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  1. Was good, got real good, bit weaker end, 8.5/10
  2. not a fan of that sort of singing for 90% of a song, fun music, 6/10
  3. the spooky part is i absolutely do NOT remember this being the song for this track despite playing it so many times back in the day
  4. I love the lyrics, the song itself sorta boring, 6.5/10 7/10, was overall good but nothing that stood out to me. I like the vocals/guitar girl, she neat
  5. Street Squad The woman watched lazily from her perch as the group broke through and dodged away from the stones that fell from the sky. If they took a moment to look at her they'd notice that she looked...bored. She wasn't moving much and the rocks were doing all the work. As they fell they could see more simply forming in the air and dropping down on them. And still the woman sat and watched. "Devin! Melissa!" Morgan called out. "Hit me! As hard as you can! Just don't pierce through my head or chest!" A smirk appeared on the woman's face. So this strange creature, which made her think of a Banette, wanted to be hit hard was it? Suddenly the stone rain changed. Focusing on the area directly around Morgan. Leaving the others free from the falling rocks Morgan would now find the rain in her vicinity to triple in amount. Enough that they, with their slower movements, would find it harder to dodge. It was then that the woman spoke finally. Calling out loudly to the three that had entered her field of vision. "If you're going to actually DO something you better do it now! I was getting bored breaking these flying things. Try and put up a bit more of a fight then they did or I'll just crush you just the same!" Office Oarmy The monkey-like creatures seemed to be growing more worked up as the group kept them at bay. In fact they noticed that a couple of them were causing some sort of uproar. Making loud noises that was creating a shockwave of energy that broke apart more of the ice that Fen had created. They were about to swarm when Trevor's thunderbolts began to fly. They tried to dodge out of the way while making it closer but it seemed that they had slowed in their assault due to having to avoid being struck. Then when they were struck with the water they let out confused cries of "roth!" before the lightning that Trevor produced arced straight for them. Even as they moved the electricity branched out and caused a chain reaction. Electrocuting all of the creatures and seemingly knocking them unconscious. As they were downed the strange dark portals they saw the other day, which had claimed the beasts they fought when first arriving here, appeared and sucked their unconscious bodies in. However their fight seemed to have stirred something up because they could hear noises from the floors above them. It seemed these weren't the last of these creatures.
  6. The second day came and Cid found himself thinking hard about what he would do next. Not because of his upcoming match. He didn't really give much thought to that at all. No, what was on his mind was something his sister had asked. He had been eating breakfast peacefully, not having to worry about waking his sister up for school as it was the weekend, when she suddenly came out and said "I want to talk to another pro." Cid had at first been confused by why it had to be someone other than him. But then she went on to explain that he avoided answering too much and she wanted to get some answers from someone who would give them. He supposed he hadn't been as subtle with his question dodging as he might hope. He was slightly proud at how easily his sister picked up on that but he also sorta wished she would be a bit dumber. Would make things easier for him. Reluctantly, to get her to stop staring at him while he ate, he agreed to set something up. Which is why he was leaning against the wall, staring at the clouds, trying to figure out what to do. It wasn't as though he knew many people and of those he knew he didn't really keep in contact with them. The easiest solution would be to find someone in the tournament but even that he'd need to find their contact information. The memory of the trip to the bar popped into his mind. The guy there was another competitor so he was probably some level of pro. But he wasn't sure he wanted to talk to him again. The memory did remind him that he had absently given out, and received, his contact information. Which reminded him of another instance that he stumbled on the number of a fellow professional. So with a sigh he checked his, rather sparse, contact list and found the name. He vaguely recalled the girl's face and that she was part of the tournament so he figured that might be best bet. He placed the call and got a response quickly. "Hellllooo?" The drawn out, monotone voice of Leila answered. Cid hung up immediately out of instinct. Then, taking a breath, and reminding himself he was going through this for Heather, called again. She answered and responded the same way. Seemingly not put off by Cid's response. "Yeah, uh, hello. Look this is real awkward I don't know if you remember me but I have something I'd like your help with." "Hmm...hmmm...hmmmm..." The girl mulled over it for a bit before replying, "alright. Sounds good. I'll help...Who is this?" Cid couldn't believe the girl would agree so quickly without even knowing what it was. Or who was calling. Which also was weird because his name should have showed up when he called. "You don't...did my name not...oh whatever. Cid Carlyle, I'm in the tournament too. How do I say...alright so basically my sister wanted to talk with another competitor so I thought I'd...ask someone...right, this is stupid isn't it." "Cid?....ooooh, Cid....oooh! Cid." After a moment of listening to his request there was a pause before the girl replied. "Hm. Hm. Sounds fun. I'll help." He could almost audibly hear her nod over the phone. Then the call ended. After a few seconds Cid's phone rang again before the girl asked, "where are we meeting?" He spent a few moments recovering from the weird pacing of the conversation. Was this girl okay? But then he shook his head and responded. He named a place that should be easy to find and wasn't too public, to avoid people swarming to ask questions, before hanging up and staring at his phone a bit longer just in case she called again. With a sigh he entered the home and called out to his sister "Get ready, I called them, we're heading out in 10."
  7. 6.5/10, pretty solid well huh makes ya think um.... 7/10
  8. oh my god 7/10 and I just realized how I rated these huh
  9. if space 6 was so good why isnt there a space 7 Well, that was an odd one. I almost can't justify calling this a song for part of it but like, it wasn't bad really, so....6/10
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