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  1. rhythm heaven fever punch-out!! mario strikers charged
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    did someone say chu-chu?
  3. Well, nobody else got the reference, but then again, it was really just for Z. and Z. alone. That was fine. What was less fine was Es the Rotom deciding to make fun of them. “Oh my god, read a…” No, hold on. “Go watch a…” They paused and realized that they weren’t actually sure what the reference was, just that it was one they’d made. The gap in their memory extended to that too. That was even more frustrating than the original slight, honestly, even if Z. still had to respond to it all the same. “Just get some culture into that traffic cone of a head, why don’t you?” they said as they ascended into the void waiting for them higher up the stairs. Unlike the previous black-fogged thresholds Z. had crossed so far in their new life as a Zorua, this one actually took a while to get through. It didn’t feel like Z. was moving at all, or perhaps they were moving but not under their own power. Perhaps that ambiguity was part of the point. Z. didn’t take too much stock in any of that, though, instead they spent the time trying to parse some of the more “out there” moments in a past hour that had already been pretty “out there.” They were a Zorua now. Sure, that was, like, the first coherent thought they’d had as soon as they woke up but that didn’t mean it hadn’t taken this long to actually process what that meant. Now there was a whole bunch of stuff they had to figure out about themselves all over again. The illusion thing was one such example. They hadn’t even thought of that as a thing they could do until they’d actually gone and done it, probably because they hadn’t internalized it, and still really hadn’t. It stood to reason that they “knew” some moves too, would they be able to use those when the chips came down? Then again, their brain certainly hadn’t rejected any of those ideas either, unlike the time, say, that Cubone tried to imply Z. was something they weren’t, so it wasn’t all bad. Of course, if they allowed themselves to have some fucking empathy (as they once told Summer, a phrase they then followed with “you ignominious twat”), that probably meant everyone else was going through something similar. And yeah, they’d seen some of that too. Since they were thinking about abilities, all those intrusive thoughts they’d been getting were probably the Noibat’s fault. Z. figured they’d probably have to push her to figure those out as well. Plus whatever was going on with Es, plus the Clobbopus getting stuck to a pillar like he did (no matter how funny it was in the moment)... Hopefully, they all knew this too, but it was better to be safe than sorry. The void finally dissipated, and despite, you know, making it up the stairs first, Z. still found themselves surrounded by everyone else, faced with a new set of twisting passages, all alike. The group was slightly less alone than they were on the previous floor, though. Someone was trying to make contact with them, to encourage them onwards and upwards. This would have been all well and good, though the sing-song musical way the voice in their head phrased themselves grated a bit. “That better not be you, ears,” Z. said. Noibat had proven she could joke, but there was a stark difference between puns and snarks and whatever this was if it was indeed a joke. “You heard the voice,” Hector said, though Z. wasn’t sure how he figured that out without, you know, asking about it. He went on to say the same stuff the other ex-mod had, all stuff that was barely worth listening to the first time, though at least he ended with something interesting. “I’ll take point,” he said, as he walked off and immediately into a wall. “Okay, counterpoint,” Z. said once they’d composed themself after a few quick chuckles. “I hear you. I see you. But why doesn’t someone who has figured out how to move properly go first?” They pushed through the crowd just in time to make it to the exit to their right, and, unlike Hector, managed to stop themselves before they hit the wall that appeared in the way. At least, they did for a moment, before six Hectors ran into Z. from behind and forced them into it face first. “Fatherfucker,” was Z.’s immediate reaction, both to the obvious stimuli and the immediate realization of the consequences of their actions, though, muffled by unidentifiable stone, it came out more like “Ffffkuh.” When they popped back out, they had more. “Yeah, changed my mind. Gonna stay as far away as possible. Give me a shout if something stupid happens again, I guess, but otherwise, yeah. Or don’t. Whatever.” The way left seemed to stretch onwards, winding around the corner and out of sight, an opportunity Z. relished, even as the sounds of movement up ahead grew more and more pronounced and the strange voice’s warning about hostile Pokémon came back to the forefront of Z.’s thoughts.
  4. aeiouaeiouaeiouaeiou uuuuuuuuuuuuu john madden john madden
  5. gonna try they/he pronouns for a bit, mostly to indicate a preference for the former but we'll see how it goes.

    1. Kay Faraday

      Kay Faraday

      Try 'em on, see how they fit!

      Throw 'em out the window if they aren't it!

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      mood and understood

  6. i don't know why, in the year of our lord two thousand and twenty-two current year argument, i am still seeing people coughing or sneezing into their hands, but i'm not a fan

  7. the ravages of thyme
  8. there's hulk and she-hulk but what about they-hulk

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      "did you just ASSUME MY GENDER" *rips off shirt*

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      When will we ever get he-hulk 😔

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  9. Chris supposed he should be grateful that everyone had been truthful about their dungeon progress. It certainly would have been unfortunate if anyone had been lying only to get bopped by the seemingly all-seeing magic dungeon filter. As it stood, the only immediate difficulty was not losing one’s lunch after getting shunted to wherever floor eleven was. They’d already been egged on enough by Hector (and Hector’s cook), they didn’t need to be reminded so soon after the meal. Still, “immediate danger” was a bit generous of a phrase when there certainly was danger up ahead as well. Ten dangers, to be precise, in the form of skeletons, some of which were clearly cognizant enough to wield a sword or aim a bow. “I don’t actually know how to deal with these,” Chris said. “Normally I just stab in the fleshy bits, but, like, that’s obviously not going to work. Do we bash the skulls in? Magic?” He took his sword out all the same. The stairs weren’t immediately apparent. That was a problem too, though it was one for future them, the ones that managed not to get slashed or stabbed or… boned(?) in the meantime. On the bright side, they were only outnumbered two to one, which was better odds than many of Lana, Estellise, and his fights had gone before this. “Could just remove all the limbs too, that’d keep the threat down at least, even if they’d still be moving around a bit,” Chris said. “Anyway, they haven’t noticed us yet, so let’s try to seize the moment while we still can. We’ll figure out the rest, I’m sure.” He picked out one of the sabre-rattlers on the right, pointing at it directly with his sword, and charged ahead.
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