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  1. At the point where the common assumption is that everyone has seen it or known about it. It will vary depending on how popular it is and will change from social group to social group. You only really get a grasp for it by listening to people talking about it.
  2. How would conjuring weapons and armor work? Would it be costly? I'm thinking about a character that conjures a full plate of armor to wear and weapons. Eventually when they get better maybe conjure an armored horse as well or a nightmare.
  3. Okay, I see what you mean. Though, often people end up with "rare" or heritage spells with RP, I might have one minor rare signature cantrip of sorts. Is the number of spells Vancian (like DnD) or vaguely mana-based? I did think about the fact that it is a very narrow sure-win thing, but I figured it's sort of a potential wincon that the party can choose to navigate a situation towards. Besides that, she'd still be a reasonably good fighter who uses a spear, which keeps her safe-ish and dealing consistent damage. I'm probably going with something else though.
  4. Well people pick on others for the smallest of differences is just how we are, but people would definitely be more averse to a giant cow (no offense). Do you mean DnD magic as in it requires actual casting every time it's used? Power level-wise, as I have it now, despite being really "minor" magic, it's actually quite powerful since any melee combatant who doesn't just physically overwhelm her by a large margin or have full plate (now that I think of it people would highly likely invest in full plate since they expect to be in a constant state of danger) would have a very hard time. Ranged fighters I suppose would be tough, I might need more spells to at least have a decent chance. Or a drow crossbow would be a good idea.
  5. On the flip side, a Minotaur would suffer even more than most in social situations. Anyway, I'm interested. App is done.
  6. It's not like I want to be here, baka.
  7. Well you're not building anything competitive with what you have unless you have a shitload of wildcards. Best advice is to figure out what play style you like and start building towards a strong Deck that suits your play style, so use all of your wildcards on that Deck.
  8. Well, I'm Chinese born. China is a very patriotic nation, not sure about nationalistic. Growing up there was plenty of "remember your homeland" stuff from my parents and grandparents since I immigrated to North America, so I can feel and understand some patriotism, even though now I believe even patriotism is kind of pointless. I still glimpse at the contrasting narrative in the relations of US and China when I speak to family there and the Chinese narrative seems strong on patriotic pride. The other thing that contributes to Chinese patriotism I believe is the strong push to conform and to defer to seniority in Chinese culture which I have observed and experienced myself. So I feel the concept of patriotism is not foreign, but hazy to me. In my mind, nationalism takes these feelings further into something pretty much religious. Religion on the other hand is something I do understand less of, but the thing I do sort of get is cognitive dissonance. I've become pretty aware of it in myself, aware of the irrationality it can instill in me, aware of the powerful desire to argue and deny things that threaten me, aware of myself making ad-hoc and post-hoc justifications even to myself, etc. But I'm not entirely clear on it all, which is why really I want to explore such subjects in writing. Anyway, I'm rambling. Do you have any good readings on nationalism then? What made you start to be able to understand it?
  9. So how did you end up writing the extrovert? It's not like extroverts are wired completely different from introverts, as everyone has aspects of both, but there are definite differences in how they feel.
  10. The way you put it is pretty helpful. I guess then it becomes a matter of how willing a character is to step outside of their comfort zone to be able to even consider outside ideals. A trusted person fervently disagreeing with you, I think, also would make you uncomfortable. As for my story idea, yes, when the threat of the opposing empire is still on the horizon, he's not going to be convincing anyone. But as reality strikes closer, some would be a bit uncomfortable as you say with the risk to their lives. The idea of the story was that he is a powerful mage, so he decides that he's going to follow the others when they go to war to keep them safe, partly at the behest of the loved ones staying behind. Eventually, to him, it's going to become apparent that surrender is the only path to survival, but the others will have a harder time seeing this, especially with the military zeal aroused by their commanders. Some very well believe that fighting to the death is glorious and to the very end will not agree.
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