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    @Members @VIP - Just an FYI we've removed the necro bumping rule from the site (please let me know if there are still remnants anywhere!) We no longer feel the rule is necessary across the site, spam rules will still apply though.
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    NCM (nearly) a Year On I think I speak for everyone in saying that it’s certainly been an interesting year, from what feels like unending down time to what now feels like a new lease of life, communities are born and bred by people alone and you can’t force something to stick together when the cracks have already shown, and I think we’ve showcased that now more than ever, you’ll just continue to stick things back together as best you can in hopes that it will remain but, sometimes in life you need to move on and build something new up and that’s OK, nothing lasts forever but everything worthwhile only lasts for a period of time, and whenever this comes to an end I can only hope it inspires someone to pick up the mantle where it left off. That got a little… philosophical didn’t it? My fault, apologies, I just wanted to open a document and write down my thoughts and feelings with you all – bare bones you know how that stuff goes anyhow I think it’s important to reflect on how we’re doing and where we can go from here. So, how are we doing? That’s a great question and thanks for asking Torm! Fundamentally the site is stable, and activity is at an appropriate level, people are posting, RPs are… RPing? I guess you do roleplay in a roleplay so… ANYWAY things are good! There are some sections that have very little to no activity and I guess that’s something for me and the staff team to figure out together. I imagine it’ll be along the lines of consolidating “deader” sections together and making posts simpler to post but we’ll work on that. In fact, at the time of writing this we are roughly averaging 20 registrations per month, which are healthy numbers! It’s also probably a little more but I’m terrible at Math so… 20 sounds like a good enough number. There has been some considerable content committed to the site by many of our great users. I won’t go through all of them because honestly, I’ll be here all day and I think a couple of the staff team have ideas on events of their own accord for celebrating good content but stuff like .:Alive:. by Dad in the creative writing section, the NeoCardMaker Holy Grail War by Yui (whilst young, is a very creative take on the forum game genre) and RPs like Fire Emblem Curse of the Goddess which is so intrinsically Fire Emblem it’s great. So where can we go from here? Well personally I think I need to take on the leadership role a bit more, I just need to understand where the line is drawn with that and the like as we have a nice status quo going on and rocking the boat too much might cause us to get water on board when it isn’t necessary but I have ideas and thoughts for the site that I think will be healthy for the place. I would like to see a member of staff or two added to team at some point to help develop certain areas of the site, and perhaps cultivate new life and ideas into parts of the site but again it’s all about balance and that’s down to me to find that middle of the line, so please bear with me and provide criticism as and where it’s needed. I’ve yet to explore these ideas with Yemachu but getting the card maker more built into the site rather than relying on GitHub might allow for us to provide a better user experience for those of us who use the card maker on the regular, of course again I’m just vocalizing my internal thoughts so don’t take this as a “IT’S HAPPENING” (Yui please insert the appropriate gif in a reply thank you). It also seems the site is still struggling to send activation emails to gmail accounts… It’s something for me to look at as we are potentially missing out on active users, I’d rather publicly state this is an issue than it not be forgotten about (although I have mentioned it in the past). As for you guys? Keep doing what you’re doing. Maybe revive showcase for me I don’t have anything negative to say about the lot of you really, you’re all cute – except Cow, he’s a cow I mean they ain’t that cute maybe calves but like they don’t last very long in that state. So, thank you, for making this place what it is, and I wish you a fantastic Christmas, here’s to 2020 (we all legally have perfect vision now) ? @Members @VIP
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    Music So, it's been a while since we've really had a big statement put out or anything. We're almost at 2 years of NCM, and that's incredible! For a splinter community, that really stands out. All because people chose to take a chance and break away from simple numbers and the past itself. A sense of community that is more one of togetherness than obligation. I'm proud of us. Our little community. Sure, it's a quiet little corner of the internet, but it's far from dead. I'd almost go so far as to say that it's just right. Not too big, not too small, not too soft, not too hard. I just... really wanted to take the time, as a member of the staff and the community at large, to thank all of you. I know not everything is perfect. People have fights. Petty feelings can get in the way and blind us. Life gets in the way. People say things they don't mean. People don't say things that they mean to. Even so, there is a sense of community. Grudges don't seem to hold for long. Workarounds are found. Careless words are fixed, and overthought words eventually find their way to where they need to go. Our little home away from home isn't perfect, but it's a damn sight better than what it could have become if we hadn't had stood together. It's so different from what I remember, in general. I feel like I'm an old person looking at the forums and servers, even among people I actually talk to. So much history. So much time. But here you all are. People have come. People have gone. But the community is still here. And while I feel like a fossil, I still look forward to seeing you "younguns" a lot. So, thank you, NCM. For nothing other than being yourselves. Your kindness, your creativity, your intelligence, your humor, all of it. This quiet community means the absolute world to me. I can't speak for the team, in and of itself, but I can at least let you know how much all of you matter to me. And, as an absolutely personal note, I just want to say... if anyone is suffering. If anyone needs a shoulder to cry on. If anyone just needs to express something they don't feel safe to other places... I'm here. I'll listen. I'll give you my Discord if you want it. After all, life isn't easy. 2020 showed us that, if absolutely nothing else. But that doesn't mean you have to be alone. I see you. I'm with you. I'm sure a couple of you know who you are, and I hope you take this to heart... Yet I also hope anyone else who needs this right now sees it as well, and takes it as an opportunity. I love this place. And I love you guys. Thanks for two years, and I hope the third is great, too.
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    U.A. High. It had been a long time coming but Yasha was ready. He'd worked hard to get here, and now he had the privilege of attending Japan's most prestigious hero school. He adjusted his tie and collar, slapped his faceplate where cheeks would be on a regular head, and cleared his throat-- a sound like a stalling lawnmower-- as he approached. "Let's see here, are you--" "Yasha Yokuna, present SIR!" He said, standing rather stiffly at-attention. "I'm honored to be here-- and prepared to do my best!" "I... see. So, why is it that you want to be a hero?" Yasha grinned in response, showing off his teeth. Despite being abnormally sharp, they were also the only part of his head that looked even marginally human. The whole engine-block for a head thing wasn't going to earn him any points for beauty, that was for sure. "Because being a hero is hard work, and I LOVE HARD WORK!" His throat made a revving sound as his voice went up, and he covered his mouth with his hand. "Ah, sorry. I got excited there." "I never really got your type, kid. But go ahead and head on in. You'll probably make more sense to Ruby Heart." "THANK YOU, MISTER GLORY SIR!" The door to the classroom slid open and the sound of engines revving filled the air as Yasha entered, waving a pair of screaming chainsaw blades over his head. "HELP! MY HANDS ARE CHAINSA-HA-HAAAAWS!" He broke into laughter on the word 'chainsaws' and doubled over, the tools shrinking away. He straightened up and smiled, showing off his fanged grin, and waved his, now regular hands. "Nah, I'm fine-- 's just my Quirk. Hi!"
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    I think I might actually have a shot at getting my work published. This is crazy!
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    Inu wasn't happy. The field trip sucked, and while he was thankful it ended early, it seemed it didn't end for good reasons. The exact reason why, he actually didn't know though, he was hoping he'd find out in school today. Grumbling to himself, he popped a sunflower seed into his mouth as he walked into the classroom, hoping that it would distract him from a need to smoke. He walked in, scanning the room, looking to see if anything looked off or if people had some sort of gossip going on. Nothing really stuck at to him at the moment, and it was pissing him off. Did no one know what was going on? He sat down in his seat, sighing as slumped down. As if to signal that today wasn't going to get much better, it seemed a substitute teacher was here today. "So uh… I'm not Epicenter. You guys know that. I'm aaah… I'm the Destructive Hero - Dreadbolt. I'm a friend of Glory's, he asked me to sub for a bit while some of the staff is investigating some shi- errr, while the staff is investigating some bad stuff that happened yesterday…" Inu's eyes narrowed at that. So something did happen. He waited for some sort of explanation of what exactly the bad thing was, but instead, Dreadbolt moved on. "Fuck, why did I agree to this… Tomoaki you son of a bitch…"Quickly bringing himself to attention, he straightened his back and turned to address the class once again, "A-anyway, I'm sorry to inform you all that uhhh… Kikuchi Emi has dropped out of UA, for personal reasons. But there is good news, too! She will be replaced by the next runner-up in the entrance exam! Hoshinoooooo Rika!" With an unhealthy dose of melodrama, Dreadbolt pointed toward the classroom door with both hands… standing perfectly still in perfect silence for several seconds, before slouching in disappointment, "Is it too much to ask students to be punctual??? Can't I get one damn break???" "Don't worry about cussing, we're not kindergartners, we can taking some goddamn cussing without sullying our ears," Inu stated. "We'll probably hear worse out on the field," The new girl then went and made a fool of herself in front of everyone, but Inu wasn't going to hold that against her. At least she wasn't some joker that didn't take this whole thing seriously. Sun looked at the new girl with a sense of curiosity. She had a familiar look to her... well, kinda. It was more like she reminded him of lizards from back home. Now he was feeling nostalgic. But the poor girl seemed really scared, and that made Sun upset. He'd have to find some way to cheer her up... but, it seemed he wasn't alone in that endeavor. "Hi. I'm Hideyo," the happy sun man said happily. "And I think your quirk is the coolest thing I've seen. Ever!" "Aw, geez, I dunno about that really. Uh... I think if it was the coolest thing ever, I would've gotten in without having to get a little lucky." The chameleon laughed gently, her other hand rubbing at the back of her neck as she glanced up at the ceiling. "It's not, like... Terrible, at least! My dad had it bad, he didn't get any of the stuff mine can do. He was pretty nervous when I was born." She then began to look around the room. her eyes soon falling on the monkey king, who smiled at her. "Hello, I am Sun!" He greeted as he waved. "I like your quirk! It reminds me of home!" He hoped that despite his large size, she wouldn't be scared of him. "If you ever feel scared, just come find me! I'll protect you! You and Takehiko!" Before he could say anything else, the wolfman in the back raised his voice. "So... you gonna tell us what the fuck happened back at the beach?" Inu demanded at the sub. "Or are you really going to try to sweep some situation that was apparently so dangerous we had to leave right away, despite having three Pro Heroes there, under the rug?" Sun leaned over to Rika, whispering loudly. "Don't make the dog man angry. He looks very pettable, but he lights on fire, and fire is bad," "Shut the fuck up, monkey man," Inu snapped, causing Sun's eyes to narrow. That seemed like a direct challenge, and as king, he wasn't one to turn down challenges. However, it could have just been made in the heat of the moment, something that happened a lot back home. He'd wait for a second challenge from Inu before he showed him exactly why he was king of his home.
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    NEO is the best, most-well designed, efficient, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing yugioh card maker on the planet. In all seriousness, though... this has become a nice alternative hub for most active members of the community, and I commend your willingness and dedication to maintaining it as our beloved and reliable admin.
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    neocardmaker.com is still the best, most-well designed, efficient, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing yugioh card maker on the planet.
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    No longer unemployed, bois! Just got a job offer for designing custom pools. I'm so happy!
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    Yeah I cheated and gave u two Yeah yours is pretty sick so hard to beat tbh but here There abouts although I've seen @BGMキャノンs moustache and that thing is pretty stylish. I'm going to cheat and give you Fate stuff because hey, cheating is fine in moderation Finding art with just Kazooie is actually harder than I anticipated but this feels appropriate.
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    I hope you all like this (especially Dae) as I have poured countless painful hours into making this as perfect as the real Dae is.
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    I am non-binary. I am not he. I am not she. I am they. I am not Josh. I am not Black. I am Blake. It took me a long time to get to this point, but I want people to know how scary being different is, and how hard it is to just... say something like this. Cause someone out there could have poor designs. Or just be a dick. So fuck the haters. Thanks for a community where I can be me, NCM.
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    Well friends, I'm officially a homeowner.
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    Figured I'd post the cardless images I've drawn so far just in case anyone wants to use them for cards of their own. Canyon Battleguard Sword Slasher Mass-Production Model Malice Doll of Despair Gemini Metal Elf Identity Theft! Hopping Vampires Toon Swordmistress this one of Hungry Burger and the Bistro Butcher I don't actually have a card in mind for, but feel free to use it for something. The Snake Hairstyles Dark Scorpion Motivator Time Lizard I'll try to remember to add any more images here as I go along
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    A fic or series of mini-fics set in the Neo community based on superhero comics/cinema. The characters are the members, each having their own superpower (or not, depending on what they want.) This used to be in Misc, but I decided to make an official interest check thread in the writing section for more credibility. Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? Let me know.
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    Hey, Tormey. Why haven't you given a public statement on the coronavirus? What're you doing to ensure the health and safety of the community? Where're the hand sanitzers in the threads?!
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    Good morning/afternoon/evening all, Im happy to announce Yemachu accepted a position of administrator for the site! He'll be focusing on development of the card maker within the site itself please keep all site requests and support queries in mine and the other members of staffs direction (unless of course it relates to the card maker) I think I speak for everyone in saying that the work Yemachu has done for this community and the last up until this point has been nothing more then incredible. We look forward to working with him moving forward. Please use this thread for any questions you might have for Yemachu. @Members @VIP @Yemachu
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    Time Lizard | LIGHT | Reptile/Effect ATK 500 | DEF 400 You can tribute 1 Reptile monster you control: Toss a coin and call it. If you call it right, Special Summon 1 Reptile or Dinosaur monster from your hand or GY. If you call it wrong, take damage equal to the ATK of the tributed monster. A quickie I drew up because of a pun. Juggled a few different effect ideas so I hope the one I went with wouldn't be overpowered, but I'm always open to suggestions.
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    So, I wanted to build off of the depression entry. To a degree, at least. I want to talk about abuse. And I'll start with personal experience. You can skip to the second divider, if you don't wish to read this section. --- My dad was abusive. He never got to hit me, beyond a belt on my rear, thanks to my mom... but he was extremely emotionally abusive. He looked for any and all opportunities to belittle me or scold me, and then took them out on my mother instead if she objected, only to redouble on me. To make sure I wasn't an embarrassment to him. That I never even considered crossing him. He was the MAN of the house. What he said went. His wife was to be a stay-at-home mother who cooked and cleaned. His son was to be a clone of him who would exist only to make him look better. The Bible "said" he was to be the head of the household and in charge. So, of course, having a woman who didn't simply bow to him bothered him. Having a child be a child was unacceptable. Even my cousins were given similar treatment, especially before I was born. Like attempting to beat my older cousin with a brush for touching his bag when he had just returned from a trip. Where he cheated on my mother. But that's another story. Or how about instilling his young child with fear so great that a 6 year old was scared of burning in hell for not being perfect? Scared that the rapture would take place and leave them behind? My mother's parents as well. There's a laundry list that's come from my mother and her siblings about their childhoods, but the present is more pressing. Treating everyone around them like slaves. Gma pitting every single family member against each other, if given a chance. Resenting anyone that doesn't follow the plan she's set up. My gpa hit my mother recently for disagreeing with him. He threatened to call the cops on me if I ever disagreed with him. Told me we never made a deal for me to drive, and that I was a lying thief. Threatened to shoot us for not serving a meal he wanted, and gma only replied "you'd shoot me!?". Trying to kick us out, with nowhere to go, because mom was too sick to prepare a meal for their very able-bodied selves. All the while, these people play the victim. They're just suffering because of everyone else. My dad is a martyr, a God-fearing man who goes to church every week and beyond. He's a father figure to some people. An upstanding deacon. Any grievances that could be expressed could only be done so by a member of the church, as opposed to an outsider who KNOWS him. And he has sooo many illnesses, needs so many surgeries, and so on. Gparents are even worse for the latter. Trying to call social services because we weren't being proper caretakers, when they were more than able-bodied and we never agreed. Gma has been faking a cough almost my entire life, as she's admitted. Uses any appointment as a guilt to get people to spend money on her. And so many more fake things, always something to guilt someone into spending money and rendering service, all while playing up how cruel everyone is to them... when they both left their own parents to rot as they got into old age. Even before then. But they're owed it, because they were 'good' parents. Kids are for taking care of them, after all! --- ... and that's just people I, unfortunately, share blood with. But why do I bring up all this anecdotal evidence, when I'm doing what is normally philosophical or purely stream of consciousness? Well... that's because of the relationship that abusers tend to have to abuse's after effects, as I see it. As I experience it. I am so, so scared of calling myself an abuse victim. I never thought of myself as one for most of my life, just assuming that... everyone went through those things. And, even after that, I still just assumed I had to push on. It was just a hurdle. Just a scar that would one day shine. I wasn't a victim. Victims were people that the world hated, shunned, ignored. People that used it as a crutch. Sure, there were exceptions that I had met, but... by and large, people like my abusers portrayed themselves entirely as victims, never taking any accountability for their actions. Turning around anything they did to me back on to me as a source. Yet here I am. The moment I hear hushed voices, I go still and try to hear if they're going to be about me, if I fucked up, if they hate me. Loud noises cause me to shut down. I am oftentimes scared to even leave my room, to the point that I earned the nickname "Bernie-Bear" from Mel's friends for just how shy and bad I was with people. Which, coincidentally... was the moment that me being a victim of abuse began to set in. And I tried so hard to look away from it! I was strong! I had to be strong! I just had some hang ups, that's all! There was no way I was a victim! It is so, so, so hard to call myself a victim. I think it is for most people, really. I don't want to be like those in my life who I was abused by. I don't want to be perceived like them. I don't want to be pitied or looked at like I'm weak. If I'm weak, then I've failed. I'm letting them control me. I'm letting my abusers control my present, as they did my past. That's letting them win... BUT THAT'S WRONG! That isn't true at all! It is not wrong to hurt! It is not wrong to have been hurt by people who DON'T have power over you, much less those that do! You are not weak for being abused! You do NOT deserve that abuse! And those people that fake? Those people that use it to chase clout? Fuck them! They're more likely than not abusers themselves, and you shouldn't worry about them! You shouldn't have to be inhibited about your pain, you shouldn't have to shove it down so that you don't "let them win"! Shoving it down IS how they win, because you leave the trauma inside to fester and bubble, allowing it to consume you whole! You have a right to be angry! You have a right to be sad! You have a right to FEEL! ... It's okay to be a victim. You didn't make the choice to be one. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging what happened to you, be it sexual, physical, emotional, or any combination thereof. People can be monstrous. I do struggle with admitting to myself that I'm an abuse victim. I almost cried talking to my mother tonight, because we both are so close to being able to say and accept how we've been abused, but the people we know are so fake and wicked that we fear association with their behaviors. It's admitting that you aren't fully in control to admit to being abused, and it takes a LOT of courage to do so. So, to abuse victims... You are stronger than you think. That abuse isn't who you are. You did not deserve it. Cruel people inflicted it on you for a multitude of reasons, but none of them were your fault. It was not a result of your choices, but the result of others taking your choice away from you. This world has so much potential for love. So many people truly wishing to help heal a broken heart, soul, spirit. Sure, there are more abusers out there... But I sincerely hope that anyone this applies to finds someone they can truly depend on. Someone who will not treat them as you may have become accustomed to being treated. I see you. I hurt for you. I'm here for you. And, if given the chance, I will open my heart and love you. Stay determined, everyone.
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    Made about a week ago for the sake of having something of the season in time xD I had no idea how to go about the background once I had the character made, so I kept adding violets, purples, blues, vaguely resembling a cave-like pattern and after enough time I grabbed a pen and have what you see here.... I think the green is a bit too light and lime-y but that's what you get when you YOLO it and hope it ends up well hahaha....
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    "Ah what's the matter Dog Breath. Someone need a scratch behind the ear?" At this point, Inu growled, baring his teeth at the cat. "Go get high off some catnip, Cat Bitch," he snapped. Before it could go any further though, the teacher went off, ignoring Inu completely as he began to talk about everything else. "Fuckin' bastard's ignoring me...," Inu growled under his breath, but deciding to let it drop for now. He'd just grill Epicenter when she came back. She didn't look like she could keep a secret. However, before he could even fully calm down... "And finally, Kagarashi Hideyo, Konpaku Rei, Sogin Hakaro, and Sasaki Inu, you will all be against the number 5 hero, your history teacher Ruby Heart!" "Wait, Sasaki? Is there any chance you know the pro hero Howl?" "Fuck," Inu muttered as he gritted his teeth. "Yeah, I know the indecisive bitch. What a-fuckin'-bout it?" He took a handful of sunflower seeds and chomped on them with an angry crunching sound, just as Spidey O'Bitch came up to him. After their pleasant little exchange, the hellhound found himself standing in a corner of the room, chew on sunflower seeds as he watched two of his teammates at each other throats. Maybe they'd injure each other and Inu could transfer to a new group. That wasn't how it worked, and he knew it. With a sigh, he walked over, plopping his butt on the desk's top next to Hideyo. "So... you think we should stop them from fighting, or just wait it out?" He asked, chewing on yet another sunflower seed. Sun was ecstatic. He made a new friend in RIka, and Takehiko was trying to be friends with Rika to! Now he had two friends! There was only one problem though. "Sun Sun, Kaenbyou Tsubasa, Ohara Ben, and the new student Hoshino Rika, you will all be up against your JET teacher, Xionglauhu!" So Takehiko was on a different team, meaning Sun couldn't defend them. He had just had to believe in the guy. It wasn't like this was life or death anyways, so he should be fine, right? Sun wasn't convinced, but he couldn't let the others know that. For now, his team had gathered to make a plan. Sun could make plans, very good plans in fact! He bet his friends would be blown away with his great plans! "Ah... Does the sheet say anything about whether we're expected to actually win? With a numbers advantage, I get the idea of us holding up at least a bit, but... Winning seems like a long shot any way I look at it." Rika asked. Sun blinked as he looked at her. Why wouldn't they be expected to win? That was the law of the jungle, win or lose, kill or be killed. It was the same here... except without the killing. Most people weren't animals, they'd stop before that. "Hey Tsubasa, Sun...and you said your name is Rika, right?" The man with the many spiders approached them, causing Sun to subconsciously scratch himself. "Ahem...sorry I didn't probably make a good impression when you walked in. I'm Benjamin O'Hara, but I usually go by Ben. Nice to meet you. So...I guess it's going to be us four as a team." "A team huh?" the mini jaguar girl suddenly spoke up, "well, then alternate winning or otherwise, you have nothing to work about Iroko. After all, you've got three people with you, and most importantly I'm here with you. So, as long as those things are true, we're definitely a sure win." Smiling more excitedly she said, "and besides, haven't you always wanted to fight a bear?" "I dunno what a bear is, but it sounds fun," Sun admitted. "Nothing... To worry about? I dunno, I think we've got plenty to worry about. We don't know what our actual task is gonna be, aside from trying to overpower someone with more practice and experience than us. ...Fight a bear? I can't say it really ever crossed my mind. Generally you're supposed to, like... Play dead against them, right? Maybe we can do that against the bear then. I'd say we should come up with a plan, but... What can we plan for when we don't know the specifics? Hopefully we can get some actual time before the exam to plot a bit." "Oh, oh, do not worry!" Sun said excitedly. "I, Sun, have a great plan!" He cleared his throat before he started to explain. "So, we're gonna have you all stand behind me so I can protect you all, and then, I'm going to throw a rock at the bear!" He paused, waiting for a response, before adding as an afterthought. "It's going to be a very big rock,"
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    As he stepped onto the bus, Yasha was confident he had everything he needed. He was a bit over-packed, even for the beach-- a beach umbrella, a tarp/blanket, a couple gallons of water in a cooler bag, enough sunscreen to give the sun cancer, spare batteries for his phone-- but he was comfortable with carrying all of it, as long as it meant he could do what he came here to do. "Oi, oi, oi. You coming, O'Hara?" He stopped in the doorway to look back at the lagging American on his phone. "Hm? ...o-oh...uh...were we just supposed to enter the bus? I thought...jeez...gotta remember I'm not in America anymore. Uh, yeah I'm coming..." The two ended up sitting together on the bus, and Yasha was practically vibrating the seat-- which was notable since, at this proximity, it nearly drowned out the engine of the bus. Benjamin noticed Yasha's general noises and shrugged some. "I take it you're excited for the beach, huh Yasha?" Yasha looked up. "Oh, uh." He cleared his throat. "No, not really. Saltwater gums up my tool hands, I'm at a greater risk of heatstroke than most, and of course there's... sand..." He shuddered, then shifted back to his usual cheerful tone. "Pretty much everything about the beach is a horrible experience for me!" He smiled toothily. "Yikes..." Benjamin shook his head slightly. "Annnnd you're still okay with going? Despite the threats and risks that it brings you?" Yasha nodded emphatically. "Oh, totally. It's all worth it." "Uh-huh...alright, I'll bite...why is it worth it to you?" Yasha's expression, to the extend he had one, became suddenly serious. He glanced around, as though there were someone listening, though of course, nobody was. "Alright, don't tell anybody, but..." He leaned in and whispered. "I really just came to see the girls in their swimsuits. Think about it: Seigi, Konpaku, Ukemei-- all of them. In swimsuits." Yasha's faceplate was already red, and he had no skin above the neck so of course he couldn't blush, but there was an actual puff of steam from roughly where his nostrils would be as he straightened back up. Benjamin was surprised by this sudden turn of events as Yasha confided this information to him. The general thought of it, actually caused him to blush some. He looked around, before putting a hand on the chair, having a spider crawl out from his hand to sit on the chair, just as a lookout. "...that's why you were gung-ho about this? ...also do we need to even add Rei into this category?" Benjamin whispered back to Yasha. No going back with this conversation. Yasha nodded and huffed again, producing more little puffs of steam and folding his arms. "Even a cold girl like Konpaku can look good in a swimsuit, O'Hara. Heck, even a plain-looking girl like Sanada looks good in a swimsuit. It's science." Benjamin was still silent for a bit, before raising an eyebrow. "...uh, isn't Ren a guy...?" Yasha's eye twitched. "Not again..." he wheezed.
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    Yay I got my first reputation point!
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    This is the NCM drawing resources, here you can learn to draw, see videos, programs, and etc that could help you. request drawings, learn to draw, get told how to draw, get critique, and etc. Only hand drawn things(from any program) are allowed, so no copy + pasting anything, but you can edit them however you like(warp them, put them in layers, overlay them, blur them, whatever you feel like doing), just not transplanting stuff from the internet. Some graphics programs you could use: Also, link your mobile phone to your PC to draw with it, if you feel like it. Use Chrome Remote Desktop or Teamviewer. A few throwaway tips of mine: Videos: A few of my drawings: Have fun!
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    pre-test jitters It was barely sunrise when Shoshiki arrived at the testing grounds. He would have left sooner, but decided that walking alone in the dark would be a bit too much for him. It wasn't a big deal, his hotel was only a few blocks away, but Shoshiki decided to play it on the safe side. He was simply being reasonable, nothing more. As far as he could tell, only one girl had arrived before him. She looked distracted, yet determined. Shoshiki figured she was probably friendly enough, but decided not to risk it. Who knows what kind of person could be here, she could have a quirk even grislier than his own. And so Shoshiki Kojin stood almost completely still at the edge of the waiting area, as the rest of the hopefuls arrived. It wasn't long before the gates opened, allowing Shoshiki and the rest of the applicants to make their way in. It seemed the testing ground had both a forest and a cityscape, two environments Shoshiki could only hope he would be able to use to his advantage. As a man in some kind of antique-styled armor explained the test, Shoshiki couldn't help but be distracted by the rest of the entrants, "To get this far…” was that a giant beetle? Did beetles eat meat? One of this size was probably very hungry... “forest type area, and a city type area…” a guy with blue hair and headphones was watching the samurai explain, but looked like he would rather be literally anywhere else... “your objectives will all be the same.” With this, Shoshiki perked up. He should probably pay attention to this part. “In each area are a limited amount of badges that resemble the U.A. logo. To complete the practical, one must obtain five badges and return to the gate before sundown. It doesn't matter how you get your badges. Just so long as you're here, you'll be permitted to attend U.A." Using wording like that is going to make people think we are supposed to fight over these. "So if I beat the snot out of some dude with three badges, and take 'em, I get in?" The question came from an angry-looking, muscular girl, who seemed to be about as tall as Shoshiki himself. Despite her apparent confusion over how many badges she needed, her strategy concerned Shoshiki. He had never really fought before, let alone with someone who had been training their quirk for that purpose for what could be ten years. He felt a terrible sinking feeling inside him as the people surrounding him changed from unknown entities to threats. “...our very BEST!" A loud screech interrupted his thoughts, as Shoshiki quickly pivoted to find its source. As best as he could tell, she had some kind of bat quirk. Wait. Wouldn't that make her a vampire? Was she going to murder Shoshiki and drink his blood as sustenance? The samurai/teacher hybrid had said that they weren't supposed to kill each other, but this was a vampire, do the rules even matter at this point? Even as the vampire was scolded by another scary girl with red hair, Shoshiki still found himself feeling like prey. Even if not literally, everyone around him was determined to get into this school, and Shoshiki standing in their way wasn't going to make them change their minds. He could feel the threads of nerve tissue moving just beneath his skin, his flight or flight response coming on in full force. Should he team up with someone so as to have strength in numbers should they be attacked? Or would that just put him at risk of being betrayed once they had found a total of five badges? As the rest of the would-be students were beginning to socialize, Shoshiki was overcome with fear. Even as he could feel himself shaking from head to toe, he forced himself to take a few deep breaths, before making his way to the least terrifying person he could see, a small girl with silver hair. He reached up to tap her shoulder, but hesitated before he could. She might have acid skin or something, I should be more careful. Averting his vision, he awkwardly scratched at the back of his neck, speaking in such a subdued tone that he was hardly audible, "So, if people are planning to take the badges by force, it might be a better bet to stick together... I don't know you, but, you seemed a bit more pleasant and a bit less violent than the others I see here..."
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    Getting up in the morning had hardly been a problem for Yuuka. She had merely figured what time would be the best to wake up to get through her morning routine and set an alarm for then. Having gotten up just when she should, the girl had made her way to school, and arrived with some time to spare before their exam had actually begun. As such, it did her good to see that there were those even more ready and on time then her, and so she simply smiled brightly and contentedly, awaiting their exam time to start. Standing around, the girl simply looked and studied the two instructors before her, head to toe while listening to the directions they provided. "Oh, this might be some trouble," the girl merely muttered to herself. While she had her own concerns as to how to approach this test, to her great pleasure it had seemed that there were a large majority of other heroes to be that did not. Though there was some to be desired she glanced from student to student as they talked to each other, stretching herself out as she was instructed to do so all the while. Two girls who definitely had the confidence and physicality to be a hero, though definitely lack in the tact of one. One girl who - Yuuka winced - definitely had the energy levels of one. A boy, Shiba Yuudai, who seemed to have proper manners. And then there were two other girls in particular that managed to catch her attention. Both being full of spirit and a certain righteous quality that set them apart from the others so far. The girl merely smiled in glee, wondering just what the test had in store for them, while also looking forward to seeing more of her classmates. Turning her attention to the blonde haired girl, she merely raised her own fist into the air with a smile on her face echoing, "<justice>" in a much more subdued tone than the girl's, but still in English all the same.
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    A while back I made a custom archetype named "Abystella" (stars of the abyss) consisting on marine life with patterns of glowing yellow stars. Here's the art I drew for it: Whale Narwal Jellyfish Squid Mantaray Sea Dragon/Sea Horse Isopod Marlin Fisher Nautilus Sea Serpent Mermaid Art for Spells or Traps
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    25 years later, I've finally completed Crash 1.
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    The end of the Chicken Fight round and the immediate aftermath that followed was a blur to Risa. She barely remembered much, other than a hazy reply to Ben as the two separated. Regardless, she eventually found herself out in the lower reaches of the arena, below the stands, her Stabilizing Soles held over her shoulder by the metal frames near the opening for the leg, her heartbeat finally slowing enough to fully comprehend what had just happened. “I’m in the last round of the Sports Festival,” she said softly to herself. She was hardly able to believe it. How the hell was she here, among the other students of the Hero Course? To think this all started just because I was able to drag Sasaki out of that debris, she thought to herself. The thought was shocking to her, and she suddenly had a desire to find Sasaki and make sure he was alright. After all, I maybe jogged him real hard in midair… I’m sure I can just see if he’s going to make a quick recovery, right? “Hey, is that the Kawashima girl?” Risa very suddenly felt the need to accelerate this plan, a flush of color coming to her cheeks as she hurried down the corridor back into the stadium proper, not looking back despite calls of her name from behind her. It’s fine, it’s fine, they’ll just assume it’s somebody else, she told herself. It wasn’t until she was just around the corner from the infirmary that she realized there were likely precious few other small girls in UA uniforms loaded down with various pieces of metal and carrying foot cages over her shoulder. Oh. Oh no. Oh god. She silently berated herself as she stopped her forward momentum to pace back and forth, back and forth. Was that rude? I mean… They want to talk to the Hero students more, surely- “Kawashima? Kawashima Risa?” She jumped about a mile, whipping around to see, wide-eyed, a full on camera crew and a microphone pushed in her face. “Um… Yes? Hi?” she squeaked helplessly. The reporter, undaunted by Risa looking like a startled deer, smiled widely. “Young Miss Kawashima, we’re just looking to interview some of the heroes who have made it this far in the Festival!” “Student, just a-” she began a meek correction, but the reporter was already forging on. "Kawashima, it looks like you have been doing a spectacular job upholding the family legacy!" Risa couldn’t put her finger on why, but that question felt like a knife blade to the gut in her current mood. Regardless, she tried to smile as she answered. The result was less than convincing, but the embarrassed reaction to the interview was days away, when it was inevitably recycled on TV and she would have the misfortune to see it. "Ummmm, I don't know about that! My big sis Fumiko is the one you'd want to talk to about that… The hero Prestige? O'Hara-sama is really where a lot of the credit for today so far has to go. I really was just very very lucky to have him put up with me as a partner!” "Funny thing, he said the same about you. Did you two know each other before all this? You've made quite the pair." "No, I've never met any of the Hero Course before toda- EEEEEH?!? He said what? He's just being nice, he's very encouraging. But ummmmm... No, I hadn't met him, I'd only heard about his Quirk in class a few times and thought it was interesting because, well... It is, isn't it, he's learned to use such a fascinating Quirk so well, even in round two where he had to carry me around and wasn't able to crawl on walls he was-" Risa now began a long and detailed ramble about Spider Colony what she had been able to infer about it, her brain having finally latched onto something she could talk about with confidence. She failed to interpret the reporter’s peeved expression as a desire for her to stop, thinking maybe she hadn’t clarified a point correctly. “And like I was saying, I think he has some degree of ability to direct them, or they’re way smarter than spiders usually are, and they’re actually very smart insects, I mean arachnids-” "I... See…” The reporter managed to finally cut her off by cutting around behind her, weaving an arm around Risa’s shoulders and leaning in conspiratorially to ask the next question. “We heard early on that whichever non-hero course student gets the farthest will be inducted into it. How do you feel, now that you have accomplished that goal and outlasted the two general course students from the previous round?" All thoughts of Spider Colony left Risa’s head. Her brain screeched to a halt at this question. All she was able to say was: "... Atsushi-san and Karada-san didn't advance?" “... Well, no. Didn’t you see on the board? You’re the sole student not from Class A or Class B.” "... I don't remember much after I saw I had advanced... I don't think I even saw the other teams that went forward..." "Well then it's a good thing the path into the hero course isn't a memory exam, isn't it?" The attempt on humor was lost completely on Risa’s mounting tide of panic. "Wait, WAIT, I'M the highest non-Hero course member in the Sports Festival?!?!?" "Congratulations, Kawashima," was the simple reply, as the cameraman started frowning at the reporter, making very clear ‘finish it’ looks with his eyes. Risa was only able to offer a very small “thank you” in reply. "With a legacy like yours, there will be a lot of eyes on you. Let's see how far you can go!" The reporter slapped a hand with forced cheerfulness on Risa’s shoulder before they turned to walk away, huffing out a breath. "Yeah... We'll um…” Risa cleared her throat, not even processing that the microphone wasn’t being shoved into her face anymore. “...have to see, right? How far..." “Why would you want to be a hero?” The memory of a question Risa had asked herself over and over again for years rebounded inside her head. She resumed her slow walk down the hallway, frowning as one of her hands absently fiddled with a strap on one of her Soles. Why indeed? She was smaller than most people her age, scared more easily than people her age, dumber too if her Support grades were any indication; She didn’t even have a Quirk that could make up for it. If I didn’t get to bring these in just for being in the Support Class I wouldn’t even be here, she thought to herself, rubbing at one of the weights on her belt. There was no sense in denying that. All the rest of the top eight had gotten here on the results of the Quirks and their skill at using them. Hers did literally nothing without something to work with from the start. I’m not like Fumiko, who can just make metal from her skin… And I’m certainly not the former Glory. So why do people keep acting like I am? She realized two things with horror. One was that clearly the interview crew had gone the same direction as her, and she hadn’t even noticed. She could hear the reporter’s voice around the corner even now, just outside the infirmary. The second was that her eyes were wet. She hurriedly reached up to wipe at them, almost dropping her Stabilizing Sole as she did so. She certainly didn’t want a bunch of strangers to see her crying, though she couldn’t quite put a good reason to why. "It appeared to be quite advanced, the only other one allowed to bring tech in is the student who designed her equipment herself, in class. How did you manage to receive this special treatment?" A stab of guilt, that. Even the casual onlookers knew that fact of the matter. "It's weaker than I am. [Significantly]. It's a registered support item that I need to get through day to day life." Risa very dimly recognized Diana’s voice. She and the American had never met, but this wasn’t the first time Risa had heard her speak. And after all, who else could they be talking to? "It looked plenty strong on camera. The boy you hit was awfully bloodied just from that strike. Is he on the other side of this door?" Risa frowned. That wasn’t exactly fair, at least not to her. Diana was right, her arm was literally missing. Only now did she think back to when she had walked by Diana in the stadium. There HAD been a small tingle, that sense she had that alerted her to any metal close enough for her Quirk to pick up on it. She hadn’t even noticed in her gut-wrenching worry about the next round. She had never seen the specs on Diana’s arm, had truthfully not even known she had a prosthetic, but it clearly hadn’t been designed to be used as a weapon first. Even she knew that, there was no way it would have broken that easily. She wondered if she should say something. She may not be a Hero Course student, but perhaps as a Support student her word might have some weight? Sure, she had the worst grades in her class, but they didn’t know that. Probably. But for all she knew Diana’s arm HAD been made as a weapon and there had just been some fluke, some aspect of her Quirk or Syo’s Quirk or Ayane’s Quirk or just a fluke of physics that had caused it to explode like that, though she really rather doubted it, perhaps she could ask Deerc-sensei about- And then Shannon’s cool voice cut in from around the corner. Risa flattened herself against the wall instinctually. She had seen the variety of holy terror that Shannon was capable of. Deerc-sensei still sometimes groused about her decking his Thunderjaw by herself. She couldn’t give a good reason for why Shannon scared her. She had been terrified of her the entire Festival, trying her best to avoid her the entire time. But now at least she could get behind Shannon’s actions as she did what Risa hadn’t been brave enough to do herself and tell the reporters off. It reminded her of something her sister might do, and Risa wasn’t entirely sure why that was concerning to her rather than a cause for relief. Or maybe it was both. At that thought, Risa had to take a mental step back and make up her mind that the pressures of the day had officially made her thought processes, convoluted and frantic at the best of times, officially made no damn sense. "I am powerful. Society dictates that means that I am and will always be a good hero, due to such.” Shannon’s voice, filtering around the corner again. Another frown from Risa. Being powerful… There was something to that. After all, she was weak, and not a Hero Course student. But for some reason when Shannon said that she couldn’t help but think of Ben. Think of Kawashima Fumiko. Think of Kawashima Yozo. And she still couldn’t say exactly why. But there was one thing she knew she did want to do. “Siegi-sama?” Risa had followed Diana away from the infirmary, waiting until Shannon had left in the other direction. She waved a hand as she rushed to catch up on her shorter legs, Stabilizing Soles held over her shoulder. “I um, was going to the infirmary to see if Sasaki-sama, make sure he’s alright… if he’s in there, I don’t know if you saw him. Kawashima, by the way,” she said hurriedly, waving a hand. “I was O’Hara-sama’s partner? Um…” There was an awkward moment while she gathered her words before blurting out: “I overheard the reporters. Talking to you, I’m sorry. They talked to me too and I… really didn’t like it either.” She looked down at the ground, embarrassed to talk about it. “But I… I think the question about your arm was really unfair. I’m not the best Support student but… Icouldmaybetryand… fix it?” She bit her lip. It sounded daft when she said it that way. Surely Siegi thought she was trying to sabotage her now, she was so unbelievably awkward. But she both could and wanted to offer. The desire to want to help.
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    So, that job I mentioned before? I got it. I now make 6 figs working remotely. My girlfriend and I are planning on moving to Columbia, SC soon.
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    "Alright gang, this has been Maya-chan! I've gotta get going. As you all know, Digimon World Online is coming out today and you know who is getting in at launch. I reaaaaaally wish I could I could stream it with you guys but you know how it goes. Game uses your real life appearance and that'd be trouble for me. But who knows, maybe we'll play with each other and not even realize it, that could be so fun! Let me know on my socials what you're planning to do with the game. I'll be talking about my experiences with it in upcoming streams just wont have much footage. Guess I'll have to come up with something. Maybe I can get Doki-kun to stream with me and we'll play the digimon card game while we talk about it! Oh there's so many things to do. You all know my stream times, if not it's down in the description along with my socials. Follow soon for exclusive signed merch, offer ends in two weeks! Keep it real and keep shining!" Click. Stream ended. "Uggggghhhhh" Came a moan as the face behind hit Vtuber Maya-Chan slumped back into her chair and planted her face down on her desk in front of her. Jeanne Sakamoto had just gotten done streaming for three hours and her day was only really just beginning. A thought crossed her mind why she was still doing this but the thought of disappointing so many fans seemed like more trouble than it was worth. She could see the social media threads over Maya-Chan leaving drama and the shit she'd have to go through the Vtuber company. Oh right them. A contract seemed like a pretty good reason to keep doing something too now that she thought about it. Before moping too much longer, Jeanne looked up from her den of depression to a clock to see she still had a scant few minutes before the DWO launch. "Well Jeane, you came this far. Might as well not be late." the woman muttered with a huff as she hauled the box of goods needed to play the game onto her desk. Opening it, deciphering instructions and assembling was easier than she had anticipated but still more complicated than any game had a right to be, at least in her opinion. She was tired enough that if she could have put off logging in for a day or two she would have. But she knew she wouldn't last a half hour of not showing up without Shion blowing her up in every conceivable method of communication. "I can't wait for this super awesome game." She said with as little life as she could muster. "Gonna be the greatest thing ever-" she was cut off the by digitizing process. 'Logging in.....User.......Maya.......DIGILIZING NOW' Never had Jeanne put much thought into what having her body deconstructed and turned into data would feel like. She figured it was just all overblown VR type stuff. But this was something else. But then all at once she was herself again just somewhere completely new. Somewhere that looked beautiful really. For a fake place in a game anyway. She was almost in awe until she was surrounded by other people all eagerly logging in for the first time. The starry-eyed masses quickly made her gut twist and turn. It wasn't like this was even the best graphics she'd ever seen in a game. Like sure she was actually in it but there were probably missing pixels or something. The girl's focus was on the CEO of the game company, Kazuki Iwakiri, who welcomed them all to Asuka City. Jeanne took the opportunity to move away from the congested spawn point to take in the bright eyed corporate speak. A game changing the course of history. Like that had ever happened. Still, at least the man wasn't going to take all day to get to what everyone actually wanted. A device, primarily white with dark purple accents, along with a soot black egg appeared before Jeanne as so many similar pairs of objects did for every other player at Iwakiri's word. Without warning the egg began hatching, revealing a bizarre looking black ball of something with yellow eyes. A Botamon it was, which Jeanne would know if she bothered to look it up in the game's information. She definitely didn't already know all about it. Having to lug this thing around was going to be troublesome but it was almost cute enough to justify it. But the CEO wasn't done handing out presents as the creatures all began their first evolution on the spot. Gone was the ball of black fur and in it's place a ball of gray fur with long ears. "Wait... is mine broken? How come mine didn't get arms or legs?" Jeanne voiced to no one in particular. This didn't seem to deter the creature though, who propped itself upright as much as a spherical creature could and puffed its non-existent chest. "I'm Pagumon! It's an honor to meet so soon Jeanne." Pagumon said, doing what looked like its best attempt at a bow. "So soon? Oh yeah didn't sign up all that lo- wait what?! Ah shit, I shoulda known they sold my data. Never use real names even when they ask for them, stupid!" She vented as Pagumon looked on concerned. "Please don't be upset. I've been waiting eagerly to meet you. This should be a happy time." the digimon offered, its ears drooping. "Aw c'mon Fido, dont start with that. I'm not mad at you, you didn't do anything." Jeanne responded, softening some. But Pagumon seemed peturbed. "Fido? I'm Pagumon." it asserted in confusion. "Yeah well you're like my dog now right, it's a nickname." the human offered in explanation. "You were given an opportunity when signing up to nickname me, you should have done so there. I am Pagumon and that's that." the furball stated. "You don't gotta be uptight about it." Jeanne said, clearly annoyed her new parter was such a stickler about these kinds of things. But there was no two ways about it. Jeanne kept calling Pagumon Fido and Pagumon continued to deny that was its name and demanded she address it properly if she wanted a reply. Still, Pagumon seemed overjoyed to be with Jeanne at all. As for Jeanne well, Pagumon was cute so it was lucky. The two left, Pagumon in Jeanne's arms as they talked some more. Jeanne explained she was looking for a friend and Pagumon suggested heading back to the spawn area as most players wouldn't have dispersed from there yet. A solid idea and one which the girl accepted. Now it was just a matter of looking for Shion. In a sea of faces. No problem there. Actually it ws a lot easier than anticipated as something caught the girl's eye. A raincloud, a tiny one at that, isolated entirely to the space just above a single player's head. That alone required a good laugh but no sooner did the woman look to see the poor soul with their own storm cloud than did Jeanne see her own best friend, Shion. That was too much, the girl burst out laughing as she approached. "Wow I really missed out on not pre-ordering huh?" she managed to get out when she stopped laughing enough to actually speak. Shion knew that laugh. It had a distinct vibe of "wow, this sucks, and you probably suck for getting so into it." She'd recognize it anywhere, and while she'd normally turn and greet its owner with a smile, she was already in a bit of a sour mood. And so, sour expression fully intact, Shion turned, and greeted Jeanne back with a "Oh, shut it. This was the most not-terrible pre-order bonus; how was I supposed to know the damn thing would be bugged?" "Wow, here I thought you were just trying to ruin the vibe for everyone on purpose. Was gonna be offended." Jeanne fired right back. At this point Pagumon interjected. "You shouldn't be rude to your friend!" it said very earnestly which only got another chuckle out of Jeanne. "We got every flavor of buzzkill here what'd I even sign in for?" "To be a better buzzkill than them, obviously," Shion answered. "And maybe to try and find game-breaking exploits so you can kill the devs' good moods too. The CEO didn't seem all that happy that his collector's edition bonuses were bugged when I met him. All I could get to make up for it was some bits, though." Jeanne could only give a typical whistle to fake being impressed. "CEO talking to nobodies huh? What an in touch and down to earth old guy. Be sure to threaten to refund if your... bonus here doesn't get fixed soon." Jeanne spoke, uncertain if she could call the endless raincloud a bonus with a straight face. "I'll make sure to do that. Give the devs a week, and if I'm still getting rained on, threaten a refund. 11,000 yen for a bugged poncho I need to wear." Shion finished that thought with one of the driest, most sarcastic "Woohoo"s one would likely hear. "Oh, loosely related, do you want to hit up the shops before we check out what this game's got to offer? I've got a nice chunk of bits, and I'd like to pick up some extra..." Shion pointed up at the raincloud hovering over her. "Equipment." Jeanne feigned shock this time as she reeled backward dramatically placing a hand across her chest. "Is it my birthday?" she teased. "Well far be it from me to deny charity in any mmo. And I'm not even being told to change my password to something specific must really be my lucky day. We'll get you fixed right up Miss Sunshine." Jeanne added to rub salt in the wound. "Miss Sunshine, haha," Shion sighed, leaving an obviously fake laugh behind as she got up, and opened her map. A map which, to her great relief, was rather well-made. Everything was clear, labeled, zoom functions worked properly, it was by all means a very nice map. It was surprising how easy it was to botch a map system in these kinds of games, really. After confirming the location of the nearest clothing store, Shion pointed in its general direction, said "That way," and started in that direction, gesturing for Pomumon and Jeanne to follow. She could feel the funny looks being sent her way. She didn't mind that, mostly. The ones she did mind were the ones from players with what she recognized as being other collector's pre-order bonuses. If she didn't know any better, she could have sworn one of them off-handedly commented how glad they were they didn't pick the poncho. "For all the odds and ends in this thing's settings - it came with its own settings window, by the way - you'd think they would have checked that it can be switched off," Shion sighed. Jeanne for her part had been taking in the sights but more especially the people giving Shion funny looks. It was all she could do to not start laughing about the whole affair again. "Well for all his happy vibes and bravado for us noobs you know that CEO guy has to be overworking his team to be doing well... this." Jeanne said while motioning with her arms to a vague nothing. "This turning people into data stuff's kinda wild. Dunno if I'd be impressed or worried for the employees health if there weren't some bugs here and there." She paused, an off-handed comment about a way better pre-order bonus getting a snicker from her. "But hey, there's some positives to it all. Like how I'll never lose you in a crowd, or how I'll always have a conversation starter with everyone we meet 'cuz I can always just be like 'yeah that's me and my localized weather anomaly if you look closely you can see the rain is actually just the tears of all the disappointed pre-orderers". All said, I see this as an absolute win... you know, long as you aren't hugging me or anything." Jeanne added with a playful look of disgust. She did not intend to get wet simply be proximity to her best friend simply because said best friend wouldn't remove a cosmetic she didn't have to keep on. But then again Shion asserted she did have to keep it on and who was Jeanne to argue that? A foolish question really, Jeanne was never going to let it go. "Well, at least one of us is having a good time with this. And that's exactly what I'm doing here." Ah yes. Here. The clothing shop. The way Shion heard it, back when MMOs were not run through VR, the shop was generally just an NPC that you talked to, the list of items appeared, you traded in currency, and that was it. What a bore that sounded like, as if the shopkeep just had magical pockets containing their entire stock! Fortunately, those days were gone, and the shops of a VR MMO were at least a little more immersive. You could interact with the shelves or boxes, or in this case the racks of clothing. You could pull an item out from the lists - organized lists based on what you were interacting with - and examine it before buying, or even try it on in the case of clothes and other equipment. Then, once you were ready to buy, you could just hit the purchase button, trade in your currency, and your better MMO shopping experience was concluded. Immersive, intuitive, ingenious. "Say, since we're here and all, do us both a favor. Check around the place and try to pick up something for yourself." Pointing up above her head again, Shion added "Buy as if you were dealing with this instead of me. My treat. I'm gonna check the footwear and see about replacing my soaked shoes with something waterproof." "My whatever do you mean? I can only see the smiling faces of my friends. I don't see glitches." Jeanne teased as she left to look into wet weather gear. As she perused lists of items, Pagumon couldn't help but speak up having been a largely silent listener in the conversation between the two girls. "Are you two really friends?" it asked with an honesty and earnestness that might have made the woman choke had she been drinking something. Or staring up into her own personal raincloud. Crazy what not having one of those would do. "That's a silly question." Jeanne asserted. Having a piece of data analyze her relationships seemed like a waste of time. What did robots and algorithms know about any of this? "But you seem to always be bothering each other." Pagumon added, its ears drooping again. "It's a girl thing, kinda hard to understand I know but it is what it is. If you wanna think we're friends that works fine. It is the easiest way to put things." Jeanne remarked coldly as she settled on a matching pair of umbrellas, each wildly plastered with the logo for DWO and several of the posterchild digimon. "My god, they're hideous. Perfect." She said with an evil smirk. The redundancy of needing an umbrella while in a raincoat was going to drive Shion up a wall and Jeanne only wished she had a camera for it. "Let's go find our friends." Jeanne said to Pagumon who agreed happily.
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    Interview 2 - Christina Yates by Comrade Duck
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    Mackenzie, the Lightning Adventurer After a, far too short according to some, short break Mac went right back to the road. Her adventurous spirit didn’t let her stay in the same place for long. At first she kept towards a specific path, following the road she had left off in, and found herself in Mowloo. She was sad to find out she missed out on a large showdown but she did manage to ask the leader of the community, a rather dour Tyranitar, to fight her to try and convince Yveltal to accept her challenge. Though if he had known her end goal he would certainly have refused. While in the end Mac wasn’t able to fight the death bird, the Legend had apparently just left for Pride Rock to check on their sister after Arceus told her what had happened, but she was satisfied with the battle with the Tyranitar. Her voyage eventually led her to Juyu where she managed to catch a concert that Meloetta had put on. The relatively young Legend having decided to be much more open and public to give the people hope. After several days Mac managed to get a battle with Meloetta. She lost but she promised Meloetta to come back again when she was strong enough to fight her one on one. From there her journey took so many turns it was impossible to keep track. She went everywhere she heard there was a good fight to be had and continued to grow stronger. She’d often stop in Juyu whenever she could though. She claimed it was to hear Meloetta sing but each time she would head right to Pride Rock after. Where she pestered the new king and tried to convince him to come with her “for old time’s sake”. Usually resulting in her either challenging him, or his warriors, to a fight or her calling him boring and zipping away on her next adventure. --- “So...how’s the Legend life going?” Throughout her exploring Mac tried be as confident and brave as possible. However whenever she happened across the Swords of Justice, and more specifically the newly ‘knighted’ Keldeo, whom she still called Suiten at times, this confidence would slip away and a hint of the awkward young lady would come out. Not that she would ever admit this. In the end these meetings would end with Mac fighting the Legend whether he wanted to or not. “I’ll just hit you even if you don’t fight back." --- It wasn’t until her later years that she finally settled down back in her old home of Oasis. Against the wishes of all the parents of the city she would often regale the children with stories of her exploits and imparted upon many of them a desire to follow in her footsteps. She would often joke they could only leave town once they could beat her. Or rather she said it was a joke when angry parents confronted her. Dora, the Daydreaming Princess After making sure all her friends, including the new friends she decided she just made in that underground facility, were fine Dora immediately went back home as fast as possible. She tried to get the others to go with but she was far too impatient to wait for anyone. Dora wasn’t one to cry. She usually was all smiles and happy-go-lucky humming as she went through all sorts of trials. However when she got home and saw her mother, out of bed and practically glowing, a deluge of tears came from her. Her mother later would tease her that she almost flooded the city with her tears. For the first couple weeks Dora was content being back home and playing games with her mother and Gisei, who had been released from jail by a reluctant king, but it wasn’t long before she regained her desire to see more of the world. And see more of her friends. With a determination that had only strengthened after her journey Dora managed to convince her father to raise Merm back up to the surface and rejoin the rest of the world. Despite his concerns her father, with some nudging from his wife, couldn’t deny that Dora had grown quite strong. Strong enough to be allowed to venture out into the world. Though he did make her bring along a guard everywhere she went. She became known as the “Smiling Diplomat” and journeyed to many different cities to see everything she could and grow relation between the other parts of the world and her once isolated home. However she made sure her longest trips were to the homes of her friends. Or, as Dora called them, “My other family”. Deku, in particular, became something of a second home to her. She went there more often than any others, and the occasional gang that tried to rise up certainly didn’t appreciate the soldiers showing up accompanying her, so often that the children began to think of her as one of them. Something that she would agree with proudly whenever it was mentioned. While she never fully lost her wandering and air-headed spirit Dora began absorbing more and more knowledge. She might have never been the smartest Gijinka around but her journeys had taught her much about people. Which is why, when her father stepped down from leading Merm, he was proud to have her take over. With a dozen or so advisors to keep her more wild ideas in line. She was already beloved by her own people and due to how much she helped out those of other parts of the region she became known as a wonderful, if reckless, leader. Her spirit and imagination allowed Merm, and Adarid as a whole, to grow in strange but wonderful ways over her long leadership. Gwendoline, the Regretful Traitor Her injuries from the battle with Giratina had kept her from joining the rest in their final battle. A fact that caused her much guilt and shame. Though she tried to hide it when she met back up with the others to congratulate them. Though she couldn’t hold it in for long after she began apologizing for everything she had done up until then. The tidal wave of apologies and venting ended with Gwen feeling oddly light and free. She had a long, long, discussion with both Nine and Lok. Finally bearing her heart fully to them. From her struggles as a to-be high priestess of Darkrai to even her struggles helping to raise her sisters and the heart break she experienced long before starting her journey. After this conversation Gwen had to face an even less comfortable talk. Darkrai and Cresselia wanted to talk to her. The rival siblings had reluctantly, on Darkrai’s part, worked together at the behest of Arceus to help Shaymin keep the land alive and they had, according to Cresselia, stopped fighting about Gwen’s part in everything. Darkrai still was upset about what he saw as a betrayal but as things had worked out it seemed he was willing to “let her off the hook.” However there was another matter to attend to. Both Darkrai and Cresselia wished to claim Gwendoline as their Disciple. However Arceus herself had another idea which forced the two of them to give up on that. As it turned out a world without Giratina was not an entirely stable place. Without the Legend there to hold down the Distortion World bits of it threatened to leak out and overlap the normal world. Which down the line could lead to disaster. Though not ideal it was decided that Gwen could take on the task. Because Giratina and their disciple were both gone there was no one that could fill the hole completely. However at Cresselia and Darkrai’s, though he denied this, recommendation Gwendoline was picked as the best choice. The young woman had a lot to think about. She asked for some time to think it over and was told that the distortions wouldn’t be an issue for some time yet. So the girl set out to see the region again. This time without a clouded mind. She stopped in every city and saw the struggles that still existed. She tried to help where she could but she realized that just on her own there wasn’t much she could do. While there may no longer be an active threat, and many people were starting to work together again with the Legends, more personal and smaller scale suffering still existed. In the end of her journey she realized that taking on the mantle of Giratina would allow her to help others out in a more major way. And so when she returned home it was with determination and decisiveness. However despite taking on the Legend’s mantle, learning second-hand how to deal with the powers from Arceus herself, the Mismagius still insisted on being called Gwendoline in private. “I don’t want to give up my life for this. It may be selfish but I want to stay with those I care about. And...perhaps...even have a family of my own, some day." Across the Region Oasis: For many years the desert city had been unchanged. Visitors would pass through, often adventurers searching for clues on where the other Legends had gone. It was known mainly as the place where Volcanion died. But after the Godslayer War as it became known the city started to grow. People displaced from their homes, both from Adarid and elsewhere, found in it a surprisingly peaceful and pleasant place to live. The great tree which was revived by Arceus turned out to not only be a symbol but a source of life. It turned out the tree was dying long before it was burned and after Mac’s wish delicious fruits began to grow from it. The people of the city named them after the local hero who had helped save the world. Mackintosh Apples. Merm: Once upon a time Merm was considered a myth by many people of Adarid. Rumors of it existing, as well as people insisting they remembered a time it was above ground, persisted throughout the land. Yet hardly any ever saw it and those that did weren’t always believed. However after the princess of the city, Dora, convinced her father to raise it up the people of the world soon realized that the myths didn’t do it justice. The beautiful city became a beloved destination for adventurer’s and families alike. Its soldiers were sent all over to help rebuild and protect the land. With the urging of his wife and child the king even created something that Dora called a “water park” for people to visit and enjoy. Coldharbour: The city had already been small and, to most, looked over even before Kyurem had attacked it. At first the people of the city considered leaving for Fryst and begging the leader there to open its gates to them. However before they even decided to leave the gates opened up. And the citizens who had left Coldharbour to live in Fryst emerged with supplies to rebuild the city and make it stronger than before. It’s now considered a cozy respite before setting off to visit Merm, or Oasis, and beyond. While some tried to take advantage of the city’s lack of defense they always were warded off by a rather unusual Gijinka who was rumored to come from the stars. Fryst: It wasn’t long after the disastrous events that led to the death of Regice that the leader of Fryst was overthrown. His former captains taking over together and forming a council with the citizens of the city. The first order was to send the former “king of Fryst” to his own jail. The next was to release the people of Coldharbour that had been tricked into staying there under the lie that they would be able to bring their families. While the dangers of the world had been reduced greatly Fryst still stood as a bastion of refuge for many. And when threats reared their head they were among the first to set out to put a stop to it. The frozen walls of Fryst, which for years represented xenophobia and aloofness, were now a beacon of hope to those crossing the frozen tundra. Mount Icecrown: This mountain remained a dangerous place. Filled with deadly animals and some rather feral Gijinka. However because of that it also became a training area. The Gijinka that had guarded the pass for years were told, by Arceus herself, to allow people who were strong enough to visit and test themselves. Overseen by Diancie and her newfound Disciple, Sada. Along with a rather reluctant, and complaint-filled, Phineas. They even managed to calm down one of the feral Gijinka, an Abomasnow who had once upon a time battled some of the heroes of the Godslayer War, and he became a rather popular training partner. Deku: The city that was once scorned by most of the region. It...still is somewhat run down. However after being rebuilt the people there realized they had to be better. This was their home and it could only be as good as they were. Sadly it was hard for people to change their ways so easily. Thankfully there were now several who worked to make the city a safer place. The former assistant of Sam the Bisharp, Easter, Brooke, even Dora and the Merm soldiers. With the various “pillars” of the city it slowly became a more reputable place. Though it never fully lost their delinquent spirit. Juyu: The city was always a popular destination. This became even more the case after the events that came to pass. It was rebuilt even bigger and stronger than before. Expanding beyond its previous borders and setting up more housing for all the people who came to Juyu and decided to settle there. The former gang members, without a leader, became junior deputies under Heather. Though often she wondered if they didn’t make more work for her. The festivals that the city was known for became even bigger now that Meloetta revealed herself. And the young Legend has become widely popular along with bringing out new musical talents into the world. There were many huge events held in the city. The largest of them, thanks to Meloetta’s insistence, was the wedding between the sheriff and her deputy. Pride Rock: With its new king Pride Rock began to thrive like never before. Where once the lions had to keep careful control of the land now they began to work with others for the first time to make sure everyone had an equal share and a fair chance. However while they changed many things they never bowed down to anyone. Much of that came because of their strong ruler and his greatest warrior, Jabari, who became widely known as one of the most powerful Gijinka. It was often said that Pride Rock would never lose its pride. Adarid City: Of all the cities the self-proclaimed capital city had the most changes. The so called emperor was displaced and forced to struggle in jobs he once looked down on. His daughter managed to escape this life and became a famed actor in the newly fixed theater. While the gang wars didn’t end the gangs were weakened. Forced into the shadows. A large part of this was due to the revival of various areas of the entertainment district. The leader of this movement being the newly created wrestling association. The slums were demolished but only to create true housing for those living there. Looked over by the triplet Legends of Azelf, Mespirit, and Uxie. Fiona, the young Drapion, returned to the city and fixed up the library. Making it a spot beloved by the children of the city. She could often be found reading stories to them. Trailsau: Not every city changed in a major way. Trailsau remained the same as ever. In fact if anything they became more rowdy with the new blood that came to it as well as some old blood. Allie had returned and, along with Trevor who was forced out of his ‘retirement’, the two caused even more sparks to fly and ignited a whole new generation of fighters. Over time Heatran became less of a “feared natural disaster” and more a “respected fellow warrior.” Heatran could often be heard complaining about missing the good old days. Though no one actually believed him. Northshore: As well as those without major changes not every city changed in a way that caused it to grow. Though only some, highly vocal, people complained about the changes. Northshore still was a place people visited for its beaches. Tourism didn’t stop. Though as the other cities grew it became less crowded. However two major changes came to the city. The first was that it became a sort of haven for Alolan refugees and the volunteers in the war to liberate Alola. The other was that the beach-city became more often rainy. Due to the much more frequent visits by the Legendary Kyogre. Mowloo: Shaken up by the attacks by the natives, and Yveltal’s appearance, the people of Mowloo lived in some fear for a time. However the new leader of the natives and the leader of the city folk slowly began to work things out. Those of the city agreed to keep out of, and help keep others out of, certain territories of the jungle. Thus letting the natives keep their culture. And the natives helped those of the city by sharing some of their secrets to living with the jungle. The city didn’t expand and, in fact, shrunk somewhat. Preserving the natural order of things as best they could. Yveltal, for her part, never saw need to wipe out all life. Which everyone was quite relieved by. Alpha and Omega: The twin cities in what used to be known as the “deadlands” changed the most drastically. Along with Darkrai, Cresselia, and the newly dubbed Giratina, Shaymin worked to bring life back to the land of death. Without the former Giratina, and their sadistic Disciple’s, influence those of Omega became much more passive. As if waking from a terrible dream. Similarly those of Alpha calmed more now that the long, mostly silent, war had ended. The two cities continued a rivalry though now it was more about how many visitors they could get or who would win their monthly sporting events. Which became a rather popular attraction due to the rather unusual way the Ghosts played. The people of both cities still loved to spook visitors. Which made it even more amusing for them that people just kept coming. Ogren: Ogren was largely unaffected by the changes to the world. It continued to be a place of free spirits and unusual cuisine. Even the Great Green One, who was revealed to be Tornadus and was now a permanent resident in the city, didn’t change much. The people continued to refer to him as the Great Green One, something he took great joy in, and he continued to enjoy a good party. Though he occasionally set out from the city. Some said he was searching for someone to become the new Thundurus. Those in the city would never admit it but they cherished these moments as they were when the wind tended to die down and the near constant rocking of the raft-city stopped. Weynon: The people of Weynon were always rather detached from others. Many would say to an arrogant degree. This...did not change much. However what did change was the peace and quiet that the residents usually enjoyed. Much to their chagrin more people started to flood the city. Which was aided by Celebi. Who, after the defeat of the Godslayers, revealed herself to the world. And, along with the disposed secret child of the former emperor, who mysteriously found her illness lessened upon the return of Arceus, opened the city to more people. Over time even the original inhabitants began to see it as a good thing and wood carvings from Weynon began to be treasured all over the world. Southshore: Despite the death of Latios the second Eon Dragon, Latias, became less withdrawn from the world. She revealed herself to the people and promised to protect the city from any threats herself. She would often get visited by other Legends. Making Southshore popular for adventurous Gijinka. Many of them were Dragons who were seeming to want to prove to Latias that they could become her new partner. Though not many of them were able to get close to the Legend as Melody the Milotic and a strange, black-armored, Scizor who said his name was “unimportant to fools such as you” made sure to keep the majority away. They believed if someone couldn’t get past them they didn’t deserve to talk to Latias. Mioter: The city became much more mobile after the battle that occurred on the island under it. Moving around the region and providing aid to those who needed it. Led by the reluctant Mewtwo the city became less of a city and more of an organization. Much like Fryst it became a place for those who were afraid to seek refuge. It especially gathered up the more unusual Gijinka. Those who didn’t feel they fit well into society. And gave them a place to live and help others. Those with Psychic powers were recruited to keep the city aloft and those who could fight trained with the Shadow Guard. However Mewtwo’s policies welcomed anyone who was willing to help in whatever way they could. Skuldafn: The Dragons remained in their city. The traditions they valued were only strengthened now that the Legends had truly returned to the world. It became a place for Legends to rest. And the citizens of Skuldafn kept outsiders who wanted to do battle from approaching. Forcibly if need be. Though not many tried to risk fighting the powerful Dragons. There still were some changes. Now that more of the world were coming to the city the people of the city grew more interested in the world. More young Dragons began to set out across the city on journeys. Which forced the other adventurers and chasers to try even harder to not be outdone by the mighty Gijinka. The world had changed in many ways. Most of them for the positive. All across Adarid people grew, worked together, and became stronger. After the tragic battles against the God Slayers the region seemed to wake up from its stupor. It seemed that everything was different as a whole. However, while there were a multitude of changes, some things... The Heliolisk grunted as she pulled herself up the final stretch to reach the top of the mountain. It had taken her nearly an entire day just to find this place and another one to scale it. But she had reached her destination at last. Breathing heavily but grinning wide the girl stepped out onto the flat area at the top of the mountain. In front of her a large man was standing with his back to her. Looking across at the expanse beyond with a solemn aura about him. He didn’t turn around as Mac approached though he shifted slightly indicating that he knew she was there. Mac took a few breaths before thrusting her fist towards the man. With a wide smile and a confident stance she called out. “Regirock! I challenge you to a battle!” ...some things NEVER change. The End
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    "AAAAAAAAAA--" Yasha's voice echoed down the road ahead of and behind him as he came flying out of an alleyway. Making a hairpin turn and sprinting through the mock city streets, followed by his own swarm of security robots, he came TEARING down the road towards Kio and Rei, screaming at the top of his lungs and pistoning his arms like his life depended on it. "--AAAAAAAAAA" And then he was gone, as swiftly and chaotically as he had come, still running at breakneck speed for the gate they came in from, making loud and distressed engine noises the whole way down.
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    Catchy Theme Inu took a deep breath as he woke up that morning. The place smelled like cigarettes and wet fur... not a smell people would enjoy, but it was a comforting one for him. He looked around the dingy apartment his family lived in, noticing the paint was still peeling off the walls. He couldn't believe that after ten years in this shithole, they were all moving out. He headed to the kitchen, seeing his dad skillfully flipping pancakes despite the fact the wolfman only had one arm. "Oh, good morning son!" His dad smiled when he saw Inu, his tail wagging at the sight of his son in the UA uniform. "Today's the big day, ain't it?" He commented as he flipped the pan, the pancakes flying through the air. "Yeah Pops," Inu confirmed as he jumped into the air, catching the pancake in his mouth. He chewed on his food, looking around. "Where's mom?" Inu asked after swallowing. "Ah, you know, she's making sure the new place is safe, so we can move out after you leave," His dad explained. Inu sighed. He knew why they were doing this. If his family's past ever came out to the light, then there would be questions. Inu wouldn't be a liar if asked where his parents where, because he really wouldn't know. With a sigh, Inu grabbed his bag and a carton of cigarettes on the counter, ready to head out the door. Before he could, however, his dad stopped him. "Here, ya mom wanted ya to have this," he said, tossing Inu a cigar, who caught it in his hand. Looking at it, it had a logo that looked like a blazing dragon. "Wait, is this...?" "Yeah, your mom said it's form your grandpa. Apparently he sent ya it for good luck," his dad replied, causing Inu to chuckle. Despite his grandpa being a old, hard boiled villain that hated everything heroes stood for, he had a soft spot for his grandkids, even the one breaking away from the family business to be a hero. The hero to be carefully slipped the cigar into a pocket in the backpack and headed out. The second he stepped outside, he pulled a cigarette from his carton, pressing his finger against the tip, a small flame igniting from his finger lighting the cancer stick up. He sighed before taking a big puff of the cigarette. He'd better get his smoking in now, because he doubted the school would let him do it indoors. Most people he came across moved out of his way, leaving him a pretty clear path to school. Looking like a punk sure had its benefits. It didn't take long for him to get to UA, where out in front was a man with a snazzy suit and a decently cool visor frowning disapprovingly at him. It was the cigarette, wasn't it? Well, if a cigarette was all it took to kill this guy, then maybe he shouldn't be teaching. Inu walked up to the man, his cigarette almost gone. "Morning," he greeted, not removing the offending item from his mouth. "Good morning Mr... Sasaki..? Wait, are you related to the hero Howl..?" The man had asked the one question that Inu hated more than anything. His teeth clenched around the cigarette, a growl escaping his lips. "Does it matter if I'm related to that lap dog? This gonna affect my entrance or somethin'?" He barked, doing his best to not just blow up at the man in front of him. "No, you're already in. Must be a sore subject? And no smoking inside." "I dunno what the hell you're talking about. I'm really fucking calm. Haven't mentioned a damn thing about how much of a lap dog she is," Inu commented as he took a deep drag of the cigarette, turning around to blow it away from Glory. "Anyways, I promise I won't give the others lung cancer, lemme just finish it up out here," "You're really testing my patience, kid. But, while you finish that up, I'll ask: Why do you want to be a hero?" Inu paused, gripping his cigarette before placing it into his mouth, swallowing it whole. "Why I wanna be a hero?" He repeated. "Because a world where the villains win is a fucking scary one. I ain't gonna let that happen, not while I got the power to stop it. Simple as that," "That's a motivation I can get behind. And... I read your file, Inu. I wanted to apologise that Starkiller had ever happened." Inu turned around, looking Glory up and down. He didn't seem old enough to have to apologize, but it was probably just one of those empty apologies any hero that found out always gave. So, he'd give him the same answer. "Don't worry about it," Inu answered. "Just make sure it doesn't happen again," with that, he headed into the school. It wasn't hard to find his classroom, but what was hard was seeing his fellow classmates. They were either fucking idiots, grinning like this was just some preschool field trip, or looking so disinterested that he wondered how they even got into the class in the first place. "Figures I'm put in the classroom with the fucking duds," Inu muttered as he grabbed a toothpick out of his bag, placing it in his mouth and chewing on it. He silently walked past everyone else, ignoring everyone else, headed straight for the empty seat in the back corner. He sat down, dropping his bag next to the seat as he straightened out his desk. He then reached into his bag, pulling out his notebook and pencils, placing them on his desk, waiting for the teacher. King of the Jungle The sun was up and so was Sun. Today... today held the greatest challenges the monkey king had ever face. All his time in the jungle never prepared him for this. He had to wear a shirt for an entire day. Even worse, he had to walk upright so he could blend in with the others. He had no clue how he would do this, but he would rise to the challenge. He slipped into the uncomfortable clothes and headed out, ready to face his destiny. He walked to school, trying not to shove people, just like he was taught, and he even managed to resist the urge to climb the strange trees with the silver vines, even though that would help him get to school faster. So far, so good. Still, his shirt felt... wrong, and it took all his willpower to just not rip it off right then and there. It didn't take long before Sun saw that building that he had been to just last week, a shining monument to the civilization he had been missing all his life. Sun looked around the place, his eyes filled with child like wonder, quickly forgetting about the shirt. He quietly approached the wall surrounding UA. Was he supposed to climb over it to get to this 'school?' No, no, that doesn't seem right. So instead, he began to walk around the school a little aimlessly, trying to find his way in. "Sun?" Sun quickly looked around, looking for who said that. "Yes, that is me, I am Sun," he finally spotted Glory, and, while proudly resisting the urge to rush over on all fours, ran over to the principal. "Yes, hello, I am Sun," he said, introducing himself again. "I... See... Well, uh, you did well in the entrance exam. I see you adapt well to adversity." Sun began to scratch his chest, thinking to himself. "I do? That's good. Maybe that'll help me with everyone else," he sighed. "I'm really nervous. This is my first time in school," he admitted. "Well, I'm sure you'll do better than my first day. Just make sure to avoid flying drinks." "Drinks can... Fly? Civilization is full of surprises," Sun mused, nodding his head like he understood. "Quirked society is what's full of surprises. So, Sun, why are you here?" Sun smiled. "I wanna learn a lot about the world!" He paused as he stroked his chin. "And... I learned about heroes and... I liked it. I liked the idea of protecting others," "I'm glad. You'll have plenty to learn here. You can head in now. Do you remember your way from your tour last week?" Sun nodded, waving at Glory before heading inside. He did actually remember where to go, and it didn't take long for him to arrive at the 'classroom'. He paused as he got to the door, taking a deep breath. He couldn't chicken out, it was time to face the future. He slowly opened the door, and the first thing he noticed was there was some sort of smell in the air... it smelled like... food... Forgetting about his first impressions, he got on all fours, slowly and quietly creeping over to the source of the smell. On the teacher's desk was some food... his eyes darted around the room. It seemed no one else was coming after the food... so he quickly scooped up the monakas in his hands, shoving them into his mouth, leaving none behind. After quickly chewing his food, he looked around, this time taking a good look at all the people in the class room. They all looked so different from each other, all in very noticeable ways, much different then what he was used to. They all smelled very different to. There was one however that was super different. His face was covered in red, and he had very sharp teeth. Quietly, Sun approached the boy, very much invading the boy's personal space as he looked over him, the monkey man placing a hand on his own chin as he thought. Was this guy human? Maybe he was one of those metal people he had heard of from the researchers. "Are you... one of those... ro-butts?" Sun asked innocently as he looked over Yasha.
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    BGM Another beautiful morning in April with the sun shining brightly. This was an important day for some...and it definitely was true for young Benjamin O'Hara...who was dashing down the stairs, all dressed up and ready for his first day at U.A. This was something he had been looking forward to for a long while. The young man skidded to a halt near the kitchen, seeing his mother, Felicia, nursing a hot cup of coffee. "Morning mom! Take it dad's off at work already?" he asked, shuffling a bit to make sure he had everything. "You know your father. Always the early bird." Felicia smiled, putting her cup down. "Don't leave without eating though, Benjy." Benjamin groaned, hearing his mother calling him that nickname. "Mom, I'm fifteen...you don't have to keep calling me that." he said, only to see her giggle in response. "As for breakfast, already got that covered." He said, putting his hand down. Once he did, a couple of spiders started crawling out of his hand and towards a small plate of muffins that were on the counter. Like clockwork, the spiders brought to their host the chocolate chip muffin and returned within. "See?" Benjamin smirked, taking a nice chomp out of the muffin. "Well, I'm off! Wish me luck mom!" With not another word, Benjamin rushed past his mother, kissing her cheek as he left before grabbing his bag, slinging it over his shoulder and heading out the door with another chomp of the muffin. Benjamin rushed down the streets, and it was a bit busier than what he wanted. No problem though, he could deal with this without having to use his Quirk anyway. A quick leap over some individuals who were moving a large dresser, a bit of parkour to dodge a few individuals who were just in the way...even snagging a small ride on the trolley...this time using his Quirk and the spiders to cover his hand with webbing. Of course, it wasn't too much of an issue...least he was hoping it wouldn't be. Though when he got far enough, he got off and kept going...taking a shortcut or two just to get to his destination. It was almost in sight...and he could hardly wait!! Finally he'd arrive at the destination...U.A., the school that would help him become the Hero he wanted to be....that he hoped to be. He stood there at the gate for a long period of time, before exhaling slowly. Calm down O'Hara...you got this. You can do this. he thought, finally steeling himself to move forward. His first steps into U.A. Benjamin began to make his way towards the school building, only to make pause when he noticed what was waiting for him. This individual, roughly mid-twenties...six feet...brown hair that was cut neatly and topping it all off with an amazingly stylish v-shaped visor on his eyes. It was clear that this Hero was definitely one not to be trifled with. The young man began to approach this Hero who was thumbing through a small stack of papers. No doubt these were the students that would be arriving here. Regardless, Benjamin lifted a hand to wave and gave off a smile. "Good morning. Benjamin O'Ha-...oh right." he paused, before rubbing the back of his neck. "It would be O'Hara Benjamin, sir." "You're an American? What brings you to hero school here in Japan?" "Yes sir. Actually, I moved here back when I was young." he began to explain. "My dad had a contract from work that needed someone over here. So that's pretty much how it happened." "I see. So, why do you want to be a hero?" The young man was silent for a moment, before looking to his hand. For the moment, the Hero would see a few spiders emerging from his palm, just forming a small circle. "...truth be told, I didn't want to be. Not with this Quirk...but...a Hero saved me." he paused, the spiders in his palm began to make the appearance of a small spider symbol. "She gave her life for mine. I want to do right by her. I want to be an amazing Hero like she was." "Yeah. Heroes have a habit of doing that. I knew her, you know." "I figured some people might've." Benjamin sighed, the spiders leaving his palm and returning within. "Didn't even get a moment to tell her thank you. Not only for saving my life...but reigniting that spark." "Sayaka was much more a hero than I ever was. All that before she even graduated... As heroic as I'm sure you are, I'm not going to let that happen to you." Benjamin was silent, before nodding at the Hero. "I'll keep that in mind, sir." "Go ahead any head in. Just... Don't make any slingshots on your first day." He really wanted to pry and figure out what the Hero meant, but he noticed more students starting to make their way to where he was. A question for another time, it would seem. With nothing but a shrug, Benjamin walked into the building and after being pointed in the right direction towards his classroom, entered the room. From what he could tell, there was already two other individuals here in the room. One looked like what Benjamin could only describe as a broody edgelord...maybe not even an edgelord...probably just a broody teen. The other, a blonde girl with her hair over her right eye. She looked cute...no lie about it. Benjamin immediately took his seat, sitting in the front row, at least a desk away from the blonde girl. Didn't want to come off as someone who was a womanizer, so he figured he'd make some space. He could've acknowledged the broody one, but he figured he'd let that sleeping dog lie. With that, he looked over to the girl and gave a bit of a smile. "Hey there. Benjamin O'Hara...nice to meet you!" he said, not realizing he introduced himself like he normally would when he was in America. Something he still wasn't used to...even after living here for as long as he did.
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    OP: HIDEKI NAGANUMA – FEEL the POWER in YOUR SOUL ED: MasakoX - 「70cm四方の窓辺」 -A Saikazo RP- -Cohosted by Skaia and Yui- -Logo by Yui- -Special thanks to Yui for helping with World Building- Rules Setting Database Very Basic Plot Application Available Dragons
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    You can now view the site in different visual styles (all personal preference) Table / Grid and Fluid Table - is the traditional forum view Grid - Labels all forums out in a grid based format Fluid - Lists all posts with the capacity to filter by section @Members @VIP
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    OOC It was the day of the Entrance Exams. Normally, student's for a school would be nervous, but there was a certain buzz about the air. Soon enough, they'd be lining up before the massive pillars out front, waiting for the doors to let them in. In a room, with a sign outside of the door labeled "Principal, there sat a rather grayed man in a chair. His breathing was deep, like he was almost in a trance. Outside the door, someone suddenly stood. It was like someone had crawled in from the early Edo period, through his opened window. "It's not like you to be nervous...Principal. As a matter of fact, I thought you were nerveless." He said with a rather smug tone. "I just don't know if these kids know what they've signed up for. And I don't necessarily have a degree in teaching youngsters." He said with a sigh. "I'm sure it won't be all bad. These kids are the next wave of official licensed heroes right? We have to teach them what we've learned thus far." "I suppose you're right. Well...let's go greet them shall we?" Misu Yoshino stood outside the pillars of the newly built school, grinding her teeth as she waited for the doors to open so she could take this shitty test. She was tired, and her hair was a mess, but at least her stomach was full of food. No way in hell was she missing breakfast for this thing. As she left for the exam, she couldn't help but look back and see her entire family with tears of joy running down their cheeks. Even her little sister, and dad...was this all it took to make them happy. "I guess it's fine...if it's for them..." She grumbled to herself. There weren't as many kids as she expected, but that was to be expected. Quirks were rare enough as it was, but people who actually fit the criteria for this school must've shaved down the numbers tenfold. She towered above them all, as was to be expected, besides one insect like guy. She could fight them all off, probably. With a loud creaking, the doors to the school swung open fiercely. An old man and a samurai of sorts walked out of the doorway to meet the crowd of examinees. A loud roar could be heard coming from the old looking man. "Welcome, Hero Hopefuls! The Entrance Exam will start soon, so kindly follow us." With a groan, Misu did as she was told, as would all the other teenagers. They would be lead through the entirety of the school, before taking an entrance through the back. A large gated fence sat in front of their face. Over the top of it one could see large trees, and even larger buildings. The man clad in samurai armor began to speak next. "To get this far, you must have already passed the written test. Today will be the day of the practical. Beyond this gate lies a forest type area, and a city type area. You are free to roam wherever you please, and do as much damage as possible, but your objectives will all be the same. In each area are a limited amount of badges that resemble the U.A. logo. To complete the practical, one must obtain 5 badges and return to the gate before sundown." He then looked to the teens with a sharp look. "It doesn't matter how you get your badges. Just so long as you're here, you'll be permitted to attend U.A." "So if I beat the snot out of some dude with 3 badges, and take 'em, I get in?" Misu asked, with a perked eyebrow. "It doesn't matter how you get them. Any which way is fair game. Although, if you kill anyone on practical grounds, you will be immediately disqualified and placed under arrest." The Samurai responded. "Now, we'll give you some time to stretch, and think of any strategy, before the main event. Heroes don't normally get prep time, but that's a lesson you'll surely learn in time." The older gentleman chimed in. The samurai nudged him with an elbow, before scoffing. "Not too bad, chief." Her question might have been too provocative for this type of deal, but she was sure of her abilities. She did as was instructed, and started to stretch her legs and arms properly. This was going to be a cake walk.
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    After several painstaking months, I've finally had the balls to open up about my severe depression. My doctor immediately approved me for an antidepressant and I'm scheduled to see a therapist. I honestly was too embarrassed to admit that to a doctor. But I got tired of the multiple breakdowns and sleepless nights. I didn't think it would be this easy. It was difficult not to cry while I was talking about it but I'm glad that I took this step.
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    After rummaging through the photos I took while we were at Cancun, this one of a pier we were lying by caught my eye, so I decided to draw it in soft pastel. Feedback is appreciated.
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    As the Houndoom had managed to beat down the Drifblim, he was still on guard as the balloon had sprung back up. It was then that the balloon gijinka sped forward as lighting up as it did. Seeing this, Nine figured it was going in for the kill, and thus took a step backwards as he fired off a dark pulse to hit against the oncoming explosion. While he managed to knock the Drifblim away before the attack finished, he still grit his teeth as part of the explosion caught him. Feeling a bit ragged, but still ready to go, Nine went to go approach the remaining unattended ghosts when a sight for sore eyes caught his. Seeing the serene and beautiful figure of the legend appear before them all out of their cocoon Nine couldn't help but whistle at the girl. "Well, I'll be," seeing Shaymin in the flesh, Nine paused for a moment as she began to speak, only to see that the ghosts for whatever reason were intent on killing her. Knowing that now these wannabe godslayers weren't going to stop in their assault, Nine continued forward towards the Shedinjas and Cofagrigus. "Hey now didn't you hear. The lady wants us to fight off her turf, and you wouldn't be so cruel to upset her right?" The Cofagrigus's body slowly turned toward him. "You're...annoying." The voice had sounded as if coming from within the man's coffin like shell. Nine continued making his way forward with a smile on his face saying, "I've been called worse. So is that a no?" "You have one chance to leave. Take it now." Cofagrigus replied. Without breaking his stride, Nine will gesture to the Drifblim and say, "the offer's the same for you." Without anymore warning, in yet another attempt to blindside them Nine fired another dark pulse at the Chandelure. As he did though, the world around him seemed to start moving in slow motion. Not as if he was slower or anything, but rather space itself was fighting against him and his attack to make them slower. As it did, the Cofagrigus's shell opened up revealing a pair of shadowy hands that grabbed at the ground before the man launched himself forward at great speeds, intercepting the pulse. As he did so, Nine felt a sharp pain ring through his head as he felt the technique he just used leave him. Laughing and echoing from inside his own shell, the Cofagrigus gloated, "I tried to warn you." Grimacing at this new development, Nine simply muttered, "how troublesome." However, he had gotten the Cofagrigus out of the way of his other targets, and thus attempted to bolt for the Shedinjas. Unfortunately, quite like before he felt himself not moving at quite the speeds he was used to and was instead intercepted by a much faster shadow ball. Looking to his opponent, Nine muttered again, "so that's how it is." Beginning to walk slowly towards his opponent, Nine goaded him saying, "well come on big boy, show me what else you got." As he taunted him, the Cofagrigus opened his shell up releasing an icy mist and as it enveloped Nine he felt all the empowering of his aura that he had done leave him. This was then followed by the man launching himself at Nine, to which the Houndoom could only grin about. "Well, good thing I picked up a thing or two from your friend." As the man slammed into him, Nine grappled onto the coffin man, igniting his palms as he did so and blasting him with fire as directly into his body as possible. The Cofagrigus did not seem pleased by this, letting out an echoing shout as he was hit only to have a shadowy arm grasp at Nine. "It doesn't matter. I won't let you protect the girl." At that moment, both the Cofagrigus and Nine let out a sharp cry of pain. The coffin's grip had weakened on him, though Nine himself had started to feel a sharp throbbing pain resonate throughout his whole body, feeling as if someone had just stabbed him in the chest with a large nail. Gasping at this pain, his eyes going wide, Nine simply said, "well, good thing I'm not the only one then." Igniting his hand again, Nine sent a flamethrower upwards and away from the grass and flowers as he uppercutted the ghost in front of him. With his already weakened grip losing all strength, the Cofagrigus simply toppled over onto the ground. Nine's brief moment of victory was cut short, however, as yet another sharp pain rang throughout his body and the Houndoom couldn't keep himself standing much longer. Falling to the ground on his hands and knees, gasping for air, he gave a pained smile towards Shaymin. "Sorry...m'lady, about the heat." Then, looking to the Chandelure he said, "want to take a shot now? It's free." As Randy and Heatran started to talk to one another, Marie couldn't help but feel like the advice that Randy was getting wasn't exactly universally applicable. Feeling like he might take the wrong lessons away from this encounter, the girl felt like she would need to talk about it later with him, but for now turned her attention back to the legend. Seeing him standing there, looking down at the town, Marie felt her question for him pop into her head yet again. Looking at him, she said, "so um, Heatran. Do you like, ever get lonely up here?" "Lonely?" He turned to look at the girl. "I don't get lonely!" Briefly taken aback by his sudden loud tone Marie backed up a bit, and looked confused as she figured what he was saying didn't really make sense. "But...all you do is sit here by yourself, right?" "I said I don't get lonely!" He shouted back. Now thinking he was just being a rude child, Marie folded her arms and pouted as she looked away from him. "Well fine! See if I care!" "Well good, I don't want you to care!" "Well good, I don't want to care! Hmph!" "Then don't! What are you doing still here anyway?" "I don't know! What are you still doing?" "I can't leave, idiot!" "Well," Marie's voice faltered for a bit as he said this. Feeling a bit sad for the volcanic legend, Marie couldn't help try to think of a solution for Heatran's problem. "Well fine! Then if you can't leave, then I'll just get strong enough to beat you any time so you can leave whenever! Mr. Not Loney!" Of course, she was still annoyed with him. "I doubt you could beat me without your friends around...not that you beat me this time." "I could beat all the bullies in Trailsau no sweat! And I'll get Big Sister Moltres to make me way stronger than you! Then I'll beat you no sweat! I'll be so strong I'll cool the volcano myself!" "Ahahaha, Moltres? That pipsqueak? Good joke, little girl." "Hey, she's a super awesome bird! And once I tell her that I need to get strong, I'm sure she'll help me get better than you ever will be! So look forward to it! Or don't!" "Next time I won't be so easy on you." "Well next time, you'll wish you had that option! So there!" As she finished her shouting match with Heatran she turned to Keanu and Randy saying, "come on, we have a volcano to get off of."
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    With the group beginning to move out, Leon saw the two riders move to the side. Despite how roughed out they had come from time to time, Leon felt a bit more comfortable with them their, knowing that they would help keep whatever pincer attack these bandits had in mind at bay. Aiding them in trying to draw attention away from them as well, Leon moved through the center, also providing cover for Yue as a result. Edda, meanwhile, grumbled a bit at Raynor's comment, but with her grip tightly on her sword she began to move forward. The enemy, meanwhile, began to move forward as well. With a lance in hand, the first of the lancers charged the wyvern rider, stabbing at her. The thick hide of Cormag proved too much for the lance to do, well, anything as it bounced off his hide with a "tink" noise. The lancer looked at his weapon saying, "ah man that's not co- ow!" Being interrupted as the steel axe of Rona was struck against the man stomach and caused him to bleed quite a lot from the attack. Staggered but not downed, the man stood ready to run to someone different to fight, as his partner came up with a sword in hand. Striking at the wyvern rider, who had been focused on the lancer, he slashed once, nicking Cormag, and then again forming a small cut on Rona herself. Meanwhile, on the north side, Raynor had charged forward only to be met with similar resistance. However, the lancer that had charged at him was not able to fully close the distance, and so his axe wielding companion did the work instead. Providing a strong slash across both Raynor and Gojira, he too was met with a swift counter as the lance pierced the man's non axe swinging arm. With that out of the way, the rest of the bandits started to converge save for the ones in the back. As they hung back, one sword wielding one looked to his boss saying, "hey boss. Why aren't we moving up with the rest?" "Because...uh...a good boss leads from the back. Yeah. So, being the good boss that I am, I'm just going to wait here. And lead you all to victory and see how easy these guys will be to slaughter." The fighter looked a bit shifty eyed and nervous as he looked through his cart to see how the fight was going. "Oh. I see." The mercenary seemed content, only to then look back to the boss. "Hey Boss. Um, we've got an issue." "Another one!?" "Well...two more." The boss looked more stunned. "There's uh, people who aren't us also coming towards us. From the south there's a guy with red hair who looks like he'd fuck me wife, but I can't tell if he'd do it because he's angry or just because he could. One of those kinds Boss." Confused, the boss still gestured for him to go on, with the mercenary saying, "well, from the north there's a guy...girl? There's a person on a hippocampus coming towards us." "A what?!" "A hippocampus, you know, the horses with wings and- oh, my bad. Pegasus. My mistake boss." Groaning, the boss lamented that this was perhaps the worst day to deviate from his usual strategy. He was simply affirmed that all the legends were true in that traps never worked for bandits. Meanwhile, drawing out her blade, Edda was not feeling keen to just sit back and let the others do the work for her. Charging forward herself, the girl slashed at the mercenary who had seemed completely taken off guard by her sudden charge. Granted, he didn't seem to be all that bothered by it, as she had far less weight in her swing then the other Jouran Falcons.
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    Hitomu set his phone down on the table and rubbed his eyes. Club Day was great and all, but organizing it was a nightmare every year. The year before he had unintentionally let the crowd waiting at the booth get rambunctious enough campus security had gotten involved, because he thought he could handle the sign-ups by himself. He had done better this year. He had divided the Duel Team into two crews; sign-up and examination. Half of them were manning the table, conducting a short interview and giving the students the paperwork to sign, then redirecting them to the other half of the team who were conducting the examination. Hitomu had mostly split the team up by what sort of decks they used; fast decks conducted the exams to get through them faster, while those with slower, more control-oriented decks were helping him at the table. Well, there was also Hiraku. He had been fine with letting the kid sit at the table, but the rest of the team had overruled him and given the boy the grueling task of filing away the applications behind the table. To Hitomu, it was a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Hitomu shook his head, trying to physically rattle the funk out of his brain. “Next!” he called. A freshman took two steps towards him before almost tripping over the hurricane of drama-and-goth that whirled by. Said hurricane was actually a young girl, probably another freshman, and Hitomu couldn’t place it but her face was familiar. “You're the one who ripped my bag of nourishment during that duel were you not? I fully expect you to repay me for that." Oh yeah. Hitomu winced. "Oh, and, I suppose I, Princess Gabriela Von Draculesti, Third of her name, Keeper of the Key, Angel of the Dark, Crown Princess of Romvania, would be willing to allow you to have me on your team." Gabriela Von Long-Name was attention-grabbing, he would give her that. Still, she probably didn’t realize she was attracting the wrong kind of attent-- "Allow us? I'm pretty sure it's the other way around, kid," The Wrong Kind of Attention called out from near the back of the booth. Hitomu glanced down at his phone to check the time. 11:20. “Well, teeeeechnically, Masked Chopper did that,” he said. “But I’ll cover for him, ‘cause he’s not really in the business of apologizing. Tell you what, it’s about time for me to take my lunch break and I’m meeting someone there anyways, so why don’t I take you to Coffee Cards for food? I’ll even do your interview and test for the team while we’re eating.” Before Gabriela could respond Hitomu noticed Jun approaching. “Hattie!” Hitomu grinned. “Think you could cover for me while I run to lunch? All you’ve gotta do is ask some questions, have people sign a few papers, maybe duel someone. Grab Hiraku from the back and put him to work if you get behind.”
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