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The Chosen [IC / Not Accepting / PG-16]

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With some smart action from the mages, the only slime left that had appeared in the middle of the group was on its last legs, unable to hurt Keres while she was free to toss it about and break its core. This left Reinaan with three options. Finish off the weakened slime near him was the first and least productive. The Water Chosen and light mage seemed to be in no immediate danger with it. But that wasn't true of Lindow and Ryia, both of whom had limbs being pulled on by clingy slimes. The boy's gut told him to rush to the Thunder Chosen's aid due to their friendship but he had enough sense to take stock of the fact that Lindow's opponents were smaller and weaker, and Damien was there who hopefully would intervene if it got out of hand for the witch hunter. Ryia meanwhile had struck a core yet the monster had not died and was even now practically on top of her, threatening to tear an arm off.

With a growl the draken charged forward with his halberd aimd forward, ready to skewere the second core that Ryia had called to his attention. The slime creature made no movements fast enough to intercept the boy and it soon found the metal tip of the draken's weapon piercing its second core. Reinaan had powere through the actual slime fairly easily and already the creature was shrinking some, lessening the tight grip it had on Ryia's arm but not fully relinquishing it. For some reason it didn't continue deflating until there was nothing left like the others. It was smaller, but still definitely alive. But to the best of his abilities, Reinaan couldn't make out another core to explain the phenomenon. The boy hissed in frustration as he attempted to hoist the monster off the ground to slam it back down to the ground as he'd seen Keres do to the smaller slime. But the slime wasn't viscous enough for this upward force to do much but move his weapon through the mass of the slime. 

"Ziiyol!" Reinaan barked to his spirit. The fire spirit answered the call quickly, knowing her partner's intention and merged with him. In the same motion the draken retracted the halberd with his left hand as he slashed at the remaining bulk of the slime with the flame claws now extending off his right hand. One way or another it was going to let go of Ryia and die.


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"Why are you looking over there, don't you have any sense of self preservation." Madelyn scolded Keres. The Water Chosen looked at the other girl then back towards the nearby slime. "Yes, exactly. What would you have done if it broke through...not that I make barriers that easy to break. In any case, it looks weak so it shouldn't be that hard to finish off."

As she said this the slime lunged again at Keres only to hit the barrier once more. Keres noticed as it did that the core was near the surface as it slammed into it. When the slime started to pull back from the barrier and fall she acted. Bringing up some water towards the slime to latch onto the core. The rest of the slime started to fall and the core was held aloft. Though she noticed not all the slime left it. Still the small layer wasn't enough to hold back the crushing force of the water and the core shattered.

Taking a deep breath she looked towards Madelyn who gave a small smile and a nod. The two of them looked back to Lindow to see him in a troublesome predicament.

The slime attached to his leg had nearly overtaken the whole thing. The pressure from before increased as the monster attempted to crush Lindow's leg in its slimy grip. The slashing didn't do much to the surface of the slime and soon it was too close to his own leg. If he swung recklessly he'd more likely cut himself rather than the creature.

To add to this the other slime was coming back for more. Latching itself onto Lindow's other leg and beginning the same process the other had done.

Damien, having just rushed down the other slime in front of him, and cleaved it in two, looked back to see the predicament. With a low whistle he said "I don't think you want me having a go at that one."

Over by Reinaan and Ryia the slime had started to change shape. All the clawing that the Draken was doing tossed, bubbling from the flames, chunks of slime off of it. Yet the slime only continued to merge together with it almost as fast as Reinaan could rip it off. Ryia would notice that the creature now more closely resembled the other slimes. Only larger than the others. Despite Reinaan's slashing it still tried to overtake him. Moving towards the Reinaan and, if it was able to make contact with his body, it would attempt to surround the boy around his midsection.



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With the Draken's help, Ryia felt the arm that was attached to her suddenly go slack as the second core of the creature was destroyed. Bringing her sword up, the Earth Chosen cleaved off the remaining slime attached to her, only for it to naturally go back to its source. As Reinaan had begun striking at it wildly, it was clear that the creature had at least one more core to its form, though it certainly didn't seem to be that much different from the other slimes at this point. As it started to make its way towards Reinaan, it seemed that the Draken didn't have much of an idea where the core was and so the girl - now unhindered by its attacks - looked towards the slime. Seeing a similar dark green area in its center, the girl took a deep breath as she readied her blade. 

From all of her previous efforts, she knew she couldn't just bring her sword straight down onto the core from where she was - not only was it too dense to cut through all at once, her sword also just wasn't that long. So instead, getting her grip with two hands, the girl began to slash forward at the top of the slime. Lopping off a chunk of the slime, it still seemed that her blade wouldn't be able to reach it. And so she continued to slash more and more repeatedly. Taking off more of the slime, it seemed to stop paying attention to Reinaan and instead inched its way towards Ryia aiming to swallow her. Though she tried to continuously step away she realized that the slime attacking her was not the biggest of her issues. 

As she continued to slice against the slime's body, she started to feel a greater resistance from the creature, as it seemed to now be trying to envelope and crush her sword rather than her. Thinking she wouldn't be able to make it to the creature's core herself, Ryia shouted to the Draken, "Reinaan, there's another core. In the center." 

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Reinaan's attacks were certainly effective at tearing off chunks of the slime. But there had to be another core somewhere or else it would have melted already. And for that, the slashing was getting frustrating as it wasn't ultimately getting him anywhere. The creature seemed to be moving to grab at the Draken which he intercepted by slashing at the parts that moved towards him, but still that wasn't going to stop it from reforming and doing it again. It was Ryia who broke through the frustration by calling to the boy's attention that there was in fact another core after she had begun slashing away at the monster to get toward it. With both Chosen having slashed so much of the slime away, Reinaan now could see the core as well and didn't need much more than the Earth Chosen's calling attention to it to know what he had to do.

"Dead slime coming up!" he shouted as a means of psyching himself up. He wasn't entrely eager to but that didn't stop Reinaan from closing what distance there was between himself and the slime before he pressed his entire body up against it before drawing his hand with the flame claws back. With a shout he trust the claws into the mass of the slime which easily tore through the bulk of its matter. As it got closer to the core some resistance set in but not nearly enough to stop the fiery appendages from piercing deeply inside, ultimately striking and shattering the core inside. This would prove to be the large slime's last core as what was left began to melt away. Leaning into it as he had been, Reinaan found himself stumbling forward in Ryia's direction. In a split second he dropped his halberd in his off hand and retracted the flame claws to not hurt her as he began flailing his limbs about to find his balance unsuccessfully.

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"I don't think you want me having a go at that one." He heard Damien speak but didn’t bother to look his way.

“…” Lindow glared daggers down at the gooey organisms as they had a go at slowly devouring his legs. The first slime was now far too close to his body to risk wildly slashing at, and its accomplice would reach that point too if he didn’t act quickly. Feeling more eyes on him, the man glanced up to mages that were watching from a distance to see what kind of aid they were willing to offer. 

"I can't do much after they have a hold of you...unless you don't mind some seared flesh." Madelyn said. This was expected, she had already expressed a distaste for the Thunder Chosen, so why would she help him now? On the other hand, Kere’s maintained her usual silence. Though Lindow thought he could feel hesitation coming from the girl… 

“Tsk,” With a kiss of his teeth, Lindow returned his attention to his predicament. He’d have to handle it this himself. Sparks began to dance between his fingertips as he brought his hand up and called upon Lily’s strongest ability. In the same breath, the Third Blade had ignited and consumed the entirety of its wielder’s hand in cyan lightening. 

The man had slain enough magic users to know that shape and power of their spells were subject to change through their will. This knowledge of his prey and the first-hand experience he had received from the few times he managed to modify the properties of The Third Blade before now… these dire straits were a good as time as ever to try applying them both. 

“Let’s try this then!” Focusing the flow of energy towards his middle and index fingers, Lindow felt a tinge of excitement small precise blade was formed from his thoughts. Without wasting anytime, he quickly swiped the miniature Third Blade down his leg, wincing at the current of electricity that bit his thigh through his leather armor. The slime seemed none too pleased with his development , and quickly to pull back after tasting the sting of the Thunder spirits magic. Seeing this as an opportunity, Lindow thrusted the small blade through the creature's core, destroying it completely.  "Heh, would you look that?" Beaming with satisfaction the witch hunter turned his attention to the last slime as it tried its best to hurry up his ankle to his calf.

Though before he could strike at it with his magical construct, a brief flash of confusion could be seen on his face as he felt the Thunder Spirit's power suddenly flare before dissipating completely. Had gotten too excited? Nonetheless, with his right leg free, Lindow was able to twist body away from the remaining slime, before raising his short sword up high above his head a bringing it down heavily through the creature's core. 

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As the last slime melted away into the water the group held for a few moments in case of more attacks. When nothing happened there was a feeling of relief that could be felt by several of the members.

"What a mess." Madelyn said. "Good to see that you can handle that much. I'd be worried otherwise."

"You could say it was a...sticky situation." Damien said casually as he sheathed his blade and strolled on past the others on his way down the tunnel once more.

"You could, but you really shouldn't." Madelyn said with a groan.

Keres wasn't sure what to think of the exchange but she was somewhat disappointed that nothing remained of the slimes. Whatever traces left over was lost in the large puddle that was covering the floor. She was rather curious about them. The only equivalent she had seen in the swamp were the gelatinous cubes and they worked rather differently.

The group started out once more to try and reach the end of this tunnel without another incident. Partway through Keres let out a soft "Oh." Followed by. "Because slimes are sticky." She nodded to herself and continued on without a change in expression nor tone to indicate she realized she had been slow on the uptake.

The tunnel continued on for a good while until they realized that it was starting to move slightly upward. Finally, with another sense of relief, they were above the level of the water and found themselves at the end of this tunnel.

Madelyn ringed out the water from her robe with a look of disgust as the rest looked around.

It seemed that they were at the end of a fork. With one tunnel going back the way they came, but on the other side, which was presumably the tunnel they hadn't taken. It seemed to be about as narrow as it had been earlier.

However there was another tunnel branching off farther down the direction they had been heading. A single, wide, tunnel that gently sloped downward for enough distance they couldn't see the end.

"Pretty straight-forward, it seems." Damien noted as he leaned against the wall to rest a moment.

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