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    25 years later, I've finally completed Crash 1.
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    So, that job I mentioned before? I got it. I now make 6 figs working remotely. My girlfriend and I are planning on moving to Columbia, SC soon.
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    you either die based or live long enough to become cringe
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    RIP to the legendary John Madden
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    I got hired by a company called Cognizant as an Oracle Developer. According to my onboarding documents, my official start day is January 3rd. I’ll be making $24 hourly. I’m still waiting on my placement at the moment. Hope to have that on Monday.
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    Between running my first ever DND session and therapy, I gotta say, I'm slowly starting to find reasons to keep my feet flat on the ground instead of heel up on my back.
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    GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!!! After some pain staking work, between myself, @Kazooie and @yui along with the Citra moderators...I CAN NOW PLAY POKÉMON Y!!! Come tomorrow, a new journey can begin: the Pokémon Chaos Y Saga!!!
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    Crash 2, done.
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    Recently came across a site that uses AI to generate images of new "Pokémon". https://nokemon.eloie.tech/
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    Steam: Omg the games on your wishlist are on sale!!!! Again!!!! Me: Cool thanks I have 17 cents.
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    Well, my bout with Covid was fairly short. Did a test today and came back negative. Still will have to check tomorrow and Monday since those are days 5 and 6 after I got my first Positive result. Still have a slight cough, but I've always had a cough, which is probably related to my less than great lifestyle choices.
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    Well had my interview today, and didn't even get out of town before I was phoned and told I had the job and I start tomorrow. Do think I still could've done the interview a bit better as there were times I had to pause to think of an answer as I struggle to list off my strengths, but it all worked out well considering I didn't prepare at all.
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    Hello everyone, this is my first time on this platform and I just want to say that I am looking forward to sharing my ideas with you and I hope we can get along.
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    First round of polls for Round 2 of the Hot Wheels tournament are up, for those who are interested.
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    Happy Birthday, Enguin! Congratulations on making it to the age of 13!
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    me as a small child: "nice! i just learned how to spell pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis! i don't have a reason for this knowledge but it is very important to me. me now: "nice! i just learned how to spell asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar i don't ..."
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    I'd like to give a shout out to @Chaos Sonic who somehow has been consistently reliable for...ever, basically. An RP VIP right there.
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    Happy Birthday, monster account
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    Dimension and Spectrum themes are now available for usage.
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    I first time back in months and I come back to these shitty themes. The status bar is not worth this.
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    Just a heads-up, of the five different media this Satoshi Kon project has been/will be covering, Millennium Actress is my favorite. I will hear no slander about this movie. (insert "in print it's libel" joke here) (anyway go read the blog post)
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    If you intend on drinking this St. Patrick's Day, do what Patricia didn't do this year, and drink responsibly. Happy St. Patrick's Day.
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    psa: don't spam message people weird things and when confronted avoid answering and make alt accounts to try and dodge ban
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    Well, with the CYL results out, I'm probably going to go with either Tiki or Seliph, depending on play style. And speaking of Seliph, my next +10 is done, aside getting a +Atk copy.
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    And she's calling a cab And I'm calling a cab And we're both calling a cab And the cab is calling a cab
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    Well, my birthday is now over and it was pretty good. Me and family went out and saw Spiderman: No Way Home and it was a good movie. Though I am fairly easy to please as the only movie I left a showing of was Hotel for Dogs and that was entirely due to 10 year old me starting to cry so my mum took me outside. Other than that pretty uneventful, tomorrow I'm then going out with my older brother and my sister to a Japanese restaurant we haven't been to in a few years.
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    3 years ago today the first trailer for Avengers Endgame dropped... crazy!
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    I have an interview with a fortune 200 company tomorrow at 3. Wish me luck because if it goes well, I’ll be relocating. Possibly to either New Jersey or Texas.
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    I wanna give a shout-out to @Thar for taking over my hot wheels tournament, it's just working 6 days a week, and starting a new relationship (literally happened on Saturday before work) it's hard to juggle that plus the tournament
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    Finished my Anna run in Fates, and despite not playing for a few months I still managed a time of 5:11 which is 10 minutes faster than Elise's. Did buy/obtain more 2 more skills though.
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    An 80ish pound pallet fell on my knee and now I'm on light duty work for 2 weeks... I hate it...
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    2nd +10 healer done. Just need to grind out the Forging Bonds event and then Saleh will be my 30th +10.
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    The blag just hit page four! It's very exciting, I think, and just in time to hit the halfway point of the Planetes posts.
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    Well after doing all 4 sparks, I got Eirika to +5 and she is extremely fun to use. Also managed to get Marth to +4, and got 3 Gatekeepers. Only got 1 Marianne, who was from a spark. Time to go find a couple of units which may want Gatekeeper's skills.
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    Doing work at a charity shop and it has started bucketing down, leading to people just sitting on available furniture waiting for it to pass.
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    Came out to someone IRL for the first time today. feelsweirdman
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    fyi all there's a discord thing going around right now where someone messages you wanting to test their game, do not open it. Yes I opened it, yes I was trying to be polite, yes things were almost immediately charged to my account and yes I should've realized sooner.
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    fun fact this post is the 69th reply to my blag. it's not my 69th post because of some old comments in there but i still hope you think this post is nice
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    I've realized just now, I have a platform in my Character Retrospective blog to talk about my DB RP character I've had the joy of playing for a while now...this is most excellent :3
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    wow hot take click the link below for even more space-related hot takes
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    I found juice with nata de coco, called "Mogu Mogu." Just had the mango one and it was hontoni delicious or dare I say, "Yummy!"
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    The single thing I hope for the Nintendo E3 is the thing most unlikely to happen...people being pleasant after ?
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    tfw you think you have the right size adapter to connect your camera to your telescope viewfinder, only for it to be 1mm too big
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    I just had a thought... now stay with me on this... during the Cell Saga in DBZ, Goku was Super Saiyan for a whole week before he faced Cell and Goten was conceived that week right? That means Chi-Chi literally had a being stronger than a planet killer, Frieza, and he had become exceptionally stronger since then... and she lived to give birth. So she's stronger than a planet right?
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