed the girl on his right, who had long red hair and an expression almost as bored as his own, had seen him use his quirk. "So you caught that. Oh well. Do you feel the shaking?" He stared intently at the door, unsure of what was going to burst through, unsure of what he had to be ready for.


Natalia gave the boy next to him a sort of lazy glance, watching him summon some sort of ghost snake, catching the excited girl’s pencil. While interesting, she was more interested in the gradual shaking that seemed to be happening around them. The bubble she was blowing popped as the boy asked her a question. “Yeah… I do.” She said, continuing to chew on her bubblegum. “Wonder what it could be.” She said as dryly as she could.

"I'd reason that it's someone's quirk. I don't think it's anyone here, it just started." He placed his hand mostly out of view under his desk, as it was enveloped in the ethereal flames, "Maybe there is a villain knocking at the doorstep. Wouldn't that be fun?" a smile that looked all too genuine crept onto the boy's face. "You aren't a pacifist, are you?"

Ah, so he was a psychopath. Good to know, Natalia thought, as she scoffed at the implication. “You’d have to be an idiot to be a hero and be a pacifist.” She said, brushing some of her hair from her face. “But no, it’s probably not a villain. Or, at least, a really stupid one. It’s probably just some moron who can’t control their quirk.”

"Then aren't they here to learn?" Hakaro was practically holding his breath as he stared at the door. He had a lot of pent-up emotion he was waiting to release.

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Watching the students file in one after the other was so exciting!  He was so excited to meet them all!  So excited to learn everything about them!  So excited to add to his collection!  Up til now, some names of those that announced them had burrowed into his neural network, never to be lost again.  However, none of his classmates came close to holding a candle to the boy with a chainsaw for a head!  Just his presence seemed to ooze an interest factor to Kio.  It was so cool!  No doubt the boy had just as interesting a quirk!  Kio was about to go and greet the guy, when a large monkey of a man stepped in to ask if the boy was even a living, sentient being.  Turns out that this Yokuna was indeed alive and in fact not a robot.  Fascinating!  Stepping up towards the two, Kio laughed.  

"You must be new to these parts, huh?  Lot's of people walking around with all sorts of different heads these days."  He said, poking the Monkey boy's bicep.  "Hey, you seem pretty strong!  Wanna arm wrestle!?  I hear primates are at least five times stronger than normal people, I read it somewhere in an article!  I wanna see if it's true!"  Kio's attention drifted from the one student to his main focus.   "Oh!  Yokuna!  Tell me all about how your quirk works!  Pleaaaaaase!  It's probably really sick!  Are there any drawbacks???  Do you need gasoline to power that thing, or do you make your own?!"  Kio stepped away, as he had gotten particularly close to the boy, clearing his throat and calming himself down.  "Maybe after class?"  He said with a wink.  

"Oh, did all of the Monaka get eaten? Hopefully I wound up bringing enough... I uh, don't know if I have the energy to make more..."

Kio's ears perked up at the mention of the snacks he took part in before, rushing up to the boy.

"Oh so you made those!  Good job!  They were delicious!"  Kio slammed his hands onto the boys desk.  "Surely, if you're too tired, you could use some assistance!  I gotta see how you made them for myself!"  Just then, a sudden shaking seemingly began to rattle the school.  Most of the other students were also alerted by the shaking.  

"I'd reason that it's someone's quirk. I don't think it's anyone here, it just started.  Maybe there is a villain knocking at the doorstep. Wouldn't that be fun?"

"YEAH!  THAT WOULD BE RAD!"  Kio said, pumping his fist towards the boy.  "I'M TOTALLY UP FOR THE CHALLENGE!  BACK ME UP, 'KAY?!"  Kio turned his attention towards the door, psyching himself up for whatever was about to breach it.  The shaking grew more and more intense, as the source seemed to be travelling at a breakneck pace straight towards the room.  As the door slid open, and the shaking had reached its peak, a woman had dashed into the room, with papers flying everywhere as she tripped on her face.  She had made a desperate attempt to grab onto the top of the front desk to break her fall, but fell a tad short.  Once her face smacked the floor, the quaking stopped for a moment, only to pick back up with a vengeance.  The woman struggled to her feet, watching the helpless kids be shaken to their cores.  

"Calm down, calm down."  She said, smacking her face and taking a deep breath in.  The shaking calmed down rapidly, and the room was eventually still.  Another deep breath in, and the woman took a look over the complete mess she had made.  "U-Uhm...Good Morning everyone!  Please...uhm...Please take your seats."  Kio's knees were still recovering from that intense earthquake that they just went through.  This lady was a walking disaster, but her quirk was amazing.  Kio walked over to his desk, wobbly and slow, having to pick it up and place it upright.  He was eventually able to plop himself in his seat, taking a sigh of relief.  Although, he noticed that the teacher herself was still shaking.  She bowed to the class, while blushing.  "G-good morning..again!  My name is Ms. Todoya, b-but while in the c-class please call me Epicenter.  I'll be your homeroom teacher, starting from today!  I hope to get along well with all of you."  Epicenter began to rummage through all the papers that had been thrown about when she had fell.  "N-now what were we going to do today, again...let's see....ah!"  Epicenter picked up one paper specifically, and brought it close to her face.  She pulled it down slowly, only her eyes peering over the page and looking over the class.

"T-today will be introductions!  And a little exercise to boot!  Now let's put on our gym clothes and head to training ground zeta, okay!  Ready?  GO!!!"  She cheered.



With everyone dressed appropriately, they were whisked away to the training ground.  A large white gate stood before them.  Epicenter walked up to it, and smacked a hand on the meeting of both sides.  

"This is where we'll be introducing ourselves, our quirks, AND our hero names to each other!  Please state your name to the class, and head on inside!  There are tons of training robots running around here, kinda like your practical exams!  Don't be afraid to go all out against them either.  And don't take it too easy, because they won't do the same for you.  You won't be aiming for points this time around, but everyone has to destroy at least one robot before exiting, is that c-c-clear?!"  She tried to sound like some sort of authority, but made a fool of herself in the process.  "If you have any questions, I'll be all ears.  I'm excited to meet you all today!"  

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"Ah, hey, are you okay...? I'm sorry I got a bit zoned out taking care of something..." 

"[Oh it's alright. I mean, random guy walks in and screams that, I'd probably feel a biiiiiit uneasy myself.]" Benjamin nodded with a chuckle. "[Anyway, so what's your name? And what's an American...at least I assume you are don't hate me for assuming...doing here in Japan and at U.A.?]"

"I-I'm sorry for bothering you, um...?" Diana nervously rubbed her arm as she spoke to Takehiko, "Sorry, I don't know your name... [Oh, a-and you too, Ben! I'm] Diana Seigi! [I'm here because of... Well, let's say reasons. I'm here to learn how to better help people. And you?]"

The distraction managed to pull Diana's attention away from the chainsaw man, now that she wasn't looking dead at him. And things seemed great, just in time for the teacher to rush in. She called herself Ms. Todoya, or Epicenter, though she really just spoke a moment before rushing them out to the gym... But that was fine. Introductions sucked, but it was to be expected. Nice to meet you? Was that the phrase she was supposed to use...?


"This is where we'll be introducing ourselves, our quirks, AND our hero names to each other!  Please state your name to the class, and head on inside!  There are tons of training robots running around here, kinda like your practical exams!  Don't be afraid to go all out against them either.  And don't take it too easy, because they won't do the same for you.  You won't be aiming for points this time around, but everyone has to destroy at least one robot before exiting, is that c-c-clear?! If you have any questions, I'll be all ears.  I'm excited to meet you all today!"  

The girl took a deep breath and clenched her fists tight, gritting her teeth a bit. She hated going first. She was going to make a fool of herself. Her Japanese wasn't good enough for this... But better now than after that chainsaw boy. Pushing forward, Diana walked to the gate and turned around, flashing the rest of her class a big smile, and extending her right fist forward.

"[Yo ro shii coo! Wadashi no Diana Seigi!] Sorry if my Japanese is a little messed up, but I'm sure I got this next part right! I'm gonna be the [Seigi no Hiiro - Artemis Justice! Ganbare miinah!]"


Quirk: EE!

With that, Diana turned around and made her way into the gates, finding what looked to be a fairly large scale mock city. Roads, buildings, robots everywhere... Yep, totally normal. But she wouldn't be able to destroy one of those things on her own, if the exam was anything to go by, so... Ah!

"Hey, nuts and bolts, over here!"

Diana drew a robot's attention as she dashed towards a street corner, easily outspeeding the lumbering machine, as she kept her back to a stopsign. As the robot approached, only a few feet taller than Diana herself, it took a swing at the young hero-in-training, earning a sigh of relief from Diana. She leapt up, using the sign itself to brace herself as she landed on the machine's arm, grinning as she felt the signpost come loose from the robot's attack. Without a moment to waste, Diana pulled the stop sign forward, slamming the flat end on the robot's head to push herself into the air, then spinning it around so the sharp, broken end was facing down... and slammed it straight into her opponent's optical lens, jamming it as far into the robot as possible, before hopping off. With a creak and a thud, the ruined robot fell to the ground as Diana wiped the sweat from her brow and grinned.

"[Alright, that wasn't so bad! I just needed the proper tools!]"

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Yasha had to admit-- a lot had happened in the last twenty minutes, and he wasn't fully sure he'd absorbed it all-- the monkey guy, that fast-talking kid who... winked at him... the earthshaking bundle of anxiety that was his homeroom teacher, and now they were going to fight robots again-- and that girl with the horrible Japanese upstaged him-- he was going to go first!

Deciding he wasn't going to let anyone else get ahead of him, he stepped out, undid the top half of his tracksuit and threw it off, revealing the black tank-top underneath and his stupidly large arms. Whirling around, he showed them a bright, fanged grin.

"Sup! I'm Yokuna! My Quirk is Tool Hands!" As if to illustrate his point, one of them transformed-- his forearm swelling with internal piping and moving parts and his hand elongating until he was once again brandishing a chainsaw for a hand-- one which roared like a bike-engine for a moment while the awe was fresh.


Yasha Yokuna
His Quirk: Tool Hands!
He can transform his hands into fully-functioning power-tools. This can range from simple saws and drills to more specialized tools-- he just has to know how it works.

"But you can all call me by my hero name: WORKSHOP!" Turning and pointing his chainsaw at the gate like a sword, his engine-like purr of a voice roared like a sports car as he charged after Diana.


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"Oh so you made those!  Good job!  They were delicious!"  Kio slammed his hands onto the boys desk.  "Surely, if you're too tired, you could use some assistance!  I gotta see how you made them for myself!"  Just then, a sudden shaking seemingly began to rattle the school.  Most of the other students were also alerted by the shaking.  

He gave a nod to Diana, "You're fine, I'm not expecting to be known completely by day one."

Takehiko gave a smile and opened his mouth to respond, before feeling the shaking begin as a woman walked inside, a woman named Epicenter! He felt himself feel a bit wary, a small bead of sweat going down his cheek. He takes a deep breath before they were led outside, trying to keep closer to the front of the pack!


"This is where we'll be introducing ourselves, our quirks, AND our hero names to each other!  Please state your name to the class, and head on inside!  There are tons of training robots running around here, kinda like your practical exams!  Don't be afraid to go all out against them either.  And don't take it too easy, because they won't do the same for you.  You won't be aiming for points this time around, but everyone has to destroy at least one robot before exiting, is that c-c-clear?! If you have any questions, I'll be all ears.  I'm excited to meet you all today!" 

Takehiko watched the girl he had been talking to clench her fist before speaking up.

"[Yo ro shii coo! Wadashi no Diana Seigi!] Sorry if my Japanese is a little messed up, but I'm sure I got this next part right! I'm gonna be the [Seigi no Hiiro - Artemis Justice! Ganbare miinah!]"

He gave a nod as he watched her charge in, sighing and adjusting his glasses somewhat before turning to address other students. His mouth opens his mouth before he's rushed past by Yasha, his eye slightly twitching as the guy loudly yelled out. After he headed in, Takehiko once again adjusted his glassess.

"It's my pleasure to meet you all, my name is Kanda, Takehiko, and my own quirk is simply Chess. I can pull in things from the environment to emulate game pieces. Hero Name of J'adoube!"


Quirk: Chess!
The user can pull in bits of their surroundings to emulate the pieces in a game of chess! High strategy!

Takehiko walked inside of the city-like training ground, going up to a phone booth before going inside and putting his hand to the metal box. "Mode: Knight!" His body caused the metal to nearly liquefy as it remolded itself around his body, forming a bright red armor with a closed visor before a longsword formed in his grip, "Knight Technique: Skilled Footwork!" Right before a rather bulky robot seemed to slam it's fist where Takehiko was, there was a loud 'CLANG' as Takehiko's sword found itself embedded in the space between the robot's fingers! 

Takehiko gave a small smirk, "You poor fool." He gave a twist of his sword, ripping the robot's hand off before he decided to be a bit more showy, dodging the electrical sparks that showered out of it while he gave a quick swipe of his sword, smoke starting to rise from his sword as it burned a bright red from the intense heat focused on the tip of the sword, gathered from the flying sparks, before he gave a quick thrust forward, "Knight Technique: Eyes J'adoube!" His sword found the tip slicing around the ankle of the robot exactly enough to cause it to groan and topple onto it's back, before he finished the human-sized robot by stabbing the heated tip into it's throat.

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What was the teacher going to be like? How about the other students? Would there be lots of practical exercises? Ayane was practically shaking in her seat out of excitement! Wait... no, she was just actually physically shaking. That was weird. Not only was Ayane shaking, but upon closer inspection, so was her desk and chair. Was this what those massage chairs were like? If so, she didn't really understand what the big deal was with them. More importantly, just where was that shaking coming from?

"I'd reason that it's someone's quirk. I don't think it's anyone here, it just started. Maybe there is a villain knocking at the doorstep. Wouldn't that be fun?"

"Villains are not fun," Ayane countered, turning around in her chair to face the headphones-donning boy who had proposed such a thing. "Besides, even if it was a villain, there's no way they'd make it to the classroom. Have you seen how stacked the staff here is?" Glory was the principal. A top 10 hero was teaching here too; Ayane had caught a brief glimpse of her the other day. And those were just off the tippy-top of her head. If Ayane had taken some time to research the staff, surely she'd be impressed even more with each new discovery about just what sort of all-star roster of heroes was teaching here, let alone the connections this school surely had.

So, in conclusion, either it wasn't a villain, or it was about to stop being one real soon. It wasn't much later that the door opened and a woman stumbled in with some papers. It wasn't hard to tell she was the source of the vibrations. Given the papers, the fact that nobody had stopped her thus far, and the fact that she was obviously a good bit older than the students here, it was a pretty safe guess to say she was the teacher, right?

"G-good morning..again! My name is Ms. Todoya, b-but while in the c-class please call me Epicenter."

Ayane was drawing a bit of a blank. She knew she'd seen the name Epicenter somewhere before, but she wasn't quite sure where right now. Maybe it would click later.

"I'll be your homeroom teacher, starting from today! I hope to get along well with all of you. N-now what were we going to do today, again...let's see....ah! T-today will be introductions! And a little exercise to boot! Now let's put on our gym clothes and head to training ground zeta, okay! Ready? GO!!!"

"GO!" Ayane echoed.

The trip of getting changed and heading to the training ground came complete with one extra pit stop for Ayane. A very brief run in and out of her dorm. After all, for her Quirk to be any good, Ayane needed equipment, and as such, when she caught up with the rest of the class at the training ground - guitar and amp in tow - she was  rather pleased to see the exercise hadn't started yet.

"This is where we'll be introducing ourselves, our quirks, and our hero names, to each other! Please state your name to the class, and head on inside! There are tons of training robots running around here, kinda like your practical exams! Don't be afraid to go all out against them either. And don't take it too easy, because they won't do the same for you. You won't be aiming for points this time around, but everyone has to destroy at least one robot before exiting, is that c-c-clear?!"

The first students up were Diana, Yasha, and then Takehiko. All of them seemed to have neat Quirks! Takehiko's material manipulation, Yasha's tool hands, and Diana's... what did she do again? Oh well. She could worry about that later. Ayane hurried up to the gate next, equipment in tow.

"My name is Ukemei Ayane, and my Quirk is called Compose! I'm able to convert sounds into matter, with different frequencies having different effects! So for a hero name... how about Riot Hero - 11? Nice to meet everyone! Let's show UA that they let the right students in!"


Quirk: Compose!

The user can turn sounds around them into solid matter! High pitches move fast and break easily, while deeper pitches form barriers.

Introduction made, Ayane hurried through and into the training zone. It was like a whole city contained within UA campus. She knew this place was amazing, but this blew even her expectations out of the water! Ayane looked around through the streets, trying to find a robot that the others hadn't gotten their hands on just yet. It took a bit of searching, but before long Ayane found her target. Or rather, it found her. The whirring of a whole lot of metal behind her warned Ayane just what was about to happen, giving the girl just enough time to turn around and see a large metal fist heading straight for her. She set the amp down, pulled the guitar pick from a small pouch on its body, then ran the pick across the top string with all she could muster, letting out a loud, deep, and gritty noise.

A noise which, between Ayane and her assailant, turned into a transclucent red shield. While it certainly wouldn't break the robot's arm, it sure did stop the punch dead in its tracks. Just in time too, before it disappeared, and bought Ayane just enough time to get herself together. She put her left hand right up at the close end of the fretboard, brought her right hand to the smaller strings at the bottom, and began strumming as fast as she could across different strings. Different strings, different frets, all intent on simply shredding. Both figuratively on the fretboard, and literally on the robot in front of her. With each note, what was best described as a spear similar to the shield from earlier formed and was promptly fired at the robot. Individually, they weren't that great, as each one shattered upon impact with the robot.

But with the sheer quantity of them Ayane was producing? That was different. Each impact was a small tear in the robot, and with the amount Ayane was creating and firing, it wasn't long before she'd torn through its armor, ripping into its important parts and forcibly shutting it down. "Not really a stealthy Quirk, but it sure gets the job done! How'd ya like that, you old rust bucket!?"


"This is where we'll be introducing ourselves, our quirks, and our hero names, to each other! Please state your name to the class, and head on inside! There are tons of training robots running around here, kinda like your practical exams! Don't be afraid to go all out against them either. And don't take it too easy, because they won't do the same for you. You won't be aiming for points this time around, but everyone has to destroy at least one robot before exiting, is that c-c-clear?!"

Yumi wasn't entirely sure how to feel about Epicenter. She certainly seemed enthusiastic, which was of course a great thing. But that vibration her Quirk caused was certainly not comfortable. After showing up, introducing herself, and telling the class today's assignment, it was time to actually do the thing. Yumi had to admit, she wasn't expecting there to be a massive training facility like this on UA campus. And the fact that it was called "training ground zeta" implied there were several more of them! This school must have had a budget on par with some entire nations!

One by one, other students stepped up, introducing themselves before heading in. During this process, Yumi had put a bit of distance between herself and the others just in case, and began charging up electricity. Crackling sparks danced in the air around her by the time she stepped up to the gate to take her turn. "I'm Omuro Yumi. Hero name, Thundering Hero - Megawatt. It's still a work in progress. My Quirk allows me to charge and fire electricity. I'll be in your care from now on." Yumi gave the class a brief bow, before turning, and stepping into the training area. The others were already running around, dealing with robots. Yumi did a bit of exploring, looking for targets of her own.

It was a few minutes into searching, the girl practically glowing with an aura of lightning, that she found a robot. In fact, she found two. And more importantly, they found her. Yumi wasn't about to waste any time and let them fall out of such a perfect line.


Quirk: Charge!

The user can slowly build up an electrical charge, releasing it all at once as a devastating attack!

Just as quickly as they turned around to face the girl, a deafening blast of thunder roared through the area as Yumi took the shot, firing her stored-up power in a single devastating bolt. It ripped clean through the first robot, as well as the robot behind it, before finally making itself at home by leaving a crater in the wall of a building behind both of them. All three victims crackled with electricity as Yumi looked over the damage she'd caused, the robots destroyed and the wall blackened around the point of impact.

Impressive. I knew these were powerful, but I didn't expect it to be quite to that extent!

Only one way to find out if that wasn't a fluke. Yumi turned away from the scene, on the hunt for additional robots to fry. The crackling of electricity filled the air around her as she began charging up a second shot.

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Tsubasa continued to wait around in class, playing on her phone as she had been, when suddenly something caught her attention. Her hairs standing on end, she felt like there was something coming soon. This was only furthered by the fact that she could literally feel what was coming. As the whole room began to shake, Tsubasa put her phone down and looked curiously at the door. Her anticipation seemed to be getting the better of her as a smile was incredibly visible on her face. The rumbling soon revealed itself to be none other than their home room teacher, a woman who went by the name of Epicenter. As the rumbling began once more, Tsubasa couldn't help but feel naturally on edge about the woman but there was something truly exciting about a quirk like this as well. As such, when the class was told to get going to the training grounds to show off their stuff the girl got right to it. 

Tsubasa whistled at the sight of the training grounds that they were at, her eyes moving across all of the buildings as well as the impressive wall that separated it from the rest of the school. "Now this is more like it." The girl nodded, then looked back to her teacher as she explained what would be going on today. While Tsubasa was ready to let loose when she was told what to do for the introductions, she was given pause by one thing. "Eh? Hero names?" The girl couldn't blurt aloud as she stepped back for a moment, letting others go. 

She hadn't put much thought into that kind of thing at all and suddenly felt a bit put on the spot for this. Well, it didn't really matter, especially with what everyone else was saying. She just needed something obvious and related to her quirk for her name. Or jadoob, but she didn't have the first clue about jadoob. So she decided to go with the first one. After a few more moments of intense thinking, the girl finally got something that fit. 

With her vigor restored and stepping up to the plate she looked to everyone with confidence that clearly had no right being there. "My name is Kaenbyou Tsubasa. The Feline Hero - Ocelot! As for my quirk, well," the girl flicked her tail to the side. "What you see is what you get." 

The girl briskly walked forward into the training grounds, only to be met with a robot twice her size trying to intercept her. Smiling confidently, the girl stepped towards it saying, "well, you're pretty big aren't you?" The robot didn't say anything and just looked at her with the one glowing eye on its head. As the robot moved towards her, it reeled back its fist for a punch towards the girl. Narrowly, Tsubasa jumped back out of the way from the attack. The robot continued trying to punch her, one strike after the other. Tsubasa herself seemed to continue evading the attacks by the narrowest of margins. Though, in spite of how close they came no matter if she had to step, jump or duck Tsubasa neither seemed concerned nor like she was off balance. With one final jump back, she grinned saying, "well, you're pretty boring so how about we end this, huh?" 

As the robot went to punch her again, the girl began sprinting only to immediately turn it into a slide, sliding underneath the robot's arm and going past it. Without much delay, the girl quickly turned herself around and got onto both of her feet. Leaping forward with claws extending from her fingers the girl latched onto the back of the robot. Swiftly, she scaled the mechanical enemy, pushing up and kicking off of it as she got to the head. Flipping over the robot's head, while in mid air Tsubasa twisted herself to be perpendicular with the robot's eye. Then to finish her maneuver off, she delivered a swift kick to the red glowing eye and seemed smashed through it with relative ease. As she descended, the girl seemed to control herself well enough in the air that she landed on both of her feet without much of a sweat. 


Quirk: Cat!
The user can do anything a cat can do!

Looking at the downed robot, still grinning Tsubasa said, "well, that was a good warm up." 

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