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    I bought my first house this week. Don’t have any furniture, but I have the bare minimum to get by. I’ll be getting it together piece by piece.
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    RIP Kazuki Takahashi, an actual legend
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    My Legion cosplay for Fanboy and Soda City
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    Jason David Frank's final film, Legend of the White Dragon, is getting a theatrical release! Labor Day weekend it drops!
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    Once Scarlet & Violet officially drop and we get an official count of the Paldean forms, how would a Pokémon original vs regional form tournament sound? It would include Paldean, Hisuian, Alolan, and Galarian forms and put them up against their original forms
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    Gotta love the poll titles for most of the polls I've seen here so far-- On another note, I'm finally free of a cast on the right arm, so today was a better day than I was expecting.
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    Hey all, have added the dono button back - as ever no obligation or pressure! Site isn't at risk of coming offline or anything, just cost of living do be increasing and the site does cost me money of which I don't run any ads or anything so. Love you all, thanks for continuing to use the site x
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    It do be kuru kuru tiemu.
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    When I started at the job I currently have almost 2 years ago, I was pushing 300 pounds. I'm happy to say that I'm down to 231 as of yesterday. I feel so much better, not in near as much pain either.
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    If you know, you know
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    Old cow on left, new cow on right:
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    I'm so happy to have a cat in my life again~
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    this week's darkest dungeon post we get a surprise appearance from the one miniboss i wasn't expecting
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    darkest dungeon is back in the new year with the second hag fight go team
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    I have finished all but two Christmas cards to my guards, with small gifts to show my appreciation. Love being able to give back around this time of the year!
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    FULL ODDS SHINY QWILFISH! Found it while trying to find the rare Bruxish spawn in Pokémon Scarlet!
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    Next batch of pizza: check polls
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    Starfall Street & Path of Legends are 2 of the BEST stories Pokémon has ever created! For 2 entirely different reasons too! All that's left for me to do is beat the Elite 4 and Champion to become a Champion-Ranked trainer, then... Post game time!
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    Walter Jones, Johnny Young Bosch, Karan Ashley, David Yost, and Austin St John have all made posts about JDF passing... it's still hard to think that part of my childhood and someone who made it awesome, is no longer here...
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    RIP to the original Green (and later White) Power Ranger, Jason David Frank
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    I'm about 2 hours into Pokémon Scarlet. Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't seem like you can fail catches. I caught one of the new mons and it was at near full health. One evolution of the new mons so far, and I like the progression from base form to 2nd stage.
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    I’m cancelling my tournament. My grandfather passed away this morning and I don’t have it in me to do the next round.
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    Hear ye, hear ye, I have come to make an announcement. Congrats to @radio414 for their Götterdämmerung being the second completed RP on NCM (and the first that started on NCM) Shout outs to @Comrade Duck and @Chaos Sonic the chads who saw it through to the end.
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    Waifu CowCow exists https://cardfight.fandom.com/wiki/Munch_Munch_Lunch,_Cowlina
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    Some friends of mine have decided we're gonna have a duel night, for a King of Games championship that one of them is getting made, and I'm the only one out of the 6 that runs pendulums. This ought to be interesting. I'm gonna be running Dinomist for those wondering.
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    RIP Coolio. He will now forever rest in Gangsta's Paradise... 59 is way too young
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    There's a 40 minute Nintendo Direct AND a PlayStation State of Play tomorrow. Should be an interesting day for gaming news tomorrow
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    Returned from the Arkansas Comic Con...and I had the biggest blast there! Met the OG Pink Ranger as well as Bulk and Skull from my childhood nostalgia...plus got to meet Hawks, Shoto, Tokoyami and quite a number of other VAs!
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    Hope y'all are well. There's a lotta awful shit happening in the world but I wish y'all the best. May all of the challenges you face be met and overcome by you. Ducky loves you.
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    Round 2 of Pokemon polls have started
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    Beauty is skin deep. This means that skeletons are ugly.
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    The most unrealistic thing for me in video games is how well the characters remember stuff
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    My fone recognized this as a doc Got a free breakfast from Starbucks Got a free breakfast from Tim Hortons Didn't personally eat both of them* Tried Cheesecake Factory for the first time as a "someone else pays for it" kind of meal *but I still died
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    Just got back from a birthday meal, so I won't be having yet, but birthday cake: The only cake I've had based on a kuki before was an Oreo like one.
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    If the leaks I just read for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet are true... I'm curious how others will take them
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    Thank you Kazuki Takahashi for a game, anime, and manga that was pretty much my life throughout all of high school. Pokemon was the first TCG I played, but Yugioh is the one that got me hooked onto card games for the past...almost 20 years now.
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    @Thar got picked up by the YouTube algorithm and dropped into my recommended feed, what the fuck
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    elon stans are the absolute saddest and weirdest people
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    Back in middle school, my townhome neighbors got be a bunch of Yugioh packs for my birthday. A few years later, my dad ordered a bulk order of cards from Ebay. I played the game with a few high school friends in the lunchroom against the questioning looks from others without a care in the world, and I won one match at a tournament that one friend brought me to, which was more than I could've asked for. At that time, I joined a forum for a site that marketed itself with its own card maker, where I met a bunch of cool people that I still speak with today. RIP Kazuki Takahashi
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    Come one, come all, so I have enough people that I have an excuse to reject Yui after all his hard work.
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    The full version of stars we chase released today and is probably going to end up being my most listened to song this year.
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    i have a good time seeing fishie
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    Bandcamp is donating their cut of music sales to the NAACP this Friday, so if you're looking to buy an album that would be a cool time to do it.
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    Finally watched No Way Home nice
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