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  1. This was the moment...Floor 11 of this dungeon. Ziun was excited and nervous about being in the presence of such a massive contraption and even being able to bypass the prior ten floors in the process, his fear was that they'd have to redo them again after he cleared them before. Thankfully, this wasn't the case at all. Truly this was a blessing of the gods in his favor. However, now a new frontier awaited him and his newfound allies in the 11th floor...what horrors would await them? Soon the mist laden floor ended up being set before them, to which there was more than just the mist that covered every inch of this room...there were also strange, lanky creatures. Upon further inspection... "Animated skeletons...fascinating..." he muttered, taking this moment to pull out a quill and a small notepad, writing a few things down. "Inspiration right away, truly a blessing to my patron of poetry and music..." While this was going on, the others seemed to be talking amongst themselves in figuring out what to do in this situation. "Oh, this sounds like a good time to blow them all up... or like, do some illusion stuff to uh...illusion them. And then we just run straight ahead, since that's gotta be where the stairs are right?" Ziun's ears perked up at hearing this from Lana before immediately putting the quill back in his hat and hiding his notepad away. In an instant, he grabbed his lute and gave the young girl a small smirk. "Ah, I suppose it's time for me to take action then, no?" he said, stepping forward. "With our comrade Chris already charging ahead...I suppose I can make it to where our obstacles are distracted...now if you'll excuse me..." With a slow exhale, he closed his eyes for a moment. He knew what to do, conjure an illusion to distract the bone headed adversaries before them. Ah, but what was the fun of just doing that when he could also have himself a bit of a show in the process? "The moment you see an opportunity, feel free to strike, aye?" BGM Ziun's eyes flew open, his lute being strummed within quite the manner as a song was being played and performed...and in the process, above the skeleton's skulls, a various array of beautiful lights began to light up in time with his melody and even...in a hypnotic dance...as the lights began to take the shape of what some could call in legends and myths: fae. These dancing lights now turned fae began to hopefully garner the attention of these animated skeletons, if only long enough for an assault to be had on them by his newfound allies. "Whenever you feel the need to assist, my dears, please join in the dance." Ziun smirked.
  2. "Fufu, of course this is another world, do you not feel the weight of fate upon thine shoulders? We didn't simply d...lose our lives, we were given a chance to fulfill a grand destiny!" Initially, Eric didn’t. Same time, any normal person probably wouldn’t at first. After all, they did just die, so why would any of them feel like the “chosen one” trope? All the same, however, Eric did tend to shrink back a little the moment the one in the mascot costume started shouting and raving. Still, this "Sabrina" or "Draconia" individual seemed...extravagant...more so than he would've thought someone was. Hell, he had his dreams to which he hid within and it's fantasy world where he was a hero, but she seemed to have brought that style and side of reality into the real world...or...at least the "afterlife" that this was. "Stop with the fucking destiny bullshit! I don't care how much weebshit you watched, we're not special, no one chose us, none of that shit! That asshole shot himself," ...aren't you just a ray of sunshine... Eric thought, sliding his hands into his pockets for a moment. At the same time though, did she have a point? Were they there just by happenstance or by "destiny"? He let out a slight sigh, deciding to slink back for a moment...until... The church bells...they rang once more...chiming loudly just as they did when they first awoke to this location. One chime...nothing new... A second chime...the world went lightless... A third... Finally a fourth returned things to normal...or did it? A door now appeared at the very back of the church where once there was a wall. A way out, so now they could leave, but that wasn't all. A chair in front of the serpentine image...with a bizarre young girl sitting in it. This screamed heavy importance to Eric, if all the shows and games he ingested and enjoyed would be led to believe. “...Greetings!” "Haven't you heard of a little thing called, 'Sleeping Dragon'?! I'm pretty sure we'd be toast if this thing woke up." "Fufufu, it is as I thought. M-my dragon b-blood tells me I have n-nothing to fear, f-for this being b-before you surely is, uh, kindred...a kindred spirit! No, I mean a....s-she's probably important somehow!" "...just throwing caution to the wind? Yeah...somehow that's not surprising..." Eric muttered with another sigh. He looked down to the floor for a bit, before noticing something new: his hand and wrist. It now was adorned with some strange marking...and the more he tried to inspect it and figure out what it was, the more he was simply puzzled and dumbfounded by it. The young man thought it best, at least for the time being, to not worry about that but instead worry about the now waking dragon girl they had. "a-and what's that? Heroes, right? W-we're heroes?" “I believe the term she used was ‘Exalted.’” Eric rubbed the back of his neck at hearing this. "Exalted? So just being a person held in high regard, so to speak? Huh...won't lie...if whoever called us here, led us to this 'afterlife' or whatever...if they're calling us 'Exalted'...I thiiiiiiiink they may have a sick sense of humor." he stifled out a slight chuckle before immediately clamming up. That would put him in the spotlight...which was the last thing he needed. It would be best to just go recluse mode and just sit back, listen and observe.
  3. File 6 - A Dewford Trip Pt. 2 ~ The Long Awaited
  4. Zane had to stop in his tracks as his ears twitched slightly. What was that he just heard behind him? It almost sounded like… *Glub Glub* “...that’s what I was hoping I didn’t just hear.” Zane muttered, slowly turning on his heel to look in the direction of the water that had accumulated on the ground of the lower decks. In a moment of impossibility, the arctic wolf noticed the water rising…and took on an appearance and formed. It wasn’t Mobian by any stretch of the imagination…or…at least any Mobian he ever saw. The form honestly looked foreign…alien like if anything. Was it actually an alien? He really hoped it wasn’t. Regardless, it seemed to look at Zane with a slight head tilt, with not a word. “Uh…hi…?” Zane slowly lifted a hand to wave. BGM He wasn’t sure if that was the moment it took notice and decided he was a threat or what, but after Zane did that, the creature’s liquid-like arm shot out towards his direction like that of a tentacle. “WHOA!!” the arctic wolf recoiled at seeing this, immediately backing up a bit. “Hey, listen, I dunno who or what you are, but at least let’s get to know each other before you try and attack me like this!” Zane readied about two icicles in his hand, preparing to defend himself. Same time, he figured he needed to let the others know about this situation. In a quick moment, he threw the two icicles at the watery creature before making a mad dash in the direction he arrived from, hoping he could find a control panel with a function for him to talk to the others. These ships had those intercom things around all over, right…? The creature looked at Zane, almost confused, as the icicles flew straight through his liquid body. It paused for a moment, before its entire body morphed in one fluid movement to face Zane once again. This time, both of its arms shot out, trying to grab hold of the Arctic Wolf. "Guntiver's furry hide!!!" Zane shouted, almost sorry he used his ancestors name in vain there, as the creature materialized in front of him, attempting to grab him. "Look, again...you seem like a real great dude...but what your giving me is a chilly reception! I think you need to cool down a bit!" The air around Zane began to lower in temperature as he attempted to freeze the creature in its place. In the meantime...with him not being able to get to any area with a intercom... "HEY!!! GOT A SITUATION HERE!!! S.O.S! SOMETHING!!!" he shouted as loud as he could.
  5. I'll be leaving arachnids out of this, as they aren't exactly the same as insects themselves. I have a few bug facts: Insects are on every continent EXCEPT Antarctica (which is surprising, you'd think there'd be a type of icy insect or something that's immune to the cold) Adult Ladybugs eat more than 50 Aphids per day...per DAY The female leaf insect can reproduce without the need of mating with a male According to science, the Morpho Dragonfly, the blue wings it has a respiratory system in them...so by all accounts, the wings are also alive
  6. It seemed to work perfectly, just as he hoped it would! With the combined efforts of all those there, aside from Z. and Es, they moved the pillar to use as a makeshift bridge...though...at the same time...it was sort of...not all good with the latter part of it...considering it never reached the other side. "Ah, hell, you gotta be kidding me is it not long enough? .... God...damn...stupid suction cups!" “How’s it hanging? Bet you feel like a sucker, don’t you? You pull a mussel or something?” "Hang on, we'll get ya down! Or the pillar at least, sorta on you to let go of it." “Urgh… Everyone… okay?” Marv watched this all play out the way it did, and he couldn't help but sigh heavily from it. ...at least, the plan sorta worked... On one hand, they actually had a thing of team work going on and they did something good. Downside, the pillar didn't reach the other side and then...of course, he heard Es speak up. “...Though, it’s not like that would matter, given that there’s nnnnowhere to go in that direction.” "...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Marv exclaimed, his hand now smacking his forehead. "...Arceus...damnit..." he muttered. All that hard work and rallying a group just to try and do this, all in vain to find out that there wasn't anything even over there. All because someone decided to forge ahead in the wrong direction and then everyone else followed suit. Naturally, he had the thought before of just going in the opposite direction, but in a place like this...who would even think of splitting apart from the group? "Anyone else think we should just go the way that doesn't make us do a buncha pointless crap?" Marv let out a huge sigh of defeat, lowering his head and his upper body to the point of it just hanging down in front of him. "...I mean...do we even have a choice at this point? Cause if Z.'s way was a bust...then it means all this could've just been avoided if we..." he let out a groan, stopping himself before he said anything else. He didn't want to dig himself a grave, especially right now in the body of a Treecko. He then began to wave his hand in defeat. "I guess we may as well." Finally standing back upright, Marv looked at the others and sighed. "I'm sorry about that everyone, it was an idea at least..." And yet the story of my life...or...is it? the Treecko held his head for a moment, that part did sort of hurt if he tried thinking on it too hard. Honestly, even without him thinking hard on things past that forum, Marv's head was hurting...must've just been the fact of the constant attempts of trying to figure out puzzles. Now that he remembered: he wasn't too fond of em.
  7. Whether Tis Nobler in the Mind "The island of Galatea had a similar problem. Worshiping Nothing. It got a lot of people killed. Kitt and I spoke with our patrons. We believe the effects of worshiping Nothing is plaguing even the gods themselves. Dia's waters dried up because of it. Blasphemous prayers turned people to stone. It's something you shouldn't be meddling with. I'm hoping that you'll listen to reason and drop this charade. It may be a bandage for your people but you aren't actually solving anything. As real as these... what to even call them? Perhaps illusions fits best. As real as these illusions may seem, Joy, they are just that. In the end, this will do more harm than good. And I have no desire to harm you. I would much rather persuade you. Please, Joy. This has to end. For all our sakes." Kitt was genuinely surprised at Olivander taking the lead here in trying to advocate for the peaceful route. Perhaps a bit of his desire for peaceful diplomacy had rubbed off on the thief...then again...perhaps the same could be said for the bloodthirsty nature of a killer...that could've rubbed off on him too. Nevertheless, Kitt stared at Joy, hoping to hear something. Joy did not immediately react to Olive's plea. Her light did not fade and her face did not change. Eventually, though, she turned around. "Just because I am not aware of your escapades does not mean I don't know the consequences of my actions," she said. "There is no way to keep a populace energized for the perpetual state of celebration I'd envisioned. The ceremony has become more and more central to these things because that's all these parties have become. Not to mention I am keenly aware of the diminishing reality of the island. Some day, as we cast more and more into the fire, the... 'illusions' as you call them will be all that's left. I force myself to remember these things every night. But there are other reasons, too, why I chose the arena I did. Come with me." With that, she started to walk away. Kitt glanced at Olivander before watching Joy begin to move forward, and he began to follow her. "So you know what you happen to be doing...and you know the consequences of your actions, yet...you still continue? Why is that?" "Do you tend to only know one or the other?" Joy asked, but she did not wait for an answer. "Ah, well. Did I tell you this story before? When I arrived here on Andalou, the only building still standing was the temple, and only just. I believe you've seen this, otherwise you wouldn't have questioned the ceremony as you did last night. I'm a watchdog of Laeta, but even I could not find the joy in a place such as that, so I deigned to create some." "...you created this?" Kitt pondered, nodding some. It made sense, somewhat. If the temple was the only thing that was here on the island, considering it had seen better days from what he saw, it being the crux of where it all started would also make sense. "Do the others know of this? ...the facade of the island, I mean." "Of course they do. Do you think I would lie to everyone else and not you?" "Truthfully speaking...if it was to preserve the island's integrity you made...then yes." he sighed. "I feel that was too harsh of an assumption, I apologize." "Well," Joy said, her expression changing at last to something a bit more wry. "It's good to get that off your conscience before one of us ends up brutally murdering the other." That comment made Kitt feel a chill run up and down his spine. "Jumping to conclusions...if at all possible, if we could get through this without bloodshed, it would benefit us all...." he looked at Joy, before shaking his head. "Unless you believe peace is not an option for this." Joy's expression turned further into a grimace. "I believe I presented a perfectly adequate peaceful alternative. It's not like the Swallow Tail has disembarked since I last spoke, has it?" "You simply suggest we leave and let you continue this...that's an ultimatum, not a peaceful alternative solution." Kitt explained. "If this is what the gods have brought us here to deal with, then we cannot just allow ourselves to leave. That would put us out of line with the mission we were given." Joy seemed to not speak a word nor even hatch a response to what Kitt had said, which didn't bode well. His hand rested upon the hilt of his blade at his side. He prayed a fight would not break out...but in the event it did...
  8. "Fufufu...That's not it at all. I know exactly what this is! For it was prophesied since my birth! We were sent to save this world from a great evil. Specially chosen to fulfill a grand destiny! I...wouldn't have thought there to be so many but that doesn't change the truth! And the truth is, all of us...a-all of us, were brought here. Brought here to be...heroes!" Gene stared at the young lady who spoke up...and her explanation...made sense. Surprising to say the least, but it MADE SENSE. He paused for a moment, thinking hard now. Oddly enough, THIS was the nagging thought in his mind and this individual expounded and said it aloud. "...an...isekai...?" he muttered, putting his hand to his chin before nodding slowly. "...so if that's...this is a heavy revelation..." He glanced over at the 'prophesied child' and then began to make his way towards her. Though he paused in his stride immediately, hearing another person...a doctor...speak up...and oddly enough, the thing he ended with was the one that stood out the most. It was all directed at the person with the fursuit...poor sap, dying in such a state. “I shot myself. How did you die?” "Eh? Why in the...who opens up a conversation with just that alone?" Gene asked, almost dumbfounded. He was a bit speechless for a moment or two, though after the doctor spoke, the girl named Abby spoke up and said she got hit by a truck. "...the typical isekai trope..." he muttered, though it was loud enough for the 'prophesied child' to hear him. "Oh...um...I'm Gene. Gene Eric..." he said before rubbing the back of his neck. "I...got stabbed in the chest by a mugger." Once he did that, he turned towards the young woman and gave a bit of a wave. "So...you think we were sent to another world, isekai style?"
  9. "And a bard too? Hm, having music in the dungeon might be nice then the whole creepy vibe its got a lot. Though, maybe music isn't the best for some floors...oh but maybe it is! Then I might not have to worry so much about having things fall on top of me if they already know we're there with music. But you're also a mage too? That's also pretty cool. I don't know much about illusions, really, but anything that confuses the enemy is good in my book." Ziun gave a coy smile towards the one, Lana, before nodding slightly at her little overview of his...could one call this a résumé...perhaps the highlights of his personality at least? Honestly Ziun didn't know nor care. All he knew, was that this was his shot at entering that dungeon, uncovering glory and even old forgotten melodies and ancient rhymes that could possibly be brought back to the world of the living...he was close. "Ah, but you've heard the phrase...'music soothe the savage beast'..." Ziun gave a light-hearted chuckle at this. "The power of a melody can soften the hearts and souls of even the toughest enemies. That was one of the many things my teacher taught and instilled in me during my time at the bard's college." After a moment or two, he let a bit of a sigh out before making note of the 'illusion' magic portion. "And alas, I do possess the knowledge and capabilities of illusion magic, though it seems that most around here seem to be...quite harsh on it." He lamented this, but alas, there was never a true reason aside from people seeing it as the evilest magic that could be brought out. "I shall say this, illusion magic for myself is generally used when I play my songs...in regaling those tales to the patrons. I've only used it in the heat of battle to make a hasty retreat...aside from that, I'm unsure what else could be properly done with my own magic."
  10. Darkness…no sound…no light…no warmth…nothing but the dark void of death. This was what Gene Eric felt, his body, mind and soul adrift in the sea of the void. What happened to him? What made him be lost to the void's sea? Unfortunately Gene's thoughts remained and began to dwell on those final moments…for what else could one do? Gene found himself leaving the local video store, a few bags in his hand. The contents inside being a few movies and even some comics and Manga that the store owner put aside for him specifically. He was a regular customer and of course, he and the store owner had a bit of a friendship going on to where this would be a normal occurrence. With a smile on his face, Gene began to make his way to the bus stop in order to get back home…although he preferred not to. Yes, his mother was home making one of his favorite meals, but on the other hand…his step-father was also there. This thought alone made him shake his head greatly…what did she see in him, he would often wonder. If only things were different…if only… "Help!!" "Shut the hell up and just give me the purse, lady!!" Gene paused, noticing a mugging taking place right before him, and the mugger making a beeline straight for him with a stolen purse in hand. He didn't want to get involved with this, so he was going to move out of the way…but…why couldn't he? Was he crazy? Gene just moved and attempted to apprehend the mugger. A move he would come to regret, as he wished he noticed sooner… "Out of my way, kid!!!" The mugger shouted, in his hand, a knife being brandished. Yet Gene didn't waver or move out of the way. That's the moment it happened…the mugger tripped over himself and fell forward towards Gene. The world in this moment fell into a slow motion state for him only…as he watched and felt the knife being plunged right into his chest. The two fell onto the ground, the moment the world began to return to its fast paced time frame. Gene looked down, noticing the lodged weapon in his chest cavity and let out a blood curdling scream for help as he tried to cling onto life…he was losing blood and consciousness fast…his vision soon became dark…and then…greeted by the cold embrace of death and the void. BGM It was what he thought, anyway… The sounds of church bells of all things ringing and echoing around him…it prompted him to open his eyes finally much to his surprise. He was…still dead right? And yet, he found himself in a beautiful ornate church sanctuary…or at least it was at one point, the grass on the floor sort of tipped him off to that. It was complete with six stained glass images with the furthest one in the back…or front of the church. Gene let out a soft groan, as he held his chest for a moment. Whether or not he died or if this was simply another dream he had…needless to say, his chest was still sore from it. …where…am I? he wondered, attempting to get up from his pew as he did what he could to survey his surroundings. The stained glass windows were a beautiful one to be sure…they had a very alluring sight to them and expanded the warmth the light gave in such a dazzling array of colors. Though, aside from the ornate windows, Gene noticed no other rooms or even doors. How he and apparently others in here, got in, he knew not…but however it was…perhaps that would get them out. "...what…is this place?" Gene finally muttered, taking his time to absorb the sights of these stained glass windows…and more specifically…the one depicting the serpentine creature with antlers. If his previous dreams he had of his fantasy world taught him anything, it was anything in the middle of a church was the most important. "So. Did you guys just die too? Or have you been here for a minute?" Gene looked over at the one individual who spoke up, before realizing what he said: 'Did you guys just die too'. Was that the binding factor that they all had and the reason they were here? "I want to say we may've all just died..." he responded first, his hand still holding his chest slightly. "...so does this make this heaven then?" Same time, the moment he spoke, he was hoping to whatever deity above that they wouldn't just look over him and just forget him. Hell, it was the afterlife, right? Maybe things would be better...right? Same time, another nagging thought was in the corner of his mind...and he wasn't sure if it was because he watched too many shows or played too many games...but he tended to ignore the idea.
  11. Marv, for more or less, was just rubbing the bridge between his rather large eyes. This was already becoming a headache on top of a headache he already had. Where to begin with addressing these issues? From the top, he supposed... First: these Pokémon were all human, apparently...and all were from the same place of origin...or at least, they all were in the same place at the same time for most of the time...the YCM and NCM forums...those Pokémon forums. NewGamePlus, Zeta, Appletun, HeraX...it was obvious that the common occurrence that bound them all was simply that they all were on these forums. Second: the Zorua, Zeta, was already having themselves go off ahead without so much of a care of the others. Marv specifically had a slight issue with this, given the current situation of the group that was around. Zorua, Rotom, Clobbopus, Falinks, Noibat, Chespin, Cubone...and himself, a Treecko. Out of the eight of them here, one would be at a huge disadvantage with anything dealing with water, that of course would be HeraX or Cross. The Falinks, Hector, was another issue...not due to Type Advantage or Disadvantage...but namely due to sheer weight of them. Everyone else would be perfectly fine...but that would mean these two would have to fend for themselves. It...struck a chord with Marv, more than he thought. “And the ‘don’t go alone’ thing, that’s for you to solve. You don’t want me by myself? Better learn how to swim.” "That's really going to be impossible for at least two of us, you realize..." Marv huffed slightly, crossing his arms with a slight shake of his head. "Same time, we may as well follow them. But I'm not giving up on you two just yet..." he glanced at Hector and then at Cross. "...it's just not my nature..." Was it though? He honestly couldn't tell off the top of his newly green head. The Treecko began to pace back and forth for a moment, surveying his surroundings a bit. It was a cavernous ruin, that was for sure, ancient as the day was long. Cobblestone flooring, brick walls...it was obvious whatever this place was...it wasn't naturally-made. Glancing upward, Marv noted that the light that came in from above was dim and murky, the air is heavy and damp...were they underground or above it...? It was hard to tell even that. Looking at the stream, he rubbed his chin slightly before returning to surveying the area...noticing something on this second sweep of looking at everything. Broken...pillars... he thought, moving towards one and immediately putting his hands up to visualize his thought process. After a few moments, Marv snapped his fingers and turned back towards the others. "I think I have an idea! Though, it's probably going to take us all to do it..." he said, before glancing at Zeta. "...well, all except for Zeta at least." Waving his hand a bit, dismissing that small thought, he pointed at the broken pillar. "If we can push this to the stream...it should be able to cover it and we use it as a bridge!" It was a pretty sound plan in his mind and Marv threw it out there without so much of a second thought. "It's the only thing I can think of to make sure we all get over there..." he walked towards Cross, knelt down and gave him a thumbs up. "Cause I won't leave anyone behind."
  12. Lusine let out a tiny sigh, of course they weren't going anywhere... Realistically, it didn't matter that much, it would take some time for Eden to reinstall the cores into their vehicles, and even if they got it done in a reasonable time, it would still be a while before they would be off. That meant they were, indeed, going to have to camp out here with the others now. She wasn't entirely happy about this, it did mean she was going to have to pay attention to that little killer, just in case she pulled anything else… But overall, Lusine supposed things could be worse. They got the cores back, which was the important thing, and it didn't seem like Sid was going to turn on them at the moment. That meant... Camping. It wasn't her favorite thing, but she accepted she'd be doing that when she left her little shack behind. Eden had managed to scrounge up some red meat from their host, which was certainly in Lusine’s interests. The state of the world had made good quality meat rather rare these days, she wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to indulge… Lusine tapped her fingers against her leg for a moment as she listened to the others recounting their own experiences, a small mumble escaping her, "The pessimistic way to view those smoking rigs would be that they were on their last legs… As for the rest of it, this world is probably doomed.” The elderly woman took a bite of the salted meat, savoring the taste for a brief moment. "No doubt,” Ida added, pensively clanging a tool against the hull of her D-Rig. She was the lone member of the group still hunched over her work at the outskirts of the fire, her work made more difficult by the chill and her lack of proximity to the heat. "Though I aim to avoid our own doom, in the immediate, at least." She leveled the wrench she was holding across the fire at Sid, scowling as she wiped at a smudge on her glasses. "I agreed to provide you salvage, not to follow you into the death trap that is Holloword. If you think I’m walking you lot into that hellhole you’ve got another thing coming." She let out a frustrated sigh. "I can try my hand at fixing the rig Magpie won for you, at the very least, that’s something I can offer… The rig she and this one won, I should say," she amended, gesturing with the tool in Skelly’s direction. "No, no, directions will be sufficient. I don't need that pile of junk working when I've already got the Behemoth," Sid was dismissive at best of the offer, "what you so scared of there, glasses?" A few moments where the only sound consisted of the bangs of Ida’s tinkering dragged on before she frustratedly tossed the wrench aside, turning back to the fire to sweep her eyes over the gathering, her eyes obscured behind the reflection of the fire as she finally set her sights on Sid. "You’re really not from around here, are you." It was a statement, not a question, and Ida walked back to the fire, taking a seat between Magpie and Skelly as she pulled her gloves off. "Why the fuck do you think you have the right to ask me where I am from when we have a ninja and some kind of warrior princess in our company" Alliyma was on her feet in an instant, her hand on the hilt of her blade, "The hell you just call me??" "Something I’d take as a compliment, personally," Ida intoned with a deadpan voice. She adjusted her glasses as she went on: "Holloword is dedicated to the excavation of the city it was before the collapse. It’s named for a series of massive letters they found, just sitting eroded on the hillside. Couple looked to be missing, so they took what they had, named the place Holloword. It’s a great big excavation, dedicated to reconstructing the past… Ostensibly." She leaned back. "Your worth in Holloword is based purely upon the worth of your salvage. You do all the digging and all of it goes to the higher-ups… to their leader Hav, in particular. And you’re lucky to get a crumb of bread in exchange for it. Salvage is your money, salvage is your food, salvage is your bed, salvage is your life." The light glinted off her glasses to expose the scathing look she was giving Sid from behind them. "No wonder you’re so excited by the idea of the place," she said grimly. "So what you're saying… is this Hav guy is sitting on a mountain of stuff." Despite Ida's best attempt, a fire had been lit within Sid. "We go in, knock down the king of the hill, take what we want, and live a life of luxury." Ida barked out a laugh, though it was clearly still laced with her dark mood. "Sure, sure… just beat Hav, nice and easy," she scoffed derisively. "Not like he got where he is by being the meanest bastard around. He’ll rip that weirdo core out of your rig, bash you in the teeth with it, and leave you to the vultures. If you’re lucky. You’re completely impossible." She turned away from Sid, leaning over to Magpie and muttering low, under her breath. "The second we have an opportunity, we need to get away from this man. He can get himself killed all he likes, but I do not intend to join him." She straightened, looking beside her to where Skelly sat, and then Lusine. "I don’t suppose anyone here has more sense than our extortionist savior here?" she asked sardonically. Lusine had stayed quiet for the majority of the conversation, her gaze drifting towards the sky as she let out a soft chuckle, “...When I was younger, I would have killed to visit Holloword. It was an amazing place, before the collapse. There was more to do there than the majority of the country…” It was easy to assume that she had been lost in her memories alone, but she turned her head back towards Ida, “Now, you are correct. It’s become a disaster, and I would heavily advise against heading there. A few travelers leaving the area had visited my home in the past and they did not have kind things to say about Holloword. If you want to steal from them, you’ll have your work cut out for you.” "Ida," Alliyma spoke again for the first time since her outburst, her face somber as she stared into the fire, "how many people are starving there?" Ida frowned, rolling her eyes up to the stars as she thought about it. ... Twenty thousand? Thirty? It’s the biggest settlement in this part of the wasteland, it draws people who wish it was…" she gestured to Lusine, sighing. "... the way it used to be, like flies to a light. Hell, the population might even reach into the hundred-thousands, I can’t say for sure." "They would be better off without their taskmaster?" Ida let out a long, reedy sigh. "Magpie, tell me: Am I wearing a sign on my forehead that reads ‘Please Interpret Everything I Say In A Way Opposite to My Point?’ You’re both impossible." Alliyma's silent response appeared pained, but Ida didn't seem to notice as she turned towards Skelly, raising an eyebrow as she took in the warped skin around the young girl’s eyes. "I’m so sorry to ask only now, are you alright? I think in the kerfuffle we forgot you took a strong hit in that duel, while dueling for everyone’s benefit. I suppose we all owe you our thanks, a Holloword outrider is not an easy thing to stand against. And even if you didn’t win, you provided a critical distraction for Magpie here." The direct question caused Skelly to jolt upright from her previous slouch. “Oh yes, I’m ok. Thank you for the kind words. Losing that duel in that manner… really put a damper on my spirits, in a way. I’m not exactly sure how to move forward from here, seeing as I couldn’t even compete with that deck…” Thoughts of Chaos Max rushing at her fill her mind. “Don’t think too much on it. The matchup was simply unfavorable,” Eden added on, “And it’s not as if you had many cores to work with.” "I'd be worried about dueling a Holloword duelist WITH a summon core," Ida added on by way of agreement. Lusine waved her hand in the air, “As far as losses go, that was a fairly tame one. Your opponent had a lucky opening and was able to capitalize on it due to your disadvantage. Child, if you let this get to you, you’ll never make it to where you need to go.” Skelly slouched forward, her bones cracking slightly. “I suppose so. But… I simply have no idea how I can move forward knowing that such a loss could be waiting in any moment.” The shrouded wanderer fell silent for a long pause before saying under her breath, “I wish I knew how to improve my deck from here…” Words dripping with frustration, spoken through clenched teeth interrupted the present conversation, "Why… am I… the only one worried about those people?" Alliyma had her hands on her knees as she sat with her back hunched slightly forward, contrary to her typical perfect posture. "Is that really what this place is like? Escape if you can and leave behind those who can't?" Ida hissed in a breath as she turned back to Alliyma, steely-eyed behind the glasses. "It's not that simple." Her words were blunt, simple, and dropped with the brutality of a guillotine. "I would love to do something about it, would love to have some way to help those back there. But it takes a hell of a lot more than one woman with a conscience to change a place like Holloword, Miss Alliyma. I couldn't and neither can you. That's the fact of it, none of us are happy with it, but all of us have to live with it." Ida cut herself off there, and there was a horrid silence that followed her words for four seconds that felt like forever before she rose abruptly and walked briskly back to where her rig was parked. The sounds of banging rose again, a touch louder than previously. Her face was turned away from the group and set in a grim frown. Alliyma similarly rose to her feet, kicking the dirt before storming off in the direction of her own rig. "So," Sid's attitude was seemingly unfazed by the gravity of the discussion, "anyone else got any fun wasteland stories?" “I’m only here because Master was looking for something she referred to as Olafoil. Is that fun enough?” Eden sighed, crossing their arms as they looked towards Alliyma stamping off, “Otherwise, being a relative hermit is nice.” Lusine let out a tiny chuckle, “Oh please, you got to see the village, and we’re here now, aren’t we? You can have all the adventure you want now, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be heading back right away.” "Um…not to derail what conversation we did have…" Mark finally spoke up, most likely surprising everyone if they forgot the young man was there. He glanced at the group, before feeling that jittery feeling he usually felt when talking in social situations. He hated that. "H-Have any of you…s-s-seen or heard the n-name Sheridan i-in your travels…? I-I’m looking for someone with that s-surname…" “Unfortunately, no.” Skelly curtly replied. After a few seconds, she sighed and asked the group in her soft but cold voice, “Do any of you ever feel like your monsters are… actual things outside of our battles? With personalities and such? Or is it just my bit of insanity in these wastes?” "I-I see…" Mark sighed, a little disappointed in the one answer he got initially, that and it ended up being a dud. "A-As…as far as the monsters…" he cleared his throat. "...I'm really unsure…" It was a weird question to be asked in general, but then again, Mark wasn't 100% in tune with something like that. At the same time, his gears shifted to a different topic...this time turning to Sid. "Sid...earlier...y-you mentioned...the Behemoth having a stealth field. How did you even acquire such a device...? Even more...how is that even possible??"
  13. So tomorrow marks the 3rd anniversary of my dad's passing. I've been feeling it since the beginning of April...kinda not looking forward to it due to my general emotions. Just in case: if I seem out of normal or if I seem distant or even if I end up lashing out for any reason...just know it's not intended.

  14. Regale the Tale "Though our conversation was brief, Lord Hinder affirmed my actions. He was in full support of whatever measures I believed to be right and just. With that in mind, I think it best for us to begin preparations." Kitt simply listened to Olivander speak of his time speaking with Hinder. Naturally, his patron simply said he would support his Dog in his endeavors. It made sense, after all, Taros once told him the same back on Galatea. Though while in his thoughts, he was brought back to the reality of things when Olivander continued. "Kitt. If you don't feel the need to get your hands... dirty... I understand. I don't want you to violate your own morals and beliefs because of me. I can do this if need be. But I won't turn you into something you're not. You're a good man…Me? Not so much. I'd much rather the blood soak into my fingernails than have it stain your soul. Of course, that's if we even need to go to such drastic measures. But rest assured, I'll respect whatever decision you make." This…surprised Kitt, in more ways than one. Before, Olivander wouldn't have even considered him nor the weight of a life on another man's soul…least it's what he thought anyway. Now? Now he was concerned about the possible soiling of another's soul and his hands. It truly surprised him. Was this really the same Watchdog he set sail with at the beginning? "Enough about me. These are your quarters. What do you have?" "Firstly, don't worry about me...if the situation comes to that...then Taros' will be done." he quickly replied, before sighing a bit with a shake of his head. "Back to the subject at hand, honestly…not much on my end. Unlike the last time I spoke to Lord Taros…this time, he decided to be…cryptic…" He glanced over and saw Olivander raise an eyebrow. "He sent me a vision…nothing more, nothing less." He crossed his arms and began to retell the vision to his comrade… "A mountain, enormous and powerful as it could be, the sun rises. A man made cave would be seen, carved with their own two hands. From it, progression of time showed the initial excavation and the support beams being put in place. Then carts full of the mountain's bounty…iron ore…were wheeled off one by one. Over time, however, the mountain's 'treasure' became less and less rewarding as the ore seemed to be decreasing in amount. But this wasn't the end of this vision…far from it." Kitt paused for a moment, catching his breath. "Soon enough, the carts began to carry out stone…this mountain being hollowed out in the process, being stripped of everything within it. The exterior rocks were all that remained, and when those were gone, the carts were broken down and it's pieces loaded into another so another cycle could be made. At last, the final cart wheels out and the sun sets upon the mountain, barren, devoid of life, stripped of its precious items…and that's where the vision ends." Once he finished, Kitt could tell there was a strong heaviness and silence in the air. It was a pretty cryptic vision and a heavy one as well…so it wasn't a wonder. "I know not the interpretation of this vision, alas, I wish we had Myria's Watchdog with us for that answer." he sighed, before continuing. "I do think, it equates itself to the world we find ourselves in now. Where it shows the true nature of humans, taking what the gods have provided without so much of a thank you or reverence to thank them for their in the process. The fact that the carts were broken down so another cycle could be something along the lines of this being a constant cycle…but I'm open to your thoughts on this vision, Olive."
  15. "I may have forgotten to mention, but I think I found us some adventurers looking to head into the Dungeon, same as us. Keep an eye on the group I'm about to sit down with." Ah, there she was! The devious, dread pirate Robin, gracing his presence once more. And with good news to boot! He finished his little musical number before shooting the pirate a slight smirk. "My dear, that is the best news I've heard all day. Now, go on…do give us a good welcome, won't you?" he teased, before watching the pirate head towards the party that was around in the tavern. It seemed like that this little group was an interesting one to say the least. A young lady in quite the beautiful dress with quite the cape, a young lanky man with a sword on his side, another young lady with a huge battle axe…oh yes, a very colorful crew to say the least…and mostly comprised of women! Oh, there was a deity in skies above, truly. "T-the bard? They're with you? Well that is wonderful!" Ziun noticed the one beautifully dressed woman glancing back at him before returning towards facing the party she was with. This seemed like the best time to make himself known. Leaving his sitting position, the bard adjusted his jacket and hat before waltzing over towards the group and their table. All the while, of course, he was strumming a few notes on his lute…as he always did. "A good day to you, my fellow explorers." Ziun gave a heartfelt smile as he took the closest available seat at the table. "I see you've already met the devious dread pirate Robin, so it's only fitting that I introduce myself. I am Ziun Castir, a humble bard in search of inspiration and stories to regale to those who wish to hear it." He finished another set of strumming before lowering the lute. "Unfortunately I may not be on the same level combat wise as our mutual acquaintance…" he sighed, before regaining his composure. "Nevertheless, while I may not be able to be too much of use in combat per say, I am quite handy at subversion tactics in the ways of illusion magic. Though I may admit, some have found its use to be…detestable at best…but I assure you, it has it's uses."
  16. -BGM- Gah...my...head... Marvin's thoughts were racing slightly as he held his head and looked up to the strange ceiling over head. This...wasn't where he was prior...was it? No it couldn't have been. After all, his laptop on his desk nor his drink on his little TV table beside it were anywhere near available...nor did this place look friendly to electronics to begin with. So where was he? And more importantly...what was he doing before this? Closing his eyes again, he began to concentrate a bit...not getting much in the way of just some general brain fog, but did remember something...Nincada's Custom Monsters...NCM, that Pokémon forum...now he remembered what he was doing. He was putting in a post in an Role-Play he was in...off the top of his head, he couldn't remember the specific one...he was in way too many to count. After that, he was responding to a random Private Message regarding... That's right...that strange Personality Test... he finally recalled, nodding slowly. Marvin, or rather, Order Shadow, simply looked over the Private Message he received before finally sighing and giving it a bit of a shrug. What else did he have to lose? It would kill some time for him at least... Q1. Do you want to be famous? A1 - Yes. Who wouldn't be? Q2. You want to jump rope during recess, but everyone else wants to play tag... A1 - Give in and play tag with my friends. If they want to play tag more, then I'll happily join in too. Q3. You're about to buy a popular game when someone else gets the last copy! How do you feel? A3 - Shed a few tears. I was really looking forward to that game. Q4. Do you prefer to be busy or to have a lot of free time? A3 - In between. There's got to be a balance to it all. Q5. Halfway to school you realize you forgot something. You'll be late if you turn back... A1 - Hurry back to get it anyway. If it's important, then I got to get it. Q6. You've been invited to a wonderful party. It's time for the party to start, but there's nobody there! You think...? A2 - Maybe I have the day wrong? That's a bit embarrassing. Q7. You see a big and comfortable bed. Your first reaction is to... A3 - Curl up. Time for a nice long rest. Q8. Do you think it's important to always aim to be the best? A2 - No. If your always aiming for the best, then your missing the time to stop and smell the roses and enjoying life. Q9. Are you a boy or a girl? A1 - Boy Q10. All right! Vacation time at last! What kind of music fits your mood? A4 - Anime theme songs. They're just so catchy! The results complied and the user simply said the following afterwards...which Order Shadow didn't find too strange in the long run... You seem to be...the lonely type, at least a little bit! You might find that surprising, but do you think it might be a little true? You know what they say, though... We're all a bit lonely every now and then! You probably keep this fact of life to yourself, though. But if there's one thing that brings us all together...it's our need to go it solo! So, a lonely and solitary type like you... After that...what...happened after that? he thought, finally bringing himself to sit up and survey his surroundings. About this time, he realized not all was what it seemed...not one bit. He saw the strange room in it's fullness and even various Pokémon plushies...they...they were plushies, right? "oi! The fuck is going on here? Is this some sort of sick joke? Well I ain't laughing!" “I’m not either. You’re human too, aren’t you? Or were human, I guess. Now you’re a Clobbopus. I’m Hector. Or…... or maybe NewGamePlus. I’m not really sure. I’m having a hard time focusing right now.” He couldn't believe his eyes...a Clobbopus and Falinks...TALKING. He finally stood up, about now finally noticing his hand...it was...green. His eyes went wide (not like they weren't already) as he began to look at himself quite a bit. Green skin...red stomach...and....and...A TAIL?! He began to have a silent freakout before coming to realization on what he was: "I'm...a Treecko...?" he muttered to himself. Looking at the Clobbopus and the Falinks squad, Marvin began to make his way towards the group...though it seemed he was positioned in a way to be able to talk to them anyway. "You guys...so I'm not the only one having this weird dream...or living this nightmare?" he asked, looking at the Clobbopus and then to...they said their name was "Hector" as well as "NewGamePlus". Something clicked in his mind at hearing that latter part...it sounded like a username...wait...he remembered that username. That was a user who tended to hang around the Club section...yeah that was it. Least, he figured that was the right thing...he couldn't make heads or tails if the mind fog he had right now, but to him it sounded right. "Right...um, Hector...or NewGamePlus...whichever your name is...and...Clobbopus..." he said, rubbing his temples slightly. "I...take it you don't have a clue where we are then...? Just my luck..." The now Treecko let out a small sigh, before looking at the two Pokémon. "You gave your name...I guess I can give mine..." He paused for a moment, about to say his name but all he could really get out in his mind was two: Order Shadow, his YCM/NCM username...and...Marv. It was odd, that name never once came up to him before...but he decided to roll with it. "I-It's Marv...or...Order Shadow was something else I was k-known as..." he mustered up the words, his hand holding his head still.
  17. "We'll reconvene shortly. As you speak with Lord Taros, I shall speak with Lord Hinder. Let us return to the Swallowtail to converse afterwards." With that, their plan was set in stone and put in motion. Perhaps the gods could give them exactly what they needed to hear…Kitt could only hope so. One Vision "Your steel is my body, your fire my blood. Forge a pathway to understanding and cleave through uncertainty. I am the bone of your sword, you are the Master Forger…Lord Taros, please assist me in this matter…" The iron ingot left at Taros' altar, Kitt's prayer finished…he simply remained at the altar, still as could be. His breathing, calmed and slowed, his eyes fixated on the altar and the iron ingot. He could see Lar's hearthfire reflecting in the metal, to which he found comforting, for some reason. However, the more he stared…the more things began to unfold for the Watchdog of Taros. A vision presented itself within the reflection of the hearthfire and the metal altar…. A mountain, enormous and powerful as could be was seen. Further inspection revealed a man made cave that man carved with their own hands, and from it…time began to move in succession. Initial excavation, iron support beams being placed, carts wheeling precious iron ore…it seemed surreal to see it in such a fast progression. However he began to notice the iron ore, over time, became less and less frequent…the carts haul from the mountain becoming less rewarding. Kitt would've thought that as the ore began to dwindle, this would've been the end of the carts going through, but he was wrong. True to form, the carts continued to cycle through the mountain, slowly carrying out stone. Though now Kitt began to notice something else: the mountain itself was being hollowed out, stripped of everything it ever held so dear to it. The exterior rocks are the only things remaining…and when those were gone, the carts were broken down and it's pieces loaded into another so another cycle could be made. The final cart wheels off and when the sun sets on this final day, nothing remains of the mountain…it's barren…devoid of life…it's precious items removed. And as the sun sets, the vision ends, bringing Kitt back to simply looking into the reflection of the metal altar at Lar's fire. Kitt simply stood there in silence, contemplating what he had just witnessed. Taros was a deity of many things, but delivering a vision of that magnitude was something he wasn't aware of…probably not even Flynt was…he never heard of his patron ever pulling something like this to his Watchdogs…so perhaps there was a reason and answer to gleam from this? He, himself, had some idea...least in his interpretation of it at least, but he wasn't sure of it. He wasn't a Watchdog to Myria...he was a simple Forge Dog...nothing more...nothing less. Perhaps...an allegory and parable that would equate itself to the state of the world it currently finds itself in? Perhaps it was simply showing the true nature of humans...taking what the gods had provided them without much of a thank you or reverence enough to pay back their kindness? It did, however, seem like a constant cycle, if the carts being broken down so another cycle could be made portion told him anything. But again, he couldn't be 100% sure. For now, he needed a second opinion about this strange vision. With a heavy sigh, Kitt turned to notice that his comrade was already gone. Seemed like he already made his way back to the Swallowtail. It was time to rendezvous back at the ship and hope they could get the answers… Once he returned to the Swallowtail, Kitt noticed that Olivander and his rooster were waiting at his door…with the latter seeming to…guard his door? Strange creature indeed… "Apologies for the wait." Kitt gave a bit of a wave, before sighing slightly. "Let's get to business…I'll let you go first, Olive." he said, opening the door and ushering both of his guests in.
  18. "It seems we got barely just enough EXP to Level up...I say we go find ourselves another fight to get there!" Typical Brawler behavior, always looking for another fight. Honestly it wasn't as crazy as Elton was expecting, though he did have to agree with Reef on this, but he kept quiet for the moment. However, a moment passed, Elton heard a bit of a notification indicator sound before noticing his HUD giving a notification to him. Clicking it, he saw both a Friend Request and a Party Up request from Aoki. "We'll start with this though! Let's form a group!" "Sounds like a plan to me." Elton immediately accepted both requests. Same time, he also noticed him recruiting Sammy and her Digimon. Which made sense in the long run. "Well, I may not be a Brawler, but consider this Card Master at your services. Like I said, all I ask for is the DigiCard drops." "Hell yeah! New allies and the prospects of new stuff to make me awesome! Talk about a job well done, huh boss?" Berg laughed, his hands on his sides as he smiled triumphantly. Elton nodded. "Definitely." he glanced at both Sammy, Aoki and their Digimon. This was the starts of a good little party. Though his thoughts were cut short by the strange sounds of….glitching? And it sounded like it came from his… Elton moved to grab his Digivice, looking at it and checking to see if he got a notification or anything. Nothing. Not one single thing. Strange…I could've swore I heard something from this… he thought, slowly putting it back. It was probably best not to worry about it right now. "In any case, I'd advise we should get to the inn and set our spawns there, should anything happen." Elton voiced his thoughts. "Let's be honest, I don't think anyone wants to start back here if we run into any Digimon on the level of Kuwagamon."
  19. Zane found himself quite rattled after the initial impact of the Egg Piercer into the ocean, but once he got his bearings back, he let out an audible groan to no one in particular. "I don't think anyone ordered a literal shipwreck to occur after all this..." he grumbled before hearing Chimera's autonomous voice break through the speakers yet again. "Wolf. I suspect there are small leaks in the hull in the lower decks. If you are still alive, please freeze them over before we sink." Finally leaving his room after hearing this, Zane grumbled further. "Hey Zane...why don't you go to the lower decks and freeze the leaks!" he muttered, trying his best to navigate through the ship. "But does anyone even ask if I know where anything is?" The arctic wolf wasn't too thrilled about proceedings thus far with this, but alas, he had to do what he had to do. Eventually, however, he did find a map up on one of the corridor walls...maybe that egg-guy wasn't such a dunce after all with his plannings. Following the map, Zane finally made it to the hull in the lower decks of the Egg Piercer. And true to the murder-bot's suspicions, there were indeed leaks all over the place. "Sheesh...he wasn't kidding...guess I better do this quickly." he muttered, already taking the moisture in the air and beginning to have it drop in temperature...now being able to see his breath. In a few moments, Zane began to freeze the water coming from the leaks and for good measure, he removed the access ice that was now currently protruding from the once leaking areas in the hull. "That ought to do it...hopefully this'll hold for a while." he sighed, now preparing to return back up top.
  20. Been a while since I did this...sooooo yeah...whatcha got for me?
  21. Interest is noted...who doesn't like a good isekai RP?
  22. Hmmm, well...haven't been in a Pkmn RP since Fallen God...why the fuck not! Anthem of the Lonely
  23. "Aaaaah... Let me clear some time... I'll send you a message and, uh... Figure something out, okay? ...Any suggestions, just send 'em to me and I'll see what I can do." That's what Kendra said, but alas, it seemed like the Sleeper would only give a meeting time, saying that was when she had time. It seemed like the task of doing anything fun or exciting was solely on his shoulders. Shouldn't be too hard...especially with what he found out was happening this week. All he had to do was secure the tickets and he'd be golden. Click Annnnnnnd with that, he did... BGM Daichi waited for Kendra at the specified meeting place, just enjoying the breeze the day brought. Kendra did say that it was up to him on what they did today…so he hoped that it wouldn't be too much of an issue with what he had. Soon he saw his mate and gave a bit of a wave before flashing his usual smile. "Glad to see you had time today, Kendra." he said, before pulling out two tickets from…behind his own ear it seemed. "I was lucky enough to score these…there's an exhibition show Duel happening tonight between Team Free annnnnnd Team Fortuna!" He seemed extremely excited, almost having his smile evolve into one befitting a Cheshire Cat. "I figure we can VOD of the Duel to show the others…annnnd me being selfish…I really, really wanted to see them in action." Kendra flinched for a moment, a tiny sigh escaping her as she rubbed at her cheek gently, “...Damn. I wasn’t able to scrounge together the cash for it, that’s… What I had been planning to do originally.” Her hand brushed at her hair for a moment, pushing her bangs out of the way briefly, “I’ll make sure you get reimbursed for the cost of at least one of those, the second one might take some time…” She trailed off, but gave a small smile, “I thought it would be something you’d like to see, sorry I wasn’t able to make it happen on my own.” "Okay firstly: no need to reimburse me on this. Like, it's not even an issue. Secondly: no need to be sorry about it. Honestly, the fact you wanted to do this as well shows that great minds think alike!" Daichi snickered, before handing her a ticket. "Think of it as…me helping the Vice-Captain keep her position. Cause lord knows we don't need Sai being anywhere near a title like that." She let out a tired little sigh, “It’s an issue, but this isn’t the time to press it.” She rubbed at her head, her fingers digging up into her hairline for a moment… Before speaking once more, her voice was a bit more firm, “I don’t think Sai would want the position, he likes having… Options, I imagine. But I understand he can be hard to read, pretty much all the time.” Daichi nodded, sighing as the two already began to walk in the direction of the stadium. "If I'm honest and can speak freely with no repercussions…" he started. "...it's hard to read Sai in general. Like, there's more than reading his personality or body language…it's puzzling to try and figure out how his mind works. His thought processes and styles when it comes to Action Duels vastly differ from the side of things that I've watched and adored from a young age…and yet, he's just as passionate about it as I am. And it's because of that…that I think me and him butt heads so much, neither of us wants to admit we're in the wrong. Then again…I've been reading the Duel Monsters Horoscopes lately and most of this may just be conjecture…" he said, chuckling nervously. “Speaking frankly, I don’t like Sashisematta. I think he’s a ticking time bomb.” She waved her hand in the air lightly as the two of them approached that stadium proper, pausing for a moment as she considered her next words, “...But Vega is certain about him, and I’m not willing to give up my chance because of a personality clash. So here’s my advice.” She tilted her head towards Daichi, giving him a small grin, “Give him shit. That’s what he wants, and that’s what he should get, yeah? I think he wants people to argue with him, he already said he wants to play a heel for the audience, so get in his head… He wants to take it a step further and be a heel to us too. If I’m wrong? I don’t think he’ll mind too much anyway. He doesn’t seem to take things personally.” Daichi took all this in stride, lulling over each word that Kendra spoke before smirking and shaking his head, eyeing the Vice-Captain with a side glance. "And here I thought you were simply just sleeping on us in those meetings. Turns out you're quite the smart cookie. Wise beyond your years, Kendra." he nodded, chuckling a tad bit. "Very well. If that's what I should do, then I'll make sure it's a grand spectacle." Kendra whistled innocently for a moment as she shrugged her shoulders, “Like I said, I might be wrong… But I think this is where Sai’s head is at. I may not like him, but I can respect the idea of it… At least he had a plan for his horrible ideas, if that makes sense.” She chuckled for a moment underneath her breath, choosing to not acknowledge the compliments before, “...If something goes horribly wrong, I’ll step in… Since it was, well… My fault, a bit.” "I appreciate the concern there, but if it all goes wrong…we'll handle it like guys do. No need for you to jump in." Daichi waved his hand dismissively at the thought. "After all, I could easily say no…and yet I'm going along with it. But honestly, ya might be right. Guess he's just got a whole illusion going on right now…and it's one I want to unveil…one day. Eh either that or the curtains fall on me in the process…who knows." He said with a small smirk, before finally taking his seat once they entered the stadium. "But Sai talking aside…this is going to be good, I can feel it." Her fingers drummed against her arm for a moment as she crossed it over her stomach, a tiny sigh escaping her, “...Please don’t kill each other, that would give our team a much, much worse reputation.” She mumbled a tiny bit as she shook her head, stretching her arms up into the air as she let out a tiny chuckle, “You go ahead and sit… I’m gonna go get a coffee or something while there’s some time before the duels. Send me a message if you decide you want anything.”
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