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  1. Yes there are plenty already I have no idea why you'd think there wouldn't be more 137
  2. Don't think ever got to use an Atari or anything earlier so it'd be NES cause we had an NES 136
  3. I imagine this as how Caesar imagines himself
  4. dead deceased ceasing to be what the heck why how who 9/10
  5. I've always been a big Werewolf/Lycan fan tbh and that hasn't really changed. 135
  6. It seemed that they were not the only ones with the idea to use the tower. Much like with the burrows it appeared that someone else had made this their spot. The realization that they might have run right into trouble caused Sabrina to slow some but Marshall and Abby both stepped past in order to address them. “...Greetings. Are you friend, or foe?” "Also, what's in there?" Sabrina thought for a moment that they were about to fling the tarp off and reveal some eldritch creature. That they had just interrupted a group of cultists who were planning to use the incoming lightning to revive a dark god....but the response was much more mundane than her imagination would have it. The group of them didn’t respond right away, and instead looked to converse with each other for a moment. Then after that passed they answered, “we’re the hunting party. Who are all of you?” Their tone of voice being more cautious and confused then hostile. Which meant that what was in the tarp was likely some sort of prey. Sabrina's shoulders slumped a bit and she realized a part of her was hoping it'd be something more exciting. But then she perked back up at the opportunity to introduce herself. "Fufufu, who am I?" Sabrina stepped forward and put a hand in front of her eyepatch before stretching the other out towards the strangers. "Hark, mortals! For you stand before Dracona! She who has obtained the power of dragons, she who is destined to save this des...destitute world!" She paused for a long moment then added, "And companions." There was another pause, though no discussion happened this time. Then the same one shouted, “what?!” A few seem to be discussing again before the first again said, “alright come over, you’re gonna get blasted by lightning if you stay there.” Sabrina blinked a few times, hands still in position, as if she was frozen in place. That...wasn't the response she expected. "Ah....yes, I shall...take you up on your offer! For one as mag...mag...magnamicent as me must take it upon herself to accept such...uh, things!" Sabrina would then scurry closer to them after glancing over at the others and awkwardly shrugging.
  7. Trevor's words remained in Mauvache's messages without any sort of indication of reception for some time. Were he to check it later he would see that it had been "seen" but no response to it was given. When the duo returned from their triumph Bartleby would greet them warmly. Or rather he would expend the energy to crane his neck and look at them for a while before letting out a low "Slaaaa...." sound. Eventually the next day would come and with it....not much else. At least not at first. A news story would at some point appear on their watches about "Fact or Fiction: Are the rumors of giant skeletons seen prowling the graveyards at night real, fake, or something even more sinister....a prank show?" However they didn't seem to get any indication from Mauvache if this was something they had to deal with and any further investigation would show this had been happening every few days for the past month. What happened next was fully in the four new Guardian's hands. Yes, four, not three. For it seemed that destiny was trying to bring their fourth member back to them after their harrowing underwater journeys. Whether destiny succeeds or not is not in its hands. However this didn't stop the group from doing what they wanted with that morning.
  8. I'm pretty up front about what I do or don't like if asked but I also don't dislike a lot. Hm. I think at most I've sometimes told someone "It's fine" when I didn't really like it but I can't think of anything specific. 134
  9. Gonna keep the trend of bouncing off previous answer Best "X-sette" form?
  10. If Chris looked closer at the darkness he'd notice that it didn't fade into black like usual darkness. Instead there was a certain point down the stairs that it simply cut off into a screen of blackness. The sight he saw when turning back was not the most heartening either. The Bodak had been slowed and had taken a tumble down the steps but it was already back up and approaching again. The undead paused as it started up the steps and grabbed the dagger still in its head. It yanked it out and took a look at it. There was a moment where the creature seemed lost in thought, if such a thing had any thoughts, as it looked at the dagger but then it resumed its approach. This time holding the dagger properly as though it were intending to use the weapon. Lana would feel the paralysis more strongly in her arm now which made that arm nearly useless. The ghoul grappling with Ziun didn't seem as strong as the zombies had been but it was strong enough. Especially as the paralysis seemed to be working harder now. Ziun would find every movement difficult to do. The creature would have overpowered him by now but Estelle, using her awkward makeshift weapon, stabbed the short blade of light into the creature's back. It barely seemed to notice it but it noticed it just enough that Ziun was able to squirm out of its grip. Though as soon as it noticed that it had lost the advantage on Ziun the ghoul sprang back up, ready to attack Estelle or Ziun. Whichever one moved first.
  11. For some reason this is the first thing that came to mind Favorite dragon?
  12. As you know I spent too long trying to find a list and I gave up. And so I will just This is one I don't think is nearly as bad as many people say and I enjoy it 133
  13. At long last, it is my turn to be the one to bump an AMA after someone else bumps theirs
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